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  • Loop 4.8:
    “I honestly have no idea how to solve this.” Twilight said, looking at the unconscious human lying on Fluttershy’s lawn. “I didn’t know this could happen.”
    “Ooh! Ooh! I know!” Pinkie said. “You could make a conver-mmmph!”
    Twilight’s hoof had gone into Pinkie’s mouth without her looking. “Let me make one thing clear, Pinkie. We Do Not Talk About The Bureau!
  • Loop 4.9:
    • How Twilight and Applejack solved the Separatist problem in a Star Wars loop.
    Spike: Twilight will take your entire separatist movement apart!
    Count Dooku: Oh, I don't think so, young Jedi Knight. We are quite ready for one Jedi Master.
    (Twilight and Applejack, both in Alicorn form, tear the roof off of the entire mountain and land in front of Dooku)
    Count Dooku: (in the tones of someone hoping he had spare trousers somewhere)... oh, you meant literally. In that case, Chancellor Palpatine is Lord Sidious, please don't kill me.
  • Loop 6.3: Twilight has found a way to make the other Mane Five ascend to Alicorns: do something stupendously awesome related to their special talents with their Element. Rainbow Dash flew halfway around the world in less than twenty minutes, Applejack terraformed Tattooine, Fluttershy befriended Chrysalis and the Changelings, Rarity made fifty-five masterwork dresses out of an equal number of materials (only thirty or so being fabrics). What did Pinkie Pie do? Made the Eldar party so hard they turned HER into Slaanesh!
    • Pinkie Pie, Warp Goddess of Celebration, terrifying Ciaphas Cane (HERO OF THE IMPERIUM!!!), and apparently causing several Inquisitors to go mad just trying to figure out how she could hold a plate with her hooves.
  • Loop 6.4 shows the one thing that can reduce Sovereign to a quivering mass of fear.
  • Loop 10.4 and Discord's most diabolical plan yet for driving Celestia insane:
    Celestia: That Discord has returned? Yes. Yes he has. Also, he is re-organizing our tax system to more efficient form and has cleared several our laws to be more streamlined and, oh yes... he is not acting like Discord! He is... not chaotic! He's even organized the guard rotation to be clearer!
    Luna: He just looked over the workers union proposal and reformed it into the most efficient organization We have ever seen. He is currently looking over our diplomatic relations.
    Twilight: ... should we stop him?
    Celestia: That's just it! We are not sure!
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  • Loop 14.3 features Twilight and Cadence having some fun with the elementsnote . Celestia puts it best while unwittingly explaining it to Discord.
    Celestia: "For some reason, whenever Twilight and her friends do… something, they summon a duplicate copy of my niece who kicks the problem until it is not a problem any more. Nightmare Moon comes back – kicked in the face. Dragon causes problems in Ponyville – kicked in the chest. Rampaging hydra? Kicked in all the faces. And then there was the Ursa Minor that got kicked in the fundament."
  • Loop 17.13. The looping Mane Six plan to deal with Nightmare Moon this loop by means of the introduction of pizza to Equestria, a spare Lance of Longinus from Neon Genesis Evangelion, and Spike's opera training, which can cause panties to spontaneously combust. However, Sombra interrupts their plans by replacing Celestia. And then, this happens.
    Spike: "Oh, no. How did Granny Smith become Old Mare Henderson again?!"
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  • Loop 18.1: This shout-out. Just... this shout-out. And the in-universe reaction to it.
    When Nightmare Moon refocused, she was inside a comically large ice cube and there was a thrashing monster being forced backwards by two tridents and a leash.
    Everyone jumped. “What was that?” several voices asked.
  • Loop 20.1:
    Rainbow Dash: “Wait, what just happened? Did you just disprove Trixie with science?”
    Twilight Sparkle: “Actually, it was logic. Proof by contradiction.”
    Rainbow Dash: “But we saw her! She was doing it!”
    Twilight Sparkle: “Anecdotal evidence counts for nothing.”
  • Loop 20.2: Trixie's method for dealing with Nightmare Moon... and its aftermath:
    Trixie: Cured her! Got her drunk for real and we had a heart-to-heart, she got it all out of her system, and then I explained what was actually going on.
    Twilight Sparkle: Huh. Guess sometimes all a pony really needs is a shoulder to cry on.
    Trixie: Yeah... might not be a good method to try out again, though. Nightmare Moon can be a bit of a fighty drunk. Anyway, if Celestia asks, that's why Horseshoe Bay is now just, er, Horseshoe.
  • Loop 27.9: Pinkie Loops into Hogwarts, alone. Naturally, Hilarity Ensues.
    • Pinkie's first letter to the rest of the gang pretty much nails down what's happening. Note that this is only an excerpt:
      I'm no expert, but the fact that I still have earth pony magic and chaos goddess magic running through me, somehow, makes the normal magic I'm trying to learn act all kooky strange. The way I understand it is that it isn't like plugging a DC device into a wall socket with no converter, but more like prying open the battery case and stuffing it full of Waldorf salad, hot lava, and magical amulets; then hoping for the best.

      Half the time, my spells work just fine. A quarter of the time, they work, but are either way too powerful or barely powerful enough. And the last quarter of the time, strange things happen. The professors are still trying to figure out how I turned a regular feather into a giant angry unkillable purple tentacle plant that was also on fire.

      They say that that part of the castle will be safe in another few days or so. A week at most.
    • Applejack's reaction was also epic.
      Applejack: See. I told you she was fine. Everything is fine. I'm going to go home now and pretend really hard that magical Pinkie Pie is farther than only half the world away. Goodnight, all.
  • Loop 28.2: Nyx (from the fanfic "Past Sins", essentially a chibi version of Nightmare Moon) stands in for Nightmare Moon/Luna at all her public appearances.
    Nyx (in a childish squeaky voice): Oh, sure, it’s fine for a pony to dress up as a chicken, but you get the deity of the night coming to her own festival as a pumpkin and suddenly they’re ‘not in the spirit of the holiday’. Well, hmph.
    • 28.3 also gives us a rare triple crowner-Twilight Sparkle giving Nightmare Moon therapy. After just a few sessions, her mask completely cracks and she switches from the vengeful villain to a quivering mass of woobieness. The immediate Smash Cut from Nightmare Moon threatening all of Equestria with eternal night to her breaking down in Twilight's office is just too absurd not to laugh at.
  • Loop 29.8: Spike and Rarity have a spat. Which results in them dueling in the Frozen North, and concludes with Spike unconscious in Princess Luna's room, not to mention Luna angrily jabbing Spike with a spear in order to get her room back.
  • Loop 29.10: Rainbow Dash breaks the Loop bad enough for the Mane 6 to become their G1 counterparts, which would be fine for all of them, except for one tiny quibble on Twilight's part.
    Twilight: I look just like my mother!
  • Loop 37.3: It's the combination of minimalism and absurdity that does it.
    Rarity: ...Why are we cuttlefish?
    Twilight: I have no idea.
  • Loop 37.4: Diamond Tiara wakes up in a Babylon5 Loop, replacing Ivonova, and with Silver Spoon brainwashed beyond recognition by the Psi Corps, so she decides to take it out on someone, anyone. She gets a survey team.
    Diamond Tiara: And one other thing to contemplate on your way back here; the Babylon 5 mantra. Lt. Tiara is always right. I will listen to Tiara. Tiara is next to Celestia. And, if this ever happens again, TIARA WILL PERSONALLY RIP YOUR LUNGS OUT!" (Beat) "Have a nice day."
  • Loop 38.5 and the first visit of Lemon Rushnote  to Equestria, a Looper whose in-Loop identity is as a very young Earth pony in Fluttershy's care. When an unAwake Gilda roars in Fluttershy's face just as she did in the original 'Griffon the Brush-Off', Lemon Rush — who is currently a young colt not even one-fifth Gilda's size — proceeds to effortlessly dropkick Gilda so hard that she does backflips down the road, then jump up and down on her prone and twitching body.
    Fluttershy: When did you learn to fight like that?
    Lemon Rush (grinning): I'm a Primarch. We were made good at fighting.
    • Arguably this is also a CMOA, but it's here because of the mental image of Gilda getting knocked on her plot by a squeaky-voiced colt about the size of Rumble or Button Mash.
  • Loop 39.1 continues on from Loop 27.9, and has Pinkie recounting how she accidentally managed to deal with Quirrel, Lockhart, Snape and Umbridge. During all this she also managed to make a massive supply of Polyjuice potion, which Hedgwig gets into, and results in her and Gummy having kids. And then Pinkie decides to experiment on the Hogwarts lake squid in an attempt to create a cool pet for Ron.
    • And according to Pinkie, Voldemort lost any pretence of subtlety and threw an enchanted rock at Harry instead of booby-trapping the Tri-Wizard Cup. It still worked.
  • Loop 41.5. Remember the time Pinkie Ascended in the Warhammer universe? It turns out Sweetie Belle was in that universe as well. She became the first Pinkie Pie Noise Marine
  • Loop 41.8. Starting from the second paragraph, which incidentally is when Applejack's Loop Memories hit, like so;
    Applejack: This all doesn't seem too bad, I reckon. The memories should be retur... OH, HAY NO!
    • Because they've looped into a 'verse where the Seaponies are replacing the Colonial Marines. And Twilight and Applejack are replacing Ripley. The Seaponies react to the Xenomorphs in their own particular way.
    Captain Sealight: You all heard the little filly. Nothing down on that planet but horrible non-befriend-y monsters. The poor things must be tired of always crawling around in the dark and gloom. Lets give them some sunshine to play with!"
    Captain Sealight: (after glassing the planet) Hello again, happy campers. Captain Sealight here once again. Our resident tactical pony, Sea Star, has expressed some concerns that some of the space monsters may be hiding deep inside the planet, and had not seen any of our shiny gifts. To remedy this, we have sent them a few planet crackers, delightfully wrapped and complete with greeting cards. If you look out your window, you can all see how a new asteroid belt is made. This is Captain Sealight wishing you a super-fun day! Shoo bee doo!
    • And finally...
    Captain Sealight: Shoo be doo, all you happy campers. As you all know, we have spent the last week in this system playing the super fun "lets drag the largest parts of the former planet and toss them into the sun" game. But as all good times tend to do, this one has come to an end for now. So with that, I'd like to announce that we will leave this place and finally head back home.
    Applejack: Finally!
    Captain Sealight: So without further ado, the Sealaco will be exiting the system and going into hyperspace. Right after we blow up the sun. It's the only way to be sure. This is Captain Sealight saying "shoo be doo", everypony.
  • Loop 42.6, part of one of the longer stories, has Twilight (on the XCOM version of Earth) explaining to a dumbfounded UK police officer that she is the sole stockholder of a corporation in her own name, that she is legally a working animal employed by her own company, and that she is also her own animal handler. The combination is required to allow her to operate normally (as she's not human and would be viewed as an animal legally, despite sentience), but how matter-of-fact she is about the whole thing makes it hilarious.
    • This is compounded by how she's tried to accommodate the officers in other ways as well:
    As if that was a cue, the exterior door opened and Twilight stepped out into the metal stairs, still wearing her overalls and hard hat, but also wearing over her wings a pair of giant foam rubber hands with a Nightlight Industries logo and '#1' on them. She pouted. "And here I was ready to come out with my hands up. I've watched your visual media, isn't that what police are supposed to say?"
  • Loop 46.2: Pinkiel, Angel of Parties. And then another Loop where Pinkie somehow managed to take over the Evangelion world.
    Pinkie Pie: I am. Or Am I? I forget. And I'm not sure which bits are supposed to be said in Big Important Capital Letters. Is there a guide for this somewhere? Anyway... oh, right all the ominous threats and "grr, I'm awesome, fear me" stuff. And something about "the Base Earth", but really, that just seems kind of racist. Unless it's there in the sense of there being an Acid Earth somewhere. What? What do you mean I'm out of time? Who's in charge of this recording studio anyway? Fiiine. I Am the Pony of Celebration. The Joy of Faust. I Am Pinkiel. I have come. To party.
  • Loop 46.8: Just... the entire thing, from Nightmare Moon to Discord, Poor Discord.
  • Loop 48.8: Luna, as Nightmare Moon, decides to upstage Celestia by getting rid of the real terror of the town.
    Luna: "I have banished the rabbit known as Angel, to the Moon, forever."
  • Loop 50.7, and Applejack's potato cider. Best of all is Twilight's reaction.
    Twilight: (after a massive coughing fit) Has it gone dark all of a sudden?
    Applejack: Er... nope.
    Twilight: Ah. Then I would appear to have gone blind.
    • Twilight has to ascend to shake off the effects. Spike starts shooting flames. Peewee bursts into flames. Discord bursts into flames. Meanwhile Berry Punch tries it, and it doesn't do a thing.
  • Loop 50.11, and Twilight's reaction to a variant Loop that has Equestria as 1984-esque total gray dystopia:
    • The result? "Friend Pinkie Is Watching You. But Only When It's Not Creepy."
  • Loop 50.13: Twilight managing to impress some dragons by stating that Spike can (emphasis present in the original text) clean up after himself.
  • Rarity and Spike ask for only simple gifts at their weddings, like a toaster. They receive a number of items that can create toast... and general havoc, but there is a toast setting!
    Rarity: ... Sweetie, that's an adjustable-output pony-portable plasma anti-tank cannon.
    Sweetie Belle: It has a 'toast' setting! It's in between 'sunburn' and 'political protest'.
  • Loop 53.6: Princess Luna derails the Loop before it even began.
    Book: "None of thy day-loving ponies enjoyest my night? Well, then thou knows what, forget thy ponies!" Nightmare Moon declared, "Verily, I shall make mine own ponies! With blackjack, and... and nightclubs!"
    And so the Queen of the Night departed to her celestial orb, and it vanished into the dark among the stars. But on the longest day of the thousandth year, it is said that she will return to show off her new subjects, demanding that all acknowledge 'whose ponies are better now?!!'
  • Loop 54.3: Rainbow Tryygvasen, AVIATRIX ADVENTURER! Complete with musical number.
  • Loop 55.5: Nightmare Moon turning the moon into a resort, and presenting a limited-time offer to the citizens of Ponyville, with a free and suspiciously familiar cuddly toy included in the deal.
  • Loop 55.6: Luna and Celestia get their scripts mixed up, resulting in Celestia declaring no-one respects her night.
  • Loop 55.11: The MLP Loopers and their increasingly ridiculous attempts to open the mystery box.
  • Loop 55.13: The description of Twilight's Loop-enhanced scanning technologies, capped off with this;
    Narration: Of course, there was still a thing on (Arthur Dent's) head with blinking multi-coloured lights on it, because if you're not going to have blinky lights, why bother?
    • The Vogon's reaction when Ivory Scroll finds a way to stop them from destroying Equestria:
    That same not-quite-audible voice whispered on the loudspeakers.
  • Loop 56.3: Sombra replaces Ditzy, and Ditzy replaces Sombra. The Crystal Empire winds up reappearing in the middle of the desert.
    Sombra: MUFFINS.
  • Loop 57.7: Twilight and Rarity versus an evil witch on the Disc, incurring the wrath of Granny Weatherwax. Snark ensues.
  • Loop 60.13: Twilight winds up replacing the protagonist of Marathon, where A.I. Is a Crapshoot doesn't quite cover it. Who replaces Durandal? Well... Skynet. Who's stoned out of her gourd.
  • Loop 60.14: The last few parts in this particular series, (Twilight is stuck in the Girl Genius universe as Agatha and is basically tired of the railroading and cruelty towards the people of the world) ends at a particularly great moment. All the Equestrian loopers that are in the world are together; including Pinkie as Mechanicsburg Castle, the original Crusaders as the Jaeger trio, and Rainbow Dash as Othar Trygvassen: Gentleman Adventurer!, the castle is under Twilight's control, the Baron transferred control of the empire to Fluttershy (as Gil), and it ends with Twilight being struck by lightning before putting into effect her MAJOR reforms.
  • Loop 63.9: A Fused Loop with the Transformers has an attempted peace negotiation between Optimus and Megatron interrupted by the sudden and unexpected betrayal of- OK, its just Starscream again. But then the usual scenario goes off the rails.
    Megatron: And here I thought today was going to be boring. Or would you rather do the honors?
    Optimus Prime: By all means, feel free to enjoy-
    Rainbow Dash (flies out of the nearby crowd): AW YEAH! Looks like SOMEPONY just asked for a REMATCH.note 
    Megatron: Is that a rainbow mane?
    Optimus Prime: Yes.
    Megatron: Is she the one that-?
    Optimus Prime: Yes.
    Megatron: Is she Awake?
    Optimus Prime: (with extreme satisfaction) Yes.
    Megatron: Well. On second thought, there are indeed satisfactions to be had outside of battle. By all means, carry on my lord Screaming Star!
    Starscream (backing away): Er, actually, I was wondering if it was too late to apply for a position as-
    At that point Rainbow Dash tackled the would-be changeling lord in midair, and for several minutes to follow Screaming Star lived up to his pony name.
  • Loop 63.14
    Twilight: "Rarity?"
    Rarity: "Yes, Twilight?"
    Twilight: "Why are we sitting in this box watching a third-rate variety show?"
    Statler and Waldorf: "That's what we've been wondering for forty years!"
  • Loop 63.15: Pinkie Pie as a supervillain. And yes, she is Awake.
    "WHOPEE! My newest plan is a BRILLIANT success! Now once we the Nutty Muddies factory, we can begin with the second stage - MUSICAL NUMBERS!" (giggles) "At this rate, not even C-Force will be able to stop me from PARTYFING THE EARTH!"
  • Loop 64.2, and Discord's attending an Equestrian party in the form of a male Alicorn... and being positively swarmed by star-struck mares.
    Discord: HELP! I NEED AN ADULT!
  • Loop 69.17: A changeling sends Princess Cadence a letter asking "What is love? P.S. Don't hurt me no more."
  • Loop 70.5: Ivory Scrolls visits the Naruto universe, replacing a ninja with a number of paperwork tricks. At the end, she's learned enough of weaponizing paperwork to, in her next loop, hit Nightmare Moon with Explosive Runes. Or at least enough exploding tags in microdot writing to do the same thing.
  • Loop 71.1: All of it. A Money Spider / Randomly Generated Loot dispenser, appropriately named Roguelike, shows up in Ponyville, and does his thing. Loot collected includes a 'Blinding Greatclub of Deceit' (a neuralizer); a 'Sapient Headband of Guisarms' (a very clear Shout-Out to Empowered), and a spellbook of 'Sapphire Shot' (which summons... well... a shotglass of liquid sapphire).
  • Loop 72.6: When a nonAwake Celestia goes to congratulate Twilight on purifying Nightmare Moon, she is confronted with a very confusing lineup for the bearers of the Elements: Twilight has Loyalty, Nyx has Magic, Discord has Laughter, the Flim-Flam Brothers have Generosity, Chrysalis has Honesty, and Sombra has Kindness. Of course, the Flim-Flams are Changelings and 'Sombra' is a disguised Luna, but Celestia doesn't know that.
    • Twilight muses it's possibly the fastest she's ever been crowned a Princess without ascending first.
  • Loop 75.4: Pinkie Pie versus Loki. Loki tells Pinkie to "do her worst". So she does. Twelve days of "Nyan Cat" on a continuous loop, with the volume fluctuating at random. Loki loses the ability to speak coherently.
  • Loop 77.5 has Twilight telling all the Loopers in Equestria about the prior loop, which can only be described as the most ridiculous Soap Opera ever. There were dozens of fake pregnancies (most of them between the lesbian couples), melodramatic plot twists, evil twins and 435 marriages between Loopers alone. Also, every single Looper apparently got married to Prince Blueblood at some point in time during that single Loop. And Twilight has pictures of all of it.
    Twilight: I do, now and forever, dominate the Blackmail-Material contest.
  • Loop 80.1: Twilight asks what Ditzy's cutie mark is for. Again, and again, and again...
  • Loop 80.14: The Cutie Mark Crusaders are a genin team. Meanwhile, Pinkie Pie, Applejack, and Trixie are Kakashi's former genin team...who return to Konoha just in time to meet Team Seven.
  • Loop 82.3: a bored Rainbow Dash decides to be a Jerkass.
  • Loop 83.3: An Awake Princess Luna going Michigan J. Frog on Ponyville.
    Hello my ponies, hello my subjects
    Hello to Ponyville
    Open your sleepy-eyes
    Celestia's gone bye-bye
    Bow to me soon now, I'm back from the moon now,

    The moon was such a bore
    Oh, baby the night will last forevermore!!

    • Pinkie Pie is the only one in the room to react. She asks for an encore.
  • Loop 86.3 is the Equestrian Loopers (and some guests) playing "Never Have I Ever". Words don't do it justice.
    • While there's far too much to repeat here, one sample to whet peoples' appetites:
    Discord: Never have I ever caused someone to drink in 'Never Have I Ever'.
    Applejack: So, if'n we drink... that mean he's lyin', an' we don't drink?
    Twilight Sparkle: New rule. Paradoxical statements are not valid turns.
    • Here are three more samples:
    Sleipnir (Administrator of the MLP Loops): I've never been to Eiken! Drink up, bitches! (before going into a drunken slumber)
    Twilight Sparkle: We do kinda deserve this one. What with all that 307 Ale we kept spiking his drinks with.
    Trixie: After all those deity specific rounds, Trixie is amazed he was still sober enough to think of that one.

    Zecora: Not in any sort of where or when, ever have I a mother been.
    (Most of the room drank at that one, and explanations were demanded of several.)
    Rainbow Dash: Hey, I've adopted Scoots plenty of times to qualify.
    Rarity: Weird variants where Sweetie Belle is my love child from a young teen affair. My parents kept up the charade of her being my sister to protect my reputation.
    Applejack: Same with me and 'Bloom
    Pinkie: Don't you wanna hear mine?
    Applejack: Not really, sugarcube. I don't wanna hear about how you raised Cthulhu or somethin'.
    Pinkie: Silly! I raised Discord! Remember that Loop where we were all raising those normally older than us?
    Applejack: Oh, yeah. Forgot about that one...
    Vinyl Scratch: Apparently Rares was the result of a drunken fling. Dropped her off with some friends cause we both knew I'd be a bad mom, then a couple of years down the line I Awoke. She didn't.
    Rarity: (sighed) Yes, that happens sometimes, although you usually portray yourself as 'auntie Vinyl.
    Vinyl Scratch: I managed to convince you to tour with me for a bit, though!
    Sweetie Belle: (breaks out laughing) This I've gotta see!

    Cheerilee: I've never been married.
    (A good portion of the room ducked for cover while trying to drink. Cadance rockets into Cheerilee's face)
    Cadance (Wedding-obsessed Alicorn of Love mode: ACTIVATE!): WE MUST FIX THIS!

    • Heck, just Discord's attempt to explain why he didn't want to take a turn in the first place, before he resorted to blocking with a paradox:
    Discord: Oh come now. You know that if I could think of anything I haven't done, I'd do it.

  • Loop 87.4, where de-aged Luna/Nightmare Moon, Chrysalis, Discord, Sombra, and an unAwake Trixie ended up in the roles of the Cutie Mark Crusaders, Diamond Tiara, and Silver Spoon (the latter two unAwake)... and the "CMC" decide to run with the gag as far as they can.
    (as the parade float starts careening wildly out of control during 'One Bad Apple', everypony looks at Discord for getting their sabotage instructions wrong)
    Discord: Hey, you asked me to follow a plan and the laws of physics. We're lucky it's right side up.

    (as the float is about to head over the cliff)
    Chrysalis: Shouldn't we do something?
    Discord: Oh, very well. (mugging outrageously for the camera) Look at how fast its going! We'll definitely get our race-car building cutie marks for this!
    (the float immediately comes to a halt. Luna trots over to find out what the buck happened)
    Luna: It would appear the wood we used was too fresh-cut. The axle is all gunked up with resin.
    Discord: Murphy and I go way back. He owes me a few favors.

    • Also, Pinkie's response to Twilight interrupting "Cadance"'s wedding, after having been replaced by a robot.
    Pinkie: (pointing at fake-Twilight) But if she's Twilight, and you're Twilight, and I'm Pinkie Pie, and the conductor is wearing plaid socks, then how many stops 'til Mornington Crescent?
  • Loop 89.15, which pokes fun at the show's habit of having Sealed Evil in a Can just laying around willy-nillynote :
    Twilight: Rarity? You know that book in the Princess's old library? The one behind the secret door, locked iron door, with the staircase that crumbles after you remove the book?
    Rarity: Which one, Twilight? There are quite a few, you know.
    Twilight: The one covered in spikes, containing a spell which grants the caster dark magical abilities but which eventually drive them mad with power.
    Rarity: You're going to need to be a bit more specific.
  • Loop 90.18, where all the loopers play a prank on all the high society ponies at the Gala by pretending it's the end of the world due to Pinkie Pie's mis-baking a dessert - which then starts to emit waves of plaid. All the princesses and other loopers scream, "Everypony out of the universe!" and then stuff themselves into their subspace pocket in such a way that looks like each of the ponies ate themselves completely starting with their tail.
    Prince Blueblood: (running in circles while trying to eat his own tail) How do you get out of the universe? HOW DO YOU GET OUT OF THE UNIVERSE?"
  • Loop 93.6: Pinkie Pie manages to take over the Borg when they tried to assimilate Equestria. She replaces the cubes with flying cupcakes. As in actual, oversized cupcakes with engines.
    "We are the Pies. Lower your shields and join the party below. We will add your confectionery distinctiveness to our own. Your Federation will adapt to spread happiness to all four corners of the galaxy. And we have cake."
  • Loop 94.2, and Twilight's explanation of why Pinkie Pie is the only mare for a certain job.
    Twilight Sparkle: We mean the real Pinkie Pie. OUR Pinkie Pie. Chaos Goddess of Parties Pinkie. Fun Lord of the Sith Pinkie. The Pinkie Pie that makes shoggoths run gibbering in terror.
  • Loop 95.2: Trixie's unconventional Elements of Harmony
    Trixie: Spike showed his Loyalty by growing to the size of a small whale! Chrysalis showed her Kindness by putting up with me! Zecora showed her Generosity by paying for the first round at the bar! Berry showed her Laughter by making up some really good puns for the names of her cocktails! And Gilda showed her Honesty by beating up a manticore!
    Nightmare Moon: Those are not virtuous acts!
    Trixie: I think you'll find everyone who knows me considers putting up with me for more than ten minutes to be an inherently virtuous act. Oh, by the way, the sixth element is Magic. Boom.
    (Nightmare Moon gets blasted by the Elements)
    • Apparently even Zecora's business card rhymes.
    • Berry Punch solving the Appleoosa situation by getting both sides incredibly drunk.
    • Trixie's idea of "friendship reports" also leaves something to be desired.
    Princess Celestia: Dear Twilight. Please stop sending me friendship reports. It is becomingly increasingly clear that they will all, for the foreseeable future, be about why explosives are not toys.
    • Zecora's version of the MMMM, the ZZZZ, is declared by Pinkie to have too much sugar after just one bite. Pinkie then immediately collapses.
  • Loop 96.5, and Discord's confrontation with Tirek:
    Discord: Your mistake is thinking that they have corrupted me. I assure you, it's quite the opposite.
    Tirek: These enfeebled equines are your idea of chaotic? *snorts* You have been tamed.
    Discord: The average pony will always be boring as mud next to the exceptional ones. *pulls down a chart displaying a bell curve* It's why they're average. Wait... when did I learn statistics? I hate knowing the odds!
    • But he still makes his point:
    Discord: Did you know that Celestia once banished the entirety of Equestria to the Moon so that she could take time off to do some surfing? Or that Luna has occasionally turned the Moon into a spaceship and taken it on joyrides? And that's positively tame next to what Tia's student gets up to, to say nothing of the sheer variety of tree sap related mayhem I've been privy to. [...] I'm freer than I've ever been, and all the better for it because I have friends who, despite their protestations, are just as crazy as I am! You really don't have anything to offer me.
    • And then he strands Tirek on desert island... with a new roommate.
    Tirek: For the last time! Unless granulated silicate counts, there are no damnable crystals here!
    Twilight Sparkle: (looks at the bickering Tirek and Sombra, then at Discord) Really?
    Discord: Unless you can find me new episodes of Gilligan's Island, this is going to keep happening.
  • Loop 98.1, where Celestia demonstrates that after enough Looping even your archvillains just stop being taken seriously.
    Tirek: And do you really think you can win this, little pony?
    Celestia: Oh, I think I can win this *dramatic pause* with a pineapple stuck on my horn! (sticks a pineapple on her horn) Feel free to try and taste my magic! All you'll get now is a delicious pina colada.
    Tirek: ... are you drunk?
    Celestia: (giggles) Not telling! And now, boot to the head!
    (Celestia dropkicks Tirek through a mountain. Cadance, Twilight, and Luna hold up cards reading "7.7", "8.4", and "4.2" respectively.)
    Celestia: Sheesh, family members are the harshest critics.
    • Other scenes from this fight include Celestia reacting to Tirek's Wave Motion Gun by getting out her plasma-proof surfboard and riding the shockwave.
    Celestia: Look at me! I'm gleaming the beam!
    • And the big finish:
    Tirek: (utterly exhausted) I... I cannot best you, Celestia.
    Discord: There are darker, more terrible things in the Multiverse than I, Big Macintosh, and in my last Loop, I witnessed one. Tendrils of wrinkled flesh and writhing dough stretching from city to city, laying waste to all in their path. They don't know of the Loops, and for that we can be grateful, but from what I can tell, their home universe always falls victim to them. Every. Single. Time. The Grandmapocalypse is a terrible thing to witness. Knowing that I was instrumental in bringing it about... there is no joy in that chaos. No new possibilities. Only death. Only cookies.
  • Loop 102.1: Twilight thinks that due to being lodged with the Cakes instead of in the library, and later getting her own house, means that there'll be no reason for Tirek to destroy her library like always happens in the baseline. So what happens? Well, a rogue blast from Tirek blows up Sugarcube Corner, with some of the larger debris hitting Twilight's home and causing it to collapse on the library. Cue Twilight going Super Saiyan on Tirek.
    Not long after, Princess Luna caused a small plaque to be raised on the moon. It read:

    Nightmare Moon
    Sent to the Moon by the magic of the Elements of Harmony
    Got here the hard way
  • Loop 104.4, and one of Celestia's attempts to find an even worse prison for Tirek:
    Celestia: Well, here we are again, Tirek. Given your escape from Tartarus, we've decided to take stronger measures. Tartarus could not hold you, so it stands to reason that there is nothing on this world that can. As such, we have chosen to imprison you on another world.
    Tirek: So this is your answer? I hope they're better at building prisons than our world, else you've only given me the means to take everything I want.
    Celestia: That would be impressive, given as you would be in a magicless world, in a magicless form, with no knowledge of how the portal works.
    (Tirek starts looking nervous)
    Celestia: We hereby banish you...
    (Twilight throws Tirek into the mirror portal)
    Celestia: ... to high school.
    • And worse yet...
    Twilight: You'll record everything, right?
    Sunset Shimmer: As much as I can. I'll try and send you a highlights reel before the loop ends.
  • Loop 108.3: Bilbo Baggins is waiting for the dwarves to troop in, as usual—when dragons begin to show up at his house, beginning with Spike and ending with Smaug himself.
  • Loop 108.7. For some reason, all the Mane Six's pets loop in as dragons. This includes an Awake Angel Bunny, who takes advantage of his ability to speak to tell everyone exactly what he thinks of them... which crashes the Loop.
  • Loop 109.17: Twilight isn't Awake, so Rarity and Spike decide to fall in "love at first sight." They eventually get so saccharine that even Rarity decides to tone it down a little. But the best part is the guest anchor, who admits that he's been there a few times before: James Tiberius Kirk, AKA Tibbles, Luna's faithful pet opossum.
    Rarity: Okay, somehow I feel like that was obvious.
  • Loop 110.4. As part of a challenge to see who has the wilder imagination, Berry gets high, and sees if Discord is able to keep up with replicating what she's hallucinating. He can't.
  • Loop 110.9. Another drinking game — who's done the oddest thing with the mirror portal from Equestria Girls?. Highlight include:
    • Cadence getting everyone legally married to their counterparts.
    • Pinkie apparently regularly switches places with her counterpart. The others don't know if it's the looping pony Pinkie or the non-looping EQG!Pinkie
    • Chrysalis once used a few trinkets from various loops and her changelings to convince the human Mane Six that they were Magical Girl heroes. And she posed as both the Big Bad and the Team Pet.
      • Another time, during a Stealth Anchor loop, she used the Mirror Pool to create an endless changeling army, dressed them up as Imperial Stormtroopers, and conquered the human world.
    • Berry Punch put her still halfway through the mirror so that the liquor being brewed would dimensionally warp on itself, and so turned 307 Ale into 460.5 Ale.
    • Trixie dropped the mirror into the Mirror Pool to see what would happen...
    Trixie: Standard Trixie outcome number four. Loop crash, then Eiken.
  • Loop 113.7: When the Nazis open the the Ark of the Covenant, they somehow get Pinkie Pie, who invites them to a special party.
  • Loop 113.11: After careful scientific analysis, Twilight Sparkle determines that for that Loop, the universe literally revolves around Ditzy.
  • Loop 114.6: The Apple Family decided to give Flim and Flam their farm, then getting Fluttershy's help to animate their trees, just to mess with the brothers' heads.
  • Loop 115.4: Cadance deciding to become a ship-sinker, both the trope and the literal kind.
  • Loop 118.1: The CMC ask Twilight to be the referee for one of their "Battleship" games. Twi agrees, but proposes a twist on the usual rules: Each of them will have to build a ship that actually existed... and they won't know who's going to command which ship.
    • And then, it turns out each of them got the ship that they built.
  • Loop 119.1: Gilda becomes emperor of the Griffons, and makes a lavish spectacle on her entrance to Equestria. Halfway through a musical number, she's given a message informing her that the empire has conveniently collapsed and reformed into a republic.
  • Loop 120.9: While in a ham-tastic rant to versions of the founding ponies, Twilight lists among her titles and accomplishments that she is called "she who very nearly once made a honey-badger care".
    • A later Brick Joke reveals that among Fluttershy's titles is "She Who Made a Honey Badger Care".
    • Also Puddinghead - almost everything he says and does is funny, but the Snark segment takes the cake.
  • Loop 124 is solely composed of the Mane Six being stuck in a teleportation-proof elevator going up seven hundred floors, stopping on each one, with each being something strange and bizarre, including several other loopers showing up. And when it turns out that the whole thing was caused by Discord as a prank, they respond by forcing him to go through the same thing, but with every floor being monotonous and boring.
  • Loop 126.3: Explosives Fanatic Trixie attempts to create a major explosive supposedly based off of CL-20 (Hexanitrohexaazaisowurtzitane) known as Dodecanitrododecaazaisowurtizane. She fails in the attempt. It gets funnier in Loop 127.8, however. She created an Omega Particle out of nitrogen. The funny part is, the Borg help out by evacuating the galaxy Her punishment: being Naughty Trix-Trix in the Teletubbies universe.
  • Loop 128.9: Equestria is the Locker Land for K. The Ponies praise K, while a tiny Pinkie comes out, reminds K of the plot, and K goes party pooper. J gets some revenge for the pre-credits Locker gag by putting the Ponies in K's Locker.
  • Loop 133.7: Nyx starts a new drinking game — most interesting way that the library's been destroyed. Twilight immediately grounds her, spends the whole game head banging on the table (breaking several of them), and afterwards compiles a list of Loopers to prank as revenge.
  • 137.16: Absinthe gives Twilight the brilliant idea to seize life the Calvin and Hobbes way, with Rarity along for the ride. Rarity does not enjoy the ride.
    • "I'M DONE SPEAKING TO THE ABSINTHE, PLEASE!" Rarity shouted, her mane beginning to match the color of her coat. "I'D LIKE TO SPEAK TO TWILIGHT NOW!"
  • Loop 150.2. Harry Potter hands off the Diary Horcrux to Cheerilee, who proceeds to use it as her school notebook. She forces in excess of two thousand page's worth of notes, calculations, and scratchwork into the Horcrux's pseudo-mind before information starts leaking back out. And that is how Cheerilee learned to speak Parseltongue.
  • Loop 155.21. During Moondancer's party this time, Trixie and Chrysalis were headlining as entertainment. As the final act this loop, Trixie pulls off a filk of Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious about explosives. The end bit goes:
    Trixie: So if Tirek approaches There is no need for despair Just synthesis this chemical And hurry out of there But better do it carefully Or it could change your life
    Chrysalis: For example.
    Trixie: Yes?
    Chrysalis, glaring at Trixie: One night I gave it to my marefriend And she blew up my Hive.
    Trixie: Hey! Trixie said she was sorry!
    Moondancer collapsed into laughter at that point.
  • Loop 161.2: Twilight brings Moondancer to visit Ponyville...and the visit is immediately interrupted by an extremely drunk Sleipnir, who got a bit carried away celebrating his girlfriend's promotion to full Adminship, and hugs Twilight and Moondancer before being dragged off and thrown into a lake by Fenrir. The snip ends with Sleipnir chasing Fenrir through the air at supersonic speed.
  • In Loop 174.11, Fenrir, the admin for the Warhammer 40,000 Loops, comes to Fluttershy (the Little Mother of his Anchor) with a bit of a concern. His tail's stiff, his ears are a little floppy, he's having a bit of attention-deficit disorder. Fluttershy informs that admin that although it's not as bad as it could be, he's becoming... domesticated. Fenrir breaks down in tears, but the best part is that this is the end result of most of the Loopers, and him, trying to stabilize the WH40K loops.
  • Loop 176.6: Rarity wakes up in Hytopia from Tri-Force Heroes. As the Princess. Who is cursed to wear horrible clothing. Link arrives and finds her attempting to hunt down the Lady of the Drablands to avenge this "Crime against fabulosity".
  • Loops 189.12 and 189.13: In the first, Pinkie Pie is a normal pony, which causes Twilight to seek the strongest possible brain bleach she can stand. And in 13, a normally baseline loop goes sour when Pinkie Pie is replaced by Dolores Umbridge. Twilight immediately crashes the loop by exploding the sun. She gets a G3 loop (which she hates) as punishment, but considers it well Worth It to escape the previous loop.

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