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Funny / The RWBY Loops

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  • The very first chapter gives us a telling hint of what's to come:
    Glynda looked Ozpin straight in the eye and opened a door to the outside. In the small park outside, Ruby was holding her dog, Zwei, over a bed of flowers. Zwei was breathing fire at the flowers. "Burn in the righteous fire of the War Corgi."
  • Pyrrha's early attempts to be more approachable tend to... backfire. She can't convince Weiss to have a normal outing for ice cream, gets stuffed into a closet by Nora when she tries a more extreme training method, and apparently once got accused of having Sakura Syndrome.
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  • Weiss sees Penny and Ruby hanging out, and this happens:
    Weiss: "At least they make a nice couple... No! Bad Weiss! No yuri shipping!" *Sees Ruby and Penny looking at her* "I... said that out loud, didn't I?"
    Penny: "What's Yuri shipping?"
    Ruby: (evil grin)
  • "Mister Arc's weapon isn't his sword and shield. It's a semi."
  • Because of how the loops work, the specifics of things unrevealed can change from loop to loop. One such early example? Velvet's weapon.
    Yang, looking around at the blood splatters and disintegrating Grimm: Holy crap, it really was a killer bunny.

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