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Tangled Family Tree / The RWBY Loops

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This is the latest version of the family tree, and it's still missing a few people.

The Extended Remnant Looper Family Tree, which spans nine universes and has between forty and fifty members, is quite the monster. In addition to the baseline family relationships, there’ve been a large number of adoptions and romances. To wit:

  • Cinder Fall and Neopolitan pretended to have awoken from loops where they were related to Ruby and Yang; by the point the deceptions were revealed, however, the emotional connection formed was so strong that they were still called Sister and Cousin respectively. Roman tags along as Neo's vaguely defined "partner," and all three of them have admitted to having sexual relations with unawake versions of most of Remnant's baseline population.
  • Ruby and Yang compounded the issue by adopting siblings from other universes, a number which at this point totals at around six (and one of their brothers, Nate Adams, has adopted a kid of his own!).
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  • Meanwhile team JNPR went ahead and formed a standard nuclear family despite all of them being the same age, none of them being related by blood, and one of them occasionally being dead. Penny declared Ironwood to be her Generuncle Jamie, Nora claimed Penny as her cousin, and much later Nora and Ren started dating (despite also seeing each other as adoptive siblings).
  • By the time Ruby's uncle Qrow started dating Winter, bringing the Schnee family into the mess, Ruby realized what was happening and called an emergency meeting to tie everyone up in a single tree. Ozpin ended up becoming the adoptive grandfather of Qrow and Ironwood with Glynda being declared his sister, and new loopers have been slid in where appropriate when activated.
  • Raven and Taiyang agree they're better off as friends, but her parental status bungles the whole thing even further. She and Yang have agreed they aren't mother and daughter, but Yang appears comfortable treating her in an aunt fashion and explicitly says she only calls her "mom" when she's trolling her. However, Raven has taken to kidnapping/adopting Whitley Schnee, on the grounds that she is a better parent than Jacques (something Weiss agrees with and allows, seeing as she's officially disowned the man). It gets to the point where Raven sees Whitley as a surrogate son... which can cause problems when he crushes on Vernal, who she sees as a surrogate daughter.
  • The situation when volume six hits: Ilia, who was adopted by the Belladonnas so she's another sister to Blake, has adopted North Dakota as a brother of her own and is dating Emerald, who herself is Cinder's vaguely defined "ward". Oscar Pine is considered Ozpin's son for purposes of the family tree, and seems to have an Odd Friendship with Neo. Ruby is in a romantic relationship with Penny, though they're both fine with it not being sexual. Weiss finally caved and took on Diana Cavendish as a sister of her own, bringing another universe into the mess. Oh, and Blake and Yang got officially married so there's that.
    • Meanwhile, outside of Remnant, Nate's mother started looping and has a friendly relationship with Taiyang, but insists she is still married to her own husband even if he is not looping. As of Yo Kai Watch Shadowside Nate is married with a biological daughter, leaving Ruby once again a proud auntie.
  • Throwing nonlooping individuals into the mix, there's a question about whether Salem is on the tree or not. Cinder admits to seeing her in a maternal role, but also acknowledges that is sort of twisted, and Ozpin takes the reveals of Volume six hard, considering her an ex-wife at best (unless he loops in early enough to stop her descent into evil). Ruby has also jokingly suggested that Jinn (who is loop aware but not looping) could be considered a family matriarch, which was shot down by Cinder. And although Maria has been jokingly called granny by both Ruby and Yang, they have yet to officially adopt her. But everyone agrees that Saphron, Terra, and Adrian are part of the family.

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