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Nightmare Fuel / The RWBY Loops

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  • Several Loops imply that some of the Mythos Hackers have taken a personal interest in Remnant and its development. According to Glados while talking to Roman, Slenderman hacked into Marianne's system, and as a result is responsible for the looping of Cinder, Roman, and Zwei, and because of the paired looper system initially in place, is indirectly responsible for Glynda, Neo, and Ozpin looping with them. While he had intended to hack the Twilight loops, the fact is that Slenderman not only hacked Remnant, but can even make villains begin looping.
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  • One loop features talking Grimm. That whisper about your fears and insecurities as they try to kill you, exploiting Break Them by Talking to an unnerving degree. And some of the things they say imply they are reading your mind to get the context behind the emotions that attract them.
  • One loop set during the Volume 4 expansions demonstrates a certain Looper can be terrifying when they want to be. It follows Raven as she slowly begins to see things that aren't there, have things disappear only for her men to claim they never existed, and reaches the point that she nearly loses her mind and almost kills one of her members thinking he's a Beowolf. The Tribe decides she's too much of a Grimm magnet to keep with them, and just chain her up to be left to die. Only when she's alone does the person responsible reveal themselves: Ren. In many loop variants Raven and the Branwen Tribe had been responsible for Ren and Nora being orphans, so he did all this to Raven, not out of revenge, but just for the sake of proving to himself that she's weak, and that even if it's wrong, it just feels right. He then proceeds to teleport her to Patch, leave her hanging from Tai's doorframe, butt naked the entire time, as she can do nothing but scream. Jaune and Pyrrha themselves are unnerved by his behavior and even worry over how he's seemingly disassociating from Baseline as a result, with Nora starting to accuse him of falling into Sakura Syndrome because of how detached he is from Baseline.
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  • Several variant loops pop up from time to time with one thing in common: people reforged into Grimm. While the details vary with each one, the general idea is that people who die during Grimm attacks are painfully transformed into Grimm and then forced to attack their friends and family. One variant in particular saw Ruby confronted by Grimm versions of the recently-fallen Weiss, Blake, and Yang as she attempted to face Salem, all warped into monstrous beings that barely resembled their former selves, Salem specifically bringing them out in the hopes Ruby would have a Heroic BSoD. Instead, she immediately did the only thing she could: put them out of their misery.
  • One loop had Ruby in the Rick and Morty branch, where she initially tried laying low until someone bashed her on the back of the head. When she awoke, it looked to be a new loop, a null loop where Remnant was much more mundane and Ruby was just a normal student. No combat, no Grimm, and Ruby was the only one Awake. At first she thought it was just a vacation loop thrown her way. Then when it ended, the next loop was exactly the same. As was the one after that, and the one after that. Ruby slowly began to Go Mad from the Isolation due to the true "Groundhog Day" Loop, and was desperately trying to find a way to crash the loop, finding even an Eiken loop was more preferable than this. By time she finally succeeded, she'd been through the loop 53 times. Each loop was only a year and a half, but that still meant she was alone for the equivalent of nearly 80 years. It gets worse though. Turns out she wasn't actually going through real loops, but a series of simulations created by the Zigerion Scammers, meaning she never even left the Rick and Morty loop. Said loop was actually a variant where the Zigerion's were a lot more competent, possessing better equipment, and somehow possessing knowledge of the Loops. And they were putting Ruby through accelerated time in the hopes she'd reveal secrets that would allow them to become Loopers. To say Ruby was furious is an understatement. She immediately snapped, releasing her Silver-Eyes and going on a rampage, and while she has no memories of what she did, she said when she regained her senses, the ship was close to collapse, and there wasn't a single trace of the Zigerions. The events of that loop were so bad that once it ended, she immediately broke down in tears, Zwei having to contact every single awake looper in Remnant to come and comfort her so she didn't break down further.
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  • The Apathy Grimm are just as terrifying as in baseline, if not more so. Their first appearance is shown from Ruby's perspective, and they don't just make you apathetic on their own. Their influence outright mind rapes you, forcing you to think about anything other than what's important and filling your head with doubts. It's especially bad for Ruby, since not only is she a Looper giving her millenias' worth of issues, she has a bad habit of repressing her issues and compartmentalizing them into her Chibi-Salems. The only reason she isn't consumed by the Apathy's abilities is because of sheer determination and refusal to let them win. Even Cinder isn't sure how she feels about them thanks to reminding her of what Slenderman did to her.
  • One loop, there's Qorw makes a comment on things he's has seen Salem create over the loops while being a spy. One example are some sort of small Grimm parasite that burrows into people and turns them into puppets. He follows it up by wondering if that is how the Chills - which are canon - work.