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  • The Lemony Narrator in the footnotes in general.
  • Flora can defuse the Trix' threat early by scaring them into not trying to steal the Dragonfire. That always results in the Trix being relatively friendly, Musa and Darcy having an Odd Friendship and an over-the-top romantic rivalry... And then the Trix do something (usually a magical experiment in which they take precautions to deal with everything they can imagine going wrong but what goes wrong is something else) with worse results than just having them as enemies. Known incidents include:
    • Finding out about Sky and Brandon's real identities and accidentally killing Sky while trying to punish him for being a two-timer, causing Heraklyon to declare war;
    • causing a Zombie Apocalypse while trying to cure the common cold (Icy had sneezed the wrong moment. Icy);
    • Nuking Magix (they were experimenting with telekinetically-confined nuclear fusion, and Darcy compressed the hydrogen a bit too much);
    • A particularly bad loop that resulted in the Trix being possessed by the Three Ancient Witches and Darkar, Valtor and the Army of Decay roaming around (it started when the Trix tried to steal the Ancient Witches' powers and knowledge, resulting in Icy and Darcy being possessed. Stormy managed to avoid possession for a while, and her attempts at fixing the situation ended up taking down whatever kept Darkar in his castle, melting Valtor's ice prison and accidentally summoning the Army of Decay. Nobody has any idea how the latter happened);
    • The loop where this is revealed has the Trix dabble into summoning... And getting the Trix Rabbit, the cereals and the kids, with the Trix tying up the kids and joining the rabbit into eating the cereals right under their noses.
    • It's mentioned that Icy and Stormy once caused a Plague of the Werebeds trying to help their sister and Musa in their three-way relationship with Riven.
    • The Trix inspired Stella into resuming her experiments in creating a new shade of pink (the ones that in canon got her held back a year when she blew up the lab), but this time with Bloom as an assistant. The explosion was large enough to end the loop.
    • Again with the Trix: Cloudtower corrupted by mutant Trix cereal and spawning an army of rabid Trix rabbits made of cereal.
    • On one occasion they worked out that Flora was a time traveler. They disappeared for two days, and Flora catches them talking about kidnapping someone before they resolve asking nicely... That Flora supervise their experiments, because every single one of them aside the Dragonfire Theft has a good chance to explode and they couldn't figure out how to convince her. Flora accepts, no experiments go awry... And then, to celebrate their graduation, they summon "the best party entertainer of all time and space with all their staff". That is, Pinkie Pie, Chaos Goddess of Celebration, with all her daemons.
      • The Trix admitted they had considered to dissect Flora to try and find out what makes her a looper, but rejected it as too dangerous before even realizing they had no idea on how to restrain her. Griffin promptly replied she would if she knew how to restrain Flora long enough.
    • Setting the pavement on fire. It's not Beyond the Impossible, because there is something that can do it in Real Life (chlorine trifluoride. Can set asbestos on fire)... And that's exactly what got out from their lab.
    • Set fire to the sun. Even Flora and Stella had no idea how they managed that, considering that the sun's... well... really hot.
    • Flip the world upside down, complete with Interface Screw.
  • One of Flora's earliest fused loops was one where she replaced Seras in Hellsing...specifically, abridged Hellsing. She finally snapped and decided to do things her way when facing an army of her coworkers-turned-ghouls, leading to this exchange:
    Alucard: Ah, and just like that, everything turned out alright in the end.
    Integra: Yes, everything turned out just fine. Except that ninety percent of our staff were killed, turned into ghouls, then resurrected by the Police Girl when she grew wings and threw glitter on them, and now she has her own personal cult.
    Alucard: ...what.
  • The loop crossed over with Yatterman:
    • The Trix were the Doronbo Gang, with Icy as Doronjo, Darcy as Tonzula (wearing a fake pig nose), Stormy as Boyacky (wearing a fake long nose), and Knut as Odate Buta. Also, their mech was a robotic Darkar;
    • The Yattermen were Sky and Bloom;
    • Flora was Yatterwan, and trying (and failing) to make sense of it, even after releasing the week's surprise mecha (Chatta);
    • The comment the main writer put on the FF.Net version:
      I'm told this is a reference to something called Yatterman. I didn't ask any more, because I really don't want to know.
  • The "Valtor Sucks at Melee" Running Gag.
  • Musa had a Tecna-and-Flora-proof cage to force them to get together even in the loops where Flora is a girl. She recycled it for Darkar in a loop where she, Tecna and Flora were witches and trying to take over the world.
  • The Running Gag of Flora hating guns... And having to use them.
  • In one loop, Flora turned into trees every creature of the Army of Decay. Including the flying ones.
  • Musa's Awakening. The author's comment explains it all:
    Some Awakenings are graceful. Some are like this.
  • The loop in which Billy caused more damage than all "Friendly Trix" loops put together.
    • The next time Billy shows up, Flora goes vampire on the spot and annihilates him.
  • In one loop, the Trix had to face Flora going into 'Ballistix' form, Musa pulling guns on Stormy, and Tecna becoming a Power Ranger.
  • The giant killer pidgeons. The Trix weren't responsible for that.
  • At some point someone told Tecna and Flora that cellphones don't grow on trees. They took it as a challenge, and won.
  • Bloom (not yet Awake) ranting at the Trix that she didn't do half of what they did in spite of everything that happened to her... And the Trix (in Valtor's era) replying they hate Bloom because Lightrock is practically Barney's realm. Bloom immediately apologizes and swears she would have killed them had she known that sparing them in the first season would have resulted in that.
  • Apparently, whoever gets their hands on the Relix would Ascend. The admins swapped it with a collection of the fanfiction written by one of them. Bad yaoi fanfics with DarkarXValtor as pairing. Darkar read them.
    Darkar: " BURNS!"
    • In another Loop, Lupin and his crew captured Darkar and Valtor and read the stories to them.
  • As children, the Trix wanted to be fairies.
  • Ork!Flora.
  • Musa Befriending the Trix... Nanoha-style.
  • Bloom trying and failing to adapt to the Loops:
    • Bloom looping as Michelangelo.
      "I'm Mikey. Why am I Mikey? WHY am I Mikey?"
    • Bloom's first gender-bender loop. She hates them.
    • Her first Hub Loop gave her two Heroic BSoD: when she saw the series and felt herself as a Mary Sue in there, and when Musa pointed out there's a way for her to grab the Idiot Ball and free the Earth Fairies without taking precautions. Something she would never do... Unless, as pointed out by Musa, she had suffered brain damage. Back in the cave, Bloom.
  • Flora's reaction when she finds out she's about to take part to the Mortal Kombat tournament.
  • Tecna is a Power Ranger. So she decides to make her own Megazord, from four Zords powered by the Codex.
  • Bloom pranking the Trix into having bad hair (or, for Stormy, less bad hair) and change outfits every time Lucy's in the same room as them. Why? Because Lucy's the closest thing to Pizzazz around, and the Trix with bad hair and clothes are dead-ringers for the Misfits.
  • When Dio Brando attacked the Winx Loops, an Unawake Bloom defeated him... And turned his base form so he would wear Flora's pink dress.
  • Stella's first fused Loop. In Twilight, as Bella. Turns out, enough sunlight does harm Edward...
  • The horror story contest, won by Bloom. Her story:
    Bloom: In two phrases I'll have you screaming.
    Stella: Bring it.
    Bloom: The Trix are Stealth Loopers since Flora's second Loop. In their Formative Loop, they were Heterodyne Sparks.
    Icy: It wasn't us this time! We swear!
    Griffin: Then why did the fairies scream so loud to wake me up?!
  • The reason for Alfea's lab exploding when Stella tried to come up with that new shade of pink and (some of) the Trix' experiments causing mass damage? A minor witch named Rachel sabotages the Trix out of jealousy, and uses Stella's chemistry set to synthesize and then sell a highly regulated substance: mint-flavored milk.
  • The Running Gag of the Black Circle Wizards, who are invulnerable to Fairy Magic unless it's Believix, getting one-shotted without Believix. Aside for what Aisha did them (that qualifies for Nightmare Fuel), in their first chapter alone they get vaporized by Bloom shooting fire as hot as the sun in their general area (they weren't invulnerable to the heat of the fire that did not hit them), squished by a bed telekinetically thrown at them by Stella, disintegrated by Flora's vampiric powers, and gunned down by Klaus and his shotgun loaded with rock salt (Bloom in fact laughed herself silly after the latter). Then the following chapter they mistake Valtor for a fairy...
  • Musa defeating the Trix, Darkar and Valtor with a potato.
    Tecna: "...OK, how?"
    Musa: "In order? It was weird, it was complicated, and I stabbed him in the face with the potato."
  • The "Odd Romance" Loops. Of which Fand is not responsible:
    • The first one has UnAwake Bloom in a threesome with her own UnAwake and opposite gender counterpart and Icy.
    • The second has the same threesome, Icy's not-boyfriend with mob connections from the comic trying to kill Bloom and Blake, and a couple between Stormy and Knut. The threesome happened after Bloom and Blake conforted Icy after she and Stormy traveled back in time and returned chased by a Tyrannosaurus rex, while the other... Well, Darcy doesn't know nor she wants to know.
  • The entire Christmas Special could be considered one long moment of funny. Specific examples include:
    • Bloom waking up and spotting a spaceship right outside her window, immediately causing her to panic.
    • The gathered Loopers decide to head to Equestria to recruit the ponies to help with the party, only for The Postal Dude to call and tell them that he and his enemies have somehow been transported there.
    Alucard: You wanna kill Al Qaeda terrorists, Mad Cow Tourette Zombies and book protesters, Bloom?
    Bloom: ...What.
    • Pinkie Pie and Bowser were apparently college roommates at one point.
    • Musa and Vinyl Scratch squabble over who's doing the music. Seras asks why it can't be both of them, only to get an immediate Big "NO!" from every resident Alfean and Equestrian looper.
    • Techna being forced to extract Flora from the middle of a fight between Handsome Jack and Mr. Torgue.
    • The Sovereign hacks into the radio when Twilight tries to put on some Christmas tunes. Shepard approves.
      • Later, Sovereign goes down to Earth to talk with Techna. After speculating why for a bit, Flora and Shepard realize that they probably shouldn't have left them alone.
    • Undyne, after being banned from the kitchen, decides to suplex everything. Including herself and the entire building at the same time.
    • Pinkie Pie sets up a tree-hunting contest. Flora wins by creating a tree with her Green Thumb powers, and Papyrus brings back a tree made of duct-taped bones.
    • Gordon Freeman is banned from entering the party thrice. The third time, Handsome Jack had knocked him out (hopefully) and was using him as a plus one; Bloom responds with a Falcon Punch.
  • When they start Looping, the Trix believe they've been sent back to have a second chance at whatever they've done wrong, so they try to be (relatively) nice. At first it works, then Icy tries to be genuinely nice to Musa without gaining anything from it, terrifying all witnesses but Stormy and convincing the Winx (who didn't know yet) that the Trix were up to something.
    Stormy: "You have a reputation, sister."
  • The Winx have a Loop dealing with fanfiction cliches such as Bloom's time-traveling son from Timmy, the one from Brandon, and many others (half of which with the Dragon's Flame), three and half tables of Musa's daughters all named Melody, hordes of Tecna's parents (including a couple of an android and a fairy), and Flora's mother actually being a flower. The Winx decide to never speak of it again.
  • Flora getting pissed at Harry Dresden for accidentally knocking Tecna out with his anti-technology aura.
  • Stella's reaction after seeing Nurgle dressed as Flora.
  • Icy said that Flora didn't deserve to be the Anchor because she was too soft. Cue traditional field exercise... That she failed epically.
    • The consequence? Darcy had Riven and Timmy put her sisters through the same boot camp they had put her through back when Darcy was dating Riven.
  • Stella getting a cult of solar system worshippers including people from other Loops. And it went through a schism between the Lunar Republic and the Solar Empire.
  • The Trix getting all of Cloudtower to loop. As in they hijacked the school and made it fly in loops.
  • The Trix on the Babylon 5 station: Stormy has become the local union representative (!!!), Darcy has replaced Talia (and has problems with having Garibaldi and G'Kar after her)... And Icy, being Icy, has tried to get manipulation lessons from the local Anchor, AKA Vir. The greatest Magnificent Bastard of the Loops.
  • Deadpool showing up with Negasonic Teenage Warhead in tow to advertise his movie.
  • Flora as Nurgle. Or Flurgle.
  • Stormy tries to help other witches with weather-based powers with their ego problem by sending them against Musa... And ruins her shopping date with Darcy.
  • The Winx tell a newly-Looping Roxy that she can't come to Alfea until she's 16. She single-handedly frees the Earth fairies, defeats the Black Circle, brings Earth back into the Magical Dimension and gets herself appointed as an ambassador to Magix just to enroll Alfea early and prove them wrong. When they find out, the Trix promtply adopt her as a honourary fourth sister.
  • Bloom as the Captain General of the Adeptus Custodes... And the Golden Throne has a text-to-speech device. With the Trix sisters and a horde of Trix rabbits as the Adeptus Custodes... And Flurgle. This causes Bloom to go on a pub run.
    • And the actual Captain General's response?
    Kitten: "Holy shit, that's actually one of the milder responses."
    • and Harry Dresden shortly follows up on this revelation.
    Dresden: "Okay, Warhammer 40K is now at my bottom due to male strippers. Thanks bud."
  • DIO Brando shows up again... And, for once, he is the innocent victim of the Black Circle Wizards trying to rob him.
  • The Winx' favourite ways they crashed a Loop. Apparently, Stella did it by being gender-bendered while Awake...
  • Musa has recovered Bean Boozled jelly beans from the Hub, and got Stella to try them. Not knowing they are literally vomit-flavoured. Hilarity Ensues.
  • Icy won't let Darcy eat Tritannus.
  • Cornelia Hale showing up... And making an enemy of Stella and Icy in an attempt to surprise Flora. It still went better than Flora expected when she saw that Cornelia had come without warning.
  • The Side Bet about whether Flora or Tecna will propose first... immediately after we saw Flora do so.
    • It is later collected during the Wedding chapter, where it catches the Trix in its epicenter while Roxy proceeds to get drunk to dull the horrors.
  • Darcy deciding to confront Flora over the wedding, believing that Icy would react horribly, only for it to turn out that she was already congratulating her.
  • Pinkie Pie's gifts to Flora and Tecna.
    Stormy: And where'd you get them?
    Pinkie Pie: At the hardware store, duuuuuh!
  • The W.I.T.C.H. crew saying they can't go to the wedding because of Cornelia, and aren't happy about it.
  • The Trix waste no time in messing with Pepsiman.
  • The Winx find themselves fall for traditional fairy deterrences, twice. The latter had the witches use it as an opportunity to ruin Alfea's Dance.
  • Stella's bad morning.
  • Flora and Tecna's undecisiveness on their bachelorette parties.
  • Flora's trip through NOTAHERO.
  • Harry's Hufflepuff curse strikes the Winx Club. Cue Harry wanting to die, which Icy obliges after getting frustrated at the other's unwillingness to follow an O7's orders.
  • Musa after a trip through Saint's Row, and Flora and Techna's reactions.
    Musa: Have you girls lost all sense of adventure?
    Techna: No, we just got good taste.
  • Gordon screws up an experiment.
  • The hipster subroutine and what Darcy does during it.
  • Vegas Mistakes. All of it.
  • Timmy theorized that fairies are not so different from Orks, and promptly teleports away before there could be any rebuttals.
  • One Loop had the source of all evil be dust bunnies. Stella promptly had an I Told You So moment.
  • Valtor attacks Bloom... and accidentally hits The Hulk.
    Hulk: You hurt Hulk. You make Hulk mad! HULK SMASH!
    Hulk does exactly that.
    • And why was Hulk there? Thor wanted to stop for coffee, in all his Large Ham goodness.
  • Brandon's Activation, which leads to Stella going Squee and Riven going into Tranquil Fury mode.
  • Tama's reaction to hearing that Fand, shipper extraordinaire, didn't ship Musa and Darcy until after they married. Made even more priceless with Fand's reaction.
  • Rick uses wordbird.exe to make Tecna play Surfin' Bird, which displeased Faragonda. In that same snip, it's implied that he also had a fling with Faragonda too, which aided her displeasure at the guy.
  • Flurgle returns! Her course of action? Make her followers into farmers, much to Ciaphas Cain's confusion.
  • Aisha replaces Katara, and realizes that her Morphix was for the waves/tides, and as such, used water. Cue Wall Bang.
  • Flora's Misaka Glitch, showing us various versions of her. We also find out that Flora replaced Groot.
  • Darcy and Musa's comfort in their relationship is loose at best, with them making out everywhere, leading to Bloom to confront them. Cue them doing it in front of her.
    • They do it again, though Unawake this time to use as an excuse to beat up homophobes. Cue Bloom deciding it's Irma's doing... and passing out when it turns out not to be the case.
  • Flora and Gordon end up in Oh...Sir!! The Insult Simulator.
  • Flora and the Winx are prepared to fight off the combined might of their foes when, all of a sudden, Old Man Henderson appears.
  • The Winx Loopers end up in Team Fortress 2. Cue random slaughter, and a "Shaggy Dog" Story.
  • Musa and Darcy want to befriend Rachel... Nanoha-style.
  • The entirety of the Winx end up in Blood Gulch. Hilarity Ensues.
  • Remember Old Man Henderson? Well it happens again with The Spanish Inquisition, The Tick, and finally, Caboose, who ends up confusing himself so badly, it crashes the Loop.
  • Flora and Ichigo's meeting gives us a Cutaway Gag to when she and Bloom met Ranma, who was fighting Valtor over Akene, and Flora bailing when Ichigo wanted to spar.
    Ichigo: You know, you could have just said no.
  • Lapidary had some funny moments in the emotional whirlwind.
    • When Diaspro realises that Sky never loved her, she goes into a crying fit... which leads to her tears turning to gems, which fills up several jars of the stuff.
    • When trying to avoid talking about Sky to her employee, she deflects the conversation by deciding to go get Korean Barbecue.
    Oh well done, way to divert the conversation, that's avoidance, that's... actually Korean Barbecue sounds really good.
  • The Miele program trying to confront Fand over her Shipper on Deck Tendencies. Trying.
  • Stella has a psychotic break, leading to her to attack the Wizards of the Black Circle with Asian Giant Hornets. Flora promptly knocks out Stella.
  • Flora explains why she's not a vegetarian to Ganondorf... and goes completely creepy about it when Ganondorf realizes that Flora's also a vampire.
  • Flora witnesses Link having a psychotic break when he bursts into Valtor's lair on a burning bear.
  • Tecna getting frustrated with her computer being slow. Remember, she's the Guardian of Technology.
  • Diapro decides to invite Bloom to the Day of the Royals. Seeing the two sitting together, Sky has a Jaw Drop and gets smacked in the face with a dragon's tail. Diaspro and Bloom then decide to drop bombshell after bombshell on the poor guy, just to rub it in.
    Diaspro: You are positively evil, Bloom, Let's do it.
  • The Trix name Diaspro their honorary sister and proceed to torment Mitzi while dressed up a stereotypical witches.
  • Diaspro ends up in Cardcaptor Sakura. Hilarity Ensues.
  • Diaspro goes on to deal with the threats of the Winx Club with little effort on her part. She also dealt with Valtor with a glitter bomb.
  • Gordon Freeman appears again, and this action sets up how Diaspro feels about the guy.
    Diaspro's Loop Memories kicked in and she hit Dr. Freeman in the nads.
  • Diaspro getting annoyed at traffic, and the fact that it's like that because she follows the rules of the road.
  • Scarface finally got DIO's skull. The problem? DIO is still alive and he needs Flora's help to finally kill him.
  • Stella and Diaspro referring to Groin Attacks as Princess Training.
  • Icy, after a Seinfeldian Conversation on Peeps, decides to transform them into literal chicks. Flora promptly pointed to five hot pink chicks conjoined at the thighs, to which Icy reacts with indifference.
    • And the line that starts it all.
    Stormy: What the hell are these?
  • Diaspro randomly decides to lock herself in Bloom's bathroom with a stack of pizzas, some tissues and a few bottles of soda, all because she ended up in a situation where Sky actually loves her back long after she gotten over it.
  • Diaspro's trip to Final Fantasy VII has a few of these moments, with it ending with her and Zach making a Cloud fanclub, to Cloud's dismay.
  • Valtor's first attempt at corrupting a Looping Diaspro ended up becoming a wrestling match.
  • Link advices Diaspro that being a Kleptomaniac Hero isn't a big deal. Diaspro is quick to disagree, but Link rebukes that nearly everyone like him is one, and that's considered normal.
  • The Trix attempt to bring Diaspro and Bloom together romantically. It fails. Meanwhile, Deadpool is standing by, and treating the whole thing like a comedy.
  • Diaspro gets rid of Billy by making him chase a comet into a black hole. It works, but said black hole ends up speeding up Diaspro's relative time.
  • How does Diaspro deal with a Gender Bender? By declaring herself Transgender and transforming into a woman with a spell. Bloom immediately asks for the spell upon finding out. Then, Stella, upon hearing about this, promptly demanded that Bloom share that particular spell.
  • Cornelia offers a truce with the Trix and promptly buy out Lightrock, completely screwing over the Lord of Knights. Doubles as a Moment of Awesome.
  • Diaspro turns into the Quadruplet of the Trix, renamed Goldy. You can imagine the rest.
  • We learn that the version of Sky that blew off Diaspro's suicide didn't get off so easily. He first gets a Groin Attack courtesy of Bloom. Then the Trix and Riven discuss exposing him, only for the Patchamen to kill him with napkins. Sky is understandable confused about the last part.
  • Roxy attempts... something.
    Roxy: ...It's a work in progress.
    • Later, she shifts to robot sheep that play dubstep, leaving Bloom to let out a Big "WHAT?!".
  • Stormy has a breakdown over the fact that shipping seems to be rather common in the Alfea Branch. Cue Icy being the the sane one while Stormy rants on about shipping, including fearing that she and Icy might start going out. Remember, they're both sisters. Eventually, Stormy decides that the reason Bloom and Diaspro didn't go together was because they weren't thinking about Sky's role, which leads Icy to blast her sister, and treat her like a misbehaving dog.
  • Sky questions why they have a dog as part of his team during a Fused Loop in RWBY. Ozpin shoots him down, saying that Zwei passed the entrance exam, and had excellent references.
  • Fand pranking Aphrodite.
  • Flora casually remarking about how she just defeated the Wizards of the Black Circle with a rubber chicken. Even more hilarious, Musa bet money on it with Aisha and won.
  • Nabu's reaction to Flora recapping the various major and somewhat minor events that had happened so far.
  • Diaspro's utter nonchalance over the various ways she killed Yoshinoya.
  • Apparently, Stella decided to declare that she trumped Yggdrasil after getting Diaspro's gender changing spell. The end result? Null Loop with Gender Bendered Loopers who hate that too.
  • Nabu in Jojos Bizarre Adventure Diamond Is Unbreakable has these in spades.
    • Nabu ends up getting a Stand, but there's a few complications, namely, he can't control it. He also named it Magic. Interestingly enough, that's actually a song name by Patrick Juvet.
    • Nabu sums up Jojo's Bizarre Adventure.
    Nabu: Everything is absurdly serious about how wacky it really is, and you just roll with it.
    • The Noodle Incident involving Tonio's cooking and the complete apathy towards it since everyone comes out of it for the better.
    • Riven slamming Josuke's Berserk Button by insulting his hair.
    • Riven's reaction to learning about the Loops is one thing. Finding out about Musa and Darcy, aka his exes, getting together is another. Cue Tranquil Fury, and what is implied to be a long offscreen punching bag destroying scene.
  • The Trix and Diaspro end up in Paradise, Arizona for the weekend. Zombie Apocalypse ensues.
  • Diaspro vs. Koro-Sensei, and the aftermath.
  • The Trix created a monster made of Trix Rabbits and Trix cereal called the Trix Homunculus. What comes out of it is completely out of left field.
  • The Trix and Trixie as sisters. What came from it could only be known as a Noodle Incident that resulted in the two never being allowed to have sisterly outings anymore.
  • Diaspro being Adorkable while visiting Sailor Moon.
    • And then we learn that Diaspro was completely ignorant about Michiru's pranking abilities... because the Winx completely forgot about her.
  • Fand seems to be having a heartwarming explanation of why she isn't shipping Diaspro with anyone... only to mention making a shipfic about Skuld and Coyote.
  • Ian Malcolm's failure to alter the Ping (a Running Gag in the Dinosaur Loops) results in him and Daphne becoming half-dragon hybrids.
    Daphne: We're still half-dragon.
    Ian: Still kickass if you ask me.
    Daphne: ...Okay, you have a point.
    Ian: Thank you.
  • Flora, Bloom and Stella recalling Nut Kracker and what they did to Johnny Cage in retaliation. Daphne is horrified... until she sees a snippet of the film from Flora's memories.
  • The Trix try to use Brandon as their guinea pig for some strange beverages. As soon as they instruct Brandon to try and willing get beaten to death, he promptly burns the building down.
  • Bloom and Diaspro having dinner with both their parents (and all four for Bloom) and Sky's parents.
    • And then there's the fact that Bloom's adoptive mother can Death Glare so hard, even Icy isn't immune.
  • Musa brags about the most ridiculous thing she destroyed, upstaging pretty much everyone, and pissing them off to the point where they decided to ignore her.
  • Musa dyes her hair green. Darcy notes that it doesn't look good. For added humor, Musa's hair was green in the prototype. And the writer of the snip never realized that Musa's hair was green in the prototype.
    Awesomedude17's review: For the record, I didn't even know about the prototype, so if anyone asks, it was an accident.
  • When the still non-Looping Riven confronts Helia on his apparent stalking behaviour toward Flora, he mentions he tried to hit on Bloom. Helia promptly thinks that the Loop was sadistic and that they would have killed each other in a week had they gotten together.
    • Helia also thinks that Riven hitting on Bloom is a sign of the Loops changing everything. In the canon series, Riven was after Bloom 'till she shot him down for his rudeness, and only then he started being interested in Musa.
    • The fact Riven still calls Darcy hot (and scary), even if they had not been together that Loop.
  • Bloom fangirling over Donald Duck.
  • Nabu ends up going through five weird loops in a row at one point:
    • First he ends up in the Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo universe and is told by Beauty that no, he won't get used to the weirdness.
    • Then the Golden Throne makes a reappearance, apparently having just gotten its text-to-speech device installed.
    • He ends up as the owner of Tom and Jerry at one point, managing to stop their fighting with a single glare.
    • Then he ends up witness to one of Dan's revenge schemes...against Ramune bottles, of all things.
    Dan: Eh. Eye of the beholder.
  • Stella, with Timmy's help, decides to give each of the aliens on her Omnitrix unique outfits and hold a fashion show for them. She decides to ask Diaspro and Bloom for assistance — the former to help with accessories, the latter to take pictures, give opinions on outfits, and notify people when the show happens. The two girls proceed to try and get Flora to hide them; Flora, wanting some peace and quiet, scares them off with a fake phone call to Stella.
    • Also, this gem:
    Diaspro: Have you ever tried picking out jewelry for a living blob of slime? Once was more than enough, no thank you!
    Bloom: You've done it before?
    Diaspro: Long story, don't wanna talk about it.
  • After Tecna’s Pocket gets blown up, many of the witnesses try to figure out what exactly happened... and then Musa points out Tracix. Cue mass Face Palm.
  • The Loop where every Looper is with their Awake opposite sexed counterparts. Stella is creeped out by her counterpart’s dislike of being a man and both versions of Bloom laughing at Aisha’s male name, Andrea.
  • The Trix hunting down Rachel due to being annoying.
    Mystery Looper: Icy already got Rachel?
    Diaspro: Icy already got Rachel.
  • Diaspro built a training room inside her Pocket... which she promptly wreaks.
  • Diaspro accidentally destroys Pluto due to teleporting away Helia’s bomb. Bloom then remembered when her show was made and what Pluto was considered at the time.
  • The Looper Olympics were just announced and Aisha agreed to be Darcy’s pack mule. Also from the same snip, this exchange.
    Brandon: Team building. Woooo!
    Darcy: Don’t do that.
    Brandon: Sorry.
  • Sky walked into Bloom painting on Diaspro’s nearly naked body. Timmy and Brandon comfort him.