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Embarrassing Animal Suit

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When a character, for whatever reason or plot contrivance, is forced to wear an animal costume similar to a mascot's outfit. The costume can be outlandish and ridiculous or simply silly, but either way, it certainly makes it hard to take them seriously. They may or may not gripe about the indignity.

For some reason or another, this is a common trope in Anime. If a character, or group of characters, is forced to take on an odd job, it will involve wearing one of these.


Compare Goofy Suit.


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     Anime and Manga  
  • There's a flashback in Naruto where Yahiko, Konan, Nagato and Jiraiya are all dressed up as frogs, for no reason other than that Jiraiya is the Toad Sage.
  • The cast of K-On! are forced to do this to recruit more members to the Light Music Club. No-one is entirely sure what animals have to do with pop music, and the suits are weird enough that they put people off.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh!. After losing a duel (and a bet), Joey is forced to wear a rather cartoony dog costume. Afterwards, Yugi has to play a game to get Joey out of it.
  • In Gravitation this is one of Shinji's traits.
  • Durarara!! has a dramatic example: while fleeing from the Yellow Scarves, Anri is forced into a large pink bunny costume so she can escape unnoticed.
  • In The Melancholy Of Haruhi Suzumiya, the SOS Brigade end up in an assortment of frog costumes as per the odd job rule mentioned above, and spend the day nearly overheating while making fools of themselves. For their hard work, they're allowed to keep the costumes.
  • In one episode of Slayers, the cast has to wear mascot-like stuffed critter costumes in order to infiltrate the tower of a mad toymaker-mage/demon/whatever (it's a complicated story). The only one who complains about his is Zelgadiss, who has to wear a bunny rabbit costume. Zelga-bunny!

     Fan Works 
  • An X Files fanfic had Pendrell, who has a crush on Scully, show up at a costume ball in an animal costume.
  • Ed, Edd, n Eddy: 20 Years Later EP: Eddy has been working odd jobs here and there. In "Home, Like Plank Did", he's shown wearing a rabbit costume that he hates.

     Film — Live Action 

     Live Action TV 
  • Alan Shore in Boston Legal, from wearing bunny ears in court to dressing as a girl for a Halloween party.
  • An episode of Family Ties had Mallory and Skippy, who has a crush on her, locked in the basement(?). Skippy is dressed as a chipmunk.
  • The floor manager on Get Krack!n dons a rooster suit to appear as the Kash Kock, and later passes out from heat exhaustion.
  • In the show Medium, a person who happened to die wearing an animal costume uses it to his advantage by appearing to a young child and telling her to do stuff.
  • Supernatural. Although we do not actually see the evidence, one of the things Sam learns about the residents of the Trickster-made town during his often repeated day in the episode "Mystery Spot" is that the town judge dresses up in a "furry bunny costume" at night. Upon overhearing that Sam knows this, the judge knocks over his drink in embarrassment.

    Newspaper Comics 
  • In an Easter's strip of Jon, Garfield looks grumpy while dressed in a rabbit costume.

    Professional Wrestling 
  • In the AWA in the 1970's, there were a few times where Bobby Heenan would have to wear a weasel suit as a stipulation of one of his wrestlers losing a match.
    • In the WWF in 1988, Heenan lost several "stuff your opponent into a weasel suit" matches at house shows against the Ultimate Warrior.
  • The Gobbledy-Gooker.
    • In 2009, Maryse dressed up as the Gooker to sneak attack Melina after a Thanksgiving-themed match.

     Visual Novel 
  • In Higurashi: When They Cry, the loser of the club's games is often forced into one as punishment, or at the very least, a costume with animal accents. Among them are a swan-like ballerina outfit, and a cat-eared-and-tailed maid.

     Video Games 
  • Ittle Dew has enemies in frog and fox costumes, and the ending credits shows they were less than thrilled when these costumes were first handed to them.

     Western Animation 
  • My Little Pony Friendshipis Magic: Part of the ritual for Zap Apple season is dressing up in a bunny suit while jumping around watering cans and singing the ABCs. Diamond Tiara mocks Apple Bloom for her bunny suit, but she ends up being forced to wear one as punishment for talking smack about Granny Smith.
  • Gravity Falls: In The Inconveniencing, Mabel shows a picture of a young Dipper in a lamb costume to Wendy, his crush. Later in the episode, Dipper ends up having to wear the costume and do the 'Lamby Lamby Dance' to save everyone.

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