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Awesome / The RWBY Loops

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  • In a variant loop, the Faunus are dumped en masse into an abandoned city. It's made clear that this should be a death sentence. Blake, however, decides against that; a little over a year later, she becomes Queen of a Nation. By vote. It was close to unanimous. Meaning almost every faunus in that loop wanted her to be their queen.
    Ruby: You know, in my spare time I reforge Crescent Rose. Blake founds nations when she's bored.
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  • The Vampires inside of Cinder's Subspace Pocket. With a few million years of work, immortality, and an ever swelling populace, they've come to develop a set of fully functioning governments that maintain autonomy inside of what is otherwise a small subdimension of Remnant.
  • To a certain degree, the conclusion of Tale of Two Sisters, when it's not being Heartwarming. Ruby is facing down her adoptive evil sister who is on the cusp of godhood, and she talks her down. The fight for Cinder Fall's isn't a Grand spectacle of violence, but it ends with a hug, and tears. A true repudiation of Salem, and validation of Ozpin's belief that victory lay within a simple, honest soul.
  • A sober Qrow is an unstoppable force, Looper or not. In one of Ruby's early pre-volume 4 loops, she started as a young child, and was weighed down emotionally enough to confide in her non-looping uncle the truth of herself and those she knows who will suffer. Qrow simply puts down his drink and steps out of the house. And over the course of Ruby's life, redeems Roman and Neo into becoming extended family, introduced Blake and Weiss to the sisters (making them friends and sidestepping all their usual drama), and ensuring none of Cinder's schemes would come to fruition.

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