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  • Early in the RWBY loops, Blake had a fused loop with the Naruto universe as an Uchiha and has since ever considered Sasuke her brother. At one point, she begins to think how delusional such a claim is since countless other loopers have looped in as blood relatives to Sasuke before. Sasuke himself sits her down in one loop and very plainly snaps her out of her Heroic BSoD by pointing out the feeling is completely mutual in that he always sees Blake as his little sister, regardless of their loop scenarios.
    • It was this fact that, eventually, formed the foundation of the Tangled Family Tree that is the RWBY Family. It also means that Sasuke Uchiha, a character defined by being an orphan, got a new family.
  • In a early loop where Ruby was teamed up with a non-looping Cinder, Mercury and Emerald, the version of Cinder comforted Ruby as Yang in the Loop was in Neo's canon role, while still being her sister, and Weiss was in Cinder's canon role. In this loop Cinder was orphaned when Mountain Glen fell, having been thrown out of the place before the doors slammed shut, and her parents died. She wanted to destroy everything when she was old enough....but realized she'd be inflicting the same pain she felt on others.
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  • A surprising one with some historical subtext: This loop (8.8) is a variant, wherein Remnant occurs long after human history as we know it. Henry Beaufort, the one who condemned Jeanne D'Arc to death, somehow reincarnates as Cardin Winchester. Jaune's semblance in this loop is the ability to switch to a female form. Cue Henry-as-Cardin becoming protective of Jaune, and deciding to do right by 'Jeanne' this time. Even if it's somewhat misguided, it's still sweet.
  • The arc of Cinder Fall’s character. Cinder originated from a Loop that had her wanting to destroy Vale for not understanding the cost of survival. When she started Looping, she remained hidden for a period of time before pretending to have come from a Variant Loop where she was the sister of Ruby Rose. After this she spent several epochs building a grant scheme to fulfill her end desire: destroy Remnant and become a Goddess in the process. However, the unconditional love and respect and trust Ruby placed on her gradually wore her down until she finally snapped from the stress of living two lives, resulting in one Good and one Evil Cinder. Cinder’s plan to become a Goddess came to a head in what Ozpin deemed the Tale of Two Sisters where Cinder kidnapped Ruby and used her power and the absence of the strongest entity in Remnant in an attempt to fully Ascend. Her plan failed though, due to her mounting psychosis,essentially defined as her benevolent personality resisting her malevolent side. This culminated in a revived Ruby confronting Cinder and reminding her of all the good times and all of the love they shared as sisters, an act that managed to break through to Cinder’s heart and brought her back from the edge. As the Loops have since progressed, Cinder Fall has walked a fine line between cold villain and doting sister, but the former has never overridden the latter. Cinder has truly become a Cool Big Sis to Ruby Rose, and she wouldn’t have it any other way.
  • In general, a Loop where the characters have a chance to set things right. Remnant is a screwed up place filled with screwed up people, but when the Loopers get a solid chance to improve the world they buckle down and fix Remnant.
    • Chapter 95, STRQ New Beginning, really stands as the apotheosis of this type of snippet. The adult Loopers Wake Up while STRQ is still attending Beacon, and proceed to fix pretty much everything. The Summer/Tai/Raven love triangle is tied up with all three in a relationship, so Raven never runs away and Summer never dies. Qrow kidnaps Mercury and ferries him to Kuroyuri, where he gets raised as Qrow’s step son alongside Nora as his adoptive daughter, meaning An and Li Ren are spared from dying. Ghira keeps his position in the White Fang and successfully moderates Sienna Khan, preventing the rights organization from descending into terrorism. Winter causes Jacques to lose custody and get kicked from the board of directors of the SDC. Cinder becomes Amber’s protector and later girlfriend. Roman... well, he goes straight, go figure, and takes in Emerald as his ward. And to wrap it all up with a nice little bow, Salem gets her soul annihilated (this was prior to Salem being revealed to have her canonical backstory). Everyone, from Summer Rose to Pyrrha Nikos, is spared to the very end. Summer even manages to prevent Raven and Taiyang from angsting about her not coming with them when the Loop ends, specifically by leaving them a Riddle for the Ages: “One of You is hotter than the other.”
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  • During the Volume 5 expansions, after the development in which Cinder impales Weiss in baseline, Cinder is left on the verge of another breakdown, distraught that she was forced to do this. So when Jaune shows up at her dorm one Loop, she's all prepared for him to despise her like in baseline. But when she meekly apologizes, he immediately accepts it. Cinder is taken aback and nearly loses it, begging him to hate her as she wails on him. He just gives her a Cooldown Hug however, telling her he can't hate her because he knows she's afraid of all this and never wanted any of it, and that the others agree with him. Cinder can only cry into his shoulder as he calms her down, the two proceeding to talk the night away afterwards. Regardless of what her baseline self may have done and the enmity Jaune should have with her, the loops have allowed the two of them the opportunity to be so much more than in baseline, and not even baseline will tear their new family apart. And neither Jaune nor any of the other loopers will let baseline hurt their relationship with Cinder again, and are willing to give her a shoulder to cry on if need be.
  • In one loop during the Volume 6 expansions, Ruby wakes up right as they've finished seeing Jinn's vision and everyone is confronting Ozpin. When Yang tries to tear into him like in baseline, Ruby stops her. She moves to console Ozpin, and, while not invalidating their feelings, tells the others that Ozpin had been fighting this war longer than any of them and lost more than he should of, and they just made him relive it all over again. Before Qrow can lash out at him, Ruby makes clear to everyone where she stands. She's going to keep fighting, not because Ozpin dragged her into this war, not because Salem is hunting her, but because she's going to keep moving forward. She'll fight not for him, but with him, so that they can delay Salem, and with it, delay the Brother Gods return. She doesn't force anyone to join her, but asks if they'd follow her. And the one to first speak up in support of her? Blake. She'll fight to stop people from dying alongside them, and doesn't hesitate in making that known. After that, Oscar stands alongside them, saying he'll fight regardless of Ozpin being stuck with him so that Salem doesn't win. Ozpin than reveals he's still there and tries to apologize to Qrow, and while Qrow doesn't want to hear it, it's enough for Maria to get the group moving, with even Weiss and Yang trying to lighten the situation, albeit with an Incredibly Lame Pun from Weiss. When Oscar expresses worry he'll just be another of Ozma's lives, Ruby reassures him that he'll at least get to spend that life with them. Ozpin even thanks Ruby for what she did and gives her a hug, letting her keep holding the Relic saying he doesn't need to carry it anymore. With only a single act of kindness to Ozpin, Ruby was able to stop him from hiding in Oscar's head, mitigate the damage to Qrow's feelings on him, reassure Oscar of who he is much earlier, and stop her team from giving into despair over what they saw.
  • Nora's Nightmare: Nora finds herself plagued by a recurring nightmare of Atlas destroyed, Ren bleeding to death, and Nora caked in blood apparently doing it. While it at first seems to be just a nightmare, she remarks to herself that something like it did happen in one loop, and one she was awake for. After one loop with Cinder where her iteration has corrupted memories, she finally explains what happened. In one variant of Volume 7, Neo, disguised as Nora, managed to seemingly kill Ren, and at that exact moment, Nora became the Winter Maiden. She proceeded to break Neo's aura and her neck, go to the Winter Vault and freeze Ironwood... and remove the Staff from the Vault, causing Atlas to fall. Nora says she can't remember why she did it, and that frightens her. Cinder tells her she doesn't need to torture herself over this, that even the best loopers can snap, and that she just cares too much. Only when Ruby arrives does she explain it wasn't what Nora thought. Nora accidentally knocked the Staff out before passing out, but Ruby quickly arrived and put the Staff back with very little injury. While Nora still thinks she tried to get revenge on Atlas, Ruby says the entire time Nora was mumbling, that she just wanted to save Ren. Nora's behavior was from a head injury and shock, making her think Ren died and she could use the Staff to save him, but Jaune had already healed him. By then, Ren had Woke Up and held her, saying it would be okay. A great weight leaves Nora hearing this, and she hugs Ruby as she thanks her and Cinder. Next loop, she and Pyrrha hug it out while crying, and Pyrrha remarks to herself the irony that she'll have to thank Cinder for once. Nora had never been a monster, and only ever just wanted to protect Ren.
  • One of the first things Penny does after the Volume 7 expansions is arrange for May Marigold to become the Winter Maiden for a loop. Her reasoning is that, as a synthetic being whose aura came from a man, being able to receive Maiden powers felt like a metaphysical affirmation that she really is a woman, and she figured May would appreciate having a similar experience.