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  • 6.9: The first time the Mane Six looped into the Hub Loop (i.e., our own real world), and had a chance to speak to the authors of the fictional work in which they appear here. Now, when this happened to the Naruto cast they did a full-on Rage Against the Author (see the entry here for details). What do Twilight and her friends do? They write a letter to the show-runners:
    Excerpt the letter: ... by a cosmic coincidence it would take too long to explain, we have ended up here on your Earth. We only have a relatively short time here before we must depart anew, but we feel that we owe it to you, if none other, to tell you how grateful we are. In a way we cannot understand, you may have created us. If that is not the case, then you faithfully recreated us and told our story to millions. So thank you.
    Yours sincerely, Twilight Sparkle, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Rarity and Applejack.
    P.S. please find enclosed some photographs. We're sure you'll like them.
    • And then they went to an MLP fan convention and pretended to be cosplayers.
  • 7.12: The fact that as soon as they discover what's causing the Infinite Loops and that its a multiverse-wide phenomenon, the ponies dedicate themselves to making Equestria a "Sanctuary Loop" where any looper visiting it will be given all the emotional support the ponies can provide so long as the looper is actually trying to coexist semi-peacefully. Since the greatest danger an Anchor faces is going insane from the sheer endless repetition of the Loops (see the Go Mad from the Revelation entry in the main Loops page for more details), this ultimately leads to saving the sanity of several Loopers and at least one Anchor — and the worst-case scenario for an Anchor going bugfuck is the loss of their entire Loop. So Equestria has actually saved entire chunks of the multiverse from oblivion, by the Power of Friendship.
    Sleipnir (Yggdrasil Sysadmin for Equestria): The fact that you have all, of your own volition, offered sanctuary to other loopers who visit Equestria is more than we could have ever asked for you. That you manage to succeed despite the numerous significantly dangerous hostile entities native to your Loop is nothing short of a miracle. You've already managed to avert at least one potential metaphysical collapse of another Anchor, likely saving Miss Clearwater's entire Loop in the process. You have already gone above and beyond the duty assigned to you as Loopers, and I hope you will continue to do so. I am honoured beyond words to be your assigned Administrator.
    • In addition to preventing the complete metaphysical oblivion of the Twilight loop, the ponies' outreach efforts have resulted in at least two universes formerly stuck as Read Only for lack of viable (or sane) Anchor candidates to become fully functional loops, due to Fluttershy's befriending of Leman Russ (making him able to handle being the Anchor for the Warhammer loop) and Twilight's redemption of Skynet (making it eligible to become the Anchor for the Terminator loop). Greater love hath no pony, indeed.
  • 8.10: Twilight's "heartsong" when she decides to start out a 'vanilla' loop by actually accepting that party invitation instead of staying in her tower and reading the legend about the Mare in the Moon. Sure, its actually Looping Twilight and she's already learned this lesson thousands of years ago, but her going out of the way like this to let her fellow unicorns in Canterlot know that she really appreciated the effort is still a CMOH. And the author setting the tune to the lyrics of "The Success Song" definitely didn't hurt either. Makes you wish this had happened in the show!
    My researches they were enough
    And keeping my work up to snuff
    Ponies as friends I did not miss
    But I wasn't prepared for this...
    Who'd have thought that chatting was such fun
    Learning about ponies one by one
    Sharing mem'ries and helping them out
    It's a wonderful new feeling without doubt!
    Companionship that I did dismiss
    Now I know that it's simply bliss
    Making some new friends
    Helping ponies
    Seeing what life sends
    Not books only
    I want to do more of this!
  • 9.10: Nightmare Moon returns to find a "Welcome back, Princess Luna" party waiting for her. And Celestia kept the old Night Guard alive for a thousand years, when Nightmare Moon assumed they had been disbanded the second she was exiled. She is so moved that she is purged of the corruption, no magic necessary.
    Twilight: [to Celestia] Told you.
    Celestia: Yes, you did. I should have done this the first time.
    Twilight: Though, one of the main reasons this worked was because we know her so well now. Not just how she is normally, but how she thought as Nightmare Moon. And if it had gone wrong, there would have been a lot more ponies in the danger zone.
  • 14.1: Discord strands Applebloom and Diamond Tiara on a small island. They put aside their differences to concentrate on survival and discover they can actually get along pretty well. This is reinforced in a later loop when DT lets AB know she's now Awake.
  • 15.1: After Twilight goes through a Past Sins variant loop, she is devastated when she realizes that her adopted daughter is lost to her. Fortunately, Nyx is treated as an alter-ego of Nightmare Moon and can sidestep the "no children" rule. Appearing near the default loop start point, the two are quickly reunited.
  • 24.4: A offscreen one, but the Slavequestria version of Pinkie Pie was running the underground railroad to help escaped slaves escape to the Griffon lands.
  • 28.3: Twilight puts Nightmare Moon through therapy, eventually getting to the root of her villainy and making her break down. This purges her of the corruption and returns her to being Luna. Then, the rest of the Mane Six (and Spike) walk in after spying on the session, and tell Luna that they all forgive her for trying to plunge the planet into eternal night.
  • 38.6: Fluttershy's use of Origin of Species, a work of magic so powerful that each use permanently consumes a small portion of her accumulated power. The first time we see it used, she uses it to fix Leah's malfunctioning (and misbuilt) lycanthropic transformation, removing the misfiring instincts that have been driving her crazy and the slavish obedience to Alphas and imprints that have her so afraid. The second time, she gives the wolves of Fenris human-like intelligence and speech thereafter.
  • The moments between Spike and Rarity, leading up to the two getting married.
    • The whole getting married thing is even better, because it's the first marriage that exists across loops. Hundreds of Loopers show up to attend, and the few who don't send their fondest regards. The loop ends just as their honeymoon starts, but the Admins decide to give them a loop to enjoy together as a married couple.
  • Loop 51.9: There's a minor cute moment. Pinkie admits the reason she going to Mac's bar when she is depressed because talking to him makes her feel better.
    There was a bit of silence as the stallion-turned-bartender processed the new information. Then he spoke up, "Pinkie, before I was Awake... Were there loops where we were together?"
    Pinkie's wry smile turned into a genuine grin as she slowly leaned over and whispered seven little words into Big Mac's ear.
    "I know what you like, Mister Smartypants."
    Then she finished her entire drink with one long sip of her straw; and with a half-lidded stare, slowly sauntered out of the bar - her tail swishing provocatively behind her.
    Big Mac just stared at the door for a few moments. Then he turned around and started climbing the stairs.
    "Eeyep, now's a good time for that cold shower, I reckon," he said.
  • 60.4: Three Words: Ganondorf, Pony manestylist. Because the Gerudo prided themselves on horsemanship, and Ganondorf loved taking care of his warcharger, he decided to take a break from his usual routine and be a mane stylist. He does quite some excellent work. Including braiding ethereal manes.
  • In Loop 62.6, Twilight and Silver Spoon became the voice actors of their equivalents for the show. The funny part was, Twilight didn't think that she was like Raven at all. The Heartwarming moment was Silver playing as Shannon Chan-Kent: when she sang the main theme, she teared up about it, because it is a lullaby in Equestria.
  • 75.2: Smaug rejecting part of Sombra's treasury because the memories of the loop are treasure enough for him.
  • In Loop 77.1 Chrysalis finally starts believing deep down she had changed after Twilight explains she wouldn't have become the bearer of the Element of Kindness that loop if she wouldn't deserve it.
  • In Loop 78.5, Twilight decides to let Nyx share her last name, even in loops where ponies don't use surnames. Nyx is, understandably, moved to tears by this.
  • In chapter 80, Derpy's cutie mark talent was explored. Some explorations were Awesome (Derpy's ability is entropy, Derpy can walk on water bubbles, she can read minds via "thought bubbles"), some were funny (It is just her basic personality, She is a collective of multiple faulty Mirror Pool clones, she is the child of a Mirror Pool clone, she can create atmospheric mirages and uses them to get out of taking care of Dinky.) but some were heartwarming (She can make animated bubbles and throw her own voice to create bubble puppet theater plays for Dinky, She can see alternate realities and Dinky is a last survivor replica of her that she rescued from an Equestria that was destroyed by Smooze.)
  • Loop 81.4: Celestia reveals to Big Mac that her favorite thing about the loops is that now she can make friends without the fear of outliving them.
    • in a later loop, Discord tells Tirek something similar, though the context is different (not revealing the existence of the loops).
  • In Loop 83.10, Pinkie Pie finally gets how to make things up to Ciaphas Cain, and promises him that she'll seek never to cause him such stress again. Oh, and because it's Pinkie, she throws in a twist which Ciaphas is likely to use against Amberley for quite some time.
  • Loop 96.2: During a discussion on heartsongs, Celestia mentions having once sung the Christina Perri song "A Thousand Years" (which she misidentifies as "Love You For a Thousand Years"). Luna blushes, and the others just "Aww".
  • Loop 98.16: In an earlier loop, Berry Punch and an UnAwake!Discord have a sort of... relationship with each other. However, an indeterminate amount of Loops later, Discord reveals a hitherto unknown fact: 27 seconds before said Loop ended, he Awoke and gained his Loop memories. He says that its not love, just an interest... but the fact that he of all beings made anything of it at all is truly something.
  • In one loop, Twilight Sparkle loops back far enough that she manages to befriend Sunset Shimmer, and tells her that she's looking forward to the next time together, telling Sunset that she will always be her friend. When Sunset finally starts looping, after many fused loops, she goes back to Equestria, revealing herself with the phrase "I have been, and always shall be, your friend.". This moves Twilight to tears.
  • Silver Spoon admits during the Mega Pony Loop that she and Diamond Tiara have managed to become better friends in the Loops than they ever were before.
    • Even better for Silver Spoon since she spent so much of her early Loops upset at Diamond Tiara.
  • Loop 117.3, and both Sunset Shimmer's growth as a character, and the understanding she gets from one of her fellow redeemed villains.
    Sunset Shimmer: I was kicking monster ass, cheered on by the student body, and I realized that I hadn't really changed, you know? When I ran through that mirror I was looking for power and adoration, and now I have to wonder if I'm only happy because I have them. What if I'm still the same pony that spent years tormenting children and topped it off with mind control? [...]
    Trixie: The fact that you're worried about it and want to be good means you probably are.
    • Loop 114.7 also showed how much Sunset had changed, as she confided to the newly Looping Doctor of her fears that becoming an Alicorn would cause her to go mad with power once more. The Doctor told her of his experiences, including the "Time Lord Victorious" incident, giving her the advice, "..Even if you do something terrible, if you learn from it and use its lesson to be better, you have nothing to fear from that part of you."
    • Also in 114.7, the closing letter showing Sunset Shimmer has became Celestia's student once again.
  • Loop 135.6: Rainbow Dash, miss Speed Queen herself, gives up her flight and alicorn powers to a non-Looping background pony who'd gone through a LOT of hardship that loop. Hardship involving almost reaching her dreams and then seeing a Looper do one better. One application of Star Swirl's last spell later, and the background pony is stated to have plans for a pre-dinner flights around Antares. Y'know, the star. And Dash calls having to collect garbage for what may be the rest of the Loop worth it.
  • Loop 156.9 has Twilight looping into an Equestria where characters are all their creepypasta selves. This would normally be horrific but gallons of Nightmare Retardant appear in the form of everyone resurrecting immediately after death and any injuries have pain being determined by the intent of the attacker. Twilight meets the Cupcakes Pinkie who does her usual shtick to add Twilight's cutie mark to her dress and the looper is basically just being tickled from the effort. Given how horrific the MLP loopers find loops with their nightmare selves it's refreshing to have one that's basically an Addams Family episode.
  • Loop 183.1: Nyx and Leman, now married, go off to live by themselves. Twilight has a bit of empty nest syndrome and is depressed. Hearing this, her new assistant produces a package sent from one "Nyx Sparkle Rush," which includes a letter about how they've found a nice quirky town they enjoy, and Nyx is working as an assistant to an oblivious librarian...
  • Loop 205.5: Chrysalis does the whole "share the love" thing years earlier than in canon. And it works.
    "What that means is that we are going to do a little experiment," Chrysalis continued, smiling. "I am going to give some love to you, and you are going to share it with everyone else. And do you know what will happen if it does not work?"
    She bent down to whisper in his ear, and Thorax winced.
    "I will apologize, and we will try again in a week."
    She wasn't lying.
    That was the thing which Thorax was astonished by she wasn't lying. For just a moment, the confusion of her emotions had stilled into a single firm fact.
    The apprehension of the rest of the hive seethed around him, but Thorax knew something they didn't. It let him calm down, and that calm rippled out into all the other changelings.
    Queen Chrysalis lit her horn, and sent Thorax the love.
    It was... strong, and sweet, and pure. Something about it felt different.
    It felt right.
  • Recently, Nineteen Eighty-Four started looping for an unknown reason, so naturally Skuld went to the Lovecraftian hackers and Slendy to see if they had anything to do with it Looping, to which they all told her that even they have standards, and when Winston Looped into MLP as Double Speak, he ended up in an Insane Asylum where Twilight gave him The Speech which helped him IMMENSELY due to the fact that the Party can never permanently kill him and that one day Julia might end up Looping as well because even though she betrayed him, he still loves her.
  • Just the fact that Chrysalis, who, in canon, was a villain who got turned into stone, is a bearer of Kindness, if you think about it.
  • Conversation Contact reveals that Leman Russ caught onto Ritsuka keeping track of his multiple demises working for Chaldea and deliberately died in ways to spell out this. Crosses over into both Funny and Awesome too due to how over the top it was and how he managed to get it by Ritsuka writing it all down.
    I. L.O.V.E. Y.O.U. N.Y.X. S.P.A.R.K.L.E.