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Heartwarming / The Infinite Loops

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    Innortal's Loops: 

  • It's established that many of the oldest loopers (Ranma and Naruto for sure, probably more) are so powerful that they are just a single step away from ascending to some level of godhood. Yet none of them have. Why? Because doing so would destroy their home universes, and despite everything, they still care enough to not want that to happen.
  • Special mentions goes to the newly Looping Dumbledore and Harry putting their differences behind them, even if it was from the Spacebattles Loops. Innortal was a blatant Dumbledore basher, and the scars from that passed on to the Spacebattles loops regardless of what opinions anybody there held about him. When he began Looping, Dumbledore even suffered from every flaw that was presented in him back by Innortal, but then he met Thomas Light. After seeing somebody act like he felt he should have in the baseline, Dumbledore went off to correct his mistakes immediately, and has become one of the most common Looping Harry Potter characters to have something written about him.

    Attack On Titan Loops 
  • Eren, Mikasa and Armin as Nebulous Anchors more or less take the cake for heartwarming. In universe it's established that none of them can really function without one another (Armin's insecurity becomes unbearable, Eren loses all restraint, and Mikasa's nihilism comes to the forefront). While the Nebulous Anchor system was established to protect the loop until a better Anchor candidate was found, for now all three are right where they belong: at each other's side.
  • One loop, they simply take the opportunity to use a pleasant location for a picnic. To the three, that was their idea of heaven.
    Good friends, good times, no fears. What is heaven, but that?
  • Raditz from Dragon Ball getting a loop where he is a hero and beloved by the citizens of Wall Maria after years of being poorly treated by fans, and by a loop writer who had previously made Raditz a weak joke at that. Pity he won't remember it due to him not being a looper, but Goku, Armin, Mikasa and Eren will.

    Cartoon Network / Nickelodeon Loops 
  • Chapter 1 has Korra and Asami waking up just after the end of Book 4, and not sure what to do, deciding to go from there. Asami immediately hugs Korra ridiculously hard. Chapter 2 confirms they decide to stay together. The Author's note adds to it.
    Say what you will, but just know one thing! If you want to sink this ship, you'll have to go through all of Yggdrasil!
  • When Trixie Tang starts Looping, she spends her time between realizing that her reputation will be reset every time and being noticed as a Looper by being friendly to the unpopular kids and generally being nice.
  • After realizing what Cree's first loop was (A fused loop with the The Conversion Bureau), Numbuh 5 takes the time to comfort her and Cree reveals that she was terrified of losing Abby. The duo even has a sisterly conversation.
  • After Numbuh 1 reveals he is aware of her crush on him, Numbuh 362 is fully expecting to get shot down, only for Numbuh 1 to reveal he broke up with Lizzie and is interested in dating her. Numbuh 362 is overjoyed and the snip ends with Numbuh 1 admitting to seeing brand new horizons for the first time since the loops began.
  • While only, Lincoln, Lori, Leni and Luna are shown, the Loud Siblings are overjoyed to see each other looping.
  • When Lori replaces Vicky, Timmy explains things to her and the two end up bonding. But what truly makes it one of these is what Lori says when the Turners ask if they had a good time.
    Lori: It went really well. We got to know each other a bit and he got to bed on time. I'd be glad to come again if you need me.

    Fire Emblem Awakening Loops: 
  • Robin's Determinator status. Not even the Gods turning him into a girl could stop him from being with Lucina and Morgan .
  • Loop 1.7 has Robin and Luncina in the Hub loop, simply relaxing and living like normal people. Considering the hell they go through in the baseline, this troper though they deserved it.

    Jurassic Park Loops 
  • Hammond's first Loop has him meeting Roxanne... who ends up calling him "dad".
  • Roxanne (a Looping, sentient Tyrannosaurus rex) being the mate of freaking Godzilla (who is also Looping). And many feels are felt on the snips where they are together.
  • After many Loops of them being at best Friendly Enemies (with the "enemy" part being totally on the human), Grant and Roxanne finally start to get along during a Digimon Tamers crossover Loop (with Grant pulling a Big Damn Heroes moment to help a Roxanne that he had Driven to Suicide (not that Loopers can permanently die, but still...)).
  • Owen manages to obtain the power to talk to animals from Doctor Dolittle during a Loop and finds out what the Raptor Squad "talked" to the Indominus Rex about before going all Kill All Humans: they agreed to help the Indominus with her massacre as long as Owen and Barry were spared, didn't kill Claire and her nephews because they were unsure that they could pull it off without physically hurting Owen, and finally turned on the Indominus because she gloated that she would kill Owen and Barry anyway. Grant finds Owen having a drink when he explains him this.
  • As loaded with Tranquil Fury because of his betrayal as it was, Hammond cannot prevent himself from saying this when he finds out that Henry Wu sold dinosaur DNA to Umbrella Corporation on a Loop (during the JP part of the timeline, where Hammond had some control over Wu's actions and thus allowed him some forgiveness for the JW part of the timeline):
  • Hammond's reason to try to improve Jurassic Park Loop after Loop? Because he still feels like he needs to atone for the disaster of the Nublar Incident.
  • Hammond adopting Roxanne.

    Marvel Loops 

    Mega Man Loops: 

  • From chapter 12, Doubling as a Tear Jerker, the vigil for the Lost Loop (the loop that was annihilated in the process of bringing the Mega Man loop baseline online).
    • The author's note just adds to it.
    Crisis: Ideas are very difficult things to kill. They may fade with time or slip out of your mind as soon as they slipped in, but they always seem to pop up again. Perhaps a bit different due to the passage of time or distance in space, and typically with no clue that they ever existed previously in any form, but still alive and well.

    ''The Lost Loop, to us, is the Story Never Written. It does not exist and never will, for the writer who would have written it set it aside, and moved on to other projects, never to return. But that characters and ideas that made it up still exist. The characters from the Story Never Written were recycled and adapted for other stories, and the ideas are reused in a new setting. The Story Never Written still exists in pieces, and those pieces can be found in other stories you are familiar with. You may never know which pieces those are, but they are there nonetheless.
  • For the 12 loops of Christmas (a project where authors created 12 loops, inspired by the season), the Heartwarming stuff included here you'll see: 8 Robot Masters: (Wily attempts to take over with 8 Chanukah-themed masters, and Mega does not let the fire go out during the defeat of the masters), 7 Maverick Hunters: (A relatively peaceful moment within the X universe in a variant loop), 4 Guardians: (Zero-era Variant loop, with a Christmas dinner), & A Machine for Dr Wily!: (The Light family give Dr. Wily a machine they built for the holidays)

    The Light family's card: Merry Christmas, Dr. Wily!

    Hope you like your present! We all worked very hard on it, so we hope you use it the next time you try and take over the world (while kindly overlooking the fact that we'd clearly know all its weak spots)! It's large, well-armored, very well armed with all the latest in state-of-the-art experimental (non-lethal) weaponry, and the best part is, it's powered by a coal furnace! Something we're all sure you have plenty of after the way you've behaved all year. Happy Holidays and we'll see you at your next attempt at conquest!

    Best Wishes,

    The Light Family.

  • The redemption of Zero.exe, particularly Hephaestus's thought's on the matter:
    The redemption of Zero.exe may not have been necessary for the successful completion of baseline events, but... but over the long course of getting this branch to the point of even cursory looping stability and watching his assigned Anchors struggle he'd come to appreciate their attitude all the more. Stand tall in the face of adversity. Never back down from the oppressors. And redeem everyone you could.

    It wasn't necessary, no, but he wanted them to have this victory nonetheless.
    • Though it hasn't been official revealed, it's fairly obvious that he's since become Yuichirou's new Net Navi.

     Other Nintendo Loops 
  • Bowser being overjoyed when Bowser Junior starts looping.
  • Susie reuniting with Haltmann.

    Pokemon Loops 

  • 1.9 The first loop Ash and Pikachu are looping together in
  • 8.3 Mewtwo's team up with BlackWarGrayMon
  • 9.8 Ash giving Morrison a rousing speech after he lost in the final eight during a loop in which he mentored him. Doubly so because it was meant as a birthday present for Oath.
No one starts off as a perfect trainer. We all make mistakes, and even when we don't we sometimes just end up going against someone that much better than ourselves. However, if you let a single loss get you down, your letting everyone down. A wise man once said, fall down seven times, get up eight. Take what you have learned from this loss, and channel it. Improve yourself, and show them all that your going to become a Pokemon Master. The mark of a good trainer isn't that he never looses, the mark of a good trainer is someone who learns from his losses and improves by them
  • 10.2 Ash talking with Pikachu about discovering his baseline father's identity having been lost due to the Crash.

    Star Wars Loops 
  • Anakin Skywalker and any loop he gets to be a parental figure to Luke or Leia, considering their usual... family issues.
    • An entire loop was even dedicated to Anakin seeking out advice to be a better parent, really highlighting how much the guy wants to change his baseline family situation.
  • When Yoda finally reveals himself as a Looper to Anakin, Yoda admits that Anakin's view on things was a breath of freah air the Jedi needed, and though Yoda doesn't approve of Anakin's methods, he understands the reasons for them.

    Yu-Gi-Oh! Loops: 

    Unsorted Loops: 

  • The Story of Simon's loops and his encounter with the world of Uzumaki.
  • Johnny Joestar being stuck in the loop and saying the one good thing about his situation is being with Gyro Zeppeli, his best friend, once again. He died at the end of Steel Ball Run.
  • In a "Sailor Moon" loop based on Shadow Jack's "Where I Watch Sailor Moon" thread, Usagi gives the Holy Grail to Hotaru a.k.a Sailor Saturn.
  • An incident in HTTYD loop 6.2, where Hiccup and Toothless go Skrill-catching. This involves Hiccup jumping off Toothless' back at the Skrill in the middle of a thunderstorm, tagging it with an item, and falling off – only to be caught again by Toothless. This is all planned out, and is a beautiful expression of trust.
  • A majorly painfull incident involving Awake!Link forging a super sword and trying it out in a baseline loop, Awake!Navi feeling worthless thus having her forge her own sword and gain sword skills so she can show Link that she is not worthless, and thus the fight with Dark!Link being majorly brutal with a trip to Eiken being the end result. After they get back, Navi vents her frustrations at Link about being worthless. Link confesses that he knew that Navi has a life beyond being his partner, and swears to be a better partner and friend to her.
  • The entirety of the 'funeral for a looper' snip featuring several loopers give eulogies to a version of Batman's funeral.
  • It may be rare, but every now and again, the loops will throw up a version of Gendo Ikari who is not a bastard. This is exemplified in a HTTYD crossover loop where Rei prevented Gendo from seeing Yui ever again. The poor man threw himself back into his work and eventually rehabilitated enough to actually hug Rei.
  • Rincewind's one and only death. The man is so good at running away that, in all his loops, death has never caught him, save for once. When Sir Terry Pratchett died, Rincewind did not run away from Death but instead chose to walk with him.
  • An WH 40 K fused loop where Hiccup and Toothless find themselves on a planet facing the Great Crusade, possibly before 40K started Looping. When asked what to do, Toothless' answer is a familiar canticle, which Hiccup finishes with him.
    "Worlds are lost, and worlds are saved/ by those dangers dragon braved."
  • The Restoration of the Puella Magi Madoka Magica loops.
    • On a meta level, numerous snip writers got behind Madoka, declaring that she had been a Cosmic Chew Toy to the Admins for long enough, and deserved some chance to redeem herself.
    • In-Universe, Madoka, newly minted Admin for her branch, meets with her friends, her Loopers, and personally tells them of the new situation within the loops, and that now, more than ever, she will be protecting them as not just the Law Of Cycles, but the Admin Goddess of their entire loop.
    • Also, In the Restoration Loop, they run through a full baseline, including Rebellion. They managed to keep the Everybody Lives ending, with a cherry on top... Madoka did purify Homura's soul gem successfully, meaning they averted Devil!Homura as well. Greatest Ending Ever.
  • On a meta side, anytime the snip writers manage to come together after bad arguments can end up being incredibly Heartwarming. For all they tend to butt heads and get into long winded arguments, these snip writers can work past their issues and come to some great agreements.
    • As an example of the above, recently, one writer felt that the threads were filled with too much hate between writers, and considered leaving the Loops. In response, several writers responded with understanding, sadness, and regret that they nearly drove someone away. One person even offered to hug their computer in lieu of an actual hug.
  • In the RWBY loops, Blake had a fused loop with the Naruto universe as an Uchiha and has since ever considered Sasuke her brother. At one point, she begins to think how delusional such a claim is since countless other loopers have looped in as blood relatives to Sasuke before. Sasuke himself sits her down in one loop and very plainly snaps her out of her Heroic BSoD by pointing out the feeling is completely mutual in that he always sees Blake as his little sister, regardless of their loop scenarios.
  • The character who Awakened in the Undertale loops during the Crisis was Napstablook. When Frisk learns about this, they text Mettaton, who comes rushing over. Cue a very heartwarming reunion between the two cousins.


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