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    Innortal's Loops: 

  • The first time Harry Potter discovered how fun Bothering by the Book could be, by going through fifth year, and ignoring every attempt by Umbridge to assert her authority. It finally came to a head when she showed up with two Aurors in tow, and Harry revealed that he'd looked up the relevant laws and pointed out how Umbridge legally had no authority over him. He then revealed that Amelia Bones was standing right there under his Invisibility Cloak, and she expressed interest in why two Aurors were accompanying Umbridge instead of what they were supposed to be doing. "I'm just following the rules", indeed.
  • Harry's beating his trial for underage magic by taking out a Bottomless Bag, upending it, and dropping both of the Dementors that had attacked him into the courtroom. Also a CMOF:
    Umbridge: Impossible! You expect us to believe you have these Dementors that allegedly attacked you in that bag?
    Harry: You're not very familiar with magic, are you, Madam Umbridge?
  • This exchange, between Sasuke and a nonlooping Orochimaru:
    Sasuke: Anyway, it looks like it's up to me to deal with you, Orochimaru.
    Orochimaru: How do you know who I am?
    Sasuke: Irrelevant. All you need to know is that when I walk out of here, it will be with your purple ass-bow worn proudly across my butt. Fork it over. NOW!
  • Shinji's finally deciding to not put up with Asuka's slapping him for something that was her own fault note :
    Shinji (in a perfectly calm tone of voice): [Kensuke], you can have anything in my room. I'm about to be charged with murder.
    • It ultimately takes four deckhands to hold Shinji back from throwing Asuka overboard. And they were losing ground.

    Ace Attorney Loops: 

  • Phoenix Wright fixes Five Nights at Freddy's, giving justice to the people who died, and FINALLY convicted Purple Guy of his crimes...Though Purple Guy does not escape his fate as Springtrap.

    Attack On Titan Loops: 

  • Ben visits the loop. And deals with the Colossal Titan with ridiculous ease. And his attitude towards the fact there were more outside the Walls was more exasperation than anything. And he proved his lack of fear to be justified!
  • Loop 5.12. Hannes gives a rousing speech. The result of every single soldier standing up to fight the Titans when the Colossal Titan kicked in the gate.
    "Let every man, woman and child look back on this day and know, This is where we fought, this is where we died! Let them not remember we died as cowards do, running away, but as heroes for our loved ones and saviors of humanity! Who will fight with me!"
  • The trio loop into the Twilight loops and piss off the Volturi. The Volturi attack while they are enjoying the beach. The resulting fight lasts less than 3 minutes.
  • Sasha finds the Goat from Goat Simulator. One Smash Cut later, and Hange's banned Goat archery due to cruelty to Titans.
  • Black*Star vs the Anchors. To clarify, Black*Star is a regular looper, and one not nearly as old as the Shiganshina Trio. Black*Star kicked their asses!

    Cartoon Network loops: 

  • Almost everything everything relating to the Kids Next Door/The Conversion Bureau loop. Highlights include:
    • Sector V being able to hold off the Mane Five and were even winning.
    • Numbuh 3 reversing being nearly ponifed after seeing Numbuh 4 get hurt.
    • Father managing to burn Celestia after she pressed his Berserk Button.
    • All three groups (Adults, Teens, and Kids) working together to force the ponies out of their world.
    • To top it all off, the footage the kids show to a looped in Sunset Shimmer (replacing Numbuh 86) manages to clearly impress her.
  • Duncan, Gwen, and Heather all loop into 1984 and, in what's implied to be a matter of days, have ended the Forever War, taken over the three Superstates, and have defeated Big Brother.
  • The reveal that the loopers from the CN area use killing Black Hat as a Rite of Passage.

    DC Comics Loops: 

  • Batman's entry on the MLP Loopers, specifically Pinkie Pie. He writes it as though she was physically there and he was talking to her.
  • Terry wonders how Bruce would react if he realized that he was in a group of Loopers who could be credited as capable of anything due to reputation - and that the other main members of the group were Bugs Bunny and Pinkie Pie. He decides to not tell him.
  • Terry's father, Warren Mcginnis (who isn't Looping) summing up one of the plot points of early Batman Beyond.
    “They treated experimental nerve gas with an experimental radiation process in Gotham?”
    It was Warren’s turn to Facepalm.
    “Did they want to create a new supervillain?”

    Digimon Loops 
  • Marcus Damon of Digimon Data Squad once defeated a Dementor. By punching it. It was unclear if he was even Awake.

    Doctor Who Loops: 

  • Simply the fact that this series began Looping, given the nature of this series rendering it extremely difficult to adapt. To elaborate, the Doctor would have been abnormally powerful, even by Looper standards, solely due how Time Lord Tech works, and due to how the Doctor's regenerations can be factored in. Zurvan, the Doctor Who Admin, solved this with Jormungandr's help by patching the Whoverse's code so that nearly all Time Lord Tech would not be able to work outside the Whoniverse, and also having the Doctor be unable to regenerate if he is in a Fused Loop and not a Gallifreyan or equivalent, and in the process, causing a Loop no one thought'd be possible to allow to start Looping to do just that.

    Final Fantasy Loops: 

  • (Looping)Steiner and Beatrix's fight during a fused loop with Digimon.

    Indie Game Loops: 

  • Shantae pulling off an insane Batman Gambit on Ammo Baron. Taking advantage of Subspace Pockets being used to store large amounts of money, she buys the Scuttle Town deed from the mayor and gives Ammo Baron a fake one, (correctly) guessing that he wouldn't realize it was fake. When he tries to get the guards to arrest her, she reveals the real deed, meaning she has full right to attack him, humiliating him AND keeping her job.
  • While also extremely funny, Shovel Knight and Shield Knight manage to beat everyone in their loops with nothing more then a spoon and a plate.
  • During one of her first loops, Mayday taking the chance to call out Kliff for being so petty just because he couldn't handle Tatiana's change in musical taste. Becomes even better when you realize she is basically calling out her game self.
    Kliff: Why are you even helping NSR? First you decide to join a group who forces all participants to play EDM, and now you're protecting their CEO? Do you not love rock!?
    Mayday: I do! And it's because I love rock that I realized something; It's okay to not like EDM. And it's okay to not like rock. I made Electric Rock because I wanted to understand the appeal behind EDM, and even though I still don't get it, it's okay. I'm protecting this tower, not because I love EDM, but because hating somebody and acting so petty because they don't have the same taste as you is wrong!
    Kliff: But if they betrayed your dreams, destroyed your hopes, eviscerate your faith!? The woman you are protecting, is Kul Fyra, former leader of The Goolings who disbanded and decided to go EDM. What a joke! And you're saying you're okay with the biggest rock star in history ABANDONING ROCK!?
    Mayday: Well, I don't know why she left The Goolings, but just because she changed genre doesn't mean she doesn't love rock!
    Kliff: Wha-What!?
    Mayday: And just because she changed genre, that doesn't give you the right to BLOW UP VINYL CITY! THAT's why we're fighting here!

    Jurassic Park Loops: 

  • The events on Owen Grady's first Loop: Sith Raptor vs. Grey Jedi T. Rex, right in the middle of the JW compound. Bonus points for the Sith Raptor giving the I. Rex a Force Neck Snap Curbstomp Battle beforehand.
    • The Sith Raptor? Barriss Offee's fault. Alan Grant's introduction to him? Looping into being part of Ian Malcolm's expedition to Isla Sorna and getting utterly slaughtered alongside the In-Gen expedition when it ran into the Force-Sensitive Raptor nest.
  • On one Loop that crossed over with Resident Evil, John Hammond (who was Looping) finds out by a raid of B.S.A.A. agents Chris Redfield, Jill Valentine and Leon Kennedy (also Loopers) that Henry Wu had sold dinosaur DNA to Umbrella Corporation (the resulting T-Virus T. Rex was big enough to demolish half of Raccoon City by itself before the government dropped a nuke on the place). So what does Hammond do? He kicks into Tranquil Fury mode and stuns Wu with a Taser built into his cane right in the middle of the Visitor Center Lab for the B.S.A.A. to arrest, calming down some panicking onlookers as he does so.
    • And before that, using a copy of the actual Jurassic Park film (that another Looper got for him as evidence) to fire Dennis Nedry and accuse him of industrial espionage during one Loop.
  • Hammond trying to make a better Jurassic Park throughout the Loops (partially because he wants to accomplish his dream, partially to atone for the horrors the Nublar Incident caused). Among other ways, by hiring Roxanne (The freaking sentient Looping Tyrannosaurus rex) as a mascot for the park.
  • After many Loops, Owen (and Roxy) manage to deal with the I.Rex rampage with all of the Raptor Squad surviving and ganging up on the Indominus. Even Roxy can't stop herself from getting something in her eye.
  • Roxy managing to find Wu before he can escape Nublar during a JW Loop, giving him a "The Reason You Suck" Speech, then chewing him up until he dies and spitting the cadaver into the Mosasaur tank.
  • On one Loop, Owen prevents most of the events of the climax of the JW part of the Loop (the I.Rex managing to give the Raptor Squad a temporary Face–Heel Turn) by blowing up the Rex's head off with a Javelin Missile.
  • The first Jurassic Park/World crossover Loop of the Alpha Novaraptor has it manifesting as the sister of the Indominus Rex (which was eaten by the Indominus while they were little). Not only does the Raptor manage to become the Alpha of the pair, but it also gives the Looping Raptors, Owen and Roxanne one hell of a fight when they break out (before the I.Rex deflects one of Roxie's atomic breaths, nuking the lot of them "dead").
  • Camp Cretaceous finally entering the loops and the reveal that Ben is looping... by him managing to get the drop on Owen and hold a knife to his throat, thinking he is working with Wu.

    Mega Man Loops: 

  • The Light siblings versus Vile. Blues distracts Vile just long enough for a captive Rock to blow up Vile's cannon with a point-blank shot, taking a good chunk of Vile in the process.
  • Apparently Hermes, admin of the Sonic Loop, asked his Loopers how they felt about risking their very existence on a slim-to-impossible chance of saving the Megaman Loops. They volunteered instantly.
  • Roll unleashing a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown on Waltz, while at the same time making a And This Is for... speech on her demented copy.
  • Sally overcoming her doubts about her place in the Loops, and unleashing the Source of All on Sunstar.
  • Silver getting the chance to use the Time Stones at full power, to prevent Dr. Wily and Eggman from using the Ultimate Annihilator.
  • Blues getting a Super Mode that by all logic shouldn't exist, allowing him to perform a Big Damn Heroes moment. He only has the power up for a few seconds, but he makes them count.
  • Dr. Wily gets one for his sheer refusal to go down in the first Loop.
  • Just when the bad guys were about to win, destroying the Mega Man universe in the process, Bass and Shadow came in and saved the day, turning a literal Million to One Chance into completely assured victory, and finally saving the Mega Man Loops from outright annihilation.
  • During the second fused loop with Sonic, Ray of all beings is the one who takes down the Metal Overlord version of Waltz, who's copied all the abilities of both the Loopers and the non-Loopers. How does he do it? First by finally getting a Super Mode, and secondly by using a technique he developed training with Domon.
  • For the 12 loops of Christmas (a project where authors created 12 loops, inspired by the season), the Awesome stuff included here you'll see: 12 Synchro chips (Battle Network Anime Variant where Xander Payne atemps to destroy the world by turning Slur into a weapon via a Dark Unison chip. Includes all of Lan's friends and allies in CF mode, and the introduction of Soul Unison-Slur Soul), 9 Models of Joe (The looping Sniper Joe comes to a loop where Wily and Dr. Light creates 2 competing designs (Wily with "Joe" and Dr. Light with Auto) instead of creating Blues together. The Joes become the major defenders, Light goes the route of Wily, and now Joe goes to fight), & 5 Net Navis! (MMBN universe where Scilab creates 5 Holiday themed Navis that go berserk and it's up to Lan to stop them. Included: a Santa-themed Navi, a Diwali-themed Navi, & a Snow Devil (Devil series-type robot only in Navi form with a coal-based core).
  • Waltz being finally defeated during the Refactoring. The admins merely patch the glitch that made her a looper, meaning that she doesn't even get to go out with a bang, but with a whimper.

     Nickelodeon Loops: 

  • Lupin III and his crew facing Kuvira's Colossus with Nabeshin's giant mecha.
  • Usagi's way of dealing with the Irken Empire when they wouldn't play by looping rules was not to kill them(which she could have easily done as she is one of the O7) but instead used her wand to force the entire race to feel compassion. They can't handle it and the Tallest resort to begging her to get rid of it.

    Nintendo Loops: 

  • One Kirby loop has Queen Sectonia and Haltmann Works attack Dreamland at same time. Kirby's idea to fend them both off? Create his own army out of the other characters from his series, looping or otherwise, to fend them off.
  • The Kirby world handled the Crisis(as well as the aftermath, which was nearly as intense) fantastically. Highlights include:
    • Kirby and Susie both removing threats that weren't originally brought up.
    • Marx handling two of the hardest ones and sticking the plan used to get rid of both of them(Have Void Termina kill Hyness and then kill the god)
    • Dedede taking out all the Dark Matter and Zero by himself.
    • When Customer Service and Nightmare are revealed be loopers, Kirby pulls out a sign that reads "We’ve learned a few things and picked up a few tricks, as I’m sure you can see" and goes off on a random fake story about where the powers come from while using the back of the sign to tell Susie to track the call.
    • When Nightmare tells Kirby that he has no hope of befriending him or beating him because he is The Chessmaster, Kirby's reply is this:
    • Kirby falcon-punching Nightmare, which according to Susie, had enough power to destroy the entire solar system he was in.
  • Aureate Sun for the Fire Emblem: Three Houses Loops. Despite being a Null Loop (basically having no outside Loop powers whatsoever), Sayori (replacing Marianne) and Byleth join forces to create what Fódlan sorely needed: a Golden Ending, using nothing more than creating friendships on Sayori's part, an exposure of Solon and Kronya and liberal use of memories from the four paths of Byleth's Branch on their part. Doubles as Heartwarming.
  • During his first loop, Grodus manages to correctly get rid of Beldam, realizing she was stringing him along, all the while making it seem like nothing is the wrong. The only reason he doesn't win is because Mario is an Anchor and easily overpowers him.
  • Marina once built a Kamen Rider belt while Unawake.
  • Dimitri finally killing Beryl after 13 years of forced servitude and seeing him gladly torture Dimitri by gleefully abusing said servitude with a Command Seal so he could kill children without reprisal.

    Pokémon Loops: 

  • Loop 16.6: Mixed with Funny Moment, Pikachu's attempt at a stealthy Loop in Hogwarts (replacing Theodore Nott) is blown in seconds by Harry getting the entire school to sing "Pokémon World"... with the lyrics modified for Hogwarts.
    • And Snape joins in.
  • Gary's Blastoise can use Giga Drill Breaker despite having never been to Gurren Lagann. When asked how he did it, his response boils down to: "It's Gurren Lagann. I put all my willpower into making it work, and it did." Saphroneth may have been involved in the equation somewhere on this one, as Ashes of the Past also has Gary's Blastoise using Gurren Lagann techniques (only via Ash's similarly-hooked Squirtle).
  • Ash takes out Tobias, who had not just the two he was known to have from the anime but three Legendary Pokémon, while neither he nor any of his Pokémon were Awake. He did get a tipoff from the visiting Anchor Leah Clearwater about the Latios (the non-Darkrai Tobias was known to have from the anime), but otherwise he had no outside-Loop help.

    Shin Megami Tensei / Persona Loops: 

  • Credit where it's due: in spite of how terrifying Naoki's breakdown was, the fact that he was able to fight against most of the MLP loopers by himself speaks volumes. Not only that, he convinced them that violence was the only solution in the first place!
  • Offscreen Moment of Awesome: Dojima's formative loop had him replacing Lupa from the Junkyard. He was this close to losing his sanity... And a few loops later Nanako thanks Naoki for helping her uncle regain his sanity. Naoki did not even realise that he did that - he only vaguelly remembered yelling at the guy.
  • Apparently the first time Ranma looped in Amala, he got injured. As in "have to get this treated elsewhere" kind of injured. That's right; Amala is so dangerous that THE first looper was in danger!
  • Sephard managed to convince all the Fiends into fighting against the destruction of the world.
  • Aika delivers EVERYWHERE. Even to Charon, who is in the afterlife of another branch. Nobody in the staff is looping.

    Spyro loops: 

  • Classic Spyro VS Legend Spyro. Despite the fact that Legend is much more versed in combat, Classic still manages to hold his own pretty well. Even after Legend goes dark and nearly mauls him to death, Classic is still able to hold him off until Cynder shows up to calm him down.
  • Ember's revenge on Classic for keeping her in the dark about the loops for so long. Besides managing to beat Classic in a day spent at the arcade, she ends up buying a giant pink stuffed panda with the tickets she won. Classic remarks how stereotypical that was... only for Ember to reveal she intends on forcing Classic to carry it home for her, citing his early loop treatment of her as a reason he can't say no. Needless to say, he's horrified by this, but reluctantly complies... only to find out there was more to Ember's revenge than she originally let on...
    A blush blatantly blared on Classic's face, as he carried the stuffed animal on his shoulders. He didn't realize it before, but he now knew the full extent of what Ember had planned for him.
    A kindly old dragoness squealed in delight at the sight before her, and pinched the purple dragon's cheeks as she said:
    "Why, you and your girlfriend are the cutest couple I've ever seen!"
    Struggling to respond due to the old, wrinkly claws on his face, he could barely say, "But I'm not her boyfriend! Ember, tell her!"
    Instead, the pink dragoness shrugged, put on a reserved smile, and kept silent. Ah, revenge was most certainly a dish best served cold.

    Star Wars Loops: 

  • Bariss vs the Titans. She freaking knocked the Armored Titan down on his arse with a Lightning Dragon Slayer Punch!
  • Yoda is fairly impressive. He's one of the oldest loopers in that universe, and was only recently discovered. In short, Yoda outlasted two of the three Trek Anchors, the poster children for stealth loopers.
  • Once upon a time, Anakin didn't think that Thrawn was a danger. We see him as Darth Vader changing idea when he's Thrawn's prisoner, kept at bay by a powerful magnet and a ysalamir. Keep in mind that Thrawn is not a Looper.
    • Then Rider barges in, and convinces Thrawn to become his subordinate.

    Miscellaneous / Unsorted Loops: 

  • Nobody knows who the Star Trek Anchors are, because they are just that good at acting non-Awake, even in loops they haven't been to before. O'Brien may be looping, but that's only a guess. However, Picard ended up slipping up when Trixie and Chrysalis (who had temporary telepathy) managed to cause him to reflexively react like he did during his torture during "The Chain of Command." Kirk also got revealed as a Looper when he was looping as Princess Luna's pet opossum during a Loop where Twilight was Unawake.
  • Villainous example. Dr. Wily and some of his Robot Masters vs Giorno Giovanna and his Stand, Gold Experience Requiem, set in a Fused Loop. Dr. Wily wins. Let that sink in for a moment. Read here.
  • Ed and Al end up in a loop where Godzilla is destroying Central in a massive fight with various other monsters. Ed's solution to this is to Transmute Al into a giant version of himself with missiles, jet boost and Adamantium armor to fight them
  • Megatron beginning his 'ultimate Decepticon loop'. His first major act; kill all the Jedi, Sith, Droids and Clones present at the Battle of Geonosis except for Anakin, R2-D2, C-3PO and Padme (The former 3 being loopers, with Anakin having managed to get the three out of there), then taking down both the Galactic Republic and Confederacy of Independent Systems within a few days. He then begins his plans to attack the Yuuzan Vong and The United Federation of Planets.
  • Ranma and Naruto having a friendly duel. The results of it destroy a planet. This was not the end of the duel, merely where the Loop leaves off.
  • Joseph Joestar predicting Darth Vader's next line perfectly as he usually does, leaving the Sith flabbergasted enough for the Joestar to hit him with Ripple-infused clackers and push him back with the Force.
  • In HTTYD loop 6.8, Hiccup and Toothless successfully tame a Skrill. Part of this process involved flying it to exhaustion – which took over thirty hours of non-stop flight, and took them from near the Faroes to Bermuda.
  • Phineas and Ferb are shown to have, during at least one loop, turned Hogwarts into a Giant Mecha, whose first act is to get rid of Umbridge with a trap hole.
  • After months, nay, years of debate, the webcomic known as Homestuck was finally able to join the Infinite Loops with the help of several different writers explaining and writing a kickass first Loop for the series.
  • Ares got I Wanna Be the Guy looping, finally, and Yggdrasil is now feeling the effects of The Kid looping and loopers looping into Hell.
  • Nanoha befriended Kyuubey with twelve simultaneous Starlight Breakers and somehow managed to transfer the pain to every single member of the Kyuubey Hive Mind. This results in Kyuubey feeling the need for alcohol. Yes, that Kyuubey.
  • Whenever Lupin III and/or Carmen Sandiego show up, due the sheer impossibility of what they steal. So far, Carmen's greatest theft was to steal Gate of Babylon (and we mean the Noble Phantasm itself. Lupin's previous appearance had him stealing everything inside, and she decided to top that), while Lupin's was to steal the Horus Heresy.
  • Three words: Mitakihara Restoration Loop.
    • Imagine six fire-forged friends, working together to save their universe. If they fail, they may never be able to loop again. They manage it, and take part in the most epic retelling of Puella Magi Madoka Magica The Movie: Rebellion ever, giving the readers a chance to see a Loop that may well never happen again.
  • During Warhammer 40K's 40Krisis, the Legions each formed a flank, massing numbers not seen since the height of the Great Crusade, with the Emperor and the Adeptus Custodes (or Custodian Guard) acting as their own flank. Also participating was their Admin Fenrir, who had descended into the Loop, and proved the equivalent to an entire Legion, if not more, on his own... even with his focus directed elsewhere (namely, trying to find the possible Tyranid Looper), he had no issues whatsoever dealing with the tyranid swarm. Just goes to show how powerful the Admins truly are when they have the chance to cut loose and show why they are considered Gods. His actions here are a big part of why the Dark Millennium Loopers (who, of all branches, would have the hardest time accepting a greater god above them all) actually respect Fenrir as their Admin.
  • Due the Emu Glitch, Loops may be suddenly filled with emus. Usagi informed the other Sailor Moon Loopers of it while they were dining at Minako's and wondered when it would happen to them... And Minako informed them it was that Loop, and she was feeding them emu meat.
    • The fact nobody bats an eye at Minako wiping out that many emus so fast they didn't even realize it was an Emu Glitch Loop raises a question: how often does she do such things?