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Fridge Brilliance
  • Anakin Skywalker's friendship with Nanoha and Fate may seem odd at first, but it sort of makes sense if you think about it. Anakin is shown to be a Fan Boy of giant robots, and Nanoha is basically a Gundam in a skirt.
  • Anakin's dislike for Han Solo may be more than just for comedic purposes. Anakin has shown a dislike for other versions of him, mostly due to how he ended up destroying everything he cared about. And when you think about it, Han and Anakin actually are rather similar. Anakin hates Han, because he hates himself. It also gives Leia, who looks like Padme, a level of Like Parent, Like Spouse treatment.
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  • A franchise, long thought to be unsalvagable due to poor writing, was revived in a new dawn by a new take on a surprising set of characters. Are we talking about the Infinite Loops, or My Little Pony? Both were revived by the Friendship is Magic series.
  • Hogwarts has the most Fused Loops because on, Harry Potter has the most stories and the most crossovers of any series on the site, and the Loops often have Variant Loops based on fanfiction stories.
  • One of the odder pairings the Loops have spawned has to be Naoki Kashima and Slaanesh, but when you look at it in a deeper light, you can see that it makes a lot of sense. In Naoki's baseline, he went for the True Demon ending, out of a combination of subverting the Great Will's repeating pattern of destruction and rebirth and Pride. Additionally, he now usually goes for the True Freedom ending out of a desire to reclaim his friends. Now, what is Slaanesh but the embodiment of desire and the fulfilment of? Desires for power, companionship, and especially for freedom. Slaanesh was everything that Naoki could ever possibly want. Thus, their pairing.
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  • During a Pokémon Fused Loop, Mikasa became a Ralts. While Mikasa's physical abilities do not truly translate to a Ralts that well, Ralts evolves into Gardevoir. Gardevoir is known for its devotion to their partners/trainers, and Mikasa is known for her devotion to her brother/trainer in that Loop Eren.
  • Why are Madoka and Morpheus friends? Well, the former became an embodiment of hope, and Morpheus is explicitly stated to look like that other Morpheus, who once used hope to defeat a demon in a duel of symbolism. Nothing the demon could think of could beat it.
  • During one snip, Duncan notes that he's picked up Phantom Cigars. It would make sense for an archer to want the best eyesight possible.

Fridge Horror
  • Fused Loops can easily become this. You essentially have the recipe in hand for the most one-sided or unnerving possible crossovers imaginable, particularly if all sides aren't Awake. What would be the end result if a more aggressive race or group, such as The Galactic Empire or the Saiyans, were fused with a more harmless verse like Equestria, with no one on the Ponies' end awake? It probably wouldn't end well for the ponies.
    • Well, the ponies do have an "I Win" Button in the form of the Elements of Harmony, so the outcome might not be so set in stone... not that any of the ponies would recall the Loop in this case.
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  • When Anakin confronted the witch form of either Padme or an Unawake Ahsoka (having no way to figure out who was the witch and who was killed by said witch), the labyrinth and witch that existed within it is a reflection of his actions as Darth Vader in Baseline (being a fusion of Mustafar, the Death Star and Bespin, and visually looking like Vader, respectively). As a corrupted magical girl's form and labyrinth are based on her thoughts before falling, this would imply that the fall was caused by a wish that came out as a glimpse into the future as it would have been in Baseline. A fridge Tear Jerker, too, seeing as Anakin is doing a lot to avoid these futures.
  • Though it's considered highly immoral, there are almost no restrictions for keeping living or even sentient beings inside of a subspace Pocket. In fact, if anyone within a Pocket had the requisite food, water, warmth, and air, they could theoretically survive indefinitely, even past the Loop's end. Functionally, this could enable time travelling, so long as the person is not a Looper (they simply wake up outside of the Pocket). While this wouldn't seem too bad, imagine what would happen to someone less... morally encumbered.
  • Finding out that a friend has been replaced by their Unawake self. Imagine being friends with someone for millennia upon millennia, except that every so often they forget everything they are to you, possibly for years at a time. And knowing that you're doing the same to them sometimes.
    • To make it worse, there are more than a few Loopers who start out as villains (or at least jerks) but gradually develop into better people over the Loops. But unless they're the Anchor, every so often they won't be Looping, and they'll revert to their Baseline state. Dealing with a friend who has forgotten nearly everything you are to each other is bad enough, but at least you can have something like your original friendship. Dealing with one who has become everything they hated as their Awake self? Far worse.


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