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Don't worry, it's not always this bad.

"It's true that it is always the winners that write history. But it is the losers that do the Transformers Wikipedia entry."

The term used for obsessive fans of a particular activity that goes a bit too far onto the creepy side. Unlike fangirls (which usually refers to women obsessed with characters and their relationships with either other characters or themselves to the exclusion of the rest of the elements of the canon), the term "fanboy" is usually reserved for antisocial people with a self-inflated ego over their knowledge and/or mastery of the topic in question, often parading it around and belittling those around him.note  They are to fandoms what "Stop Having Fun" Guys are to tournament rules. Other times, the term is used to describe people who overzealously defend the perceived objective quality of the object of their obsession.

In Japanese, the term Otaku is synonymous with this, but once implied almost stalker-like attitude as well. The original meaning got lost when it was adopted by English-language fans of Anime, but nowadays, "Otaku" is used in Japan as widely and positively as elsewhere.

See also Ascended Fanboy, Promoted Fanboy, Fan Dumb, Saw "Star Wars" Twenty-Seven Times, Straw Fan, Testosterone Brigade, and Running the Asylum.


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    Anime & Manga 
  • Mitsuru from Battle Royale is a Kiriyama fanboy, that promised to serve him after being saved from a beat down.
  • Graham Specter from Baccano! is the No. 1 Ladd Russo fanboy.
  • In Code Geass, the two racist classmates who bully Suzaku - the Fat and Skinny ones - are credited as "Otaku 1 and 2". In their first appearance, they're taking pictures of the scene of a massacre, and lamenting that the military didn't use heavier weapons. Then they complain that Suzaku broke their cameras when he saved them.
  • Mikami of Death Note is a Kira fanboy that would do just about anything for "God".
  • Akito Tenkawa and Gai Daigouji of Martian Successor Nadesico are such huge fans of Geikiganger 3 that they even use attacks and battle cries from that show when fighting the Jovians.
  • Bartolomeo from One Piece is a massive fanboy of Luffy ever since Loguetown, an event that would eventually lead him to becoming a pirate. To the point that his ship is a nearly exact replica of the Going Merry, save that the figurehead is Luffy and the name is "Going Luffy-senpai".
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's:
    • Rua is a fan of both Yusei and Jack, since both have held the title of 'King of Riding Duels'. Yusei also has huge fans in fellow inmate Yanagi and Team Taiyou's Yoshizo. A more creepy example is Z-One, who is such a Yusei fanboy that he surgically altered himself to look exactly like Yusei.
    • A young boy called Toby is a big Aki fanboy, to the point that he joined the Arcadia Movement due to his admiration of her. This ends up horribly for him.
  • In Eyeshield 21, Akira "Chuubou" Nakabou is a big fan of the protagonist Sena Kobayakawa. He stated that he planned to enroll in Deimon High School after graduating middle school to join the Devil Bats. He immediately jumps at the chance of joining the Japanese High School Football team for the world cup and is the only player from Kansai that is not a member of the prestigious Teikoku Alexanders to be included in the first string team.
  • Minami Kenjirou of Yuri!!! on Ice is a huge Katsuki Yuuri fanboy (though not to an unhealthy extent), getting extremely excited about competing against him and defending his honor when Yuuri starts self-deprecating himself, telling him that he doesn't have a "dark past" and that by criticizing himself so harshly, he's also condemning those who look up to him. Yuuri repays him by loudly wishing Minami good luck before his performance, increasing his confidence.
  • Yosuke Shibazaki, from Uncle from Another World, is a hardcore Sega fanboy. When he awakens from his coma/returns from his Isekai adventures, the news that Sega had been out of the console industry for years hits him hard.

    Comic Books 
  • Deadpool is such a huge fan of Captain America and Thor that he doesn't mind the latter beating him up.
  • The Punisher: Welcome Back, Frank: The Russian mentions that he is a founding member of the "Daredevil: Man Without Fear"-fan club in Smolensk, and expresses a hope that he will be able to get Spider-Man's autograph before leaving New York.
  • Transformers: Ironfist is an enormous nerd for the Wreckers, including writing tons of data files on them, buying memorabilia, and knowing all sorts of minutae that would only interest hardcore fans of the team (the Transformers Wiki even notes "Oh dear lord, he's us!"). He ascends to join the team he idolizes in The Transformers: Last Stand of the Wreckers. Flashbacks reveal he has always been like this—before the Wreckers came into being, he geeked out over the Primal Vanguard, an early Cybertronian peacekeeping detachment.
  • Luther in Misfit City is revealed to be a huge fan of Garth Hemming, to the point he forgets about his mission with his sister to gush over him in-person.
  • Molly Danger: Brian, Austin's stepson, is a HUGE fan of Molly Danger. He knows all the villains she faced, and is over the moon when he meets her in person.
  • The X-Men villain Sauron is obviously a The Lord of the Rings fanboy, as he named himself after that trilogy's Big Bad.

    Fan Works 
  • In Almost Psycho Chuck Chicken Chuck is a fanboy of the Hated Six, another crossover group from The Hater Good.
  • Hiro (of Big Hero 6) is a huge Tony Stark fan in Magnets for Trouble; after meeting him unexpectedly, Hiro nearly starts hyperventilating.
  • In Traveler, Max is a massive fanboy of Ash's, knowing all his stats (something Ash himself doesn't know) and asking numerous, often uncomfortable, questions such as whether Sneasel is responsible for Ash's facial scar. In contrast, Brendan is a fan too but is able to hold a normal conversation with Ash.

    Films — Animation 
  • In Big Hero 6, Hiro Hamada is shown to be a mild fanboy of Professor Callaghan, complete with a small gush moment when he meets him.
  • In The Book of Life, Goth Kid becomes quickly enamored with both La Muerte and Xibalba. He faints when La Muerte waves goodbye to him and the others.
  • Syndrome of The Incredibles used to be this for Mr. Incredible. He didn't take rejection well.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • In Army of Frankensteins, Dr. Finski did his experiments out of a love of Frankenstein and its adaptations, down to naming his adopted son Igor.
  • The Avengers (2012):
    Bruce: "....thanks."
  • Patton Oswalt's character Paul in Big Fan. Unlike most fanboys, Paul does not obsesses over Sci Fi, Fantasy, Comics, Anime, or Video Games, he is a football fan. He was beaten up by his sport hero, and does not press charges in order to support his favorite team The Giants.
  • Free Enterprise is a whole film devoted to this. It follows two fanboys who fulfill the nerd dream of striking up a friendship with William Shatner, only to find out he's as much of a loser (in-universe, mind you) as they are.
  • Kylo Ren is completely obsessed with Darth Vader and fulfilling his legacy in The Force Awakens. He keeps Vader's melted mask in his room like a shrine and talks to it like someone might pray, and Rey finds out that his greatest fear is not being as strong as Vader was.
  • Affectionately parodied in Galaxy Quest with the character Brandon, played by Justin Long. Not only does he find that the franchise he obssesses over is 'real', he helps save the day!
  • Jimmie "The Rocketman" Zara is this to Troy Bolton in High School Musical 3.
  • Walt the Fanboy in The View Askewniverse movies (Mallrats, Chasing Amy, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back).
  • In Kayfabe: A Fake Real Movie About A Fake Real Sport, Cam Cunningham is obsessed with the wrestling business and with Randy Tyler, and yearns to be a wrestler himself.
  • In Ingrid Goes West, Dan Pinto is writing an unofficial Batman screenplay, jams out to the Batman Forever soundtrack, calls his car the Batmobile, and starts his dates by talking about how great Jim Carrey was as the Riddler. His fanaticism is Played for Laughs until he reveals his obsession started when he was orphaned and coped by pretending to be Bruce Wayne.
  • In Save Your Legs!, Teddy Brown is a Cricket fanboy, and in particular of legendary Indian player Sachin Tendulkar. His entire life revolves around cricket, with him working a cricket centre. As a teenager he sneaked into the Indian dressing room during a test match in Melbourne and stole Tendulkar's box from his gear bag. As an adult, he tricks his boss into sponsoring his extremely average suburban team on a tour of India, where he hopes to meet Tandulkar.
  • Wonder Woman (2017): Steve Trevor makes it clear that he is an avid fan of Edgar Rice Burroughs.

  • Dracula Believe it or not, the Count is this for his own homeland. When Jonathan asks him about the history of his people, Dracula happily regales him in a long story about his people's badassery back in the day.
  • Harry Potter: Colin Creevey is Harry Potter's very eager fanboy, including asking for an autographed picture, though he tones it down in later books.

    Live-Action TV 
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Mr Trick is one of Marmaduke. "Nobody can tell Marmaduke what to do. That's my kinda dog."
  • CSI: NY: Mac Taylor.
    • In "Super Men", he tells Stella he'd been a big fan of Sergeant Rock. "You couldn't get me out of fatigues as a kid."
    • In "Get Me Out of Here!," Jo ribs him about "that eight-hour documentary of Reagan" he's always watching. He keeps a framed 8x10 of the president displayed in his office as well.
  • Doctor Who:
    • "The Greatest Show in the Galaxy": The character of "Whizzkid" is widely-seen as a demonstration of how the show's creators at the time regarded fanboys. Especially his rapid and horrible death.
    • "Planet of the Dead": UNIT scientist Malcolm Taylor is so excited to be speaking to his idol over the phone that the Doctor is slightly put off.
    • In "The Unquiet Dead" the Ninth Doctor himself gushes to Charles Dickens that he's the author's "biggest fan". He then has to explain that "fan" is short for "fanatic". Dickens is a bit put off, but warms to the excited Time Lord soon enough.
  • During the "iStart A Fan War" episode of iCarly, there is one fanboy for the Sam/Freddie 'Seddie' Shipping couple who is a textbook version of this. He stands up and shouts "SEDDIE!" over and over. For those with knowledge of the fandom, he's obviously based on one specific Fandom VIP who became well known for those antics on the creators blog and websites.
  • Sense8: Nomi's friend Bug denies the actual "fanboy" term but is still a huge fan of telenovela star Lito Rodriguez. He's very excited when he learns that Nomi and Lito are part of the same Sensate Cluster and asks Nomi to pass on his compliments about Lito's work.
  • Fanbot from VR Troopers. Although mostly comic relief with his Hollywood fanboy personality and proved to be a bit clumsy, he was actually the most powerful monster of the week they faced all season. Before fighting the Troopers, he was assigned to destroy a traitorous ally's super powerful robot, which he did fairly easily. JB's normal finishing move (the laser lance) was so ineffective that be it impalement, slashing, you name it, it only tickled to the point where he made a joke about it. JB actually had to hit him with the techno-bazooka to defeat him, a weapon used against multiple aircraft (but repowered his laser lance and attacked the already defeated robot for some reason). His personality was lampshaded when JB said during the battle "sorry, no autographs" and "there's nothing worse than an angry fan". He actually wasn't a fanboy by designed but a giant industrial fan (he killed the other robot by sucking his parts through his blades), so his name was a pun on fan.

    Pro Wrestling 
  • 1900-30s wrestler Ed "Strangler" Lewis didn't actually have a reputation for using any strangleholds and gave himself the name because he was a fanboy of 1890s wrestler Evan "Strangler" Lewis. This was fairly obvious to crowds in the US but utterly confused the fans and promoters in France, who mistakenly called his sleeper hold a "strangle hold" despite it being a much safer blood choke that does not actually restrain the airway.
  • Negro Navarro of the Lucha Libre Internacional Power Trio "Los Misioneros de la Muerte" was a fan boy of Black Shadow, and followed in Shadow's footsteps when it came to trying to end the career of El Santo. Lucha Libre is little different than other forms of pro wrestling when it comes to Heel–Face Turn, however, resulting in Black Shadow himself, along with his Tag Team partner Blue Demon, coming to Santo's side in further confrontations after Los Misioneros de la Muerte almost killed him.
  • Stevie Richards early days in ECW saw him wrestle under the ring names Stevie The Body, Stevie Flamingo and Stevie Polo. He was a fan boy of Raven.
  • Christopher Daniels, a white wrestler, shares his ring name with a black Blade\Ghost Rider villain. That Christopher Daniels has a Super Villain identity called Suicide and Christopher Daniels the wrestler has a masked identity called Suicide. Is any more elaboration needed?
  • The Road Dogg got that name because the unflattering gimmick was that of a Jeff Jarrett roadie/groupie. He'd eventually follow in Jarrett's footsteps as a wrestling musician, although he preformed rap music for Ron Killings and Konnan rather than continue with country.
  • In WCW, Jimmy Yang's gimmick was that of a The Last Dragon fanboy, to the extent that Ring of Honor, and later, NWA Vendetta brought in The Bruce LeRoy to serve as his manager(in the former) and avenge a loss he suffered to Jimi Mayhem(in the latter).
  • Jimmy Jacobs to Bruiser Brody, The Barbarian, Berserker and Kevin Sullivan. He's even had the pleasure of having his ass handed to him by the latter, but not before taking Sullivan's prized railroad spike. He has the fuzzy boots of Brody and recruited a Brody lookalike for his Age Of The Fall. And one of his red barons was "Barbaric Berserker".
  • Tommy Dreamer was a fanboy of the Puerto Rican version of the World Wrestling Council, as well as it's rival IWA PR and IWA PR's predecessor IWA Japan. He missed his chance to work for WWC and IWA Japan during his first trip through Puerto Rico but readily capitalized on another to work in WWC during 2010, when he showed up during the thirty seventh Aniversario tour to gush about all his favorite wrestlers who worked there before him, before he got beat up by Black Pain, then showed up the next night of the tour again before being taken out by Shelton Benjamin. ECW portrayed him in a much more flattering light during his feud with one of his IWA Japan idols Mick Foley, though it also showed Dreamer being more ignorant than he really was in order to make him look like that much more of a Foley fan.
  • Rory Gulak attended CZW events as a fan, dressed up as "Sick" Nick Mondo, before becoming a pro wrestler. Upon getting onto CZW shows as a wrestler he went right back to dressing as Nick Mondo, began calling himself Rory Mondo and used all of Nick Mondo's moves.
  • Kenny Omega is a fan boy of Capcom video games Mega Man and Street Fighter, the latter of which he references in his matches, when able. Because Final Fantasy VII was still hot when he debuted, he also has elements of that in his gimmick, making him a big video game fan boy in tights.
  • Abyss is a Mick Foley mark, which wasn't entirely obvious aside from his ring gear resembling Foley's Mankind gimmick. That was until Abyss began to work for TNA, which saw him slowly transition from Wrestling Monster to Garbage Wrestler in the vein of Foley and going from The Stoic to lots of verbalization that even sounded like Mankind. Then TNA brought in Foley himself, who wasn't very impressed with Abyss's imitation of him. This didn't stop Abyss from getting his own version of Foley's named weapon of choice "Barbie" in "Janice".
  • The Super Smash Brothers of Canada's International Wrestling Syndicate are fan boys of Nintendo video games, especially the eight bit ones. Delirious's promo at a Chikara event stressing that they "upgrade to HD" quickly became memetic (even more later when Nintendo actually did "upgrade" to such with the Wii U).
  • Sonjay Dutt, Chris Sabin and Jay Lethal were given a Jackass fanboy gimmick in TNA during 2006 to help promote an upcoming Jackass movie. Unfortunately the fans who had came to see pro wrestling did not find it very endearing. Much better liked was Lethal's fan boy imitations of pro wrestling legends Randy Savage and Ric Flair.
  • Eddie Kingston is a huge fan of Tommy Dreamer. His Arch-Nemesis Chris Hero and Hero's Tag Team partner Claudio Castagnoli purposefully crashed Chikara's eighth anniversary show in order to deprive Kingston a chance to wrestle Dreamer.
  • In spite of his Jujitsu gimmick, which would seemingly put them at odds, Kyle O'Reilly of reDRagon is a huge Kazushi Sakuraba fanboy, as revealed during Ring of Honor's talent exchange with New Japan Pro-Wrestling. He frequently forgot all about Sakuraba's partner, Gedo, when happily telling everyone who would listen Sakuraba was challenging him and Fish for ROH's Tag Team Title belts.
  • Mike Bennett of The Kingdom turned X-Pac Heat into good heat at Ring Of Honor shows by acting as one to CM Punk and using all of the moves Punk was known for in ROH.
  • Dragon Shynron, ACH and Mr. 450 are fan boys of Dragon Ball, the former two even team together as "Fusion Dance". Unlike most depictions of fan boys, they're also awesome. 450 eventually toned down the Dragon Ball elements of his gimmick when he decided to turn his "Mecha Wolf" Playstation tag into a gimmick, but ACH has since gone on to reference other comics like One Piece.
  • Montel Vontavious Porter is one to Masahiro Chono, to the point he basically became Chono, while wrestling under a mask in Wrestling Retribution Project. After Nosawa Rongai brought him in New Japan, as a replacement for himself in Kojima gun, Porter became one to that very Satoshi Kojima, being the only remaining member of the stable to remain loyal to him when Minoru Suzuki took it over. He set out to beat wrestlers Kojima lost to, such as Hiroshi Tanahashi and still followed him after succeeding!
  • Chinese wrestler Jun Hado uses a Japanese ring name on the account of being a fan boy of The Great Muta. It's also why he teams with The Great Akuma(not to be confused with Gran Akuma), a Japanese wrestler and Muta imitatornote .
  • If you ever wondered why a three hundred sixty five pound football player like Moose walked away from the NFL to do drop kicks to the rope(not from, to those on it), it's because he's a fanboy of Kazuchika Okada. To that end he turned down offers from several larger promotions to follow Okada's path through Dragon Gate and thought his manager Stokley Carmichael was just joking when he told Moose he'd been booked against Okada at an ROH/NJPW cross promotional show. Okada(and Gedo) took a liking to Moose and recruited him as a Tag Team partner.
  • Much to Dalton Castle's surprise, The Boys who wait on him hand and foot are also huge fans of Kazuchika Okada. Okada himself had no idea what to make of them but eventually drug them into the ring in order to pose with him when he thought he had Castle dead to rights.
  • Matt Taven is a fan boy of Hiroshi Tanahashi, openly admitting that he thinks Tanahashi is cooler than any of his stablemates in The Kingdom. By Taven's own account it also drove him to stay up at night wondering why Tanahashi chose Michael Elgin as a Tag Team partner, as he would rant about while on the shelf with an injury.

  • In Cesare - Il Creatore che ha distrutto, 16-year-old Cesare Borgia is the biggest Dante Alighieri fan in his class at Pisa University. He schools the others on the historical situation Dante was writing in, and essentially takes over the class from the famous professor everyone came there to hear from — somewhat justified, since that professor wouldn't call on any of the students besides Giovanni de'Medici, who gave canned, superficial, proper answers. Cesare, on the other hand, acknowledges the side of Dante and his writing that the Florentines would rather cover up (see Monarchia on Dante's page). This is all shown as Cesare hearing the voice of the poet in his mind, and even singing duets with him (in which they debate, and eventually, Dante tells Cesare to go forth and become the emperor he believes Italy needs).

  • Solek from BIONICLE is a Kopaka-fanboy, to the point that he changed his color to white to look more like his idol. When they meet, Solek's overjoyed and starts asking about his legendary adventures, which Kopaka doesn't remember due to amnesia.

    Video Games 
  • In Double Homework, Dennis becomes this to Amy when he finds out that she has her own Twitch channel on which she streams herself playing video games. Amy doesn’t appreciate it.
  • The Adoring Fan of The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion was a character who would appear after you became the Arena Grand Champion and follow you everywhere. His obsessive devotion to your character has led many people to try to kill him by any means necessary, and his tendency to respawn only made him more annoying.
  • Conrad Verner, Shepard's biggest fan in Mass Effect.
  • Elder Xelpud in La-Mulana is an MSX fanboy, and a few of his quotes have him railing against the NES.
  • Dr. Hal Emmerich, in the Metal Gear universe, is a brilliant scientist...who self-identifies as an Otaku. His code name, Otacon, is derived from Otakon, the Otaku Convention. (This was done with the con's permission; in return, their program each year lists "Dr. Hal Emmerich" as their "Scientific Adviser.")
  • Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney:
    • The fictional TV show Steel Samurai in the games has a few of these, as well as its spin-offs like the Nickle Samurai and the Pink Princess and rival show Jammin' Ninja. Maya is a huge fan of all of these and is always dragging Phoenix into the mix, and in the third case of the first game, we meet Cody Hackins, a kid who obsesses over the show so much that he photographs all of the Steel Samurai's finishing moves and refuses to believe that the Steel Samurai would lose a fight/get murdered. Cody's Japanese name, Kyuuta Ootaki, is a similar to that of Otaku.
    • Miles Edgeworth. It's subtle enough in the other games, but it's exaggerated in Edgeworth's own spin-off game. At one point he even tells someone they're not fit to call themselves a true fan of the Steel Samurai because they claim to have gone to the bathroom during the climactic scene of the play. And does the hilarity ensue when Edgeworth finds out the guy under the Steel Samurai costume who he's been fanboying all evening is Larry Butz.
  • Mario Party Advance:
    • Mr. E is a huge fan of mysteries, and he pops up whenever one happens, usually getting in the way of the people who are actually trying to solve it. He has to be shooed away from the scene of a crime multiple times.
    • The leader of the Toad Force V fanclub, Lantern Ghost, is insanely obsessive and owns way more merch for the show than is sane.
  • Eusine from Pokémon Gold and Silver really, really likes Suicune.
  • Hifumi Yamada from Danganronpa is literally known as "Super Duper High School Otaku."


    Web Original 

    Western Animation 
  • Darth on 6teen is a Star Wars fanboy. He wears a cape and a Darth Vader helmet, carries a red lightsaber, and is part of the Jedi Knights club. Oddly, one of the "clones" (mean girls) is also in the Jedi Knights club, An Aesop about how you shouldn't label people.
  • On Almost Naked Animals, Howie is so obsessed with a stuntman named Dirk Danger that he hangs out in Dirk Danger's cave and tries to coax him out of retirement.
  • In Animaniacs, The Please Please Please Get a Life Foundation was created to help these people.
  • "Frothy" on Avatar: The Last Airbender counts, although personality-wise he's almost more of a male fangirl.
  • In Central Park, Season 1 "Squirrel, Interrupted", Cole's a big fan of a series of fantasy books about magical squirrels in Central Park called The Squirrel Quarrel. He loves it so much that he breaks out into song and sings "Nuts Nuts Nuts" when there's a scavenger hunt based around his book that taking place at the park.
  • One episode of The Cleveland Show has Cleveland get into an Edit War with someone over the grams of fat content of a microwave snack. The war escalates when the other fan in question slanders Cleveland's image. When Cleveland finally meets the person slandering him, the person is revealed to be an obese pre-teen who admits to eating the snack five times a day because he loves the snack and is a true fan.
  • Fanboy and Chum Chum: The title characters were clearly meant to be this, but aside from wearing superhero costumes and occasionally being seen reading comic books, they don't exhibit typical fanboy behavior. Oz, their acquaintance and the owner of the local comic book shop, is a textbook example.
  • "Fanboy" (pictured) from Freakazoid!.
  • Melllvar from Futurama is a Star Trek: The Original Series fan boy-energy-cloud-thing. To the point of hosting his own Star Trek convention and being pissed that Fry's a bigger fanboy than him.
  • On Goldie & Bear, Bear and Goldie are this respectively to Prince Charming. He doesn't really care and is willing to put up with it so long as it gets him a day of fun away from his boring princely duties.
  • Let's Go Luna!: Andy is a huge fan of the Amazing Man comics. He also becomes a huge fan of Syd and the Sydneys after listening to their song "Andy, My Boy" in "House Music".
  • Irving, in Phineas and Ferb. A nerdy local kid who was introduced in "Hide and Seek" as an obsessive fan of Phineas and Ferb and their ambitious antics. He tags along with their daily projects on occasion in later episodes.
    Irving: I jumped in the car when your mom stopped for gas: I'm just happy to be here!
  • Jellystone!: "Jelly Wrestle Rumble" reveals that Huckleberry Hound has been a wrestling fan since he was a kid, with his favorite wrestler being The Funky Phantom. He has his own private museum of vintage wrestling memorabilia underneath his office.
  • Ready Jet Go!: Even though Sean was already established to be a huge Neil Armstrong fanatic, he truly shows his fanaticism in One Small Step. The special can best be described as Sean gushing over the Apollo 11 mission for 60 minutes.
  • The Simpsons: Comic Book Guy: While often being used for Take That! gags, Lynda Carter has a restraining order on him and he was almost married with a Klingon priest. Of the three Star franchises, Trek, Wars, and Gate, Richard Dean Anderson's is his third favorite.
  • Control Freak of Teen Titans. Aqualad even calls him out on it.
  • Chance Furlong, aka T-Bone of the SWAT Kats is a big fan of the infamous ace pilot Red Lynx. While the late pilot was evil, Chance acknowledges him for his skills. He watches the war documentary of the Red Lynx's battle with his rival, The Blue Manx, and wanted to check out the recovered biplane stored in a museum. He never expected to face the pilot who was Back from the Dead.
  • Molly of Denali: Oscar is a huge fan of Finnegan King, a music legend who is famous for playing the fiddle.
  • Work It Out Wombats!: "The Treeborhood Parranda" reveals that Mr. E is a huge fan of the Flapping Feathers, and he rattles off facts about them in rapid succession. Sammy and Louisa are also fans, for that matter.


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