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I'm a princess, and I always get what I want.

Christopher Scobille (born February 17, 1984) is an American referee, webmaster, color commentator and furniture mover turned professional wrestler, better known by his ring name Jimmy Jacobs, aka The Zombie Princess. He started behind the scenes at Pro Wrestling World Wide in Grand Rapids Michigan and debuted for the Lake shore Wrestling Organization in 1999. He has since gotten training from Joe "El Tejano" Ortega, then further training from Truth Martini and wrestled for many indie promotions, including Ring of Honor, Pro Wrestling Guerilla, Wrestling Society X, and Juggalo Championship Wrestling.

Among his in-ring achivements, he is a 4 time Xtreme Intense Championship Wrestling Light Heavyweight Champion, 3x XICW Xtreme Intense Champion and XICW Midwest Heavyweight Champion, an XICW Tag Team Champion note , a Great Lakes Wrestling Cruiser weight Champion, a Great Lakes All Pro Wrestling Cruiser weight Chapion, an Independent Wrestling Revolution Tag Team Champion note , an IWR King Of The Indies Champion, a 2X westside Xtreme wrestling World Heavyweight Champion, a 3X IWA Mid-South Light Heavyweight Champion, an IWA World Champion, a Heavyweight Champion of NWA Iowa and NWA Indiana, a Border City Wrestling Can-Am Tag Team Champion note  a 5x ROH World Tag Team Champion, a Price Of Glory Heavyweight Champion, a PWG World Tag Team Champion, an All American Wrestling Heritage Champion, an AAW Heavyweight Champion, an AAW Tag Team Championnote , an Absolute Intense Wrestling Tag Team Championnote  and more, in many other wrestling promotions.


Formerly a writer for WWE. Currently a producer for Impact Wrestling and RISE Wrestling, as well as the on-air manager of Kongo Kong.

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The Age of the Tropes:

  • Agent Peacock
    • At times bordering on Sissy Villain. Seriously, the number of girls who wrestle with their nails painted is still a short list, and Jimmy goes for painted nails, winged eyeliner, corsets, and tutus.
    • Even as a manager, Jimmy keeps it stylish with ornate paisley jackets, silk scarves, makeup, and jewelry.
  • Alliterative Name. His original Red Baron, "The Barbaric Berzerker", qualifies as well.
  • Alternate Company Equivalent: Sean David's 3CW stable, The Lost and Jimmy Jacob's ROH Stable, Age Of The Fall, were deliberate alternate company and alternate continent variations of each other.
  • Arch-Enemy: Jimmy Jacobs has been all over the independent circuit, and has collected quite the Rogues Gallery as a result. Candidates for his hated enemy, though, are these three:
    • Jon Moxley. Put those two in the same promotion and they'll be at each other's throats eventually. They have even wrestled an "I Quit" match against one another in Dragon Gate USA.
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    • Austin Aries, after Aries seduced Lacey and convinced her to leave him for Aries. This culminated in an "I Quit" match as well, which Jacobs lost.
    • Tyler Black. Jacobs blamed Black for the loss/humiliation from above match with Aries, and eventually kicked him out of the Age of the Fall. Jacobs came to hate Black so much that he teamed up with the aforementioned Aries just to get rid of him.
  • Author Avatar: Any appearance he makes in RISE after being hired as a writer (not a booker, writer).
  • Bad Boss
    • Jacobs wasn't above beating on Delirious for displeasing him in Age Of The Fall, same with Adam Page in Decade.
    • Also to initiate Eddie Kingston into The Flood, he tells Kingston to destroy one of his two masked minions.
  • Berserk Button: Lacey being attacked was this for Jacobs when he was in love with her.
  • Beware the Nice Ones: Looks adorable and harmless. Is anything but.
  • Big Entrance: Lacey used this reasoning when she made him get rid of his fuzzy boots and wear a robe.
  • Blasphemous Boast: Jimmy Jacobs claims to bow to no man and boasts that he would stand face to face with Jesus Christ himself.
  • Blood Is the New Black: Smeared himself with BJ Whitmer's blood after using his spike on Whitmer during a falls count anywhere match at ROH The Fifth Year Festival: Finale.
  • Brawler Lock: This happens in nearly every wrestling match, because it's wrestling, but special mention goes to his first blood match with Delirious where Jimmy Jacobs was trying to hold back Delirious' stake and Delirious was trying to hold back Jacobs' spike.
  • Byronic Hero: Strong personal beliefs? Sure, got those in spades. Self critical he is, Jimmy knows he's a bad boy and has at times tried to fix it. Morals, eh, not in line with most people's. His vices include lust, jealousy, envy, resentment, deceit and excessive wrathful revenge. Has any of this stopped him from turning face...not really. It's never lasted, though.
  • The Cameo: Appeared at ROH A Night Of Hoopla to sing The Ballad Of Lacey and then debuted a new song, called Gypsy Soul, which earned chants of "This Is Awesome".
    • While a writer for WWE, showed up as a Rosebud a couple times, once as a backstage hanger-on of Elias, and one final time with fellow former ROH compatriots Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn.
  • Card-Carrying Villain: "Evil is here to bring an end to Ring Of Honor" or some similar wording would be the sentence one could used to describe S.C.U.M. (Suffering, Chaos, Ugliness, Mayhem)
  • Catchphrase: Like Nord, "Huss!" but Jacobs stopped because Lacey didn't like it.
  • Celebrity Resemblance: Many Impact fans have noticed that with his hair and beard grown out, he now resembles John Stamos. Jimmy sung a bit of the Full House theme and gave it a Shout-Out on an Instagram chat.
  • Characterization Marches On: Decade went from having issue with guys like Eddie Edwards being cheered when they left Ring Of Honor to making sure rookies earn their respect.
  • Code Name: Project 161, which it turned out was actually a Working Title, as Jacobs could not think of a name for The Age Of The Fall, so he just called it that.
  • Combat Commentator: In Pro Wrestling Worldwide.
  • Comically Missing the Point: When Roderick Strong brought in Adam Pearce to fix The Decade, Pearce concluded the problem wasn't Ta'Darius Thomas losing matches or Adam Page's naivety, since they would get over that with experience, but that two of the veterans had two much of an ego(Strong) or were too much wrapped up in their own agendas to work with the rest of the team(Whitmer). Instead of realizing it was Roderick and BJ, Jacobs thought Pearce was talking about The Addiction and concluded they were a "Bad Influence" on the locker room.
  • Cool Shades: Pink shades, of course.
  • Crazy Jealous Guy: Claimed not to be one regarding the Lovely Lacey, usually right before proving himself to be. Ironically, it was a genuine not jealous act that lead to him losing her.
  • Crippling the Competition: Broke BJ Whitmer's ankle on Lacey's order at ROH Gut Check 2006.
  • Crowd Chant: "Cry Jimmy, Cry!"
  • Crowd Song: "Huss him up Jimmy, Huss him up!"
  • Emo Teen: He broke into the business at fifteen too and so had plenty of high school stuff to angst about, which didn't leave his gimmick even after he was done with college. The real "emo" phase of his really began in ROH though, after he goaded BJ Whitmer to swing the spike he stole from Jacobs at him, not knowing Lacey was right behind him, leading to her getting hit when he moved. Decade's theme is called Emofarm, which can only be because of his membership in it...well unless you consider late addition Colby Corino an emo teen.
  • Enemy Mine: Decade and reDRagon to assure The Addiction did not win the ROH World Tag Team titles.
  • Establishing Character Moment: His Age of the Fall stable had a hell of a debut. What else can you call beating the hell out of the Briscoe Brothers, then hanging a badly injured Jay Briscoe upside down over the ring so that Jay's blood would rain down onto Jimmy Jacobs while Jacobs pontificated to the audience on his philosophy before actually giving the name of the stable?
  • Even Evil Has Standards: The Decade was supposed to be about defending Ring Of Honor from deserters, so Jacobs was not cool with Whitmer taking on Colby for the sake of his grudge with his father, Steve Corino.
  • Everything's Better with Monkeys: Teamed with Gregory the Gorilla in NWA Underground in Indiana as Ape of the Falls.
  • Evil Cripple: After being injured by Whitmer for the second time, he would follow around the Minnesota Home Wrecking Crew on crutches and order them to attack people.
  • Evil Feels Good: The impetus for his 2012 heel turn.
  • Evil Mentor: In hindsight, maybe we shouldn't be too surprised with how he turned out, given Truth Martini was one of his trainers.
  • Expy: His "Barbaric Berzerker" persona was one of Bruiser Brody and, more specifically, John Nord's and Sionne "The Barbarian" Vailahi's drawing inspiration from him.
  • Eye Patch Of Power: Wore one so he could continue on Ring Of Honor's Canada tour in 2009 after losing a street fight to Delirious in which Jacobs's own spike was driven into his eye.
  • Finishing Move
  • Fighting Your Friend: During The Age Of The Fall, he compelled Delirious to fight Daizee Haze. When Delirious broke away he then used MsChif, whom Delirious was hesitant to attack. During the Decade, this seemed to be his plan for breaking ACH and Cedric Alexander.
  • From Nobody to Nightmare: Went from jobber in fuzzy boots to lovesick Emo Teen to leader of the Age of the Fall. And he hasn't stopped since.
  • Funny Bruce Lee Noises: In IWA Mid-South, when he got cocky and started taking up faux martial arts stances.
  • Game-Breaking Injury: Had to vacate the Insanity Pro Wrestling World Title belt due to a neck injury.
  • Good Is Not Dumb: What he was trying to prove to Kevin Steen near the end up his redemption quest. But then Jacobs had an epiphany:it doesn't matter. Evil is his true calling and it can win.
  • Guy Liner: Started smearing himself with it after Whitmer spiked Lacey.
  • Hidden Agenda Villain: His entrance into Dragon Gate USA was to further a vague purpose which he wanted the Young Bucks for, promising them their desired Open The Twin Gate title shot against Maraha Isappa if they agreed to follow his directions.
  • Hoist by His Own Petard: After his falling-out with Tyler Black, he started having a group of masked thugs associated with the AOTF movement repeatedly assault Black and try to take him out. This culminated with Black, with backup from a group of ROH wrestlers (including Kevin Steen and El Generico), fending them off and hanging Jacobs above the ring the same way he hung Briscoe. Also doubles as Book-Ends, as Black declared this to be the definitive end of AOTF—making the lack of gratuitous symbolic bloodshed in this hanging only fitting.
  • Humiliating Wager: Defeated Alex Shelley in a hair vs boot hair match. Tried to take Delirious's mask by wagering the IWA Mid-South Light Heavyweight title against it but that didn't work out for Jacobs.
  • Hypocrite: Spent a decade attacking wrestlers for leaving Ring Of Honor for larger promotions despite the fact Jacobs left (ever so briefly) to work for WWE. It is either that or Driven by Envy, since his high profile win there was by disqualification. Still, Roderick Strong had worked for TNA too.
  • Improvised Weapon: Jacobs tried to gouge out Colt Cabana's eyes with Lacey's high heel shoes for correctly pointing out Lacey did not care about him and telling Jacobs to give up on her. Later, Lacey would give Jacobs her shoes and encourage him to hit Cabana in the throat with him.
  • Irritation Is the Sincerest Form of Flattery: He used an Implant DDT after his relationship with Lacey caused him to part ways with BJ Whitmer, to show he was still into her, it being her finishing move.
  • It Will Never Catch On: This was Jimmy's opinion of persistent Ring Of Honor fanboy Michael Elgin when he was trying to get a spot in the company and even after he finally made it onto the roster, which Jacobs had to admit to being wrong about after Elgin won the World Championship belt.
  • Jobber
    • In TNA, though he did successfully defend the NWA World Junior Heavyweight Championship belt, in a dark match.
    • For WWE Smackdown Brand specifically. While losing to the likes of Nunzio he technically earned a victory over Eddie Guerrero, not that Jacobs knew it at the time. The RoHBots let him know in time, chanting "You Beat Eddie!"
    • His initial role in Ring Of Honor, even after he signed a long term deal with them he at first really only had relevance as a tag team wrestler. Though his single's run wasn't quite has bad as Lacey made it out to be.
  • Keet: Early on in his career. It earned him such red barons as Jumpin Jimmy, The Freight Train, The Red Bull Kid, The Jumping Jack Mon Of War and Pogo Goof, especially after he started hopping to the ring on a Pogo stick.
  • Knight Templar: He genuinely cared about the degeneration of society and inadequate news broadcasting. And he was going to use Ring Of Honor to get his message out, whether the people who paid to see professional wrestling liked it or not.
  • Lazy Bum: His opinion of Milo Beasley in the FIP Age Of The Fall. On ROH shows Jacobs wouldn't even refer to Beasley as anything but "homeless man", even after Beasley intervened on behalf of the ROH Age Of The Fall in a match.
  • Leitmotif: "Sickness and Sorrow" by Champagne Charade
  • Literal Ass-Kicking: He countered a moonsault attempt by Diamond Back Dingo with an Ax Handle to the ass at IWA Mid-South Cold Wave
  • Loser Leaves Town
    • He wrestled a best of three series with Sal, "The Man Of A Thousand Gimmicks", which ended in the loser leaving Juggalo Championship Wrestling. Jacobs won. He also helped Jack Evans send London and Kendrick out of Dragon Gate.
    • Decade's formation was inspired by wrestlers leaving Ring of Honor but when an internal conflict between Jacobs and Whitmer reached the point where one of them had to go. Jacobs lost this time.
  • Love Makes You Evil: He wanted to make sure his relationship with Lacey would be based on true love instead of lust. Unfortunately this did not help, because Lacey was a bad seed.
  • Love Redeems: Subverted; his romance with Lacey led directly to his Despair Event Horizon and the start of the Age of The Fall when he realized getting her to admit she loved him back did not make him feel any better.
  • Man Bites Man: His first blood match with Delirious for the IWA Mid-South Light Heavyweight belt saw the two of them repeatedly bite each other in an effort to draw blood.
  • Malevolent Masked Man: Jimmy Jacobs used a ski mask to hide his identity while attacking Johnny Gargano in Prime Wrestling, trying to put him on the shelf.
  • Martial Arts Headband: Back during his happy go lucky days.
  • Masked Luchador: Eddie Guerrero forced him to wear Rey Mysterio's mask.
  • Nice Job Breaking It, Hero!: During his atonement phase, Jacobs appealed to Ring Of Honor to rehire Kevin Steen, stating that he and Corino could reform him. Instead Steen turned Jacobs and Corino to evil.
  • Off Screen Inertia: At the end of ROH The Fifth Year Festival: Liverpool Jimmy Jacobs was fighting in a dark room with BJ Whitmer. At the start of ROH The Fifth Year Festival: Finale, which was a day later, BJ Whitmer and Jimmy Jacobs were brawling in a dark room. The impression some fans got was that they had never stopped fighting, an impression that wasn't helped when after the first promo and match, another promo was cut short by Roderick Strong and Davey Richards trying to get out of the way of them Whitmer and Jacobs brawling and after another match, the two were seen brawling in the crowd.
  • One Degree of Separation: He is the strongest connection between Jon Moxley and Tyler Black, who wouldn't meet in the ring until they signed with WWE and become each other's first major Arch-Enemy in FCW. Dean Ambrose (Mox) and Seth Rollins (Black) would later form The Shield together alongside Roman Reigns, and after Rollins betrayed the stable, would have one of the most personal rivalries in recent WWE history. Both were also Arch-Enemies at different points of their career with Jacobs, and arguably came to hate each other far more than they ever did Jacobs.
  • Outside-Context Problem: In CHIKARA. Although he'd made a few appearances for it he'd never been an important part of the promotion. Then he was unexpectedly revealed as the field leader of the Flood.
  • Parts Unknown: "Goof City, USA"; (in Wrestling Society X): "The Dark Side of a Broken Heart"
  • Perky Female Minion: Allison Wonderland in Ring Of Honor's Age Of The Fall, Leva Bates in Full Impact Pro's Age Of The Fall.
  • Phallic Weapon: Jimmy Jacobs began to see his spike this way after Kevin Steen knocked him off the road to redemption and he hit Steen with it.
  • Power Stable:
    • (in ROH): Lacey's Angels, Age of the Fall, S.C.U.M., and now Decade
    • (in 3CW): The Lost
    • (in AIW): NIXON
    • (in CHIKARA/Wrestling Is): The Flood
  • Rage Against the Reflection: Broke a mirror with his fist in the Kiss 2 Kill music video.
  • Rage Quit: Tried to leave Calcasca to keep his MCPW World Championship belt but Mick Foley forced him to stay in the arena and get in the ring with Tyler Black. Foley held onto his belt to prevent any further escape attempts and from using the chain he had stuffed his pants.
  • Second-Face Smoke: To Serena Deeb, to help Lacey get the win in a match.
  • Sharp-Dressed Man: It was hard to really get into Jimmy Jacobs bemoaning his finances when he came out all dressed up. Turns out the dissonance in this image was intentional, as Jimmy had gotten a new job.
    • Was required to wear a suit while working for WWE Creative, which he hated.
  • Signature Move: Repeated double foot stomps on the bottom rope or at the ring apron the IWA M-S commentators (Dave Prazak and Jim Fannin) dubbed "The Temper tantrum", sometimes followed by a senton. Also the Berzerker Drop (a sit out reverse pedigree), the berserker boot and a sitout neck breaker. Sometimes a spear like tackle into headlock punches. Use to use a "tornado back rake".
  • Skunk Stripe: Often had dyed hair in multiple colors, in particular sporting a red stripe during Age Of The Fall and a large gold/blonde part during S.C.U.M.
  • Slut-Shaming: While Mickie Knuckles was at the IWA M-S ticket booth, Jacobs shouted "You want this Mickie? You want this you slut?" while holding Delirious in a sleeper hold.
  • Spiteful Spit: Before defending his Mr. Chainsaw Productions World title against Tyler Black, Jacobs spat on him.
  • Stalker with a Crush: To the Lovely Lacey and Playboy Adam Cole.
  • Tag Team:
    • "FabuHUSS" with John McChesney, in the International Wrestling Cartel
    • (in Wrestling Society X): D.I.F.H. (Do It For Her) with Tyler Black, Also Kiss 2 Kill elsewhere
    • (in ROH): Besides replacing Dan Maff to be in Lacey's Angels with B.J. Whitmer, they were also were known as JessHuss elsewhere.
    • After Whitmer and Colt Cabana turned on Lacey, she pared Brent Albright up with Jacobs.
    • Whitmer and Jacobs are known as "The Forgotten" in AIW
    • The New Kissyboots with Rachel Summerlyn (the old Kissyboots were her and Skylar Skelly)
    • The Revolutionaries with Amazing N8
  • The Atoner: After returning to Ring Of Honor in 2011, Jimmy Jacobs spent eleven months trying to purge himself of evil and even tried to help Steve Corino.
  • The Corrupter
    • Used Delirious's hurt feelings regarding Daizee Haze and Rhett Titus to get him to become more dangerous, coaxing Delirious to be more violent when beating Titus than usual. Eventually this lead to Jimmy using Delirious as muscle for The Age of The Fall.
    • After seeing Ta'Darius was willing to risk taking his spike to protect ACH, Jimmy Jacobs made a point of showing ACH was not willing to do the same, disregarding his knee was probably too hurt to stop Jacobs anyway, and then used this idea to take Ta'Darius into Decade and direct him against ACH.
    • He takes advantage of Eddie Kingston's anger and grief over losing the CHIKARA Grand Championship title, by promising to help him win it back in exchange for becoming his acolyte.
  • The Dog Bites Back: Despite being ordered to help Colt Cabana when in a triple threat match with Christopher Daniels, Jacobs finally snapped and took out Cabana, who had been teasing Jacobs and making him look stupid for weeks (the crowd identified with Colt Cabana).
  • The Dragon: To Deucalion in CHIKARA, serving as the field leader of The Flood.
  • The Resenter: After putting ten years into Ring of Honor, he started to feel resentment toward any wrestlers in who made a name for themselves in a larger promotion first or who left ROH for a larger promotion and then returned. Also, any wrestlers who get the attention of a larger promotion, or who try to get the attention of a larger promotion. He was especially resentful of Samoa Joe after Jay Briscoe gave him a title shot, something Jacobs didn't even want up till that point. Jacobs then demanded one first, talking about how Joe left and it didn't workout for him, there only being and ROH to return to because Jacobs held up the fort.
  • The Rival
    • A rivalry he claims was a forced, as one of the woes he voiced about IWA Mid-south after leaving was wrestling Jerry Lynn seventeen million times. While still in IWA M-S, he complained about the number of times he had to wrestle Alex Shelley. He and Shelley did work as a tag team when trying to get spots on the ROH active roster however.
    • BJ Whitmer is second only to Alex Shelley, having faced him in No rope barbed wire matches in IWA M-S and Cage matches in ROH to try and settle their feud. Though he and Whitmer have worked together far more than Shelley so it is a distant second.
    • If Jacobs and Jon Moxley are on the same roster, they probably will be at each other sooner than later. Jacobs once pulled a Not So Different on Moxley which lead to a dog collar match in Insanity Pro Wrestling.
    • Jimmy Jacobs and Delirious have been teammates and enemies under practically every combination of alignments, conflicting or otherwise, imaginable. Jacobs thinks of Delirious as a friend by now, Delirious sees Jacobs as a pest.
    • On a group scale, Hangmen 3, The No Remorse Corps and The Vulture Squad were rivals to Age Of The Fall in Ring of Honor. All had widely different methods and motivations but representative from all groups battled one another for the Tag Team Titles.
  • Took a Level in Badass
    • Going from "Mr. Undercard" to feuding with Delirious over the IWA Mid-South Light Heavyweight title to feuding with Delirious over the IWA World title was treated as such for Jacobs. On the other hand, the commentators did state Jacobs had lost his "baby face fire" during his world champion run, falling back on a lot of illegal tactics and deceit to make up for it.
    • Lacey tried to make Jacobs more badass in Ring Of Honor by removing most of the things he did that made fans laugh at him, reasoning he would win more if taken seriously and he would be serious enough to take out BJ Whitmer, who she wanted revenge on for leaving her team. It kind of worked, but not for the reasons she tried.
  • Toothy Issue: Lost a tooth in his ROH cage match with Whitmer.
  • Tournament Arc
    • Won the 2006 Ontario Independent Title Tournamen, defeating Ash (Ashley Sixx) in the final round.
    • Won the ROH Tag Team Titles Tournament in 2008 with Tyler Black and the 2012 ROH World Tag Team Titles Tournament with Steve Corino.
    • Won IWA Texas's Lone Star Classic 2008 by defeating Shawn Vexx, retaining the Anarchy Championship Wrestling Heavyweight title in the process.
  • Use Your Head: At one point was known for headbutting people.
  • Versus Title: XICW 165: Rhino vs. Mr. Insanity actually featured a lot more than Rhino versus Mr. Insanity and included Jimmy Jacobs in the main event. XICW 166: Rhino vs. Jacobs, XICW 167: Jacobs vs. Venom and XICW 177 - Jimmy Jacobs vs. Alex Shelley were more accurate in that Jimmy Jacobs was in the main event, but his match still wasn't the only thing on any of those cards.
  • Villainous Breakdown: The point he began attacking himself with his own spike over the Aries/Lacey situation.
  • Villainous Crush: On Adam Cole, and he's not subtle about it at all.
  • Weak, but Skilled: The justification for moving him to the IWA world heavyweight division from a regional light heavyweight one.
  • Weapon of Choice: A railroad spike. The IWA Mid-South commentators claim he got it from Kevin Sullivan.
  • We Used to Be Friends: With BJ Whitmer and later Tyler Black. Jacobs and Whitmer would get back together again with the formation of DECADE.
  • Wicked Heart Symbol: "The zombie princess from the dark side of a broken heart", often has heart symbols in his merchandise or entrance gear.
  • Worked Shoot
    • He came to AAW as the IWA Mid-south champion, missing a match with Spike Dudley and complained about not being paid before insulting the fans and owner of IWA Mid-South, the company he said he quit college for, and throwing the title in the garbage. When he came out the crowd had nothing but jeers for Jacobs, as he went on they shouted obscenities about IWA Mid-South. By the time he was done, they were chanting "Give Him A Title!" AAW cherishes it as the promo that put them on the map.
    • IWA Mid-South supposedly banished Jimmy Jacobs for this insult but still brought him back long enough to officially drop the belt to Arik Cannon. Jacobs has since appeared in an "unofficial capacity" several times and even won the light heavyweight championship belt again while not under contract (so, it's more like he took it).
  • Would Hit a Girl
    • When he learned he had to face Mickie Knuckles in the Ted Petty Invitational, Jimmy Jacobs was nervous but not because he had any problem fighting a woman. He proved that by jumping her, beating her bloody and choking her with his IWA World Title belt.
    • He beat up Daizee Haze quite a bit on Lacey's behalf while he was still trying to win Lacey's heart.
    • Rhett Titus stopped him from demonstrating this on Daizee Haze with his spike, while Tyler Black and Joey Matthews would not let him spike Lacey. Jimmy did eventually spike Daizee Haze though, which caused Delirious to turn on Age Of The Fall.
  • Wrestling Family: Has a brother, Nick, who worked in the industry as well
  • You and What Army?: Jimmy Jacobs mockingly commended Icarus for trying to stop his efforts to destroy Chikara with only the support of seven wrestlers, equating it to going to war without an army. Quickly became Tempting Fate when Icarus revealed moments later that he did have an army...disguised as Dr. Cube's henchmen.
  • You Have Failed Me: Blamed his losses to Austin Aries on Tyler Black, or rather believed Black could have at least spared him some of the humiliation he suffered at Aries's hands.

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