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Tear Jerker / The Infinite Loops

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Sometimes, after everything the Infinite Loops have shown, you can't help but cry.

The Setting in General

  • The fact that Madoka has to live with being the one who annihilated her universe, and hated by some of the other Admins for something that she didn't mean to do. And her attempts to find her friends.
  • The Loopers inability to have children. Several times in the pony Loops alone it's mentioned that some of them are hit pretty hard by that one (I.E. Spike and Rarity, or Cadance and Shining Armor).
    • This is actually to prevent a more nightmarish scenario. If a person is born during a loop, then when the loop ended, they would vanish and never return. This occured with Ranma's child, driving the poor man to tears.
      • It's more heartbreaking. Ranma had just given birth to her child...and the loop reset just then.
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    • Semi-related to this, and doubling as heartwarming, Mandy ends up in a loop based off of Grim Tales from Down Below, and in her next loop ends up outraged to the point of almost attempting to destroy her own loop. Not because she lost all the power she'd had in that loop, but because she'd lost her children. Shows that even people like her can care for others.
  • Obituary Loops. These loops are written only when an actor, voice actor, or creator of a work of fiction that is looping dies. It's always painful to see the characters go through the same grief that the writers do.


Miscellaneous Loops

  • Rincewind's Death. Sir Terry Pratchett died, and in response, Rincewind did not run when Death came for him.
  • In her first loop, Susie is completely convinced that time resetting, and by extension, bringing Haltmann Back from the Dead(who she had something of a hand in killing no less) is nothing more then a cruel trick and breaks down when she is alone. When Kirby and Meta Knight find her, she is completely disheveled and in tears.
  • The activation loop for Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS. For context, it takes place after the show ended, which was a massive tear jerker on itself, as Ai was ready to commit suicide because Yusaku didn't want to spend the rest of eternity in Link VRAINS with him, and ended in an Dying Declaration of Love. The loop then goes and builds on Yusaku and Ai's already existing psychological issues (such as Yusaku's PTSD), which results in a scene were Yusaku accuses Ai of trapping them all in a simulation just so they could experience eternity together, because he doesn't want to wrap his head around the concept of time being reset. Several reviewers suggested therapy for the two of them after reading this.
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  • Rottytops's Awakening has a moment when Nega Shantae shows her some of Shantae's less then flattering memories of her. This is even more painful then normal because Rotty doesn't realize they happened because Shantae has been trying to avert the moments happening.

Innortal's Loops

  • Buried somewhere in Innortal's typical zaniness is a whiplash inducing snippet which depicts the earliest days of the loops, where Naruto is looping by himself and any variation to the timeline causes the loop to crash. He's understandably fed up with it.
    He'd lost count of the number of times he'd slaughtered everyone, became Hokage, married, had children, died, 'cropped' the bad eggs in the village, took a genin team... He'd done just about everything.

    Everything but reach the end.
    • Luckily, Urd shows up to explain the loops to him, giving him hope for the first time in a long time.

The Mega Man Loops

  • The Tribute for the Lost Loop. Rock and Roll manage to talk pretty much everybeing they know, even several of their enemies, into paying their respects for it. And the bit afterward just adds to it, when every other Looper in existence feels for it as well.
  • In the first Mega Man loops discussion thread, there is a massive Tear Jerking moment. Based on the baseline events of X, Dr. Wily was the creator of the Maverick Virus. When X meets Dr. Wily, X might vaporize Dr. Wily because of a simple fact. Because the Reploids were created from X, he was technically their father. Sigma was a fifth generation model, technically a fifth generation child. X explains the part he truly hated about Dr. Wily's virus.

    X:"...the worst part. About your Virus, about your sick legacy, your twisted Last Laugh. The worst part about it is... The Reploids, they were called that because they were made from studying me. They were replications of me. But, but the first ones, they weren’t perfect. They needed constant modifications, and someone to guide them through developing their Prototype Personality Matrixes. They were blank slates that had no idea what they were doing beyond their build specializations. Like...Like children. MY children! I watched them! I guided them! They looked up to me as their “Progenitor”, as their “Source”, as the closest thing they had to a Father! And every new version after that was still family to me! Grandchildren, Great-Grandchildren, Great-Great-Grandchildren! Even Sigma was from the fifth upgraded batch!
    And who do you think he want after first, when he started infecting people for his first Uprising? It wasn’t just the strong ones; it wasn’t just the most advanced. It was the ones who knew him, the ones who knew Reploid Science best, because they were there when it was developed! The ones who were old and close enough to my coding that they might be modified to resist the Virus when people finally found out about it! The ones who would serve as symbols to the uninfected, whose support of his ideas would make Sigma seem less like a mad terrorist, and more like a freedom-fighter!
    And who... do you think had to deal with them. Who do you think was both immune to the Virus, and understood their capabilities enough that they were sent to neutralize them? Do you understand, now? Do you know what that means? What I’m trying to say? BECAUSE OF YOU, I HAD TO KILL MY CHILDREN!!!"

The Star Wars loops

  • The way the loops start out for Anakin. After dying saving his son, he believes The Force is punishing him for not killing Palpatine sooner, and tries, and fails, to kill him again and again, all the while not even sure he should even attempt to interact with Padme because of his strangling of her in the baseline. Then the one time he manages to kill Palpatine, Padme is collateral damage, causing him to shout angrily at The Force before killing himself. How stable he'd have been if that hadn't followed by a fused loop with the more experienced Harry Potter is a ominous question...
  • The details of the first encounter between Anakin and Kyubey, which ended with a fight between Anakin and a witch (who resembled a Hindu devil version of Darth Vader), and the very strong implications that the witch was either Padme or Ahsoka, and had killed the other after its creation. To this day, he has no idea whom he killed.


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