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Quote-worthy Loops and Loop authors.

Innortal's Loops

Mega Man Loops

–and bizarre geography that defied common sense, good taste, and several laws of physics.

We know you have a choice in genius conquerors and we thank you for choosing Wily.

Warhammer Loops

What harm would letting a bug loop do?

Star Wars Loops

You just didn't have the motivation to do anything after being killed by a fire breathing Jar Jar with an improbable weapon. Not even try to kill Solo or Tarkin.

Obi-Wan responded with laser vision.

Hello, my name is Mr. Darth Vader. I'm Luke and Leia's father. My job is ruling the Galactic Empire, enforcing justice and brutally crushing those who would harm others. Any questions? not Kyubey. This is a totally different magic granting talking furry creature

You've been spending too many loops as that Jones character, Han. Too much seat-of-the-pants improvising

Luke already getting a headache from hearing about his Father's little...incident in Fairy Tail because Natsu had accidentally called Ahsoka a demon. He was going to have to lecture him about not starting bar fights with wizards, again.

Look, if you [Haruhi] don't cut it out I'm going to start getting upset! Bad things happen when I get upset! There are whole planets that can tell you how that ends up.


Attack on Titan Loops

Exactly. Things vary between some loops in some worlds. Here everything changes. Names, genders, abilities, histories, alliances, everything. There is no consistency. Little foreknowledge. And a lot of bad luck.

No need to tell me twice.....He's worse than me repeating the word 'Titans' over and over in a blind rage. Heck, I'm pretty sure HIS Titans are different

As for Levi..... "I am the Night." The Batman-Batman no Mi suited him.

Chess Game of Kings ... What a crock. It's all reactionary, and once you're out of the early game, it's all so much minutia.


Code Geass Loops

Ha ha ha! Foolish Britannian, any properly prepared masked revolutionary will always be wearing a second mask!

A truly properly prepared masked revolutionary will also always be able to teleport away dramatically to protect his second mask!

In many ways, this Loop was relatively normal. Lelouch streamlined a few things early, prepared the few people who were Awake for any differences (there were none, as far as he knew, but Rakshata and Lloyd had run off to Australia again, he was SERIOUSLY going to have to look into that someday.), and got ready to unleash silliness against Britannia.


Nintendo Loops

Bowser, to a misinformed Wario: I'M A KOOPA, NOT A KAPPA! I DON'T EVEN LIKE CUCUMBERS!

Cranky shook his head in exasperation. Why on earth did his idiot grandson just eat a Fire Flower?

Five Nights at Freddy's Loops

Mike Schmitt: I'm going to stop you right there. No, we're not putting Freddy and the others in outfits that would make Vanilla Ice look like Dr. Dre.


  • Alex Prior
    We were arguing about name conventions, not biology

  • BIOS-Pherecydes
    Tetro is italian for dismal, which is a variation on the latin Tetra meaning foul.
    Spect is a latin term meaning to observe, watch, look at, see

    Tetro-foul, poor

    Tetrospect: to have a poor or negative outlook i.e pessimism

    Congratulation Spacebattles, its a healthy baby word.

  • Detective Ethan Redfield
    What's really funny is Lelouch used Geass on at least one occasion to get Rivalz a girlfriend...and it crashed the universe

  • Evilhumour
    MONEY FOR THE UNEMPLOYED IDIOT!!! (In response to the Fridge Logic in which why no night guard escapes the office when they run out of power.)

    Whenever I have a bunch of people quote and like me, I just think to myself, "Oh crap, what stupid thing did I say this time?"

    Me and Schmuck Bait is a bad idea as I would be tempted to go the extra mile.

    That's Madoka riding an unicycle while playing on a bagpipe that spouts fire and fairy dust. And I feel we are going to make that a running gag.

  • jxz
    ...Wow. Disney Anchors are dicks.

  • kingofsouls
    Of course. They're Loopers. They are more than time travelers, more than friends. They are one big family, spread across time and space. Not everyone of them love of even like each other, but in the end it doesn't matter. They play together, fight each other, talk to each other, help each other, fix each other, and in the end care for each other. This goes to show the true bonds of Looping: No matter where you go, or when you go, you are not alone, and each and ever Looper is willing to throw everything on the line for you because they're there for you, and that is all that matters.

  • Krisoverstreet
    Thus, I'd pick Lelouch over Yagami, though given my druthers I'd like to take all their toys away from each and tell them to take up needlepoint. (Hmm... DeathCrochetHoop?)

  • KrspaceT
    I don't ping. I am but a pong.

    I really hope that isn't an insult somewhere.

  • Mattman324
    Gurren Lagann? That'd be G [Gundam], which people in this thread are being silly and deriding for being "unrealistic" in a thread about a show featuring walking eighteen meter mechs in super hyper untouchable alloy that is harder but less dense than any earth alloy which have armor that reflects everything, have remote control pods controlled by wires and psychic powers, and have radioactive death lasers.

  • Mr. SP
    Milly struggles with morals. Euphemia struggles with morals. Lelouch wages epic multi-front sieges against several different sets of moral codes, with horrible causalities on all sides.

    Between that, his reaction to Milly's various engagements, and his brief consideration of marrying off the Tianzi, it makes you wonder just how used to political marriages, and unused to the idea of romantic love, Lelouch is. But if we start discussing Lelouch's various psychological issues, we'll never stop.

  • Saphroneth
    Side note: this will be a day long remembered. When users are arguing against dropping a meteorite on top of someone who's basically fantasy superhitler. (On Twilight Sparkle killing Jadis, AKA the White Witch from The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.)

  • Scorntex
    Y'know, some people, they go to sleep, everything's good, everything's fine. Then they wake up the next morning, and they're Azula.

  • Vadrigar 1994
    Well let's see. There was Ethan saving the Infinite Loops from bad romance fic hell and preventing a flame war, the Total Drama Island reboot discussion, the reading of the original TDI loops that are terrible, which organs alcohol kills first, the preferred pronouns of a Chaos God, Levi trying to start an interdimensional incident, chicken sacrifice, and I think pony virginity was brought up somewhere in there too.
    You know, we're a strange bunch.

  • Wildrook
    Yeah, but you can't go more honest than an Imperialistic Space Nazi.

  • Zeusdemigod131


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