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Running Gag / The Infinite Loops

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  • The Boss being referred to as Nolan North (in name and voice only).
  • Superman telling Lois Lane his secret identity, and her variations of reaction, from demanding he marry her to exploding to revealing herself to be Batman in disguise.
  • Strange variants of the Daleks or Daleks behaving strangely.
  • Kira Yamato generally tends to Loop into the place of artificial characters during Fused Loops. So far, this includes: Cell from Dragon Ball Z, Shadow from Sonic the Hedgehog, Jack from BioShock, Guy Shishioh from GaoGaiGar, Solid Snake from Metal Gear Solid, etc.
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  • Cucco hordes
  • Peacock crashing vehicles into different stores, much to Parasoul's chagrin.
  • The use of Noodle Implements when explaining how something was pulled off or a previous loop in Spyro the Dragon.
    • Loopers finding Malefor's title of 'The Dark Master' incredibly generic.
    • The Legend dragons wondering why Classic dragons eat bread.
  • Star Wars has several:
    • Darth Vader cannot simply visit a planet. So he always makes as grandiose as possible an entrance when in Fused loops where the other loopers are on separate planets.
    • Anakin's dislike for Han Solo being his son-in-law, prior to their Billy-forged friendship.
    • Whenever Anakin teaches a Padawan who isn't Ahsoka or one of his blood relatives, they will inadvertently have a strange twist in behavior for reasons Anakin cannot figure out.
    • The non-Looping Kit Fisto saying humorous lines about real life food.
    • Anakin seems to have a bad habit of being shot at with laser vision.
      [X character] responded with laser vision
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    • Loops mentioning Anakin being a Galactic Senator, and Obi-Wan reacting in horror.
    • Punching Mace Windu in the face.
    • Either unqualified or outright evil and/or insane characters being elected Supreme Chancellor.
  • Lupin III and Carmen Sandiego going Up to Eleven with their Impossible Thief antics, and generally Trolling whoever they meet.
  • Ian Malcom (of Jurassic Park fame) has had the honor of his running gag (trying to fix the Ping only to cause the loop he's in to go... a little coocoo) become its own ongoing saga in the thread it was devised in. Word of God from both Saphroneth and the head of the Dinosaur loops makes it clear that Ian will never succeed, though watching him fail is very amusing.


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