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Tear Jerker / The MLP Loops

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  • Twilight's reaction after going through a Past Sins Loop, and then waking up in a new Loop sans Nyx, showcasing exactly why the Loopers can't have children. Fortunately, Nyx starts Looping that very Loop, shaking Twilight out of her funk.
  • Chrysalis' situation, having started Looping after being Happily Married to Shining Armor during the Slavequestria Loop, she's lost the pony she loved forever. And then she starts Looping, and realises she really did invade Equestria in her baseline.
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  • Loop 162.18: Diamond Tiara reacting to an expansion giving her Spoiled Rich for a mother.
    Diamond Tiara: It's just... Twilight did warn me, but I didn't... I didn't want to believe it. I mean, before she could be dead, or divorced, or -or whatever, and I didn't like it, but I treasured... I treasured the times we had together, the Loops where she still existed. I liked my mother, no matter who she was, because... because luck of the draw meant she was usually, you know, a mother. And now... and now I have Spoiled Rich, and she's... she's what made my baseline self so... you know. And the thing is, I look at her and... I don't know. I don't feel like she's my mother. Not like the ones I had before, you know? She's... I don't...