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Heartwarming / The Winx Club Loops

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  • Flora managing to be nice to Kyubey because she believes he can be better, and getting through him. She also goes easy with the Trix for the same reason.
  • The Trix getting to Loop from a baseline Loop:
    • When they realize they've been sent back in time, and before finding out about the Loops, they decide to atone for what they've done, with such things as punishing Mitzi for being a Big Sister Bully, Stormy taking Mirta and Lucy under her wing, Darcy getting with Riven to make sure Musa wouldn't suffer from their love story, and Icy trying to be nice. Granted, they're still the Trix and Icy being nice scares everyone, but considering who we're talking about...
      • As said above, Flora believed the Trix could be better than they were in baseline. Without even trying, the Trix proved her right.
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    • When she discovers that the Trix are Looping, Musa Glomps Darcy.
    • After everything is known, Darcy deciding to give Musa a chance in name of the fairy's friendship with her many non-Looping counterparts and Aisha threatening to make Darcy pay if she tries anything funny with her friend.
  • After causing some heartbreak to Musa, Darcy, in a moment of guilt, realizes that she does like Musa that way and decides to comfort her. After all is said and done, they're still together, but no longer married, which is probably for the best considering that Donut was [[Funny Moments
the minister]].
  • Lapidary starts of rather depressing, but we eventually see Diaspro eventually bond with the Winx Club, and eventually move on from Sky not loving her and become a good Looper in her own right.
    • The Trix' reaction to Diaspro's newfound Looper status: they adopt her as a fourth Trix.
  • Related to Lapidary, the Trix and Looper!Sky's reactions to the one Loop where Sky went to a picnic on the day of the suidical Diaspro's funeral and, when Bloom called him out on it, flirted with her before Diaspro's parents: the Trix went out of their way to punish him while ending the civil war he had started, and upon finding out Looper!Sky demanded to know what the Trix had done his counterpart to punish him.
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  • After he starts Looping, Sky finds himself in hot waters with Bloom. Cue help from two unexpected sources: the Trix, who come explaining him what he needs to redeem himself from purely out of affection for their adopted sister (as Diaspro hoped he would redeem himself), and Sailor Venus, who offered him useful relationship advice because she is a Love Goddess.
  • Sky reaction to finding about his sociopathic self clearly shows that while he may not be the brightest bulb, he's still a good person at heart and clearly wants justice to be given whenever it happens.
    • The Trix, meanwhile, decide that Sociopath!Sky needed to be punished, and planned to ruin him on national television. While the Patchamen ruin that by killing Sky, the fact that they were willing to stop a civil war from destroying an entire realm shows that they do care about their Branch.
  • Aisha saving Nabu. This Activates him, and he is grateful that Aisha was responsible, and it's made clear that they truly love each other.
  • What allows Darcy to realize that someone bombed Tecna's Zords inside her pocket: she respects Tecna too much to even consider it was an accident. And it carries over from a baseline confrontation.
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  • Why do the other Winx Looper know the existence of the Mystery Looper: he left a gift to Flora and Tecna's wedding.
  • After Helia almost destroyed the branch, almost everyone is furious at him and unwilling to forgive him, but three can still give him some forgiveness:
    • Riven, the former Mystery Looper, immediately shows up to tell him he can be redeemed. Why? Because he doesn't want to see him so pathetic.
    • Diaspro also manages to offer him forgiveness: she tried to fix things before, though not to his extent, so she can understand.
    • Almost unbelievably, the third forgiver is Darcy. She doesn't really forgive him, but she's willing to not take revenge and let go of grudges, as she has better things to do-such as cuddling Musa. She also decides to point out her sisters will take revenge someday, giving him at least some warning.

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