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Nightmare Fuel / The Winx Club Loops

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  • While Played for Laughs, the non-Looping Trix' tendency to accidentally destroy the world through experiments going wrong through something they didn't anticipate when they're friendly.
  • When Kyubey revealed he passed an entire Loop in the Winx universe disguised as Bloom's pet bunny, he implied he pulls it rather often. Considering he has already destroyed a branch of Yggdrasil...
  • One Winx Club Loop starts off innocently... Until it turns out to be a Fused Loop with Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location. To clarify, Stella and Brandon go from blissfully unaware of Ennard's existence to very clearly seeing their disguise of Genuine Human Hide rotting before their very eyes. And then the victim gets up.
  • A Looping Diaspro, after dealing with failure after failure of trying to keep her engagement to Sky intact, eventually commits suicide. What's truly terrifying is the aftermath, where Sky turns out to be The Sociopath and shows absolutely no concern for Diaspro at all, even going so far as to flirt with Bloom in front of Diaspro's parents. This leads to Eraklyon enter a civil war within a week.
    • In general, Diaspro's mental degeneration until her 101st Loop ends up being truly terrifying, showing us exactly what the Loops can do to a person at their worst, even showing us what would happen when said Looper ends up in the Hub and goes insane out of nowhere around people you'd otherwise wouldn't care about.
  • Nabu tracking down Yoshikage Kira after he killed Aisha, and siccing his Stand onto the completely defenceless guy. Granted, he was an Asshole Victim, but judging by the offscreen carnage, it was merciful that it was very much a Gory Discretion Shot.
  • We see firsthand what happens when something causes the entirety of the Pocket to explode. Tecna literally goes into a seizure and her very soul gets harmed. The entire situation almost feels like Tecna might end up dying. Even worse, Helia set the whole thing up because of Setsuna Syndrome, and he clearly doesn't like what he felt like he had to do.

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