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Running Gag / The Winx Club Loops

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  • Whenever they're prevented from hunting for the Dragonfire, the Trix become non-hostile... And then end up Crashing the Loop through a scientific experiment gone wrong.
  • Valtor sucks at melee.
    • Finally broken when he faced fellow Butt Monkeys the Fairy Hunters, and the one who survived long enough to get into punching range neglected to finish him immediately... And broke his hand on Valtor's very muscolar and tough demon form.
      • That said, it's still no match for The Hulk when he's angry.
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    • Then brough back in a glorious way when Diaspro took him down in his demon form with a German Suplex and a Boston Crab.
  • Darcy as the only decent therapist on Magix.
  • Darkar being subjected to the yaoi fanfiction of him and Valtor that Fand wrote and put in place of the Relix, and suffering for it.
  • The Black Circle Wizard getting hilariously defeated in spite of their protection against Fairy Magic being vulnerable only to Believix.
  • The fact that no one knew that there was an MLE watchlist.

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