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  • Flora and the Winx preventing Darkar from getting the Relix 'till the admins replaced it. Why? Because had he achieved it, it would have meant his instant ascension to adminhood and the destruction of the Winx Club Branch.
  • After many loops of them being Butt Monkeys, a Friendly Trix Loop (where they usually Crash the loop with some experiment going awry) had the Trix remind everyone just what they can do by casually and brutally dispatching both Valtor and Darkar:
    • We don't see it, but Darkar was soloed by Darcy: she saw through the false Avalon's disguise, grabbed him, and as soon as she noticed his psychic link to Darkar (so that he could brainwash Bloom through him) she used it to fry the brains of both the Dark Phoenix and its pawn;
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    • Valtor's defeat is seen: Valtor and the witches that freed him (cousins of the Trix, who have a similar power set and are almost as formidable) are standing while having a pre-battle banter with Faragonda, Griffin and Saladin, Flora is musing on the difficulties of taking Valtor down without collateral damage, and then the Trix do just that: Darcy telekinetically takes down Valtor by painfully moving his blood vessels while complaining of the stupidity of standing still in such a fight, Stormy rips the air out of the lungs of her cousins while complaining about the same, and Icy reminds them that at least they managed to try out their tricks while she's stuck to finish the idiots off non-lethally (as otherwise it'd be murder) before severing Valtor and his minions' arms and legs with large icicles.
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  • The MLE Dio Brando comes to the Winx loop. After a long fight he reaches his target, an unawake Bloom... Who single-handedly restores all the damage he did and then annihilates him. She also changes his base form to make him wear Flora's pink dress.
  • Aisha's activation has one for the Trix. Aisha has her Enchantix powers and two years of experience fighting them... And the season 1 Trix fight her to a standstill, thanks to being still sane and thus more focused and capable of teamwork than Aisha has ever seen them.
  • Klaus gunning down the Black Circle Wizards. At first he was too scared to react when they broke in his home, then Duman mentioned they planned to attack his daughter next and the shotgun was close and loaded with rock salt shells...
  • Valtor facing the Black Circle Wizards, casually obliterating three of them... And then finally breaking the "Valtor Sucks at Melee" Running Gag: Anagan, who had escaped the attack thanks to his Super Speed, punches Valtor, finds out that Valtor is a Squishy Wizard because he finds meelee barbaric, mocks him for that, punches him again... And breaks his hand on the chin of Valtor's demon form.
    "Of course I'm not stupid enough to be COMPLETELY unprepared to you barbarians..."
    Thankfully for Anagan, Valtor preferred quick deaths, considering prolonged ones both barbaric and stupid.
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  • Flora defeating Dio Brando one on one.
  • Flora versus a Zombie Apocalypse.
  • The Winx on the Normandy. Full stop.
  • After recently starting Looping, the Trix hijacked Cloudtower and made it fly in loops just for the sake of technically making the whole school loop.
  • Timmy's run-in with Valtor. At first Timmy was on the run... Then Valtor accidentally pressed his Berserk Button. Offscreen defeat of Valtor ensues.
    "At that point he realized what was happening and stopped to teleport away, but he did it in range of the trap with the hunting troll, and you can guess what happened next." Timmy said, finishing his report on his fight with Valtor.

    "Please, kill me." Valtor begged from where he was lying with many broken bones, also being tortured by the side effect of the skunk trap and the giant hornet nest.
  • Flora versus the Predator Scarface.
  • Roxy versus the Black Circle Wizards. Just that.
  • Flora versus the Reapers
  • Diaspro's take on the "Valtor Sucks at Melee" Running Gag: first she throws him out of the window, then, as he transforms in his demon form, she inflicts him a German Suplex followed by a Boston Crab. The narration did mention a recent Loop as Diaspro Edelfelt, after all...
  • How the Trix reacted to the Sociopath!Sky of one of Diaspro's early Loops: they decided to make him pay, but, knowing that killing him would have made him a martyr, they snuck inside a press conference with enough dirt to ridicule him; then, as the original plan failed due the Patchamen killing Sky, they waited for his funeral, broadcast live, to bring in the Three Ancestral Witches to air his father's dirt, ending Eraklyon's civil war then and there.
    • Their tale also gives some awesome to the Patchamen and Looper!Sky: to Sky, because his reaction to finding out what his counterpart had done him was to calmly state he expected the Trix to have made him pay, and the Patchamen because they killed his sociopathic counterpart by beating him to death with napkins.
  • Cornelia Hale buying out Lightrock.
  • Aisha preventing Nabu's death. This ends up Activating the guy.
  • Nabu confronting Yoshikage Kira.
  • Icy Looping as Elsa-and taking care of Hans and the Duke of Weselton with only her smarts and without a single use of her powers:
    • As soon as she sees him, she immediately identifies Weselton as someone after Arendelle's wealth-and covertly sets him on Hans by exchanging looks with him as she talks with the other villain.
    • When Hans shows up she quickly sees through his plan, and convinces Anna to not marry him immediately by pointing out that a heir to the throne is supposed to have a marriage that benefits the country while also promising she'd made sure Hans is the only meaningful suitor. Also has the benefit of making Anna realize the holes into Hans' story, as Hans was supposed to know it.
    • Then comes the Duke's turn, and he shows his greater experience by tricking him into admitting his plan-while Icy and Anna listened from behind a curtain.
    • The end result: the Duke is not a threat anymore, as he has earned himself better trading conditions and knows better than provoking Icy (something he points out to Hans in a "The Reason You Suck" Speech that is interrupted by Anna punching the prince out), and Hans is sent back to his brother to be punished-and, Icy being Icy, fed his horse during the travel.
  • Diaspro apparently faced down DIO at one point. Granted, it made her look like she got out of a car accident, but she still gets props for sticking it out.
    • Likewise, her use of a Stand to avoid an explosive shows how casual Loopers tend to act around life threatening situations, even though it wasn’t an attempt on her life, but the contents of her Pocket.
  • During the Fall of Helia arc, Helia's preparations made him nearly unstoppable, but there's a number of moments where he's actually about to lose, slowing him enough to let Fand fix things:
    • The first comes when the Trix join the fray-and quickly literally put him on his knees thanks to their experience with fighting superior enemies. He recovers just in time to prevent Darcy from pilfer everything he had, but it was a close thing.
    • Diaspro's assault, that takes his leg before she's thrown away by his sheer power.
    • In the series, the Trix once stole the Dragon's Flame, something impossible to do. Readapting the spell they do the same on the Shadowfire he's wielding while Aisha and Stella gather his Water Stars. It's only due the contrast between the two powers that they fail, and it's still a close thing.
    • After that Helia makes a comeback, is about to win... And then the Stealth Looper, AKA Riven, hits him with Eudial's modified Fire Buster II to try and rip his Heart Crystal out as he had promised him in a previous Loop, and when that fails blocks him with the glue. He then delivers a powerful Breaking Speech that almost gets through him, and when he still decides to fight he has the Fire Buster II to match him for a few precious seconds-all that Fand still needed to prevent Helia from succeeding.

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