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Fridge / The Winx Club Loops

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Fridge Brilliance

  • Musa and Darcy's Foe Yay seems strange, especially given how they were mortal enemies in a personal way back in season 1. Thing is, they're rather similar: both have the subtlest powers of their respective groups (Music for Musa, Darkness for Darcy), and yet are rather unsubtle persons (Musa's rather direct and has a penchant for causing great physical damage with her attacks. Darcy is a Badass Biker who enjoys when her sisters cause great physical destruction, and has whipped out Super Strength and Hellfire). Had it not for their circumstances and having the same taste in boys, they could have become friend over that in their series.
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  • The Patchamen's ability to beat someone to death with napkins isn't just a quick gag: aside for being an affectionate parody of Science Ninja Team Gatchaman, their one appearance in the series states they're formidable ninjas, it's only normal they can use some unlikely weapons.

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