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Series / Corazón indomable

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Corazón indomable (English title: Wild at Heart) is a telenovela.

Tropes of this telenovela:

  • All for Nothing: Lucía picking the paychecks from the mud with her mouth. It manages that Mari Cruz wanted to have an exemplar revenge, so she threw photocopies of the paychecks to the mud, Lucía merely pick up the copies, while the originals are in a safe where she'll never see them.
  • Ironic Hell: Lucía picking the paychecks from the mud with her mouth, are a perpetual reminder of when she did the same with Mari Cruz back at the ranch, the only difference is that Lucía's humilliation is public.
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  • Laser-Guided Karma: The Emir Karim gets beaten by Octavio, when he attempts to rape María Alejandra (Mari Cruz).
  • Kick the Dog: Where to start?
    • Lucía provoking Mari Cruz to attack her on a dinner and telling everybody she's crazy.
    • Lucía forcing Mari Cruz to pick up a necklace from a mud puddle back at the ranch.
  • Kick the Son of a Bitch:
    • Mari Cruz forcing Lucía to pick up the paychecks from a mud puddle, the reason this is here, is because the paychecks from the mud are actually photocopies, the originals are in a safe.
    • Mari Cruz telling Lucía to stop picking up the paycheeks and asking a gardener to plant up a rosebush in the puddle as a memento of her succesful revenge.
  • Rags to Riches: Mari Cruz becomes into the rich María Alejandra after meeting her long-lost father.
  • That Woman Is Dead: An interesting case. Mari Cruz renames herself María Alejandra Mendoza, after meeting her long-lost father, despite she denies being Mari Cruz, she accepts that Mari Cruz married with Octavio Narváez.
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  • Woman Scorned: The reason why Mari Cruz wanted to have revenge on Octavio as well, calling him the worst offender of his family, after Lucía and Miguel.
  • Who's Laughing Now?: Mari Cruz's reason to exact her revenge on the Narváez family. She was a naïve, idealistic, poor girl who was victim of Miguel and Lucía's humilliations. She adds Octavio to the mix, because he broke her heart, even if he wasn't mean to him at all.


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