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I'll Take Two Beers Too

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Groucho: Two beers, bartender!
Chico: I'll take two beers too.

A stock joke playing on the Ambiguous Syntax that results when two people are present and one places the food order. Runs in two types:

  1. Bob places an order that is enough for himself and Alice, causing Alice to chime in that she'll have the same. (greed on Alice's side).
  2. Bob places an order that is enough for himself and Alice, then turns to her and asks "Do you want anything?" (greed on Bob's side)

While mainly just a quick gag, this trope also gets the point across that Alice or Bob is a Big Eater, or that one of them just wants to drown his sorrows in alcohol that much faster.

In some contexts, the speaker might lack familiarity with the restaurant's cuisine and thus not be aware that their friend ordered enough for both: "Oh, I guess I'll have a 'larjj-peetsa'note  too."

Compare Cut a Slice, Take the Rest and Ate It All.


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  • The famous Twix commercial tagline:
    Two for me. None for you.
  • There was a Denny's commercial featuring Kermit and Ms. Piggy.
    Ms. Piggy: Let's have three [breakfasts]. [Beat] Anything for you, Kermie?
  • In one commercial for Trident gum that takes place at a movie theater, a guy sits down next to his girlfriend with a huge bag of popcorn. "Where's mine?" she asks.

    Anime & Manga 
  • Slayers:
    • Lina Inverse is a Big Eater, and does this sometimes with food.
    • Gourry Gabriev as well. The first time the two are seen eating together, Lina orders one of everything on the menu, and Gourry orders a smaller list in triple portions. And then they eat it all.
  • In Persona 4: The Animation, Chie orders two nikudon (bowls of rice with beef and veggies) while on a stakeout with Yousuke to test his claim that they can order takeout from anywhere. When Yousuke protests he doesn't want one, Chie says they're both for her. The delivery arrives while they're on the run from their target without Chie ever saying where she was.

    Comic Books 
  • Asterix:
    • "Two boars for me, too" from Obelix.
    • In Asterix and Cleopatra, Obelix is asked to cut slices from a cake for three people. He apparently cut two slices, and when Asterix reminds him three slices are needed he eats all the rest of the cake himself. Justified in that the cake is poisoned, all three of them have already taken the antidote (and don't want to leave any to be eaten by someone who hasn't taken the antidote), and he's better able to eat large quantities than his two companions.
  • A Mini Marvels strip, where the Hulk is taking Betty on a date.
    Hulk: Two hot fudge sundaes, please.
    Betty: Hulk, you're so sweet. How did you know my favorite?
    Hulk: ... One hot fudge sundae for Betty, also.
  • '70s Stoner comic The Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers (no, not that kind of furry) has the titular trio rushing into a burger joint, one calling for three burgers, the other two each following up "that sounds great! three for me too!"
  • The German Werner series, which features massive drinking, has plenty of these:
    Werner: This calls for a drink!
    Andi: What, just one?
    Werner: Allright, two! [to waiter] Four beers, please!
    Andi: Me too!
This happens after they each already had a couple of "two beers" a few minutes ago. Eventually, Werner and Andi will have eight empty beer bottles and eight empty shot glasses on their table.
  • Gekotzt wird später has Werner, Andi, Eckat and the two-man crews of two crashed trucks previously loaded with dice: Andi orders seven beers. Everyone else orders seven beers for themselves, too. Yes, that's a single order of 49 beers.
  • Happens several times in Dork Tower, usually after Matt has suffered yet another indignity with his gaming group or his personal life. One trip to a Ren Fair had him depressing a nearby bard into the same funk.
    Bard: Good idea, three meads for me too.
  • In Birds of Prey, Lady Blackhawk and Dove are in a bar:
    Lady Blackhawk: [signaling the bartender] Two shots, straight.
    Dove: I don't drink alcohol.
    Lady Blackhawk: Never said you did.
  • The Dutch cartoon DeAlsJeMaarBekendBand has the following (translated) exchange when Sourdine, owner of the local music shop, is driven to near insanity by the members of the eponymous band showing up for work (very late) but demanding that they Must Have Caffeine first. He caves in and fetches coffee for them from the coffee corner next door:
    Barista: What's wrong, Sourdine? You look like you've seen a ghost!
    Sourdine: [jittery] FAR WORSE! I'll have three coffees too!
  • This happens in Hawkeye vs Deadpool #0. It's justified, as Deadpool needs the calories to burn to make it easier to use his Healing Factor faster.
    Deadpool: Four hot dogs, please.
    Hawkeye: Oh, no thanks, I'm not hungry.
    Deadpool: Fine. Four hot dogs, please, and none for my friend.
  • Little Lotta, whose scout troop has just finished a long hike and arrived at a diner. Lotta orders about a dozen meals worth of food, and then, of course, says "...and see what the rest of the girls will have."
  • Cavewoman: It's a Girl's Life:
    Carrie: Three extra large pizzas.
    Meriem: That's only one apiece!
    Mona: Ha! Ha!
    Meriem: What's funny?
  • In Robin Tim had a tendency to order an entire pizza for himself which often got complaints from others when they thought they were going to be sharing with him, since his favorite is Hawaiian and none of his friends or family cared for that combination of toppings, before whomever he was with learned that they'd be ordering their own with whatever toppings they liked. He started growing out of eating such large portions as he grew older though.
  • In The Further Adventures of Indiana Jones #6, Indy is visiting Marion for the opening of her new club. Marion takes two old-fashioneds from a waiter and immediately downs one. Indy is reaching for the second one she is holding when she downs that one too.
    Marion: Oh sorry, Jones. Were you thirsty too?
    Indy: Apparently not.
  • In the first issue of Usagi Yojimbo, Gen "invites" Usagi to an inn, orders enough sake to make two men blind... and then asks Usagi what he's having.

    Comic Strips 
  • Used as the punchline a few times in Beetle Bailey. Sergeant Snorkel is just the type to order double portions of either food or beer, as is his Distaff Counterpart Sgt. Lugg. Once when they go eating out together they ask for a table for four to have room for all the food. ("What other two people?") Another variant is when Snorkel is out with his dog and orders a long list of stuff to eat and drink, and then goes on, "And for me..." The basic variant also gets used a couple of times. They even manage to invert it, with cinema chairs, once:
    Sgt Snorkel: I'd like two seats.
    Beetle: I just need one.
  • Piranha Club (formerly known as Ernie) has a Sunday strip showing the local football team invading a bar where Ernie and Sid are drinking. It goes something like this:
    Cannibal #1: Give me eleven pitchers before I snap your neck!
    Cannibal #2: I want eleven pitchers too!
    Cannibal #3: He said he was a halfback so I ripped his arm off and said "I'll take this half!"
    Ernie: So, do you come here to party after the game often?
    Cannibal #4: It's only halftime!
    Sid: Careful, Ernie. It's the Bayonne Cannibals, the world's most dangerous football team.
    Cannibal #5: We're not the team, we're the cheerleaders!
  • One Sunday strip in Foxtrot opens with Peter and Denise at a McDonalds-like restraunt. Peter orders "two burgers, two large fries, two chocolate shakes", Denise objects, saying she wanted a vanilla shake, and Peter says he hasn't started ordering for her yet.
  • Played with in the Cathy comic strip (and it's also the title of one of her collected books). Cathy and a friend are ordering dessert and they each want pie. They order one pie and two forks, but Cathy's friend has to leave. Cathy then amends the order to two pies, one fork.
  • Zits: In one strip, Connie asks Jeremy to get the dessert bowls while she gets the pie. Jeremy asks how many he should get:
    Connie: Well, there's you, your father, and me.
    Jeremy: I'll get three then.
    Connie: Good choice.
    Jeremy: How many do you guys want?
  • Happens once in Hägar the Horrible where Hägar asks for two beers and then Lucky Eddie says he wants it too. This ends up earning him a funny look by Hägar and the bartender.
  • Curtis: Type two in the March 2, 2019 strip. The look on the face of the guy taking their order is priceless.
    Curtis (at a pizza place): "Four regular slices, please! Two cheese, pepperoni and sausage on the other two, one grape soda, one root beer, and one glazed doughnut and one eclair." (turns to his brother) "Do you want anything, Barry?"
  • One strip in Crock has Maggot and Grossie dating in a restaurant. Maggot orders two portions of every meal he wants and tells the waiter to ask what Grossie will order.

    Fan Works 
  • After Many Dates: Danny and Makoto: When Jazz and Dani go to JP Bearymore's, the latter orders extra large three pizzas with pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms and chicken and asks if Jazz wants anything.
  • In the fanfic Disney High, Meg and Jane order drinks in a bar. Meg asks for two shots of tequila and Jane starts to protest that she doesn't even like tequila... only to cut herself off when Meg downs both shots right away.
  • The House fanfic "I Am Not The Walrus" has one of these when House orders two shots of whiskey and a beer in response to another character ordering a beer. The other character says, 'How'd you know I was in the mood for a whiskey?" and House replies, "Oh, do you want one, too?"
  • The MLP Loops: Happens in Loop 12.6 when Twilight, having had to deal with politics earlier, pulls two bottles of cider out of her Pocket, asks her brother if he wants one, and then pulls out a third bottle and hands it him when he says yes.

    Films — Animation 
  • In The Movie Gekotzt wird später, Werner orders the following:
    Andi: Seven beers, please.
    Truck drivers: Seven for me, too!

    Films — Live-Action 
  • In Another Thin Man, Nick and Nora are at a night club. Nick asks the waiter for a bourbon, then looks at his wife and says "uh, two bourbons." Nora says "The same."
  • The A Night at the Opera quote above might be the Ur-Example.
  • ...unless it's the Laurel and Hardy movie The Fixer Uppers, which came out in the same year and has an almost identical exchange.
  • Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home does a version of the joke involving a pizza — unusually, it's used to mark Kirk as a Fish out of Temporal Water in the 20th century rather than as a glutton. Thanks to Kirk's vague phrasing ("The same."), the request was apparently interpreted by the other characters to refer to the drink only.
    • The novelization actually uses this trope (with "Make that two." "Big eater."), and Jillian points out he meant two beers.
  • Shows up in Zack and Miri Make a Porno at their high school reunion.
  • In Charlie's Angels (2000), Dylan orders three burgers, three fries, three shakes, and three apple pies. She turns to the others and asks them what'll they have.
  • Occurred in "Crocodile" Dundee, when in a high class restaurant and the yuppie couple he's with order "two vodka martinis", he replies "Yeah, I'll have two o' those, and a beer, thanks!"
  • There's an interesting variant of this in Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End: Cutler Beckett pours out two glasses of drink, intending for him and Jack to each have one. Jack goes ahead and drinks them both.
  • From Scott Pilgrim vs. The World:
    Scott: Two gin and tonics, please.
    Ramona: You drink?
    Scott: Only on special occasions. Why, did you want one?
  • From Fort Apache: The four sergeants approach the bar:
    Sgt. Beaufort: Four beers, please.
    Sgt. Mulcahy: And I'll have the same. With a whiskey chaser.
  • Steve Martin's character does this is in Dirty Rotten Scoundrels.
  • From Bullets over Broadway:
    Helen: Two martinis, please, very dry.
    David: How'd you know what I drank?
    Helen: Oh, you want one too? Three.
  • From Captain America: The First Avenger, Dr. Erskine proposing a toast to Rogers the night before his procedure. However, he remembers that Rogers can't have any fluids, so he snatches Rogers' glass away and drinks it down for himself.
    Erskine: No, no. Wait, wait. What I am doing? No, you have procedure tomorrow. No fluids.
    Steve: All right. We'll drink it after.
    Erskine: No, I do not have procedure tomorrow. Drink it after? I drink it now.
    Steve: Did you save me any of that schnapps?
    Erskine: Not as much as I should have.
  • The Portuguese movie Filme da Tretanote , a slight variation occurs. When they happen upon a steak stand, Zezé asks for a steak, leading his friend, Toní, to ask if he's gonnaorder anything for him. After much bickering, Zezé apparently concedes and asks for two steaks. However, when Toní asks for his to come with Barbecú sauce, Zezé asks "Why? Did you order?", to which Toní answers "You did!", leading to even more bickering.
  • In Hawk the Slayer, the nuns put a big plate of food on the table. Gort the giant pulls it towards himself and asks them to bring food for his companions as well.

  • A man goes into a bar and orders three beers, drinking them all. The next week he comes back and orders the same thing, and the week after that, and the week after that. Finally the bartender gets curious and asks the reason for this ritual.
    "Oh, well, when my two brothers and I were younger and still lived in the same town, every week we'd go to a bar and have a beer. Now we've all gone our separate ways, but we still keep up the tradition."
    Several weeks later, the man enters but only orders two beers.
    "Oh, I'm sorry for your loss."
    "My what now?"
    "You only ordered two beers. Did one of your brothers die?"
    "Oh no, but his doctor told him he needs to stop drinking!"
    • A variant ends: "Oh, nah, my doctor said I got to quit drinkin'."

  • In a biography of Hunter S. Thompson called Gonzo, a person recalls an occurrence with Thompson, himself, and a third person at a restaurant where the waiter came by and asked for their order. Thompson spoke up and said "Four beers and four margaritas." The waiter, confused, pointed out there were only three of them. Thompson then said "I don't care if there's thirty three of us, I want four beers and four margaritas."
    • In the early novel The Rum Diary Paul gets taken to a bar by an older reporter who orders two beers
      Paul: I'll have rum.
      Older reporter: Two beers and a rum.
  • The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy has Zaphod pouring two Pan Galactic Gargle Blasters, drinking one, sending another one down to check on it, sending a third drink to check on the status of the second drink, sending a fourth drink down the other head so they could "meet at the pass and team up", then a fifth to explain the plan more fully and a sixth for moral support.
    • In the short story "Young Zaphod Plays It Safe", he gets two beers while conversing with another character. Neither beer is for the other character, he's just getting one for each of his own heads.
  • Discworld
    • From The Light Fantastic
      "Yes, it probably does it good to get out and meet people," said Rincewind, "and now I think it'd do me good to go and order a couple of drinks."
      "Good idea," said Twoflower. "I'll have a couple of drinks too."
    • In Moving Pictures, when the wizards are buying concessions at the Odium. About eight of them are seeing a movie; two go to the stalls
      Dean: Now, that's six Patrician-sized tubs of banged grains with extra butter, eight sausages in a bun, a jumbo cup of fizzy drink, and a bag of chocolate-covered raisins.
      Chair: Right. Er, do you think we should get something for the others?
    • Feet of Clay:
      Fred Colon: Two more pints, Tom. ...Make that two for Nobby too.
    • Unseen Academicals has the crowning moment of this trope:
      Ridcully: Could you fetch the cheeseboards one to five, please? And, um, some of that cold roast beef, some ham, a few biscuits, and, of course, the pickle carts. Anyone want to add anything?
    • In The Truth, CMOT Dibbler attempts to invoke this, financially, when negotiating with William and Saccharissa. However, the dwarf Gunilla Goodmountain puts a stop to that.
      Dibbler: As in two for you two, and two for me too?
      Goodmountain: [putting a hand on his shoulder] We'll discuss it, shall we?
  • In Overture to Death by Ngaio Marsh, Alleyn is using Nigel Bathgate as a general errand boy as payback for Bathgate horning in on the investigation. At one point, Alleyn and Fox get back to the Jerningham Arms to find a very annoyed Bathgate complaining about the latest task they gave him. Alleyn interrupts with a call to the bartender:
    Alleyn: Joe! Three whiskies-and-sodas.
    Bathgate: I should damn well think so. What are you ordering for yourselves?
  • In After the Revolution, main character Manny sits at a bar with the british journalist Reggie and the Cyborg Skullfucker Mike, when the latter orders three shots of burbon. Manny is about to politely decline the gesture, before he sees Skullfucker Mike gluping down all three shots in one rapid session.

    Live-Action TV 
  • In The Big Bang Theory episode "The Bakersfield Expedition", the foursome walk several hours in the desert when their car is stolen. Once they find a diner, Sheldon says, "Four glasses of water please." He then turns to ask if the others want any.
  • The Comic Strip Presents episode "A Fistful of Travellers Cheques" does it with steaks. One of the cowboy wannabes orders two steaks and his friend immediately also orders two steaks in an attempt to out-macho him. This escalates until they are ordering ten steaks apiece.
  • The 10th Kingdom uses the "...and my wife will have..." variant.
  • Stargate SG-1: In Upgrades, the team is using alien technology that supercharges their physical abilities (and as a consequence, their appetites). At a restaurant, Jack orders three steaks. As the waiter turns to leave, Daniel also orders three steaks, and then Sam orders three steaks. And a Diet Coke.
    Sam: What? I like the taste better.
  • In Coupling, Jane visits Jeff at his home and tells him that she's ordered a pizza. Jeff replies that he loves pizza. Jane says "Oh, sorry, would you have wanted one as well?".
  • On The Mary Tyler Moore Show, Lou orders two drinks then asks Mary if she would like anything.
  • A slight variation on Corner Gas:
    Brent: Two chili-cheese dogs.
    Tourist: Oh, nothing for me, thanks.
    Brent: OK. Two chili-cheese dogs.
  • Inverted in Three's Company: Mr. Roper orders two beers, then his wife orders a white wine. Mr. Roper's expression shows that one of the beers was for Mrs. Roper.
  • In Scrubs:
    • Dr. Cox has just reunited with his pregnant ex-wife and poured two glasses of scotch. She mentions that she's pregnant, and he says, "Yeah, they're both for me."
    • Another episode has Dr. Kelso order two large drinks in a tropical bar. JD thinks, incorrectly, that he's going to be given one of them. "Can I at least have the fruit?" "Go away."
  • A fairly common gag in 30 Rock:
    • Big Eater Liz Lemon, while at a corporate retreat, announces to Jack that breakfast is complementary while carrying two plates piled with food. They're both for her.
    • Pete orders a large pack of donuts, and specifies that he's taking them home to his family. Then Liz makes the same order. To eat there. Alone.
    • Kenneth comes to Pete asking for advice about love. As he cheerfully recounts the story of his Awful Wedded Life, Pete fetches two tumblers, fills them with whisky... and sits there drinking them both himself.
    • Liz, pretending to be pregnant, is asked if she wants any food now that she's "eating for two", and her ears prick up.
      Liz: Well, two egg sandwiches... times two, would be four.
  • In an episode of That '70s Show, Red loses his job and goes drinking with some of his ex-coworkers. He gets too drunk and eventually Kitty has to come to the bar to pick him up. When she arrives:
    Kitty: Bartender, could I have two coffees please?
    Red: I’ll have two more beers!
    Kitty: Red...
    Red: Okay okay, I'll just have the one beer!
  • On Spin City, Nikki is offering information in exchange for a drink. The other orders two appletinis, and Nikki orders "the same".
  • Happens in the TV series of Blue Thunder with one of the cops ordering a huge fast food order while the waitress looks incredulous. As she goes to fill it his partner goes: "And miss, I'll have the same."
  • One scene of Family Matters had the Winslow family hanging out at a bowling alley or somesuch, when Carl walks up with a tray full of food from the concessions. Several reach for the food and he responds with something like, "Oh, were any of you hungry?"
  • In an episode of The Drew Carey Show, the gang is poisoned with a drug that makes them vomit when they consume alcohol. Lewis and Oswald begin bonding with two recovering alcoholic women over the fact that they can't drink. Later, the guys try to explain what happened to them, by drinking a sip of beer, only to realize that the drug has worn off.
    Lewis: Waitress! Four beers!
    Woman #1: Wait, we can't drink! We're recovering alcoholics!
    Lewis: Oh, sorry. Eight beers!
  • An episode of the New Zealand show Go Girls involves four of the characters finding out their business is being sold and they will soon be out of a job. Naturally they go to a bar and the main character asks for four shot glasses and a bottle; he then asks the other three if they want anything.
  • In an episode of Gilmore Girls Digger tells Lorelai that he has the world's largest bottle of vodka back at his place after a brutal night with her parents. She then asks what he'll drink. He replies, "Gin."
  • Cheers:
    Norm: Gimme a pitcher. What'll you have, George?
  • Appears as a sight gag in The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (1981) television show. Zaphod prepares two drinks, and Ford reaches for one of them, assuming it's for him, but it's snatched from his grasp as Zaphod drains them both with his two heads.
  • On Community, Pierce to Troy, with two cans of Brand X Cola. Pierce sits down next to Troy, paces the colas on the table, and Troy motions to take one. Pierce says, "No, these are both for me."
  • A variation in the Young Blades episode "Da Vinci's Notebook":
    Ramon: D'Artagnan met these sisters. They're triplets. It's gonna be a wild night.
    D'Artagnan: And if you two find ladies of your own, you're welcome to join us.
  • From an episode of M*A*S*H:
    Hot Lips: Two beers.
    Hawkeye: I'm having Scotch.
    Hot Lips: They're both for me.
  • Inverted in a sketch on one of Abbott and Costello's TV specials:
    Abbott: Go ahead, just order something small.
    Costello: I'll have a small steak.
  • An episode of El Chavo del ocho has Chavo and Chilindrina eating at Doña Florinda's restaurant. Chilindrina orders 2 entire meals and Chavo tries to order the same, when Chilindrina tells him that was for both of them El Chavo whines that it's too little. Then Doña Florinda goes to take Mr. Barriga's order, who is secretly paying for the kid's food, and Mr. Barriga tells her he will be having the same as the kids, but that he will take double ration.
  • An early episode of Midsomer Murders had Joyce in a bar with friend who ordered two large whiskies and soda, then asked Joyce if she wanted anything.
  • Happens in The Dukes of Hazzard, in the episode "Ghost of General Lee":
    Enos: A double order of catfish, hush puppies, pickles and onions, large order of fries, and extra thick chocolate milk and two slices of pecan pie. Is that right?
    Roscoe: Yeah, and get something for yourself, Enos.
  • On The Wild Wild West, Jim and Artie are nonplussed to have just met a stunning young woman who looks familiar and learn that she is the daughter of a woman they've known for years:
    Artie: [to the girl] I have ties older than you!
    Jim: [to the bartender] Two whiskeys.
    Artie: Same for me.
  • On How I Met Your Mother, Marshall ordered 100 shots of tequila. Barney says he'll have the same.
  • On an episode of ER, having spent the entire day combing Chicago searching for a patient's missing father, Carter and Lucy approach a fast-food place. Carter orders two cheeseburgers and two orders of fries. When Lucy thanks him, Carter tells her that was his order, then asks what she wants. This isn't because he's a Big Eater, however, it's because he hasn't eaten anything all day, thanks to the abovementioned search.
  • Hell's Kitchen: One episode featured a pair of sumo wrestlers each ordering one of everything. Cue Double Take from Chef Ramsey when the ticket comes in.
  • Happens on an episode of Gimme a Break!. Sam got dumped by her boyfriend and Nell takes her out for coffee to try and cheer her up. She orders two coffees (intending one for Sam) then Sam orders a glass of milk. She tries again with the food order, with the same result.
  • In the Supergirl (2015) episode "Red Faced", Kara's boss Cat takes her out for drinks and a pep talk. After Cat finishes her first martini, the bartender plunks down two more; while Kara tries to protest that she's not ready for another, Cat grabs them both.
  • When Charlie on Two and a Half Men meets his Old (Girl)friend, New Gender, he orders two shots. The friend says he doesn't drink, while Charlie's downing both of them.
  • In Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Jake and Amy decide to get drunk, so Jake orders them four shots. Amy orders four more.
  • In the Parks and Recreation episode "Andy and April's Fancy Party", Donna coaches Ann on how to act at a singles event. She orders two shots. Ann declines having one, but Donna says they're both for her and proceeds to drink them both at once.
  • The Weekly with Charlie Pickering: When Charlie, Tom and Judith sit down to watch the 2019 election, Judith deposits 4 or 5 bottles of booze on the table then says "Well, I'm set. What are you boys having?".
  • Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist: The eponymous evening of "Zoey's Extraordinary Night Out" begins with Joan bringing Zoey to a bar and ordering two martinis and two shots. Zoey, surprised, reluctantly agrees to do a shot with her boss, and Joan amends her order to four shots.
  • Yancy Derringer: In "Ticket to Natchez", Femme Fatale Billie Jo James is trying to attach herself and is cosying up to him at Madame Francine's gambling club when she mentions that she is thirsty. Yancy orders two champagne cocktails, and then she tells the waiter "I'll have two, as well".

  • Allan Sherman's "Grow Mrs. Goldfarb" has the titular wife consuming the following (to the tune of "Glow Mr. Glowworm''):
    You had for breakfast two pounds bacon,
    Three dozen eggs, one coffee cake and
    Then you had something really awful,
    Four kippered herrings on a waffle.
    Nine English muffins, one baked apple,
    Boston cream pie, Philadelphia scrapple,
    Seventeen bowls of Crispy Crunch,
    Then you said "What's for lunch?"

  • Lindeman gives the following example:
    Soccer coach Bob Lindeman: I went down to the bar with my team and said, "Give me eleven bottles of the best whiskey you have!" Then I said, "Now lads, you may order."

    Video Games 
  • Genshin Impact: In Mona's story quest, Mona offers to pay for lunch with her recent reward, so naturally Traveler starts listing off their order. Mona protests that's too much food for two people plus Paimon to finish, to which Paimon replies that Paimon hasn't ordered yet.
  • In Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas there is an early mission where you and your homies go to a drive-thru to get food. CJ, Sweet and Ryder all have normal orders, but Big Smoke...
    CJ: Ey, I'll take a number 9, fat boy.
    Ryder: Give me a number 9, just like him.
    Sweet: Lemme get a number 6 with extra dip.
    Big Smoke: I'll have two number 9s, a number 9 large, a number 6 with extra dip... (everyone else slowly starts turning to stare at him incredulously at this point) ...a number 7, two number 45s, one with cheese, and a large soda.
    • And then, when everyone else is busy trying to keep a rival gang from invading your neighborhood, Smoke eats all the food, even the stuff he didn't order. Of course, after you know he's a turncoat working with the Ballas, that scene can look much different.
  • A variant appears in the /silly command for male dwarves in World of Warcraft.
    Dwarf: Oh, I'm just a social drinker. Every time someone says, "I'll have a drink," I say, "So shall I!"

    Web Comics 

    Web Original 
  • In Flander's Company season 4, when going to a bar, Alternate Armand commands a whisky, a bloody mary and a vodka apple. Then he asks what his colleagues want.
  • A slight example in an episode of Eddsworld happens when Edd, Tom, and Matt flee into a diner. The waitress asks if they'd like anything to drink; Edd looks around at his friends before ordering.
    "One...two...yeah, better make that two gallons of coke."
    • It's worth noting that cola is Edd's signature drink, and thus it's almost guaranteed the others wouldn't have gotten any.

    Western Animation 
  • In the first episode of Futurama, Bender says "This calls for a drink!" to Fry and Leela and pulls out three beers. He then drinks all three of them at once.
  • Similarly, in Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law. Phil Ken Sebben pours two drinks. Birdman reaches to take his drink, but Phil just downs both without hesitation.
  • The Looney Tunes Show: In "Beauty School", Porky orders two of everything at Speedy's restaurant, causing Speedy to ask him if he's finally got a girl. Porky replies "No".
  • In an episode of The Oblongs, when Milo and Helga Phugley are living together (sorta) Helga says that she'll make a delicious dinner for two, and if Milo's good, she'll cook something for him as well. She laughs it off as a joke, though considering her weight, Milo didn't figure it out.
  • In The Simpsons, Homer is walking up to Chief Wiggum after Wiggum exploding on him for "being a bad friend." Homer says "I brought a 30 piece chicken bucket", and Chief Wiggum responds "Did it occur to you that I might want some?".
  • In the Squirrel Boy episode "Ice Cream Anti-Social", Rodney orders two sludgies, and Andy says he'll have the same.
  • Young Justice: Happens during Wally's 16th birthday in "Coldhearted":
    Megan: I made two cakes.
    Wally: Awesome! What'll you guys eat?
Since Megan knows that Wally has a hyper-accelerated metabolism, she probably should have anticipated this.
  • In SpongeBob SquarePants, one person orders two Krabby Patties (for use as "pattyskates"). Another person orders two Krabby Patties as well.
  • Slugterra: Pronto in a cavern famous for its chocolate root beer floats in "A Distant Shore":
    Pronto: Four extra-large floaters, please. Oh, and whatever my friends want.
  • Grojband: In "Smash Up Turby" when Nick is buying a ticket to the carnival and Trina comes along with Mina and says "Make that three!". Nick misunderstands what she meant and buys three tickets for himself, saving the other two for later.
  • Monetary variation: in the Looney Tunes film "Racketeer Rabbit," Rocky counts off his stolen money as he divides it between him and his accomplice Hugo (later duplicated in the Cool Cat cartoon "Three-Ring Wing Ding"):
    Rocky: One for you (lays down one for Hugo), one for me (lays down one for himself). Two for you (lays down one for Hugo), one, two for me (lays down two for himself). Three for you (lays down one for Hugo), one, two, three for me (lays down three for himself).
  • A flashback in King of the Hill episode, "Keeping Up With Our Joneses" shows Hank and Peggy as teenagers. Hank puts two cigarettes in his mouth, lights them and gives one to Peggy. He then gives her the other one and lights two cigarettes for himself.
  • One gag from The Venture Bros. has Brock Samson light up two cigarettes after a fight with Molotov Cocktease. After a beat, he asks if she wants one...and gives her one from the pack.
  • The Flintstone Kids: In "The Twilight Stone", Freddy has a Fantasy Sequence where he runs a fast food chain. Rocky Ratrock and his gang are among the customers. After ordering four bronto burgers, he tells Freddy to ask what the rest of his gang will order.