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CJ: What was with you back there, Smoke?
CJ: What?
Big Smoke: Nothin', nothin'. Just some poetry I read.

This trope is when a character has access to a large amount of food that is intended to be eaten by a group, but ends up eating all of it by themselves. Usually, they'll start just intending to eat a small amount, either as a snack or just to taste it. However, they end up eating more and more of it over time until they have unintentionally consumed all of it.


This is a downside of being a Big Eater. Compare I'll Take Two Beers Too and Cut a Slice, Take the Rest. The Fat Comic Relief is prone to this type of gag. This does not apply to situations where a character simply eats a lot of food.


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  • In a short series of commercials for McDonald's, Dad brings McDonald's takeout home, but he eats all the fries on the way. His wife makes him go back out for more.

    Anime & Manga 
  • In Toriko, Toriko is sent to capture a Goralligator for an international banquet. Since they can't carry the entire beast (it's at least 4m high at the shoulder, at least that wide and probably 40m long), he and chef Komatsu cook some right there. They eat it all.
  • Heaven's Lost Property: Nymph and Astraea decide to eat a watermelon from Ikaros's garden patch. They get carried away and eat the whole melon patch. Considering Ikaros used her whole battle array to kill bugs that were eating her melons, this is somewhat worrying.
  • In One Piece, Luffy claimed to have eaten all the candies in Fishman Island that was meant to be a payment for Big Mom (a notorious pirate who deems the island under her protection) when her underlings came to take the monthly sweets payment. In truth, the island's candy factory had been destroyed by the coup de etat incident just yesterday and the rest of the sweets have been eaten in a party. Big Mom doesn't believe him in the slightest.
  • Happened several times in Pokémon. Iris's Emolga used Attract in one episode to steal all the Pokemon food, and Clemont's Chespin ate all the macaroons Serena made in another.
  • In Chapter 33 of Ojojojo, Tsurezure gets invited to a fancy party by Haru's father (who wanted a chance to do a proper Meet the In-Laws routine despite having previously met him). Afterwards, several of the guests comment on the fact that he ate all of the food.

    Comic Books 
  • In the Asterix book Asterix and the Roman Agent, Asterix and Obelix are about to sit down to eat some wild boar, but when Asterix steps out for a moment, he returns to find that Obelix had devoured both boars.

    Comic Strips 

    Films — Animated 
  • In Disney's Alice in Wonderland, the Walrus and the Carpenter are about to have a group of oysters for dinner. The Walrus tricks the Carpenter into going into the kitchen for some bread. When the Carpenter returns to the dining room, he discovers that the Walrus has eaten all of the oysters ("They'd been eaten, every one!").

    Films — Live-Action 
  • Fatso. To help take his mind off Lydia going missing, Dom goes to get Chinese food for everybody on poker night, though the fact that everybody's order comes from the same restaurant Lydia favors only intensifies Dom's anquish, and on the way home, he tries to console himself with the food. By the time he finally makes it home, both of the large paper bags are full of empty Chinese containers, which he places in the trash, before sneaking back up to his room.

  • Winnie the Pooh: Pooh decides to give a potful of honey to Eeyore on his birthday, but on the way to Eeyore's house, Pooh forgets why he's carrying it and so snacks on it. When he gets to Eeyore's, Pooh realizes that he had been planning on giving the honey as a gift but now he's eaten it all. All he has to give Eeyore is an empty pot. Eeyore doesn't actually like honey, but is very glad to have been given the empty pot.

    Live-Action TV 
  • Cheers: Norm and Cliff are waiting for another regular Paul so they can celebrate his birthday. Since he's late, they eat his birthday cake. They console themselves with the fact that they have pizza too. Then they eat that.
  • Alberto of Samson En Gert does this all the time. There is even a song about him eating all the food in Gert's house and ending up with a sore tummy.
  • On a Thanksgiving episode of ALF, ALF eats all of what was supposed to be the Tanner family's Thanksgiving feast, prompting them to have to accept an invitation to spend the holiday next door with the Ochmoneks.
  • An episode of Barney & Friends using the song "Who Took the Cookies from the Cookie Jar?" has the kids find out that Baby Bop ate all the cookies.
  • Taxi: Louie is in the hospital and the gang goes to see him. He has a box of chocolates that someone gave him and he offers them each "have one." They decline. Then he offers Latka one; Latka goes to town, eating practically the whole box. Louie then looks at the box and says "I said 'have one' not 'leave one!'"
  • In an episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000, Dr. Forester and Frank have a ton of Chinese food delivered. While Dr. F is getting the drinks, Frank ends up eating everything except the packets of soy sauce.
  • In the first episode of the syndicated run of Mama's Family, Bubba, who just was released from juvenile hall, ends up consuming the large spread he thought was for his homecoming but was in fact for Aunt Fran's funeral.
  • Married... with Children has an episode where one of the larger NO MA'AM members was sent out to buy burgers for the ther members, only for him to have consumed them all before getting back. His only response was "I hit a red light."
  • Frank of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia picks up fish & chips for the gang, but is blocked from going back into Paddy's because a suicide jumper is on their roof. He's continuously seen noshing on the food as he schemes to get past the emergency workers and the news crew, until he finally makes it back in with an empty bag:
    "Woah woah, Frank; where's the fish & chips?"
    "Et 'em."
  • An episode of Kenan & Kel has a Thanksgiving Episode where Kel consumes the entire turkey by himself.
  • A Running Gag on the Mexican show El Chavo del ocho, whenever another character asks Chavo to hold on to something edible, when they ask him for it, he will sheepishly admit that he ate it without asking for permission.
  • In Mary Tyler Moore Mr. Grant is invited to a dinner party at Mary's. When the food appears, he takes a huge helping, remarking that he is really hungry that night. Mary hauls him aside and informs him he has taken half the entire dinner meant for everybody. He then spoons it back onto the platter, saying he is not so hungry after all.

  • "Throw the Yule Log On, Uncle John" by P.D.Q. Bach contains the lines:
    "Though the weather's bitter cold, there's not a frown to mar the festive mood,
    Wait 'til they discover old Uncle John has eaten all the food."

    Tabletop Game 

  • In the opera Hansel and Gretel, the mother sends the children out into the forest and warns them not to return until they have filled a basket with strawberries. They succeed in filling their basket, but are inspired by a cuckoo to have some for themselves. Soon all the strawberries are eaten, and it is growing too dark for the children to pick new ones or even to find their way back home. (Unlike other versions of the tale, they didn't even try to leave a Trail of Bread Crumbs, since the reason they were sent to pick strawberries is that the family didn't have any bread in the first place.)

    Video Games 

    Web Animation 
  • The King of Town from Homestar Runner is such a Big Eater that he once ate an entire Thanksgiving banquet.
  • Garfielf:
    Jon: where Are the 3-cheese pizzas
    Garfield: I ate those food
    Jon: where Are the taco shells?
    Garfield: I ate those food
    Jon: where did all the hamburger helper go
    Garfield: *brup*

    Web Comics 
  • In Carrot Cake Storybook, Carrot Cake leaves Ditzy Doo to recover in her house and goes to deliver a package. At the very end, she returns from the delivery, and Ditzy greets her with, "I emptied your fridge."
  • In Leftover Soup, Ellen eats all of Jamie's pumpkin bombs in one sitting, and then passes out from nutmeg poisoning.
  • In one strip of PvP, the gang sit down at Cole's house for Thanksgiving dinner, only for Skull to eat the whole turkey in one bite. Fortunately Cole saw this coming and had a spare ready.

    Western Animation 
  • My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic:
    • In "Swarm of the Century", a Parasprite ignores Fluttershy's offer of a single apple and eats her entire stock
    • In the same episode, Pinkie Pie eats entire cakes prepared for Princess Celestia's visit.
    • Snips eats the majority of the cake meant for Diamond Tiara's cuteceñara in one bite.
  • In the Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends episode, "Camp Keep a Good Mac Down", a Running Gag has Bloo eating all the food Mac and the other imaginary friends packed on their camping trip. When they run out, Bloo tells them he ate all the food, except Coco's powder, which he tried, and threw away.
  • The Simpsons:
    • When the Springfield Elementary Model UN Club gets stranded on an island a la Lord of the Flies Milhouse is accused of eating all the food. They have a trial where Bart as judge decides that Milhouse probably did it but they have no evidence so he's not guily. Then the rest of the group decides to kill Milhouse anyway. It turns out that a wild boar ate most of the food, but Milhouse admits he robbed some of it beforehand.
    • In another episode Homer has to do the food shopping because Marge is busy taking care of baby Maggie. Bart & Lisa take advantage of the situation by filling the cart with sweets.
      Bart: I need this candy for school, candy class.
      Homer: Well, okay, but get five bags in case we eat four on the way home.
  • Mr. Bogus:
    • Happens in the second act of the episode "A Day At The Office", after Bogus catapults himself into a vending machine full of food, which causes the shelves of the machine to start spinning around uncontrollably. When a woman reaches inside the machine, she becomes both surprised and angry to see only an eaten apple core, before seeing that all of the food had been eaten then assumes that her pet poodle ate all the food. After they leave, the vending machine shelves then turn around to reveal Bogus looking very contented and relaxing with a Balloon Belly, which meant that he was the one who had eaten all of the food.
    • Bogus and Brattus climb into a pizza box in the second act of the episode "Beach Blanket Bogus", before the pizza is then handed to Tommy, who then opens up the box to see the two cousins hiding inside, before leaving the beachside restaurant. When he opens up the box again, he then discovers that Bogus and Brattus have already eaten the pizza.
  • At the start of Scooby-Doo on Zombie Island, Scooby and Shaggy are working at an airport as a contraband-detecting dog and his handler. While highly successful at sniffing out smuggled foodstuffs, they get fired when their boss discovers they've eaten an entire room full of confiscated food which had been stored as evidence.
    • Hell, Scooby himself has been guilty of this several times. In "The Headless Horseman Of Hagglethorn Hall," he hides from a ghostly knight in the gang's picnic basket where he proceeds to woof down a whole roast chicken with absolutely no contrition about it.
  • In an episode of Magic Adventures of Mumfie, Goose eats Pinkey's dessert without asking permission for it.
  • In one episode of Hey Arnold!, Arnold and Gerald are selling chocolates door to door. Gerald's sister asks if she can try some, upon which she eats every last one while they're not looking. Gerald even lampshades the absurdity of her managing to eat several dozens boxes ("I was hungry!").
  • In an episode of American Dad!, just as Stan is about to sample a box of chocolates, Roger not only scarfs the entire box, he spits them out onto Stan and then wipes his mouth with his sleeve (to clarify this episode concerned Roger's enormous superiority complex).
  • VeggieTales: Near the end of the Silly Song "Pizza Angel", after Larry spends the whole song worrying about his pizza being late, the pizza delivery boy (played by Jimmy Gourd, no less) shows up, but reveals that he couldn't find Larry's house, so he ended up eating the pizza.
  • Socrates eats the rest of the cookies at the end of the Adventures from the Book of Virtues episode "Moderation", before Aristotle can even have one. This causes Aristotle to angrily chase after Socrates.
  • In the The Penguins of Madagascar episode, "When the Chips are Down", Private and Mort get trapped in a vending machine. With no way to get out of it, Private decides to look at the positives by finding out they have enough food to last until the other Penguins and Lemurs find them, only to find out that Mort ate all the food, including the Cheesy Bits (which earlier he said he didn't like, and is also the very reason they're trapped in there in the first place). This later turns out to be a good thing, because it prompts Alice to restock the vending machine, giving them just enough time to escape when she opens it.
  • The Flintstones has an occasion where the Rubbles are staying with the family and Barney eats a whole pizza that was meant to be dinner for the four of them by himself.
  • The Loud House:
    • In "April Fools Rules", Lincoln tries to turn his room into a bunker for when Luan goes on her annual April Fools Day prank-pocalypse, and he gathers up 24 hours' worth of rationed snacks to hold him over. Lana ends up eating them when his sisters commandeer the bunker.
    Lana: (mouth full) What does "ration" mean?
    • In "Lincoln Loud: Girl Guru", when Lincoln and his friend Clyde are baking pies to sell, as part of a class project, Lincoln goes to pantry for the chocolate they'll use as filling only to find it missing. Lincoln then tells Clyde that his ten sisters are known "choco-holics," cue montage of the sisters with a contented expression on their chocolate smeared faces.
    • A variation is shown in the episode "A Fridge too Far." The problem is that whenever any of the Loud siblings reserve leftovers, or any other type of food, and clearly state that it's not meant to be shared, the other siblings will happily eat said food without permission.
  • Family Guy: In "Da Boom", the apocalypse happens and Peter eats packs of dehydrated food he was saving for the occasion.
    Lois: Peter, what are you doing? You just ate a year's worth of food!
    Peter: Heh, what a waste of money. I'm still hungry.
    [Peter sips some water, causing him to expand]
    Peter: Everyone leave. I have to poop...NOW!
  • Several instances in Ready Jet Go!. For example, Sunspot eats all of Sean's peanut butter sandwiches in "Sean's Year in Space", and the entire pizza in "Satellite Selfie". In "Earth Camping", Cody eats all of the Petersons' camping snacks.
  • In the Muppet Babies (1984) episode, "The Great Cookie Robbery", Nanny tasks Gonzo with giving each of the other babies one cookie from a box of cookies to help tide them over while she makes lunch. Gonzo, however, keeps the box of cookies for himself and eats every last cookie from it. Karma catches up with him at the end of the episode when he's too stuffed to even look at, let alone eat his peanut butter and banana sandwich that Nanny made for him.
  • On Rocko's Modern Life, Heffer has done this many times, and gets called out for it in Heck during a Near-Death Experience, because his behavior concerning food hurt others in his life. Most notably, the time he ate his grandfather's entire birthday cake, lit candles and all.
  • In the PB&J Otter episode, "The Tell-Tale Candy Wrapper", the Otter kids win a one-pound jar of Whammy Clammy Candy from the fair, but their parents limit them to having just one piece of candy from the jar per day, which they agree to. When Flick comes to the Otters' house the next morning, he discovers the jar. He intends to eat just one piece of candy, but soon gets carried away and eats every last piece, leaving only empty wrappers in the jar. When the Otter kids discover the jar full of empty wrappers, Opal sees them, assumes they disobeyed her rule, and punishes them. After Flick confesses what he did to Opal and promises to buy the Otter kids two pounds of Whammy Clammy candy to make it up to them, karma catches up to him, as he gets a bad stomachache, rendering him unable to play with the Otter kids.
  • In the Phineas and Ferb episode "Lights, Candace, Action!", Doofenshmirtz had prepared a wheel of cheese that he claims to taste so good, you won't be able to stop eating it once you try it. Sure enough, when Doofenshmirtz walks away to get some crackers for the cheese, he's shocked to find Perry having eaten the entire wheel, which angers Doofenshmirtz greatly.
  • Total Drama: One of the risks to having Owen around is the possibility that he might eat all your food. A cooking challenge was ruined for his team when Leshawna put him in charge of guarding the food, and he predictably ate everything in sight.
  • Ed, Edd n Eddy uses the "Drank it All" variant in one episode where Edd creates a soda that will never go flat. Upon receiving it first, Ed gulps it all down and then proceeds to fly through the air like a rocket due to the gas bubbles projecting out of his nose. His only reply to all this is an impressed "Gassy!"
  • South Park: Downplayed in "The Death of Eric Cartman". The episode begins with the boys helping to carry in the groceries Stan's mother bought as well as the KFC. Eric, being who he is, not only refuses to help but also ate all of the skins off of the chicken, to the others' anger and disappointment, especially Kenny's, who reacts by bursting into tears. This drives the boys (and soon enough the rest of the school other than Butters) to begin to ignore him, leading to him believing that he was dead.
  • In The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy, Billy, Mandy and Grim are selling Person Scout cookies door to door, but when they finally make a sale, they find that Billy ate the entire supply. It does give Grim the idea however, to use his aunt's secret recipe for the greatest cookies in the universe and sell those instead, kickstarting the episode's plot.


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