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Hard-Drinking Tropes

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"To alcohol! The cause of — and solution to — all of life's problems."
Homer Simpson, The Simpsons, "Homer vs. the Eighteenth Amendment"

Tropes about alcoholic beverages and the consumption thereof. But you don't need to read this index! You can quit any time you want! *hic*

Theesh Topes — theesh Topes Are Some of the Besht in the Wod! I love 'em sho mush! *hic*


And I'll tell you when I've had too many tropes!

Nappa: Vegeta! What does the breathalyzer say about his blood alcohol content?
Vegeta: It's OVER NINE PERCENT!!! (crushes breathalyzer in hand)
Nappa: WHAT? Nine percent? How the hell is he even alive?