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Sentimental Drunk

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Drinking alcohol makes some characters nicer than sobriety, often with large doses of melancholy. Large doses of maudlin sentimentality are common and may lead to declarations of "I love you guys," or tears.

Also termed a "happy drunk" (though drunkenness can also induce sadness) or "friendly drunk" as opposed to the "mean drunk" or "nasty drunk."

Sub Trope of In Vino Veritas. Can be Truth in Television because alcohol lowers inhibitions.


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    Anime & Manga 

    Fan Works 

  • A character from Wayne's World acted like a happy drunk, going around saying, "I love you, man!" and hugging people.
  • City Lights had a character who was exceedingly friendly and generous when drunk, but tight-fisted and mean when sober. The fact that he also tended to black out and not remember what had happened when he was drunk adds to the confusion.
  • Vodka was the key for a couple of kisses in The Way He Looks. Upon learning this, Leonardo deliberately tries to get Gabriel drunk again. It also leads Leonardo to tell Giovana about his feelings for Gabriel.
  • Another Round: All four teachers discover in their drinking experiment that getting drunk makes them nicer people, or at least more effective at being nice.
  • Applied to hashish in Karate a Muerte en Torremolinos. Manolo likes Jess because he's the only one who treats him well. Due to this, Manolo tells Jess the legend of Jocántaro.

  • In To Say Nothing of the Dog, Ned compares the sentimentality that time drops can cause to an Irishman in his cups, or a sober Victorian poet.
  • In A Tangled Web (1931), Penny Dark gets drunk in order to convince Margaret to call off their engagement by repulsing her. Unfortunately for him, it makes him sentimental and convinced he really is in love with her. His actions convince her that she can't call it off.
  • In the Hoka stories, one alien while drunk goes off in sentimental memories of his youth. Then he shifts to Mean Drunk on seeing a human — or primate, as he puts it.
  • In Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, Slughorn and Hagrid get drunk together at Aragog's funeral. This puts Slughorn in a much more relaxed mood (as well as ensuring that he wouldn't remember anything Harry said to him) so that Harry can question him about the covered-up memory.
  • InCryptid: Dominic accidentally gets high off swamp bromeliad pollen and becomes overly affectionate towards Verity, which would be nice if they weren't currently trying to rescue a kid from a Man-Eating Plant.
    Dominic: You're beautiful. Did you know? You must know. You own so many lip glosses. No one would own that many lip glosses and not know. Do you want to dance?
  • Raymond Shaw in The Manchurian Candidate becomes both more pleasant and more melancholic when he drinks.

    Live Action TV 
  • In one episode of The King of Queens, Doug notices that Carrie is more friendly when drunk, and encourages her to go out drinking as much as possible.
  • In a two-parter episode of Cheers, the minister to perform Woody and Kelly's wedding dies, so they (Sam et. al.) find a minister uncle to perform the ceremony. However, he's drunk, so they sober him up. Then he's not actually nasty, but he refuses to perform the ceremony because he hates marriage. So they get him drunk again.
  • In a Friends episode, "Fun Bobby" was the life of the party (in an appropriate and functional way) when drunk, but was lethargic and boring when sober.
  • Star Trek: Of all people, Seven of Nine was this. Until she learned to hold her synthehol.

  • Our Miss Brooks: "Old Clothes for Party" sees a sentimental (and exceptionally annoying) drunk invades Miss Brooks' conversation when she tries to use the party line telephone. The drunk falsely thinks Miss Brooks is married to his best friend and starts wailing as she's making a date with Mr. Boynton. Later, the drunk starts crying about how he doesn't know where his father is.

  • In Pygmalion, Eliza claims that her mother used to send her father off with drinking money so he'd come back home "cheerful and loving-like." She then adds that a lot of women have to get their menfolk drunk to be able to live with them. Unfortunately, this is while she's trying to pass as an upper-class lady.

    Video Games 
  • In Shining Resonance, Captain Burroughs gets absolutely hammered to celebrate Sonia's promotion to full Dragoneer, and spends much of that drunkenness cheering about how proud of her he is.
  • In adult Bara Genre Beat 'em Up Strange Flesh, the no-nonsense, dominant Bartender becomes a lot more smiley, affectionate, and willing to bottom when he's drunk.

    Visual Novels 
  • Amnesia: Memories: Ikki admits more openly how much of a burden things are and how much he loves the heroine after drinking a little too much. Amnesia LATER also reveals that he becomes quite a cuddler when intoxicated.
  • Ms. Walsh from Double Homework becomes more open about her failures and appreciative of him for tolerating them when the protagonist walks in on her drunk in the faculty room. She even offers him sex.

  • Walkyverse: Mike is a total Jerkass when sober, but a swell guy when drunk; this has led people to keep him soused as much as possible.
  • In Weak Hero, Naksung is usually pragmatic to be the point of being an asshole. However, it's revealed that he can't hold his drink and becomes much friendlier once he has some alcohol in him. Hwangmo takes advantage of this to get a favour out of him when they'd otherwise be at each other's throats.

    Western Animation 
  • The Simpsons: At Duff Gardens, Bart and Milhouse go on a ride to make you feel like you're drunk, after which they're buddy-buddy, with lines such as "You're my best friend!" and "This guy...this is the guy..."
  • Family Guy: Stewie acts like this after he drinks something Brian tells him is alcohol.

    Real Life 
  • According to this article from Cracked, Nikita Khrushchev might have prevented a war by being a friendly, sentimental drunk. Josip Broz Tito had gotten into a serious tiff with Josef Stalin, which led him to keep Yugoslavia outside the Soviet Bloc, and war between the Warsaw Pact and Yugoslavia seemed all but inevitable. Even after Stalin's death in 1953, tensions remained high; when the Soviet and Yugoslav governments arranged a summit meeting in Belgrade in May 1955, the Yugoslavs expected it to be a meaningless farce and set things up so that the Soviet delegation would get drunk in public and embarrass themselves. Get drunk in public they did...but embarrass themselves? On the contrary, Khrushchev got all lovey-dovey and started kissing everyone in sight, and heartily encouraged Tito and the Yugoslavs to get drunk with him at a lavish party at the Soviet embassy, at which Khrushchev kept telling Tito, "Josya, quit being so angry! What a thin-skinned one you are! Drink up and let bygones be bygones." The conference ended a huge success and Soviet-Yugoslav tensions were resolved (although Yugoslavia never did join the Pact, they were at least talked out of making a Bomb).