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Barred from Every Bar

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"I been beat up bad, I been kicked around
I been thrown out of every damn bar in this old town, in this old town
I guess you don't like the way we like to have our fun
Cause I'm always out there an' I'm on the run
Yeah, I'm a-runnin' an' a-gunnin' an' a-lookin' for a damn good time"
Hank Williams III, "Thrown Out of the Bar"

Drowning your sorrows in alcohol is not fun. It probably means you're at a very low point in your life. And when you're feeling that low, too much booze can sink you even lower. It can make you a mean drunk who starts bar fights, or it can make you a public nuisance throwing up behind the dumpster. But even the sleaziest bars have standards, and causing too much trouble means you'll be shown the door, probably by a heavily muscled bouncer who unceremoniously throws you out onto the street (followed by the bartender yelling "And stay out!"). The only thing that will make you feel better is more alcohol, so it's time to find another bar. Rinse and repeat until you've been kicked out of every bar in town at least once (and are probably no longer welcome at a number of them).

When a character is shown like this at their lowest point, they might end up realizing what a mess they've made of their life and resolve to turn things around, or another character might take pity on them and help them get out of their funk.

And for the record, "You're barred!" is the British English version of "And stay out!", although it's just as likely to be said to someone who's expected to walk out of their own accord.

Sub-Trope of Persona Non Grata. Related to The Alcoholic, Drowning My Sorrows, Drunken Montage, I Need a Freaking Drink, Alcohol-Induced Idiocy, and Despair Event Horizon. May be the grown-up, low-key version of Expelled from Every Other School.

No Real Life Examples, Please!


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    Comic Strips 
  • Andy Capp is a shiftless lush, mooching his wife's wages to pickle himself in British pubs. His principal haunt is The Rose and Crown, where proprietor Jack often tosses a pickled Andy into the street at closing time. Andy has also gotten himself ejected from other pubs, mainly for being a combative, impatient jerkass.

    Fan Works 
  • The Negotiationsverse: After Equestria loses the Conversion War, Rainbow Dash descends into alcoholism from the horrors of the war, the stress of her friendships shattering, and the deaths of nearly all her loved ones. Her drunken antics get her kicked out of nearly every bar in Canterlot, and the final straw comes when Pony Joe kicks her out of his bar for throwing a bottle at him. Sweetie Drops finds her passed out on a park bench, cleans her up, offers her coffee to get rid of her hangover, and recruits her into the Equestrian Freedom Fighters, an anti-human terrorist cell.

  • Dorothy Must Die: Dusty Acres is a tiny, dirt-poor town in the middle of nowhere with three bars. Amy's mom, a very much non-functional drug and alcohol addict with not much to live for except her vices, has been 86'd from two of them.
  • The Origin of Laughing Jack: A lot of Isaac's father's earnings are spent on copious amounts of alcohol after his long shifts, and sometimes he returns home after having been thrown out of every bar in London to drunkenly abuse his wife.

    Live-Action TV 
  • Cheers:
    • It's a Running Gag that Norm is The Scrooge and absolutely refuses to pay his (quite extensive) bar tab at Cheers. It's quite heavily implied that the other bars in town have decided to just bar him from entrance (and Cheers is thinking it over) as a result of this, with one episode having Norm arriving at a different bar because of the episode's events and the bartender yelling out a "Get out of here, Peterson!" five seconds later.
    • Downplayed when he gets picked as the bar's designated driver for the night. After dropping off his first patron, he returns and Carla reminds him that he's the designated driver. He replies "I know that and you know that, but did you have to call every bar in town and tell them?"
  • How I Met Your Mother: In "The Perfect Cocktail", Barney and Marshall argue over the demolition of the Arcadian Hotel since Zoey hires the latter to help her defend the Arcadian while the former works for GNB who wants to demolish the hotel so they can build their new headquarters. Their argument nearly leads to a brawl which made Carl furious that he bans the whole gang from the bar.

  • In 1977, one of the earliest Star Trek filksongs, "Banned from Argo", made its debut. The song tells how the crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise took shore leave on Argo, left chaos and destruction behind them, and were banned from the whole planet.
  • "Thrown Out of the Bar" by Hank Williams III is about the singer going through a low time in his life, with his antics getting him thrown out of every bar in town, hence the song's name.

  • In Albert Herring, when Albert is crowned May King at the Vicarage in Loxford to celebrate his supposed virtue, Lady Billows awards him a purse containing 25 gold sovereigns. When Albert belatedly reappears the next afternoon after being missing and presumed dead and is pressed to give a full and true account of what happened, he reveals that he spent three of the pounds in that purse on an adventure that involved going into town, getting himself drunk, starting fights and being kicked out of at least two pubs. He cuts this tale "of drunkenness, dirt and worse" mercifully short once the adults are well and truly horrified and begging him to stop.

    Video Games 
  • In Issue #10 of The Secret World, reliving the memories of John Copley provides an extended sequence in which John and Che Garcia Hansson go on a tour of Kaidan district's nightlife. In the process, the increasingly intoxicated Che starts fights in almost every single venue they visit, leading to them getting thrown out of each one — usually following a combat minigame involving samurai chefs, gun-toting Yakuza thugs, or Oni mercenaries.

    Western Animation