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Cecile: This sure doesn't taste like an iced tea.
Sebastian: It's from Long Island.

Someone drinks a drink they expect to have little, if any, alcohol. Instead, it turns out to be not only alcoholic but very much so, resulting in the character getting plastered. This is Truth in Television, as some cocktails are formulated to minimize the alcohol flavor and can thereby catch an unsuspecting drinker off-guard — an oft-used player in this trope is the Long Island Iced Tea, which not only has an innocuous-sounding name but is also sweet enough to hide a usual alcoholic concentration of 22% and served in large but quickly-disappearing quantities (pint glasses or large highball glasses are the usual drinkware).

But Liquor Is Quicker is this trope invoked by an unscrupulous suitor.

A variation that's come up more in recent years (mainly around the late 2000s) due to the increasingly relaxed societal attitudes toward marijuana is a character eating some kind of treat that they don't know is infused with cannabis and getting high as a kite as a result.

Contrast Drunk on Milk, where a mundane liquid actually does get the character drunk, and Fake High, where the effect is purely psychological. Related to Intoxication Ensues. Compare Slipping a Mickey, where someone intentionally drugs a beverage.


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    Anime & Manga 
  • Sort of happened to Belldandy once in Ah! My Goddess. Of course, what she was drinking wasn't alcoholic at all (she had already consumed enough sake to drink everyone else at the party under the table without even getting buzzed) — it was cola.
  • In The Demon Girl Next Door, when Lilith can communicate with the Yoshida family, Seiko gives her a can of drink to shut her up. Lilith originally thought it was some orange soda... until she gets tipsy. Seiko explains it's actually highball, a Japanese alcopop.
  • The Full Metal Panic!: The Second Raid OVA had Tessa popping by Mao's quarters for a chat where Mao gave her something to drink. Cue next shot of Tessa lying on the couch passed out. Mao confessed the next day that the can contained alcohol which resulted in Tessa giving her an earful, doubly justified: not only is Tessa underage, she also happens to be Mao's superior officer (though the only stated reason was "alcohol destroys brain cells").
  • In Girls' Last Tour, Yuuri and Chito discover three bottles with amber liquid. The setting being a Cozy Catastrophe post-apocalyptic world, the young girls have never seen such a thing and think nothing of drinking the strange stuff labeled "beer". The two quickly wind up drunk and dancing in the moonlight.
  • Grand Blue: Before you drink any offered Oolong Tea and Water, make sure to test it with a lighter. It could be as benign as a vodka, a mixture of Vodka and whisky, or even Spirtyus (96%)
  • In Naruto, this has happened to Rock Lee at least three times that we know of. It's never a good thing — especially since Lee is a nasty drunk.
  • Negima! Magister Negi Magi: Negi gets this when he mistakenly is given sake. As Nitta puts it, "Oh no, the crying begins."
  • Sailor Moon: This happens to Usagi twice, in both cases because she mistakes alcohol for juice. What's even more hilarious about these incidents is that Usagi normally takes no more than a couple of sips of the drink in question. Either that's some strong drinks they're having or she's an utter lightweight.
    • First in the first season in an episode based directly on a manga chapter she winds up Kissing Under the Influence (bad Mamoru!).
    • The second time occurs in the third season; this time she goes completely la-la at an upscale party for promising international students, and begins speaking gibberish in both Japanese and English. The American guests find her, and her "unique and refreshing" take on the intellectual subject matter they were discussing, delightful.
      Usagi: [butting into a discussion on the theory of relativity] The pudding of relativity? Let's see... Well, in other words, you take milk, eggs, and sugar, and stir it all up. Then you put a lid on it, and for about 30 minutes, you steam it... Oh! And if you forget the whipped cream, you're no good as a woman. Yeah.
  • In the first Sound of the Sky OVA, the whole platoon gets drunk on spiked tea, with only the resident straight-man girl avoiding the effects (to her dismay).
  • In Toriko, during the visit to the Hex Food World, the Four Heavenly Kings and Komatsu end up in a pub drinking the local alcohol, except for Coco who decides to drink a "Ghost Au Lait" instead. Unfortunately for him, it contained enough alcohol to make him sick, and, as Brunch pointed out, a Poisonous Person about to throw up is trouble!
  • In The Vision of Escaflowne, Hitomi gulps down a pink liquid at a dinner...which turns out to be vino (likely wine). She's only 15 and likely hasn't had anything serious in her life to that point, so she gets very drunk.

    Audio Plays 

  • Dave Chappelle told of a time that he consumed mushrooms, thinking that the effects would be about the same as smoking weed, resulting in an interesting rest of the day.

    Comic Books 
  • Grant of Black Science takes a sip of wine immediately before his formal apology speech to the convened tribes. Turns out the gorb'd wine of the Mountain Queen is fantastically strong relative to humans.
  • Shows up in the second Buck Godot: Zap Gun for Hire story.
    Woman from Planetary Temperance League: Come, come, Mr. Godot, you don't think I'd allow you alcohol, do you?
    Buck: It's milk.
    Woman from Planetary Temperance League: Mr. Godot, what kind of idiot do you think I... [sips from glass] Why... it is milk. [eyes dilate and she collapses]
    Louisa Dem Five: Vrang Beast milk?
    Buck: The very best Vrang Beast milk!
    Asteroid Al: Only kind I serve.
    Woman from Planetary Temperance League: *hic*
  • Hack/Slash: In Girls Gone Dead, one of the party-goers feeds Cassie a Long Island Iced Tea, telling her that it's nonalcoholic. As a result, she gets plastered and winds up flirting and dancing with boys, and is in less than great shape for the final showdown when the slasher shows up.
  • In one Star Trek comic, Kirk insists that no alcohol be served at a party because of tensions on the ship; Scotty, McCoy, and Chekov all think this is unreasonable and each independently spikes the drinks. As a result, two crewmen who normally don't drink at all get completely hammered and end up in a fistfight.
  • Wonder Woman: Just being around Dionysus can make humans feel tipsy, so drinking around him, no matter the supposed alcohol content, is a good way for humans to become quickly ill, lose all inhibitions, and if they survive remember very little. He can of course control this if he wants to, he just doesn't have much interest in doing so.

    Fan Works 
  • As the title of The Alcohol Adventures of Team Satisfaction implies, there is a lot of high-percentage alcohol involved, but Yusei seems to be the only one who has gotten drunk without realizing it. The real unexpected sousing comes from the fact that the drinks have been spiked with some sort of aphrodisiac by a mysterious third party. Things escalate pretty quickly.
  • A Crown of Stars: In chapter 40 Shinji has a drink, not knowing that it is rum. Then he has another glass. Then he has another. And then a third one. It is then that Asuka mentions she never would have figured him for a rum guy. Shinji gets shocked, prompting her to ask "Are you seriously telling me you did not know it was alcohol?" That is when he realizes he is feeling fuzzy and floaty and his head is buzzing.
  • In the Batman fic titled Grudge Match, Damian eats banana bread at his stepmother Selina's baby shower, unaware it's the one Harley Quinn baked with marijuana. He acts giggly, loses his sense of personal space, and becomes rather obsessed with releasing animals from the zoo, freaking the hell out of the guests. In Vino Veritas is also in effect since Damian-under-influence can admit to Dick that he's scared the new baby will take his place in the family.
  • In You Got HaruhiRolled!, Emiri decides to liven up a sour Ryoko at a party by lacing her drink with a special type of data-program. Moments later, she is babbling about her misfortunes and even proceeds to make out with an equally-hammered Kyon.

    Film — Animation 
  • The Aristocats: When the cats meet the geese Abigale and Amelia Gabble the sisters tell them they are planning to meet their Uncle Waldo at a restaurant in Paris, when they get there they discover the chef had been trying to serve Uncle Waldo as the daily special before the gander escaped and whilst Waldo is enraged he's also completely inebriated as he'd been based in white wine.
  • Dumbo accidentally drinks champagne when a bottle of it falls into his water bucket. How one gets drunk enough on diluted champagne to see pink elephants is difficult to say. Dumbo's a baby and took a big gulp, but he's a baby elephant.

    Film — Live-Action 
  • In Carry On Cleo, Hengist drinks a liquid to calm his nerves and becomes a horny, over-confident man who destroys Cleopatra's bed by launching himself onto her.
  • The Cruel Intentions films made this into something of a running gag, wherein a naive girl gets hammered drinking Long Island Iced Tea, which despite its name contains no tea, but does have an alcohol concentration of about 22 percent. Truth in Television as despite its high alcohol content it tastes and smells rather innocuous, leading to people unused to such strong drink getting drunk very quickly.
  • In Glass Onion, Helen, who doesn't drink, keeps downing kombucha out of nervousness... that turns out to be Jared Leto's hard kombucha, which Blanc discovers contains 9% alcohol. It ends up giving her the courage to tell off the other disruptors.
  • In the short Hard Luck, Buster Keaton chugs a bottle labeled "POISON" which is actually whisky.
  • In A Jolly Bad Fellow, Bowles-Otterly's Perfect Poison causes intoxication and euphoria in its victims before it kills them. As a result, his victims act uproariously drunk before keeling over dead.
  • The Laurel and Hardy short "Them Thar Hills" had the pair taking a trailer out to the country, camping out at a cabin that had just been vacated by moonshiners who poured their liquor down the well while fleeing revenue agents. While Stan and Ollie enjoy the mountain water, a stranded motorist leaves his wife there while he hikes for gas. Coming back he finds the three of them whooping drunk — Played for Laughs.
  • In Petticoat Planet, Steve gets plastered when the mayor secretly pours a shot of redeye into his glass of milk.
  • Poison Ivy: The New Seduction. The villainess spikes a non-alcoholic drink with alcohol to make her targeted victims drunk. Then one of the victims adds even more alcohol without knowing the drink is already spiked. Both of the victims end up bombed out of their skulls.
  • In the feature Three Ages, Buster Keaton is at one point unaware that he's imbibing someone else's discreetly disposed of drink.
  • Yours, Mine, and Ours has a scene where Helen comes over to meet Frank's children, and orders a light screwdriver. Three of his sons, wanting to play a joke on her, spike her drink with extra alcohol, without knowing that each other is doing so. She becomes extremely drunk in the next scene, and Frank later comments that she was lucky she didn't die from such a concoction.

  • In Anne of Green Gables, Anne gives her friend Diana what she thinks is raspberry cordial. Anne herself doesn't drink it (and a stuffy nose prevents olfactory identification), so she doesn't realize Diana's been chugging currant wine. Diana gets very drunk as a result, and this incident makes Diana's mother forbid Anne from being friends with her until Anne redeems herself by treating Diana's little sister when she's ill with croup.
  • Bill tries to get out of Morris dancing at the next village festival in exchange for helping Peggy Kitchen get rid of the archaeologist in Aunt Dimity Digs In. Peggy offers mead judging as a less time-consuming alternative; when Bill protests that he knows nothing about mead, she has publican Dick Peacock offer him samples—of twelve different kinds of mead. Derek Harris has to persuade Bill off the pub floor, off Bill's bicycle, and into his pickup truck to get Bill home. Next morning, Bill is still green about the gills and occasionally vomiting, and Derek's wife Emma brings homemade thyme honey and strawberry leaf tea for his hangover.
  • Discworld:
    • Subverted in Witches Abroad. The witches are drinking absinthe because Magrat recognizes the name as meaning wormwood and thinks it's a herbal drink. Afterwards Granny Weatherwax says, "I'm sure there was alcohol in that. I definitely felt a bit woozy after the third glass."
    • Played straight in The Last Continent, when Rincewind downs several Ecksian beers in quick succession. He assumed that its clarity meant it couldn't possibly be as strong as Ankh-Morpork beer, and is 100% wrong.
  • Parodied in the Doctor Who New Adventures novel Sky Pirates!, in which Hard-Drinking Party Girl Benny Summerfield wakes up with a hangover and declares "Y'know, I'm positive there was alcohol in that scotch last night."
  • Heralds of Valdemar: In Winds of Fury, the infiltration team tries to invoke this trope when the town their carnival is visiting turns out to have a garrison of Ancar's elite guards. They urge the guards to drink as much of Firesong's "Magic Cure-All" (brandy with some herbs added) as possible, on the assumption that the guards aren't used to anything with that high an alcohol content. It works ... unfortunately the guards are mean drunks.
  • In the novel A Kiss in Time, a princess who's just arrived from the 18th century goes to a party and doesn't realize that Jello shots are alcoholic.
  • At one point in Villains by Necessity, Sam takes a long, thirsty pull from Arcie's waterskin, and only then realizes that he'd just swallowed three cups of whiskey. Then he blacks out.

    Live-Action TV 
  • An episode of 30 Rock had Liz go out with her recovering alcoholic ex-boyfriend on the eve of his wedding. He orders salmon with sauce on the side and soon starts acting drunk. Liz realizes that the sauce contains whiskey, which would normally be burned away during cooking, but because it was on the side he unknowingly got drunk. When she mentions this to an employee, he muses that it's a very popular dish with teenagers...
  • A bizarre use in Angel, Fred and Wesley end up totally drunk. After realizing this they consider how much alcohol they've actually consumed: zero and a third of a half a beer respectively. It turns out that Lorne's powers have temporarily transformed him into a Reality Warper and earlier he told them that it's a party, they should be drunk.
  • Inverted twice on Arrested Development. Maebe ordered several virgin versions of alcoholic drinks, without realizing what the prefix actually means. Later she and George Michael drink from wine bottles that GOB has switched with something non-alcoholic in to a botched attempt to copy Jesus' water-into-wine trick.
  • Subverted in Babylon 5, when Londo buys the same drink — a light reddish liquid in a martini glass — for himself and Lennier, and when Lennier asks whether there's any alcohol in it, laughs it off as Lennier explains why Minbari don't drink alcohol. When he gets to "uncontrollable homicidal rages," Londo grabs the drink from his hand and pretends to have misheard the word.
  • The Big Bang Theory:
    • Sheldon falls for the Long Island Iced Tea version, to the point that he wakes up Wil Wheaton to, "fight for my lady's honor."
    • Near the end of the episode in which Penny first gets her job as a bartender, she slips Sheldon some "virgin diet Cuba Libre" (diet Coke) that "turned out to be a little slutty". He ends up singing show tunes and accompanying himself on the piano.
  • Bones does this with a quasi-Noodle Incident: it's implied that Hodgins and Zack had spiked the punch at the July 4th party with (presumably very high-proof) alcohol they distilled in their lab and that an embarrassing form of this was the result. Of course, it's a Noodle Incident, so exactly what happened is unclear.
  • In an episode of Café Americain, a character sleeps overnight in a winery on a catwalk above the vats and ends up inhaling wine fumes all night. He wakes up completely tanked. Played for Laughs as he was at the winery as part of an attempt to impress his fiancee's family, who owned the winery.
  • In an episode of Campion, the title character is made very drunk in an attempt to murder him. His enemy treats him to a sherry, then invites him to dinner and orders a magnificent wine — but neglects to mention that all alcohol must be out of the system before trying it. We are treated to several minutes of Campion reeling around London, laughing wildly before he is pushed in front of a train.
  • In an episode of The Closer, Charlie makes "special brownies" (laced with marijuana a friend of hers gave her) which Brenda proceeds to eat. She gets very stoned. Fritz is not amused to say the least when he finds out.
  • In Disjointed, Olivia eats some cannabis-infused fudge swirls that took a while to kick in, so she winds up eating more than she needs and ends up getting too stoned to the point of feeling paranoid and on edge for a while.
  • Frasier: One episode sees Niles, upset at being called a stick-in-the-mud, decide to "get high on reefer." He buys a brownie laced with marijuana, but Martin, who's recently been put on a no-sweets diet, sneaks it as a snack (without realizing that it's full of pot) and then hastily replaces it with a regular brownie. This leads to Martin getting completely stoned; Niles, having eaten the other brownie, thinks that Martin's antics are just a result of his own inebriation.
  • F Troop had an episode where the tee-totaling Captain Parmenter is persuaded to take a cure for his cold that has a little alcohol in it, unaware that several members of his troop have innocently attempted to help him get better by secretly adding their own alcohol-based cures to the pot as well. This results in a completely soused Parmenter yelling "Happy New Year!" at Fort Courage's infamous cannon before setting it off himself in the traditional fashion.
  • One episode of Get Smart had a KAOS agent (a master of disguise) pretending to be the Chief, with some...entertaining...results when he and the real chief were both in Smart's apartment at the same time. The two confusing buttermilk and bourbon scenes (one Chief asks both Smart and 99 independently for a glass of buttermilk to settle his stomach, the other asks both independently for a glass of bourbon to settle his nerves, and the one that asked for buttermilk keeps getting bourbon).
  • On Glee, April Rhodes tries to get on Kurt's good side by giving him crantinis (and vintage muscle mags) and telling him that they'll give him all the courage he needs. He doesn't seem to realize what he's drinking, although he learned enough by the end of the episode to become one of the only two characters who doesn't drink at the Rachel Berry House Party Train Wreck Extravaganza.
    Kurt: [slurring] Oh Bambi... I cried so hard when those hunters shot your mommy.
  • On an episode of Hustle, Sean is deliberately not drinking after nearly screwing up a con by being drunk. However, the mark spikes his orange juice with vodka, resulting in him getting drunk again.
  • I Love Lucy: Vitameatavegimin. Take one somewhat alcoholic "supplement", repeated filming takes, and a sample consumed each take.[[note]]This apparently happened in Real Life as well, where a reporter took a sip of mead and then began his report — on one hand, he knew he was drinking something alcoholic. On the other, he didn't expect to require repeated takes, in which he got increasingly inebriated.
  • In Jeeves and Wooster, teetotaler Gussie Fink-Nottle decides to get some Liquid Courage before a speech by adding alcohol to his usual orange juice. Unfortunately, Bertie Wooster had already done so for the same reason. As did Jeeves. The speech does not go well.
  • Jonathan Creek: In "Daemon's Roost", Polly takes The Vicar's advice to suck on a mouthful of ice cubes to cure her nausea. What she didn't know was that the owner of the house had taken to filling the ice cube trays with neat vodka to hide his drinking.
  • Mama's Family:
    • Inverted in an episode: upon finally achieving her lifelong dream of going to Hawaii, Thelma's first act upon getting off the plane is to immediately hit the fruity frozen drinks. When a friend comments how many she's drinking, she casually mentions how she's always been able to hold her liquor. Hearing this, the waitress mentioned how all the beverages the hotel serves are non-alcoholic. This angers Thelma, who feels ripped off that she's been paying $4 a piece for nothing but fruit juice and chipped ice.
    • Played straight in another episode, where Thelma tries to turn her family recipe health tonic into a commercial product. Unfortunately for her, it contains a lot of vanilla extract, which is quite highly alcoholic. Half the town, including Thelma's Church Ladies' League and her grandson's entire swim team, is hammered by the time anyone realizes what's going on.
  • Taken (comically) to the max in an episode of M*A*S*H, when Hawkeye and co. trick Frank into consuming so much alcohol he passes out.
  • Monk, who drinks one sip of alcohol (specifically wine) once a year on his wedding anniversary, once ordered a bottle of non-alcoholic claret so he could appear to drink while talking to someone he suspected to be a murderer. As it happened, he ended up with regular old alcoholic claret and downed it all straight from the bottle. Hilarity, of course, ensued. "All these people are crinimals. They're crinimals."
  • Neighbours had an episode where someone made a highly potent cocktail that he decided looked and tasted exactly like a smoothie — and downed it, with predictable consequences.
  • An episode of Night Court had Christine drinking what she thought were iced teas, but were in fact Long Island iced teas. She ends up running into a door.
  • On the Parks and Recreation episode "The Fight", Tom creates a drink called "Snake Juice", which turns out to be 140 proof alcohol and very sugary and highly caffeinated, leading to everyone who drinks it getting much more intoxicated than they intended. It even makes the usually sturdy Ron, who can knock back glasses of aged scotch with little issue, dance like an idiot with a big goofy smile on his face.
  • Shakespeare & Hathaway - Private Investigators: In "Ill Met by Moonlight", the hostess of a fancy charity ball has her drink spiked. This causes the alcohol to have a much greater effect than it normally would have and makes her roaringly drunk on a single glass of champagne, with the criminals using her drunken antics as a distraction.
  • Sherlock: In "The Sign of Three", Sherlock's plan to remain at the perfect level of inebriation at John's stag night is foiled by John secretly adding shots of vodka to the beer they are drinking. Played for Laughs.
  • That '70s Show: At a fancy restaurant where they don't I.D. teenagers, Donna orders several iced teas but is served Long Island Iced Teas instead.

    Myths & Religion 
  • The Bible: In Genesis chapter 9, sometime after getting off the ark, Noah planted a vineyard, made wine of the grapes, and got so plastered that he slept in his tent naked.


    Video Games 
  • Grand Theft Auto:
    • A side mission in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City involves you getting a little too close to a pot full of very potent "boomshine". Not only is it so potent it explodes, blowing off one of Phil Cassidy's arms, but the very smell plasters you. Which isn't good, because you have to drive Phil to the doctor...before he bleeds out...while your view is all sloshed out and your car's handling is just as sloshed...and likely with a cop car chasing you because you're driving drunk.
    • In Grand Theft Auto IV, Niko can take one of the early girlfriends, Michelle, out on a date to a bar, and will invariably emerge absolutely twunted, commenting that the drinks were a lot stronger than he'd usually expect, with Michelle by contrast being stone cold sober. Most likely because she's a government agent, hoping that Niko will blurt out something about his and his cousin's criminal activities and associates.
  • Mass Effect: Andromeda: A variant comes up at one point. Peebee decides to sample angaran liquor and gets herself some wine. She drinks a lot of it, assuming it's just got a low alcohol content. It does not. What it does have is a slow absorption rate. By the time Ryder finds her after her little drink, Peebee's having a hard time simply standing.

  • Archipelago:
    • Riley recounts a time when Tuff was given medicine with alcohol in it. The results... were hilarious (except to Tuff).
    • Happens to Tuff again in book 6, but this time, his inability to hold his liquor is deliberately being used to keep him out of the bad guys way (and kill him). This backfires and results in a blood bath for the villains. Beware the Nice Ones.
  • The magical wine in Between Two Worlds brings vivid visions, which on the outside looks like this trope.
  • Demon Fist: If Rory has a few drinks, and so do his demon symbionts Shaise and Crag, and then they recombine...
  • In Leftover Soup, Ellen accidentally gets intoxicated with nutmeg after bingeing on Jamie's "pumpkin bomb" nutmeg cookies.
  • Let's Play: At the end of season 2, Sam asks a waitress for coffee while Charles is out taking a call. The waitress tells her that they serve Irish coffee, and Sam drinks it all, unaware that it's alcoholic. She's the loud and flirty type of drunk.
  • One time in Sabrina Online has Sabrina and Zig-Zag head out to a bar and Sabrina chugs down a number of Kahluas before realizing that the ones she normally drinks from the store have a lowered alcohol content than the one she has. The initial reaction suggests trouble, but fortunately, she's more of a silly and sleepy drunk.
  • In Tales of the Questor, Quentyn Quinn and his friends get horrendously plastered on blackberry sherry, which is considered to be lightly alcoholic. It turns out that it was homebrewed blackberry BRANDY and packed "enough wallop to knock a troll flat".
  • TwoKinds: Strangely enough, the animal-like keidran have a low-alcohol tolerance. Maybe it has to do with their short lifespan/soldier genetics.

    Western Animation 
  • Played for Drama in Bojack Horseman. When BoJack is in rehab, one of his fellow patients smuggles in water bottles full of vodka. After bonding with her, he keeps one as a souvenir with no intention of drinking it himself. Unfortunately, he drops it out a window and it gets mixed in with actual water bottles, and it winds up in the hands of the rehab's director, Dr. Champ, himself a recovering alcoholic. When he recognizes the sensation of drunkenness, he gives up on sobriety and subsequently blames BoJack for falling off the wagon.
  • Captain Pugwash: In "Island of the Dodos", Tom feeds the crew of the Black Pig doughnuts soaked in rum causing them to fall into a deep sleep so he can sail the ship away and convince them that the dodos were just a dream.
  • In an episode of Daria, Jake and Helen reconnect with two college friends, Willow and Coyote Yeager, who are still hippies in contrast to the Morgendorfers' yuppie ways. Jake and Coyote start bonding over some berry juice, only to get drunk. The Yeagers' son informs them that the juice has fermented.
  • It happens in the Looney Tunes cartoon "Naughty but Mice", with Sniffles the Mouse (making his debut). He has a cold and wanders into a drugstore looking for medicine. Unbeknownst to him, however, the medicine he takes contains alcohol and ends up drunk for the rest of the cartoon.
  • The Simpsons:
    • Marge Simpson gets drunk from too much punch on the nuclear plant employee picnic. She's already had a few drinks before suspecting "there's a little bit of alkeyhol in this punch".
    • In a later episode, she fell victim to the aforementioned Long Island Iced Tea.
    • Later, Bart spikes Mrs. Krabappel's coffee with alcohol to get her to mellow out. It did get her drunk... and fired.

    Real Life 
  • Had a small, but influential role in the founding of Seattle. Arthur Denny, the primary landowner in the area, was a moral crusader and a teetotaler. One of his rival landowners, "Doc" Maynard was the town doctor. Denny disapproved of Doc's love of the sauce, status as a divorced man, and other lifestyle choices. But Denny got sick and had to get Doc's help. Maynard decided to use laudanum (opium suspended in high-proof booze) as part of Denny's treatment. Denny was both sick and had no tolerance. So while Denny was plastered, Maynard started talking real estate. Denny recovered (and sobered up) to realize too late he had "paid" for Doc's services with what is now Pioneer Square!
  • As reported by Yahoo news a TikToker tried Korean Soju for the first time. This trope is in full effect as Soju is stronger than beer by volume. Twitter users, many former American service members who were stationed in Korea chimed in with their experiences with Soju.
    The popular Korean beverage is traditionally made from ingredients such as rice, wheat, or barley. It also comes in different fruity flavors such as apple, plum, lychee, and peach, and its ABV (alcohol by volume) is typically around 20%. To put this into context, a bottle of soju is stronger than 12 ounces of regular beer, which typically has an ABV range of around 5%, and 5 ounces of table wine, which typically has an ABV range of around 12%.

    Soju, which is typically consumed in shots and not straight from the bottle, can pack a mean punch and knock moderate drinkers out of their senses, as shown by some Twitter users.
  • Part of the appeal and mystique of the popular Zombie cocktail is in both its strength (containing a full 3 oz of standard proof rum as well as 1 oz of 151 proof rum), as well as its sweet fruity flavor, as the drink contains fruit juices and various flavored syrups that help conceal the amount of booze. The drink's inventor, Don the Beachcomber, limited customers to no more than two as a result.