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Zoe welcoming the habby new beer with a kiss. *Hic*
Two characters kiss due to the influence of mind-altering Applied Phlebotinum — or just plain ol' mind-altering substances like alcohol — to which one (or possibly both) of them have been exposed. The kiss may be directly caused by scientific or magical means, or be the eventual result from some kind of love spell. In one-sided cases, even though the unaffected participant is hardly — if ever — the one who cast the spell, he or she doesn't object.

This affliction usually strikes characters (a) who would never kiss when they're both sane, (b) whom fans have been dying to see kiss for many a season or both. The trope's potential lies in the fact that the couple's shippers can Squee, and everyone else can brush it off with, "It wasn't real."

See also Intoxication Ensues and Alcohol-Induced Idiocy. If it doesn't stop with just the kiss, it's Aliens Made Them Do It. If one of them Defies this trope and refuses to take advantage, they're Above the Influence.

Not to be confused with But Liquor Is Quicker or Slipping a Mickey, which are done very deliberately to Invoke this trope.


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    Anime & Manga 
  • The 100 Girlfriends Who Really, Really, Really, Really, Really Love You: Kusuri attempts this twice in her introductory arc, but fails both times. The first time, she serves Rentarou tea spiked with a Love Potion to get him to accept her confession, but he tries to regurgitate the drug when he finds out, and she has to administer a neutralizer when his body becomes overwhelmed by the drug. The second time, she drugs a thermos to get Rentarou to make out with her, but everyone thinks the thermos is for the girls, and the drug turns them into kissing zombies.
  • It goes a lot further than kissing in Corsair when Canale is drugged with a powerful aphrodisiac and Ayace first saves him from the person who drugged him and then decides to take advantage himself, despite never showing any interest in him before. Being a BL manga though, the relationship continues even after Ayace can no longer use the aphrodisiac as an excuse.
  • The Yuri Manga, Girl Friends (2006) uses this. The central couple gets their first kiss when Mari drunkenly kisses a drunkenly passed out Akko. Also, their two female friends, Sugi and Tamamin sometimes make out when drunk.
  • Sano from Hana-Kimi kisses anyone near him when he's drunk. Cue Ho Yay moments.
  • In the High School Of The Dead OVA special, the gang is under the influence of the funky smoke. Saeko and Rei wound up frenching each other on the beach with each thinking the other was Takashi. Though after they've recovered, they agree to never speak of it again.
  • Kill la Kill: After being brainwashed by having Junketsu sewed onto Ryuko's skin by Ragyo and Nui, Ryuko ends up kissing Nui before battling Satsuki. Nui then mentions that Ryuko is better than Ragyo at kissing. It's played entirely for Fan Disservice due to them technically all being family members and Nui being the killer of Ryuko's father.
  • Houin ("horny drunk") kissing a passed-out Aoki in the Kodomo no Jikan manga.
  • In one of Kyo Kara Maoh!'s OVAs, a possessed-by-Shinou Wolfram kidnaps Yuuri from his bed and forces them to kiss. The fact that Yuuri is conscious, awfully confused, and bound makes this scene that much funnier.
  • Living Game: Izumi and Raizo finally break through the sexual tension after some late-night boozing at the corporate party.
  • Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch had an episode where Lucia was in possession of a mood-altering device that took control of her and made her kiss Kaito, then pass out. In the corresponding manga chapter, she wasn't misusing Applied Phlebotinum, she was just drunk, from ''cola''!
  • Moyashimon has the unforgettable episode where Hazuki Oikawa and Aoi Muto take aphrodisiacs. They think it has no effect on them... But their thoughts might be different the following morning. Sado-Masochist Hasegawa has a somewhat different reaction (though admittedly she also had alcohol, as did the other two in the manga).
  • Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water: Happens between the two teenage leads, thanks to an Intoxication Ensues situation with a handful of mushrooms. It doesn't help resolve the Will They or Won't They? situation — the next morning, only one of them remembers it.
  • Negima! Magister Negi Magi has a rather interesting example in which Nodoka asks Negi for a kiss... while they're in an area filled with the power of The World Tree. The magic turns Negi into a Determinator who will get a kiss from somebody. He ends up kissing Asuna, almost suffocating her in the process, and goes back to normal afterwards with no memory of the event. Asuna swears everyone who saw the incident to silence.
  • In the Ouran High School Host Club manga, Tamaki kisses Haruhi while delirious with a fever, and this is when she realizes that she has feelings for him. It psychs her out tremendously, and she is very frustrated when she realizes that she can't bust his chops about it since he doesn't even remember in the incident.
  • Ai's First Kiss with Mew in Psychic Academy after they had drunken an apparently alcoholic 'energy drink' touted by Ai's brother.
  • Ranma ½:
    • In an early chapter/episode, Ranma's "Cat-fu" is revealed to be calmed by laying on Akane's lap, purring like a cat. The first time this happens he gives her a little kiss on the cheek (acting like an affectionate cat). Embarrassed, she gives him the Megaton Punch.
    • Once, after being snagged by a Fishing Rod of Love, Ranma fell under a spell that made him fall in love with Ryōga. As a girl, Ranma would then kiss him lovingly on the cheek — Ryōga's reaction was less than pretty.
  • Usagi's First Kiss in Sailor Moon was under the influence. Which can leave a bitter taste in one's mouth towards Mamoru's action in taking advantage of her. It left a bitter taste in Mamoru's mouth when, after a First Kiss-themed episode of the original anime, they were discussing theirs, and he realised he was remembering an earlier occasion than she was.
  • In the second season of Strike Witches, Mio kisses Minna (presumably with tongue, if the sound she made while doing so is anything to go by) after getting plastered from a huge jug of wine. Not exactly how we expected it would go from a Beach Episode.
  • Subverted in a chapter of To Love Ru where Yami, under the effect of Celine's pollen nearly kiss Rito that stop her before the effect disappear.
  • In The Vision of Escaflowne, Dornkirk uses magic with the help of Eria and Folken roleplaying to manipulate Allen Shezar, Van's rival, into kissing Hitomi. This was done to purposely drive a wedge between Hitomi and Van and keep them apart in order to change fate.

    Comic Books 
  • Ironwood: The object of the young Sulimon Canto's affection winds up kissing (and more) her lamia roommate while under the effect of Canto's Love Potion.
  • Scott Pilgrim: At the start of volume 4, Kim and Knives get wasted and make out, much to Scott's horror.
  • Spider-Man:In The Amazing Spider-Man (1999) #601, Peter Parker wakes up in bed, naked, next to his roommate Michelle (equally naked). They apparently had sex after Parker had one too many at his Aunt May's wedding. It's later explained that, as a gag, Michelle kept filling his glass with cider when Peter wasn't looking, so he thought it was wine.

    Fan Works 
  • The Child of Love:
    • Misato and Kaji in a bar during the Obon festival in chapter 5 as they were drunk.
    • It is not revealed until halfway through the story, but Asuka had sex with Shinji because she had unknowingly been drugged with hormone-booters stimulated her sex drive.
  • Cadance recklessly firing off love magic results in this several times during the course of Diaries of a Madman.
  • In the Empath: The Luckiest Smurf story "My Unsmurfy Valentine", Eros' lust arrows strike various male Smurfs who start kissing each other. Only it doesn't affect Tapper because he has some sort of spiritual protection. In "Monkey On Your Smurf", Empath and Smurfette are under the influence of probes inside their bodies that are making them make out with each other. And of course, there's Papa Smurf in Hulked Out mode seeking to mate with Smurfette in "Papa's Big Crush."
  • In Chapter 82 of FREAKIN GENSOKYO, an aspara forces Ha-chan, Renko and Maribel to try and snog Brad and/or each other for several minutes. Brad refuses to play along.
  • In Frozen Fractals, Elsa and Anna drink at dinner. A few hours later they end up kissing while inebriated. Elsa, however, isn't drunk enough to forget how socially unacceptable kissing your sister is, quickly stops, and runs out the room. The problem is that Anna didn't particularly mind the kiss.
  • HERZ: In the backstory, Kurumi kissed Shinji when he was heavily inebriated and then the got her way with him. She hoped that action led to them becoming a couple, but it backfired horribly: Shinji kept loving Asuka and he was so ashamed of what happened he started to actively avoid Kurumi.
  • Higher Learning: In chapter 5, Shinji and Asuka get drunk while Misato is away. After spending a while joking and talking gibberish, Asuka says Shinji is hers, she hugs him and they kiss.
  • In the fourth chapter of A Glass of Wine, Asuka kisses Shinji after they have consumed one whole bottle of wine.
  • Juleka vs. the Forces of the Universe: Circumstances have forced Ladybug to kiss Chat Noir while one or both of them were under the effects of various akumas' powers. Chat Noir takes these incidents as "proof" that the two of them are "meant to be together", despite Ladybug repeatedly rejecting his unwanted advances. At one point, Juleka overhears the two arguing about this, secretly recording the exchange and submitting it to a special episode of Side-by-Side promoting the LadyNoir ship.
  • LadyBugOut opens with the aftermath of one such incident. Oblivio wiped out Ladybug and Chat Noir's memories, and the two kissed before they were restored... much to Chat Noir's delight and Ladybug's horror. Despite seeing how upset the heroine was, Alya posts the pictures she snapped of the incident on her blog, intentionally omitting the context... and when others press for details, tries to avoid revealing the truth. This motivates Marinette to start her own blog in order to counter Alya's blatant misinformation.
  • In Old West, a high Grace Glossy unexpectedly gives her first kiss to Rattlesnake Jake after he has taken her home from Mud's saloon, and she passes out immediately afterwards.
  • The Saga of the Last Two Saiyans: Vegeta gets drunk on strong alcohol given to him by Whis to get him to relax. In his drunken state, he ends up kissing Goku, saying people already thought they kissed because of their fake marriage.
  • In Spider-Man: Finding Home, Peter, Kate and Yelena's first kisses with each other all occur on a night out when Kate gets particularly drunk; Kate kisses Yelena and then kisses Peter, before she basically grabs the other two by the heads and makes them kiss each other. Notably, Peter and Yelena weren't as intoxicated as Kate due to Yelena being a more experienced drinker and Peter's enhanced metabolism, but both went along with the unexpected twist at the time as they were each too surprised, although they stop Kate taking it further than a kiss at this time.
  • In The Student Prince, Gwen and Arthur kiss each other at a party while they are both drunk out of their minds, although nothing comes of it.
  • In Smallville fanfiction Under The Influence, Clark and Kara kiss while they are under the mind-altering influence of red kryptonite.
  • X-Men: The Early Years: In "Boy Scouts, Sex, and Other Mysterious Things", a plastered Jean Grey kisses Scott Summers.
    Suddenly, Scott was caught in Jean's eyes like a net. His mouth met hers and Jean responded back. Their tongues and minds entwined, and Scott found himself running his hands through her wild red hair. Jean's hands were all over him. The next thing Scott knew, they were on the ground with Jean on top of him. She looked like some pagan goddess, looking down at him with passion-bruised lips and her hair all mussed.
  • A variation in You Call That a Costume?: while transformed into a vampire bat and werewolf due to a Becoming the Costume spell, Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash act like a pair of mating animals. Upon returning to normal, they do a Test Kiss to see if it actually meant anything. They end up becoming a couple.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • In Carefree, the first thing Amanda tries to do after being given a drug that will lower her inhibitions is kiss Tony (her doctor).
  • Embrace of the Vampire (2013): Drunk after having been force fed vodka at the fencing club hazing, Charlotte and Sarah share a passionate kiss in the dorm corridor. It possibly goes further than this, although this just might have been an Erotic Dream/nightmare of Charlotte's.
  • In E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial E.T.'s psychic connection with Elliot results in the boy acting intoxicated at school when E.T. drinks beer at home. Elliot ends up kissing one of the girls in his class in a reenactment of the scene from The Quiet Man, which E.T. is watching at the same time.
  • A less pleasant example occurs in Euro Trip, in which a brother and sister, twins, in fact, french-kiss each other at a rave, after drinking absinthe.
    • "You guys are the worst twins ever."
  • Happens to Brent and Tanner in G.B.F. (and maybe something else).
  • In The Gravedancers, exes Harris and Kira share a drunken kiss in the cemetery just before the unfortunate grave-dancing incident. While minor in the overall scheme of things, it does place additional stress of the group when Sid later tells Harris's wife Allison about it.
  • The Man from U.N.C.L.E. (2015): Gaby and Ilya almost kiss after a scene which begins with Gaby drinking most of a bottle of vodka all by herself. This is also the reason why Gaby passes out before their lips actually connect.
  • In Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials, Thomas and Brenda make out at a post-apocalyptic rave party after they've been imbibed with hallucinogenic drugs. This also causes Thomas to imagine Teresa in her place, whom he's really in love with.
  • Almost happened in The Mummy. Evie passes out just before the connection, though.
  • Mike and Tracy in The Philadelphia Story, after lots and lots of champagne.
  • In Plan B, Bruno and Pablo's first two kisses occur at a party when they've had quite a few drinks and their friend Ana in egging them into taking their Gay Bravado a step further.
  • In Venom, Anne Weying (using the Venom symbiote) kisses Eddie Brock, thus transferring the symbiote back to him. It had been set up earlier in the film that Venom was pushing Eddie to make amends with her, and it's implied that it forced Anne to kiss him. However, at the end of the film, there is noticeable insecurity in her words when she says the symbiote made her do it, and she says she won't tell her boyfriend about it.
  • In When Evil Calls, a boy with a crush on Molly wishes that he could kiss her. Under the influence of the wish, Molly kisses him; very enthusiastically. However, the boy had not counted on Molly's psycho girlfriend.

  • Artemis Fowl, Holly kisses Artemis when they go into the past because the magic that transported them there turned her into a teenager and messed up her hormones. Makes certain events in the next book hilarious.
  • In the Ciaphas Cainnote  series (specifically For The Emperor and the short story "Sector 13"), Tyranid Genestealers are implied to force this upon their victims. Genestealers spread The Virus to create "cults" of apparently loyal humans who will turn to the Tyranid side as soon as the hive fleet arrives in the system (or whenever would best suit their needs). To do so, they abduct and attack humans, then implant them with an organelle that lodges in their chest cavity. The main function of the organelle is to gradually infect the victims' children, who are also born with Genestealer implants. As the generations pass, mutations grow more extreme until eventually, they birth a combination of nearly-normal humans (for infiltration) and Genestealer Purestrains, which are vicious close-combat specialists that protect the cult and look nothing like humans. To ensure the hosts have children, the implants subtly encourage them to form attachments and have sex at every opportunity, especially (but not necessarily) with other hybrids.
  • Don't Call Me Ishmael!: In Ishmael and the Hoops of Steel, Ishmael kisses Sally, his best friend's girlfriend when he accidentally gets drunk on vodka.
  • In The Dresden Files short story "Love Hurts", Harry and Murphy are investigating a string of murder-suicides involving couples. Harry figures out that the couples were made to think they were in love with dark magic. While investigating the state fair that all three cases linked back to, Harry and Murphy get hit with the love spell. Also gets into Squick territory: the most recent murder-suicide set off alarms because the couple were brother and sister under the influence. They couldn't resist the spell and fell in love, but also knew that it was horribly wrong, and snapped.
  • In Linnea Sinclair's Gabriel's Ghost, Sully self-medicates his mental problems with honeylace. While drunk furred on liquid courage he works up the nerve to kiss his longtime crush. She goes along with it at first but eventually breaks away because she thinks he'll regret it in the morning.
  • Harry Potter: Hagrid gets roaring drunk on eggnog at a Christmas feast, culminating in giving McGonagall a peck on the cheek. She giggles and starts blushing.
  • Less: At a party in Paris, Arthur Less meets Javier, resulting in nearly-instant chemistry between the two. When they leave the party for a cigarette, Less realizes that Javier is married, and they speak briefly about his husband. As they drink more and the night goes on they wind up kissing anyway.
  • The plot of Mix Beer With Liquor And You Will Get Sicker is set off this way, as protagonist Lauchlan awakes after having a few drinks too many in a stranger's bed - a male stranger over that.
  • In The Mortal Instruments, it is not uncommon for warlocks, but especially fairies, to brew drinks with such effects, and give them unsuspecting mundanes.
    • The sequel series The Infernal Devices shows that too. Will and Tessa both drink something that is enriched with witch's powder and become almost intimate with each other. However, Magnus Bane comes just in time to stop her.
    • It is inverted in The Dark Artifices. Cristina kisses Mark after drinking some of the fairie-drinks and tells him that she would not have kissed him without the drink. Mark is upset that Cristina does not seem to kiss him to confess her feelings, and tells her it was just ordinary juice.
  • Cat from the Night Huntress novels is determined to hate Bones despite her growing attraction to him. When she's been drinking, she forgets her prejudices and starts kissing him and flirting with him. Bones dryly observes that she only says nice things about him when she's drunk.
  • Vampire Academy:
    • In Vampire Academy, Victor Dashkov gave Rose a necklace enchanted with earth, causing Rose and Dimitri to become overwhelmed by passion, which distracts them while he kidnaps Lissa.
    • Blood Promise:
      • Lissa was drunk when she made out with Aaron, her ex-boyfriend.
      • When Strigoi-Dimitri has Rose, he keeps her drugged up with his bites.

    Live-Action TV 
  • Angel:
    • In "Life of the Party", Angel and Eve have sex thanks to an accidental magical incident. There's some Lampshade Hanging at the end, as Angel begins to explain, but Eve flatly points out that it isn't the first time she had sex under a mystical influence.
    • Angel & Cordelia were possessed by spirits and almost had sex in "Waiting in the Wings".
    • "Bedroom Follies" (after After The Fall) had this happen to the AI team because Illyria was in heat, which affected the whole building. Spike got together with Laura, Angel with Kate (and Dez), and anything between Betta George and Polyphemus is left ambiguous. Meanwhile, Illyria tries to mate with Connor, but he refuses and it soon passes.
  • Exaggerated in Aquí no hay quien viva: Carlos and Alba end up having a child from a drunken New Year's Eve one-night stand.
  • Subverted in Arrested Development. After drinking some wine, George Michael and Maeby make out, but the wine is fake. Gob had planned to use it in a magic tr... err, illusion.
  • The Big Bang Theory:
    • In "The Maternal Congruence", Leonard's mother kisses Sheldon when she's drunk. Sheldon is quite shocked; she's not really impressed. Later, they agree to keep it a secret.
    • There was one even earlier than that between Penny and Leonard. The first time Leonard's mother appeared on the show, she pointed out Penny's issues with her father, which caused her to be upset. Leonard goes over to her place to find her drinking rum mixed with Eggnog. (Though it was straight rum by the time he got there). The two got very drunk and made out. They would've had sex if Leonard hadn't ruined the mood.
    • Happens once a season, actually. Season 1: After the Halloween party, Penny to Leonard. Season 2: After the aforementioned rum, Penny and Leonard. Season 3: Leonard's mother to Sheldon. Season 4: Amy to Sheldon. Well, there's two in Season 4 if you count Raj and Howard in "The Boyfriend Complexity".
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer did this one a few times...
    • "Band Candy": Under the influence of a spell that makes adults act like teenagers, Giles and Joyce listen to sixties music, smoke, rob a store, and oh yeah, have sex (though the last isn't confirmed for several more episodes). They're awkward around each other afterwards and apparently eventually decide That Didn't Happen; however, apparently the memory was a fond one for Giles because when Joyce dies he can be seen mournfully listening to the same records.
    • "Something Blue": Due to a botched spell by Willow, Buffy plans a marriage with Spike; the two act like lovebirds for the majority of the episode.
    • "Tabula Rasa": Their memories wiped, Anya and Giles believe themselves engaged; the spell wears off during a sweeping dip kiss.
    • "Once More With Feeling": A second case of Buffy and Spike Kissing Under the Influence... sort of. (subverted because the demon causing the singing and dancing had left by then; subverted again when, a couple of episodes later, they begin a sexual relationship.)
    • "I Only Have Eyes For You": Buffy and Angelus are possessed by the ghosts of two dead lovers and made to kiss.
  • In the Community episode "Mixology Certification" Britta and Jeff kiss in the back of his car after a night at a bar. They forget that Abed is in the car with them watching.
  • In Doc Martin, Martin and Louisa kiss after drinking.
  • Doctor Who: In "New Earth", Rose, while possessed by Cassandra, kisses the Doctor. His response: "Yep. Still got it." In a very squeaky voice with eyes glazed-over.
  • In the Friends episode "The One Where Chandler Can't Remember Which Sister", Chandler gets drunk at a party because he's upset over a recent break-up, and makes out with one of Joey's seven sisters - but on the next morning, he can't remember which one. He was so drunk that he also kissed Monica, Rachel and (apparently) even Ross.
  • In the first season of Schitt's Creek David and Stevie get stoned and giggly, and to her surprise, he kisses her. The next episode begins with the couple awkwardly naked beneath the motel's red satin honeymoon sheets and regretting what has happened. This leads to David coming out as pansexual and a brief Friends with Benefits relationship before the pair settles into becoming best friends and Amicable Exes.
  • In Glee, Blaine (who is gay) and Rachel kiss while they are both playing a drunken game of spin the bottle. They both think there might have been something there until Rachel kisses him again while sober. There wasn't.
    Blaine: Yep, I'm definitely gay.
  • In Green Wing, Caroline kisses four different people at her and Angela's party, after having 22 shots of tequila.
  • In the first season of H₂O: Just Add Water all three girls kissed their love interests while under the influence of the full moon.
    • First it was Emma who came under the moon spell during her father's birthday. She kisses her love interest Byron twice during this episode.
    • Next it's Cleo, who has become a siren due to the moon spell. Her song hypnotizes Lewis and leads to both of them kissing each other under the influence.
    • Then there's Rikki, who loses control over her powers and escapes to Mako island. Zane finds her there while he is searching for the "sea monster" that he believes saved him. After they talk for a while, Rikki kisses him, which causes Zane to overheat and pass out since Rikki's powers are still out of control.
  • Haven: Duke and Jennifer get a Fake First Kiss when the Troubled person of the week possesses Duke and assumes they're together. Rather than pretend this didn't happen, Jennifer brings it up after everything is resolved. Duke acknowledges that he is aware it happened—and also aware that she was into it before she realized he was Not Himself. They leave it there for now, but their mutual attraction is now out in the open.
  • In Heroes, Mohinder's weirdly derivative bug-like mutation makes him much more sexually assertive for a while — he hooks up with Maya after passionately tearing her blouse right off her — before he dives right off the deep end entirely.
    Maya: You are different...
  • Chase and Cameron in House during the episode where Cameron was emotional because she was afraid that she had HIV and she was under the influence. To elaborate — Cameron had just been exposed to some HIV-infected blood when the patient of the week coughed at her and, in a later scene with the patient, he encourages her to try some of his crystal meth stash. She does...and promptly jumps Chase.
  • Thanks to Morgana's evil plan, Gwen kisses Lancelot under the influence of a magic bracelet in season 4 of Merlin.
  • In Murdoch Mysteries, William and Julia share their first kiss (and very nearly go a lot further) after consuming most of a bottle of absinthe in an experiment to determine its effects in "The Green Muse".
  • My Babysitter's a Vampire:
    • Erica kisses Benny while under the effects of Benny's Love Potion. Benny is more than excited about this.
      Benny: I...kissed...Erica!
    • Subverted when Ethan and Sarah almost kissed after being transformed into Dusk lovers, but returned to normal at the last second putting them in an awkward situation.
  • Pam kisses Jim early on in the second season of The Office (US). At the time, she's drunk on "second drinks" (melted ice mixing with leftover margarita).
  • On The Orville, this becomes the plot of the episode "Cupid's Dagger" courtesy of a visiting alien's pheromones. It also comes close to completely ruining a delicate bit of negotiations, almost leading to full-scale war.
  • Scrubs:
    • It has a kiss between J.D. and Carla in season 4. Both were drunk and the morning after exchange was hilarious:
      J.D.: It was a friend kiss, and we'll never talk about it to anyone ever!
      (Elliot enters the room)
      Elliot: What's going on?
      J.D.: Nothing!
      Carla: J.D. and I kissed!
      J.D.: Carla!
      Elliot: What, like a friend kiss?
      J.D.: Yes...
      Carla: No!
    • The whole next episode dealt with the backlash from Turk (Carla's husband) and it was a major plot point about their marriage being in trouble.
  • Skins: Naomi and Emily have danced around each other for the entire season. They are at a party, both being three sheets into the wind.
    Naomi: (motioning between the bottles in her hand) So, what do you want?
    Emily: (completely mesmerized by her) Anything. Just give me a fucking... Just... Just give me a... (leans over and kisses her. Naomi shows absolutely no resistance)
    Naomi: Oh... (her denial catches up with her libido) It's only the drugs, right?
    Emily: ...sure.
    (The two start to make out like crazy.)
  • Sliders: Maggie and every man she can get her hands on after being implanted with an alien egg intent on propagating.
  • Smallville:
    • Seriously, Chloe and Clark kissed more times under the influence than not, although notably every time it is just making Chloe show her hidden feelings.
      • Hug: To prove his mind control powers, the meteor-freak of the week makes Chloe kiss Clark.
      • Rush: An adrenaline-inducing parasite infects Chloe, leading to some heavy making out with Clark who is affected by red kryptonite, and would certainly have gone further if she didn't remove his shirt and the red kryptonite in it.
      • Devoted: A love potion makes Chloe wait at the loft wearing nothing but his football jersey. Three guesses what happened.
    • Also, every single episode that involves Red Kryptonite. Thankfully, almost everyone Clark kisses suffers Easy Amnesia when the phlebotinum wears off. This sometimes reaches ludicrous levels — Why did red kryptonite lipstick erase Lois's memory when it wore off? If it didn't, the writers would have to use Character Development.
    • Later, Maxima and Zatanna used Psychic Powers and magic, respectively, to force Clark to kiss them.
    • Shield: After Hawkman gets drunk, he hallucinates his dead wife standing before him. Overwhelmed, he rushes up and kisses her, then it turns out he snogged Lois. Outraged and not realizing what he's going through, Lois slaps him.
  • Stargate SG-1: Sam kisses Jack in "The Broca Divide" after turning into a cavewoman. Every male character who kisses Hathor is under the influence of her weird breath. It happens more than just these times...
  • Stargate Atlantis, where in one episode Rodney and a female soldier share Rodney's body between them. First, she advances Rodney's social life by taking control of his body and kissing the woman he has a crush on. Then, at the end of the episode, she takes control again, but this time to kiss the man that she has a crush on, before undergoing the risky reversal procedure. This last caused squee overload for slash fans because onscreen it's just two guys kissing.
    • Sheppard from Stargate Atlantis gets to kiss both female leads like this. The first time he kisses Teyla because he is losing his inhibitions due to transformation into a bug. Then while the two are acting as hosts to alien consciousnesses 'Elizabeth' kisses 'John'. Then she tries to murder him.
  • In the Star Trek: The Original Series episode "Plato's Stepchildren", sadistic and bored aliens with psychokinetic powers, which allow them to control people's movements, force Kirk and Uhura, as well as Spock and Nurse Chapel, to kiss for their amusement, leading to the first black/white interracial kiss on American TV.
  • In the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode "The Naked Now", Data and Lt. Tasha Yar have sex while under the influence of the same alcoholic intoxication disease that inflicted the TOS crew in "The Naked Time". After they were cured, Tasha told Data that the whole thing never happened. In later seasons, Data is shown to treasure the memory, especially after Tasha's death.
  • Star Trek: Voyager:
    • Kes almost provides what would have been the show's only lesbian kiss when she is possessed by an evil alien dictator in "Warlord".
    • In "Blood Fever", when Vorick goes through his pon farr, he forms a brief telepathic mind-meld with B'Elanna (before getting his jaw broken) who then becomes consumed with lust for Tom Paris. Paris proves to be Above the Influence, but the incident nevertheless foreshadows later developments.
    • In "Scientific Method", B'Elanna and Tom hook up for real and start Making Love in All the Wrong Places, earning a formal reprimand from the captain. In that episode, aliens are discovered doing secret medical experiments on the crew, and they wonder if their sex-mad behaviour, perhaps even their entire relationship, might be a result of some aliens messing with their hormones as an experiment. Well, it's a good thing they found out in time, Tom and B'Elanna conclude while snogging passionately.
  • Star Trek: Deep Space Nine has a lesbian kiss in the episode "Rejoined" involving Dax and another Trill. The "influence" in this case is that both parties are remembering a previous life in which they were a heterosexual couple.
  • The "alien orgasm monster" from the Torchwood episode "Day One".
  • In the Farscape episode "Meltdown", Crichton and Aeryn are affected by fluids from Talyn that make them consumed with mutual lust. In one amusing scene they have to snog, frantically complete some essential repairs, then gratefully go back to snogging again (this example is actually playing with the concept, as John and Aeryn were already in an intimate relationship during this episode. Talyn's fluids just ramped them up into overdrive). Likewise, an alien infiltrator increases everyone's emotions prior to draining them in "Twice Shy". Chiana's already considerable sex drive is increased, leading to her almost kissing the (female) alien, cornering and attempting to flirt with Aeryn, and trying to forcefully 'recreate' with John Crichton on a table.
  • Elena's younger brother Jeremy from The Vampire Diaries did a lot more than just kiss his crush when they were both high over the summer.

    Puppet Shows 
  • A one-sided example occurs in Fraggle Rock when Wembley makes friends with a girl Fraggle named Lou. Mokey, convinced that Wembley is in love, takes him to the Trash Heap to ask how to make sure Lou returns the sentiment. The Trash Heap gives Wembley a bottle of Love Potion #9 to use on Lou. Unfortunately, it spills into the pond, producing a gas that everyone in the Great Hall inhales. Boober, after falling under the influence of the love potion, starts smothering Wembley with kisses. Wembley, the only one not under the potion's spell, is not in the least inclined to kiss Boober back. Fortunately, the potion works for only twenty minutes.

  • In Peter Pan Goes Wrong, Annie starts kissing Jonathan while she is still woozy from being electrocuted. Jonathan responds rather enthusiastically.

    Video Games 
  • In Blazing Dragons, Flicker reflects a hypnotic spell onto Trivet, putting him into a trance where he believes he's really Princess Flame. When Sir Loungealot comes in to check on "her", Trivet tells him to stop stalling and get to "some action". Loungealot happily obliges with a big kiss, only for the hypnotism to wear off right then.
  • Hilariously averted in Granblue Fantasy, Lamretta almost pulls this on the protagonist after getting particularly wasted in the Fate Episode of her R version, but her gut kills the mood.
  • Mentioned in Octopath Traveler II. During part of Castti's Chapter 2, Partitio mentions that he can't remember what happened last night because he drank too much. Castti proceeds to troll him by implying that they got up to some rather naughty shenanigans, much to his shock.

    Visual Novels 
  • In Rin's route of Katawa Shoujo, Rin, high on codeine, wearing only an unbuttoned shirt and panties, lets Hisao into her room and eventually kisses him. Then she falls asleep and forgets about it the next morning.
  • Used with three different love interests in Melody:
    • Melody's "evening kiss" that she she gives the protagonist as a "reward" (provided that the player previously made certain choices) takes place after the two of them share a bottle of wine over dinner.
    • On Becca's romantic path, Becca invites the protagonist to dinner at her apartment, and he brings a bottle of wine. If he answers Becca's questions in certain ways, she will kiss him goodbye for the night.
    • The protagonist's first kiss with Amy (at least if Melody isn't there) happens outside her hotel room, after they both drank at her birthday dinner.

    Web Animation 
  • Uta's RomCom Manga Dubs: Mia suddenly kisses Hiromu while she's drunk, it turns out she tends to do this to random people whenever she gets drunk.

  • Achewood: "Man, chicks will do anything on Cuervo! They'll even lez out!"
  • Narrowly averted and played with in Misfile when Ash and Vashiel both believe they did a lot more than kiss. It turned out they just got so blitzed that they passed out and were put in the same bed to make it easier to keep an eye on them.
  • In El Goonish Shive, Elliot kisses Carol on the cheek while under the influence of the personality altering aspects of his "Cheerleadra" spell.
  • Cloudcuckoolander Izm and his friend A.E.D made out when they were drunk. Of course, this being Hedone High, it was never mentioned again.
  • Homestuck:
    • This trope is applicable in an update wherein an intoxicated Rose kisses Kanaya. Cue fandom flip-out. However, it seems that they had basically been going out for a while beforehand, so it wasn't out of nowhere.
    • In the Trickster Arc, Jane, Roxy, and Jake become intoxicated, after becoming Tricksters from a Spiral Sucker (which is likened to drugs). Roxy then proposes to Dirk and tells him to kiss her. After Arquiusprite recommends that he "just go for it," he nonchalantly acquiesces to do so.
  • Steve and Mark in the opening arc of Khaos Komix. And then some.
  • In The Order of the Stick, Belkar kisses Vaarsuvius full on the lips after drinking 10 mugs of beer in 10 seconds. The one witness is sworn to silence.
  • Happens in Rain between Fara and Heather, Heather and Jessica, and a one-sided version between Rudy (drunk) and Rain (sober).
  • In an early Sluggy Freelance strip, Zoe got drunk at a New Year's party and kisses a guy she's too drunk to recognize as Torg. Made doubly awkward since Zoe says "You're not like those jerks Torg and Riff" before kissing him.
  • Sticky Dilly Buns: Booze leads Jerzy to bad decisions regarding Angel here. Angel's exploitation of the situation verges on But Liquor Is Quicker territory.
  • Tripping Over You: Downplayed when Milo mistakenly believes his crush Liam has started dating someone else, drowns his sorrows with a few drinks, and then makes a Love Confession when he learns the truth. It gets him a Kiss-Kiss-Slap in the short term, but a Relationship Upgrade in the long run.
    Milo: I'm just... I... like you.
    Liam: That- that wasn't pop you were drinking, was it? (Milo kisses him)
  • Implied to have happened numerous times in xkcd

    Web Videos 
  • The Tobuscus video "How to Get Women" is a parody of Axe deodorant commercials in which Toby, upon donning Axe body spray, is constantly assaulted by women attempting to make out with him. This wrecks his life and drives him into therapy, but he refuses to give up the Axe.

    Western Animation 
  • Happened in The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius episode "League of Villains" where Jimmy distracts the villains by exposing Beautiful Gorgeous and the Junkman to a love potion, causing a large amount of Squick from both sides.
  • In an episode of American Dad!, Roger and Francine attend a wine tasting together and end up kissing while drunk. Roger worries that this will destroy his newfound friendship with Stan, so he tries to engineer a similar situation with Stan and a random woman he claims is his girlfriend so they'll be even. Of course, Roger ends up destroying the friendship anyway by resorting to extreme measures to keep Stan from finding out.
  • Bob's Burgers: In "Dr. Yap", Linda's sister Gayle becomes infatuated with Bob after Bob kisses her, mistaking her for Linda while he's recovering from his dentist's anesthetics.
  • Happens a few times in The Fairly Oddparents.
    • Timmy uses The Dark Side suit for this purpose on Trixie in "The End of the Universe-ity". He also tries in "Genie, Meanie, Miney, Moe", but it's though Norm. "You Doo" is a debatable example, while the dolls could control actions, there was no evidence it could change personality. A variation occurs in "Love Struck!" when Timmy puts a spell on himself so he can date Tootie.
    • The chapter book Token Wishes also has Tootie using one of Timmy's wish tokens to make him kiss her.
  • In an episode of Jonny Quest: The Real Adventures Jonny and Jessie get possessed by the ghosts of two lovers who murdered each other over a jealous spat. Hadji and another character convince the spirits to literally kiss and make up... while still in Jonny and Jessie's bodies. There's a brief awkward moment between the two after (the fact that they failed to notice the ghosts had left them for several seconds probably didn't help) but it passes fairly quickly. Jessie even teases Jonny about it later in the episode.
  • Kim Possible in its most memorable episode, "Emotion Sickness":
    • A mood-controlling chip (the Moodulator) attaches to Kim and gets inadvertently switched to "Love," leading to her first kiss with Ron. Cue the Grand Finale's Relationship Upgrade!
    • Shego is under the influence of the same device. In defiance of the usual "one-sided case" variation, Dr. Drakken spends the entire episode weirded out by Shego's mood swings and terrified by her actions when it's set to "very angry". The two only get an implied kiss.
  • In the Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated episode "Night Terrors", Shaggy and Daphne breathe hallucinogenic fumes and end up making out and then snuggling, much to Fred and Scooby's horror. Daphne thought she was kissing Fred, and Shaggy thought he really was Fred (not that he seems overly regretful once coming to his senses).

    Real Life 
  • According to Kate Fox, the sociologist author of Watching the English, this explains all drunkenness. British people are too chronically shy to just say they like someone, instead they get drunk, (not accidentally but as a deliberate aim) then kiss under the influence. Either you end up in a relationship or you can claim you were kissing under the influence. This idea is supported by studies that show that people can still get drunk on alcohol-free placebos, getting drunk in order to behave badly, rather than behaving badly because they are drunk.


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