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The fastest man alive slows down to start a family.

Serling: When have you ever been to a wedding?
Michelangelo: Been to? Never. Seen on TV? All the time! Every series eventually does a wedding episode, dude.
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2003), "Wedding Bells and Bytes"

This is when a show that isn't normally about marriage sends its characters to a wedding as the premise of an episode. Weddings in the beginning or middle of the work will usually be a supporting character's or a relative stranger's that the cast is roped into attending, while the lead's nuptials are usually reserved for the end. The premise of a Wedding Episode also varies with the work's genre and target audience — a kids' show might have the characters attend their first wedding and learn about marriage, a sitcom wedding will never go smoothly and the characters have to scramble around the requisite shenanigans, a romance story will inject as many twists and turns as it can, while an action-filled work might have it as a Breather Episode. Just note that to qualify, the episode has to be about a wedding.

Regardless of who's getting hitched, this allows the writers to dress up the cast, put them somewhere fancy and removed from the show's usual setting, and utilize as many hallmark Wedding and Engagement Tropes as they want. Mishaps with the ring? The bride's panicking because she's missing one of her Old, New, Borrowed and Blue things? The groom's getting cold feet and has to be coaxed to the altar? Someone interrupts the wedding? The Wedding Episode lets the characters experience all this and more, while allowing for the happy, romantic atmosphere associated with the ceremony.

In the late 20th century, a Wedding Episode was often a Ratings Stunt. It may overlap with Wedding Finale if the entire final installment or episode is centered around a wedding. An ending that only features the wedding at the very end, however, does not count as a Wedding Episode. Compare Dress-Up Episode, where the characters have to dress fancy for reasons other than marriage. Subtrope of Episodes.


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    Anime and Manga 
  • In Episode 18 of HappinessCharge Pretty Cure!, two minor characters have their wedding, and the Cures help them out with it.
  • Pokémon: Sun and Moon episode "The Professor's New Adventure". Fresh off a climactic Ultra Beasts-related plot, this lighthearted episode is all about Kukui's proposal to Burnet, and the subsequent wedding the characters throw for them.

    Comic Books 
  • Issue 60 of The Avengers (Lee & Kirby) focuses on the wedding of Janet van Dyne/The Wasp and Yellowjacket — something that baffles the other Avengers, since the latter claims to have recently killed Janet's lover Hank Pym and they barely know anything about him besides that. The wedding ends up crashed by the Circus of Crime, and the ensuing scuffle with them reveals that Yellowjacket was Hank all along, something that Janet had managed to figure out before deciding to marry him.
  • The wedding of Fantastic Four members Reed Richards and Susan Storm quickly went from kink-free and blissful to a disaster of epic proportions when it was crashed by a very-pissed conga line of recurring villains who tore up the Baxter Building and a large portion of New York while fighting over who got to kill the FF, tangled with all the FF's Avenger and X-Men pals who had been invited to the wedding, and turned the event into one of the most famous Battle Royales in all of comics history. It took the frickin' Watcher popping in with a machine that threw all the villains back in time to before the attack began to end the chaos.
  • Superman:
    • Post-Crisis Clark Kent and Lois Lane's wedding day is chronicled in Superman: The Wedding Album. Superman lost his powers a few weeks before the event, so he was physically equal to a normal man when he got hitched. At the time he was told his powers might never come back (of course, they did) but Lois insisted on going ahead with the wedding anyway. Thus reinforcing the idea that Lois was marrying him for his kind and caring nature, not for his superpowers or the glory of being "Mrs. Superman."
    • Pre-Crisis Earth-2 Superman had his wedding story told in Action Comics #484 in 1978, where at the time the Wizard put him under a hypnotic spell that made him forget that he was Superman, and instead lived his life solely as Clark Kent, who made Lois Lane fall in love with him to the point where they married. However, after finding out that Clark Kent was really Superman and having the Wizard restore Superman's memory, Lois was ready to forsake the marriage, but Superman refused to let her, and so the couple married again in his Secret Fortress using a Kryptonian marriage vow.
  • The wedding of Donna Troy and Terry Long in The New Teen Titans is another example of a fairly mundane wedding which just happens to have a bunch of superheroes in attendance. For bonus points, this happened to be the 50th issue of the series' run.
  • X-Men:
    • Logan made sure Cyclops and Jean Grey's wedding in X-Men #30 was conflict-free. Not to mention Jean's atypical wedding dress was absolutely gorgeous. Jean chose to have the last dance with wheelchair-bound Xavier, and used her telekinesis to lift him up.
    • X-Men: Gold issue #30 is set on Kitty and Piotr's wedding day but it ends up becoming Gambit and Rogue's wedding.
  • Robin (1993): One of the annuals revolved around the wedding of Jack Drake and Janet Winters, the rehearsal for which went a bit sideways when the amulet Jack gave Dana as a gift turned out to be a villain's magical artifact.
  • Wonder Woman:
    • Wonder Woman (1942): In the Silver Age there was a whole arc around the upcoming marriage of Wondy and Steve Trevor, with Wondy even traveling to Earth-Two and talking to their happily married Golden Age iterations. She did not take their advice about trust to heart and rather than tell Steve that her secret id was his co-worker Diana Prince she decided to kill off her Diana Prince identity. Steve called off the wedding despite the lavish preparations because of this, and they only finally got married right as their universe was about to end a few years later.
    • Wonder Woman (Rebirth): One issue takes place at the wedding of Etta Candy's brother, the reception of which ended up bombed.
  • Issue 174 of Sonic the Hedgehog (Archie Comics) focused on the wedding of Antoine D'Coolette and Bunnie Rabbot. While it went off without a hitch, the absence of Chaotix member Espio was noted by several characters; the readers got to see what he was up to at the time alongside the wedding prep, which set up the heavy Wham Episode coming in the next issue.

    Fan Works 
  • The Bolt Chronicles: In “The Rings,” Penny and Joe get married, while a later private marriage-style ceremony officially unites Bolt and Mittens as soulmates.
  • Coby's Choice: After stopping Absalom's attempt to force Nami into marriage, Luffy decides to take advantage of the setup to make his and Nami's relationship official.
  • "Empath's Wedding" in Empath: The Luckiest Smurf is about Empath and Smurfette getting married. It takes place at the end of the novel, but the story itself chronicles how it gets to the ceremony part, with the evil witch Chlorhydris crashing it by stealing Smurfette and taking away her heart so that she wouldn't feel any love for Empath. Hefty, the jealous rival who wants to be the one to marry Smurfette, purposely gives his own heart to Smurfette so that she would be able to feel love again. Also in the series is "Wedding Bells For Bigmouth", which shows the Smurfs marrying the two ogres Bigmouth and Bignose.
  • For the Glory of Irk: Chapter 68 features Dib and Lor's wedding. It's also a Halloween Episode, incidentally, as the two wanted a Halloween theme for the ceremony.
  • "Hero's Wedding" from Hero: The Guardian Smurf has Hero marry his Opposite-Sex Clone and Second Love Wonder Smurfette — which makes Smurfette, his first love, jealous and going through the same situation as her cartoon show counterpart did in The Smurfs special "Smurfily Ever After", trying to imagine herself with another Smurf as her husband. The wedding gets crashed before it happens when Hogatha and Chlorhydris have both Wonder and Smurfette kidnapped, but Hero with the help of Hawkeye rescues them both from the evil witches' grasp and proceeds with the wedding. Smurfette does get married to Hero years later after Wonder dies in a mini-story.
  • The Kedabory Verse:
    • Ma Fille: Two chapters are set aside to focus on the boxers' wedding, one about Bear Hugger getting married, and the other about Glass Joe and Von Kaiser getting married.
    • The Suitest Wedding: While most Pretty Cure fanfics in the 'Verse are about adventures, this one jumps into the future for Hibiki and Kanade.
  • Chapter 65 of Son of the Sannin focused on Kurenai and Asuma's wedding reception as a Breather Episode. The only actual disaster happens miles away, and it's three days before the cast finds out about it.
  • The MLP Loops:
    • The wedding between Spike and Rarity is the first wedding in The Infinite Loops universe of two loopers who were not dating in baseline. Basically every looper in the multiverse is invited, and the ceremony is officiated by the local Admin. Of course, since Spike is a child in baseline, they had to pull out a Plot-Relevant Age-Up to justify things to the non-loopers; Spike and Rarity "accidentally" fell through a wormhole that supposedly led to a Year Inside, Hour Outside dimension where they spent ten years dating when a few minutes passed outside. And Cadance, the local Love Goddess, has a joygasm from helping plan such an important wedding.
    • On the other hand, Trixie and Chrysalis do not have a wedding; Trixie is simply named Chrysalis' permanent queen-consort. They're for all intents and purposes married, so Cadance is rather annoyed that they managed to loophole their way out of letting her plan a wedding for them.
    • Eventually Nyx Sparkle and Leman Russ (from Warhammer 40,000) get married, in an event that's even longer than the Spike and Rarity wedding.
  • The This Bites! version of the anime's Ice Hunter arc is one of these, as the Straw Hats are coerced into helping the Accinos carrying out an Arranged Marriage with the rival Hiruno clan.
  • Chapter 11 of Temporal Anomaly, appropriately named "Wedding of Demons".

  • In an Alfie story, Alfie is asked to be the page at a wedding. His toddler sister Annie Rose follows him.
  • One of the early books in The Baby-Sitters Club has the week-long preparation for Kristy's mother and stepfather's wedding, with the girls working together to look after nearly 15 kids combined.
  • The Cat Who... Series: Part of the plot of book #15 (The Cat Who Went Into the Closet) involves Qwill and Polly attending the wedding of Arch Riker and Mildred Hanstable. It mostly goes smoothly, except for Qwill having to rush back to Pickax early in a dogsled when the Gage mansion gets broken into and the cats are seemingly missing.
  • Chocoholic Mysteries: Bridal Bash is centered around the run-up to Lee's wedding to her second husband Joe Woodyard after the two got engaged at the end of Puppy Puzzle. The wedding itself doesn't happen until the very last chapter though.
  • The Dirty Bertie story "Wedding!" is about Bertie's second cousin marrying a Scottish guy and Bertie having to be the page. He gets the ring stuck on his finger and is embarrassed about having to wear a kilt.
  • The fiftieth Doctor Who New Adventures novel, Happy Endings, revolves around the wedding of the Doctor's companion Bernice, with dramas resulting from friction between the guests, an Ontological Paradox, and a series of apparently unrelated disruptions that turn out to be sabotage from the Doctor's archnemesis the Master.note 
  • Jaine Austen Mysteries: Killing Bridezilla, which revolves around Jaine getting hired to script wedding vows for her old high school classmate and nemesis Patti Devane, only to end up having to solve her murder.
  • The Junie B. Jones book Junie B. Jones is (Almost) a Flower Girl centers on Junie B.'s aunt's wedding. When Junie B. isn't picked as the flower girl, she has to find another way to make an impression at the wedding.
  • The Maisy First Experiences book Maisy Goes to a Wedding'' is about Maisy and her friends attending the marriage of Ostrich and Penguin.
  • Princesses of the Pizza Parlor: In Banquets and Other Social Disasters, the titular party are hiding out in a church, where, coincidentally, there's a wedding being planned. The book then has them create a Wedding Smashers situation as the bride isn't as she seems.
  • Stick Dog: "Stick Dog Crashes A Party", which involves Stick Dog and Co. sneaking into a wedding reception for Stick Cat's owner and eating as much food as they can.

    Live-Action TV 
  • Our Miss Brooks: In "June Bride", Miss Brooks agrees to Mr. Leblanc's request the be the proxy for his French bride, so she can move to the United States without a lot of red tape. Hilarity Ensues. Miss Brooks ultimately marries Love Interest Mr. Boynton at the end of The Movie Grand Finale
  • I Dream of Jeannie: had "The Wedding", where Major Nelson and Jeannie get married. The fact that Jeannie can't be photographed by the press results in no small number of complications.
  • "With Love and Twitches", Maxwell Smart marries Agent 99 in Get Smart. The wedding is complicated by Maxwell Smart ingesting a formula that would make his chest break out in to a rash that was actually a treasure map. KAOS agent disrupt the wedding, but they're beaten and the bride (Agent 99) walks to the altar on schedule.
  • All in the Family, episode "Maude" is about Carol's wedding, where Archie and Edith are guests. Alas, this is not the typical happy ending of most previous sitcom weddings, as Carol and David end up calling off the wedding.
  • Arrowverse:
    • In Arrow Season 3 episode "Suicidal Tendencies", Diggle and Lyla remarry, with Oliver serving as the best man. Diggle comments that his first wedding with Lyla was held aboard an ATV while they were stationed in Afghanistan, so this is the first "real" wedding that they experience.
    • In The Flash Season 1 finale, Caitlin and Ronnie marry in front of S.T.A.R. Labs, with only Barry, Cisco, Iris, Eddie, Joe, and Professor Stein in attendance. The marriage lasts less than a day because Ronnie dies afterward, saving Central City from the singularity.
    • Barry and Iris tie the knot in the Crisis on Earth-X crossover, with many of their superhero friends and allies in attendance. The wedding is broken up by Earth-X Nazis, who want to kidnap Kara. Their attempt fails spectacularly, but Barry and Iris end up having to cancel the white wedding in favor of a low-key one in front of the Central City waterfront, with Diggle as the preacher. Becomes a double wedding when Oliver and Felicity decide to tie the knot as well.
    • Sara Lance and Ava Sharpe's wedding forms part of the plot of the Legends of Tomorrow Season 6 finale.
    • The Grand Finale of Supergirl prominently features the wedding of Alex Danvers and Kelly Olsen.
  • Birds of a Feather: The episode "Nuptials" focuses on the wedding between Garth and Kimberly, which is plagued by annoying in-laws and Dorien trying to kill herself.
  • The Brittas Empire: The episode "Underwater Wedding" begins at the end of a wedding conducted in the centre's pool. On top of this, one of the plotlines revolves around the staff's attempts to free the best man, who has gotten stuck in the pool and is slowly drowning.
  • Brooklyn Nine-Nine: A police sitcom that occasionally has its characters get hitched.
    • "Boyle-Linetti Wedding": Nothing's going right in the wedding for Boyle's dad to Gina's mom, but the Nine-Nine manage to smooth it all out. Holt and Kevin even discuss another wedding ceremony at the end!
    • "Jake & Amy" is the wedding episode for lead characters Jake and Amy, fittingly set at the end of the fifth season. For all of Amy's meticulous planning, nothing goes right for this one either — her veil is messed up, the whole thing is derailed by a bomb threat, and her ex-boyfriend shows up — but their squadmates manage to pretty up the precinct, and she and Jake get married right then and there.
  • Community:
    • "Anthropology 101": Abed wants more sitcom shenanigans, so when he sees Britta and Jeff engaging in a game of 'relationship chicken', he gets them to propose to each other and brings in a wedding troupe. He even calls the situation a Wedding Episode. However, the group gets into a big fight shortly after.
    • In "Urban Matrimony and the Sandwich Arts", Shirley and Andre are getting re-married and invite the characters to the rehearsal dinner. There's a lot of focus on the cast's attitudes towards marriage. The episode is tied up by Shirley and Andre getting married at the end of the rehearsal and forgoing the scheduled wedding.
  • The final episode of Desperate Housewives has the wedding of Renee Perry (who goes all Bridezilla) and Ben Faulkner.
  • Dog with a Blog: Doubles as a Flashback Episode. While their parents are making plans to renew their vows, the kids tell Stan the story of their first wedding day and the Blended Family Drama that went on.
  • Downton Abbey has not one, but two episodes in the third seasons revolving around weddings:
    • Episode 3x01 focuses on Matthew and Mary's long-awaited marriage, which goes smoothly.
    • Episode 3x03 focuses on Edith's wedding to Sir Anthony Strallen. It doesn't go quite as well—he leaves her at the altar.
  • Family Matters has "Mama's Wedding", wherein Estelle marries Fletcher Thomas.
  • Fantasy Island has the aptly titled "The Wedding," where Roarke marries one of the guest stars from the previous season. She dies of cancer shortly thereafter.
  • Friends does this several times including multiple season finales focused on weddings.
  • Full House: The season four finale is a two-parter about Jesse and Becky's wedding day. The first part takes place the night before, and the second is Jesse's race to get to the church on time after a last-minute last stunt before marriage leaves him stranded in the middle of nowhere.
  • Happy Days:
    • "Arnold's Wedding" has Arnold getting married and Fonzie being made the best man, but being scared because he believes his family are cursed and if he attends the wedding, the marriage will end up bad.
    • "The Best Man" is about one of Howard's friends getting married and Howard being the best man. Drama arises when the neighbours are racist due to the groom being black, so the episode concludes with a Prejudice Aesop.
    • The 1984 finale had Joanie and Chachi getting married.
  • JAG: Bud and Harriet's wedding in the episode "Wedding Bell Blues". There is still a court case for the main characters to deal with, but even fans of the show could understandably forget about it.
  • Life with Derek: Casey’s Aunt Fiona is getting remarried, and Casey is chosen to plan the whole shindig, but must deal with her cousin, Fiona’s daughter Victoria, and her attitude and obvious disapproval over her mom’s new marriage, plus her flirting with Casey’s titular Jerkass stepbrother.
  • Lucifer: Maze and Eve tie the knot in the Season 6 episode "My Best Fiend's Wedding."
  • Manhattan Love Story: One episode centers around the drama of bringing a new boyfriend to a wedding, when Dana does this with Peter. The whole episode is set at the wedding of Amy and David's friend. Said friend is soon very annoyed as Amy and David dance before her. Then Dana and Peter follow suit, to even more annoyance.
  • Married... with Children: "How To Marry A Moron: Part 2" featured the marriage of Kelly Bundy to Lonnie Tot (whom she'd met in the previous episode) as its main plot point. The Bundys, ever the social climbers, are very excited at the prospect of becoming part of the ridiculously wealthy Tot family, and Al even makes plans to marry Bud off to Lonnie's more homely sister (much to the guy's chagrin). Unfortunately the whole thing falls apart when Lonnie reveals that monogamy doesn't actually fit into the Tots' definition of marriage when he hits on Marcy Darcy. Naturally this offends one of the few morals Al and Peg hold and they call off the wedding (though Bud is still free to marry the sister if he so chooses).
  • The roommates of Roommate Com New Girl attend a lot of weddings.
    • "Wedding" in season one and "The Last Wedding" in season 4 don't even show the happy couple; these episodes are focused more on the main group dynamics.
    • The season 2 and season 5 finales are about Cece's weddings. The latter sticks.
  • Once Upon a Time: The penultimate episode of Season 6, "The Song In Your Heart", is all about building up to Emma and Hook's wedding. And it's a Musical Episode to boot!
  • Outlander: Season 1, "The Wedding" focuses on Jamie and Claire's wedding night interspersed with flashbacks to the wedding preparations and the actual ceremony.
  • Parks and Recreation is a sitcom about a group of government employees.
    • "Andy and April's Fancy Party" is the titular characters' wedding episode. Instead of classic wedding hijinks, the humor is derived from the fact that this is an impromptu, surprise wedding for a young couple that has only been dating a month.
    • "Ben and Leslie": The episode is about the characters scrambling to prepare Ben and Leslie's wedding, which they spontaneously decided to hold three months before their set date the previous episode. When bureaucracy and hijinks threaten this, Leslie almost gives up before her colleagues reveal that they arranged the office for a second attempt, and Ben and Leslie get to say their "I Do's".
    • Humorously enough, "London" has a Wedding Cold Open, as the two people involved (Ron Swanson and Diane Lewis) have stopped giving half a crap about weddings about one or two marriages ago, so once the proposal is done they just head directly to the fourth floor to get married with exactly zero ceremony.
  • The Punky Brewster finale (featuring clips from previous episodes) has a wedding staged for Punky's dog Brandon and a neighbor's female golden retriever, Brenda.
  • Rhoda: The titular character got married in an hour-long episode titled "Rhoda's Wedding". This was the 8th episode of Season 1.
  • Royal Pains did this a few times.
    • "Fight or Flight" deals with Divya and Raj's (first) wedding ceremony.
    • The two-part "Off Seasons Greetings" sees Evan and Paige trying to hold their wedding ceremony during a blizzard.
    • "The Good News Is..." is a Musical Episode built around Eddie's wedding to Ms. Newberg.
  • The Secret Life of the American Teenager: The Secret Wedding Of The American Teenager, obviously. Ben and Amy and their friends get fake IDs and Ben and Amy use theirs to get married. It goes off without a hitch until their parents crash the reception and inform them that a fake ID marriage is an invalid one. The other weddings in the series (Adrian's parents, Leo and Betty, Ben and Adrian) don't get an entire episode focused on them, but parts of them are shown.
  • One Sesame Street episode is about the characters preparing for Maria and Luis's wedding.
  • The finale of Schitt's Creek revolves around David and Patrick's wedding.
  • She-Hulk: Attorney at Law: Episode 6's A-plot sees Jennifer off to an old friend's wedding, away from the show's usual legal shenanigans. She lampshades this.
    Jen: Yes, it's a self-contained wedding episode. And if you think this is happening at an inconvenient time in the season, you're right, 'cause that's how weddings always are. But I'm gonna look great, so let's go.
  • Watson's wedding to Mary sets the stage for Sherlock episode "The Sign of Three", in which Sherlock struggles to get his "best man" act together.
  • Succession
    • The season 1 finale is set across Shiv and Tom's wedding (the wedding party begins in the penultimate episode).
    • The season 3 finale is set at Logan's second wife's new wedding.
    • Episode 3 of season 4 is a subversion. The episode is titled "Connor's Wedding" and it starts with half the cast rolling up to the occasion. Quirky shenanigans are expected to go on, especially since Connor starts freaking out about the cake. But after Tom calls with news of Logan's collapse, the episode quickly becomes dominated by the characters reacting to Logan's death.
  • Supernatural parodies the trope in "Season Seven, Time for a Wedding'' during which an obsessed Sam fangirl uses magic to make him believe he's in love with and wants to marry her.
  • Superstore: A sitcom about exhausted retail workers at a big-box store indulges in letting its characters get married a couple of times, allowing for formally-dressed hijinks.
    • "Cheyenne's Wedding" features the wedding of Cheyenne and Bo, who got engaged in the pilot. Unlike the rest of the other episodes, this doesn't take place in the titular superstore.
    • "Sandra's Wedding" marries Sandra to her longtime love interest Jerry. A lot of humor is derived from the ridiculousness of the setting (a nautical theme at a Western restaurant) and the fact that Sandra's Sitcom Archnemesis Carol is secretly attempting to undermine it.
  • Trigonometry: Episode 4 focuses on Kieran and Gemma's wedding, which is made complicated as Ray had just confessed that she loved them both right at the end of Episode 3.


    Professional Wrestling 
  • The final episode of TNA Spin-Off Ring Ka King featured Angelina Love getting married to Zoravor, but not before Romeo made a proposition. Despite the competition, the wedding went smoothly once Love made her choice.

    Video Games 
  • In The Thief and the Tinderbox, the thirteenth installment of the Dark Parables, the Fairytale Detective is on hand to celebrate a royal wedding in the Snowfall Kingdom... after first going through hell and high water to make sure it happens.

    Web Video 
  • The Nostalgia Critic: The review of Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked is bookended with Hyper Fangirl and Devil Boner's wedding, complete with crowd scenes filmed at a Fan Convention. It features their first onscreen kiss. A gag in the episode is everybody referring to the duo as "Hyper Boner," leading to many a Double Entendre (which sets up the review, since Critic also finds the title of Chipwrecked groanworthy wordplay).
  • The final one-shot of the Vox Machina storyline in Critical Role features Percy and Vex having a proper wedding after they had previously eloped during the Time Skip. Naturally, one past villain is determined to ruin this. As a surprise wedding gift, Scanlan uses his final Wish spell to bring Vex's deceased brother, Vax, back for long enough to speak with his sister once more.

    Western Animation 
  • Arthur:
    • In one episode, Arthur, D.W. and Kate’s aunt is getting married and the ring gets lost. D.W., being able to fit down the space it landed, retrieves it.
    • In "Mr. Ratburn and the Special Somebody", the kids learn Mr. Ratburn is getting married and try to figure out who he's marrying. At the end they attend his marriage to a chocolate maker named Patrick.
  • Bobby's World: In "In Search of the Ring Bear", Bobby goes with his family to the wedding of Martha's cousin Maudie. He is looking forward to seeing a "Ring Bear", which he believes to be a bear that does tricks with rings, but becomes extremely disappointed when he finds out that such an animal doesn't exist and that he has instead been given the job of the ring bearer.
  • The Bob's Burgers episode "Something Old, Something New, Something Bob Caters For You" is about Bob catering the wedding of a couple who first met on his restaurant a few months before. The outdoor ceremony at a seaside cliff is a disaster because of the high winds, and then Bob accidentally destroys the wedding cake. Meanwhile, the kids have a side bet over who can get on the most wedding photos, the loser having to clean the restaurant's grease trap.
  • BoJack Horseman has "Love and Marriage" where BoJack crashes a wedding rehearsal dinner (with much Insistent Terminology specifying that it isn't the actual wedding), and inadvertently causes one of the brides to get cold feet and run off.
  • Ben 10: In the episode "Big Fat Alien Wedding," Ben has to attend his cousin's wedding. Hi-jinx ensues as wedding crashers in a form of mud-like aliens called Sludgepuppies/Lenopan, which includes the bride's parents, wants to disrupt the wedding due to a long-time feud with the Plumbers.
  • Daria In the Season 2 episode “I Don’t”, the Morgendorffers get invited to a cousin’s wedding, with Daria and Quinn as bridesmaids. Things go sour quick: Daria gets an ill fitting dress to the point where people think she got a different dress, the priest hits on the underage Quinn, Helen’s issues with her sister Rita (the mother of the bride) boil over to the point of a massive fight, and it becomes increasingly obvious that the marriage won’t work out when Daria and Aunt Amy ditch the wedding for a bowling alley and find the groom there.
  • In the Dennis the Menace (1986) episode, "Menaced Marriage", Dennis and his parents attend the wedding of Mr. Wilson's niece. Margaret is the flower girl, and Dennis' pets, Ruff and Willy, cause havoc at the wedding due to the former having followed Dennis and his parents, and the latter having been smuggled in by Dennis.
  • In the Brand Spanking New Doug episode "Doug's Marriage Madness", Mr. Mayonnaise and Ms. Krystal get married, and Doug is enlisted to deliver the rings. Naturally, things go awry.
  • The Garfield and Friends episode "Wedding Bell Blues" is about the wedding of Jon's cousin Marian. Garfield gets worried when he overhears the news, mistakenly believing Jon is marrying Marian and proceeding to try to the stop the marriage.
  • Harvey Girls Forever:
    • In the episode "VH Mess", Lotta wants to make a film ending by marrying dogs. Later after she filmed her ending, we find Lotta proving that Blaze's dog likes Kate's dog, and a wedding happens when Lotta makes an evil Billy the Skunk declare the two dogs "puppy and puppy", and the dogs nuzzle.
    • The episode "Whole Lotta Like" has a similar thing where Bloopers the rabbit gets married to Marco the cat. Eventually, the wedding stands off.
  • Inside Job (2021): "My Big Flat Earth Wedding" focuses on Reagan's mother getting married to...herself (it's either for self-empowerment or just a way to piss Rand off). Of course, Rand hears of this and hijacks the ceremony with members of the Flat Earth society.
  • Ninjago has a version of this: the Big Bad of Season 6 has the ultimate goal to marry Nya as doing so will make him all powerful by granting him infinite wishes. He succeeds in the season finale despite the ninjas' attempts to stop him.
  • King of the Hill:
    • "Lucky's Wedding Suit" features the long awaited marriage between Luanne and Lucky, with Hank and company trying to help Lucky find a way to pay for Luanne's lavish wedding plans.
    • "The Wedding Of Bobby Hill" becomes this when Peggy and Hank attempt to teach Bobby and Luanne a lesson as a result of an escalating prank war. There's even a faux bachelor party for Bobby.
  • The Bakshi Mighty Mouse episode "Mighty's Wedlock Whimsy" is billed as a cautionary tale of Mighty Mouse marrying Pearl Pureheart. After a dream sequence he'd like to forget, Mighty Mouse is about to make his vows when he gets cold feet. The wedding is averted as the animator himself is unable to go through with it.
  • In the Muppet Babies (2018) epiosde, "My Best Toy's Wedding", after Summer tells the other babies about a wedding she went to, the babies get the idea to have their own wedding, where Potato will be wed to Nattie the Narwhal. Gonzo and Summer have to learn to compromise when their plans for each of their toys contrast with each other's.
  • My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic:
    • The second season ends with "A Canterlot Wedding", a two-part episode focusing on the wedding between Twilight's brother Shining Armor and her former foal sitter, Princess Cadance. Things take a turn when Queen Chrysallis, the queen of changelings, traps Cadance and disguises as her, hypnotizes Shining Armor, and infests Canterlot with her swarm of changelings. The queen is defeated with Shining and Cadance's Power of Love and the second part ends with their official wedding.
    • The 100th episode, "Slice of Life", centers around the citizens of Ponyville planning a hasty wedding for Cranky Doodle Dandy and Matilda after a printing mishap makes them realize they accidentally set the date for that very day, while the Mane Six are Out of Focus fighting a bugbear out of town.
  • The Nina Needs to Go! episode "Wedding" focuses on Nina's auntie Gladys marrying a guy named Walter and Nina trying to find the bathroom during the wedding.
  • The cartoon special Snoopy's Getting Married, Charlie Brown has Snoopy all set to get married to a dog named Genevieve when Lucy arrives with news that the bride-to-be has just run off with a golden retriever. Snoopy is heartbroken at first, but soon lightens up at the prospect of remaining a bachelor, and enjoys the wedding cake with Woodstock.
  • The episode "Candace's Big Day" of Phineas and Ferb concerns Candace planning her Aunt Tiana's wedding to Bob. Unfortunately, her plans get messed up, and she's nervous her brothers will do something ridiculous for the ceremony. However, Tiana ends up loving the ceremony and it ends with Phineas and Ferb singing a song to the newlyweds.
  • Rugrats (1991) has the episode "Let them Eat Cake". In this episode, Tommy and Chuckie go to the wedding for Didi's younger brother, Ben. During the wedding, Ben's fiance, Elaine disappears right before she is due to walk down the aisle, resulting in her panic-stricken husband-to-be searching the large venue for her. Throughout the episode, Tommy and Chuckie pursue the cake that's being served at the wedding, and in their pursuit, they eventually find Elaine in the courtyard, where Ben finds all three of them.
  • Rugrats (2021): In "Wedding Smashers", Angelica has a wedding planned for Cynthia and Cyrus and makes the babies help her make sure everything goes according to plan.
  • The Simpsons: The episode "There's Something About Marrying" focuses on Patty's upcoming gay wedding. Springfield legalizes gay marriage, Patty comes out as a lesbian, and Homer becomes to a minister, and the episode builds up to Patty's wedding to Veronica. At the last minute, the wedding falls through, as "Veronica" turns out to be a man in disguise.
  • The Smurfs (1981) had a cartoon special "Smurfily Ever After" devoted to the wedding of Cute Mute Laconia and her beloved Woody. Woody wanted it simple, but the Smurfs were willing to make it a monumental event, which got ruined by Gargamel showing up with his Ghoulliope musical machine. By the special's end, Woody got the simple wedding he wanted all along.
  • Steven Universe: The episode "Reunited" features the wedding of Ruby and Sapphire after choosing to be together for themselves instead of following the influence of others. However, less than half of the episode focuses on the actual wedding, with the rest being about Yellow Diamond and Blue Diamond acting as accidental Wedding Smashers.
  • In the Thomas & Friends episode, "Happy Ever After", Mrs. Kyndley's daughter is getting married, and Mrs. Kyndley tasks Percy with getting the good luck package, which consists of something Old, New, Borrowed and Blue. The four things Percy finds for the package that fit the respective criteria are Old Slow Coach, a set of buffers, a flatbed, and of course, Thomas.
  • A variant in the Total Drama World Tour episode "Niagara Brawls," which isn't about real marriages, but has a wedding-themed challenge set in Las Vegas, "the honeymoon capital of the world." Contestants are randomly paired up as bride and groom, with the groom directing the bride through an obstacle course to get her dress and then crossing Niagara Falls to get to "customs." Alejandro and Heather, Duncan and Courtney, Owen and Blaineley, and Sierra and Cody are all paired up as couples. Being an ordained minister, Sierra takes the opportunity to legally marry Cody by saying her vows very quickly and then tricking him into saying "I do."
  • The season 4 finale of Young Justice (2010) has the wedding of Connor Kent and M'gann M'orzz, especially earned after everything the couple went through this season.


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