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"Should I explain to you the meaning of a closed door in a whorehouse?"
Tyrion Lannister, Game of Thrones

A couple is about to have sex, or are in the midst of the act, but another person interrupts somehow. They have to stop to deal with the interruption. This trope can be played for comedy, drama, or both. Can often lead to a Relationship Reveal. If they choose to keep going, it's Coitus Uninterruptus. If they try and keep things secret (if there is a knock on the door), it could lead to a Closet Shuffle. If the idea of the sexual encounter is that another person is there, that'll be Sex in a Shared Room.

A subtrope of Moment Killer. Often followed by a "Don't you people know how to knock?", because no one ever locks their door when they're getting intimate.

The best thing about Interrupted Intimacy is said to be that you can lose your virginity only once—but you can use Interrupted Intimacy many, many times.

Compare to Caught with Your Pants Down for the solo version of the trope, Chaos While They're Not Looking for the violent version, and Almost Kiss for a PG-rated version. A supertrope of Primal Scene, Bedroom Adultery Scene and Parents Walk In at the Worst Time. Sister Trope to Sorry to Interrupt.


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    Anime and Manga 
  • In Boarding School Juliet. whenever Star-Crossed Lovers Romio and Juliet are on their own, they lean slightly on the Sickeningly Sweethearts (especially on Romio's part; Juliet is a lot more misgiving, although eventually she comes around). If someone catches them together, however, they put up the facade of being mortal enemies. As a Running Gag, this usually results in either of them inflicting Amusing Injuries on the other.
  • Cross Ange: In Episode 14 Tusk ends up getting to share his First Kiss with titular protagonist Ange in an abandoned hotel. But before they can potentially undress for Their First Time, they are interrupted by Kaname and Naga, Salamandinay's aides. After being captured, Ange declares the moment killed when Tusk tries to be intimate with her again.
  • In Fushigi Yuugi, Suboshi needs to talk to his boss Nakago and goes into his tent. Nakago is having sex with his and Suboshi's fellow Seiryuu Senshi Soi...
  • GTO: The Early Years: When the boys visit Abe in the hospital, they find he's not too injured to have sex with the nurse.
  • Lupin III: Given that they're both on Interpol's "Most Wanted" list and have numerous enemies, Lupin and Fujiko have had their romantic evenings ruined more than once:
    • The Secret of Twilight Gemini: About midway through the film, Sadachiyo and his men burst into their hotel room to assassinate Lupin, just as he and Fujiko were getting started. Which forced him to bail in his underwear and left Fujiko stark naked, with nothing but a bedsheet to defend herself!
    • The Columbus Files begins with them meeting over a candlelit dinner to discuss the contents of the stolen Columbus Egg, in Fujiko's possession. The discussion makes its way into the bedroom, where once again, they get interrupted just as they're about to shag. This time, by way of Macross Missile Massacre!
  • Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid: Tohru ends up barging in when Kanna and Saikawa were about to—in Kanna's words—"get closer". Did we forget to mention that Kanna and Saikawa are both in Elementary School?
  • My Wife is the Student Council President: Any time things start to heat up between Izumi and Ui, expect a third party to intervene before they have a chance to go all the way. In most cases, Rin is the culprit due to her own suppressed feelings for Izumi. Ui is keenly aware that Rin is her competition. So whenever Rin tries to seduce Izumi, Ui is the one who puts a stop to it.
  • In the manga version of Neon Genesis Evangelion, Kaji and Misato had a heart-to-heart talk about their past and when they’re about to make out, Asuka barges in. Hilarity Ensues.
  • Phantom Quest Corp.: In incident file 03, Detective Karino drops by Mr. Nagasuki's office to question him, just as things were heating up between Nagasuki and his secretary! So when he opens the door, he gets an eyefull, though the audience doesn't get to see anything.
    [secretary screams from off camera]
    Mr. Nagasuki: [angrily at Karino] GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE!!
    Karino: [closes door, snickering] Hot action.
  • Invoked in School Days (adapting a possible event from the original visual novel). Sekai's friend Nanami Kanroji and her sempai/boyfriend try to get some "quality time" in the middle of a school festival, so they end up having sex in the rest area booth. They're not interrupted but they are filmed by Otome's Girl Posse, who are such nasty bitches that they show the tape to the whole school. The upperclassmen think this is funny, but poor Nanami has an Heroic BSoD.
    • Double invoked, as almost immediately afterwards, we see that Makoto was caught on tape too... having sex with Otome. And this is how Sekai learns that, after she and Makoto cheated on Kotonoha, she is now the one cheated on.
    • The first part is expanded on in other media (namely, the game's Updated Re-release), and it's even worse. One: Nanami and her boyfriend weren't filmed by Otome's Girl Posse, but by Nanami's sempai and rival Chie Ashikaga; she releases the video out of spite against her.. Two: we see that they're actually quite kinky in regards to sex (into master/servant, sex roleplaying, etc.) No wonder poor Nanami completely shut down: not only she and her boyfriend were caught doing the deed, but their kinks were exposed to everyone in the school.
  • Tales of Wedding Rings: Sato and Krystal, constantly. Every time they decide that yes, this time they're finally going to do it, they get interrupted. Either someone opens up a portal to another world (at which point they don't have time for sex) or a bunch of Date Peepers fall out of the closet (at which point they're not in the mood). For bonus points, everyone else wants Sato and Krystal to have sex for important magical reasons, they just have absolutely terrible luck.
  • Variable Geo: Reimi and her personal assistant, Washio, finally get some "alone time" halfway through episode 2, where they have a romantic rooftop tryst in her private rose garden. At least, until Chiho ruins it for her, by interrupting them during her escape attempt. Which annoys Reimi, sparking an improptu match between her and Chiho.
  • Happens near the beginning of Vitamin. The protagonist's boyfriend forces himself onto her while they're in school, and a classmate sees them.
  • Cowboy Bebop: in the episode "Jupiter Jazz", Faye bursts in on two guys in bed because one of them has some information she needs.

    Comic Books 
  • Angel Love of her eponymous series catches her next-door neighbor Everett and his girlfriend Lola smooching in the dark in her apartment twice in one issue.
  • Even when Bronson and Thaddeus are hooking up in Copperhead she can't turn off her situational awareness; she jumps up in time to take out one of the would-be ambushers before they reach her room.
  • In issue 2 of Friday The13th Pamelas Tale, Barry convinces Claudette to go off into the woods to have sex with him. The two are unaware that Jason had followed them. Barry and Claudette are also unaware that he's watching them making love on a log. Jason attacks Barry while he's mounted Claudette in a rear entry position. Jason attacks Barry by leaping on his back and begins pummeling him. Barry then puches Jason and throws him off the log in a rage. Barry apologizes to Jason and wanting him to stop. Barry can only watch helplessly when he fails to catch up with Jason and then helplessly watch him fall off the Crystal Lake dock, flail around and drown in the lake.
  • In The Golden Age, Joan Dale interrupts Lance Gallant and Paula Brooks' night alone together in order to show them Tex Thompson's Secret Diary.
  • Over the Garden Wall: Distillatoria has a weird scene where Greg accidentally walks in on his parents... except his parents are replaced by Jimmy Brown (who's still in his gorilla costume) and Miss Langtree from the episode "Schooltown Follies".
  • Poor Scott Pilgrim ends up walking in on Wallace having sex when he arrives home. Scott's face paints an absolute picture.
  • Alan Moore's Lost Girls:
    • The first two occasions Alice and Dorothy have sex are interrupted. The first time they're on opium and Alice is freaked out to see an image of the Caterpiller in Dorothy's vagina. The second time they do it outdoors, only to discover Wendy watching them, much to Alice's irritation.
    • Wendy recalls an occasion where she and Peter Pan had sex, only for The Captain to ejaculate all over her back.
  • Serenity: Leaves on the Wind:
    • In an apparent Mythology Gag to Kaylee's Backstory scene in the Firefly episode "Out of Gas", Mal calls down to the engine room to tell Kaylee to fire up the engines and catches her in the middle of having sex with Simon.
    • Had happened back in the first issue: when Zoe went into labor, Simon and Kaylee run into the infirmary while still getting dressed. Zoe did say that they're like a "couple of rabbits".
  • Spider-Man Noir: While raiding a speakeasy/brothel owned by Crime Master, Spider-Man forces the manager to give him a tour and winds up walking in on a man getting it on with some prostitutes, to his irritation. When the guy gets uppity, Spidey scares him off by threatening to introduce his wife to his girlfriends; a more serious threat than it sounds, as the hookers are black and the story takes place in 1930s America, where being in an interracial relationship could ruin your life.
  • Superman:
    • In The Jungle Line, Clark Kent's super-senses malfunctioning cause him to walk in on one couple making out in a storeroom.
    • In Time and Time Again, Jimmy Olsen's mother drops in on her son's date with Lucy Lane as the both of them were kissing each other.

    Comic Strips 
  • A mild version occurs in Calvin and Hobbes on Christmas Eve after the gifts have been wrapped, Calvin's been put to bed, and Mom and Dad are now cuddled up on the love seat in front of a roaring fire in the fireplace. They then note that with the chaos of the holidays, it's nice to have a little quiet time to reflect, only for Calvin to come in with a fire extinguisher and shout "WHAT'S THIS?! SANTA FLAMBÉ??"

    Fan Works 
  • Advice and Trust: In chapter 7, Shinji and Asuka enter Misato's apartment, talking about having a shower and intercourse right away when Kaji walks into them. Oops.
  • All Assorted Animorphs AUs: Rachel accidentally walks in on Jake and Cassie having sex in "What if they all went to college together postwar?". Jake hides under the bedsheets, while Cassie morphs into a squirrel.
  • A Chance Meeting of Two Moons: The times that Luna walked in on a drunken Discord and Celestia, and Artemis walked in on a drunken Eris and Solaris.
  • A Crown of Stars: In chapter 65, Shinji and Asuka are in the middle of sex when Ching phones Asuka to remind them that they have to return to the stage shortly (appending a "Sorry because I guess what I am interrupting" comment).
  • The LDD-fanfic, Bridge to Terabithia 2: The Last Time, has this happening when Jess and Leslie, now in high school and in a romantic relationship, deciding to secretly kiss each other when Leslie came over to Jess' bedroom for a casual homework discussion. Unfortunately, Jess forgot to lock his door, and his little sister Maybelle just happens to barge in at the wrong time.
    Maybelle: [Suddenly Shouting] "MOM! DAD! JESS IS MAKING OUT WITH LESLIE IN HIS ROOM!!!"
  • In another Miraculous Ladybug fic, Caught by BullySquadess, Gabriel discovers Adrien and Marinette's relationship when actually walking in on them making love in Adrien's room. Seeing as he came in on official business which concerns both of them, he decides it's not every day he gets the chance to speak to them at once, considering their schedules, and just proceeds with the matter. It is as awkward as it sounds.
  • In chapter 19 of Children of an Elder God, Asuka and Shinji are about to have sex when an enemy attacks their Home Base. Shortly after they were making out in the locker rooms when Shinji's friend Touji suddenly entered, saw what they were doing and gagged.
  • Create Your Own Fate has a Running Gag about people being Kinda Busy Here. Kanril Eleya gets called to Hathon by Commander Jackson while in bed with Reshek Gaarra.
  • Domoverse: From "For Master (Part 1)": The titular Master is interrupted having VR sex with the protagonist:
    “Fucking Hell! Not now!” my Master screamed letting go of me so suddenly I fell forward
  • Empath in the Empath: The Luckiest Smurf story "Days Of Auld Lang Smurf" interrupts Papa Smurf's private moment inside the Imaginarium with a recreated fantasy version of his wife just as they were about to kiss. Of course, Empath doesn't know that this is what Papa Smurf was doing with his time away from the other Smurfs until he saw Papa Smurf in a bathrobe emerging from a Smurf house.
    • Empath himself gets interrupted by Polaris Psyche as he is making out with Smurfette in private while under the influence of the probes in "Monkey On Your Smurf".
  • Guys Being Dudes: Candela and Blanche approach to introduce Rhi and question why Spark wasn't at the emergency meeting on Go Fest Day 2 while Spark and Arlo are making out. Invoked on Candela's part since it let them get in while the couple were distracted.
  • In chapter 40 of Harry Potter And The Rune Stone Path, poor Harry Potter is made the subject of a Running Gag of accidentally witnessing other peoples' private time. First he interrupts a Primal Scene involving his adoptive mother and his birth mother entwined on the couch. He flees to the greenhouses, only to walk in on Neville Longbottom's threesome with Hannah and Susan. Harry flees out of the greenhouses and into the Room of Requirement, only to catch Tonks and Fleur in bed together.
    Harry: Why does this keep happening to me?
  • Higher Learning: In chapter 16 Shinji and Asuka are about to have sex in the tube... and Misato comes home right when Shinji is about to enter the bathroom, leading both teenagers to hurriedly pretend that nothing was happening.
  • In Hotspring Souls! Chapter 4 (which shares its title with the trope name) the Hunter and the Doll experience this thanks to their roommates Artorias and Ciaran's loud, ungodly moaning preventing the couple from getting it on themselves.
  • In the House/CSI crossover "I Want To Ride It All Night Long", House and Wilson's threesome with Catherine Willows gets interrupted because she's called out on a murder case.
  • In How the Light Gets In, Thea walks in on Dean and Laurel right when he's about to go down on her. Given that they're both a Parental Substitute to her, its even worse.
    Thea: I can't unsee that. My entire life flashed before my eyes. Why does this always happen to me?
    Dean: Because you don't—wait, always? How many times have you walked in on people having sex?
  • In Ice And Fire, Lelouch gives Suzaku a phone call, not knowing that he's having sex with Euphemia at the time. Needless to say, neither the Honorary Britannian nor the Third Princess are happy.
  • The Infinite Loops love to play this for laughs. Taken to an extreme where five separate people walk in on Spike and Rarity, apparently during the same loop, and react completely differently to the situation.
  • Hetalia: Axis Powers fanfic Kimyōna, Komisch, Caldo, a sequel to Gankona, Unnachgiebig, Unità: Let's just say Kugelmugel interrupted an *ahem* intimate moment Germany, Italy, and Japan were sharing.
    "Oh. Right there. RIGHT THERE!" What sounded like moans and groans in three different pitches could be heard—somehow over the deafening crashes—from the closed door as the boy reached it. Sadly, said boy could not get in due to said door being locked. Just what could they be doing?! Something that young children should never find out.
    Not that he cared. "Open up! OPEN UP!"
    What seemed to be a wet plopping noise resounded in response to the rapid knocking and insistent rattling of the locked doorknob, what sounded like sheets being removed, spray being frantically spritzed, clothes being rapidly put back on, sheets being put back on, and so on and so on following seconds later.
  • My Immortal. When Draco and Ebony have sex in the Forbidden Forest, Dumbledore barges in out of nowhere, yelling "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING YOU MOTHERFUKERS!"
  • In Now Kiss by KrazyKyStaHatter, Gabriel walks in on Adrien and Marinette while they are on the floor, making out heavily. Seeing as he was one of the people playing The Matchmaker for them, he merely informs them, with his usual The Stoic attitude, that with the success of their last photoshoot together, they are going to have a few more, wishes Adrien a happy birthday and leaves.
  • Hands (OMORI): A dark example that happens to Mari twice as she is about to molest her little brother Sunny- once by Basil concerned about Sunny, and once by Kel looking to surprise the siblings. Naturally, Sunny is grateful for being saved.
  • One Big Happy Family:: In Avatar: The Last Airbender, Zuko interrupted what was heavily implied to be Sokka and Suki's Their First Time. In the fic, after becoming Fire Lord, Zuko drafts letters of apology to all the leaders of the various nations and city-states. The one Suki gets mentions this event.
    Suki: Zuko, that was unnecessary.
    Zuko: What was?
    Suki: You know good and well what. That wasn't even an offense toward my village, it was personal, and an accident!
    Zuko: You're the head authority in the village. And accident or not, interfering with an international union effort—
    Sokka: Please don't call it that.
    Suki: Just... Alright, apology accepted, now never mention it again.
  • The Raven's Plan: Tyrion and co., after confirming that the plan has gone to hell, burst into Kevan's room to see if he Remembers... and interrupt him while he's in the middle of screwing his wife Dorna.
  • In Robb Returns, this is how Jaime and Cersei Lannister get caught, finally revealing and making public their incestuous relationship.
  • In the "Raise" chapter of The Second Try, Shinji and Asuka are about to make love at night when their daughter Aki opens their bedroom’s door. They stop instantly.
  • In Shatterheart, Kurogane and Syaoran share a tender moment when they decide to rekindle their relationship and kiss. Then Fai walks in on them without understanding the context.
    • Invoked by Syaoran when a nosy healer interrupts his reunion with Kurogane. He decides to mess with both of them by undressing and giving Kurogane a passionate embrace to make the healer think she interrupted much worse.
  • This trope probably scars Kagami for life in Stars Above when she accidentally walks in on Tsukasa and Miyuki.
  • In Thousand Shinji, it happens to Shinji and Asuka several times. They're making out, Misato arrives all of sudden, and they have to stop and pretend that they weren't doing anything... The first time happened in chapter 8, shortly after their Relationship Upgrade.
  • Played for Laughs in the appropriately titled, This Closet's Lock is Broken, when Soifon accidentally bursts in on Yoruichi while she's having sex... with a mod soul designed to look and act like her!(both are girls)
  • In these Totally Spies! stories by DragonShadow:
    • In A Liar's Lament, while being bodyguards, Sam and Clover accidentally walk in on a diplomat and his mistress getting it on in a basement bedroom.
    • In Chapter 14 of Starlight Starbright, Clover accidentally walks in on Mandy and Brittany about to get it on.
  • White Sheep (RWBY): Yang forces her mother to make a portal to her Uncle Qrow; Yang pops out to find Qrow in the middle of having sex with Coral. Jaune and the others hear the screams and come running, which results in everyone discovering that Coral is Jaune's sister. Coral is perfectly willing to keep going once everyone leaves, but since Qrow mistakenly believes Jaune is his nephew, that would mean Coral is his niece. He jumps out the window naked and screaming.
  • In Wordsmith Hermione keeps doing this to Harry and Ginny by showing up unannounced to complain about her failed dates. Harry's usual response is that sex is a good thing and she should go have some. When he does it to Hermione and Justin because he wants to complain about having a fight with Ginny Hermione tells him to take his own advice.
  • The Wrong Reflection has Fleet Admiral Riker call up Eleya to give her some info and orders right when she and her boyfriend are in the middle of foreplay.
  • In the Firefly fic “Sweeter Things'', Wash and Zoe can’t get time alone for their anniversary because Mal and other things keep interrupting them. Inara eventually gets on Mal about it and he makes it up to them.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • Subverted in Above Suspicion during this scene when Nick and Gail are making love and his beeper goes off.NSFW
  • Alto: Twice Frankie and Nicolette are about to have sex or making out when someone interrupts by calling or walking in.
  • An Angel at My Table: Janet and Bernard are about to have sex but Bernard keeps pausing to read Janet some of his poetry aloud and ask for her opinion on it.
  • Apollo 13: Jack Swigert was in the shower with his girlfriend when he gets the call to tell him he'll be part of the flight crew; she's very upset, but he simply cannot let it ring.
  • The Archer: This happens to Lauren twice.
    • First, she's moving toward sex with her friend Emily when Daniel, Emily's boyfriend, knocks on the door.
    • Next, she's getting intimate with Rebecca in the shower, but then Bob shows up.
  • In the climax of The Assignment (1997), a KGB Alpha Group assaults the safehouse of terrorist Carlos the Jackal. They find him in bed with a woman and order him to get dressed and come with them for interrogation. Defiant to the End, Carlos starts to pull on his clothes, showing his contempt by throwing the occasional item of ladies underwear at the KGB...which serves as a distraction when he picks up a submachine gun hidden under the clothes and opens fire.
  • In Atlantics, Ada and Souleiman are making out behind an abandoned building, but Ada stops him from going further because she hears footsteps. She's right, and the are accosted by an old man who makes them leave.
  • Backdraft. Brian McCaffery is having sex with his girlfriend on top of a firetruck when the alarm goes off. They quickly put on their clothes, only to find themselves racing through the streets on top of the vehicle, its sirens blaring. After their initial shock, they both find this rather amusing.
  • The Big Wedding:
    • Ellie interrupts Don as he's about to go eat Bebe out.
    • Ellie stands up from the table, noticing while she does that Nuria is giving Jared a vigorous hand job under it. She drags Nuria off to give her a talk.
  • At the start of Billion Dollar Brain Harry Palmer has left British Intelligence and is working as a private eye. Some photos on his desk show a couple caught in bed in a hotel room—the last shot is of a large fist flying at the camera.
  • Blood Harvest:
    • Gary remembers Jill's father walking in on the two of them in their treehouse. Jill thought she'd die of embarrassment, while Gary thought her father would kill him. He wonders if their relationship would have lasted if they hadn't been interrupted.
    • In the present, Jill's attempt at having sex with Scott is interrupted by a phone call.
  • Near the start of Brian de Palma's Body Double the unemployed actor hero goes home to find his girlfriend's clothes strewn around the apartment and thinks that she's planning something special for him. When he gets to the bedroom he finds out she got started without him and with someone else.
  • Bound (1996): Violet and Corky are pleasuring each other on the couch when Caesar bursts in.
  • Carry On Loving has the arranged pair Terry Philpot and Jenny Grubb, who are interrupted over and over by Jenny's roommeats. First Sally Martin walks in looking for her blue sweater, then pops out again to tell them she found it, then Gaye comes out of her room to rant about Adrian, then Adrian himself comes over and starts banging on Gaye's door, then Bertram Muffet arrives to pick up Sally and makes awkward small talk, then finally Adrian storms out of Gaye's room with a gun and tries to kill himself.
    Terry: Go on! Shoot the lot then maybe we'll get some peace!
  • Cassanova Was A Woman: Lola and Cassanova are interrupted while going to Lola's house for sex the first time by Cassanova's anxiety-born hallucination making her run away as she freaks out.
  • Cemetery Man: Francesco Dellamorte and his mystery woman make it on top of her husband's grave, at her request ("He would have liked to know."). Unfortunately, in this particular cemetery the dead are prone to rise seven days after burial—her husband digs his way out, catches them mid-act and promptly takes a bite out of his wife's arm, whereupon Francesco impales him with a cross.
  • The last proper scene of Class Act has Duncan's parents being woken up by squeaking bed springs. Having spent the entire film being so confused by Blade Brown's Hip-Hop culture that they thought the two were gay lovers, they feared "the worst". But when his father opens the door to Duncan's room, he instead finds his son having sex with his new girlfriend, Damita. Mr. Pinderhughes is so overjoyed he almost kills the mood, but cuts his interruption short by reminding Duncan to use a "jimmy hat".
  • A Running Gag in Cool World is that every time Frank and Lonette start to get intimate, Nails bursts in with some new emergency for Frank to deal with. This is usually followed by Nails exiting at high speed as things are thrown at him.
  • The Circle (2017): based on the novel of the same name, Mae goes 'transparent' and begins streaming her daily activities to the world using a tiny camera. The audience watches most of her activities and offer commentary, compliments and criticisms. Her parents are also part of the 'transparency,' in that they have cameras installed throughout their house so Mae can see them when she contacts them. One night, she calls into them to see how they are. She can't see them at first, but when she switches to their bedroom camera, is confronted with them on their bed, engaged in coitus. She and the millions of people watching are simultaneously embarrassed and shocked.
  • D.E.B.S.: Amy and Lucy's relationship is exposed when the other members of D.E.B.S. burst in on them in bed together.
  • The James Bond film Diamonds Are Forever has a scene where Bond (Sean Connery) takes Ms. Fanservice Plenty O'Toole back to his room where he gives the obligatory strip down so they can have sex but when she goes into the bed room to dispense with what little remains of her attire (high heels, flimsy see through pink panties and a fancy necklace) while Bond tosses her low cut purple satin dress on a chair and turns on a light... only to find himself being held at gunpoint by a bunch of mooks. The mooks then proceed to toss the basically naked Plenty out a window while she screams in humorous sexually humiliated protest, only to land in a pool, downgraded from Shameless Fanservice Girl to Reluctant Fanservice Girl. Fortunately for Bond, Tiffany Case is waiting in his bedroom to take up the slack.
  • The end of Die Hard with a Vengeance involves the hero, John McClane, interrupting Simon, the villain, as he's about to get intimate with his wife. The normally stoic woman suddenly gets very angry at McClane.
  • In the Japanese movie The Eel, the protagonist finds his wife having intercourse with another man and kills him right then. He spends eight years in prison; his life right after release is the actual story.
  • Embrace Of The Vampire:
    • Nicole is topless, getting intimate with a guy in their room when her roommate Charlotte unexpectedly comes back and surprises them.
    • Charlotte is making out with Chris in the forest. She asks him to have sex, pulling her top down and then a vampire rushes out, carrying Chris away to be slaughtered offscreen.
  • The Empire Strikes Back: Han and Leia are in the midst of their First Kiss and, PG rating of the film notwithstanding, possibly about to go further, when C-3PO barges in to tell Han about his latest breakthrough with the repairs to the Millennium Falcon. Han is audibly annoyed when he replies, and Leia quietly slips away while his back is turned.
  • Farewell, My Queen: Sidonie is about to have sex with Paolo when she is called by the Queen.
  • Faust: Mephisto is a demon, so it makes sense that he is also a Jerkass Genie. He spoils Faust's desire to have sex with Gretchen in a particularly unpleasant way, by arranging for Gretchen's mother to walk in. Gretchen's mother has a heart attack and drops dead.
  • Fear Street:
    • In Part One: 1994 Sam and Deena, about to get it on, are interrupted by a suspicious noise.
    • In Part Three: 1666 Sarah starts to go down on Hannah before the two are interrupted by a noise, just as Deena and Sam's intimate moment is cut short in Part One.
  • Fighting Mad (1976): Charlie and Carolee are in the middle of sex when goons kick down their door, beat them up, kidnap them, and murder them.
  • The Firm. Two Mafia hitmen walk in on a private eye while his Sexy Secretary is under the table giving him a blowjob. As they don't realise she's there, she survives as a witness to his murder.
  • Friday the 13th (1980): Barry and Claudette have engaged in foreplay and Claudette's shirt is totally unbuttoned when Pamela Voorhees sneaks in on them. She kills Barry onscreen with a knife to the stomach and offscreen, Claudette in the neck.
  • Friends with Benefits has Jamie's mom walking in on Dylan and Jamie in the middle of the act. They are more freaked out than she is.
  • Fright Night 2: New Blood: During an evening excursion, Charley walks in on Gerri going down on a male student. She notices Charley and flashes her black eyes at him. This same student later ends up missing.
  • Girl Happy: The plot revolves around Rusty and his band having promised their boss (a mafia bigwig) that they would stop his daughter Valerie from getting charmed into bed by some guy during spring break. They succeed at this, though at the cost of their own sexual encounters grinding to a halt before getting to the good part.
  • Girls Like Magic: Jamie and Maggie get caught by Maggie's fiancé and Jamie's dad after they finally start to have sex.
  • Goat Story - Old Prague Legends: Goat walks in on Jemmy and Katy in bed together and is heartbroken, because she's in love with Jemmy.
  • Running Joke in Going the Distance too—from Dan DJ'ing Erin and Garrett's first hook-up, to her sister walking in on them having sex on her dinner table... and her husband eating a midnight snack to them walking in on her sister and her husband dry-humping.
  • Hot Tub Time Machine: Adam, Nick and Jacob walk in on Lou having sex with Adam's sister, meaning Jacob witnesses his own conception... sort of. When he tries to attack Lou, he disappears. Coitus Uninterruptus has to ensue to ensure Jacob lives.
  • Jonah Hex. Jonah is in the bedroom of Lilah, a prostitute, when a squad of US Army soldiers burst in on him with pistols drawn. Jonah snarks, "Christ, woman, how many men do you see in a day?"
  • Kiss of the Damned: Djuna and Paolo get back to find Maia having a threeway. She's not happy, especially since they realize she's going to feed on the couple afterward, sending them away instead.
  • The Knowledge: Janet and Chris are interrupted from discussing the American involvement in Cambodia, er... kissing with their hands in each other's clothes, by Janet's little sister.
  • The Little Hours: Massetto was about to have sex with Alessandra, though they didn't manage it since another nun comes into the room.
  • Lolita (1997). Humbert is kissing his underage stepdaughter when a police car roars up on them, much to his alarm. Fortunately the cop is more interested in asking if they've seen another vehicle he's pursuing, and fails to realise what's going on.
  • Lycan: The prostitute and her client are having sex at the beginning when they get interrupted by someone attacking.
  • Mabul: Miri is about to have sex with Doron when a she receives a phone call telling her that her autistic son Tomer's institution has shut down, so he will be moving back in with her and her family.
  • Magnum Force. A pretty Asian woman living in Callahan's apartment openly states she wants to go to bed with him. Before coitus ensues, Da Chief rings up demanding Callahan get his ass into the office because he's been reinstated to Homicide. It's late by the time he gets home, but the woman is still in bed waiting for him.
  • Make the Yuletide Gay: Gunn and Nathan are in Gunn's room stripping down to have some fun time, when Gunn's mom comes in to make sure the boys have enough sheets for their beds.
  • Martha Marcy May Marlene: Martha wanders into Lucy and Ted's room while they're having sex, casually sitting down at the end of the bed, to their outrage. She's nonplussed by their reaction, since she has lived with a cult commune so long privacy is foreign to her now.
  • Miracle Run: Steven walks in on Corinne and Douglas while they're kissing in bed. She reminds him to knock.
  • Money Monster: After having been asked to test an erectile cream that the show is going to feature, Ron gets called and ordered to take a camera crew to Ibis headquarters while he's having sex with another employee.
  • The New Mutants: Dani and Rahne are kissing outside (which is Rahne's first time doing so) when havoc inside the building stops them.
  • On Chesil Beach: When Edward and Florence try to consummate their marriage, Edward prematurely ejaculates. Out of anxiety and ignorance, Florence puts on her dress and runs out of the room.
  • One-Trick Pony: Jonah and Marion remember the time when they were having sex on the table and the babysitter walked in. Jonah ran and his behind the fridge, while Marion just sat there with her pants down trying to act cool.
  • Partners (1982): Benson is in the middle of sex with Jill when Kerwin suddenly calls to tell him his theory that Jill herself is the killer, to Benson's irritation.
  • A deleted scene from Power Rangers (2017) has Jason and Kimberly kissing intimately and suggest they would have gotten further if Trini's text didn't interrupt them.
  • Pretty Cool Too: Walter is about to go outside to have sex with his brother's girlfriend, when his parents come home.
  • The Princess: Moira, Julius' mistress, says they should have sex again before he beds the princess that night to consummate their marriage. They start to make out, but are interrupted by the princess' escape before this can go further.
  • Prom Wars: Jen B. is going down on Geoffrey in his car when the other A&C girls happen by. Since none of the girls are supposed to date or make out with the boys from either of the neighboring schools until after the prom competition, Geoffrey has to leave (despite requesting two more minutes), the Lancaster school loses several points, and Jen B. has to be the peer counselor for the freshmen girls.
  • Happens to a couple of Lisa's friends in The Room. Bizarrely, the couple have never been seen before this scene, and they randomly walk into someone else's apartment and start having sex. But that's par for the course for this film.
  • R. P. M. (1970): Perez is in bed with Rhoda when he gets a phone call telling him to come to a board meeting. When he arrives, he complains, "This better be important, gentlemen. I was in the midst of a project."
  • Running Scared (1986): Danny does this to Ray and his new girlfriend Maryann twice; once just for laughs, but the other when Danny's ex-wife is kidnapped.
  • Schindler's List: Schindler is having sex with his mistress, when he's informed that his accountant, Stern, has been mistakenly put on the train that takes Jews to the death camps. Schindler manages to save him just in time.
  • The Secret of My Success: Brantley (Michael J. Fox) ends up having an affair with his boss's wife who turns out to be his aunt!, Vera. When she comes to his office, looking for seconds (which is one-sided this time), they get busted when his uncle shows up unexpectedly, to talk to him.
  • Happens in the British film Sir Henry At Rawlinson End when in a flashback Seth Onetooth finds his wife Rosie carrying on with Henry's brother Humbert in the bushes. This leads to Humbert "accidentally" getting shot by Henry, and explains why his ghost cannot rest until it has found trousers.
  • Siren (2010): Ken and Rachel are having sex in a public bathroom when Rachel has a psychic flash of a face looking at her. This freaks her out as she thinks someone is watching them, and she breaks off the coitus, much to Ken's frustration.
  • Somewhere: Johnny is a Hollywood actor who drinks and habitually takes prescription pills. At a party in his hotel suite, he meets a woman and proceeds to hook up with her in his bedroom. Mid-hookup, Johnny passes out with his head between the woman’s legs.
  • Spaceballs: Dot Matrix's Virgin Alarm. "It's programmed to go off before you do!" (Unfortunately, it seems the alarm can't tell the difference between sex and romance; Dot assumes the worst calls Lone Star a "sex fiend", even though he and Vespa were just kissing.)
  • Star Trek Into Darkness. Don't think Kirk can top Uhura interrupting his session with an Orion woman in her dorm room in the first movie? Kirk sees your sexual shenanigans and raises you two Caitians who are annoyed Starfleet is paging him.
  • Happens in The Student Nurses when Phred finds out that she's in bed with the wrong doctor.
  • A running gag in Taxi. Whenever Daniel and Lilly want to get down and dirty, something comes in between.
  • An Invoked Trope in The Two Jakes, where Private Detective Jake Gittes arranges for the husband to interrupt events as evidence for his divorce case. Only there's an Oh, Crap! moment when the husband goes Off the Rails and shoots dead the man sleeping with his wife. The rest of the movie involves Jake finding out whether this was an act of passion or a premeditated murder.
  • Håkan and Carina get caught by their children in When Darkness Falls.
  • The Wrecking Crew: Twice does Freya Carlson interrupt Matt Helm just as he's getting cozy with the Big Bad's henchwomen. The first time she awkwardly stands there, coughs and informs Matt his "date" has a knife in her hand; the second time, she's outside and interrupts by honking the car horn, upon which Matt resignedly says "she's here" and leaves.
  • A Running Gag in Young Lady Chatterley II is that every time Cynthia and Thomas are about to have sex, someone arrives to tell Cynthia there is a visitor who needs to see her urgently.

  • Able Team. In "Death Strike", Carl Lyons has been captured by the Unomondo organisation. When Gadgets and the Politician turn up to rescue him, thinking he's being horribly tortured, they find Lyons having sex with a nurse up against a door which his friends happen to open, causing her to knock herself out on the floor. In fairness Lyons had been tortured, but they'd just switched to more subtle forms of interrogation and control; whatever quips Gadgets and the Politician plan on making are interrupted when Lyons indicates he has a remote-controlled bomb implanted inside him.
  • In Always Coming Home, Stone Telling describes how she traveled to another town in her childhood. Her cousins there tended to have fun at night by interrupting amorous teens.
  • Are You Alone on Purpose?: Harry and Alison are having their First Kiss when Harry's father, Rabbi Roth, walks in. After Alison leaves, Rabbi Roth spends the next day avoiding the subject until after Adam's bar mitzvah, when Harry confronts him about his lack of interest in his life.
  • Ascendance of a Bookworm: When Ferdinand and Rozemyne visit Brother Egmont unannounced after suspecting him of foul play near the end of Part 4, he's found in the middle of "something indecent" with one of his gray (servant) shrine maidens.
  • In Banco, Carotte, an Ace Pilot, is furious when the owner of a brothel tosses them out for selling clothing to his whores, so he promises to return by air since the pimp can't prevent them from doing so. The next day he and Papillon dive bomb the brothel so low that the cheap metal roofing flies off the building; exposing whores and their clients who scramble around while the plane orbits, Papillon and Carotte laughing their asses off.
  • In Chrono Hustle #5, Jack and Sesla are in the middle of sex when TRD agents teleport in to arrest him. Sesla is annoyed that they couldn't have waited a few more minutes.
  • A Darker Shade of Magic: Kell and Lila have their intimate make-out session at sea interrupted when, in their enthusiasm, they disturb the ship enough to dump water all over Alucard and he is none too happy.
    Alucard: Stop fucking with the ship.
  • Deathlands. In "Ice and Fire", Doc Tanner's sometime girlfriend, Lori Quint, sneaks off to have sex with the much younger Joshua Mote. Doc and Ryan Cawdor go looking for Lori and catch them having sex in the church of the local snake cult. Unfortunately this causes an exchange of insults during which Lori mentions they killed one of the giant snakes worshipped by the cult.
  • In Dream of the Red Chamber, Baoyu catches his friend Qin Zhong in the middle of a tryst with a Naughty Nun. He actually waits outside until Qin Zhong is at the brink of orgasm, then bursts in and scares the bejeezus out of them. It's implied that he then picks up where the girl left off. The fallout from this event partially causes Qin Zhong's death.
  • The Dresden Files: Near the end of White Night, Harry pays a visit to Marcone and finds Helen Beckitt on his lap, their clothing disheveled.
    I cursed my timing. If I'd come ten minutes later, I'd have opened the door in medias res. It would have been infinitely more awkward.
  • The Empirium Trilogy: Rielle and Audric are about to go all the way when Ludivine's father walks in on them.
  • This happens to Felix in The Two Crowns of Ras Karim, one of Gotrek & Felix short stories. As usual, Gotrek is to blame.
  • In a chapter of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Ginny leads Harry to her bedroom (with the door closed) to give him a birthday present to "remember her by", and they begin to kiss very passionately, but are interrupted by Ron barging into the room. There are many stories that speculate that, had Ron not interrupted, Harry and Ginny would have had sex.
  • A major plot point in Philip Roth's Indignation: Marcus receives a hand job from his girlfriend Olivia while recovering from surgery in a hospital...and the nurse walks in on them just as Marcus climaxes. Since this is The '50s, once word gets back to the college dean, the event ruins both of their lives (and indirectly causes Marcus to be killed, as he's drafted into the Army and dies fighting in Korea after his expulsion).
  • Maureen Birnbaum, Barbarian Swordsperson: In one of the framing stories, Maureen appears to tell of her latest adventure to her old friend Bitsy. Bitsy, however, has just gotten married, and is the bathroom getting ready for her wedding night. The chaos of Maureen's abrupt arrival prevents anything from happening that night.
  • Captain Armand Pahner walks in on two of his sergeants (Eva and Julian) in the Prince Roger series. Additionally, Julian deliberately arranges for this to happen to Roger and Despreaux on multiple occasions. By monitoring the biometrics in her combat suit (specifically pulse and blood pressure) he can tell when they are arguing and when they... aren't.
  • Shadows of the Empire: Played for Drama, when Xizor is kissing Leia then moving toward sex with her when Chewie interrupts them. Since this is basically date rape given his pheromones affect her so strongly Leia can't resist, it's all to the best.
  • Slow Life in Another World (I Wish!): Itsuki and Wendy have other characters barge in on them nearly having sex a couple of times: first in the bath when Aina and Solte come in just as their Furo Scene moves towards kissing, then a few days later when she joins him in his bedroom and they're interrupted by a half-awake Shiro going to the wrong door looking for the bathroom.
  • A Song of Ice and Fire:
    • A large portion of the drama is sparked by Bran seeing Cersei and Jamie Lannister having sex. Not only is this an act of Twincest, it's also an act of treason as Cersei is the Queen (thus throwing the parentage of the royal children into doubt). Bran is shoved out the window by Jaime in an effort to ensure his silence.
    • The trope is Played for Laughs several novels later when Jaime barges into Lord Bracken's tent unannounced, to find him screwing a Camp Follower.
      Bracken: I fear I did not hear your coming, my lord.
      Jaime: And I fear I've interrupted yours.
  • In Stim, Robert goes out to dinner with Chloe. He realizes he forgot his wallet, so he runs back to get it. When he arrives, he finds Stef having sex in the living room with her boyfriend Jeff. Jeff yells at Robert, accuses him of being a pervert, and calls him a retard, then shoves him and kicks him. Stef dumps Jeff for being so nasty to Robert over something that wasn't his fault.
  • In Things I Should Have Known, Chloe and James are making out on the couch when Chloe's sister Ivy walks in and turns on the light, startling Chloe so much she falls off the couch.
  • In Wolf Hall, Thomas Cromwell calls for Helen Barre, a woman of his household, to go with him quickly and secretly to help Archbishop Cranmer's secret and pregnant wife. She appears tucking her hair under her cap and Rafe Sadler, whose hair is also rather disheveled, angrily protests her being abruptly dragged off. Cromwell is so preoccupied he completely misses the significance of this until six months later when Rafe confesses that they're married and Helen is pregnant, and he finally puts two and two together.

    Live-Action TV 
  • In the pilot episode of 2 Broke Girls, Max breaks up with her boyfriend after she catches him cheating on her this way, clearing the way for Caroline to move in; in the second-season episode "And the New Boss", she walks in on Caroline and Andy.
  • 7 Yüz: In "Karşılaşmalar", Gözde recalls that she caught her ex Kerem in bed with her best friend while the two were visiting Ankara. Heartbroken and betrayed, she boards the first train that can take her home, alone.
  • Abby has to hide under Brody's bed when her drunk brother Richie turns up for a midnight visit in Against the Wall.
  • In the Babylon 5 Grand Finale, Emperor Vir Cotto is interrupted while in bed with two women. This is initially played for laughs, but quickly shifts to drama as he realizes that the visiting Ranger is delivering the news that Sheridan is about to die.
  • Better Things: Sam barges into Frankie's room to give her some presents while she's in bed with a boy. Frankie naturally chases her out in a rage.
  • Played for Laughs in a The Big Bang Theory episode. Leonard was sleeping with a girl named Joyce Kim and was having sex with her when Sheldon decided to interrupt by knocking on the door. Leonard was thinking of ignoring him, but Sheldon knew he was being ignored. Sheldon then came in to remind Leonard of their Roommate Agreement. Due to its terms, Joyce decided to leave. This was actually a good thing for Leonard as she was a North Korean agent trying to get information about a project he was working for. He even admits Sheldon probably saved him from going to federal prison. Again, Played for Laughs, but still.
  • Boardwalk Empire:
    • Atlantic City treasurer James Neary refuses to recant his testimony against Nucky when Jimmy Darmody orders him to do so. Jimmy and Richard Harrow proceed to burst into Neary's office while Neary is boning his secretary doggy-style. They shoo the secretary out, make Neary type a confession at gunpoint that exculpates Nucky, then shoot him in the mouth and stage his death as a suicide.
    • Bugsy Siegel tries to assassinate Gyp Rosetti while he is receiving BDSM sex with a waitress. He almost succeeds too, as Gyp likes sadomasochism and is tied to the bed. He barely frees himself in time, only surviving by using his lover as a Bulletproof Human Shield. Bugsy then manages to get away, killing a few of Gyp's bodyguards and the paperboy coming to deliver the evening paper.
  • Bones:
    • There was a Running Gag with Hodgins walking in on people making out.
    • Booth and Hannah get interrupted by phone calls once, and later, Booth and Brennan had a couple instances of both getting interrupted by getting calls at the same time.
    • In season 7, Booth and Brennan were interrupted once by their baby daughter crying.
  • Boy Meets World had a comically extreme example: Cory and Topanga are about to consumate their marriage when the police burst to the hotel suite in and arrest them (because they inadvertently stole someone else's wedding thanks to Eric).
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Happens for a Rule of Threes with Xander walking in on Buffy—in "Intervention" (actually Spike screwing a Buffy Sex Bot), in "Gone" (Spike screwing the real Buffy, only she's been turned invisible so Xander just sees Spike acting very strangely) and "Him" (Buffy making out with Dawn's boyfriend on a school desk due to a Love Spell).
  • Chuck has Chuck and Sarah on the run in order to find Chuck's father, and finally look like they will resolve all that sexual tension after sharing a bed at a motel. Chuck steps into the bathroom to get a condom from his wallet, only to find out that Morgan has taken it and left an IOU note instead. He runs out to buy a new one only to be caught by Casey, who had tracked them down. When they get back to the room, Sarah is no longer there, having figured out something was up.
  • Combat Hospital has Graham interrupting Simon and Rebecca at the undressing-and-foreplay stage with some pretty serious news for Simon. Rebecca hides, then slips out the back.
  • Conversations With Friends: While they're on vacation, Bobbi accidentally walks in on Frances in bed naked with Nick (although not having sex at the time, rather post-coitus), then awkwardly apologizes before leaving them hastily.
  • CSI: NY:
    • The season 3 opener begins with Mac and Peyton being interrupted, sort of; they appear to have just finished. His phone rings, and then hers does, too.
    • Stella and Frankie were once interrupted in bed by her phone as well.
    • So were Flack and Angell, by his.
    • Season 9 has a milder form, Mac is sitting in the park with his arm around Christine, when his phone rings in the middle of a kiss. Still a type of intimacy, just not actual sex.
    • Also Danny and Lindsay get interrupted by their crying daughter in one episode.
  • Deadly Class:
    • Marcus and Maria are interrupted when about to have sex by Chico, her boyfriend, angrily coming in.
    • Later he's interrupted again making out with Saya, which seems to be moving toward sex.
  • This is how Ethel gets fired from her job at Downton Abbey. And Jimmy later.
  • The Eureka episode "What Goes Around Comes Around" has Jack walk in on two amorous couples. The first time, it's Zoe and Lucas making out on his couch. The second time, it's Fargo going all the way in the middle of a serious electromagnetic disaster...
  • Happens a lot to Debra and Ray in Everybody Loves Raymond. It's hard to be private when Ray's parents live over the street and are prone to walking in without knocking. Robert and Amy get it too, from both sets of parents.
  • Farscape. In "Look At The Princess", John Crichton misinterprets a "Yes!" as an invitation to enter a room, only to back out hastily on finding a naked Chiana writhing in mid-orgasm on top of D'Argo. Later when Crichton barges in on them again and starts ranting about how things have gone to frell, D'Argo can't even bother getting angry—he just asks, "Why don't you stay and tell us about it?"
  • It happens multiple times in Feel Good:
    • Mae and George return to the apartment and begin making out as soon as they're inside. Mae puts their hand down George's pants, but before their sexual activity can ensue, they're greeted by George's roommate standing in the hallway nonchalantly.
    • During their stay in Canada at Mae's house, Mae and George make out on the bed. Mae's mum comes in unexpectedly and they scramble away from eachother. Mae's mum proceeds to leave the door open.
  • In a flashback in the Firefly episode "Out of Gas", Mal storms into the engine room to give his then-mechanic Bester a piece of his mind and walks in on him having sex with Kaylee. Kaylee sorts her clothes out and fixes the engine in nothing flat (having diagnosed the problem Bester couldn't fix while she was having sex with him). Mal fires Bester and hires Kaylee on the spot, and she runs off to ask her dad for permission with the back of her dress still only half-buttoned.
  • Happens in an episode of The Flash (2014), when Barry is about to get it on with his girlfriend. Unfortunately, being a superhero means he keeps getting interrupted by calls about this or that crime taking place. Later happens, when Barry and Iris try to make out just as Joe walks in. Iris tells Barry to talk to Joe about it, since she has no problem with it. As it turns out, while Joe will never be okay with it, he won't make a big deal out of it either. So it's Barry's problem. His solution is to move out of Joe's place.
  • Friends: When Chandler and Monica first get together in London, Joey walks in on them. Monica hides under the sheets leaving Chandler to be forced to pretend to masturbate to throw Joey off. This trope then happens to the couple on several occasions over the next few months while they're trying to keep their relationship secret. Even after their relationship is official, they can still sometimes be victims of this trope. After they're married and decide to try having children, they get down to business in a hospital janitorial closet and are interrupted in the middle of the act by Monica's father walking in on them, traumatising all three of them.
    • And in a What If? sequence, Rachel walks in on her husband Barry while he is having sex with the neighbors' dogwalker and realizes he is cheating on her this way.
  • Game of Thrones:
    • The last scene of episode one, when Bran catches Cersei and Jaime at their twincest. With horrific and long-reaching consequences.
    • Played for Laughs when Jamie Lannister walks in on his brother at a brothel in Winterfell and tells him to hurry up, then proceeds to send in more prostitutes in order to hurry him up. This provides the trope quote: "Should I explain to you the meaning of a closed door in a whorehouse, brother?"
    • This almost becomes a Running Gag in season 4 when different people keep interrupting Prince Oberyn Martell to discuss politics when he's trying to set up an orgy in a brothel.
    • "The Laws of Gods and Men" opens with Yara Greyjoy's raid on the Dreadfort interrupting Ramsay Snow and Myranda. Ramsay isn't bothered much as he enjoys killing as much as screwing.
    • Tyrion and Bronn burst in to confront Pycelle at his most vulnerable in "What Is Dead May Never Die."
    • Bronn is extremely reluctant to answer Tyrion's summons in "Valar Dohaeris" as it interrupts his session with the prostitute Mirelle, who's just asked him to tear off her underclothes with his teeth. In happens again in "Winterfell" as he's starting a tryst with three prostitutes.
  • Get Smart: Maxwell Smart is doing an Emergency Impersonation of the king of Ruritania, and is busy snogging a beautiful princess when the Chief and the King's aide-de-camp burst into the room.
    Max: How dare you interrupt the King during an affair...of State!
  • Intergalactic: Just as Ash and Verona are moving from passionate kissing to looking like they might do more, the ship runs into trouble.
  • Interview with the Vampire (2022): In "Like Angels Put in Hell by God", Louis de Pointe du Lac storms into Antoinette Brown's bedroom while she and Lestat de Lioncourt are in coitus, with her on top. She immediately gets off Lestat and covers her breasts with her blanket. Louis orders her to leave. Lestat actually welcomes the disruption because he prefers his boyfriend over his mistress.
    Louis: Put some clothes on and get the fuck out.
    Antoinette: This is my house.
    Louis: Do I look like I care?
    Antoinette: Lestat.
    Lestat: (never takes his eyes off Louis) Leave.
  • Jessica Jones: In the fifth episode of season 1, Jessica goes to Trish's apartment to deliver an update about Malcolm's meetings with Kilgrave, and ends up interrupting Trish in the midst of receiving oral sex from Simpson. Jessica is understandably concerned for Trish, considering that merely two episodes ago, Simpson tried to strangle her to death while he was under Kilgrave's control.
    Trish Walker: He's a war hero.
    Jessica Jones: Who's also the guy who was filled with remorse about attacking you, until he decided to turn it into a booty call.
    Will Simpson: That is not what happened.
    Trish Walker: And that is none of your business, Jess!
  • Jupiter's Legacy:
    • Hutch is teleported into the room where Jacinda is getting oral sex from Gabriella, to everyone's displeasure.
    • Sheldon breaks off having sex with Grace when he hears of a possible dangerous asteroid.
  • Legends of Tomorrow. In "Tender is the Nate", Sara Lance decides to celebrate her girlfriend's birthday by sauntering into Ava Sharpe's office dressed in a longcoat with black lingerie underneath. Things are heating up when Ava's boss barges into the room and Sara has to use her ninja skills to avoid being seen.
  • Lip Service, in the fourth episode when the interruptor turns out to be the husband of one of the women who is hoping to watch the two of them have sex.
  • The Looming Tower: Vince is having energetic sex with a woman when he's called in for his work and has to leave, which displeases her greatly.
  • In Series/Lovesick, Dylan plans a surprise party for his parent's anniversary. While waiting to surprise them, the parents come into the house and begin talking in detail about their excitement to have sex. Dylan immediately jumps up to stop them from talking.
  • Modern Family's "Caught in the Act" episode during the second season. All three Dunphy children walk in on their parents.
  • Rookie Blue has Sam and Andy being interrupted by Sam's boss. Since he is undercover and working for a very nasty drug dealer, this is quite serious and is Played for Drama.
  • Runaways (2017): In Kingdom, Nico and Alex start making out and it gets so passionate that it nearly leads to them having sex, but before it could go there Karolina interrupts.
  • Sex/Life:
    • Cooper takes Billie to a client's pool, where they start having sex but then get caught as said client isn't on vacation like he'd believed.
    • In Season 2, Cooper and Francesca are about to have sex in an office at work when they get caught.
    • Cooper's preparing to have sex with Trina when his little son Hudson walks in.
  • In the American version of Shameless this happens a good deal to Fiona, mostly because she can't find much free time in her personal life because of her Promotion to Parent, so when she does have sex it's in awkward, semi-public locations.
  • Running gag in Six Feet Under. Nate and Brenda get interrupted twice, first by Brenda's brother, then Nate's mom.
  • In Smallville, Clark has the unfortunate habit of crashing in at the wrong time, although the scenes are usually relatively innocent.
    Lois: (entering Chloe and Jimmy's apartment) You know what Lois likes to see when she comes home? Pants. Pants on everyone.
  • South of Nowhere: How Spencer's family learned that Spencer was gay.
  • In Spartacus: Blood and Sand, Agron and Nasir are making out in a hallway, where they are supposed to be keeping watch, rather passionately when Mira finds them. She tells them to go to bed.
  • In the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode "Sub Rosa", Captain Picard walks in on Beverly Crusher as she is alone in her grandmother's house being intimate with her grandmother's ghost lover Ronin.
  • The Star Trek: Strange New Worlds pilot has Captain Pike's call interrupt Spock and T'Pring about to get it on. T'Pring doesn't want Spock to answer, but he does anyway. She is not pleased.
  • In Supergirl (2015), after Kara gets Mon-el (as Mike Matthews) an internship position at CatCo, she later hears him and James's assistant about to get it on in the supply closet. Specifically, the conversation involves the girl asking him if he has protection, and him wondering if she means his sword, which he doesn't have with him. Kara bursts in moments before Boldly Coming ensues. She tells Mon-el he can't do stuff like that, only for him to point out that it happens all the time on a medical TV show he saw, so it must be okay.
  • Tidelands (Netflix):
    • Adrielle calls Dylan away while he's having sex with one of the L'Attente women.
    • Leandra is eating out a pretty young woman from their group when Cal assaults her in revenge for Leandra's doing the same to her before.
  • In Torchwood, Gwen walks in on Jack and Ianto right in the middle of a make-out session in the office.
  • Utopia (US): Wilson walks in on Becky and Ian having sex, retreating immediately with embarrassment.
  • An episode of Veronica Mars has an (adult) hacker's relationship with a student (minor) at the school being exposed by Veronica and her camera. She even says "It's satisfying to be the interruptus in somebody else's coitus."
  • In The Wire, while Herc is serving on Mayor Clarence Royce's detail (trying to get fast-tracked to the rank of sergeant), he inadvertently catches Royce getting a blowjob from his secretary. Herc fears that he'll never make rank and end up like McNulty at the end of season 1, bounced to an undesirable unit. Carver sets Herc up for a meeting with the politically-savvy Stan Valchek. Valchek, who is amused by the whole situation, tells Herc how to turn the mishap to his advantage as a way of quickly making rank. Herc then meets with Royce, who, as Valchek predicts, quickly surmises Herc's desire for promotion and demonstrates his willingness to help Herc's career in exchange for his silence.
    Carver: What the hell did you say to him?
    Herc: I said, "Mr. Mayor, that's a good, strong dick you got there, and I see you know how to use it." [Carver laughs] I didn't say shit! And I didn't wait for him to say it either! Shit, I'm never gonna make rank now. I'll end up riding the boat or some shit like McNulty.
  • An episode of Without a Trace opened with two agents going at it until her phone rings, alerting the woman about a case. They get back at it after she hangs up, but then his phone rings, effectively putting an end to their tryst.
  • Wynonna Earp: Wynonna is infamous for doing this to Waverly and Nicole, to the point of the fandom calling it "Wynonnus Interruptus". She even manages to interrupt their first proposal.
  • You Me Her: Jack, Emma and Izzi's heated threesome gets interrupted by their nosy neighbors outside, curious about what they were doing.

  • Happens in the Warrant song "Cherry Pie":
    Swingin' so hard
    We forgot to lock the door!
    In walks her daddy
    Standin' six foot four!
    He said "you ain't gonna swing
    With my daughter no more"!
  • Tone Loc's "Wild Thing" has the same thing happen (in this case the girl's mother interrupts them), but with more benign results:
    I didn't know what to say; I was hanging by a string
    She said "Hey, you two, I was once like you and I like(d?) to do the Wild Thing."

  • In The Dao of the Awakened, one task given to Hua Yin has him retrieving a library book on Sex Magic. As he walks in, the Disciple in question appears to be practicing the technique.

    Stand-Up Comedy 
  • From the Cheech & Chong album Los Cochinos, Man in "Pedro And Man At The Drive-Inn" goes over to the next car over in order to get something to open the trunk with, only to find a guy making out with a girl inside the car. Not that it interrupts the activity going on, though, as the guy gives Man something and then just continues on without breaking the flow.

    Tabletop Games 
  • Invoked in Teenagers from Outer Space. The referee is explicitly instructed to use every variant of this trope they can think of in the event of two PCs (or a PC and an NPC) trying to have sex. Why? Rule of Funny. Two people having sex is dramatic, boring, and awkward. Two people trying desperately to have sex, only to be thwarted by spaceship accidents, alien control officers, and unexpected surprise parties is hilarious.


    Video Games 
  • Baldur's Gate III: The player can discover a male bugbear and a female ogre having sex in a barn. They don't appreciate your intrusion and tell you to get lost: if you ignore their warnings and open the barn door, they will attack you.
  • Cyberpunk 2077: If on Panam's romance path she and V consumate their relationship while test driving the war machine they stole. Literally as they...finish...the Wraiths road gang attacks both them and Panem's clan. If the player doesn't go into the inventory to re-equip during the ensuing fight they will be piloting the entire battle naked.
  • Dragon Age: Inquisition: In the Iron Bull romance path, Cullen walks in on the Player Character and Iron Bull while the latter is quite casually naked in bed. Played for Laughs when the rest of the party follows him in; for drama if the Player Character tries to brush it off, which prompts Iron Bull to end their relationship on the spot; or for heartwarming, if the Player Character confirms their Relationship Upgrade.
    Cullen: I-I-I am so... sorry.
    Josephine: I cannot move my legs.
    Cassandra: Is something the matt-augh!
    Iron Bull: Oh, for fuck's sake.
  • G-rated example in Pokémon Gold and Silver. When you first enter Misty's gym, nobody is there, requiring you to find her and interrupt her date. Her boyfriend runs away when you approach, and you can then challenge the gym.
  • Red Dead Redemption: At the beginning of "The Gates of El Presidio", John Marston goes into one room and finds Abraham Reyes having sex with a peasant girl, with some Spanish talk and the girl's moaning of "VIVA MEXICOOOOOO!" Even John seems so confused about this when he catches them in the act and Reyes dismisses her.
  • Red Dead Redemption II: During "A Quiet Time", Arthur Morgan can open the door to Room 1A while drunk and see a couple having sex with each other in bed before they start screaming, leading him to close the door and chuckle. Later, when almost everyone looks like Lenny Summers, he can get to Room 1A again to "Catch Lenny in the act", only this time, when he sees the Lenny couple, he'll run off screaming and Hilarity Ensues.
    • There's a random event in Valentine where you can stumble into being The Peeping Tom. There's a man lying on the bed being spanked by a woman. If he sees you, he'll tell you he'll kill you if he sees you.
    • A variant on the above is a couple lying in bed in their underwear but high as a kite. They try to have sex but are too stoned to do it. The husband just ends up passing out on his wife.
  • The Wolf Among Us: While investigating the Open Arms motel, Bigby can accidentally walk in on a couple having comically loud sex, causing Beauty (who's showing him around) to grouse that he's gonna get her fired if he keeps it up.
  • Yes, Your Grace: At some point, King Erik and his wife Aurelea are very obviously trying to produce a male heir behind the closed curtains of their canopy bed. Two of their daughters show up because of prank played by the older on the younger one. The single bump behind the curtains separates into two distinct figures, parenting happens, and the daughters leave the room. Eryk then quips that this is the reason he doesn't have a heir yet.

    Visual Novels 
  • Played for Laughs in Katawa Shoujo. In Emi's route, at one point Rin walks in on her and Hisao right after the end of their first sex scene, requesting to use Emi's window to look at a specific cloud. She doesn't appear to notice that Hisao and Emi are both half-dressed (Hisao is topless, and Emi is down to her panties), and leaves when Emi politely asks her for some alone time.
  • Subverted in School Days. Kotonoha comes to Makoto's house while Makoto and Sekai are having sex and walks in on them. At first it seems like she caught them in the act, but then it's revealed that Makoto invited her there for a threesome.
    • As said above, a similar scene on a different route plays the trope straight, and leads directly to a bad ending.

  • Batman: Wayne Family Adventures: "TMI" has Batman and Catwoman end one of their chases with innuendo-laden banter that was clearly leading into something more... until Bruce realizes that he left his comm-link open, his family heard everything, and they have gained a serious need for Brain Bleach (except for Damian, who failed to pick up on the subtext).
  • In El Goonish Shive, Justin and Susan are stopped by the Demonic Duck causing the light in the room to apparently burn out.
  • The page picture is from Gunnerkrigg Court, where Kat and Annie walk in on Kat's parents just at the right time to avoid a Primal Scene (note Donald's Rushed Inverted Reading). They resume intimacy when the kids leave.
  • The Less Than Epic Adventures of TJ and Amal: TJ and Amal start making out in a Goodwill changing room, after TJ tries on some uncharacteristically tight clothes to get Amal's attention. Just as TJ is complaining that the pants have gotten even more uncomfortable with Amal turning him on and they're quite tangled up with each other someone swings the privacy curtain open.
  • In Lovely Pets, this gets Mike fired from five different jobs.
  • Ménage à 3 is a Sex Comedy that isn't above this joke:
    • It is more or less a Running Gag that if Matt has sex, no matter with whom, someone may well walk in and interrupt them. He seems to be unable to lock doors. Given his love of danger and hints of exhibitionism, this may be deliberate on the part of his subconscious; he certainly doesn't seem too bothered by it.
    • There are also moments such as the scene where Erik and Jim walk in on a four-way lesbian orgy... involving their respective girlfriends.
  • In Misfile Ash and Emily end up walking in on Kate and Harry having sex. Oddly enough Kate is only mildly embarrassed and glad that it was at least someone she knew. Ash on the other hand looks like she could use a jug of brain bleach.
  • Paradox Space: In "The Inaugural Death of Mister Seven," Crowbar walks in on Clover and Itchy "doing a jig;" which is to say, doing a dance that's part of Leprechaun courtship. Crowbar reacts as one would in the equivalent human situation while the the other two show no shame.
  • Sandra and Woo sees foxes Shadow and Echo interrupted by a wildlife photographer.
  • Vampire Cheerleaders: After Stephanie mysteriously goes missing in vol.4, her sister, Katie, and her friends end up travelling across space and time to find her. When they finally do, they find her in bed with a mothman, while surrounded by others waiting their turn. While Steph was mildly amused by the interruption, Katie was not....

    Web Original 
  • This Funny or Die video concerns a couple trying to have sex, only for the cat to keep getting in the way.
  • Nightmare Time: In the episode "Abstinence Camp," Stephanie and Pete are about to shower in the same stall, in order to test the rumors of a sex-hating axe murderer, when they are interrupted by their camp counselors.
  • Red vs. Blue had a self-inflicted case. Tucker and Sister time travel to confirm whether or not they had sex back when they first met. And while they watch their past selves through foreplay, Sister gets turned on, and Tucker's loud response to "You wanna mess around?" scares his past self, who abandons the incoming coitus to search for who was there.

    Western Animation 

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