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The Domoverse is a series of Whateley Universe fanfics by Domoviye (BigCloset).

The 'verse is split into series of its own that connect at various points with the characters interacting to greater and lesser extents. The writer makes a point of avoiding having any of his characters being shoehorned into canon plots or having major Earth shattering adventures, focusing instead on minor and not so minor adventures of their own and recovering from said adventures. The recovery can sometimes be the entire story arc, as Domoviye tends to be known for having brutal fights and consequences that have occasionally been compared to nightmare fuel. :

These fanfics provide examples of:

  • A Mind Is a Terrible Thing to Read: Glitch's ESPer defense strategy sets up his mind with shocking thoughts for ESPers to read. He altered his brain to have a small section of it constantly and loudly remembering a Hentai video he watched.
  • Animal-Themed Superbeing: Super Bear is one, being a hot pink polar bear with a demon tail and horns.
  • Artificial Intelligence: Glitch's origin is that he was an unexpectedly sapient, VR sex program.
  • Aura Vision: Caroline is blind, and she sees the world by sensing people with Color-CodedEmotion-based to substitute for sight.
  • Blind Seer: Caroline, who uses Aura Vision to substitute for sight.
  • Break the Cutie: Isaac. He started off as an idealistic Amish teenager looking forward to becoming an adult and then Sadist kidnapped him for his powers. When Isaac stopped helping Sadist after seeing what a monster he was, the torture started. By the end, Isaac was turned into a girl, horribly beaten and abused, half starved, suffering from severe PTSD, and couldn't even think of herself as Isaac, considering him a totally different person. She also did her best to kill Sadist and only stopped at the last second due to having a complete emotional collapse.
  • Color-Coded Emotions: Caroline sees emotions this way.
    • Dark Red: Murderous Rage
    • Baby Blue: Safety
    • Black: Hate
    • Green: Happiness
    • Dark Forest Green: Jealousy
    • Orange: Fear
    • Sunny Yellow: Playful/Happy
  • Cyberspace: Glitch can travel through it, as she's a computer program.
  • Digitized Hacker: Glitch can project her mind into computers, and hack them, appearing as an angelic girl, reflecting her origins as a computer program.
  • Don't Make Me Take My Belt Off!: Issac is spanked for fighting by his Amish father.
  • Gender Bender:
    • Ron, who turns into a girl over the course of several hours after getting hit by a car and his mutant power manifesting.
    • Estelle becomes a boy over the course of a year thanks to her mutation.
    • Ruth used to be Isaac. This was done very much against her will.
  • Goggles Do Something Unusual: Caroline's glasses suppress her Aura Vision, which would otherwise overpower her with information on every living thing around her.
  • Green Thumb: Amanda who uses it to force-grow plants like poison ivy and greenbriar as weapons.
  • Groin Attack: Sam delivers one in For Master:
    As Bobby went to kick me again, I grabbed his foot in one hand, rocking slightly. My fingers probably felt like a vice through the cheap runners. Standing up, his foot came with me, a quick jerk had him on his back, his head thumped down on the hard floor painfully. I winced in sympathy, but didn't let go.
    While he was momentarily stunned, I knelt down, one knee on his stomach, the other one putting just a bit of pressure on his crotch.
  • Hates Being Touched: Estelle, because she wasn't used to being touched as a young child due to a family curse, and feels uncomfortable about it even as a teenager.
  • Hero Killer: Sadist, who kills Paulette Bunyan, and Grinder, among others.
  • Human Sacrifice: Is attempted on Estelle, twice.
  • I Call Him "Mister Happy": Well, Sam isn't referring to his own penis, but he does call Bobby's by that very nickname when forcing him to surrender on pain of a crushed phallus.
  • Inside a Computer System: Glitch's story starts off this way.
  • Kiss Me, I'm Virtual: Glitch was made as a VR sex program.
  • Love Potion: The unintentional result of repeated applications of Glitch's happiness spray makes people addicted to his presence, as they don't know that it's the spray, which is addictive.
  • Mama Bear:
    • Ron's mother, Amanda, after Ron was kidnapped.
    • Shown very strongly with Estelle's mother, who despite being a famous superhero will cut down anyone who hurts Estelle with no mercy,
  • The Stoic: Isaac. Having grown up Amish, he learned that fighting back was evil and to trust in God. So after being kidnapped he quietly worked for the villain believing that it wouldn't be too bad, and once he was done he could go home. When he learned he wasn't going home and he was working for a mass murderer, he simply refused to work, prayed until he collapsed from exhaustion, didn't resist being beaten and only drank water. Even after Sadist got creative and forced Isaac to work, he kept his stoic resolve. he was eventually broken, but even then a glimmer of the stoicism remained as he planned the destruction of Sadist.
  • Watch Out for That Tree!: Caroline runs into a tree when running with Dr. Chance because she's marveling at the sensation of seeing the auras of everything around her.