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Do You Want to Copulate?

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She's not one to mince words.

"I don't exactly know what I am required to say in order for you to have intercourse with me. But could we assume that I said all that. I mean essentially we are talking about fluid exchange right? So could we go just straight to the sex."
John Nash (before getting slapped in the face), A Beautiful Mind

A sub-trope of What Is This Thing You Call "Love"?, this refers to the examples where the character is completely devoid of any hang-ups and inhibitions humans usually feel in connection with sex. This might be because they are aliens, or have No Social Skills due to an offbeat background, or live in some sort of utopian/dystopian universe. Or it might be because they just don't have hang-ups. Whatever the reasons, they have no qualms about taking their clothes off in the presence of other people, and may pose a question along the lines of the trope title to anyone who they suspect of being attracted to them.

Related tropes: Good Bad Girl, Shameless Fanservice Girl, and Hooker with a Heart of Gold. As these related tropes and the examples below suggest, trope examples are usually female: as men are seen as more sexually threatening than women, a man who behaves in this manner is more likely to be seen as creepy and menacing than sexy or amusing. Intercourse with You sounds like this trope but is about the ubiquity of sex in media.


Compare Have I Mentioned I Am Sexually Active Today?. Contrasts Accidental Innuendo.


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    Anime and Manga 
  • Ren from DearS almost literally asks Takeya this at one point. After she sensed sexual desires from him, no less.
  • The Blue Drop Tenshi no Bokura manga starts with two middle school-age-looking kids; the dialogue basically goes like this:
    Girl: I want you to have sex with me.
    Boy: What?!
    Girl: Basically... I want you to insert your penis into my vagina and gyrate your hips until ejaculation.
  • In Change 123, Hibiki does this to Kosukegawa a couple times. It freaks him out a bit.
  • In Cat Planet Cuties, the Catians are very open about sex, particularly when they're in heat. During mating season, Eris repeatedly climbs on Kio and tries to mate with him, and every other Catian is frankly discussing the matter without a hint of inhibition.
  • Domestic Girlfriend has Rui ask, in the first episode, "Do you want to have sex with me here?" She's mostly doing it so she knows what it's all about; she isn't actually interested in a boyfriend...then.
  • Kuso Miso Technique gave us the infamous phrase "Yaranaika?" ("Do you want to do it?")
  • In No. 6 Safu tells Shion that "she wants his sperm" i.e. that she wants to have sex with him.
  • In Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex a young boy wonders how sex feels, and specifically how it feels with a cyborg. Motoko immediately offers a trial run. The boy gets shy and turns down the offer. You can almost hear everyone watching it at the time stating What an Idiot!!
  • This is Xenovia's modus operandi in High School Dx D when she wants to make out with Issei. Bonus points for saying it out loud in front of everyone.
  • Lilith from Holy Knight doesn't waste time - largely because she's more interested in Shinta as a Chosen Conception Partner. When she invites him to speak alone in the chapel, she skips past asking him if he wants to copulate.
Our bodies are about to become one. I'm going to conceive your child!
  • Lupin III: The Secret of Twilight Gemini: Lupin and Fujiko happen to run into each other at a bar, while they're in Morocco. It isn't long before Lupin shifts from small-talk, to trying to smooth talk Fujiko into bed, which she consents to after Playing Hard to Get. But they get interrupted by Sadachiyo and his men just as she and Lupin start getting it on.
  • Maken-ki!: The 70.5 omake chapter recounts how Love Espada seduced an unnamed waitress on her job. The waitress was so taken with her, that she accidentally dropped her serving tray and spilled tea on herself. So Espada sucked some of it off the girl's fingers, which immediately brought her to orgasm. You'd think she would've been mortified, since the entire cafe heard her. Instead, Espada asked if she'd like to "clean her" as well. The waitress gladly accepted, while everyone present watched (SFW).
  • Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid:
    • When asked about her likes, Tohru almost immediately professes her love for Kobayashi, then clarifies with "I mean sexually!"
    • After Kanna tells Saikawa that she likes her, she mentions in the omake "I wanted to *** her."
    • When asked what she wants to do following her Heel–Face Turn, Ilulu's response is "I wanna breed with Kobayashi."
  • My Wife is the Student Council President's main premise is about seeing how many times Ui can tempt Izumi into having sex with her before he finally gives in. Which he would've done by now, if their friends and neighbors weren't constantly getting in the way.
  • A variation in Neon Genesis Evangelion. Asuka lightheartedly suggests she and Shinji kiss because she's bored and they've got nothing better to do, much to Shinji's alarm, to which she responds by bullying him into it, after checking in an apparently detached manner that he's brushed his teeth. Considering they're 14 years old, this would be a rough equivalent to this trope, however it's later subverted when it's discovered that the kiss did mean something to Asuka, and she took Shinji's paralysed submission (with no actual participation) as rejection, which plays a part in her subsequent mental breakdown. If anything, this example is an inversion of the usual "person suggests intimacy in an offhanded way because their lack of social skills means they don't see anything particularly meaningful about it" and turns it into "person suggests intimacy in an offhanded way because their lack of social skills means they can't communicate the fact that it is meaningful".
  • Shimoneta:
    • Fuwa asks Tanukichi for scientific purposes. Since the current censorship laws prohibits even basic Sex Ed from being taught at schools, she only has a basic understanding of how human reproduction works. But she's aware that Tanukichi is one of the few people in the country who can "fill in" the rest. So she bluntly tells him he's free to demonstrate with her if it helps him to explain it. Tanukichi bolts for the exit instead.
    • Anna has also given him permission to screw her, except she's much more direct and won't take "No" for an answer. It's been her singular focus ever since he accidentally kissed her and made things worse by mistakenly leaving her a love letter, during episode 4. But Anna has only gotten as far as having oral sex with himnote  because she doesn't know what they're supposed to do next.

    Comic Books 
  • This is part of Starfire's characterization as of 2011's Red Hood and the Outlaws. In the first issue, she gets bored and Roy Harper's the nearest guy at the moment, so she propositions him.
  • Part of the characterization of Flare's younger sister Sparkplug. Having been raised in comparative isolation by Nazi exiles, she's shown to be pretty blunt at times about hitting on men not so much out of any particular desire for a relationship as simply for their "superior" genes. (Since like her sister she's still one of the good guys and thus tries it mainly on superheroes who have their own ideas about that sort of thing, it's mostly played for laughs.)
  • Violet to Orc Dave in Rat Queens. (Orc Dave has not shown any previous interest in her.)
    Vi: I want to get drunk. I want to get high. I want to have sex with Orc Dave. They can happen in any order or all at once. Any objections?
  • From The Punisher MAX:
    O'Brien: You cold?
    Frank: No.
    O'Brien: You lonely?
    Frank: No.
    O'Brien: Wanna jump my bones anyway?
    Frank: Sure.

    Fan Works 
  • In With Strings Attached, moments after George has a nerve-wracking encounter with the god Ardav, the priestess/employee Ma'ar says to him:
    "Come sex with me."
    "Eh?" That came totally out of left field.
    "I've never sexed with an olyrr-sar [outworlder]." Ma'ar began to remove her clothing. "Call your friends and Grunnel in and we'll enjoy each other."
  • In Shadow Snark, Derpy offers sex to Shadow for no apparent reason.
    Shadow Snark: That's just not something you randomly offer people.
  • Vale's Underground:
    • Yang is portrayed as a sex worker, and she won't hesitate to advertise her services if she finds an opportunity.
      "A girl's gotta make a living."
    • Cinder does this to Junior when he's in his club just to make him very uncomfortable. Since his boss is one of her rivals, it presents a very clear conflict of interest. They have had sex in the past, but current circumstances make this rather inadvisable. Cinder, however, doesn't care at all.
  • In the fan art picture for the Empath: The Luckiest Smurf story "Grouchy And The Love Doll", Grouchy gives a loving leer at the now-animate (and now-real) Angel (the titular love doll) and asks if she wants to "smurf to my shroom and smurf under my hat?" and Angel says that she would love to.
  • Fate/Black Dawn: Morgan le Faye's method of flirting can be summarized as "I'm naked now, why aren't you?" Of course, Shirou being Shirou, he still tries to resist "taking advantage," which she finds both annoying and adorable.


  • Barbarella. Note that her idea of sex is closer to a mind meld.
  • Saturn 3 saw Benson asking Alex, "You have a great body. May I use it?"
  • Lenina in Demolition Man is impressed by John Spartan's antics and, upon accompanying him home, cheerfully wonders if he'd like to have sex. He's quite happy about the development - until she brings out helmets for virtual sex. Needless to say, this ends up thoroughly frustrating poor John.
  • Happens in the movie My Stepmother Is an Alien. Of course, the stepmother in question got her ideas about human interaction from porn videos.
  • An example involving an (otherwise) completely average middle aged woman in Synecdoche, New York. She takes the main character, Caden Cotard, back to her apartment and suggests sex. He's a little flustered by this, but agrees. It stands out because of her matter of fact attitude towards the whole thing.
  • Ghostbusters (1984). Peter Venkman has been trying to seduce Dana Barrett ever since he met her. He finally gets his chance after she's possessed by Zuul.
    Dana: Do you want this body?
    Peter: Is this a trick question? I guess the roses worked, huh?
    Dana: Take me now, subcreature.
    Peter: I make it a rule never to get involved with possessed people. (passionate kissing) Actually, it's more of a guideline than a rule.
    Dana: I want you inside me.
    Peter: Sounds like there are at least two people inside there already. Might get a little crowded.
  • A male example takes place in Earth Girls Are Easy. An alien who has recently learned English is talking to a woman in her bedroom, both taking refuge from other rowdies. She mentions the word sex.
    Alien: What is "sex"?
    Woman: You don't know what sex is? Umm... you know, when two people like each other and they take their clothes off and...
    Alien: Okay. (starts to undress)
  • John Nash in A Beautiful Mind: "I don't exactly know what I am required to say in order for you to have intercourse with me. But could we assume that I said all that. I mean essentially we are talking about fluid exchange, right? So could we go just straight to the sex." He gets slapped.
    Charles: I particularly liked the part about "fluid exchange", it was... charming.
  • Marie from Innocent Blood: "When you are alone eternally, you live for the comfort of the senses: food, sex." Later, when she and The Hero find themselves hiding in the same hotel room: "Right now, I need sex more than blood."
  • Happens in The Big Lebowski, when feminist artist Maude shows up at the Dude's house. "Love me."
  • Sleeper: Miles Monroe (Woody Allen), thawed out in 2173, is on the lam with Luna (Diane Keaton), who eventually warms to him:
    Luna: Would you like to perform sex with me?
    Miles: Perform sex? Uh, uh, I don't think I'm up to a performance, but I'll rehearse with you, if you like.
    Luna: Okay. I just thought you might want to; they have a machine here.
    Miles: Machine? I'm not getting into that thing. I, I'm strictly a hand operator; you know, I, I... I don't like anything with moving parts that are not my own.
  • The Alien series:
    • A scene in the original script for Alien had Ripley casually stripping off in front of Captain Dallas saying "I need some release." Although the scene was used in the audition, it was never filmed.
    • Ripley does this in Alien³, to deflect one of Clemens's questions.
      Ripley: Are you attracted to me?
      Clemens: In what way?
      Ripley: In that way.
      Clemens: You're very direct.
      Ripley: I've been out here a long time.
  • In Return to The Blue Lagoon, the guy mentions to the outsider people that once in a while, "We mate."
  • In the So Bad, It's Good (to most) film Once Bitten, Mark's two friends (who have No Social Skills) try this on two girls at a laundramat, and it works about as well as you might expect. (One gets punched, the other gets stuffed in a drier.) Later, however, the Trope is played straight when they ask two of the Countess' female minions. (Although, given what the Countess had planned for Mark, sex may not have been the only thing on their minds.)
  • In The Cook, the Thief, His Wife and Her Lover, the Wife and Lover meet for the first time without saying anything, then slip off to the bathroom in order to copulate. Later, they have no qualms about making love in very public areas or being nude in front of others. It's a surreal film.
  • In Logan's Run, Logan 5 tells Jessica 6 "You're beautiful. Let's have sex." when he first meets her. Casual sex is the norm in their society, so it's probably a common opening.
  • In Jackie Brown Melanie and Louis are having a conversation when she asks out of the blue: "Wanna fuck?" Louis responds "Yeah" and the scene cuts to them having sex.
  • The male lead in House of Games is straightforward with the heroine: "Do you wanna make love with me?"
  • In Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle, the creepy truck driver Freakshow innocuously offers his attractive wife to Harold and Kumar. When they subsequently meet her, she casually asks them both to fuck her at the same time, prompting a Spit Take from Harold.
  • Thursday: Probably doesn't get any more blatant than this:
    Dallas: It appears we'll have to wait for Nick. Now, what should we do to kill time? I know, let's fuck.
    • Notable that her "mate" is tied to a chair and doesn't have a say in the intercourse.
  • In The Goodbye Girl, Paula has been shy and hesitant in the face of Elliot's advances, but after he stages a rooftop dinner date for the two of them, she goes straight to "Are we going to sleep with each other tonight?"
  • In Silver Linings Playbook Tiffany (who has No Social Skills) propositions Pat for sex pretty bluntly when he walks her home after a dinner:
    Tiffany: Listen, I haven't dated since before my marriage so I don't really remember how this works.
    Pat: How what works?
    Tiffany: I saw the way you were looking at me, Pat. You felt it, I felt it, don't lie. We're not liars like they are. I live in the addition around back, which is completely separate from my parents' house, so there's no chance of them walking in on us. I hate the fact that you wore a football jersey to dinner because I hate football, but you can fuck me if you turn the lights off, okay?
  • Dark Angel: The Ascent: Demon girl Veronica is rather upfront about this, as she only learned about the concept of sexual love from a pornographic film.
  • In the 1972 film Pete 'n' Tillie, Pete takes Tillie to a late-night diner where it's obvious that most of the other couples have gone there to refuel right after having had sex. After their meal they walk down the sidewalk together and without even looking at her Pete nonchalantly says, "How about coming up to my place for a spot of heavy breathing?" Without breaking stride Tillie replies, "...All right."
  • Willow: Madmartigan gets propositioned by his lover's husband when disguised as a woman with the following line: "Wanna breed?"
  • Body Heat: Ned walks up to someone whom he thinks is the wealthy married woman he's having an affair with, straight-up blurting out "Hey lady, do you wanna fuck?". It turns out it's actually one of her friends who resembles her quite heavily, who snarks that the locals sure are friendly.
  • Stuck in Love: Sam casually offers to have sex with a guy near the beginning of the film, saying they should just skip past the flirting etc. He quickly accepts.
  • Hot Bot: When Bardot reboots following the damage she sustained in being hit by the car, she emerges from the shower, drops her Modesty Towel in front of Huffy and Nard, and asks which of them wants to take her first. Or if they want to do her at the same time.
  • Absolutely Anything: Catherine matter of factly asks if Neil wants to have sex as a test of whether he's gay, and he eagerly says yes, thinking it's the result of his wish.
  • Used for Deliberate Values Dissonance in Quest for Fire. The movie is set in the Paleolithic and the cast are all varying stripes of primitive cavemen, so stuff like foreplay or verbal consent aren't really there, and sex in general is treated with a casualness that can make modern viewers cringe; intercourse mostly takes the form of men walking up to their mate at apparent random, jamming it in, and going at it for a couple minutes before shoving their partner off and both going on with their business like nothing happened. Very much Truth in Television, as anyone from a modern hunter-gatherer society can tell you.

  • Lenina of Brave New World. She is not unusual by any means, though; it's absolutely mundane. Right down to the seven-year olds. One of the reasons Bernard Marx is such a social outcast is his vague concept that there should be something special about sex, while John Savage is seen as perverted for his more extreme religious puritanism on the subject.
  • In an old Sci-Fi story in Isaac Asimov magazine, a research team consisting of a male and female human, a talking humpback whale (who spoke through a translation computer) and an alien are hoping to make First Contact with an even weirder alien. At one point, the female human confides to the whale that she has made amends with the male human whom she had previously disliked. The whale's reply translates into English as "I wish you many happy copulations".
  • There is this moment in Ursula K. Le Guin The Dispossessed where the main character's father tells his son that he is going on vacation to "swim, and rest, and copulate with a woman named Pipar." This kind of frankness isn't unusual in their society, though.
  • In Daughter of the Drow the protagonist saw her emotions messed up and the relationship with a young man growing too complex, so she tried to simplify both. It turned out that while drow may enjoy both complex courtship and raw passion they don't feel at all obliged to combine them in a single pre-defined form: she chose to, ahem, fall back to more basic protocol in a way so unambiguous that she didn't even need any words. It worked, after a fashion.
  • This is one of the most apparent personality traits of a ferret-turned-human in Metaplanetary by Tony Daniels. Apparently, ferrets don't get the concept of courtship, which ends up infuriating her in that few humans respond positively to such a blatant offer.
  • In the Ringworld series, rishathra (sex between different species of intelligent hominids) routinely occurs to seal the deal on trade or peace agreements, or just to get one's rocks off without having to worry about pregnancy.
    • In the Larry Niven novel The Patchwork Girl, Gil Hamilton is a policeman from Earth, which is a Free-Love Future, working on the Moon, which due to its limited population has a more strict morality. As it's a serious taboo to make a pass at a Luna woman when it's not wanted, Gil refrains from hitting on a Fair Cop he finds attractive. As a result she has to state outright that she really does want to sleep with him.
  • The Adem are like this in The Name of the Wind. They consider sex to be nothing particularly special—to the point where Kvothe's (female) teacher asks the question almost verbatim when she realizes he is Distracted by the Sexy—and hold the expression of emotion in the human voice, and especially singing and music, to be private and intimate and basically the social equivalent of sex in Aturan (read: Western) society. This, of course, causes some problems for Kvothe, who has very Aturan notions about sex but is a musician by trade.
  • This is the sexual attitude of most "immigrants" in Palimpsest. They don't care who they're sleeping with. The person is just a way to the city.
  • The Executioner. Mack Bolan meets a porn actress in San Francisco who casually offers to have sex with him. Bolan isn't interested, and she realises she's turned him off with her 'sex is natural' approach. Bolan points out that even animals have courtship rituals.
  • Subverted by Monica and Walter in Big Trouble. Walter being a Dumb Muscle cop with obvious hots for his partner, she at one point bluntly asks him if he wants to have sex with her. Now living the male dream of having the question asked without all that "courting" nonsense, she then completely crushes him by making it clear that she doesn't want to.
  • In Charmed Thirds, a guy who the protagonist dated a few years ago but never slept with, and with whom she's now struck up a friendship, tells her out of nowhere that he thinks they should have casual sex. He means for it to come across as suave and laid-back, but though she does find it somewhat charming, it's for other reasons.
  • Star Wars: Aftermath: Jas matter-of-factly says that Sinjir can have sex with her once their mission is done after she thinks he's interested in her. It turns out he isn't though.
  • In the original novel M*A*S*H, this is how the minor character "Me Lay" Marston got his nickname — asking Korean females "Me Lay, You Lay?".
  • Temeraire:
    • In Captains Laurence and Jane Roland's first meeting, when they discuss how Long-Lived dragons often "adopt" a family line of riders, Roland offhandedly says that she wouldn't mind giving Laurence a baby or two if she wasn't so busy. Laurence is left red-faced and sputtering.
    • Roland unexpectedly invites Laurence into her bedroom, where she's undressed, and asks him bluntly whether he has any reservations... about telling her how her daughter is performing in the Aerial Corps, leaving Laurence red-faced at his misunderstanding. Double Subverted when she takes him to bed immediately after they finish that conversation.
    • In Crucible of Gold, Iskierka bluntly asks Temeraire if he wants to try for an egg with her. They dislike each other, but Iskierka's interested in the abilities their hybrid child might have, and Temeraire's slightly insecure about the failure of his earlier efforts with other dragons, so he accepts.

     Live Action TV  
  • Star Trek's Seven of Nine: "Do you wish to copulate?" This was apparently one of the two scenes Jeri Ryan read in her audition (and she admits hating to this day). Amusingly Harry, who actually had been trying to seduce her, panics and retreats at this point.
  • Anya in Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The first time she slept with Xander started with her taking her dress off while his back was turned and telling him to "Please remove your clothes now." He went along with it because, hey, "still more romantic than Faith" (who took Xander's virginity, then booted him out the door). This made it a bit harder for Anya to explain that she was actually interested in a relationship later on.
  • Often applies to Samantha of Sex and the City: she often expects (and wants) things to head this way, so she'll say some variant of "Let's just screw already..."
  • The Big Bang Theory (Subverted): Sheldon is in teleconference with Amy's mother when he says that he would like to have sex with her daughter's vagina. All without blushing in the least. Later, he asks Amy if it would be okay for her to actually copulate... followed by a Bazinga!. Subverted in that he is not uncomfortable about talking about sex, but he would never ever do it.
  • In Blackadder Goes Forth:
    Nurse Mary: Edmund, when this war is over, do you think we might get to know each other a little better?
    Blackadder: Yes, why not? When this madness is finished, perhaps we could go cycling together, take a trip down to the Old Swan at Henley and go for a walk in the woods.
    Nurse Mary: Yes, or we could just do it right now on the desk.
    Blackadder: (long beat) Yeah, okay.
  • Babylon 5:
    • An alien race used sex as a way to seal political alliances. They eventually tried to ally with Earth, with Ivanova (who was de facto ambassador at the moment) being unaware of this fact. Hilarity Ensues.
    • In the pilot, G'Kar propositions Lyta to mate with him, because his race does not have telepaths and they might be able to breed one. He is enthusiastic about a traditional mating, however, and later episodes suggest he has a thing for human (and Centauri) women.
  • In Farscape, the Peacekeepers are an entire society consisting of soldiers and mercenaries. As they have no home world and no civilians, sex is viewed as a means of recreation between battles, or as a mechanical act for the purpose of producing more soldiers. Children are raised in groups and may never learn who their parents are, and finding someone to "recreate" with is as simple as asking. As Aeryn Sun is a former Peacekeeper, now in a much less restrictive environment, this becomes a plot point on several occasions. On one occasion she tells John she isn't interested in his romantic advancements, but they can have sex if he wants.
  • The Ambiguously Disordered Saga in Bron|Broen at one point is shown to be feeling sexually deprived one evening after work. So she goes to a nightclub, catches a guy's eye, refuses his offer to buy her a drink, and flatly asks him "Do you want to come to my place and have sex?" And after they do, she horrifies him by starting up her laptop and looking at gruesome crime scene photos while still in bed with him. In the second season, she has a live-in boyfriend, and is equally blunt and unromantic about demanding sex from him or offering it.
  • The American remake of this series, The Bridge, duplicates this scene exactly with Sonya ("Do you want to have sex with me?").
  • Likewise in The Tunnel: Elise bluntly asks a bartender to sleep with her.
  • Anise/Freya, a Tok'ra in Stargate SG-1, propositions Colonel O'Neill this way in "Divide and Conquer":
    Freya: I originally came from a planet where the people were not afraid to show their affection for someone. When we wanted to Lo'machen...
    O'Neill: Excuse me?
    Freya: I believe you call it...
    O'Neill: Something else.
    Freya: Anise, my symbiote, is far more interested in Doctor Jackson on an intellectual level, but she would have to suffer.
    • Upon realizing how awkward the situation is...
      Freya: I sense you have been made uncomfortable by my offer.
      O'Neill: No! No. It's just... Well, yeah!
      Freya: I had heard that the humans of Earth had many inhibitions and stigmas surrounding intimacy.
  • On My Name Is Earl, Randy's method of picking up women at bars:
    Randy: Hi, I'm Randy. Are you drunk enough to go home with me?
    Woman at the bar: (takes a look at Randy and then downs the remainder of her drink in one gulp) Yep.
  • The Holoship on Red Dwarf does not have families, and crew members are required to have sex at least twice a day. Refusing an offer of sex is considered bad manners.
  • Married... with Children:
    • In one episode where the Bundy's go to the beach, Al meets an old female classmate (who by the way, is now married with two young boys, who are with her now) who, after a few minutes of talking, asks him to have sex with her right there. (As in, in public; Peg is not ten feet away, having fallen asleep.) Al turns her down, surprisingly. Probably counts as a What You Are in the Dark moment, seeing as Peg was not truly asleep.
    • Bud has always had terrible luck with girls, so in a late-season episode, where Marcie's hot babe of a niece Amber comes in his bedroom window uninvited (wearing a crop top and short-shorts) claiming she got lost, he assumes he's dreaming. But he has to make sure, so he just asks her if she wants to have sex. When she answers "Sure", he figures, "Yup, it's a dream alright, but who cares?" (Thing is, it wasn't, and he and Amber would be an item for a few episodes.)
  • Bones: An old man in a nursing home asked one of the women if she "wanted to pork". She didn't. He admits this line hasn't been too successful.
  • The Orville:
    • Isaac says he's fascinated by biological beings' interpersonal relationships when Alara recounts her love life, and that he'd be happy to "attempt sexual relations" with her. She politely declines.
    • Inverted in "A Happy Refrain", where Claire initiates sex with Isaac. Isaac feels that his research into relationships ends after copulating and tries to break off the relationship, which just makes everything complicated.
  • Good Omens: Anathema rather matter-of-factly proposes to Newton that they have sex, as her ancestor predicted it. He eagerly agrees.
  • The End of the F***ing World: Alyssa is very up-front about wanting sex, to the point where James is baffled, and describes her as "a bit of a nymphomaniac."
    Alyssa: Have you ever eaten a pussy before? [...] I want you to eat mine.
    James: ...Now?
  • War of the Worlds (2019): Emily rather matter of factly asks Kariem if he'll have sex with her. He quickly accepts.
  • Never Have I Ever: Devi bluntly asks if Paxton will have sex with her. He says yes, but Devi backs out when the time comes.
  • Lovecraft Country: Ji-Ah never actually says anything, but she leads Byung Ho into a candlelit room inside of her house, strips off and lies down, looking invitingly at him. He gets the message at once, and accepts. It doesn't end well for him.

  • One of Jimmy Buffett's songs asks "Why Don't We Get Drunk... and screw?" Buffett wrote the song because he was sick of listening to love songs that had really bad metaphors and/or really awkward ways of hinting at sex without just saying it. So Buffett wrote a song that was pretty direct about what he was asking for.
  • "The Bad Touch" by the Bloodhound Gang has this as its main premise. As they both are mammals, the absolute logical thing to do is getting it on ("So show me yours I'll show you mine 'Tool Time', you'll love it just like Lyle and then we'll do it doggie style so we can both watch X-Files"). Always remember that "we call this the act of mating, but there are several other very important differences between human beings and animals that you should know about":
    "You and me baby ain't nothin' but mammals
    So let's do it like they do on the Discovery Channel."

    Tabletop Games 
  • The Clans are like this in BattleTech. They don't practice marriage, and among warriors reproduction is accomplished via cloning, so sex is simply seen as something to engage in when you're not training or fighting. "Would you like to couple?" is actually used as a pickup line.


    Video Games 
  • Brütal Legend: Lita Ford's character is Rima, queen of the jungle and leader of the leather-clad tribe of women known as The Zaulia. Talking to them outside of cutscenes reveals that sexy time is their favorite time, but they always call it Mating.
  • Saints Row IV gives the player the option to romance homies for the first time in the series, though the process is... streamlined.
    • Which can lead to:
      The Boss: I'm looking for rough sex, and Kinzie scares the shit outta me.
      Asha: (sigh) I'm on top, and you don't get to talk.
      The Boss: Deal!
  • Mass Effect 2: A downplayed version of this starts the Garrus romance quest line: Garrus tells a story of how he and a lady crewmate resolved their Belligerent Sexual Tension with a 9-round sparring match to a draw, followed by a "tiebreaker in her quarters". Immediately after, Shepard can — seemingly apropos of nothing — suggest they have a sparring match of their own and "skip to the tiebreaker". Garrus is confused at first, then understands exactly what she means and is completely blindsided by her brazenness. Not that that stops him from agreeing to it.
    Shepard: How about we just skip to the tiebreaker. Your reach, my flexibility.
    Garrus: Oh...Oh!
  • In Disco Elysium, the first character the Player Character encounters after waking up with a massive hangover from his drinking binge is an attractive blonde dancer named Klaasje. During this first conversation, a fairly difficult Suggestion (the game's equivalent of Charm) check is offered up. If the player passes the check, it results in a fairly pleasant conversation with Klaasje and you even get to flirt a bit with her. If the check fails, however, the Player Character blurts out a much less smooth statement as he leers at her:
    You: I want to have fuck with you.
    Klaasje: (erupts into laughter) What was that?! That's not even how words are used. What did you say? C'mon say it again.
    You: I said I wanted to have sex with you.
    Klaasje: (still laughing) No, you see, that's not what you said. You said... (has to pause to laugh some more) C'mon man, pretty please! One more time!
    You: I said I wanted to have fuck with you.
    Klaasje: (while wiping tears of laughter from her eyes) God damn right you did, you crazy asshole, you!
  • Inverted in Divinity: Original Sin II: If you flirt with the skeleton scholar Fane early on, he'll consult his research notes, then delightedly agree to participate in your "mating ritual". He can't feel anything, but congratulates you on providing "sublime test conditions".

     Web Comics  
  • Gax of Wondermark can't understand any way to initiate sex other than showing his genitals.
  • In The Dragon Doctors, at the end of Chapter 10, Goro's suggestion to her girlfriend about celebrating the victory against the gang of thieves is very direct.
  • In Zebra Girl, Crystal's reaction to meeting Wally is a little overenthusiastic.
  • The Heavy's sister Zhanna from the "Cold Day in Hell" comic book adaptation of Team Fortress 2 asks the first two men she comes across for sex. When the latter agrees, she apparently takes him right then and there on the floor. Living in an isolated Siberian cabin for 20 years with no male contact besides her brother (and some KGB agents she brutally murdered) will do that to a girl.
  • Amber Larose, of Ménage à 3 and its spinoff Sticky Dilly Buns, has a relaxed, positive approach to sex — and she's also a former porn star, which has perhaps left her somewhat desensitized to the sort of things that most people treat a little more delicately, even in these comics. Hence, while she understands tact in theory, her seduction methods can be a little blunt. Few of her partners complain much, but she has real problems relating to her sister, the very virginal but not actually insanely prudish Ruby.
  • The scene pictured above is actually one of the tamer examples of this Trope on Oglaf, where it tends to happen rather often. Being a sex comedy, the comic is set in a world where Everybody Has Lots of Sex, and there are almost no sexual taboos in most societies.
  • Schoolgirl Lesbian Lacy ends up giving Teddy Decarlo a handjob in Dangerously Chloe purely to satisfy her intellectual curiosity because as "the gay" of five sisters in a lesbian household she doesn't know if she'll ever get a better chance to see an actual penis. (Of course, once she actually does see his penis she asks if she can touch it because "I don't know when I'll get another opportunity" and if he can "do that thing where you make it bigger" and one thing sort of leads to another until "I hope that doesn't stain".) Teddy is more than a bit taken aback until Lacy's forthright naivete convinces him she's entirely sincere, though that doesn't prevent him from taking advantage of the situation like the horny teenage boy he is or wishing she'd at least pretend to take a romantic interest in him as it's happening. For her part Lacy ends up very confused because she always just assumed she wasn't attracted to boys because she didn't know much about them and wanted to be a lesbian like her moms. The idea that she might actually find boys attractive has simply never occurred to her.

    Web Original 
  • Dick Figures episode Pussy Magnet has Red helping blue to improve his "game" with Pink including helping Blue with his confidence. This leads to Red pulling this trope with a random female who responds positively. This in turn leads to Blue going from to being slightly disturbed all the way to downright horrified judging by what Red is doing off screen.
  • In Expiration Date, the animated short set in Team Fortress 2 released alongside the Love and War update, the Scout asks the Spy for advice courting Miss Pauling. His usual bravado is failing him, because the usual objects of his affection are less... distinguished.
    Spy: You? You're terrible with girls.
    Scout: What? No. No! ...I am great with girls.
    (flashback to the interior of a fast food restaurant)
    Scout: We both got buckets of chicken. You wanna do it?
    Girl: (shrugs) Eh, okay.

    Western Animation 
  • Deconstructed in Metalocalypse, and Fan Disservice. Toki's internet date, Caroline, is hideous, and only wants to get pregnant, and talks about sex like it's a mechanical act just to get pregnant.
    Caroline: Keep the 15th open so you can deposit your sperm into my vagina with your penis.
  • Futurama In "Why Must I Be a Crustacean In Love?", Zoidberg wants to ask for sex up front, despite Fry's advice.
  • In the American Dad! episode "When a Stan Loves a Woman", Stan and Francine get a divorce in hopes that seeing other people can bring the spark back in their love lives, and Stan tries hitting on women at a bar. Stan has absolutely no idea how to pick up chicks.
    Woman: Excuse me?
    Stan: Intercourse! I'm going to have intercourse with you! I'm divorced, it's fine! (the woman leaves) God, I...guess I'm a little rusty. Need to ease into it a bit. (meets another woman) FOREPLAY, THEN INTERCOURSE!


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