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Film / Save the Date (2012)

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Save the Date is a 2012 American romantic comedy-drama film directed and cowritten by Michael Mohan and starring Lizzy Caplan, Alison Brie, Martin Starr, Geoffrey Arend, and Mark Webber.

Sarah (Caplan) and Beth (Brie) are sisters who have a fractious relationship. Sarah, an artist, is dating Kevin (Arend), who sings in a band, while Beth is busy making wedding plans with Kevin's bandmate Andrew (Starr). Sarah agrees to move in with Kevin, but is still quite ambivalent about making their relationship more serious, and when he proposes publicly, she breaks up with him. Sarah then gets involved with Jonathan (Webber), a man with a crush on her whom she meets in the bookstore where she works. Meanwhile, Beth becomes increasingly obsessed with her upcoming wedding, causing friction with both Andrew and Sarah. When complications arise from Sarah and Jonathan's relationship, things become far more difficult.

Trope examples:

  • Bigger Is Better in Bed: Sarah happily says that Jonathan has a very big penis after the pair have had sex.
  • Cannot Spit It Out: Sarah tries multiple times to tell Jonathan she's pregnant by him, but can't bring herself to. The end comes right before it's implied she finally does.
  • Do You Want to Copulate?: Sarah bluntly propositions Jonathan, and urges him along when he agrees.
  • The Glorious War of Sisterly Rivalry: Sarah and Beth care about each other, but constantly clash over their very different personalities. For her part, Sarah's more humble, laidback and quiet. Beth's far more intense, slightly arrogant and outgoing. Sarah feels unable to talk with Beth after getting pregnant, although she really needs a caring ear. Beth for her part complains that Sarah always ignores what she tells her. After learning she's about to have an abortion, Beth does speak with her and offers unconditional support no matter what. She even postpones her wedding (which she'd obsessed over) so it won't fall the same time as when Beth is due (this had been the main reason behind Beth's planning the abortion, not wanting to detract from her sister's big day).
  • Good Girls Avoid Abortion: Sarah gets pregnant by Jonathan accidentally. At first she does consider abortion, but then reconsiders when Beth offers to support her whatever decision she's made. The end implies she is just about to inform Jonathan.
  • Informed Judaism: Sarah and Beth are Jewish, judging by the fact Beth's having her wedding in a synagogue, though it's never explicitly mentioned. Their first names both are also traditionally Jewish, though not exclusively so, and they're played by Jewish actresses as well.
  • Love Confession: Midway through the film, Jonathan tells Sarah he loves her over the phone. She hesitates over returning it. He says not to worry about it, and Sarah doesn't say the same.
  • Nice Guy: Jonathan is really kind, patient and supporting. Sarah can hardly believe it, saying there must be some hidden flaw that she isn't seeing. There's none evident though-he's just that good. He even gracefully forgives her ex-boyfriend Kevin for hitting him jealously with no hesitation, understanding completely.
  • Rejected Marriage Proposal: Kevin suddenly springs a romantic marriage proposal onto Sarah, which she rejects wordlessly after staring at him in shock.
  • Surprise Pregnancy: Sarah gets unexpectedly pregnant by Jonathan, saying later she was irresponsible, though her sister tells her to not beat herself up over it.
  • Wall Bang Her: Sarah first has sex with Jonathan against the wall in her apartment.

Alternative Title(s): Save The Date