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"Oooh Dream Weaver, I believe you can get me through the night..."
Gary Wright, "Dream Weaver"

The protagonist's sexual dreams about a friend or enemy causes them to reassess their relationship, perhaps realizing they're actually in love with them. Or not, just as long as they're having them. If the content of the dream is homoerotic in nature, expect this to either be played for laughs or used to increase the psychological ramifications of the dream. If paired with Talking in Your Sleep this can cause annoyance to anyone sharing a room with the sleeper and embarrassment for the sleeper.

Truth in Television, of course, though given how many things there are that can cause such dreams, the odds of them happening can often be put down simply to chance rather than any one thing in one's waking life. Among the things studied by science on whether they cause these sorts of dreams more often include sleeping prone (on your front) and eating a particular food prior to sleeping, such as mature cheese.

See also, if they were denying Unresolved Sexual Tension before, Dreaming the Truth. See also Awkwardly Gay Dream, where a character established as being straight inexplicably has a homoerotic mental experience, often played for Cringe Comedy. If the other party is actually present thanks to Dream Walking or other magic, this becomes a Mental Affair.


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  • The "incredible dreams" ads for Goblin Teasmade. Unfortunately it's a case of Interrupted Intimacy, as the protagonist's teasmade always alarms whenever things get interesting.

    Anime & Manga 
  • In Afterschool Charisma, Shiro has one of Marie Curie's clone in the fourth chapter. Ikkyu rudely wakes him up.
  • One that appears in a Show Within a Show: In Ah... and Mm... Are All She Says, Toda's hentai one-shot Beautiful Think is mainly about an erotic dream from a girl who has frequent erotic fantasies.
  • Ayakashi Triangle:
  • At the start of Bokura no Hentai, Parou has dreams of himself as a woman having sex with men. He thinks it's past memories from a previous life however it is foreshadowing the fact he has Repressed Memories of being molested as a child.
  • A Certain Magical Index:
    • Mikoto dreams of Touma. The audience just sees her writhing and moaning in her bed, calling out for him.
    • Later, Touma dreams of Kaori wearing Index's swimsuit.
    • Also, Kuroko has a couple of dreams about Mikoto.
  • A Certain Scientific Railgun: Pierce Aogami is selling these kinds of dreams in the form of Indian Poker even mentioning you can do with the two Tokiwadai Level 5s...unfortunately those two happened to hear them...
    Junko : I didn't really get that, but I heard your names really are the representative espers of our--
    Mikoto: [slams the table and scares Junko, sparking and utterly pissed-tone] I need to visit the next shop over.
    Junko : She looks like she's going to kill them. Queen, you have to stop—
    Misaki: [showing killer aura] Today, I'll do you the favor of altering the witnesses' memory. You handle the security cameras.
    Junko : Oh, No. Together these two can easily pull off the perfect crime...
  • In one Code Geass side story, Kallen is woken from such a dream about Zero; she was talking in her sleep, but luckily for her, her friend thinks she was talking about being on medication.
  • In Demon Love Spell, the youkai Kagura can only have his fully grown original body back when he is in Miko's dreamspace. Since Miko is a very cute girl and Kagura needs to feed on women's emotions to get his powers back, guess what he does...
  • The Familiar of Zero:
    • Saito has a rather...strange dream of his master, Louise. What's worse is that it's while he's Asleep in Class so everyone hears what he says.
      Saito: For the slave-driver you are in the day, you're such a sweet little thing in bed.
    • Later, Louise winds up having what appears to be a rather intense dream about Saito as well, while Saito's getting caught up in a fight in the courtyard. Right when things are about to go too far, Louise arrives and blows up the entire courtyard in retaliation for interrupting such a great dream when she was "so CLOSE!"
  • While never stated, in the 37th episode of the 2003 anime version of Fullmetal Alchemist (2003), Riza has a pretty... suggestive sounding dream. She wakes up to her dog, Black Hayate, licking her foot to get her to give him food.
  • Great Teacher Onizuka manga: Anko dreamed about Noburo during the Okinawa trip. This was replaced in the anime with him walking in on her from the bath because apparently this was more acceptable on TV.
  • Hayate the Combat Butler:
    • The anime has a SFW version with Hinagiku dreaming of what Hayate would give her for her birthday. She wakes up just before he kisses her, and it's implied that this isn't the first dream of its type she's had.
    • Nagi was having a nice dream with Hayate in it.... and then he suddenly started to seduce her (despite her unconvincing protesting). She's awoken just before it gets NSFW.. by Hayate who then proceeds to give her a Headbutt Thermometer. Ship Tease at its absolute finest.
  • Heaven's Lost Property: A Journey to the Center of the Mind reveals that Mitsuki Sohara experiences dreams of willingly doing very naughty things with Tomoki, to which she firmly and violently denies. Apparently, she's very chaste, or so she'd like the others to believe.
  • Highschool of the Dead has three such scenes, with the latter two being in the OVA.
    • In the 7th episode, Saya's shown sleeping on the couch with her legs spread, while dreaming of Hirano. Then her thought bubble dips between her legs and wiggles, causing her to blush moan. The scene only lasts a few seconds and is the closest the series comes to showing onscreen sex.
    • The "Drifters of the Dead" OVA is a Beach Episode where the group falls under the effects of hallucinogenic smoke. During which, Takashi thought he was having sex with Saeko, with the scene cutting away just as they get started.
    • Saya is the first to recover, the following morning, and finds Hirano humping a broomstick while thinking it was HER! Meaning, both of them have dreamt about having sex with each other. Not that Saya was ever gonna admit that.
  • In Is This A Zombie?, Haruna has one of Ayumu destroying her clothes and then seducing her. She's at first terrified and embarrassed but then starts enjoying it. When she wakes up, she angrily runs into his room and beats him up, calling him a pervert and ignoring his protests that he didn't do anything.
  • Played with in the Lucky Star OVA, when Kagami dreams about Konata casting a spell on her house. To undo the spell, Dream-Konata tells her that she must call out a certain phrase, which she does as she wakes up, only to find her sister staring at her with the wrong idea about what just happened. Specifically, Kagami wakes up saying "I want to *BLEEP* with Konata."
  • Level Up Just By Eating has the main character Kehma having this happen to him repeatedly. He has sultry dreams about all the lovely ladies of his party and the sultry inn-keeper Asha, waking up the next morning with a start, disappointed, though chapter 7 of the manga adaptation implies that it wasn't All Just a Dream with Asha, but fails to specify just how far they actually went, seeing as he's in bed with all his clothes on and Asha is nowhere nearby.
  • Maken-ki!: Used as a Running Gag in three of its omake chapters, two of which focus on Usui's lust for Himegami:
    • In the 61.5 chapter, he dreams of being the principal at Tenbi Academy and how he'd change the rules to satisfy his sexual desires. It ends with him dry humping his mattress, while his dream self is being punished by Himegami, who turns out to be the real principal.
    • The 66.5 chapter has him dreaming of being a hospital director, with Himegami as his nurse secretary. During this, he brings her to orgasm by giving her a medical exam and ends with Usui humping his matress again.
    • Chapter 84.5 changes things by having him dream of Haruko and Love Espada instead. This time, he's a film director with the girls as his actresses. But instead of filming a love story, like he claims, he has them compete fanservicey mini-games while wearing sling bikinis. It ends with him being relieved of as director by Himegami, who punishes him again.
  • My Dress-Up Darling: Gojo has a brief one at the start of Chapter 5 (Episode 3 in the anime). At first, he's just dreaming of seeing Marin in the complete Shizuku-tan cosplay that she requested him to do, and then she suddenly starts getting a little too much into the character (for context, said character is from an Eroge videogame, which he spent the previous night playing for research and character references). She then lifts slowly her skirt, causing him to wake up right then, and lifts up his bedsheet in embarrassment.
  • Neon Genesis Evangelion: Shinji has a particularly Mind Screw-ish dream (for the audience and himself), including erotic visions of Misato, Asuka, and Rei. Even when Shinji is dreaming of Asuka throwing herself at him, she still refers to him (affectionately) as "baka-Shinji" (stupid Shinji).
  • The protagonist of Nozomu Nozomi has one of these. He's turned into a girl and dreams he changed back, and is having sex with his crush. Half-way through it turns into an Awkwardly Gay Dream, as he imagines himself as a girl having sex with a boy he's growing attracted to.
  • Naturally, Ayato in RahXephon has a similar erotic (although it's a bit more complicated than that) dream about Haruka
  • In Ranma ½, the title character's subconscious must either hate him for being a Sex Shifter, or has way too much fun with it, as he keeps getting dreams where guys into girl Ranma make advances on them in either form:
    • Almost at the beginning of the manga, Ranma had a dream about a mountain-sized Kuno grasping him (in female form, naked) while volcanoes erupted and jet fighters bombed a city. The anime version merely had him (again, naked in female form) in a pool, with Kuno offering his suddenly very phallic wooden sword ("Grab onto this!"); upon refusing, "she" sank to a reef at the bottom of the pool, only to be surrounded by countless naked Kunos (and this was after he had Kuno repeating his declaration of love to male-Ranma, including at one point where they were both naked in the bath). Both times, he woke up screaming his head off.
    • Once, a dying man named Harumaki sent out his astral projection to haunt Ranma's dreams. The reason: seeing female-Ranma reminded him of his love, Gyoko. The result: Ranma would dream about being a girl on a date with a (seemingly) handsome boy, only for him to turn into the wrinkly, bug-eyed old man as they leaned in for a kiss. The art implied that (male) Ranma woke up screaming because the kiss had been consummated.
    • Akane herself experienced a unique dream once when cursed to sleep endlessly by a magical incense burner. Not only did she (as the heroine of the dream) expressed definite love for Ranma, but she also saw the competition as cruel dominatrixes (an especially disturbing case with Kodachi,) and, when a Knight in Shining Armor Ranma came to rescue her, she didn't complain much when he brought her down for an amorous tryst.
  • Tsukune has a few in Rosario + Vampire, but he calls himself "The lowest of the low" for doing so when he wakes up.
  • Subverted in Saikano: Shuji has a nightmare in which Chise appears in full-on Ultimate Weapon mode and threatens to kill him; confused, he turns and sees Fuyumi naked in bed beside him.
  • Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann High School AU Guren Gakuenhen has Simon dreaming about Nia this way. Specifically, a naked Nia saying "Okay, Simon... let's gattai!" while in his house.
    • He wakes up and the last part turns out to be true.
  • Stop Hibari Kun: Kousaku has one about Hibari at the beginning of Episode 2.
  • Being a healthy young man, Rito from To Love Ru has a couple.
    • One notable instance in the first series is when Rito was dreaming about Haruna, which lead to an Almost Kiss between Rito and Lala because she was in his bed again.
    • An anime-only memorable instance is actually an induced hallucination, featuring Rito, Haruna, and Lala.
    • By the sequel "Darkness", naturally even the dreams are Hotter and Sexier.
      • Mea accidentally create one when she enters in Rito's dream with her ability and recreate the bath scene with Momo and Rito naked from the end of chapter 1 (she take the role of Momo).
      • In Chapter 35 he has a dream about Haruna, Lala, and Run naked in the bath and kissing him.
      • In Chapter 73, he has a dream about pushing Momo down and grabbing her breasts on purpose (while it actually was Lala in his futon at the time).
  • Played for laughs in Welcome to the NHK, where Sato decides to mess with Misaki when she plans on using a book of Freud's to analyze his dreams. The dream Sato tells her is replete with phallic (and to a lesser extent yonic) imagery, causing her to eventually turn beet-red after she finishes analysing it.
  • After Tetsuo from Yuureitou reveals to Taichi that he is assigned female and is the Reiko person they've been looking for, Taichi has a dream where Tetsuo is a Sweet Polly Oliver coming onto him.

    Comic Books 
  • Issue 3 (Volume 2) of Birds of Prey has The Penguin, while knocked out, dream about getting some of Huntress, Black Canary, Dove and Lady Blackhawk. Naturally the girls are disgusted.
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Buffy has a sex dream involving both Angel and Spike. With her in a Naughty Nurse Outfit.
  • A very dark variant is featured in Lady Death, where Hope has a dream with the very handsome demon Azlando, whom she has unrequited feelings for, but it's implied that he can't return them. She wakes up right next to him and finds out to her horror that she had brutally killed him.
  • Little Ego is an adult-oriented, erotic parody of the classic Little Nemo comics written and drawn by Vittorio Giardino. The main character, called Ego, is a woman seemingly in her middle twenties. As in Little Nemo, each story is about her having a dream, and she wakes up in the last panel. Whereas Little Nemo talked to his mother after waking up, Little Ego thinks what she will tell her psychoanalyst. Every story in the Little Ego comic book involves erotic imagery, with Ego appearing half-naked or fully naked in at least one point. She has sexual intercourse with men, with other women, and even with plants and animals. It's suggestive rather than outright porn most of the time — but VERY suggestive — and all in all, a lot better than this description sounds.
  • During the "Dead End Kids" arc of Runaways, Victor has a dream about Lillie. While we only see the part where they kiss, it's implied that it gets a lot more erotic just as Molly wakes him up. Since their current living arrangements during that arc don't offer much privacy, he's awkwardly forced to try and explain away his moaning.
  • While exploring Bridget's dreamscape in Soulsearchers and Company #3, Baraka discovers a portion of her mind featuring an erotic dream concerning him.
  • Superman during John Byrne's run on the character's titles during the late 1980s had one of Wonder Woman shortly after he met her near the end of Legends.
  • In Watchmen, Dan has one about a villainess he once defeated. First he sees himself with the villainess, then with naked Laurie... then they tear their skins off, revealing their costumes underneath. In the movie, they cut out the first bit, because they'd cut out the character. Andddd then a bomb goes off.
  • An elaborate example opens the XXXenophile story "Net Dreams".
  • In Zatanna (2010) #16 a seriously sleep-deprived Zee is woken from a dream involving two hunky men and a tub of cocoa butter when Uriah breaks into her library. She spends the rest of the issue trying to deal with the pest as quickly as possible so she can get back to the dream.

    Comic Strips 
  • Foxtrot:
    • Paige has these all the time, usually involving her being romanced by a handsome Frenchman named Pierre. One dream, however, involved Pierre and a Dashing Hispanic named Juan Carlos fighting over her, the last panel of the strip revealing Andy and Roger discussing that she was trying to decide whether to take French or Spanish in the new semester.
    • One 1998 Story Arc was about Jason having one of these about Lara Croft. Jason hates girls, however due to the beliefs kids his age have, so he spent the whole dream trying to get away from her. Needless to say, Peter was upset that he didn't get the dream instead.
      Jason: Oh man Peter, I had the worst dream ever last night.
      Peter: Oh?
      Jason: I dreamed that Lara Croft from "Tomb Raider" was determined to make me her boyfriend or something. It was like eight straight hours of misery. She just would not leave me alone. She even threw herself on top of me four or five times. Judging by the look on your face, I'm guessing you had lousy dreams,too.
      Peter: Jason, are you familiar with the extra little prayer I say each night before bedtime?
    • Peter did have one in a Sunday strip, two Sports Illustrated swimsuit models were fawning over him. As bad luck would have it, they were about to ditch their bikini tops just as his alarm went off.
  • An innocent version of this trope occurred in Peanuts, when Lucy went to Linus's room because he was loudly talking in his sleep and she saw he was having an apparently romantic dream about his schoolteacher: "Yes, Miss Othmar, ... why, Miss Othmar."
  • Rat from Pearls Before Swine is often seen having these. One strip implied he was having one about Winona Ryder, and an early Sunday Strip about his alarm clock had him dreaming about "The Land of Naked Supermodels".

    Fan Works 
  • After Shego tells Kim in Anything's Possible that she owes her three favors, Kim's mind goes into the gutter that night. The next day she's more embarrassed about Shego being the top rather than the dream itself.
  • Between the Lines (MrQuestionMark): As said in the Author's Note for The Dream II, the third dream is a Lemon, making this trope.
  • Blissful Dream is a pretty graphic example of an erotic dream, where we get to see inside the mind of the dreamer.
  • In Chemistry, Shining accidentally notices his wife Cadance having an erotic dream about his sister Twilight after Cadance moans out Twilight's name.
  • The Child of Love was inspired by a lemon fanfiction where Shinji had erotic dreams about Asuka. In chapter 5, Asuka reveals that she had erotic dreams starring Shinji.
  • A Crown of Stars: Shinji often had erotic dreams about Asuka before their reunion when he was forced to remain in Boston.
  • Hefty tells Papa Smurf that he had one with Smurfette, which caused him to have a "physical reaction", in the Empath: The Luckiest Smurf story "I Dream of Smurfette", from which Papa Smurf discerns that Hefty had his first "Smurfette dream".
  • An ER fanfic about Doug and Carol has her having these about him, then waking up and seducing her fiancé. He has similar ones about her.
  • Girls und Panzer fanfic, Erika the Radical has the titular character Erika having one about her various crushes at the start of the series 'second season', which kinda messes with her psyche for the rest of the season. It involves an apparently jealous Miho, a very dominant Maho, an unexpectedly submissive Karen and finally comes crashing down with Shiho Nishizumi walking in with the intent to join in.
  • A Glass of Wine, a NGE fanfic, takes a bit unexpected turn. After Hikari jolting upright in the middle of the night drenched in sweat...
    In the dim moon light filtering through the blinds Asuka noticed the condition of Hikari's lower region and understood the ordeal she was bearing. (If you really have to know, she dreamed of the main cast doing an orgy in the classroom after subjecting her to some mild bondage. Rei was the domina. And to think Hikari's the most innocent girl in the entire cast... wonder how she knows so much about it.)
    "That must have been some dream… I want details."
  • Green Tea Rescue; Ochako has one of her and Izuku getting stuck at her place during a thunderstorm and confessing their love to one another before getting hot and heavy. Unfortunately for her her alarm clock interrupts just as she was getting to the good parts.
  • One Haruhi Suzumiya Doujin suggests that Yuki's "irregularities" in Disappearance are increasingly explicit dreams featuring her and Kyon (who she is not allowed to romance or even have sex with for fear of causing Haruhi to be jealous and therefore cause a world-ending apocalypse).
  • Naruto has a rather intense one, that he nevertheless finds himself being disturbed by, in Here and Now, the sequel to Time and Again, after being rescued from imprisonment and torture at Orochimaru's hands. Sakura being in it is a natural consequence of the one time they had sex back in the future, Hinata being in it is presumably a manifestation of his as-yet unrealised feelings for her, but Karin being in it is just a straight-up consequence of Stockholm Syndrome.
  • Smurfette has one of her with Hero Smurf in a loincloth while Hero is married to Wonder Smurfette in the Hero: The Guardian Smurf story "Smurfette's Crazy Love".
  • In the Yu-Gi-Oh! GX PWP fic Jaden Gets Lucky, Asuka has an extremely graphic sex dream about Judai.
  • Love Can Surprise You At Any Time In Your Life: In Chapter 5, Leela's second dream about Lars involves a Massage of Love that transitions into implied sex. Evidently, both Zapp and Amy could hear her moaning in her sleep, and it's implied Zapp's voice while he was having sex with Amy worked its way into Leela's dream, much to the latter's revulsion.
  • In Luna's Power and Rainbow's Love, Rainbow Dash starts having what are implied to be erotic dreams after realizing she's in love with Fluttershy.
  • The plot of Mr Sandamn send me a dream is Mew sending all the girls who have feelings for Ash Ketchum intense wet dreams to get them to take the final step with Ash.
  • The Miraculous Ladybug fic Name Drop:
    Plagg: Yeah... so is this the dressing room dream or the wedding night dream or the making out on top of the Eiffel Tower dream or the "gosh Ladybug there's only one bed and no heater we're going to have to share body heat somehow" dream or—
  • Neon Genesis Evangelion: Genocide: When Asuka suddenly enters his room the dead of night, Shinji at first thinks it is just a recurring dream of his where Asuka comes in his room and has sex with him. He realizes that he is wide awake when he feels her putting her hand on his shoulder.
  • In Not Old, Alone or Done For, Wendy has an erotic dream about Captain Hook after she begins falling for him.
  • In Chapter 41 Pokémon Reset Bloodlines, Iris is dreaming about doing some physical wrestling training with Ash. However, when she pins him down to the ground, they start kissing each other and it turns into this until it gets interrupted by Anabel accidentally entering it.
  • Happens to the main characters (Brownie and Rainbow Dash) in Rainbow in the Dark.
  • Spy X Family:
    • In this fancomic by fragonana, Damian dreams of Anya, both whom are in their teens, while in bed together and wakes up to a wet dream. Back in school, Anya reads Damian's mind and he's indignant over having had a wet dream with Anya of all people. Back home, Anya asks Loid what a wet dream is, and wonders if Damian is mad at her over something. The final panel shows an enraged Loid loading a gun.
    • In the NSFW doujin, "Whether Asleep or Awake," Loid has been dreaming of having sex with Yor for several nights. After accomplishing a mission with Frankie, they part ways following a celebratory drink at a bar, and Loid considers hiring a prostitute to "blow off some steam," but decides against it and goes home to his family. After putting Anya to bed, Lid and Yor go to their bedrooms, but sometime after going to sleep, Loid wakes up and see himself and Yor naked, and he assumes he's having another dream, and gets frisky with Yor, which causes her to kick him off the bed. After Yor apologizes, they return to the bed, and have sex, falling asleep when they finish. Loid wakes up and concludes he's in love with Yor, and as he's about to confess his feelings, she serves him a cup of tea. When he asks Yor if she switched tea brands, she says a coworker went on vacation overseas, and gave her the tea as a souvenir, when Loid notices the packaging says that it boosts sex drive, Yor starts stripping causing Loid to wonder if he's dreaming again.
  • True Potential: While in Shimo, Jiraiya has this kind of dream before being awakened by a furious Raikage.
  • In Volunteers Harry dreams about he and Draco giving each other handjobs.
  • A Running Gag in Weiss Reacts is for Yang to tease people by implying she hears people have these. Surprisingly, Ruby has a great load of these, especially about Weiss.
  • In Whispers in the Night Harry dreams about a threesome with Susan and Daphne.
  • X-Men: The Early Years: In "Boy Scouts, Sex, and Other Mysterious Things", Cyclops has one involving a naked Jean Grey and a shower.

    Films — Animation 
  • It's a very brief moment, but in Shrek Donkey falls asleep and his dialogue shows the viewer that he isn't dreaming about anything even remotely innocent. The title character wakes him before it gets too racy.
  • Tarzan features a scene where Porter calls whoever it is he's dreaming about a tease, shortly after fainting.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • Ali G Indahouse opens with one, which ends when Ali awakens to find his dog performing upon him the same act that the young lady in the dream had been.
  • In the film American Beauty, when 40-year-old Lester meets his daughter's 17-year-old friend Angela, he starts having these about her immediately (including daydreams). These inspire him into making huge life changes which further alienate his family but inspire them into making changes in their own lives.
  • The Bitter Tea of General Yen has Megan Davis, a missionary, have an erotic dream about her captor, General Yen. Yup. A film from 1933.
  • According to the Title Sequence of the theatrical version of Buck Rogers in the 25th Century, Buck Roger spent 504 years as Rip Van Winkle IN SPACE! dreaming about gorgeous babes in Space Clothes. No wonder he didn't wake up for five centuries!
  • The superintendent of a women's prison in the Exploitation Film Caged Heat keeps having erotic dreams throughout the movie, including one where she performs in the prison talent show.
  • Carefree has a G-rated version: Amanda dreams of dancing with Tony through a fairytale landscape, ending with a Hollywood Kiss. In the context of the story, it functions as an Erotic Dream (it leads to a Love Epiphany for Amanda, and she's far too embarrassed to tell Tony about it when he asks her).
  • Film/Cynara:Poetry In Motion: Cynara and Byron both have explicit fantasies of each other before the women later act on their desires, having a passionate though brief relationship.
  • Perhan and Azra in Dom za vensanje (Time of the Gypsies.) ...or was it a dream?
  • Inverted/invoked in Dreamscape, in which the Dream Weaver Alex Gardner uses his powers to enter Jane's dream to make out with her, without telling her it's not just a random dream she's having about him. She quickly forgives him when she finds out, but this seems strange since it could easily be construed as rape by fraud (he deluded her on purpose and she didn't give consent).
  • The opening shower scene in Dressed to Kill is an extremely graphic example.
  • Eloïse's Lover: Àsia has one of her swimming naked with Eloïse in the pool.
  • Embrace of the Vampire (2013): On arriving at university, and finding herself in the presence of a vampire, Charlotte starts experiencing intense erotic dreams, which sometimes turn into nightmares.
  • One very famous erotic dream comes from the movie Fast Times at Ridgemont High, in which the character Brad fantasizes about his sister's hot friend Linda (played by Phoebe Cates) stepping out of the swimming pool and slowly removing her bikini top. This scene has been parodied by both Family Guy and The Man Show as well as Scrubs.
  • A rather poorly-timed one occurs in Forbidden Zone, when the king of the sixth dimension screams orgasmically for Frenchie, the recently-captured intruder, while taking a post-coitus nap next to his queen!
  • Ghostbusters (1984): Ray has one where he imagines a ghost girl giving him... um, moral support. This was originally part of a Deleted Scene where Ray and Winston are on a case at a haunted fort where the ghost girl had been greeting other male visitors.
  • The Golden Child. After the Big Bad threatens the hero in a dream, the pretty Kee Nang informs him That Was Not a Dream...except for the bit where she was scantily-clad and suggested they get together and "let nature take its course".
  • In Hackers, incredibly attractive hacker Acid Burn (played by a young Angelina Jolie) has an especially erotic dream about her main competitor, Zero Cool.
  • In Hellraiser: Bloodline, John Merchant has sex with the villainess Angelique in his dreams, which she deliberately sends John in an attempt to seduce him.
  • In Keeping the Faith, Brian starts to have one but wakes up abruptly. You see, for a principled priest, erotic dreams are bad dreams.
  • Live Forever As You Are Now with Alan Resnick: The same night Alan gets sent to the couch, he describes having a dream in which he was about to have sex beautiful, nude women in a foggy forest.
  • Love Is Not Perfect: Elena, after learning her boyfriend Marco has been cheating with a man, fantasizes about having sex with them both in succession.
  • Mon Oncle Antoine: Benoit, a teenaged boy awash in hormones, has a dream in which beautiful older woman Alexandrine appears topless and jumps up and down for him.
  • My Animal: Heather dreams of Jonny, the girl she wants, naked while feeding her eggs sensually.
  • Vanilla from No Kidding has been having them about common, working-class men ever since she read Lady Chatterley's Lover.
  • Perfect Addiction: Sienna has one of both Jax and Kayden having sex with her as she trains the latter while getting over the former.
  • In Performance Anxiety, the co-lead, Jeff enjoys a weird one of these (little dancing girl included) while his boyfriend is away at work.
  • In Please Turn Over, Mrs. Moore is so crazy for Dr. Manners that she has dreams about him:
    Mrs. Moore: I dream about you, Doctor.
  • Satan's Cheerleaders: When an annoyed Sheriff Bubb asks the Dirty Old Monk what makes him such an expert on women, Monk replies that he has had a lot of dreams about women.
  • Shandra: The Jungle Girl: After he is knocked out by a Tranquillizer Dart while attempting to capture Shandra, Cord has an erotic dream about her. He is a little disconcerted when he wakes up and finds his girlfriend Ellen by his bed.
  • Roy gets one in both Shanghai Noon and Shanghai Knights. In the former, he dreams that he's in a saloon with a number of gorgeous women, one of whom begins to bite his ear as he tells them of his adventures. He awakens to find himself buried up to his neck in the ground with a vulture nibbling his ear. In the latter, he dreams that he's in a room with a number of gorgeous women and his friend's sister. He suggests that the two try some positions from the Kama Sutra and she begins to lick his face, only for him to wake up and discover that he fell asleep in a car and a sheep climbed in and was licking him.
  • Show Me Love: Elin has one of these about Agnes the night after they kiss.
  • Tamara opens with Tamara having an erotic dream about her English teacher Mr. Votally. However, just as the dream is about to get to the good part, it turns into a nightmare as Tamara realises her entire class is watching and laughing.
  • Thelma: Thelma has one at a party of Anja having sex with her, confirming her growing attraction.
  • The Norwegian movie Turn Me On, Dammit is pretty much about a teenage girl and her erotic dreams.
  • The Wolfman (2010): During one of Lawrence's hallucinations in the asylum, we see a back-naked Gwen for a few moments, foreshadowing to his growing feelings toward her and a possible subconscious desire to be with her.
  • In Zig Zag (2002), ZigZag has his first on Singer's couch after he visits a strip club. At first he thinks he's had a Potty Failure and apologizes to Singer for messing up his couch.

  • The erotic dream is just one of many dream themes played out in Adam R. Brown's Astral Dawn. Caspian, the main protagonist, has a sexual encounter with Ixchel, the Mayan goddess of love and the moon. This all takes place within her dream realm, an inner dimension within Celestial City, and all while Caspian experiences what he believes to be the most amazing dream he's ever had in his life.
  • In Belgarath the Sorcerer, Riva is visited in a dream by the god Belar, who gives him instructions. Unfortunately, Belar chose the wrong dream to interrupt, and as a result had to talk extra loud to keep Riva's attention. In this case, the erotic dream is also very important, as Riva is dreaming about his destined wife — Belgarath's (as yet unborn) daughter Beldaran.
    Riva: She was really beautiful, blonde hair, dark eyes, and would you believe she had no clothes o—
    Belgarath: Riva! Forget about the girl! What did Belar say?!
  • In A Brother's Price Jerin has some of those after his first sexual experience ... it is a good thing that he is the one who has to wash the bedsheets, anyway.
  • Used to disturbing effect in the Ciaphas Cain novel The Traitor's Hand, where Cain starts having erotic nightmares about Emeli, a Slaaneshi sorceress he killed in a previous short story. It foreshadows how she is returning as a Daemon Princess to the world he's fighting to defend.
  • One chapter in Cibola Burn opens with Elvi's surreal dream involving fire and paperwork, which suddenly changes into one where she's naked in front of Jim Holden, who grabs one of her breasts. She was awoken before this could go anywhere else, to her disappointment.
  • Timothy Cavendish of Cloud Atlas has a few of these about the author of a book he's editing, who goes by the name Hilary. They stop after they meet and it turns out Hilary is a guy.
  • Subverted in The Divine Comedy in Canto XIX of Purgatorio. Dante is being seduced by a siren his dream conjured until Virgil appears in the dream at the call of a "saintly lady" and rips the Siren's garments, causing a deathly stench to emanate from her naked belly and immediately wake the now-disturbed Dante.
  • In The Dream Thieves, Ronan is heavily implied to have had sexual dreams about Adam.
  • The Dresden Files novel Skin Game has a long overdue one between Harry and Murphy. Boy, howdy. It is arguably the hottest sex scene in the entire series, as the sexual tension between them has been slowly building for fifteen books and counting.
  • Older Than Steam: In Edmund Spenser's The Faerie Queene, the Redcross Knight's erotic dream about his ward, Princess Una (albeit magically induced), is the start of his long spiral down the road of sin and despair.
  • In The Ghost Writer, sometime after Gerard Freeman started the pen-friendship romance with Alice Jessell, he has one of these where he had sex with her. He told Alice about this in his letter. Alice's reply letter has her claimed that she had a similar dream roughly at the same time.
  • In The Giver, 12-year old Jonas volunteers at the old folks' home with his "favorite female friend," Fiona; one of the tasks is helping the residents bathe. The night after, he has a dream where he's half-dressed and trying to convince Fiona to let him give her a bath. He doesn't understand what it means, as he lives in a False Utopia where sex doesn't occur, and after telling his parents about it he starts receiving a pill to suppress his "stirrings." The film adaptation removed the scene despite Age Lifting both kids and giving Fiona a bigger role.
  • Happens to Harry in Harry Potter, when Ginny "began cropping up in his dreams in ways that made him devoutly thankful that Ron could not perform Legilimency."
  • Daisy Calloway has several dreams about Ryke Meadows in Hothouse Flower. She doesn't remember them when she wakes up, and when they begin dating, she no longer has them.
  • House of Leaves. Johnny has a bunch of these over Thumper. They are eventually crowded out by the nightmares.
  • In Bryan Miranda's The Journey to Atlantis, Max and Stacie both have the same dream in which they are laying on a beautiful beach in each other's arms. While they don't go all the way (they never actually even kiss), everything was leading up to until they woke up.
  • Merkabah Rider: In "The Nightjar Women", the Rider's first indication of the true nature of the threat in the town of Tip Top is when he experiences a powerful erotic dream about one of the prostitutes.
  • One Fat Summer: When he was younger, Bobby used to dream about inventing an invisibility potion and using his newfound powers to help police solve crimes. As puberty hits, he begins to dream about instead using the potion to sneak into the girl's locker room. His friend Jodie manages to kill the appeal of this dream with a simple question that makes him realize he'd have to be an Invisible Streaker for the potion to work and he also doesn't always know how long the formula will work for.
  • Discussed in "Rain" by W. Somerset Maugham, where this is presented as the first hint that the Rev. Davidson's intentions with regard to Sadie Thompson might be not entirely pure:
    "This morning he told me that he'd been dreaming about the mountains of Nebraska," said Mrs. Davidson.
    "That's curious," said Dr. Macphail.
    He remembered seeing them from the windows of the train when he crossed America. They were like huge molehills, rounded and smooth, and they rose from the plain abruptly. Dr. Macphail remarked how it struck him that they were like a woman's breasts.
  • Shatter the Sky: Maren dreams of her passionately kissing Sev, reflecting her attraction to him. It makes her feel guilty as she's already with Kaia, her girlfriend.
  • In the Song of Songs from The Bible, the Shulamite has two erotic dreams:
    • The first is about meeting her Beloved on the street and taking him straight into the bedroom of her home.
    • The second is about having an encounter with her Beloved late at night when he pays her a visit at her house, and while she fusses over her appearance, the Beloved is already working the handles of the door lock — apparently a lot of figurative language going on as to what's actually happening (or what she's dreaming is happening). By the time she opens the door, the Beloved is gone, and the Shulamite goes out into the night to find him, only to encounter the watchmen of the walls who subject her to some Police Brutality while she cries out "Please tell the one my soul loves that I am lovesick."
  • Stingo, the protagonist of Sophie's Choice has one about a girl he grew up with. It comes across as terrifying both to him and the reader, since the girl had just committed suicide.
  • Tales of the Five Hundred Kingdoms: In The Fairy Godmother, Elena and Alexander have them about each other, going all the way, featuring "a shore of purple sand by an amethyst sea beneath a silver sky with three azure moons". To not break the no lewdness policy, here's just the start:
    Then her heart started to pound, and her skin came alive, so that she was acutely aware of the brush of his fingers against it, the touch of the warm breeze on her face. She felt her stomach tighten, and when he bent his head down to hers and she lifted hers to meet his and their lips met, she felt as if lightning had jumped between them, or maybe the spark of life itself, though she could not have told if it went from her into him or the other way around.
  • Implied in Touch (2017): James, who's twelve, begins to wonder if he's gay, specifically with a crush on his friend Charlie. When discussing this with his therapist, he mentions that he did once have a dream about Charlie that felt "tingly".
    Doctor Sharpe: What were you doing in the dream?
    James: ...Stuff.
    Doctor Sharpe: Any particular kind of stuff?
    James: ...Pass.
  • Rand from The Wheel of Time has a (to him, at the time) particularly odd dream wherein Min and Elayne are naked and inviting him to swim with them in a nearby pond. Unfortunately, he's interrupted by his past-life incarnation's ex-girlfriend stepping into his dream. The dream becomes recurring, and Aviendha joins Min and Elayne in it once he meets her.

    Live-Action TV 
  • In one episode of 30 Rock, Jenna and Tracy begin having these about Kenneth, which counts as a Awkwardly Gay Dream for Tracy. The only way they can solve it is by killing him in the dream.
  • In According to Jim, Dana has an erotic dream about Jim, which squicks her out to a great degree because they never got along very well, and she never found him attractive. By the end of the episode, she realizes that the dream was a reaction to the chaos in her life, where the knowledge that Jim was a good father was subconsciously very attractive to her at that time.
  • The Are You Being Served? episode "The Erotic Dreams of Mrs Slocombe" revolves around, well, Mrs Slocombe's erotic dreams about Mr Humphries.
  • In Battlestar Galactica (2003), Kara Thrace dreams about having sex with Leoben, the Cylon who is obsessed with her, in her old apartment on Caprica. This ties in to her role in a cosmic plan that Leoben (or an angel that took his form) set out to guide her on.
  • Birds of a Feather: In "Trust", Sharon has to write them down as part of her psychotherapy sessions. Apparently, some of them were with Gerald, which makes her guilty, since she is still married to Darryl (who's currently in prison) at the time. Dorien is a surprising aversion, having none of the sorts despite being the person who Really Gets Around.
    Dorien: You know, one thing that has always worried me is that I never dream about sex.
    Sharon: I'm not surprised Dorien, you're at it all the time. The only time yer body gets a rest from it is when you're asleep.
  • In Boy Meets World, when Angela asks Cory if he's ever thought of her as more than a friend, Cory responds that he did once when he had a dream about her of this sort. Then, when Angela shoves him onto the bed and climbs on top of him to prove a point, Cory says "Oh no! It's the dream!"
  • The Broad City episode "Hurricane Wanda" opens with a nested one. Abbi invites Jeremy into her apartment to fix a fallen shelf. He takes his shirt off for no reason, rubs himself with oil, and kisses Abbi. Then he wakes up in his bed and says, "My neighbor Abbi is so sexy. Now I have this great big humongous boner." Then Abbi wakes up on the couch between Bevers and Ilana, punches Bevers in the face, and tells Ilana that she wants to masturbate with her. Then Ilana wakes up and says, "What a way to start the day!"
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer
  • Cheers: Rebecca is disgusted by her dreams about "dancing on [her] back with Sam Malone." She laments that she should be having erotic dreams about men she is actually attracted to, like Donald Trump.
  • In an early episode Community, Shirley tells Jeff that Britta has been erotic dreams about him, letting him known despite Britta's statements to the contrary he still has a chance with her.
  • In the Curb Your Enthusiasm episode "The Blind Date" Jeff tells Larry that when he was fantasizing about Jenna Jameson while masturbating, Cheryl, Larry's wife "popped in", and doesn't understand why Larry isn't happy to find it out. Later, when Larry fantasizes about Cady Huffman, she suddenly turns into Jeff's wife, Susie, shocking Larry, since they can't stand each other.
  • Degrassi Junior High, naturally, dealt with this when one of the characters was having erotic dreams and wondered if something was wrong with him.
  • In Degrassi: The Next Generation, JT had this featuring Liberty. Toby was in the room as JT moaned Liberty's name in his sleep. At the same time, JT was trying to be cool around Paige and her friends and ignoring Toby. Toby gets revenge on JT by announcing to Paige and her friends the dreams he was having about Liberty.
    • This has been reused a few times since. Clare has a sexy vampire dream about Declan in Season 9. In Season 10 Wesley has a daydream about his upcoming date with Anya, with an awkward ending for class. Fiona's dream is about her best friend, Holly J.
  • A Different World: Whitley has an erotic dream about Dwayne (this was long before they actually hooked up). She was slightly freaked by the... vividness of the dreams (especially since she was a virgin at the time).
  • Doctor Who:
  • Drop the Dead Donkey: Pointy-Haired Boss Gus Hedges starts having erotic dreams about office hottie Joy, so he asks Handsome Lech Dave for help, promising to be "financially grateful". Realising his boss is a stuck-up virgin Dave sets him up with a professional 'sex counsellor' (actually a prostitute) and the problem is resolved. Dave turns up for the promised pay rise the next day, only Gus has fallen asleep and is having an Awkwardly Gay Dream about Dave, who is immediately thrown out of the office the moment Gus wakes up.
  • Ellen: Ellen dreams that after Adam does some odd jobs around her apartment and she repays him with a passionate kiss, and starts wondering if she should date her old friend. Of course we all know where that went.
  • In the pilot episode of Everwood 16-year-old Ephraim has one about his new neighbor and classmate Amy Abbott while Al Green's "Let's Stay Together" plays in the background, it's implied that Ephraim's erotic dream results in a Nocturnal Emission.
  • Everything Now: Mia fantasizes of the girl she likes, Carli, while she recites a bit when on stage taken from Romeo and Juliet put in modern language, imagining them lying in bed together where Carli's wearing a revealing top.
  • In an episode of Flight of the Conchords, Mel gleefully tells Bret and Jermaine that she's had one about them. Later, she apparently has another that's so obscene that she tries to get Bret to apologize to her for it. Granted, Mel's already a bit off her rocker.
  • Frasier: Frasier dreams of Gil and questions his sexuality. He finally decides that his subconscious was simply providing him with a puzzle to solve to relieve his boredom. In his next dream, Sigmund Freud shows about to congratulate him on figuring it all out before himself coming on to Frasier.
  • Friends:
    • In the episode "The One with the Ick Factor" Ross is jealous after Rachel dreams about sex with Chandler, and then sex with both Chandler and Joey. When she finally dreams about him, he dances on a table with joy.
    • The end credits scene to "The One With Joey's Dirty Day" is the beginning of a dream Chandler has where he's trying to set up an orgy between himself, Monica, Rachel, Phoebe and a bunch of strippers from a club the girls took him to earlier in the episode. Nothing explicit is shown, and the scene is meant to be a sign that Chandler has officially moved on from moping over his recent break-up with Kathy.
      "Monica": Wait, what am I doing again?
      Chandler: Would you please pay attention, I could wake up at any moment!
    • In "The One with the Cop", Joey has a dream about Monica, which is not really erotic, but she's his girlfriend in it. He first thinks that the dream means that he's in love with her, but Monica explains that he just envied the close relationship he saw between her and Chandler.
    • In "The One with Rachel's Dream", Rachel has a dream where she kisses Joey, which makes her realize that she has feelings for him.
    • In "The One Where Ross Got High", Phoebe reveals she had a dream about Ross and Monica's father where he saved her from a fire and then kissed her. She spends most of Thanksgiving dinner distracted by her newfound-attraction to Jack Geller. After dinner she goes for a nap and has another dream where she catches Jack cheating on her, only for Jacques Cousteau to show up and fight him to defend her honor. She immediately switches her affection to Cousteau and is heartbroken when Judy Geller reminds her that he's dead.
  • Gossip Girl. A season two episode opens with Blair having an erotic dream about Chuck.
  • In one episode of Grey's Anatomy, Meredith has a dream of having a threesome with Finn and Derek.
  • Hemlock Grove: During his Adventures in Comaland, Roman's messed-up sexual life is showcased when a classmate he had previously hypnotized and raped appears nude to taunt and fondle him, before turning into his Rich Bitch mother Olivia.
  • In one episode of Home Improvement, Jill confides in Tim that she has dreams like this all the time about Tarzan. Tim thinks this is silly at first, but Wilson, ever the voice of reason, helps him analyze it, suggesting that if she's dreaming of Tarzan, she would be playing the part of Jane, resulting in two people with the same first name initials as the two of them. (At the end of the episode, Tim tries to impress her with a Tarzan costume; which might have worked better if it wasn't the middle of winter.)
  • In How I Met Your Mother, Lily had a couple of erotic dreams with Robin, and while pregnant, a few with various "father figures": George Washington, Abe Lincoln...and Rajeesh, the taxi/limo driver.
  • I'm Alan Partridge: Whilst it doesn't exactly make him reassess his relationships with them (he's far too shallow for that), the erotic daydream that Alan Partridge frequently segues into in the first season of this show certainly reveals much to the audience in more ways than one; dressed in a leather codpiece and a jumper with the nipples cut out, Alan offers to do a lapdance for a variety of men - all of whom, significantly enough, have a certain amount of influence in determining the future of Alan's career in television.
  • Just Shoot Me!: Maya dreams about sex with Eliot, and then Eliot of sex with Maya as part of their romantic arc.
  • In an episode of The King of Queens, Carrie finds out that Doug tends to dream about a various number of women, except about her. Furthermore, it turns out that she is dead in these dreams of erotic nature. Doug explains that this is because he would never, not even in Dreamland, cheat on her. Carrie feels insulted nevertheless and then starts to write scripts for Doug's dreams, telling him how to appropriately have erotic dreams about other women.
  • Lexx: Stanley's erotic dreams typically derail into nightmares. This is as much due to the kind of woman he tends to meet as his own subconscious self-loathing.
  • Lucifer (2016): Chloe Decker has a dream where she's having passionate sex with Lucifer. She wakes up to find Maze sitting in her bedroom eating chips and enjoying the show.
  • The Magicians (2016): Quentin has one involving Alice as Daenerys Targaryen and Julia as Leia in her metal bikini, while he himself is Indiana Jones. Hilariously, Alice/Daenerys rebukes him for not allowing the two to talk long enough to pass the Bechdel Test.
  • Magnificent Century, with Nigar Kalfa being the dreamer, and Pargalı İbrahim Paşa being the object of her dream. He pushes her against a wall, yells at her, strangles her, then kisses her.
  • In the Married... with Children episode "Nightmare on Al's Street", Marcy has several erotic dreams about Al, much to her horror and disgust. She eventually realizes that the dreams are a subconscious way of punishing herself because she refused to admit to Al that he was right about something. At the end, Al ends up having a dream about her, which shocks him equally. (Of course, Al has some weird ideas of what these dreams are supposed to be like. In the same episode, he yells at Marcie, "Why can't you have normal dreams, like where women with four breasts feed you Ding-Dongs?")
  • In an episode of Martin Martin has dreams about Pam. He finally gets over it at the end of the episode and in the final dream, he dreams about her on the bed, and he presses a button dropping a 16 ton weight on her. Across town Pam is having a dream about Martin that ends with him getting crushed by the weight instead.
  • A Max Headroom episode centered around technology that recorded dreams - Theora is surprised and pleased to see she plays heavily in one of Edison's dreams.
  • Comedy example from Mutual Friends (a UK comedy-drama series). Marc Warren's character has gotten back with his wife, Jen, played by Keeley Hawes. One of their friends and their family is staying after having their house repossessed. Despite his attempts, Jen is not up to rekindle things in the bedroom. He goes to sleep and dreams of her in a sexy nightie, pouring champagne over herself and him. He wakes up with a jolt- one of the kids is urinating on the bed.
  • My Dead Ex: Charley is surprised when she has one about Ben, and realizes she's attracted to him as a result afterward.
  • Northern Exposure
    • In one episode, the yearly "cracking of the ice" on a nearby river causes general goofiness; in the case of Joel and Maggie, they have erotic dreams about each other.
    • In another episode, Joel has a dream that starts out as a pitch-perfect remake of the video to Robert Palmer's "Simply Irresistible" - until the song stops mid-note and the dancing models try hitting on him.
    • The Russian Flu inverts the trope as Joel keeps having dreams about interacting with various Cicelians who always keep referring to Elaine (then Joel's fiancee) as his sister. The final dream ends with Maggie showing up as his wife.
  • One Tree Hill: Lucas dreams about making out on his bed with his on-again-off-again girlfriend, Brooke. As he tries to roll the two of them to switch positions the dream stops abruptly when Lucas accidentally falls out of bed in real life. Physically tense because of his dream, Lucas takes a cold shower, where he is confronted by the real-life Brooke who is upset that he is using too much hot water. From outside the shower curtain, she reaches a hand under the shower tap and is surprised to find cold water. Horrified to realize what she's interrupted, she makes fun of Lucas for taking a cold shower and having a wet dream, but incorrectly assumes he was dreaming about her romantic rival Peyton.
  • Oz: At one point Sister Peter Marie starts having erotic dreams of inmate Chris Keller. She realizes soon enough that he's been messing with her head to help him get closer to Tobias Beecher again.
  • In an early episode of Passions, Sheridan wakes up moaning Luis' name. Very embarrassing for her firstly because they were still in the "s/he has cooties!" stage of their Slap-Slap-Kiss relationship, and secondly because she was overheard and gets teased about it for like twenty episodes.
  • Aria from Pretty Little Liars dreams about Jason, shirtless, on her bed, and the two make out before she wakes up very confused.
  • An early Private Practice episode has Addison dream about Pete doing her in various places (usually in the office). She wakes up by falling off the bed. This becomes the episode's Running Gag until, on advice from her female coworkers, she employs a showerhead massager after telling Pete what she intends to do with her fantasies of him (Pete the Cowboy and Pete the Gladiator). He finds it disturbing.
  • Ned, in Pushing Daisies, has an upsetting (to him) dream involving his girlfriend Chuck turning into Olive.
  • In the Red Dwarf episode "Blue", after Rimmer has left, Lister dreams about him returning and being far friendlier than before. They end up hugging, saying how much they missed each other and then kissing. Cut to Lister waking up, screaming, and falling out of bed, the incident makes him seek medical help.
  • Roseanne: David dreams about Roseanne, his girlfriend's mother.
  • Michael and Isabel have these dreams about each other in Roswell, at a point where they've just been told they're destined to be together.
  • Scrubs:
    • Turk dreams of Elliott, but it's only played for laughs. The episode ends with Carla dreaming about Ted.
    • In the final season, we see Ted throw his new girlfriend, Stephanie Gooch, down onto a bed. She then asks if they're going to do it, but Ted points out, it isn't his fantasy, it's just one of J.D's daydreams. He then decides "Screw it" and they start having sex, much to J.D's chagrin.
  • Sex/Life: Billie and Brad both indulge in fantasies of having sex together again multiple times.
  • Smallville:
    • In the episode "Slumber", Clark dreamed of Skinny Dipping with Lana, until his dream crossed over with another girl's nightmare, and he had to save her.
    • In season 8, Chloe gets one with Davis that turns horrible. You Do NOT Want To Know what it is. Clark's body in the most nightmarish manner possible.
    • Lois had several erotic dreams of Clark in Season 9, interlaced with scenes of terror that includes Chloe's lifeless body.
  • The Sopranos: Tony Soprano has had more than a few erotic dreams throughout the series, including one with his psychiatrist Dr. Melfi in her office, and another one with his friend Artie Buco's wife as he's cheering them on. Interestingly, Dr. Melfi also dreams about having sex with her patient at one point.
  • Star Trek: Enterprise: In the universally reviled "A Night in Sickbay", Captain Archer has a dream involving sexy Vulcan T'Pol in the Decontamination Chamber. The dream starts off with him rubbing decon gel on his pet beagle Porthos, making one wonder just what Archer's tastes are.
  • Star Trek: Voyager: In "Waking Moments", the crew start to experience dreams that quickly turn nightmarish. Ensign Kim has a dream where Seven of Nine lures him into a Jeffries tube under a pretext and starts to make out with him, only to turn into an ugly male alien. After Harry wakes up and is being examined in Sickbay, the Doctor asks what he dreamed about. As he's about to answer Seven of Nine enters the room and requests his help in a Jeffries tube. Harry quickly makes an excuse to be elsewhere.
  • The Summer I Turned Pretty: Belly has one about her being in bed with first Conrad and then Jeremiah (but not more than kissing them).
  • Supernatural:
    • Sam has one of these featuring Bela and is very flustered when he figures out who he's been dreaming about (after waking up with an extremely dopey grin on his face). His face wasn't the only thing grinning. No joke, this is actually referenced when Dean calls him over as he's waking up. Sam starts to rise, then glances down and hesitates, using a stretch to cover for his... awkwardness. He's even more flustered and awkward when Bela shows up shortly after to talk with him and Dean.
    • Dean himself dreams in a later episode of being entertained by two strippers, one in a naughty devil's costume, the other in an angelic one. Kind of tragic, considering Dean is basically soothing his depression from the knowledge that both Heaven and Hell are engaging in the Apocalypse with an escapist fantasy. When a friendly angel drops in, she says she didn't expect his dreams to be like this, and Dean is embarrassed. Made even more awkward by the fact that she had previously slept with Dean.
  • That '70s Show:
    • Played for laughs in one episode when Fez has a dream about Kelso. Played for laughs again in the same episode when Kelso has a dream about... Kelso.
    • In the episode "Eric's Corvette Caper", Kelso thinks he's having one of these when Jackie and Donna sneak into the room he's sleeping in.
  • Played for Laughs in Titus when Ken (who'd been convinced to start drinking again) reveals that Tommy had had erotic dreams about Titus — pirate-themed, at that.
    Tommy: Dream, not dreams!
  • In True Blood, drinking the blood of a vampire not only heals humans but also gives them a series of erotic dreams about the vampire whose blood they drank. It's explained by Bill early in the series and a recurring element through the seasons:
    • Sookie's the first one to provide an example: having Bill's blood after receiving a massive No-Holds-Barred Beatdown from a couple whose plan she had foiled. Bill warns her about the dream but, being a virgin and all, she doesn't quite get it until it happens.
    • Sam has an Awkwardly Gay Dreamabout Bill after drinking his blood in the season 2 finale to finish off the Big Bad of the season.
    • In season 2, Eric tricks Sookie into drinking his blood so that she'd start having erotic dreams about him, which eventually she does in season 3. And there's even one that stars both Bill and Eric with her as well (viewers didn't quite complain though).
    • We don't get to see them, but Lafayette mentions that he had erotic dreams about Eric after drinking his blood... which he likes in a way, but ends up finding them disgusting because of how much he hates Eric.
    • Jason starts dreaming about Jessica after she healed him with her blood. In one of them, she suddenly turns into Hoyt while having sex with Jason.
    • Jason also had a dream about Eddie, back in season 2, in which he just appeared on top of him. Although this one is probably due to the guilt he felt due to not stopping Amy from killing him.
    • And in season 6, Jason drinks vampire blood again and it ends up with an Awkwardly Gay Drema in which he licks Ben's neck while the two are shaving each other naked.
  • The Vampire Diaries: Elena has an erotic dream about making out and almost having sex with Stefan in 1x03 "Friday Night Bites". However, Elena's pleasurable, erotic dream ends up going south when Damon invades her dream, with Elena waking up panicking afterwards, scared and shaken up by Damon's presence in her dream.
  • Will & Grace. Will has an erotic nightmare about doing it with Grace. He's so disturbed he ends up seeing a therapist and mentions that he usually has these dreams about news anchor Stone Phillips. After resolving the issues with Grace that caused his nightmares he finally gets to dream about Phillips again.
  • An episode of Wings opened with Brian's sexy dream about Helen. This irked Joe, as he was dating her at the time. Helen, on the other hand, had no problem in joining Brian in teasing the elder Hackett brother about it.
  • Xena: Warrior Princess: Xena dreams of Ares in "Eternal Bonds". See also Unresolved Sexual Tension and Slap-Slap-Kiss.
  • Young Sheldon: In "Money Laundering and a Cascade of Hormones", Mary has a dream about having sex with Pastor Rob.

  • Alan O'Day's "Undercover Angel" has the line: "I never had a dream that made sweet love to me."
  • Taylor Swift's "...Ready For It?" gets pretty clear on this one.
    In the middle of the night, in my dreams,
    you should see the things we do, baby.

  • Rod has a "really nice dream" about his roommate Nicky in Avenue Q.
  • In the 2009 UK tour of Little Shopof Horrors, the plant sleeps at one point and says "Yeah, baby. You make my stems all wooded."
  • Moritz and "legs in sky blue stockings" in Spring Awakening. The dreams get worse after Melchior writes an essay for Moritz explaining the ins and outs of sex, leading Moritz to kill himself.

    Video Games 
  • BlazBlue's Bang Shishigami had one with Litchi in the Fourth-Wall Mail Slot.
  • Crush Crush: Referenced when selecting Eva at the Girlfriend level:
    I dreamt of you last night. It was... It was a dream I could not tell others about...
  • Joked with in Dragon Age II, when things go from worse to even more worse and Hawke says that this must all be a really bad dream and the next thing they will notice is that they are Not Wearing Pants. To which Merrill can reply "Hawke defending the city while being naked. Why can I never have this dream."
  • The female player character in Dragon Age: Origins can confess to having erotic dreams about Alistair.
  • In Fallout 3, at the beginning of game proper, you are woken up by your friend Amata. One of the dialogue options both sexes have is "Amata? I was just dreaming about you..." It's unclear whether this is true, or just your character trying to flirt.
  • In Fire Emblem: Awakening, if Morgan and Kjelle get married, then he'll admit to having these about her.
    Kjelle: You've been... imagining me?
    Morgan: What? Oh, no, I haven't been thinking about you like that! I mean, maybe once... or twice... okay, some of the time, o-or maybe all the time... I'm just going to stop talking now.
  • Fire Emblem Heroes brings us Plumeria, a dökkálfar (dark elf) of the Realm of Nightmares. Her job is to deliver erotic dreams to mortals, but doing so has jaded her, finding such dreams disgusting, going as far to wish humans' desires didn't exist.
  • Lonely Wolf Treat: In Dreaming Treat, at one point the title character dreams of bathing with her crushes Mochi and Moxie.
  • Story of Seasons (2014) has this implied by the female player character if she is married to Mistel. One of his morning dialogue is saying that she has been saying his name in her sleep and wondering what she's dreaming.
  • In Tales of Phantasia, depending on whether it's the official or the fan-translated version, Arche dreams (and talks in her sleep) of either making out with Cless, or flat-out having (really good) sex with him, respectively.
  • Then there's Dist in Tales of the Abyss. We never do learn exactly what he's dreaming of, but he's moaning Jade's name... And Jade was there. And he replies by implicitly "raping" him offscreen.
    Luke: Uhhhh, what was that scream just now?
    Jade: Oh, it was nothing.

    Visual Novels 
  • Chop Chop Fruit salad Mystery Jam DokiDoki Dating Sim THingy: In Banana's route, Apple has a sexy dream about Banana with their peel off.
  • The protagonist of Daughter for Dessert has a sexy dream about Lainie... and before long, it becomes about Amanda.
  • Shirou in Fate/stay night gets one about Rin as well. Interestingly enough it's not in Rin's route. Except when she opens her eyes, her eyes are different. When Rider takes off the visor and you see the same eyes it becomes clear it was Rider in the dream disguised as Rin.
  • In Fate/hollow ataraxia, Rider causes Shirou to dream of having a threesome with her and Sakura.
  • The protagonist of Melody has several dreams in which the title character acts sexually coy with him.
    • Actually, for the first one of these, the player can choose Melody, Isabella, Becca, or Amy as the subject of the dream. It's also a subversion, with the chosen girl leading the protagonist to the shower for sex, only for him to find Bethany in his shower instead.
  • Shiki is deliberately given an erotic dream by Arcueid in Tsukihime, as thanks for his assistance. Unfortunately, who he dreams about is the source of much grief for Shiki, since it winds up being about Arcueid. In the anime, the dream itself soon turns into a nightmare when Arcueid makes it clear she wants Shiki's blood (the manga and game went with the sex). In the visual novel, though, you can actually choose who you want the dream to be about. Note that Shiki is awakened every morning by Hisui, one of the maids. It's apparently pretty clear what Shiki's dreaming about as he sleeps. (Unless he dreams about her.)
  • It's inverted in Kagetsu Tohya, the Tsukihime side story. Len actually has an erotic dream about Shiki where he can do nothing but watch.

  • 8-Bit Theater: In a guest strip, Black Mage has such dreams of White Mage, squicking Fighter out.
  • This Awkward Zombie comic, in which Mewtwo hijacks one of Marth's dreams.
    Even Mewtwo has to get his kicks somewhere.
    Even if "somewhere" is inside other people's brains.
  • In the Ciem Webcomic Series, Candi's erotic dreams about the men in her life are implied to be so intrusive (and memorable) that they interfere with her ability to function in life.
  • In Dumbing of Age Joyce has a rather odd dream about Ethan. Unfortunately it's also mixed in with all her anxieties about sex and turns to horror when dream!Ethan suddenly transforms into Ryan.
  • In El Goonish Shive, Elliot has an introspective dream that turns into one of these about Susan. He later gets another one starting here and culminating in kissing dream-Tedd.
  • In Friendly Hostility, Collin is creeped out after having an erotic dream about his friend Arath. Fox assures him that it's natural for him to dream about people other than his significant partner. He goes on to casually list the various people/beings he's had sexy dreams about, which Collin is not enthused to hear in its entirety.
  • Linburger. Poor Neut seems to be the only Cyll not getting any in the Free-Love Future hedonistic society. As such, he has sexual fantasies about Lin and the Firne twins Kien-Tai. But mostly Lin.
  • A recurring theme in Ménage à 3. Gary, for one, mostly dreams of Zii and DiDi; Yuki has some quite disturbing dreams about Gary — disturbing for the readers in that she sometimes changes his sex, but also disturbing for her in that some of them occur while she's still defining herself as lesbian.
  • In Nerf NOW!! Morgan and Angie have the same erotic dream about each other. Morgan's reaction was to throw a bomb at Tentajo telling him to stop drawing her doing weird things (namely the eroticism), while Angie laughs as she's now got a bingo on her wet dream card. Apparently she's had erotic dreams about Anne, Engie-tan, Samus, Morrigan, Peach, and, according to the next strip, Jane and Alek for her bingo. Anne's disgust at being the target of many of Angie's wet dreams is overridden by the fact that Angie hadn't had one about Anne's sister Victoire. And then Victoire showed off her photoshoot in a gun magazine...
  • In Sticky Dilly Buns, the prudish Ruby experiences a dream involving her sort-of boyfriend Andy, expressed in her usual rather formal terms ("Let's kiss in altogether inappropriate ways"). Her growing (if much-denied) interest in Yaoi is reflected when she transforms into the gay Dillon during the dream, but it's also a sad comment on her self-image that she not only takes herself out of the erotic scene but dismisses herself as "boring" in the dream dialogue.
  • Tiger, Tiger: Jamis has a number of dreams where he is frazzled by being flirted with by his captain, in increasingly fewer clothes. Eventually he has a dream where his captain starts undressing and then puts his hand on his thigh as Jamis sits on a bed. He tries to put these out of his mind as he's convinced he's straight and doesn't know his captain is quietly pining after him.
  • Unsounded: Lady Ilganyag visits erotic dreams on the Black Tongues, and Duane's status as outright falling into the khert at night means she's able to use memories to give him erotic "dreams" as well.
  • Wet Sand: Jo has one of Ian after seeing him. Realizing he's having one of him without even knowing his name comedically makes Jo think of himself as a pervert and question his sexuality.
  • World of Fizz: Kelli dreams about having sex with Tim.

    Web Original 
  • SCP Foundation:
    • SCP-3236 is a machine designed to simulate these dreams that can be specifically programmed for whoever is placed inside it. However, the machine is malfunctioning, so it can only simulate dreams where your sex partner is an intangible concept. The test logs for the machine get a little...weird.
    • Individuals affected by SCP-3380 experience sexual dreams involving mathematician Kurt Gödel. These dreams are treated as outright religious experiences and lean hard towards the surreal.
      His penis was not a penis but a TI-84 and I fell to my knees weak at it.
  • Whateley Universe: From "Good Cop / Bad Cop (Part 1)":
    "You've got mail," Tavi announced cheerfully, shattering Jimmy's morning dream sequence from a range about two inches from his ear. This specific dream had involved a number of his pretty, new teammates and wasn't going to be shared in public where word could get back to them.

    Western Animation 
  • In one episode of 6teen, Nikki becomes horrified when she keeps having hot dreams about Darth. Jen confesses to her later that she once had a hot dream about Wayne. At the end of the episode, Jonesy also dreams about Darth, who is dressed as Princess Leia.
  • Adventure Time manages a weird version of this when Finn dreams about his girlfriend, Flame Princess, blasting his body with fire in a way that he obviously finds very enjoyable. Note that most of the fire seems to be aimed at his crotch.
  • Batman: The Animated Series; Barbara dreams of being romanced by Batman, until a phone call from the real one wakes her up.
  • Clone High: In "Sleepovers," Joan has a sexual dream about Abe in math class, including bizarre imagery like him turning into a lighthouse. Unfortunately, she screams his name in her sleep for the whole class to hear, and awkwardly lies that she was just dreaming about algebra. She then goes out of her way to avoid Abe, who wants to show off his lighthouse impression.
  • The Dragon Prince provides a G-rated example, as episode 6 begins with Callum apparently having a dream about his crush, Claudia. He claims he was dreaming about sandwiches.
    Ezran: You seemed weirdly excited about sandwiches.
    Callum: [chuckles] You know what? In a few years, when you're older, buddy, we'll sit down and have a heart-to-heart talk about sandwiches.
  • In Family Guy, Peter dreams about someone named Jenny. Turns out he was dreaming of comedian Richard Jeni and his sweet ass.
  • In the Futurama episode where Fry becomes Bender's roommate, first Fry hears Bender having a "Kill All Humans" dream ("I was having the most wonderful dream... I think you were in it."), then this trope happens. And gets weird.
    Bender: [sleep-talking] Hey, sexy mama... wanna kill all humans?
  • Hinted at in the Justice League Unlimited episode "Fearful Symmetry (a.k.a. Galatea)." Supergirl has confided a recent nightmare to Green Arrow, who says that dreams can feel realistic. He then mentions having one such dream the previous night as he looks over at Black Canary.
  • In an episode of King of the Hill, Hank has a dream that he's grilling naked with Nancy. He tells Peggy about the dream and says that she was in it instead. Hank asks John Redcorn what the dream means and then things start to get out of control. In the end, Hank realizes that it was the propane in the grilling that turned him on, not Nancy. He just associated it with her because he had helped her install a propane-powered hot tub in her backyard as a surprise for her husband Dale.
  • Mike Tyson Mysteries has this, but it's more of a coma version in the episode "Life is But a Dream", where the woman in a coma is having sex with her stepson which disgusts Mike's entire team.
  • In Moral Orel, Orel has a wet dream about being praised by God, which isn't an example of this trope. What is an example is his second dream, which happens after Orel starts punishing himself whenever he felt blessed by God, and after Orel started adapting to liking the pain after a masochist comes across him: he dreams of God spanking him for being naughty.
    Clay: You've been having what about WHO doing WHAT?!
  • Of all places in My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic where Spike has (ice) cream dreams involving his longtime crush Rarity.
  • In an episode of Rick and Morty, Morty has a hilariously perplexing and slightly disturbing dream after falling asleep in his math class, where he soon imagines his long-time crush Jessica emerging from behind a plateau of numbers that are also raining from the sky only to unashamedly rip open her shirt and introduce Morty to her boobs, which she has named her "little Mortys," before not-so-subtly requesting that he grope them.
  • Total Drama: For a hot second in "This Is the Pits!", reality and dream blur into one as Sky wakes up. Dave is standing over her to offer her berries for breakfast, but what she perceives is an extremely muscular and shirtless Dave offering her a ring and asking her to be his jungle queen.
  • Tuca & Bertie: In "The Open House", Bertie has one that Pastry Pete is covering her naked body in pastries.


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