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Blood Harvest is a 1987 Slasher Movie directed by Bill Rebane.

College student Jill Robinson (Itonia Salchek) comes home from college to find her family gone and their home vandalized. Her father, a banker, was widely hated in the community for foreclosing on local farms, so there is no shortage of suspects. Soon she finds herself stalked and becomes the victim of a series of assaults. Her only allies are her high school boyfriend Gary Dickenson (Dean West) and his brother Mervin, aka Marvelous Mervo (Tiny Tim), a mentally unstable clown.

Blood Harvest contains examples of:

  • And Starring: Starring Tiny Tim, introducing Itonia Salochek and Dean West, co-starring Lori Minnetti and Peter Krause, Frank Benson as the Sheriff.
  • Batter Up!: The stalker gives Scott a Tap on the Head using a baseball bat.
  • Big Bad: Gary Dickinson is the killer.
  • Blood from the Mouth: Gary bleeds from the mouth after Mervo shoots him in the chest.
  • Bridal Carry: The stalker carries Jill like this at several points.
  • Broken-Window Warning: Jill gets a phone call saying, "Fuck you, bitch." As soon as the caller hangs up, a brick smashes through her window.
  • Career-Ending Injury: Mervo used to be a trapeze artist until he was brain-damaged by an accident.
  • Cat Scare: Jill opens one of her drawers, and a cat leaps out and runs away.
  • Chained to a Bed: The stalker ties Jill to her bed, removes most of her clothing and takes pictures.
  • Curves in All the Right Places: A Rare Male Example. Jill describes her fiancé Scott (Peter Krause) as having "muscles in all the right places."
  • The End... Or Is It?: The killer is gunned down by his brother, who saves the final girl. Soon after they leave, the killer's eyes open.
  • Forced to Watch: With Scott strung up by his ankles in the barn, Gary lays Jill on the floor and prepares to rape her, even turning Scott to make sure he has a good view. He's scared into stopping by police sirens.
  • Goodbye, Cruel World!: Mervo shows Jill the letter his mother wrote before his parents committed suicide together after their farm was foreclosed on.
  • Hand Gagging: Mervo covers Jill's mouth while he tries to explain to Gary what she's doing in their lair.
  • "I Am" Song: The catchy "Marvelous Mervo," which plays over the end credits.
    Marvelous Mervo, at your service
    Marvelous Mervo, that's my name
    I'll do my best to entertain you
    With magic and laughter, 'cause that's my game
  • Impaled Palm: The stalker shoots Sarah in the back of the hand with an arrow, pinning her to a support in the barn.
  • Instant Sedation: In two different scenes, the stalker presses a cloth to Jill's face. She jerks briefly before passing out, and remembers nothing when she wakes up.
  • Interrupted Intimacy:
    • Gary remembers Jill's father walking in on the two of them in their treehouse. Jill thought she'd die of embarrassment, while Gary thought her father would kill him. He wonders if their relationship would have lasted if he hadn't come in.
    • In the present, Jill's attempt at having sex with Scott is interrupted by the ringing phone.
  • Like Brother and Sister: Jill tells Gary that she loves him like a brother after she wakes up to find him about to have sex with her.
  • Ms. Fanservice: Jill spends much of the movie in various states of undress, including full-frontal nudity.
  • Over-the-Shoulder Carry: Jill's stalker carries her like this at one point.
  • The Peeping Tom: The stalker peeks through Jill's window while she has sex with Scott.
  • Police Are Useless: Jill makes a few attempts at calling the sheriff, but by the time he arrives, whatever she was worried about is gone. He's very dismissive even at first and quickly becomes convinced that Jill is either playing tricks or imagining things.
  • Sad Clown: Mervo puts on a very thin veneer of jolliness over his misery.
    Mervo: I may make the world think I'm happy, but I can't hide the truth from myself. Whatever happens, I must go on acting, acting, acting!
  • Sanity Slippage: Gary tells Jill that Mervo was always odd, but he was fairly well-adjusted, even after his accident. But when they lost their farm, all the animals were slaughtered, including Mervo's beloved pig Beulah. He coped with the loneliness and grief by retreating further and further into his clown world until there was almost nothing left of his original personality.
  • Sexy Shirt Switch: After Jill's attempt at having sex with Scott, she puts on his shirt.
  • Shower Scene: When Jill tries to take a shower, the stalker goes into the basement and turns the hot water way up, forcing Jill to flee to avoid being scalded.
  • Standard Police Motto: The sheriff has "To Protect and to Serve" on the side of his car.
  • The Teetotaler: When Scott looks for a beer in the Robinsons' fridge, Jill tells him that her parents didn't drink.
  • Unlucky Childhood Friend: Gary still has feelings for Jill, but her heart now belongs to Scott. This is what leads Gary to kill most of Jill's loved ones so that she'll feel as alone as he does, in the hopes that she'll turn to him for comfort.
  • Unwilling Suspension: The victims are strung up by their ankles before their throats are slit.
  • Vehicular Sabotage: The stalker tampers with Sarah's car so the doors can't be opened.