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"Maybe it's a little too early to know if this is gonna work
But all I know is you're sure lookin' good in my shirt"
Keith Urban, "You Look Good in My Shirt"

After sex (the morning after or right after), a woman comes out of the bedroom wearing nothing but a large shirt or pajama top belonging to her male partner. Presumably, this is used as a clear indicator of an omitted sex scene because she must have removed her own clothes in order to get into his. Obviously, the trope only works if the woman is smaller than her boyfriend (or if he likes baggy clothes). It helps that this is common in real life.

In the case of a pajama shirt, you'll sometimes see the man wear the corresponding pants, not only signifying their couple status but also providing equal amounts of fanservice: her legs and his chest.

The male version, a man wearing his girlfriend's frilly robe, is much rarer but not nonexistent, and inevitably is played for comedy or embarrassment (or both). Sometimes wearing his lover's pants is used as a more direct equivalent.

A Sub-Trope of Clothing Switch, Her Boyfriend's Jacket, and Sex Dressed. For the less modest version, see Slip into Something More Comfortable.

No Real Life Examples, Please!


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  • Done, deliberately, for a 2008 Moss Bros. UK ad for men's shirts around Valentine's Day.
  • A series of Van Heusen shirt commercials from the late 1980s emphasized this trope.

    Anime & Manga 
  • FLCL:
    • Played with: Ninamori's just staying over at Naota's for perfectly innocent reasons, right? Plus, she points out he's small, so his pajamas don't actually fit her. So this cute girl is in his bedroom, in tight clothing, and starts hitting on him in a way as weird as this example of this trope.
    • In the manga version, Haruko decides to toy with Naota's hormones by having a sleepover in Naota's room with Mamimi (dressed in a Sexy Santa Dress) and Ninamori, who employs this trope (with Tasuku's shirt) and calls the other two amateurs.
  • Fushigi Yuugi: In manga, when Miaka runs into Taka in the rain, Taka lets Miaka to stay in his flat. He tells her to take a hot shower immediately and lends her his shirt.
  • Hetalia: Axis Powers:
    • The author once drew England with America's bomber jacket. Fangirls from all around gush in joy.
    • A somewhat more subtle and platonic version occurs when Lichtenstein gives Switzerland a set of pajamas as a present, only to realize she gave him her own by mistake. He ends up keeping them anyway. The next comic shows Lichtenstein climbing into bed, wearing pajamas that are much less fancy than the ones Switzerland got and which look a little too big for her...
  • In His and Her Circumstances, Yukino is seen wearing Arima's school jacket over her disheveled clothes after their... very sketchy sex scene in a corner of the school library.
  • Subverted in Ikki Tousen Dragon Destiny. Yes, in this particular scene Kaku Bunwa is naked except for her boyfriend Kakuka's shirt. Yes, it's raining so it sticks to her curvy body. And yup, they just had sex... But no, this is not as fanservicy as it sounds, as it happens right when she finds Kakuka bleeding to death in the streets, after his doomed fight with Bashoku.
  • Invoked in Kaguya-sama: Love Is War. When Kaguya sleeps over at Shirogane's in chapter 219, she requests one of his shirts to sleep in before she gets in the bath (the visit was unplanned, so she didn't have a change of clothes). It's clearly an attempt to set the mood since both of them want to have Their First Time but feel too awkward to just say it out loud.
  • In Last Exile, when Claus and Tatiana are rescued after being stranded a couple of days, she is wearing his jumpsuit. Lavie assumes the worst and goes into a Heroic BSoD, though it's unclear if they really did anything, and Claus's completely innocent demeanor suggests they didn't.
  • Kujou from Last Game stays over at Yanagi's place for the night, but only as a friend (much to Yanagi's dismay). However, she does borrow a set of his pajamas, and Yanagi's sister visits the next morning and assumes that she's intruding on a private morning.
  • Ayase from Midori Days manga shows up in front of Seiji for in-universe Fanservice in an attempt to woo him. It doesn't work.
  • An odd example (but definitely played for Fanservice) is in My-HiME, where Mai, during her Heroic BSoD ends up in Reito's house wearing his shirt.
  • In Mysterious Girlfriend X, Tsubaki develops Cargo Envy for a shirt he left with Urabe, who started wearing it as pajamas.
  • Ranma ½: After finding Ranma and Akane alone together in a rather... secluded... spot out in the woods, Ryōga thinks that Ranma raped her when he sees her wearing Ranma's shirt with tears in her eyes. Subverted in that they never actually had sex. She burned off her shirt (long story), he gave her his shirt and they had an argument (as usual).
  • In the Sailor Moon manga, we see Usagi in her own dress, but with one of Mamoru's shirts around her shoulders. It's never stated that they have slept together, but many fans see this as indicative that they did. (The fact that Usagi's missing the shirt she had worn under her dress doesn't help.) And yes, Sailor Moon Crystal kept that scene.
  • Sensual Phrase: In the anime version, after Sakuya saved Aine from catching cold due to staying in the rain for a long time and Aine attempts to leave Sakuya, she is seen wearing Sakuya's white shirt.
  • Invoked by Momo in To Love Ru Darkness. While Yui is taking a shower in Rito's house, Momo switches the spare tracksuit Rito left for Yui with one of Rito's shirts. Like most of her attempts to make Rito less chaste, it fails. In a twist, Yui takes the initiative and tries to seduce Rito.
  • In Witchblade, Masane Amaha plays this trope straight after a Fade Out sex scene.
  • Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku has an omake page showing the male leads' reactions to their girlfriends borrowing their shirts. Hirotaka is left shivering and feeling like he's been robbed, while Tarou is unfazed and just wants it put back afterwards.

    Comic Books 
  • When Aquaman and Dolphin were an item, she started wearing his gold-scaled tunic as a mini-dress, with a belt to cinch her waist. It arguably looked better on her than it ever did on him.
  • In one Batman comic, Silver St. Cloud walks around the Batcave wearing (apparently) nothing but an extremely oversized shirt, which of course had the bat emblem on it.
  • In Circles, after their first time having sex, Taye walks out of the bedroom wearing only one of Marty's shirts.
  • Green Lantern:
    • Lampshaded when Donna Troy walks into a nude painting session between Kyle Rayner and his neighbor Allison. Allison, quickly sensing what would happen, says goodbye and leaves the apartment, but not before wearing Kyle's shirt. Donna Troy immediately uses this as part of her argument that something happened. (Nothing happened, actually, since Kyle really was an artist.)
    • Kyle got involved with this again the first time he was dating Jen. After a round of sex, she comes over wearing his shirt (though with pants as well, unlike other examples of this) to wish him luck as he goes out on patrol. He actually asks her what's up with women wearing a boyfriend's shirt, if it's some kind of "marking territory" thing, to which she responds "something like that".
  • Atom Eve ends up wearing a shirt after some time with Invincible. Curiously enough, he was wearing his superhero costume beforehand, so it seems a lot like she created it with her powers specifically for that scene.
  • In Jon Sable, Freelance #16, Maggie the Cat wakes up after spending the night with Sable, wearing nothing but her favorite choker. She puts on Jon's shirt and pokes around the house.
  • Legion of Super-Heroes: In Vol. 3, Dream Girl wears Star Boy's Star-Spangled Spandex.
  • In Marauders, Iceman is taking a cruise on Christian Frost's private submarine and wearing Christian's monogrammed bathrobe, subtly indicating that they slept together. Reinforced by the flirting. They are explicitly shown to be a couple in a later issue.
  • Spider-Man:
  • Teen Titans:
    • One of the first indicators that Nightwing and Starfire were intimate was a scene where he was wearing pajama pants while she wore the shirt. Word of God from Marv Wolfman stated that was so they could depict Kory and Dick as having a sexual relationship and still get it past The Comics Code.
    • Wonder Girl (Cassie) walks around in Superboy (Kon-El)'s t-shirt the morning after they first have sex.
  • Wonder Woman's Convergence side story starts with her getting out of bed in the morning wearing a baggy shirt, while her boyfriend Steve Trevor wears matching pajama pants.
  • X-Men:
    • The same happened in the (also Code-approved) Uncanny X-Men #171 on the morning after Cyclops and Madelyne Pryor had sex for the first time.
    • This gets a Call-Back in a flashback story in X-Men: The Exterminated, which ends with showing them sharing pajamas the same way again, except now sharing the bed with their newborn.

    Fan Works 
  • Toyed with in the Beyond Good & Evil fanfic All Too Human. Hub saves a random woman from a mugger because that's the kind of person he is, and he gives her a shirt of his to wear because her clothes got torn and damp during the mugging. When Jade sees said woman in his shirt, though, she immediately jumps to conclusions.
  • Chapter 13 of As Fate Would Have It has Yancy forced into wearing one of Nate's shirts over her underwear after both of them are caught in a freak rain shower. This eventually leads to them engaging in Their First Time.
  • In Brakes on Desire, Jan ends up wearing one of Hank's old shirts and a new pair of boxers to breakfast after they have Their First Time. Clint is the first one to see it; he immediately realizes what it means, high-fives Jan, and announces it to the other Avengers, much to Hank's embarrassment.
  • Child of the Storm plays with this in the sequel - namely, Carol is prone to nicking Harry's underpants, both before and after they start dating (there is a lot of UST and only technically platonic intimacy before). However, at the time of writing, they haven't slept together yet.
  • In Dauntless (Allora Gale) this is one of the tricks C.C. uses both to get on Lelouch's nerves and convince his servants she's actually his mistress.
  • Displaced (The Legend of Zelda): Played with. After they have sex for the first time, Zelda wakes up to find Link wearing "her" shirt. Link points out that it's his shirt, which she stole weeks ago.
  • In the My Babysitter's a Vampire fanfic The Drive Home, Benny escorts a drunk Erica home. When she decides to spend the night at his house, Benny offers Erica one of his shirts to sleep in. While Benny video chats with Ethan, Erica sits down next to Benny wearing his shirt— and only his shirt. Shortly afterwards, Benny and Erica find out that Sarah is with Ethan when she joins him, wearing one of his t-shirts with it practically stated that the latter pair just had sex.
  • While no sex was involved, in the Kim Possible fic Four Friends, Kim was wearing Josh's painter's shirt and Tara was wearing Ron's usual red shirt.
  • Mentioned (and, from an in-universe point of view, subverted) in this Homestuck fanfic. John and Karkat have, in fact, switched bodies, and it only looks like they've switched clothes because they're still wearing their original outfits.
  • In the Avatar: The Last Airbender fanfic Iris, Mai comes out of Zuko's room wearing his pajamas.
  • A handful of Law & Order: UK fanfics, written by author helsinkibaby and based around a relationship between DS Matt Devlin and CP Alesha Phillips reveals that she has a penchant for pulling this and that despite him teasing her about it, he actually loves it when she does it—when she buys him one in the story "A Present For Who?", he jokingly suggests that this is really a gift for her, then seriously asks her to, "try this one on. Now"
    • A separate fic has her doing this out of necessity, after their, ahem, exertions from the night before leaves her shirt too rumpled to be wearable.
  • In the High School D×D fic Marriage of Heaven and Hell, Kuroka steals one of Makoto's shirts and wears it while crashed on his couch, though she didn't sleep with him beforehand as he was in the Underworld while this was happening.
  • In the One Piece Gender Bender fic Mellorine! Mellorine!, Usopp tries to cover up his new figure by wearing one of Sanji's shirts, since it has a high collar and will be much baggier on him. Unfortunately, he unintentionally invokes this reaction for Sanji, who swoons upon seeing the sniper in his favorite blue shirt.
  • Naru-Hina Chronicles: Naruto goes to Shikamaru's place to give him back his wallet, only to notice Temari's fan next to the couch. Shikamaru tries to make Naruto go away, but Temari appears, wearing Shikamaru's shirt, and convinces him to tell Naruto that they're dating.
  • There is a variation in a Teen Titans fic named One Thing Leads to Another where Beast Boy and Raven have a date and the next morning Beastboy shows up at breakfast... With Raven's blanketnote . A later chapter contains a more conventional example with Robin and Star.
  • Inverted in the Tin Man fanfic "The Promise of Touch" where DG asks for one of Cain's shirts to sleep in. It's actually part of her scheme to seduce him - and it works.
  • This parody of Steven Universe has Lapis, Connie, and Pearl running over to Garnet's Crystal Gem call respectively wearing Peridot's visor and alien boxers, Steven's t-shirt, and Greg's t-shirt. Garnet is understandably mortified.
  • There is a Star Wars fic named A Tangled Web about Mara pretending to be Luke's girlfriend to keep away a Fangirl. Well, the moment they sense that fan approaching their quarters, Mara says "Take off your tunic and give it to me." Then she shows up in front of them wearing nothing but that tunic ...The charade became reality the next day.
  • In the Phineas and Ferb fanfiction To Feel Again, when Lawrence and Linda were still dating and Linda's kids were still a baby and a toddler, Linda and Lawrence slept together and she woke up in his shirt.
  • While not played up for the sexy, the Emergency! fic "Vectors" has Brice's girlfriend letting arriving paramedics in while wearing his shirt and sweats after he wakes up feverish and very ill. She is a little embarrassed, as is he, when he's lucid, at knowing the rest of the paramedics, including Gage and Desoto, are now gossiping about the "walking rulebook" having a girlfriend.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • 48 Hrs.: Happens at the beginning with Jack Cates and Elane Marshall who is wearing Jack's blue shirt.
  • In The American President, President Shepherd begins to outline his plan to slow down his burgeoning relationship with lobbyist Sydney until she's comfortable... just as she enters wearing one of his dress shirts, which clears up the issue remarkably well.
    President Andrew Shepherd: ...Perhaps I didn't properly explain the fundamentals of the slowdown plan.
    Sydney Ellen Wade: [feeling the bed] No, you explained it great.
  • At Midnight (2023): The unnamed tourist woman Alejandro sleeps with at the start of the film is only wearing his shirt when she wakes up the morning after their fling. She actually leaves his house and picks up an Uber while still only wearing that.
  • In the film of Barefoot in the Park, newlywed Corie (Jane Fonda, pictured above), after spending an uninterrupted six days in a suite in the Plaza Hotel, emerges wearing only her husband's pajama top.
  • Blood Harvest: After Jill's attempt at having sex with Scott, she puts on his shirt.
  • In the movie Charlie Bartlett, Susan wears Charlie's shirt after they sleep together, while he puts his jacket and boxers back on.
  • In the 1983 film Curse of the Pink Panther, Juleta Shane surprises inept American detective Clifton Sleigh when he returns to his hotel room by stepping out of the darkened bedroom, wearing nothing but a baggy pajama top of his.
  • In Date Night, Holbrooke's girlfriend is seen wearing his shirt.
  • In Eddie and the Cruisers 2: Eddie Lives, Diane gets up to go find Eddie brooding by a window, and she's wearing a white men's dress shirt and nothing else. Which would be sexy, except Eddie was wearing a blue shirt the night before.
  • In one scene in Evolution (2001), protagonist Ira confronts his ex-girlfriend about shirts taken and never returned when they broke up, including one she’s wearing right there in the scene while on a date with someone else. A deleted scene implies the break-up was fairly recent.
  • Fifty Shades Darker: Anastasia wears Christian's white blouse as she's staring at the shirtless Christian working out.
  • In La fille de Trieste, Ornella Muti pulls this on the comic artist Dino. She has to, since her pretext for coming was to return his blanket, and she's wearing only the blanket.
  • Friday the 13th (2009): Bree comes out of the bedroom where she and Trent went, wearing not in any of the clothes she went in there with, but just a man's collared shirt and no pants. Unlike most examples of the trope though, the actual sex is shown before that, and in great detail, even for the franchise.
  • Invoked in Ghostbusters II when Dana and baby Oscar crash at Venkman's place and Oscar suddenly needs a new diaper, and Venkman improvises with a sweatshirt:
    "Now I got this from a girl, who got this from a guy named Joe Willie Namath. We don't know how, we don't want to know how. But please, don't hose it down/give it your personal rinse."
  • In The Great Fight, Tantino's ex-wife Jill has sex with his rival Zane Carroll. Afterwards, she wears his shirt and tie.
  • After the Action Prologue of Guardians of the Galaxy (2014), Peter Quill discovers he's left his Girl of the Week on his spaceship, a Fuchsia Skinned Alien Babe wearing the T-shirt Quill had on when he was abducted from Earth as a child.
  • In The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (2005), Trillian is seen aboard the Heart of Gold wearing a shirt with three sleeves which obviously belongs to Zaphod. He calls from off-screen to ask if she's also put his underwear on because he's been left with hers and they don't fit.
  • Hot Shots!:
    • Ramada uses this trope to seduce Charlie Sheen's character, coming out of the shower with wet hair wearing a man's shirt:
      Topper Harley: So... I guess you've been with a man before...
      Ramada Thompson: I'm a virgin. I'm just not very good at it.
    • Taken ridiculously in Hot Shots! Part Deux: Topper Harley wakes up and puts on his lover's dress, then goes to the mirror and starts brushing his long hair. And at this point, Charlie Sheen was pretty buff too...
  • Subverted in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. Willie wears Indiana's tuxedo after they escape from the nightclub, but it's not post-coital, it's because she has nothing else to wear. He'd already changed into his adventuring duds at that point and tossed his tux at her before he took a nap. It still looks good on her though.
  • In Iron Man, Christine Everhart wanders around Tony's house the morning after, nosing around like the reporter she is. Justified in that she probably would have put her own clothes on if they were available; they were out being pressed and dry-cleaned.
  • James Bond:
  • In Jarhead, the girlfriend of one of the marines keeps sending him sexy photos of her wearing his uniform jackets (and nothing else). One of the other marines eventually asks if she has any clothing of her own.
  • The male version is apparent in Kindergarten Cop. When Kimble walks in on Phoebe and her fiancée, thinking she's being attacked, the fiancée retreats to the bathroom and comes out wearing her robe, seeming to be completely un-self-conscious—which of course makes Phoebe's eyes mist over and her to moan "I love you." (It might also have to do with Phoebe being a slender Big Eater and her fiancee being a chef and eating in bed.)
  • In Lone Star State of Mind, Baby is shown wearing Earl's football jersey.
  • Two characters in the early part of Loose Screws literally switch shirts. The guy says "Wanna trade?" and the girl says "Sure".
  • Used in Mr. & Mrs. Smith (2005) despite a very unambiguous sex scene, if only so Angelina Jolie will have something to wear in the upcoming action scene.
  • In A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984), after having sex with Ned, Tina ventures outside to investigate a strange noise wearing only a button down shirt.
  • Used to show Coitus Uninterruptus in Real Genius. "So... you'll hammer later?"
  • Spoofed in Scary Movie. Ray likes seeing Brenda in his football jersey, so he has her put on his pads and helmet (to her mild confusion) before having sex with her. But then again, this is Ray we're talking about.
  • In Shelter (2007), Shaun is seen wearing a beige t-shirt with some kind of pattern on it. Later, Shaun and Zach are in Shaun's bed together when Gabe (who is Shaun's brother and Zach's best friend) suddenly shows up at the house. Zach, in his hurry to get dressed and sneak out before Gabe sees him, accidentally puts on that beige t-shirt of Shaun's. He goes directly to work, and then Gabe shows up there as well and mentions in passing that he likes his shirt. Apparently, it isn't until then that Zach actually realizes that he's wearing Shaun's shirt, because the look on his face as he looks down on it is priceless.
  • Shortcut to Happiness: When Stone and one his groupies are lying post-coital on the kitchen floor, she is wearing nothing but one of his shirts.
  • Superman II has Lois do this with Superman's "S" shirt of all things.
  • Transformers: Dark of the Moon introduces Rosie Huntington Whiteley as Carly Spencer in this manner.
  • Occurs in The Wedding Singer, prompting Drew Barrymore's character to rush away to marry Glenn.
  • In Weird Science, Wyatt absentmindedly puts on a pair of Lisa's panties after they spend the night together. Chet doesn't react well, though to be fair, he never really does.

  • Referenced in Lois McMaster Bujold's Brothers in Arms: Miles immediately thinks of this trope after he and Elli nearly don each other's t-shirts. Subverted because Miles is so diminutive they wear the same size.
  • Used in the first book in the Darkest Powers series. When Chloe tries to trick one of the doctors into thinking that she and Derek were having sex instead of trying to escape, she puts on one of his shoes.
  • In one Doctor Who Eighth Doctor Adventures book, we meet an attractive blond girl who's wearing "a baggy white shirt and a tapestry waistcoat", clothes obviously belonging to the Doctor, with her jeans. Another character assumes, for other reasons, that she's the Doctor's girlfriend. Turns out she's his adopted daughter.
  • In Doctrine of Labyrinths, Felix covers up in Isaac's nightshirt when Mehitabel surprises them together.
  • Mack's Girl of the Week in The Executioner novel Dixie Convoy does this; lounging around the war Wagon in one of Mack's shirts.
  • J.P. Beaumont: After spending the night with Jasmine Day in Taking the Fifth, Beau awakens to find her making coffee in one of his oversized business shirts. He notes with pleasure that the shirt is not quite long enough when she bends over to pick up her shoes.
  • Kate Shugak: Stumbling out of bed after a marathon lovemaking session with Jim in Less Than a Treason, Kate pulls on the first item of clothing she finds, which happens to be Jim's shirt. Due to the difference in their heights, it comes down to her knees.
  • In The Three Musketeers, D'Artagnan seduces Milady's servant, Kitty, pulls a Bed Trick on Milady, and then seduces Milady as himself (all within the span of 2 weeks, mind you). He confesses the Bed Trick while still naked in Milady's bed, and gets chased out through Kitty's rooms. Since he obviously can't escape Milady's wrath naked, Kitty gives him her dress. This immediately becomes hilarious when he runs to Athos' house, barges in, and gets mistaken for an especially aggressive prostitute!
  • Gender Inverted in The War Against the Chtorr. Jim McCarthy wakes up the morning after a Slap-Slap-Kiss argument with Liz Tirelli in her bed wearing her dress. The waiter who brings them breakfast in bed informs him he's wearing it the wrong way round.
  • Kim from Rubbernecker has a short kimono that her lovers wear in the morning.

    Live-Action TV 
  • Invoked in 30 Rock when James Franco has a fake romance with Jenna so he can hide the fact that he's in love with a body pillow named Kimiko.
  • In All in the Family, Mike and Gloria are shown sharing a pair of pajamas.
  • Subverted on All My Children when Gloria escorts her drunken friend Tad home. She simply puts on one of his nightshirts because there isn't anything else for her to sleep in. But sure enough, this and the early-morning hour makes his crush assume the worst when she stops by the next day.
  • In Arrested Development, after G.O.B. sleeps with Ann Veal for the first time, she cooks him breakfast in his dress shirt — and he wears her nightgown.
  • Beverly Hills, 90210. Brandon's ex-girlfriend Emily manages to get him to let him crash at his house after claiming (possibly falsely, it's never established for certain) to be afraid of someone who's harassing her. The next morning, she comes down to breakfast wearing his prized Minnesota Twins T-shirt, clearly wanting to invoke this trope to give everyone the impression that they slept together...and Brandon is ticked off, as this is yet another instance of her refusing to accept that he doesn't want to go out with her anymore.
  • The Bisexual: After they have sex, Leila wears Jon-Criss's jacket (and she has nothing underneath), which Gabe takes note of.
  • In the Bizarro Episode / All Just a Dream / Elseworld fourth season finale of Bones, in which Brennan and Booth were married (cue the Squee), they answer the door in each others' robes (after having had sex. Onscreen. Fanservice much?). It was very cute.
  • G-rated variation in Boy Meets World: After a game of Seven Minutes in Heaven, Shawn emerges from the closet wearing a different shirt than the one he went in with. While Cory and Topanga are discussing how to look like they made out without doing it, he suggests they both change their shirts.
  • Kitty Walker in Brothers & Sisters seems to like wearing male shirts.
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer:
  • Near the beginning of the Burn Notice episode "Unchained," Fiona walks down the stairs of Michael's and her loft in a man's shirt (most likely Michael's) and flip-flops.
  • Beckett's first appearance in season five is in Castle's shirt.
  • Parodied/referenced/somethinged in Community during Troy and Abed's "supercool elevator" mime act.
  • CSI: NY: Angell had Flack's shirt on once, and in another ep, Danny's shirt was on Rikki Sandoval, his friend and the mother of a boy shot while with Danny. (Yes, before he married Lindsay.)
  • Daredevil (2015):
    • As Matt shows Karen Page into his apartment, she asks him if he has a shirt she can borrow since the t-shirt she's borrowed from Foggy got wet while they were walking over from the office. Matt laughs, saying "Well don't tell Foggy. Let me grab something for you." He quickly disappears into his bedroom while Karen is distracted by the light from the billboard outside his apartment, emerging a moment later with one of his dress shirts. The audience then gets treated to a moment of shirtless Deborah Ann Woll as Karen pulls off her T-shirt right in front of Matt and buttons the shirt he's providing her. Given his heightened senses, it's pretty clear Matt can tell Karen is shirtless and is thinking, "Oh great, Karen's totally naked right now, isn’t she? Don't get sexual urges, Matthew..." Pouring her a glass of water, Matt and Karen then proceed to sit down on the couch and have a very intimate conversation about Matt's blindness that feels suspiciously like post-coital pillow talk.
    • The moment gets a callback in season 3 episode 11 when Matt is changing into a new T-shirt as he and Karen hide from Dex in the church's basement. The camera angle echoes the season 1 scene, although Karen's reaction to seeing Matt shirtless is a shocked "Jesus, Matt..." at the sight of all the scars on his chest.
  • Dollhouse: The scene in which this happens involves Mellie getting assaulted by Sierra's handler, and something about flowers in a vase.
  • Subverted on The Drew Carey Show, where he's seen wearing the bathrobe of his (much-older) girlfriend. Her adult son meets him this way and freaks out and punches him, thinking he's some kind of pervert.
  • Due South: Victoria tries on Fraser's uniform jacket.
  • Another on ER after the first night Kerry Weaver spends with her new girlfriend.
  • A very brief version happens in Eureka after Carter and Allison first sleep together — she gets out of bed wearing the top half of his sheriff's uniform.
  • A rare female example of Played for laughs in Everybody Loves Raymond, when Marie walks in on Robert and Amy having sex in Ray's basement. Robert follows Marie into the kitchen with only his shirt on, while Amy is wearing Robert's trousers, which are long enough to keep her modest.
  • Fairly Legal has Kate walking out to the kitchen with Justin's shirt on, and he asks her for it so he can wear it to work. So she takes it off.
  • Farscape:
    • Done in "A Human Reaction" after Aeryn and Crichton have a one night stand while escaping from IASA.note  It quickly gets subverted in that rather than being portrayed as sexy, Aeryn was a disheveled and mismatched mess since she's unaccustomed to earth fashions, and intended to actually leave the house where they holed up. Crichton quickly tells her she can't go out dressed that way and has her change. Into a rather sexy sundress.
    • Weirdly inverted in "Rhapsody In Blue", when she's wearing a pair of his underwear, despite the fact that they weren't even sleeping in the same room. Apparently, badass alien Action Girls find men's boxers quite comfy. When Crichton objects, Aeryn replies that the underwear is not his, they belong to someone called "Calvin Klein".
  • In an episode of Frasier, Frasier is shocked to find his mentor in Roz's apartment, wearing her pink robe. For the rest of the episode, whenever he talks to the guy, he sees him in the robe.
  • Friends:
    • One episode had the male version, with Ross and Richard wearing their girlfriends' robes. When they run into each other on the way to the bathroom they awkwardly agree to never speak of the moment again.
    • Ursula greeting Phoebe at Joey's apartment wearing only a dress shirt as an indication they had (or were about to have) sex also occurred in an earlier episode.
    • In one episode Joey accidentally notices that Phoebe's new boyfriend is wearing women's underwear when the guy's shirt rides up. Phoebe explains that they're hers, and they swapped underwear for kicks. Joey is mildly squicked out, but does admit that hearing Phoebe is wearing the guy's briefs is "kinda hot".
  • Game of Thrones has a scene where Shae, the Camp Follower Tyrion hires, can be seen wearing his over-shirt over her dress. Since he is a dwarf, it isn't too large on her and actually fits her pretty well.
  • Spoofed in Get Smart. Max is assigned to guard a beauty queen. After he stashes her in his apartment, she helps herself to his pajama top.
    Trish: Shirts in one drawer and socks in another drawer, Classified Information in another drawer... I couldn't get the top drawer open though.
    Max: I always keep that drawer locked.
    Trish: Why, what's in it?
    Max: [checking out her legs] Pajama bottoms.
  • Played with on Getting Personal, after Milo is in a marathon sex session with Robyn's roommate, trying to get her to orgasm. At one point, she comes out wearing his shirt, looking sexy as per usual. Milo leaves the room a few seconds later, wearing boxers and the roommate's negligee.
  • When Lorelai and Luke finally start dating on Gilmore Girls they decide to keep it under wraps so that their town full of nosy neighbors won't overwhelm them while they try to figure out their feelings for each other. This plan doesn't last past the morning after their first sleepover when she wanders downstairs into the (crowded) diner in Luke's shirt (having assumed that since he was asleep upstairs, it wouldn't be open).
  • The Glades:
    • In the opening of "Marriage Is Murder", two lovers are meeting in a motel room. The woman slips on the man's shirt when she goes out to the vending machine, where she stumbles across the Body of the Week.
    • After Jim and Callie spend the night together in "Breaking 80", Callie comes out to breakfast wearing Jim's shirt.
  • The Golden Girls: In multiple episodes, Dorothy's ex-husband Stan steals her bathrobe after sex (though not always with her).
  • In Gossip Girl, Serena wears Nate's shirt during a scene where she enters his kitchen after clearly spending the night. They then have an unambiguous love scene right there in the kitchen, after which, she is still wearing the shirt and he is still fully clothed.
  • In Grounded for Life, Eddie is shown to reverse the roles, putting on the female's shirt/blouse the morning after. In one episode, when Eddie goes off with another girlfriend for the night, it's even said "You know, he'll really look good in that blouse."
  • In the first episode of Haven, Duke rescues an unconscious Audrey from the water. He removes her wet clothes so he can launder them and puts her to bed. When she wakes up, the only clothing available is a shirt of his, obviously for his perverted enjoyment. She angrily pulls a gun on him.
    • Played straighter in season 4, when Jennifer wears one after her and Duke's Relationship Upgrade. Still slightly subverted by the fact that it's not the shirt he was wearing prior to their love scene, as would be typical.
  • Played with in an episode of How I Met Your Mother when Robin buys a bikini T-shirt that really turns Ted on. At the end of the episode, he comes out of his bedroom wearing it.
    Lily: Is Robin here?
    Marshall: Man, I hope so.
  • Hustle: In "As Good as it Gets", the crew is stunned when a girl they have never seen before wanders out of Sean's bedroom wearing Sean's shirt into the kitchen where they are having breakfast.
  • Jeannie wears Tony's shirt in the pilot episode of I Dream of Jeannie. However, this was not implying that "anything happened": it occurred before Tony even knew Jeannie had returned with him from the desert island. While he was out of the house, Jeannie used his shower and found his shirt to put on afterward. But try telling that to Tony's fiancée!
  • On iZombie, Liv brings her ex-fiancé Major coffee one morning and his current girlfriend emerges in a baggy University of Washington t-shirt. In the course of the ensuing awkward conversation, the girlfriend mentions that she went to Stanford.
  • There was an ad poster for Lois & Clark that featured Lois wearing Clark's cape, and apparently nothing else.
  • Lucifer (2016):
    • In "Our Mojo", Chloe wakes up in Lucifer's bed wearing one of his shirts the morning after they finally sleep together. And it's not even the one he had on when they started.
    • But the first time Chloe wore Lucifer's shirt (likely the same one) over barely anything (socks and probably underwear) was actually much earlier in s3e6, when he went to Vegas with Ella on Chloe's birthday and Chloe with Linda crashed his apartment. And remained in it when they got Dan to join them to hack Lucifer's wall safe.
  • An early M*A*S*H episode has Margaret, after a sneaky get-together with Frank, discover she's wearing Frank's shirt.
  • Subverted in McCallum when the title character wakes up to find his Girl of the Week has slipped out after stealing his brand new shirt and leaving a (low) score of his bedroom performance. His colleague explains that wearing male clothing is simply fashionable for women at the time.
  • Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries: In "Murder and the Maiden", Phryne arrives at the scene of the disturbance at the base perimeter wearing Group Captain Compton's leather flight coat and apparently nothing else.
  • Monk:
    • In "Mr. Monk and the Panic Room", Monk suspects that Chloe Blackburn, widow of murdered records producer Ian Blackburn, is having an affair with someone after he notices an open bottle of wine in the dining room at her house, and Sharona points out to her that she's wearing a man's shirt.
    • A better example is in "Mr. Monk and the Leper", when Monk is at a probate hearing for Derek Bronson on behalf of Mandy Bronson. The lawyers for Derek's nephews point out that Monk cannot be called on as totally reliable given that he only met Derek in a dimly lit bar and parking garage. Mandy's lawyers defend that Monk is the best detective in the city and his powers of deduction are legendary. The judge (who, by the way, is played by MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell) is skeptical that Monk indeed does have a good memory. He asks Monk to stand up, turn away from him, and then asks him to describe his shirt:
      Adrian Monk: Which one?
      Judge Lawrence Barr: "Which one?"
      Adrian Monk: The shirt you're wearing, or the shirt that your stenographer is wearing? [the judge looks flustered] That's your shirt, too, isn't it?
      Judge Lawrence Barr: Uhh...
      Adrian Monk: You cut yourself shaving — there's a little drop of blood on her collar. [the embarrassed stenographer is looking down at her collar and sees the blood drop]
      Judge Lawrence Barr: What are you implying?
      Adrian Monk: You were having a sex affair with her on that couch. The cushions are backwards and one of her earrings fell off. So, it’s right here. Under here.
      [Monk walks over to the couch, leans down, picks up an earring off the floor with his tweezers, and sets it down on the table]
      Adrian Monk: She must have torn her blouse. I can see it sticking out of her briefcase. Your honor?
  • Motive: In "Pushover", a waitress seduces a customs officer as part of a scheme. The morning after, she is wearing his uniform shirt and nothing else as she delivers him breakfast in bed.
  • In the Murder, She Wrote episode Benedict Arnold Slipped Here When Nora is caught breaking into the Tibbles house to steal a jewel box, Kevin and Lauren come out of the bedroom, with Lauren wearing a Cabot Cove High sweatshirt that looks similar to one Kevin had on earlier in the episode.
  • NCIS: New Orleans: The opening of the second-season finale confirms that Brody has spent the night with the agent she's been flirting with for the past several episodes when she joins him on his balcony wearing his white dress shirt.
  • A NewsRadio episode has Lisa wearing one of Dave's shirts to work. After they get in a fight, she angrily strips it off and gives it back to him, then stalks out of the office in her bra (walking past Bill, who she preemptively slaps before he has a chance to comment).
  • On One Life to Live, after Luna tracks her husband Max and his mistress Blair down to their Atlantic City hotel room and finds his discarded shirt (Max is taking a post-coital shower). Blair tries to play a version of this trope by claiming that Max isn't there, that she simply bought her own version of the shirt after seeing Max wear one like it, "Don't you ever wear men's shirts?", but Luna isn't fooled after getting a whiff of Max's cologne on the shirt in question.
  • Also on Port Charles, when a woman goes to a man's apartment for dinner and needs to change into his shirt because she's spilled something on her outfit. Sure enough, his crush shows up, ready to finally declare her feelings, only to assume that the two are either pre or post-coital.
  • In Pretty Little Liars Spencer is often seen wearing the shirts of her lovers. It's even lampshaded in one episode.
  • The Professionals: In "Old Dog with New Tricks," Doyle stops by Bodie's flat and the door is answered by his Girl of the Week who is wearing Bodie's shirt and nothing else. To troll her, Doyle looks at the shirt and calls her "Sir", then to troll Bodie he deliberately calls her by the wrong name.
  • In the season 1 finale of Riverdale, Veronica wakes up wearing Archie's shirt the morning after their first night together.
  • Rizzoli & Isles: The morning after Rizzoli and Casey are reunited in "Partners in Crime", Rizzoli comes out to breakfast wearing nothing but a white business shirt and panties.
  • Played with in Scrubs: JD comes home to find Keith and Elliot in bathrobes. Keith is in the frilly pink one, to which JD gives a shocked "Why are you wearing my bathrobe?"
  • Subverted in She-Hulk: Attorney at Law. Jen sleeps with a guy as She-Hulk and makes breakfast the next morning while wearing his her normal human self. The guy is so turned off seeing her as an average woman that he leaves without even taking his shirt back.
  • In the Sherlock episode "His Last Vow", Janine comes out of Sherlock's bedroom wearing one of his shirts and giving every indication that they've been regularly shagging. They haven't. Janine just wants people to think they are because she wants to sell a sexy story to the newspapers, and Sherlock has no problem with her posturing because he wants to keep up the impression that he's dating her out of genuine interest and not because she's valuable to him for a case.
  • In Smallville several girls end up wearing Clark's football jersey.
    • In "Devoted" Chloe tries to seduce Clark while under the influence of a Love Potion while wearing his football jersey.
    • In "Hidden" and "Wrath" Lana wears Clark's shirt after they have sex.
    • In "Rage" Lois is shown waking up one morning and wandering around Oliver Queen's penthouse wearing only his shirt.
    • In "Ambush" Lois is wearing Clark's jersey after Their First Time, when they're interrupted by her father and sister arriving for dinner.
    • Subverted sometimes. In "Gone" Lois ends up wearing Clark's shirt because it is the only clean one. Martha found them and assumed they did something naughty. In "Committed" Lois wakes up wearing only Clark's jersey and assumes something happened, but Clark tells her she just got drunk and changed on her own.
  • Sports Night:
    • Natalie uses wearing Jeremy's white dress shirt as a trump card. Jeremy and Casey both admit that this is utterly impossible to resist.
    • The fact that Casey left a shirt of his after spending the night with Sally and later notices Gordon is wearing, is used as The Reveal that Gordon is cheating on Dana.
  • Played with in the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episode "Looking for par'Mach in All the Wrong Places": after Worf and Jadzia have sex for the first time Jadzia enters Dr. Bashir's office wearing Worf's baldric.
  • Stranger Things: In the first episode of season 3, Jonathan and Nancy are introduced running late for work after oversleeping due to the blackout. We see them waking up in Jonathan's bed, with Jonathan shirtless and Nancy wearing one of his t-shirts. They're shown quickly changing, with Nancy changing into a dress and sneaking out through the window while Jonathan puts on a new T-shirt and makes his way out the front door, shrugging off Joyce's attempt to wipe a smear of Nancy's lipstick off his face.
  • In one episode of Strangers with Candy, Chuck and Geoffrey go into the boys' bathroom to investigate some graffiti that's been sprayed on one of the stalls. They come out, sometime later, hair mussed up and wearing each other's shirts, having reached no conclusion about the graffiti. It's also done much more subtly in other episodes. Like, in one episode Geoffrey would be seen wearing a blue blouse with black stripes, then in a later episode, Chuck was seen wearing it. This happened again with a different shirt in some other episodes.
  • Similarly on Suddenly Susan, when she stops by her boyfriend's house one morning. She isn't pleased to hear his ex-wife call out to him, and is further displeased when the woman emerges from his bedroom wearing his shirt.
  • A lesbian variation appears in Supergirl (2015); in the opening for "Supergirl Lives", Maggie Sawyer is wearing Alex Danvers' T-shirt the morning after their first night together.
  • Titans (2018): The pre-sex version occurs in a flashback episode showing how Hank Hall and Dawn Granger got together. Dawn is shown lounging around in shorts and Hank's shirt (and jokes about how Hank has literally charmed the pants off her) while Hank is making up a bed for her on the couch. They only end up having sex after their first vigilante act together, and she's wearing the shirt again the next day as a Modesty Bedsheet.
  • Used in White Collar, in the Season 3 episode "Scott Free." Although viewers know that Neal and Sara were already sleeping together, nobody's complaining - especially since Neal's shirt shows off Sara's legs.
  • Used deliberately and with deception intended by Johnny and Bailey in WKRP in Cincinnati, where she wears a shirt of Johnny's. They hadn't really slept together; they were playing with the rest of the WKRP staff.
  • The X-Files: Shown in the episode "Never Again", in which Scully wakes up in a man's shirt after going home with a man she met in a bar. Whether or not anything nefarious went on was unclear.
  • You Me Her: In Season 3 when it's just Jack and Izzy together, she puts on his football jersey, asking if there's anything sexier than having her do this as she flirts.

  • Keith Urban's song "You Look Good In My Shirt" provides the page quote.
  • Aaron Lines' "You Can't Hide Beautiful": "Then she falls asleep with just my T-shirt on / But even when her hair's messed up and her makeup's gone / You can't hide beautiful…"
  • Thomas Rhett, "T-Shirt" ("I ain't ever seen anything like your dress, my floor, the way you wore my T-Shirt").
  • "Hotel Key" by Old Dominion:
    "I can still see her on the bed, sittin' Indian style, with my T-shirt on and a half-drunk smile..."
  • Dierks Bentley's "Say You Do"
    Couldn't you mess me up, get in my head
    Steal my T-shirt
    Wreck my bed all night long like you used to
    Even if you don't, couldn't you say you do
  • Sugarland's "Want To:" "You've got a dream of a degree/and a shirt that smells like me"
  • "Not Enough Hours in the Night" by Doug Supernaw:
    Sometimes I wish there were no windows in this room
    The sun comes pouring through those curtains way too soon
    Reminding me it's time to rise and shine
    But you look so good lying there in that old T-shirt of mine
  • Timbaland also invokes this in his duet with Nelly Furtado, "Promiscuous", where he says, "I can see you with my T-shirt on..."
  • The They Might Be Giants song "Another First Kiss" contains the opening lines:
    I'm asleep, but she's talking to me
    She's walking 'round wearing all of my clothes
    As she runs out of things to say
    And grabs my coat to walk away
  • DNCE, "Toothbrush": "When you're standing there in your underwear / and my T-shirt from the night before..."
  • "Knee Socks" by Arctic Monkeys:
    When you walked around your house wearing my sky blue Lacoste and your knee socks
  • Appears in the hook for Rich Brian's "History":
    Like your dress, but you fit better in my wrinkled tee
  • Referenced in "Boyfriend" by Dove Cameron. The narrator flirts with a girl and says she'd be a better partner than the girl's current boyfriend, slyly adding, "Plus, all my clothes would fit."

  • In the Heights shows Benny standing on his fire escape in the middle of the night. Nina comes out to join him, wearing his T-shirt. At the realization of what's happened between them, the audience often applauds loudly and for a very long time.
  • In Miss Saigon during the song "I Still Believe", Chris's wife Ellen is sometimes dressed in his shirt as she watches him sleep.
    • In some productions, Kim can be seen wearing Chris's shirt after they sleep together the first time during the "This Money's Yours/Sun and Moon" number.
  • The final scene of the musical The Pajama Game combines this with a Shirtless Scene, as Babe and the superintendent enter sharing a single set of pajamas:
    Married life is twice the fun
    Two can sleep as cheap as one
  • In Spring Awakening, Ilse's last scene with Moritz has her wearing nothing but a huge shirt.

    Video Games 

    Visual Novels 
  • Subverted in Melody. When the title character stays at the protagonist's apartment and forgot to pack sleepwear, she’ll wear a shirt of the protagonist's. This is before they consummate their relationship, though.
  • Late in Nikolai's first season in Queen of Thieves, the heroine has been drenched in the rain and the rest of her clothes are in the laundry, so Nikolai gives her his dress shirt to change into. Though they haven't yet had sex (or even kissed), both acknowledge the intimacy of her wearing his clothes and it serves to amplify the sexual tension between them - especially when Nikolai tells her to keep the shirt because it looks good on her, and she later teases him by telling him she wore his shirt to bed.


    Web Original 
  • In Sam & Mickey's The Barbie Cooking Show episode #1, after Barbie and Ken make out on the set, the last scene shows Barbie wearing Ken's cardigan, and Ken wearing Barbie's apron.
  • An amusing variation in Tales of MU: After spending the night with her boyfriend, Mackenzie, still naked, calls Law Agent Arthur Kent, expecting to get his "echo trap" (i.e., answering machine). When Kent answers and asks Mack whether she's aware that she's naked, her response is that she borrowed her girlfriend's shirt (her girlfriend, a nymph, is forbidden from wearing clothing). Kent's response: "You're witty for five in the morning. I don't do witty before six."

    Western Animation 
  • Adventure Time:
    • Princess Bubblegum wears a shirt of Marceline's that she gave her to bed.
    • Princess Bubblegum wore a distinctive striped shirt throughout the "Stakes" miniseries that Marceline wears in later episodes.
  • American Dad!:
    • Deputy Director Bullock is a gender-inverted example, wearing Hayley's frilly pink robe. Even worse, he was wearing her panties.
    • In another episode, after Stan has spent a wild night in Atlantic City with Roger the alien, Roger wakes up wearing Stan's shirt.
  • In Drawn Together, Captain Hero wears the top of his pajamas, and Xandir is seen wearing the trousers.
  • Interestingly, in the DuckTales (1987) version of "Back to the Klondike," after Goldie moves in with Scrooge on his gold claim, she's always shown wearing one of his shirts.
  • In G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero, Lifeline once saved the life of a rich girl named Brittany "Bree" Van Mark. After pursuing him, they end up together, and they spent the night at her father's cabin in Aspen, where she was sporting an over-sized shirt.
  • In The Proud Family: Louder and Prouder: Penny is so upset about her friends that she doesn't see her parents until after they've gotten dressed, seeing them wearing each other's clothes (messily) and their hair is very unkempt, not realizing their mistakes until now and changing back while also doing their hair. Penny doesn't realize it, but their reactions and sounds they were making prior to Penny opening the door make it rather explicit they were having sex.
  • In What If…? (2021) where Dr. Strange loses his girlfriend Christine in his fateful car crash rather than the use of his hands, one of the memories that haunts him is her claiming his white tshirt, gently implying that they had slept together.
  • Young Justice (2010) has Artemis wearing nothing but a red shirt for Wally on Valentine's Day, post-Time Skip.


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