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Sex tropes focusing on the aftermath of sexual activity, whether basking in the afterglow with your lover, taking a bath, or smoking a cigarette, after a night of getting it on.

Has nothing to do with coitus at the post office, or getting lucky on a military base, or teasing on an Internet forum, or tumbling in the hay with the fencing on a nearby farm. Just so we're absolutely clear.

Subtropes include:
  • Accidental Adultery: A character has sex with someone other than their significant other because they were drunk or because they thought the other was dead.
  • Bedmate Reveal: A guy (or girl) wakes up in bed next to someone else and don't remember if they had sex or not.
  • Breakfast in Bed: A character makes breakfast for the other to enjoy in bed after a night of romance.
  • But We Used a Condom!: Two people have sex and they use a condom, but one of them gets pregnant and/or one or both of them get an STD.
  • Come Back to Bed, Honey: Two characters have sex. One leaves but the other wants to keep doing it.
  • Crying After Sex: Two characters have sex, and afterwards one or both of them start crying.
  • Did the Earth Move for You, Too?: When somebody says this phrase while someone kisses or has sex with someone else during a disaster.
  • Did They or Didn't They?: Two characters went offscreen and they could have had sex but they might not have.
  • Did You Just Have Sex?: Someone who doesn't normally have sex is acting differently and another character finds out it was because they got laid.
  • Finding a Bra in Your Car: A character finds a bra or other female undergarment in the backseat of someone's car, hinting that the person had sex with someone.
  • I Banged Your Mom: A guy is insulted when another character he knows has sex with his mother.
  • It Meant Something to Me: Two characters have sex just as a ruse, only for one of them to start developing feelings for the other.
  • Modesty Bedsheet: Characters have bedsheets covering their private parts right after having sex.
  • The Murder After: Two characters have sex and one of them wakes up to find the other murdered.
  • Not Staying for Breakfast: Two characters have sex and one stays the night, but doesn't stay for breakfast.
  • Of Course I'm Not a Virgin: An offhanded reference to a character not being a virgin.
  • Pink Is Erotic: The color pink is used to indicate arousal, attraction, eroticism, and scenes of a sexual nature. Pink can be used as an indicator that characters were going to have sex or it shows they have just had it.
  • Post-Coital Collapse: Characters collapse into bed to imply they were having sex
  • Psychosexual Horror: A subgenre that explores psychosexual development as a subject matter, including themes of sexual development and sexual activities.
  • Scar Survey: A woman asks The Hero about a scar on his body after having sex with them.
  • Sex Changes Everything: Two characters who were ship teased finally get together only for their relationship with each other to start changing for the worse.
  • Sex Dressed: Characters dressed up in a hasty way after sex.
  • Sexy Shirt Switch: After sex, a woman comes out wearing nothing but her male partner's large shirt.
  • Sleeps in the Nude: After sex, the characters who did it are oftentimes too tired to put their clothes back on.
  • Smoking Hot Sex: After sex, one or both partners smoke.
  • Talking in Bed: A couple discuss stuff with each other while in bed.
  • That Didn't Happen (if what "didn't happen" was specifically having sex)
  • Virgin Vision: Though there are zero visible signs to indicate otherwise, a character is able to immediately tell when another has lost their virginity.