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"And you'll offer her your letter jacket after you notice this funny way she shakes when she gets cold. And she'll feel like the luckiest girl in the world."
Annie preparing Troy for his first date, Community, "Home Economics"

A woman is cold. For some story-related reason, she and her male partner are stuck outside somewhere and not really dressed for the weather, and now she's huddled over and shivering. A man takes off his coat and gently drapes it across her shoulders. She goes around in the coat for the rest of the scene.

The basis for this trope is the idea that men are duty-bound to take care of women. The Knight in Shining Armor will always do this and a jerkass can reveal they might be a Jerk with a Heart of Gold.

Very much Truth in Television. Not only are men generally more tolerant of cold than women, but men's formal clothing is usually layered, whereas she might just be wearing a slinky cocktail dress. Men are also generally broader in the shoulders, so even if he's short, it's still likely to fit her. Because of this, it's usually Always Male to Always Female but it can go other ways if the story calls for it.

Because of the romantic nature of the trope, it is often used for Ship Tease but this is not required. The coat receiver could be a child, child-like, sick, or otherwise vulnerable because the core is about taking care of the other person during cold temperatures.

Not to be confused with Exposed to the Elements, which might cause this trope.

See also Puddle-Covering Chivalry, Comforting Comforter, Sexy Shirt Switch, Her Boyfriend's Jacket, and Please Put Some Clothes On.

Not affiliated at all with Nipple and Dimed.


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    Anime & Manga 
  • Arisa: Tsubasa gets a jacket from Manabe when they're both stuck on the mountain. He also says Take Off Your Clothes.
  • In Beauty Pop Kiri spills coffee on her sweater on a chilly day and Narumi gives her his heavy uniform jacket on the way home.
  • Berserk: Guts has only ever given his Badass Cape to two people, Jill after saving her from bandits and a demonic tree (she even keeps it for while as a blanket) and Casca in the aftermath of the conviction arc because Casca is the love of his life and she's only wearing a nightie.
    • Following in his mentor/father figure's footsteps Isidro does the same for Nina with his jacket when she's naked.
  • Betrayal Knows My Name: In chapter 10, Luka puts his jacket on Yuki.
  • Black Butler: Sebastian tries to lend his coat to Ciel in Chapter 9 but Ciel refuses it, saying it will draw too much attention. Sebastian forces it on him anyway at the beginning of the next chapter.
  • Another female/female example from Claymore: Clare gives her cape to Jean after Jean nearly awakens and is naked.
  • In Blue Exorcist, Izumo and Paku are attacked by a ghoul in the locker room. Paku is injured, Izumo's own Familiars turn on her, and the rest of the class all wind up in the locker room as the demon flees. After the fight, Rin sees Izumo hiding behind the lockers in her underwear, berating herself for being unable to help her only friend. Rin gives her his shirt and tells her to get out of there before anyone else can see her. The chapter/episode then ends with a silly scene of Rin rejoining the others and trying to handwave the fact that he's half-naked.
  • In the Case Closed Non-Serial Movie The Phantom of Baker Street, this occurs as a three-fold maneuver. Ayumi shivers, so Conan gives her his blazer, then Mitsuhiko realizes that, as a guy, he needs to do something similar, and gives his jacket to Haibara Ai, then Genta, not wishing to be the only guy not doing this, gives his jacket to Ran.
    • As Genta was the only boy who was big enough for his jacket to fit Ran, this made a good bit of sense, even if it was a coincidence. Also, Mitsuhiko likes both Ai and Ayumi, Ayumi likes Conan, and Conan (Shinichi) likes Ran.
  • In Code Geass, Lelouch covers C.C. in his Zero cape off screen after she performed a Taking the Bullet to rescue him from the Lancelot which had him cornered (which she's fine with thanks to her Complete Immortality) after giving her first aid (that she turned out to not need due to said immortality). He later gives his cape to Euphemia in the island episode while her clothes dry out. Later, in R2, Lelouch wraps his jacket on his personal Action Girl Kallen, who has been running around in a Playboy Bunny suit since the beginning of the season. Certain shippers went Squee though none of the incidents are directly coded to be romantic; it's more used to show Lelouch is actually a good person despite his status as the Anti-Hero lead and various morally dubious actions he takes in pursuit of his goals.
  • Questionable in the Kallen situation where he first makes a flirty remark about her revealing outfit before drapping his jacket around her shoulder.
  • Crusher Joe has a rare female-to-female (from male) version. Joe and Alfin have finally located the Living MacGuffin, who's been in cold-sleep the whole movie. While Joe gives cover fire, Alfin picks up the girl, after first liberating a lab coat ("Give me that you pervert!") from one of the doctors.
  • In Digimon Frontier Kouji gives his coat to Izumi/Zoe in an episode where they are going through a snow field. It feels more like Ship Tease than actual romantic involvement since this is the only time he ever does this.
  • Played for Laughs in an episode of Doraemon. Nobita temporarily becomes an adult and travels to the future to meet an adult Shizuka while she's lost in an icy cave. He tries to give her his coat... which is all cold and wet due to the storm raging outside the cave.
  • Kurama gives Nana his suit jacket in Elfen Lied, although this has less to do with chills and more to do with preserving her modesty.
  • In episode 95 of Fairy Tail, Natsu gives Lucy his cloak when everybody gets caught in the rain.
    • In the Christmas special, Jellal does this for Erza after she drunkenly accepts a dare to walk home naked on a snowy night.
  • In FLCL Progressive, Aiko winds up Naked on Revival. The next time we cut to her, she's wearing Mori's shirt.
  • In Fullmetal Alchemist, after Winry has a breakdown because she can't shoot Scar, the murderer of her parents, Edward gently places his coat around her shoulders because she is suffering from shock and still shaking. In a rare variation, this could be viewed as being completely platonic at this point in the anime/manga, even though they eventually become the Official Couple.
    • After Edward and Alphonse's first, disastrous battle with Scar there's a gender-flipped version. Lieutenant Hawkeye puts her uniform jacket over Edward's shoulders because he, too, is in shock on top of having a broken (automail) arm after fighting in heavy rain. (The gender flip is possible because Edward is smaller than Hawkeye — but don't you ever mention within his hearing range.)
  • In Full Metal Panic!, Sousuke lends Kaname his jacket after he rescues her from being kidnapped. In this case, it's less of a "lend" and more of a "there's no chance in hell I'm going out there with nothing but a paper gown on, so hand that jacket over or I'll smack you."
  • Played with multiple variations in Gantz: Kishimoto wakes up teleported into Gantz' pre-game apartment naked for her introductory full-frontal fanservice. Kurono stares transfixed (and in breast-shock) and lovestruck (or lust-struck), but makes no move to offer his coat. Kato, the chivalrous one, has no coat so orders Kurono to offer his.
  • Ghost in the Shell (1995):
    • In the first movie, Batou drapes his jacket over the shoulders of his partner, Major Kusanagi, after the fight in the shallow pool with a ghost-hacked perp, which she uses her thermoptic camouflage for (which in the context of this movie means that she's practically naked).
    • In Innocence, Batou silently gives his jacket to the Sexbot that Motoko's consciousness is currently inhabiting, and she accepts with a minor comment. This serves as a meaningful Call-Back to the first movie, but it also serves the purpose of allowing the viewer to easily distinguish Motoko from the dozens of identical gynoids in the scene.
  • Kyon is a rare male from female example twice over in an episode of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, as, after schlepping downtown to pick up a heater for the club room, he falls asleep in a steel chair and wakes to find himself draped with two cardigans, one from Haruhi, and the other implied to be from Yuki Nagato.
  • Gunslinger Girl,
    • In her introductory scene, cyborg assassin Henrietta disobeys orders when her handler Jose is being roughed up by a terrorist, breaking the man's neck and then gunning down every other terrorist in sight. Jose is understandably furious but seeing that she's upset (not because she's bleeding from a bullet wound, but because Jose is mad at her) he puts his jacket over her shoulders. Henrietta barely notices the gesture.
    • When Claes visits the room of her handler Captain Raballo, she's then shown wearing his jacket draped around her and drinking a mug of coffee, our first indication that Raballo's gruff facade is just that.
  • In the first episode of Hayate the Combat Butler, Hayate gives his jacket to Nagi when she's freezing. In chapter 262: Athena tells Hayate she's cold, and he offers her his jacket, completely oblivious to her subtext - she wants him to give her a cuddle. He catches on eventually.
    • Although not quite implied that it's because she's cold, Hinagiku is seen wearing a male's (possibly Hayate's) jacket as she runs from the beach where she's just played beach volleyball, so she's in a bikini.
  • Highschool of the Dead:
    • Takashi loaned Saeko a spare shirt after he drove their Humvee into the river and unintentionally soaked her completely.
    • In chapter 29, Hirano did the same for Saya by removing his poncho and giving it to her, so she could get out of the rain.
  • In Horimiya, Hori is at one point given a jacket by a classmate that sees she's cold. When Miyamura runs into her afterwards he immediately swaps that jacket for his, revealing that for all that he tries to deny it he really does get jealous when other guys hit on her. Hori, who'd been looking for proof of that all day, is delighted.
  • Inuyasha finds an excuse to give Kagome his fire-rat cloak every once in a while. The cloak is magically fire-proof and knife-proof, so the trope can be played straight even when Kagome is fully dressed. InuYasha gives Kagome his kimono repeatedly over the course of the show, but never because she was cold - the kimono functions as armor, so usually he gives it to her as protection, although he did give it to her once when her clothes had been stolen.
  • Kaguya tries to invoke this during the stargazing chapter of Kaguya-sama: Love Is War so she can make Shirogane squirm, only for him to offer it before she can even ask due to his innocent love of the stars allowing him to effortlessly perform romantic actions that he'd normally be far too embarrassed to do.
  • In The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past (2005), Link gives Zelda his cloak when they escape from Hyrule Castle. She thanks him, remarking that it's very warm, sparking a Luminescent Blush.
  • Lone Wolf and Cub. The boss of some river porters, who is presented as a rough character, has a Pet the Dog moment when he places his straw cape on Daigorō to protect him from the rain. He had already noted that the boy was The Stoic, and knew he would not complain if he was cold, so does it without being asked.
  • Rare female/female example: Motoko gives her cloak to Shinobu after her sword technique shreds Shinobu's clothes in Love Hina.
  • Made in Abyss: Reg briefly gives Riko his cloak/cape when they get to a cold and windy area, since he's a robot (of some sort) and doesn't seem to feel the cold anyway. This brings up the question of why he even has that cape in the first place, but there's a lot we don't know about him.
  • A brotherly version occurs in Magi: Labyrinth of Magic where Koumei gives his outer robe to his younger brother Kouha after he was injured and exhausted after a grueling battle with the Medium.
  • In one episode of Mirumo de Pon!, Kaede and Setsu are trapped in the penguin room in the Zoo run by Matsukake's family. When Kaede shivers with cold due to the room's temperature, Setsu puts his coat on her.
  • A non-romantic female/female example in My-HiME, when, in episode four, Natsuki drapes a coat over a sleeping Mai.
  • Negi in Negima! Magister Negi Magi once did this late in the School Field Trip arc with Asuna after her 'encounter' with Fate, handing her a towel (this scene was one of the first clues of the series' move into the dramatic).
    • Inverted far earlier in the series, when Asuna gives her jacket to Negi during the library arc.
    • Played differently when Chisame was magically aged-down with oversized clothes, causing Negi to give her his coat.
  • In an early episode of Neon Genesis Evangelion, Kensuke offers Shinji his jacket when both are sitting around a campfire.
  • One Piece:
    • During the Little Garden arc Nami's shirt is burned off during the candle burning, Sanji comes along and delights over her new look but then his chivalry kicks in and Sanji politely gives Nami his suit jacket, it's very sweet. In the manga, she is seen just wearing it without explanation.
      • Much later in Punk Hazard where Nami's attire doesn't suit the arctic weather and Sanji once again gives Nami his jacket, he even fist pumps with excitement when she takes it gladly in the anime.
    • There's a Running Gag with Chopper being asked to take off his fur and Chopper remarking he isn't a coat.
    • After Ace's death, there is a scene where the other members of the crew find out; Robin, who is in a snowy area, is offered a coat by a soldier.
    • In the post-Enies Lobby cover arc, Kalifa is seen to be wearing Jyabura's shirt in place of the dress that was torn up in a fight after first having draped herself in a blanket. Whether he gave it to her or she took it from him is left unexplained.
  • Miyako and Will from Private Prince invoke this when they get reconciled after having broken up. Justified Trope as Will's clothes has been soaked with cold water after Miyako's Almighty Mom went Mama Bear on him.
  • In the Saint Beast OVAs, Judas gives his cloak away twice. Once to Shin in the typical fashion, and the other time to Pandora after saving him from an Attempted Rape because he had Clothing Damage of the shameful kind.
  • In Scrapped Princess, Chris Armalite gave his captive Winnia Chester his cape because she's cold, while they await Shannon's arrival in an early episode.
  • Soul Eater: Marie once teased Joe's tendency to dress lightly, saying he wouldn't be able to perform this trope. Oblivious to her joke, he promptly ripped off his shirt and used that instead.
  • In Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, Simon wraps Nia in his coat after rescuing her from Anti-Spiral. Doubles as a Shirtless Scene and triples as a rare male Of Corsets Sexy for Simon.
  • Not really a case of temperature, but in Tokyo Mew Mew: a la Mode, Tasuku sneaks Berri out of her school for a day of fun playing hooky. Berri says that people will notice she's wearing her school uniform, so Tasuku just gives her his hoodie jacket to wear.
  • The Unpopular Mangaka and the Helpful Onryo-san: Even though he knows she's a ghost, Senai still gives Onryo-san a coat when they go out to celebrate New Year's.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh!:
    • Yugi does this for Anzu/Téa when they're trapped in the Arctic-like sector of Noa's virtual world. The two blush and turn shy for a few seconds.
    • And a non-romantic version when Kaiba drapes his trenchcoat over the sleeping Mokuba.

    Comic Books 

    Comic Strips 
  • In Dilbert, one of Dilbert's dates tries to invoke it. It doesn't work.
    Date: I'm cold.
    Dilbert: You should try wearing a coat. They're terrific.

    Fairy Tales 
  • "Morozko": Father Frost wraps the stepdaughter in a thick fur coat when she is forced to spend the night in his snow-covered forest.

    Fan Works 
  • Anglerfish: When Tim starts going into shock—after ending up with a badly broken ankle and a stab wound trapped with someone who slit his throat the last time they interacted—Jason drapes his armored jacket over his shoulders. Tim doesn't even notice at first as he's busy freaking out and being in blinding pain. It's the first gesture indicating that Jason is viewing Tim as a little brother rather than an interloper to be removed.
  • In The Ariana Black Series' fourth story, Harry offers Ariana his sweater after Malfoy's Attempted Rape tears her blouse. Which is sort of a Plot Hole: the author apparently forgot that earlier Ariana had been wearing a robe over her clothes, so she could have easily just put that back on.
  • CONSEQUENCES (Miraculous Ladybug): In "THREATENING A TSURUGI", after Mrs. Tsurugi slips and falls (courtesy of Lila), she needs to be to go to the hospital. While Kagami doesn't show it outwardly, Adrien can tell she's freaked out about what just happened. Seeing as how she has nothing to wear but the fancy kimono she'd worn for the party, Adrien takes off his blazer and gives it to her.
  • In The Green Hornet fanfic Bad Medicine, the Green Hornet notices that the narrator is shaking from both cold and shock she had just killed the man who had abducted and tortured her in self-defense and, like the gentleman he is, drapes his trademark green overcoat over her shoulders.
  • In Fullmetal Alchemist fanfic build your wings on the way down when Edward sees Gabby's very skimpy outfit he thinks of offering her his jacket. He doesn't when he sees that she is not bothered by the cold and he is too cold himself.
  • In Disney High School, Herc gives Meg his sweater in this strip.
  • In the Soul Eater/Winx Club crossover titled A Fairy's Soul, Aisha/Layla is standing out in the rain and is shivering in the cold. Soul finds her and gives her his jacket. Aisha returns the jacket to him the next day.
  • In the My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic fanfic Gimme Shelter, after Fancypants meets Fleur de Lis, who has just spent the last several minutes walking through a torrential downpour without so much as a coat,note  he offers to take her to his home to warm up and puts his coat over her back on the way.
  • In the Marvel Cinematic Universe fic A Little Red and Blue, Sharon is inadvertently sent to the year 1944. Lacking time period appropriate currency, she's unable to get basic necessities for herself such as clothing, food, and shelter. She is later found by the past Steve and Bucky who are more than willing to pay for her; Bucky's aunt Agatha insists on paying Sharon for saving her from getting mugged and helping around her apartment building, but Sharon is unwilling to accept any money from them unless she absolutely has to. Sharon barely has any more clothes than what she was currently wearing before she was sent back. After rejecting the past Steve, believing he's "supposed" to be with her aunt Peggy, Sharon runs off but is caught in a cold wind. Steve catches up to her and lends her his jacket.
  • A female-to-female example: Severa gives her cloak to Lucina after a morning sparring session in Secret Dreamer, although in typical Severa fashion she makes a crack about Lucina's aversion to sleeves first.
  • In the Maid-Sama! fanfic Seduction, Tora gives Sarakshi his coat after he sees her shiver from the cold while standing in the window.
  • Servants of Remnant: Jason and Okita Souji are transported to the snowy region Solitas and start suffering from the cold. Jason gives Okita the Golden Fleece and she wraps it around herself.
  • In the second chapter of Sparkling Shimmer, Twilight tries to say she's cold as an excuse to go home when she realizes she has feelings for Sunset. It only results in Sunset draping her coat around her.
  • Spiderhead: Batman (after chewing out Spider-Man for not telling them he goes into hibernation if he gets too cold), gives him his cape so he can warm up enough to go home.

    Film — Animation 
  • AKIRA: Before the final battle with Tetsuo in the movie, Kei is wearing Kaneda's biker jacket while warming up near a fire.
  • Frozen (2013):
    • Averted by Hans. As the snow starts falling and Anna still wears her ballgown that leaves her arms and shoulders bare, he only pulls his jacket tighter around himself. Serves as a hint that he doesn't really care about her.
    • Played straight by Kristoff. As they race back to the royal castle with Anna freezing because of the curse, he puts his hat on her head.
  • The Lion King II: Simba's Pride: In a clever subversion, Simba invites Kovu into the den after being encouraged by Nala to give him a chance and seeing that Kiara is happy to have him around by using this trope, though it is pretty obvious to the audience that this is a clear front.

    Film — Live-Action 
  • In 16 Wishes, the protagonist is forced out of her house by a massive wasp infestation, forcing her to go to school in her pajamas and slippers. Her totally platonic male best friend gives her his jacket when they meet at the bus stop.
  • Another Cinderella Story: Joey Parker gives Mary Santiago his jacket when they are outside and it is really cold.
  • The Blob (1958) and its remake The Blob (1988) both feature this between the male and female protagonists. In both films, the two escape from the titular monster by hiding in a walk-in freezer, at which point the male gives his jacket to the female, and both times the female wears the jacket only until they escape the building.
  • Deliberately invoked in Camp (2003) by Ellen, who casually mentions that she's cold after a long nighttime talk with Vlad outdoors, and he immediately wraps his jacket around her.
    Ellen: Wow, that worked.
  • The Chronicles of Narnia: The White Witch tells Edmund "You must be so cold" and wraps Edmund in her fur with her.
  • A Cinderella Story: Once Upon a Song: When Luke finds Katie after she was locked out of her house naked and wearing a welcome mat, he covers her with his jacket. Hilariously, she then demands his pants, and he actually starts taking them off before she says she was kidding.
  • In The Cranes Are Flying, Boris puts his jacket over Veronika in an early scene after both get wet from a water spraying car.
  • Elizabeth. When Elizabeth is sent to the Tower of London, the Earl of Arundel places a cloak around her, getting a Don't You Dare Pity Me! response until he assures her he's just trying to do the proper thing.
  • In The Force Awakens, Finn takes Poe's jacket when he believes Poe has died and uses it as protection against the hot Jakku sun. He wears the jacket for most of the film, and when Poe turns out to be alive, Poe tells Finn to keep it. Finn later gives the jacket to Rey when they're on the ice planet Starkiller Base, as she hasn't changed out of her desert clothes the entire movie. Both examples are platonic In-Universe.
  • Played innocently in 1958's Horror of Dracula, where Van Helsing gives his coat to a scared little girl and then tells her "You look like a teddy bear."
  • A rare gender-reversed example occurs in Hummingbird. Upon finding Joey passed out in the street in front of the Covent Garden Opera House, Cristina takes off her coat and drapes it over him.
  • James Bond:
    • In The Spy Who Loved Me, James gives his tuxedo jacket to Major Amasova as they are hiking across the desert at night. They were abducted from a nightclub and she is wearing a backless evening gown.
    • In Quantum of Solace, James gives his jacket to Camille when they're stuck in an underground pit and she's in a skimpy Little Black Dress.
    • In No Time to Die, James wraps his jacket around the five-year-old girl Mathilde when she and her mother are about to escape Safin's island via motorboat, saying it is going to get really cold.
  • The Loved Ones: When Jamie returns the now seriously stoned Mia home from their date well after midnight, she is wearing his suitcoat over her skimpy Little Black Dress. Her father, who is also the local police sergeant, looks suspiciously at Jamie but also seems grateful for the chivalry he is showing.
  • Minority Report: After breaking Agatha out from the temple, John gives her his coat after she says that she's cold. It's probably the first act of genuine kindness that Agatha has gotten in years, though her and John's relationship is explicitly platonic.
  • A non-romantic instance in MirrorMask, when Helena's dad offers her his coat on the balcony of the apartment.
    It's freezing out here. Come on. You can wear Dad's coat.
  • In The Net, Angela and Devlin are walking down a beach at night, and noticing that Angela is cold, Devlin wraps a sash around her bared midriff. This is, of course, all part of Devlin's ploy to steal the disk that Angela has come into possession of, and then kill her.
  • John Dillinger does this twice in Public Enemies. The first time he gives a bank teller the gang abducted as a hostage his coat and hat just before they dump her in the countryside. The second time he gives Billie his coat when they leave the dance hall where they met for the first time and she is shivering because her own coat is thin (and cheap).
  • Jim twice offers his jacket to Plato in Rebel Without a Cause as part of the film's barely subtextual rampant gay romance between the two. The second time, Plato accepts.
  • The Rocketeer: The Big Bad has captured the Love Interest and is taking her to his Global Airship in the middle of the night. He asks her if she's cold. She says no. He asks if she's sure. She turns her head in disgust. Jenny is in a hopeless situation and still gives the villain a big damn you to Hell. Her response when the Big Bad offers the coat?
    Jenny: I'd rather freeze.
  • In Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows, Moriarty actually places a fur coat around Holmes' shoulders when he sits down for their chess game.
  • In the French movie Sky Fighters, one of the pilots does this for the stripper they've hired as she finishes her act. She favours him with a warm smile, so he immediately declares to his friends that he's in with a chance.
  • One of the few tropes played straight and serious in Spaceballs, with Lone Starr offering his jacket to Vespa (pictured above). She asks if he will be cold, and he replies that cold never bothers him. Then he shivers.
  • Played deliberately by Catherine in The Thomas Crown Affair (1999). She comments on the air conditioning being turned back on in the chilly museum. Naturally, he gives her his jacket, allowing her to steal his keys.
  • Thor gives Jane his jacket before he storms the SHIELD base, having noticed it may rain.
  • Titanic (1997): Cal gives his coat to Rose. Justified since it was night in the middle of the North Atlantic in April and she'd been slogging through freezing seawater. Unfortunately, he forgot he put the Heart of the Ocean in it...
  • Played with in Tremors. When the two male heroes (Fred Ward and Kevin Bacon) and the heroine are trapped overnight on some rocks by the graboids, Fred Ward's character gives the heroine Bacon's coat, rather than his own, because he's playing matchmaker between the two of them.
  • In Under the Rainbow, Chevy Chase's character gives his suit jacket to Carrie Fisher's (very scantily-clad) character when they get Locked in a Freezer.
  • In Who Am I (2014), Ben covers his grandma with his jacket when finding her lost in the streets.
  • In Wizards of Waverly Place: The Movie, Justin offers his jacket to Alex in the infamous campfire scene. Given that they're brother and sister, this only adds to the Unresolved Sexual Tension/Brother–Sister Incest their relationship is built on. She refuses the coat.
  • In The X-Files: Fight the Future, Mulder wraps Scully in his coat after rescuing her from the cryo chamber.

  • Played with in The Crocodile on the Sandbank, the first Amelia Peabody mystery. Amelia finds a young woman who has fainted in the streets of Rome and is appalled that none of the men nearby have invoked this trope. Amelia proceeds to confiscate the coat of the nearest man (insulting him in the process) and uses it to cover the woman.
  • Gender-flipped quasi-example: Eldest Whistler, upon finding a murdered man she vaguely knew, removes her greatcoat to cover his nakedness in A Brother's Price. He's dead and can't feel the cold, but it's shameful to leave the poor man like that.
  • Played for laughs in Der Nasse Fisch by Volker Kutscher. Having been taken from the dance floor to attend a homicide in a cocktail dress on a cold Berlin night, Charlotte Ritter asks a uniformed policeman if he's a gentlemen, then requisitions his coat accordingly. Her colleague then feels guilty about not giving her his own coat, assuming the policeman did this trope voluntarily.
  • In Dan Brown's novel, Digital Fortress, NSA Deputy Director Strathmore gives Susan Fletcher his coat to keep warm. Unfortunately, he left the pager he was using to communicate with the assassin who was eliminating people involved with the program, including Susan's fiancee.
  • Doctor Who Expanded Universe: In the Eighth Doctor Adventures novels, the Doctor destroys his home planet and loses his memory. His TARDIS at the time also happens to be a rather unkind young woman named Compassion, and she decides the best solution to the problem is to leave him alone on Earth for over a hundred years. Fitz, his other companion and Heterosexual Life Partner,note  puts his leather coat and fedora on the unconscious Doctor before Compassion ditches him.
  • Found, of all places, in From Baghdad With Love, a (true) story otherwise about dogs rescued and adopted by American troops in Iraq. The narrator introduces a female war correspondent who forewent niceties such as bedrolls and blankets, sleeping on the bare ground in the same clothes all the time in order to carry more important things like her journalism equipment. He mentions that in her notes she often woke up with a Marine poncho draped over her.
  • Ghost Roads: In Sparrow Hill Road, Rose frequently takes advantage of this to get loaned jackets — she cannot ask, they must be freely given — but there's a reason for this: Rose is a ghost and she is always cold except when she's wearing a borrowed coat or sweater, which provides her a semblance of life until sunrise.
  • In the beginning of The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making by Catherynne M. Valente, the heroine, September, is given a velvet smoking jacket by a Green Wind in the form of a fine gentleman. The jacket is very eager to please and fits her immediately. Throughout the course of the story, it becomes various things, mainly waterproofing for the titular ship, and lengthens into a dress when September loses hers.
  • An interesting variation occurs in Goth Girl Rising by Barry Lyga. After Fanboy and his mom come to get Kyra from the police station, there's a scene where he comments on how cold she must be, but rather than offering his coat, he gives her his hat. (This makes sense when you remember that she shaved her head earlier in the book.) Leads to a moment later when he tells her that his change in personality was because of her and she says that's even better than him giving her his hat.
  • Humorously mentioned in The Joy Of Sex as to how a French woman dealt with an exhibitionist: "Monsieur, won't you catch cold?"
  • In King Hereafter by Dorothy Dunnett, Thorfinn gives his cloak to Groa before they go outside — but they're in the middle of The Masochism Tango, and the conversation ends abruptly after she pushes his Berserk Button.
  • The Parasol Protectorate: In Soulless, Lord Maccon loans Alexia his coat after rescuing her from a kidnapping attempt leaves her outside in the street in the middle of the night.
  • In The Pianist (and The Film of the Book), the Jewish refugee Wladyslaw Szpilmann is sheltered by a sympathetic German officer, who gives him food, blankets, and his own coat against the winter cold. The last item very nearly results in disaster when the Russians arrive in Warsaw.
  • The Twilight Saga:

    Live-Action TV 
  • Angel: Faith defies this trope when she first arrives in Los Angeles. A sleazy-looking guy (clearly a pimp) offers his 'protection'. She shivers and when the guy is taking off his leather jacket to fulfill this trope she beats him up while his arms are restricted.
    Faith: Now I'm warm.
  • In one episode of Ashes to Ashes (2008), Gene Hunt sees that Alex is shivering and looking unwell. His remedy for that is to wrap her in his coat and drag her downstairs to a bar (resulting in her looking rather ridiculous as she's already wearing her own jacket). Of course, this being Gene, he grabs his coat right back when he's called away.
  • On Boy Meets World, Cory does this for Topanga at one point. The jacket ends up becoming a minor plot point in that episode.
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer:
    • Angel lends Buffy his coat (because she's just the last hope of humanity, she can't be expected to dress adequately) and Xander gets pissed because he knows what it implies. Sure enough, Buffy keeps the coat and is seen wearing it in future episodes.
    • Spike also does this for Drusilla in "School Hard". This doesn't make a lot of sense, given that neither of them has body heat. It can be assumed that he wanted to make her happy with the gesture.
    • Xander (having taken on the personality of a macho soldier due to a spell) does this for Cordelia with his army shirt in "Halloween", foreshadowing their future relationship. He also does this for Willow in "Tabula Rasa" — later, when they have their memories wiped, they incorrectly assume they must be boyfriend/girlfriend.
    • In "Band Candy" a spell makes all the adults revert to their teenage selves, including Giles to his delinquent "Ripper" personality. Out partying with Joyce, he notes that she's cold, so breaks a window and steals a fur coat, much to her delight.
    • In "All the Way", a teenager does this for Dawn when they're out parking — he turns out to be a vampire, and Dawn is seen at the end of the episode cradling his letterman jacket after staking him.
  • In the second series finale of Call the Midwife, Dr Turner finds Sister Bernadette — with whom he has been madly in love for months, but who, unfortunately for them both because she returns his affections in equal measure, is a nun — on the side of a foggy English country road after her bout with tuberculosis. She's just been released from the sanatorium and caught the wrong bus — also she's left the Order because she wants to be with him. The first thing he does is check her temperature. The second thing is to wrap her up in his overcoat and hold it closed around her while they admit that yes, they're certain they want to spend the rest of their lives together, and oh by the way maybe they should trade first names now. It is adorable.
  • Doctor Who:
    • "The Runaway Bride": The Doctor gives Donna his jacket. She's fully dressed, but wearing a sleeveless wedding gown and it's Christmas. Donna undercuts the attempt at chivalry somewhat by commenting "God you're skinny... this wouldn't fit a rat." Though she has a point.
    • "The Poison Sky": The Doctor gives his coat to hospital gown-clad Martha, whose clothes were stolen by her clone. Donna says it's a good look for her, leading to this exchange:
      Donna: You know, that coat sort of works.
      Martha: I feel like a kid in my Dad's clothes.
      Donna: Oh, well if you're calling him dad you're definitely getting over him.
    • "The Vampires of Venice": The Doctor replaces the stripper who was supposed to jump out of a cake at Rory's stag party, and points out she must be cold.
      That reminds me, there's a girl standing outside in a bikini. Could someone let her in and give her a jumper? Lucy. Lovely girl. Diabetic.
    • "Cold War": The Doctor and his companion materialises on a sinking Soviet submarine, leading to the cocktail dress she's wearing getting soaked. When Clara wakes up, she's wearing a Soviet officer's jacket, which stays on for the rest of the episode.
  • Father Brown: In "The Dance of Death", Bunty's current beau (who is blind) takes off his tailcoat and puts it on her (she is wearing an evening gown) after they have a blazing row in the garden.
  • In Frasier Daphe discovers that Niles has been nursing a crush on her for years. When he asks to speak to her, she prepares to tell him that there's no chance of them getting together, when he notices she's shivering and puts his blazer around her shoulders, making her reconsider her feelings at the last moment.
    • Played for Laughs in another episode where Frasier, through a series of misadventures, finds himself locked in a bathroom while handcuffed to a half-naked stripper. When she mentions how cold it is in there, he manages to get his jacket onto her, despite the cuffs, by turning it inside out. She's suitably impressed by both his courtesy and his quick thinking.
  • Gender-Inverted in an episode of Friends, where Chandler is shown wearing Monica's pink jacket.
    • A few episodes later, Monica tells Chandler that she's a little chilly and asks if she could wear his jacket. He has to say no because he's going to propose to her a few minutes later and the ring box is in the jacket pocket.
  • One time in How I Met Your Mother, Ted and the Girl of the Week were reminiscing about an earlier date they had and pointing out each other's mistakes. The girl mentioned that she kept dropping hints that she was cold, but Ted didn't offer her his coat. The flashback then shows that Ted wasn't even wearing his coat, he was carrying it. He wasn't being a Fetishized Abuser, he wasn't cold himself so it didn't occur to him that she could actually be cold.
  • Liv and Maddie: Diggie puts his letterman jacket around Maddie in one episode.
  • Marvel Cinematic Universe:
    • Daredevil (2015): In "Into the Ring", Matt loans Karen his jacket while walking her to his apartment since it's raining. She still asks Matt if he has a dress shirt she can borrow since the T-shirt Foggy loaned her got wet. In the next episode, it's Foggy's turn to loan Karen his jacket as they walk home drunk off their asses after a night of barhopping.
    • The Defenders (2017):
      • After Sowande threatens the heroes' loved ones, Matt goes to grab Karen from her office at the Bulletin. As Karen is packing her laptop and notes into her bag, Matt wordlessly grabs her coat off the chair opposite hers and slips it onto her.
      • In the season 3 finale, after Fisk and Vanessa's wedding is crashed by Dex, we see Fisk hand his jacket for Vanessa to wear while he's duking it out with Matt and Dex. There's a pragmatic reason as Fisk has custom bulletproof jackets made for him, so he's ensuring she is protected.
    • Loki (2021): Loki conjures up a blanket for himself and then extends it to cover Sylvie as well. Since they're both frost giants, it's a transparent way for him to convey his affection for her given his inability to say it out loud. Her acceptance conveys the same back.
  • Happens in an episode of My Three Sons. Steve goes to an office stag dinner, which starts off as a rather dignified affair—until a go-go dancer in a tasselled bikini shows up to entertain the group. The cops show up to put an end to the party, leaving the poor woman unable to obtain her (apparently more decent) street clothes. Steve does the gentlemanly thing and gives her his jacket to cover herself as they escape the party.
  • Our Miss Brooks: Happens in the episode "Madame Brooks Dubarry". While on their way back from the country club, Miss Brooks and Mr. Boynton run out of gas. Mr. Boynton asks Miss Brooks if she's cold in her evening gown. Mr. Boynton places his topcoat around her.
  • Done twice with Charlotte and Declan from Revenge. The first time at a party after they went swimming in the ocean, and the next after Amanda fell off a balcony and they were waiting at the hospital.
  • In the Sabrina the Teenage Witch episode "Hilda and Zelda: The Teenage Years", Gordie offers his jacket to Aunt Zelda while she is disguised as a fellow teenager. She is cold and takes the gesture at face value, oblivious to the romantic implications of the trope; she's surprised when Gordie later starts making advances on her.
  • School of Rock: Marks a Relationship Upgrade between Summer and Asher in "Total Eclipse of the Heart" They are on the roof in their pyjamas during the school sleepover: watching the stars and bonding over their love of astronomy. Summer shivers and Asher takes off his coat and drapes it over Summer's shoulders. Freddy arrives just in time to see this and turns and works away slowly.
  • Clark Kent has done this on a few occasions on Smallville thanks to the fact that he almost always wears a jacket. Most rescuees were girls, but one was a little boy who had been aged into a teenager, tearing his clothes.
  • Occurs off-screen in Stranger Things. The ending of the first episode involves Mike and his friends stumbling on Eleven as they're searching the woods for Will, during a massive storm wherein Eleven is wearing nothing but a t-shirt she received from a previous ill-fated rescuer. The beginning of the next episode sees Eleven, now sitting in Mike's basement, wearing his jacket while a drenched-looking Mike discusses with his friends what to do with her, the clear implication being he surrendered his jacket for her in the rain.
  • On That '70s Show, Kelso is trying to win Jackie back by proving that he can be romantic, and he goes on an ice-fishing trip with Jackie and most of the rest of the gang. First, Eric and Donna play this trope perfectly straight, right in front of them, and Donna is pleased with this. Next, Jackie sets Kelso up to make the same offer (saying, "I'm cold, too"), and he responds with "Well, damn, Jackie, I can't control the weather!". Fez is also present and is a rival for Jackie's affections, and naturally, he is not as blind as Kelso to the possibilities of impressing Jackie by being generous.
  • The West Wing: Donna comes outside her apartment in the ice and snow in a ballgown, without a coat of course, and Josh immediately drapes his coat around her shoulders.
    • In an earlier episode, Donna wears Josh's coat to go outside because it's warmer than hers. He doesn't give it to her in this instance; she just takes it and he complains to no avail.
    • In another episode, Zoey is heading outside to light the White House Christmas tree with her father. She's not dressed for the occasion because the duty was supposed to belong to her nephew, but he's throwing a tantrum because his grandpa hasn't had time for him all day. Her ex-boyfriend Charlie immediately loans her his coat, and she replies, "You're a prince, Charlie," revealing the renewed affection between them.
  • Westworld. William uses these exact words when giving Dolores his coat. As befits the setting, he hands it to her rather than placing it around her shoulders, which would be too intimate for two strangers in the period Westworld is set in.
  • The White Queen: When it starts snowing, Richard of Gloucester removes his cloak and covers Anne Neville with it to protect her from the chill. This gesture is presented in a very romantic fashion, as he has just proposed marriage to her and has divulged that he has always loved her. It also gives Richard Knight in Shining Armor vibes because he places the needs of his beloved lady above his own, and this scene marks the pinnacle of his Rescue Romance with Anne.
  • Yumi's Cells:
    • Woong gets blackout drunk at a bar party and wakes up to see Yumi, his girlfriend, chatting with Babi and wearing his coat. In his drunken stupor, Woong gives Babi his coat to keep him warm.
    • Babi sees Da-eun walking home in the cold and offers her a jacket from his car. Just like in the webcomic, Yumi calls Babi out on giving Da-eun the wrong idea.

  • There's an old song involving a young girl being offered a coat, first by an older man and then by a younger one that she's interested in.
    "Are you cold?"
    "'Bout to freeze"
    "Would you like my coat?"
    "Just the sleeves."
    "Full or empty?"
    "Empty, please" for the former then "Full, please" for the latter.
  • Mentioned in the Justin Timberlake song "Like I Love You"- "Here baby, put on my jacket".
  • Also mentioned in the Craig David song "Fill Me In":
    So I gave you my jacket for you to hold,
    Told you to wear it 'cause you felt cold.

  • In Dawn of a New Age: Oldport Blues, a combination of the school sprinklers and her panic causes Josephine to use her ice powers to freeze herself to her desk. Ciro notices and brings his jacket over to warm her up, letting her hang on to it after the ice has defrosted and she's able to move.

    Urban Legends 
  • One variation of the classic Vanishing Hitchhiker legend involves a group of young men who pick up a female hitchhiker. She seems cold, so one of the men gives her his jacket (often a letterman's jacket) to wear. She gives them an address to drop her off at, but it turns out to be a cemetery. She jumps out of the car and runs off into the cemetery. The men run after her but can't find her. However, they do find the jacket draped over a tombstone. The grave turns out to belong to a woman who died young after being hit by a car.

    Video Games 
  • In Katawa Shoujo, one of the earliest events in Shizune's route has Hisao putting his school jacket on her as they run errands on a very cold day. Namely, they had bet on carrying a very big box and Shizune lost, so she's carrying it all alone despite Hisao's protest; then it gets cold and Hisao decides to at least do something for her, and puts the jacket on her.
  • Implied in some form in Persona 3 Portable, in the tenth and final scene of Shinjiro Aragaki's Social Link with the female protagonist. After the two of them go out to the shrine at night to talk, Shinjiro admits he'd like to stay out there a little longer, "...but aren't you cold? Hey, c'mere."
  • In Star Ocean: The Second Story, a Private Action in a snow town involves Ms. Fanservice Celine whining about being cold. Claude tells her she should have put on some clothes and she explains that she cannot use her magic if she covers up her runes (which are on her inner thighs).
  • After the Christmas Party in Tokimeki Memorial, Mira Kagami comes without a party coat because she's from such a poor household that doesn't have enough money for one, barely being able to afford a dress. After the party, if she's in Tokimeki State with the protagonist, they'll go back home together and she'll sneeze, prompting the protagonist to give her his coat. She pushes the trope to Comforting Comforter zone by taking his arm put herself close to him, so she can give him some warmth in return. And on top of that, she'll give her his coat back a few days later... with all its little tears sewn off.

  • Daily JoJo: When it starts raining during Eunjo and Wan's meet-up, Wan gives Eunjo his coat to shelter her from the rain and keep her silk blouse from being ruined. He says it's a cheap coat, but Eunjo sees that it's 100% cashmere and wonders why he would lie while letting a good coat get ruined. She concludes that his intentions aren't romantic when she slips and he laughs his butt off. This is one of many romantic gestures that go over Eunjo's head.
  • Check, Please!: While settling on the roof to send off the graduating seniors Bitty doesn't even manage to finish his sentence about being cold before Jack drapes his jacket over him. They start dating shortly thereafter when Jack realizes he likes Bitty back.
  • In General Protection Fault, Nick gives his coat to Ki while stepping out of their car to discuss their feelings for each other after his "date" with Trudy results in him confessing that he's in love with her. Later, in the "Rendezvous a Paris" arc, Fooker gives his coat to Sharon. In both cases, the female characters are wearing sleeveless dresses.
  • No Need for Bushido does this early on in this strip.
  • In Questionable Content, Sven gives his sweater to Hannelore during their "date" (she's not actually interested in him, just wanted to see how dates go).
  • In Sarilho, Angela covers the Foreigner with her cape and shawl after a Male Frontal Nudity situation.
  • After the restaurant explodes in "Not A Good Idea" in Sluggy Freelance, Torg gives Sasha his flannel to wear over her dress.
  • Yumi's Cells: Babi gives a spare jacket to his part-timer, who is lightly dressed on a cold day. This upsets his girlfriend, Yumi, because it's an inherently romantic gesture that could mislead the part-timer.

    Western Animation 

    Real Life 
  • There is actually some truth to this, as it's been medically proven that women do have lower body temperatures than men, so naturally, they tend to get cold more easily.
  • A classic late at night at formal outdoors parties. Women's formal wear tends to emphasise lots of fabric around the legs and little around the body, while men's formal wear is the opposite.
  • Any training in first aid and basic life-saving will emphasise the need to keep any injured or sick people warm. As the one giving care, one is usually in good shape and mobile, unless the poor person is on the ground.
  • When search and rescue teams find a lost hiker, they often give up their jackets to the recently-found person for a number of reasons:
    • Many of those who go missing while out hiking don't intend to stay out past sunset. They may only be dressed in a light sweater or a thin windbreaker for a daytime hike when they get lost and the temperature drops to near or below freezing at night.
    • Rescuers come prepared and dressed in layers — they've likely got a few sweaters, long-sleeved shirts, and/ or thermal underwear on under their jackets.
    • Like the first responder/ first aid example above, the rescuers are often in better condition than the rescuees: i.e. not suffering from hypothermia, dehydration, or exhaustion as a lost hiker might be.
  • Between two people who are both nice and/or want to present themselves as badass, it is not easily decided who should get to use (or keep) the jacket, or another item of clothing, if one forgot theirs. Hilarity Ensues.


    Anime & Manga 
  • In Black Clover, Asta and the others leave Marco, a young boy, in the snow while they go into a cave to rescue his fellow kidnapped children. More due to fear than the cold, Asta lends Marco his Black Bulls cloak, saving that wearing it will make him brave. Given that the cloak is Asta's most prized possession, however, he is also very clear that he's going to want it back afterwards.
  • Gender inverted in Eden of the East: Saki meets the Amnesiac Hero, Akira, when he's standing outside the White House with a cell phone, a gun, and literally nothing else. Amusingly, she gives him her hat and scarf, then her jacket. A few minutes later he also manages to get pants from a random male pedestrian who seems amused at his situation.
  • Max Jenius has one of her Bridge Bunnies cover him with her uniform's jacket in his sleep, in a Macross Seven omake episode. Because he's just THAT awesome.
  • At the end of "Someday in the Rain" in The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Kyon acquired not one but two girls' uniform jackets while he was napping in the cold club room. Earlier in the episode, Mikuru gave him her scarf as well.

    Comic Books 
  • When Pandora rescues Dave from being Caught in a Snare in Ironwood #1, he is completely naked. Looking to give him something to cover himself with, Pandora starts to remove her shirt. Dave, being the incorrigible horndog that he is, misconstrues this as an offer of sex and takes the offer. Pandora goes along with this because she needs his services and bribing him with sex seems an effective way as any to secure them.

    Film — Animation 
  • In The Emperor's New Groove, after getting stuck in the jungle with Pacha, Kuzco struggles to sleep due to feeling cold (even though he's been turned into a llama and is now furry). A reluctant Pacha gives him an alpaca-wool shawl his wife made to warm him up.
  • In Frozen, Kristoff and Olaf are rushing Anna back to Arendelle to save her life after Elsa accidentally curses her to freeze to death. Kristoff is seen taking off his hat and putting it on her head to try and keep her warm (which is justified, since most body heat is lost through the head).
  • In The Tigger Movie, Rabbit takes off his jacket and gives it to Piglet when they walk through a snowstorm, which makes sense since Piglet is a lot smaller and not covered in fur.

    Film — Live-Action 
  • Subverted in Blade Runner. Deckard goes to put a coat on Zhora, who's come offstage after a strip routine. She uses the opportunity to elbow him in the gut and flee.
  • Conan the Barbarian (1982). After earning his reputation as a gladiatorial slave, Conan is presented with "women of the finest stock", not just as a reward but to breed other great warriors like himself. One such woman is let into Conan's cage and her robe is removed so she's wearing only a loincloth. She's shivering (more likely from terror of this legendary bloodthirsty barbarian than cold) so Conan wraps a fur cloak around her to calm her down a bit before having his way with her.
  • Gender Flipped in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire after they have both come out of the lake, Hermione takes off her towel and wraps it around Harry.
  • Inverted in The Incredible Hulk. Liv Tyler stays well dressed throughout the movie (when she gets soaked while wearing a white shirt, the camera studiously shows nothing), but Edward Norton keeps incurring Clothing Damage. At one point she lends him her coat, and it gets trashed. It's adorable.
  • Princess of Thieves contains a subversion, where Prince Philip gives his coat to Connor.
  • Rebel Without a Cause, Jim offers his jacket to Plato, who isn't female.
  • In River's Edge Matt offers Clarissa his jacket because he thinks he's supposed to (the film is about detachment and alienation in teenagers), but she dismisses his attempt at by-the-book storytelling. The next cut she's wearing it.
  • Star Wars:
    • Leia drapes a cloak around Luke's shoulders when he's recovering from the shock of Ben's apparent death at Vader's hands. It's more a gesture of sympathy/comfort, but it still fits here.
    • Happens in The Phantom Menace, too. Padmé drapes Anie in a blanket because Space Is Cold. Or at least colder than the very hot Tatooine.
    • Happens in The Force Awakens when Finn lends Rey his jacket while escaping Starkiller Base.
  • Parodied in Wet Hot American Summer, where Dogged Nice Guy Coop offers Girl Next Door Katie his sweatshirt for warmth when they meet up in private, only to request it back when he starts to feel cold. He then asks her to give him her jacket because he still isn't warm enough, completely undoing the gesture.

  • In his book Couplehood, Paul Reiser expresses great indignity that such a phenomenon must exist. In particular, he's annoyed that some women refuse to take a coat with them when they leave the house, forcing the guy to give her his coat later. After all, he could see this coming and yet he's the one who ends up cold.
  • Creeper by David Morrell. In order to facilitate escape from that chapter's threat, the hero dresses the girl in clothing... taken from a shotgun victim. So, yeah.
  • Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone: In a rare adult-to-child instance, in the hut on the rock, Hagrid gives Harry his jacket to keep warm during the night. Since Hagrid is a Gentle Giant and Harry an underfed 11-year-old, it ends up being less of a jacket and more of a blanket.
  • Life's Little Instruction Book encourages the reader to do this for their partner:
    743. Put your jacket around your girlfriend on a chilly evening.
  • The Machineries of Empire. Shuos Jedao wraps his coat around a fatally injured soldier on the battlefield. Unfortunately, Jedao also confesses to the soldier that he's plotting treason, so when they're about to be rescued sooner than he expects, Jedao has to use that same coat to smother him to death.

    Live-Action TV 
  • Community does this to Ship Tease Annie and Jeff, the Fan-Preferred Couple in "Curriculum Unavailable". Jeff gives Annie his jacket, then immediately tells her not to eat or drink anything. And don't sweat. And no bending at the elbows. And no chairs with backrests and if she takes it off, wooden hangers only. And she's probably warm now, right, so he'll just have that back.
  • In the Curb Your Enthusiasm episode "The Korean Bookie", Larry takes a jacket from a woman (though it's his jacket, and she took it without asking).
  • Parodied at one point in Eureka; Carter and Allison enter a suddenly and mysteriously cold Cafe Diem, and Carter offers Allison the orange traffic vest he's wearing, as payback for a comment she made earlier. She's... less than impressed.
  • A variation occurs in the Firefly pilot when River comes out of the cryo storage box naked and obviously freezing and shivering. It ends up being Inara who gives her a coat, since she's the only one with a second layer on.
  • Friends:
    • "The One With The Proposal", Chandler and Monica are out on a date. Feeling cold (considering she's wearing a thin dress), Monica asks if she can borrow Chandler's jacket. Unknown to her, he has an engagement ring hidden in the pocket but of course, can't tell her and makes up the excuse that if he gives her his jacket, he will be cold.
    • "The One Where They’re Up All Night", the gang are all standing on the roof waiting for a comet to appear. Everyone wants to go home and Monica says that she and Chandler have to go because "Chandler's getting chilly"....and the camera pans to Chandler standing in Monica's pink jacket with the hood up.
  • Discussed on How I Met Your Mother. While on a date, Ted and his date discover they'd gone out together two years prior, and it did not go well. One of her complaints was hinting to him how cold she was as they walked down the city streets, and he did not offer his coat.
  • An especially amusing example on Leverage. Nate is actually being "judged" by a third party on how well he does on his date with Sophie, with whom he's already the Official Couple. The third party almost knocks him down a few points for sitting Sophie in a chill, but Nate invokes this trope by draping his coat around her shoulders. Once the third party is gone, practical Sophie passes the coat to Nate, who immediately puts it back on.
  • A great subversion in Men Behaving Badly where Gary is attempting a romance a woman who isn't his long-term girlfriend. While taking a romantic walk along Worthing beach he notices she's cold and starts to remove it to give to her in a chivalrous gesture. He gets it about a 1/4 way off before realising how cold it really is and suggesting they go inside instead.
  • Mission: Impossible. One of the agents (Barbara Bain) is captured in East Berlin. After she is tortured and tells them nothing, the team's leader (Peter Graves) manages to talk them into releasing her. He gives her an overcoat against the cold and they start across to West Berlin when the Germans behind them open fire with machine guns, apparently killing them. They are quite satisfied that it no longer matters who they were or what they were after. When it is clear the agents get up and he explains that he anticipated that and used bulletproof coats. She laughs and says "I thought it felt heavy."
  • My Favorite Martian: Tim drapes his jacket over the injured Martian after he regains consciousness from his crash landing.
  • In an episode of NCIS, Gibbs is talking to a young couple at night (a marine fell through the roof of their car). Gibbs asks the girl if she is cold, and she says yes. Instead of giving her his jacket, he yanks the boy's jacket off and gives it to her. Who says chivalry is dead? note 
  • In The Office (US), Dwight is comforting a crying Pam and instinctively starts to do this, before realizing that they're inside and it's actually a little hot. He ties the sweater around his waist instead.
    • In "New Leads" Andy and Erin are at the dump looking for the new sales leads that were accidentally thrown away. Andy is cold and Erin takes off her coat and puts it on him claiming she has "warm blood". This leads to them having their first kiss.
  • Person of Interest:
    • A non-sexual version in "Ghosts". Detective Carter turns up to arrest the Man in a Suit vigilante, only to find the POI waiting for her instead, a young girl wrapped in Reese's suit jacket.
    • An entirely sexual version in "6,741" when Root puts her leather jacket around Sameen Shaw, who is shivering after escaping months of torture, not to mention field surgery to remove a Tracking Chip. Root offers Intimate Healing too, which Shaw refuses. At first.
  • Teen Wolf. At the start of season two, after Lydia emerges from the woods after wandering around naked, she asks if anyone is going to get her a coat or something, dropping her arms to her sides. Stiles is too eager to oblige and flubs it, while his dad does so.
  • In the That '70s Show episode "Ice Shack", when Kelso is trying to impress Jackie and get back together with her, Eric and Donna deliberately demonstrate this to give Kelso an idea. However, when Jackie immediately replies, "I'm cold, too," Kelso completely misses the point and replies, "Well, Jackie, I can't control the weather!" Fez is happy to oblige.

    Tabletop Games 
  • Storm Silverhand and her father Dornal (Forgotten Realms) sometimes do such things (both are mostly immortal, but still suffer from cold):
    He once gave all of his clothing to shivering beggars on the road near Neverwinter and walked naked into a blizzard, hoping to die [...] was awed when he once witnessed Storm disrobed completely to give all of her clothing to freezing folk who'd been driven out of their (wooden) home by fire and then lead them for miles to shelter (striding naked through the snow to her farmhouse). A sort of: "That's my girl!" admiration.

  • The Fantasticks ends with Matt offering Luisa his sweater when it starts to snow. She decides it can accommodate both of them, and they share it.

    Video Games 
  • Halo 3: ODST: Officer Branley gives Sadie his Police-issue jacket. Sadie objects that she isn't cold, but Officer Branley points out that the jacket is bullet-resistant.
  • Jenon tries to offer his coat to Siskier in Blaze Union when the party is searching a wintry mountain since she's wearing what amounts to a glorified bikini and garters. She tells him no thank you so that she'll have the excuse to cuddle up with Byff the immensely fluffy tiger instead.
  • In Lufia: Curse of the Sinistrals, when the party goes to the Ice Mist Mountain Pass, Tia is the only one who feels cold (besides Iris). Dekar offers her his coat, and tries to take it off...only to remember then that he sewed his coat to his shirt so he could take both of them off at the same time. Guy thinking it's a good idea doesn't help her mood after that.

    Visual Novels 
  • C14 Dating: In Kyler's romantic route, he and Melissa have campfire dinner together. Kyler brings his hoodie, Melissa doesn't. When it starts getting cold enough for Melissa to start regretting the latter, Kyler saves her a trip to her tent by lending her his.
  • Fate/stay night, Unlimited Blade Works route. Rin wakes up after dozing off to find that her Servant Archer put his coat around her to keep her warm. His Face–Heel Turn is in the next scene. He remains loyal to Rin. It's Shiro he wants to kill, and needs to be free of her orders to do it.
  • A premium scene in Nikolai Stirling's first season of Queen of Thieves subverts the trope as part of Nikolai and the heroine's ongoing mutual sparring. As they're standing on a rooftop looking out over the Paris skyline, Nikolai observes that the heroine is getting cold... but not only does he not offer her his jacket, when she suggests that he could do so, he objects that then he'd be cold.
    Heroine: That's not very romantic!
    Nikolai: Don't care.
  • Soul of Sovereignty: After Ysmé accepts Loïc's offer to escort her to the Hollow Temple, Loïc expresses concern over whether Ysmé will be all right in just a cloak out in the icy landscape that they'll have to pass through on the way there. Rather than taking his own coat off to warm her, he immediately offers her the golden pallisia blossom pinned to his cape, which casts a comfortable warming spell over her entire person.

  • In NEXT!!! Sound of the Future, Shine is alone outside after having ran way from some people who thought she was a celebrity. She is then approached by Hakase (who, unlike most examples of this trope, is a genderless android rather than male) who sympathizes with her and offers her their scarf due to the cold. Once they take their scarf off, Shine notices the stitches visible on their neck, and it turns out they were just trying to make her comfortable so they could confront her about her inability to sing because they are a Mad Scientist who believes they can help her.
  • Subverted in Rain. Gavin offers his blazer to Colette in a way that appears to be this, but is actually doing it in order to ease Colette's dysphoria.
  • In this Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal, the man doesn't offer his coat to the cold woman, but instead burns a hobo.
  • The Search For Henry Jekyll: Al gives Hyde his scarf and a lecture.
  • Stand Still, Stay Silent: Emil does this for Lalli when he goes outside without wearing most of his gear and he starts getting overwhelmed by Tuuri's scolding over the mistake he made in scouting the route.
  • In Wilde Life, Oscar brings what looks like an injured dog into his house, only to find that the next morning it's turned into a sleeping, shirtless teenager named Cliff. He offers Cliff his jacket before his mom comes to pick him up. (Upon first discovering Cliff, he notes that having an unconscious, half-naked teenage boy in his house doesn't exactly look good for him.)
    • In a poignant parallel, Cliff later looks through Oscar's photos and sees one where it's being worn by Oscar's mom, shortly before she died of cancer.

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