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Parents Walk In at the Worst Time

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Now is not a good time, Mother.

Mrs. Pinderhughes: What was that noise, dear?
Mr. Pinderhughes: Oh nothing, honey. Just our son Duncan making it with some sexy babe in his room. Boy was she stacked! I'm just so proud of him.

Some youngster over the age of understanding takes a friend to whom they might be sexually attracted to their room. At some point, one parent or both will inevitably find some reason to barge in and will do so.

This tends to play out in a couple of different ways:

  • The two are, in fact, in the middle of doing something sexual with each other or just getting started. The parent(s) in question may also be bringing contraceptives (or a baseball bat or a gun) if this was expected, or a very shocked look if it wasn't. Either way, the parent(s) may decide this is a good time (late, but better than never) to give one or both of these misbehaving kids The Talk.
  • The two are actually doing something innocent, like studying or playing board games, and the parent(s) walked in expecting to find that they were making out or worse. With the thoroughly chastened parent(s) subsequently out of the room, one youngster may turn to the other and ask "So, wanna make out?"
    • Alternatively, though what the couple are doing is indeed innocent, the suspicious parent(s) may just happen to barge in during a Not What It Looks Like moment, often prompting one or both youngsters to say something along the lines of "I Can Explain."

Related to Moment Killer, Amazingly Embarrassing Parents, Caught with Your Pants Down. A subtrope of Interrupted Intimacy. For children walking in on their parents, see Primal Scene.


Exactly what it looks like

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    Anime and Manga 

    Comic Books 
  • Web of Spider-Man #50: After Peter and Mary Jane (still newlyweds at this point) settle in for the night (and some quality time), Aunt May barges in on them with a tray of hot cocoa to "warm their bones."
    Peter: ...We appreciate the thought — but we were already warming our bones.
    MJ: Next time, could you knock?
    Aunt May: Knock? Oh dear! Oh my! I'm so sorry! I keep forgetting you two are married... [from behind the just-closed door] Oh dear!
  • Robin: Ariana's uncle and aunt, who are her legal guardians, burst back into the house unexpectedly early after attending a church service to find what her uncle thinks is Tim taking advantage of Ariana's innocence. In reality they were just sitting together after Ari came on to a surprised Tim wearing lingerie and Tim opted to ask her why she'd been acting oddly lately and comfort her when she came clean about the Attempted Rape she'd recently escaped from without showing the least bit of interest to her state of undress.

    Fan Works 
  • Don't Tell Your Mother centers around Principal Skinner and Superintendent Chalmers having to be very quiet when having sex in order to avoid this, as if they're too loud, Skinner's mother will hear them. Eventually, Superintendent Chalmers calls his orgasm very loudly, and Agnes walks into the room.
  • Pokémon Black 2 and White 2 fanfic As Fate Would Have It has the beginning of the 14th chapter, where Mrs. Kyouhei, Nate's mom, catches him and Yancy in bed the morning after they've had Their First Time. It's as awkward as expected, with Yancy panicking and hiding under the sheets, and Nate in stunned silence.
  • Rachel The Vampire Slayer: Rachel's mom and sisters walk in on her and Tobias making out on the couch, to her embarrassment.
  • Mob Psycho 100 fanfic The Time of Panic In which Ritsu and Sho are caught in a compromising position by Ritsu's parents. They were about to kiss but Ritsu's mother is convinced that they were about to go further.
  • In the Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles fic "Irony, Thy Name is Cameron", Sarah and Derek hear John calling out in a panic and find him naked in bed with Cameron concerned about how Cameron's just shut down, only for Derek (from a new timeline where he has seen John and Cameron's future selves as a happy couple) to jokingly realise that this is just another happy day where the Connors have reached "shut-down point", John causing Cameron to experience so much pleasure that her system temporarily overloads.
  • In A Thing of Vikings, Elinor arrives to collect Merida (Brave) from the Bog Burglar guest house at the end of Thawfest, assuming that Merida has been spending more time with her new best friend, Cami. Upon hearing her call for Merida, upstairs, Cami and Merida bolt from the bed and start sorting out clothing—unsuccessfully.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • In Mean Girls, while Regina is getting hot and heavy with her new boyfriend, her mother (or rather stepmother, played by Amy Poehler as a nymphomaniac bimbo trophy wife) comes in asking them if they want anything, whether it's snacks or condoms.
  • Friends with Benefits: Jamie's mom walks in on her daughter and Dylan having sex. Dylan and Jamie are uncomfortable, but she isn't.
  • The second American Pie movie opens with Mr. Levenstein walking in on Jim in bed with a girl in his college dormitory. And then the girl's parents walked in.
    Mr. Levenstein: Hi, I'm Jim's dad. You must be the parents of this young lady. I didn't get your daughter's name, but hopefully my son did.
    • Also subverted in the first movie, when Vicky's dad approaches her room, calling her for dinner while she's receiving oral sex from Kevin. Just as he's about to put his hand on the doorknob hears her yelling "I'M COMING!"... which he takes as an acknowledgement that she heard him, and heads back downstairs none the wiser.
  • The little-seen movie This Is My Life with Samantha Mathis and Julie Kavner has a scene with Mathis' character having her first sexual experience with her boyfriend interrupted by the boyfriend's mother arriving home early. They have just finished, and almost get their clothes back on, but she opens the door on them just as he zips his pants back up, and she then drags both of them downstairs to give them The Talk.
  • In Caddyshack Judge Smails goes ballistic when he catches Danny and his sexually liberated niece Lacey together.
  • In Blood Harvest, Gary remembers Jill's father walking in on the two of them in their tree house when they were in high school. Jill thought she'd die of embarrassment, while Gary thought her father would kill him. He wonders if their relationship would have lasted if they hadn't been interrupted.
  • A variation in Thunderbolt and Lightfoot. While Thunderbolt secures the manager and his wife and gets the combination to the safe, Red finds the manager's daughter and her boyfriend in flagrante and leers a bit before tying them up. Later on, the manager and wife (still tied together) manage to hop to their daughter's room to make sure she's safe and find the two teenagers naked, Bound and Gagged, and face-to-face on the bed.
  • Attachment: Chana goes into Leah's room right when she and Maja are having sex (though under the covers). Both of them are naturally dismayed, and Leah chews her mom out for not knocking first.

  • In Adaptation., Reese's mom accidentally walks in on her and Amber kissing.
  • The moral equivalent occurs during the legendary dinner party in A Civil Campaign, when one of the guests mentions Mark and Kareen's visit to a notorious Betan tourist attraction in front of Kareen's parents. They get their own back when Cordelia holds a meeting with their parents on the couch where the parents first... got acquainted.
  • In the Doctor Who Eighth Doctor Adventures, Fitz's mum mentions that when she had out of body experiences in her sleep and looked through his window she saw him doing something which she considered too embarrassing to specify. So it could be this or another trope. Sometimes, even if you lock the door and wait for everyone else to go to sleep, you still just can't win...
  • The Netanyahus: The big comic scene that ends the book has the Blums and Netanyahus coming home from a faculty reception to catch Yonathan and Judy in the act of having sex, while Benjamin masturbates outside. The boys run out into the neighborhood, Benjamin in his pajamas and Yonathan stark naked, while Edith is left to get in a shouting match with a naked Judy inside the house.
  • In Seeds of Yesterday: Cathy more or less walks in on her son Bart and daughter-in-law (married to Cathy's other son) Melodie—she sees her walking out of Bart's room wearing a negligee, making it pretty obvious what's happened, and her husband/brother Chris admits to having seen the two making out. Later, Cathy and Bart walk in on her daughter Cindy and one of her boyfriends going at it.
  • In Tempest: A Novel, Jackson and 007 Holly are about to make love for the first time, when Jackson's father - who has never met Holly - returns from South America early. This is later invoked by Jackson, who asks his dad to conveniently interrupt him to prevent things from going too far.
    Holly: Jackson, your dad just saw me in my underwear. I'm allowed to be a little humiliated.
  • Bookend to a Primal Scene moment earlier in We Can't Rewind, though the youngsters in question were eight-and-a-half and nine and in their parents' bodies at the time; it's complicated.

    Live-Action TV 
  • In one episode of Home Improvement, Jill walks in on her son Brad and his girlfriend making out in his bedroom. This gets Brad in trouble because Brad wasn't allowed to have girls in his room.
  • Eureka - in the third-season finale, Jack and company enter Lucas' garage to find him kissing Zoe. Cue Lucas holding a pillow in front of himself.
  • Roseanne:
    • Played with brilliantly on two episodes. In the first, Roseanne and Jackie come into the dark living room and hear the sound of two kids making out on the couch. Roseanne assumes it's Becky, and decides to turn on the lights to ruin the moment. She turns on the lights...and it's Darlene making out with one of her classmates (Darlene hadn't shown much interest in this previously).
    • In a later episode, Roseanne tries to do the same thing when she thinks it's Darlene and David making up after a fight - except it's Beverly and one of the guys from the retirement home she lives in.
  • In That '70s Show episode about Jackie's lodge, Kitty and Red walk in on Eric and Donna doing the horizontal tango on the kitchen table. The next scene shows Kitty and Red scrubbing the table furiously to cleanse it, eventually deciding that it would just be best to get a new table.
  • On Veronica Mars, Aaron accidentally walks in on Logan and Veronica making out. He politely makes an excuse and leaves, and later, when Veronica has to hide from Logan's friends (their relationship is still a secret), even offers to drive Veronica home, and tells her he approves of her with Logan.
  • In a third season episode of Friday Night Lights, Coach Taylor walked in on Julie and Matt having sex when the former came to the latters house to pick up Julie to take her home. Unlike most examples of this trope, this wasn't played for laughs, and became the focus of the episode as both Coach and Tami tried to figure out how to talk to Julie and Matt about what happened.
    [Coach Taylor enters Matt's house to pick up Julie]
    Coach Taylor: Jules?
    [shot changes to outside of Matt's house, silent for a few seconds, then a scream is heard]
    Julie Taylor: Ahhhhhh!!! Dad!? Get out!!
    [Coach Taylor then walks straight out of the house in blank shock and gets in his SUV]
  • On Gilmore Girls, Luke offers a book to Lorelai and mentions that it's upstairs in his apartment, which is right above the diner. When Lorelai walks in, she comes across Rory and Jess making out on the couch. It's uncomfortable for all three of them. When Lorelai demands an explanation from Luke, he admits that he goes up to the apartment every 10 minutes with flimsy excuses in order to make sure that nothing gets past the kissing stage.
    • Played straight in a later season, when Lorelai walks in on Rory and Logan during a party at the Gilmore house. This is mortifying for both mother and daughter, made worse by the fact that both Luke and Christopher are determined to kick Logan's ass once they find out. And that Rory is in college and is an adult at the time.
  • The American version of Shameless has a brilliant example where Mickey's homophobic, drunken father, walks straight into Mickey's room to use the bathroom - right past a naked Ian and Mickey post-sex. A few tense moments until his father comes out and obliviously proceeds to tell them they should get up, as it looks like they're gay.
  • On Friends, Jack Geller walks in on Monica and Chandler having sex in a store cupboard in a hospital.
    Monica: I still can't believe that my dad saw us having sex! He didn't make it to one of my piano recitals, but this he sees!
  • On Some Girls, Viva's father and stepmother return from vacation to find the girls in various stages of undress and hooking up with boys.
  • On The Nanny, Fran and Maxwell find Maggie in bed with Michael.
  • Inverted on All My Children. Edmund and Maria arrive at her apartment in the middle of an argument. Edmund asks to come in, but Maria snaps, "No, because we're just going to fall into bed and make love just like we always do!" She says this as she's opening the door. . .to see her parents sitting on the couch.
  • The Smallville episode "Obsession" has Alicia Baker teleport into Clark's bedroom in the middle of the night after they went on a date and start making out with him. Then Jonathan Kent walks in on them after hearing Clark accidentally knock over his alarm clock.
  • Cobra Kai: In "Feel the Night", Daniel LaRusso shows up at the Miyagi-Do dojo to drop some things off, only to walk in on his daughter Sam making out with Miguel Diaz. He's too stunned by finding Sam kissing Johnny Lawrence's student to ask anything beyond, "Is that my drum in your pocket?" (Miguel having pocketed a hand drum while Sam was showing him the drum technique moments earlier)
    Samantha LaRusso: Look, I'm sorry, Dad. I should've told you that I invited Miguel over.
    Daniel LaRusso: All right, new rule. If you're gonna bring boys over to the dojo, leave the door open.
    Samantha LaRusso: Come on, Dad, it's not 1984...
    Daniel LaRusso: Look, you're grown up. You're a young woman now, okay? I get it. I just feel like in this past year there's been Kyler, and Miguel, and Robby, now back to Miguel? Seems like you're adding more drama to your life than you need. And just imagine if Robby knew Miguel was back in the picture. [Sam grimaces, and shifts nervously on her feet] Oh no. Sam, really?!
    Samantha LaRusso: ...He came by last night when I was here with Miguel.
    Daniel LaRusso: And he saw you two...[kissing]?
    Samantha LaRusso: [disgusted] NO! God, Dad!
    Daniel LaRusso: What, I saw it!
    Samantha LaRusso: I know, it's been a lot. But can you please try to remember that I'm still your daughter, and that you can trust me?
    Daniel LaRusso: It's not you I don't trust, Sam.
    Samantha LaRusso: Miguel's changed. He's a good person. He's not Cobra Kai's #1 bully; he's not even in Cobra Kai anymore!
  • Class (2016): In "Co-Owner of a Lonely Heart", Jackie rolls in on her daughter April and Ram naked in bed together, having obviously just had sex, and is outraged.
  • Sisters. Middle sister Georgie and her husband John walk in on their older son Trevor and his girlfriend in their bed. Already stunned, they are even moreso at his completely matter-of-fact reaction as if this is perfectly normal. He caps it off by rebuffing their attempts at talking to him about it, not even being concerned about the possibility of pregnancy or catching an STD.
  • Kate & Allie: Jennie and her boyfriend Jason are sitting on the fold-out bed in his living room, clearly preparing to take things to the next level when his mother returns home. Jennie leaves after they hurriedly make some excuse, but his mother isn't fooled—she picks up the phone and the next thing we see is Jennie's mother Allie telling her friend Kate that the two were found "hovering on the brink".
  • Ill Fly Away. Oldest son Nathan and his girlfriend Diane are caught by her parents. Especially bad since (a) Her parents already disapproved given that she was Jewish and Nathan wasn't, and (b) They had almost gotten away with it—he'd hidden under the bed and was caught when trying to sneak out.
  • Knots Landing:
    • In the series' very first scene, Sid comes home from work early because of a bad cold and finds his daughter Annie in his and Karen's bed with a random guy.
    • A variation in Season Eight. In "Brothers and Mothers", Eric walked in on his younger brother Michael cuddling with their stepsister Paige and quickly came to the obvious conclusion. Eric was furious as he thought that it would have an adverse effect on the family, especially Karen and Mack's marriage, and the two of them got into a fistfight.
    • There was a more straightforward application two episodes later. In "A Turn of Events", Karen entered Michael's room late at night to pick his clothes off the floor and discovered him and Paige in bed together asleep. Or so she thought as it turned out that Paige was only pretending to be asleep.


  • We Hate Movies: The hosts will often point out or discuss "What are you watching?" moments in films they are discussing. These are scenes that are surprisingly sexual or strange compared to the rest of the film, which they say is invariably when your dad will walk into the room.

  • In The Light in the Piazza, Clara and Fabrizio are just about to consummate their relationship in "Say It Somehow." Margaret opens the hotel door, cue Intermission.

    Video Games 
  • Not seen on-screen in Black Closet, but explained in dialogue that the reason Mallory's parents shipped her off to an all-girls boarding school was that they caught her fooling around with her boyfriend.

    Visual Novels 

    Web Comics 
  • In Sabrina Online, when Amy and Thomas have sex on her bed, her mother is outside asking if they need anything. Amy's father tells the mother to leave them alone.
  • In Questionable Content, Faye's sister Mandy came out as lesbian to her mother because of this trope.
    Mandy: That's when I learned there's no way to remove your face from another girl's crotch in a nonchalant manner.
    Marten: At that point you may as well say "Do you mind? I'm kind of in the middle of something here" and go back to what you were doing, because you know it can't get any worse.
  • In Red String, Hanae's mother finds out her daughter is a lesbian this way. She doesn't take it well.
  • Played with in this real-life example from Mike Holmes' True Story, in that the boy manages to escape to the closet before being discovered; however, the protagonist, in order to convince her mother that nothing had been going on and that she always Sleeps in the Nude, feels obliged to go on doing so for the rest of her life.
  • A variation in El Goonish Shive: After Nanase saves Ellen's life with a sacrificial spell, she's hospitalized, and Nanase's not-so-oblivious mom walks into the hospital room while the two are kissing.
  • Ennui GO!: Len's mother (one of Noah's exes) walks in on Len and Noah having sex. She keeps coming back in (wearing ever-more revealing clothing) to ask if Len wants to tag out.
  • Sandra on the Rocks: It's revealed in flashback that Lavali has done a really terrible job of keeping her lesbianism secret from her parents. Aside from the fact that she's in an amazingly Transparent Closet (and that her parents — already hinted to be a pair of old hippies — are quite tolerant), these flashbacks also suggest that she has a very impressive dating history.

    Web Videos 
  • In this video by sWooZie, two of his friends tried to do....something to him involving ice and one of their mothers walks in on it. He then discusses the trope, wondering why parents only seem to walk in on you when you're doing something scandalous and never something good, while also pointing out that the blame in such situations is on the parents if they simply barge in without getting the ok to enter first.

Not What It Looks Like

  • On an advert for insurance (perhaps Norwich Union?). A teenager's grandmother approaches his room with a cup of tea and is greeted by cries of 'Yes! I love you!' from the room. Of course, he's actually just been informed how cheap his insurance quote is.

    Anime and Manga 
  • In Bleach, Ichigo often brings attractive girls back to his house, such as Rukia, Orihime and Tatsuki. When he hangs out with them in his room, his dad and sisters listen at the door to see if anything is going on.
  • Midori Days: Towards the beginning of the series, Seiji introduces himself to Midori's mother as a classmate of Midori whose real body has been comatose ever since her miniature self replaced Seiji's hand (it's... complicated). As neither Seiji nor Midori have any idea how to restore her, Seiji ends up trying to shove Midori into her body. Cue Midori's mother entering the room to see Seiji apparently groping her comatose daughter's bare chest. She faints, Seiji is lucky to escape alive.
  • My Bride is a Mermaid: When mermaids get splashed with water, it causes their legs to revert back to being fish tails. Naturally, since Nagasumi's Love Interests (Sun and Lunar) are both mermaids, he has to dry their tails off to turn them back into human form. Unfortunately, it can end up looking rather sexual to anyone who walks in on the act including other mermaids. Coupled with the fact that both Love Interests have very overprotective Boyfriend-Blocking Dads, Hilarity Ensues whenever they do walk in on Nagasumi in the act.
    • During the Festival Episode, Sun accidentally gets splashed with water, forcing Nagasumi to take her into a secluded area to dry her off without anyone noticing. Unfortunately for them, Sun's parents pass by and do end up noticing them. While Sun's mother is bemused about the fact that "kids these days will do it anywhere", Sun's father naturally goes berserk and attempts to kill Nagasumi, only being stopped once he sees that Nagasumi was merely trying to revert her legs back.
    • When Lunar accidentally splashes water on herself, she orders Nagasumi to grab a towel and dry her off. Then her Terminator Impersonator of a father (that is not just a description of his character) walks in at the exact moment that she reverts back to her legs, making it look like Nagasumi is grabbing her butt with the towel. As punishment for getting "acquainted" with her daughter, instead of killing him right on the spot (which he wouldn't give a second thought to), he forces him into a Shotgun Wedding.
  • Nyaruko: Crawling with Love! has the Not What It Looks Like variation in episode 4. Mahiro finds out that his mother is coming home (in just under a minute) and quickly attempts to throw Nyarko and Cuko out so she doesn't think that he's the kind of son who invites girls over when his parents are out of town. The girls struggle with him and when mother Yoriko opens the door, she sees Nyarko on her back in the foyer, Mahiro on all fours above her, and Cuko clinging to his back. Thankfully, Yoriko actually listens to her son's explanation and realizes what was going on.
  • In Ouran High School Host Club, when the hosts are visiting Haruhi's apartment and are about to be taken by her to the "commoner's supermarket", Tamaki slips on a Banana Peel from nowhere, and falls on top of Haruhi, just as Ryoji Fujioka, aka Ranka, walks in. About a second later, a sign pops up showing that Tamaki instantly understood what her father believed was happening.
  • Rosario + Vampire has a variation. When Tsukune goes back home for a few days, the harem follows him. Moka shows up as the girlfriend. However, the rest of the harem managed to get into his room without his mother noticing. When his mother shows up bringing tea for the two, she ends up seeing a Lover Tug of War.
  • Seitokai Yakuindomo has this happen to Suzu and Takatoshi when they're working on papers for the student council. Her mother walks in after she fell on top of him after tripping from a rotating chair. Since her mother is a big pervert, she's actually ecstatic at the prospect of her daughter getting some, much to her furious embarrassment.

    Comic Strips 
  • One strip of Zits had Jeremy and his girlfriend studying in the kitchen, so of course Jeremy's parents come in every five minutes, getting "good, clear water!", taking out laundry, changing light bulbs, dusting the top of the fridge...
    • And averted in another strip, where the parents yell "STOP MAKING NOISE UP THERE" to the then-young children, and "MAKE SOME NOISE UP THERE!" to the now-teenaged Sara and Jeremy.

    Comic Books 
  • Tim Drake, Robin, had one particularly amusing experience. His girlfriend Arianna tried to seduce him in lingerie but he turned down the opportunity, saying that they weren't ready for it. They ended up talking all night but when her relatives walked in on them (with Arianna still in her lingerie), they got the wrong idea and chased out Tim in rage.
  • Happens in Ultimate Spider-Man, Aunt May walking in on Peter and Mary Jane. However, all they're doing is kissing, and Peter has just revealed his identity to her, but Aunt May proceeds to administer The Talk nonetheless.
  • In Invincible Samantha visits Mark utterly distraught after catching her boyfriend Rex cheating on her with their teammate Dupli-Kate. Mark is comforting her when his mother enters his room and is greeted by the sight of a girl sprawled over her son's lap (both still in their tight superhero costumes too). She immediately marches them downstairs for a talk.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • Spider-Man: No Way Home: After Peter Parker's Secret Identity is revealed he and MJ rush back to his apartment to hide from the press. Aunt May walks in just as he's taking off his supersuit and MJ is holding his face to console him. May assumes she caught them about to have sex and immediately tries to back out of the room while telling them to be safe.
  • In Transformers, Sam Witwicky tries to find a small chip placed on his treasure glasses which belonged to his grandfather, which he forgets where he left them in his room, and gets Mikaela to help him. It gets so noisy that Sam's parents go up to check him out. His mother gets completely wrong ideas both before and after she finds the girl in his room.

    Live-Action TV 
  • Played with in Dharma & Greg: Dharma's ultra-hippie mother would bring a teenage Dharma and her various boyfriends post-coitus snacks and drinks.
    • While Greg (Dharma's husband) was uncomfortable, she was delighted.
  • Implied in Buffy the Vampire Slayer. When Anya goes to Xander's house, we see the two of them quickly heading to the basement, Xander saying, "Thanks for the snacks, Mom!" Anya remarks that she enjoyed said snacks.
  • In a season two episode of Glee, before Kurt and Blaine get together, Blaine is too drunk to drive after a party, so they bring him back to Kurt and Finn's house. In the morning, Kurt's dad walks in to find Blaine in Kurt's bed and is quite shocked, even though they are both fully dressed.
  • Friday Night Lights had Coach Taylor try to do this to Julie and Matt in Season 1 when they were just watching TV. Unlike the example of the first type, this was definitely Played for Laughs, as was when he tried to defend his actions to Tami:
    Coach Taylor: They had a blanket.
    Tami Taylor: You're an idiot.
  • The George Lopez Show: George finds his daughter Carmen in bed with her boyfriend Jason, who had been living with them. He gets angry and threatens to kick Jason out, though the two were fully clothed and had only been hanging out before accidentally falling asleep together.
  • Also on Roseanne. David comes over to work on a project with Darlene. He either falls asleep in her room or they get on such a roll that they pull an all-nighter. The next morning, Darlene tries to sneak him out, only to be caught by an infuriated Roseanne. After much talking, Roseanne is eventually convinced that they didn't have sex.
  • Arrested Development has Michael Bluth walking by George Michael's room when he hears GM's girlfriend Ann trying to talk him into doing something that he doesn't feel comfortable doing. Michael bursts in, thinking they're about to have sex, but Ann is just trying to talk GM into running for Student Council president.
  • On an episode of Full House, Steve invites D.J. over to his apartment, Danny finds them sleeping on Steve's couch while watching a movie and bans D.J. from seeing Steve after school, assuming the worst. Later Danny explains that the reason for his reaction was that he overheard D.J. and Kimmy hearing about their classmate Kathy giving birth at 16 and was worried that D.J. would end up the same way.
  • Subverted on One Life to Live. While teen couple Jessica and Christian are indeed making out in the stairwell of his house, that's all that they're doing. But despite them being fully dressed and standing, when her father and his mother walk in, both parents fly into a rage as if they had in fact caught them in the act of having sex.
    • Played straighter in another scene from the same show, Kevin (Jessica's brother, incidentally) and his girlfriend Rachel get together to watch movies and eat junk food. The next morning, their parents walk in on them, having fallen asleep. Once again, the father flies into a rage about their supposedly immoral behavior and all but orders Rachel out of the house (the fact that she's black and Kevin is white adds some major unfortunate implications to his attitude). His mother, thankfully, is much calmer, believing that nothing improper was happening and only being concerned that Rachel's parents don't know where she is.
  • Any Day Now. M.E. finds her daughter and her boyfriend Ajoni in bed together. However, out of all four parents, her husband, Kelly's father, is the only one to believe that they were literally only sleeping together (Ajoni had needed someplace to crash after a fight with his parents). Although several months later, when Kelly ends up pregnant, it becomes obvious that they were having sex, just probably not that particular night.

  • In Be More Chill when Jeremy is annoyed at his dad coming in the room with no pants on, his dad assumes that he must be frantic because a girl is in there. But it's just his friend Michael.
    Jeremy: Dad! Jesus, pants!
    Mr. Heere: Is that a girl? Are you in here with a girl?...Oh. Hi Michael.

  • The Beginning After the End: Shortly before their Class Trip, Arthur attempts to help Tessia integrate the Beast Will that he gave her into her Mana Core. However, the attempt gets derailed by playful teasing between the two of them which leads to Tessia tackling Arthur to the ground. At that moment, Tessia's grandfather Virion walks in on them and remarks that while he wanted them to get closer (Arthur and Tessia are Childhood Friends who have reunited after years of being apart), he didn't expect to be walking into something that he thought was far more intimate. This causes Tessia to realize that she is straddling Arthur in a rather compromising position, causing her to jump off him in embarrassment.
  • My Daughter Is A Zombie: Jeonghwan and Yeonhwa (both in their thirties) lie down on the mattress and reminisce about playing in the sheets when they were children. Meow-meow the cat knocks a blanket on top of them and an empty vitamin packet on the floor just as Jeonghwan's mother Bamsoon walks in. Bamsoon tells the two to continue whatever they were doing.

    Web Original 
  • The NSFW "are ya winning, son?" meme, where a Standard '50s Father walks in on his son playing what he thinks is a normal video game and asks him that question. The son is actually playing a VR H-Game, complete with a... peripheral for his penis.

    Western Animation 
  • On Daria, a panicked Helen bursts into Daria's room while she and Tom are having a casual conversation.


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