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This is the inversion of Distracted by the Sexy.

Stripperiffic outfits are often accepted as normal attire by other characters. A character, almost certainly female, spends the whole story wearing an incredibly revealing, overtly sexy uniform (or collection of outfits) without her attire (or lack thereof) ever altering any situation — or even being acknowledged. Her signature outfit might consist only of a meter of plastic tubing and spike-heeled boots, but nobody bats an eye. She stands around and discusses the team's plans to invade the enemy compound, or rescues ordinary citizens on the street, or pilots the Cool Ship, always dressed that way, and nobody else finds it even a little odd or remarkable. Nobody ever stares at her or says, "Day-um, girl!"

It could be said that nearly all superheroines operate under this trope. The figure-hugging gear which is de rigueur for such heroes is rarely addressed, unless the author is specifically lampshading this trope.

You need a generous helping of this trope to learn anything from a Sexy Mentor, or to be friends with an Innocent Fanservice Girl (let alone a Shameless Fanservice Girl).

One could Hand Wave this as being the cultural norm in outer space or on whatever world she's inhabiting. In a real-world setting, especially in live-action films, this is often intended to suggest how sophisticated, jaded, or fashionable (or homosexual/heterosexual, depending on the relative genders) the people in question are. The character may already be in a Seduction-Proof Marriage, might have Single-Target Sexuality towards someone else, or might be asexual.

Compare to Ignore the Fanservice, where the Fanservice is intentional on the part of a character, but a particular character isn't affected for one reason or another. May lead to the fanservice character wondering why no one seems interested. Contrast with My Eyes Are Up Here where the fanservice is far from unnoticed. See also Nerd Nanny.


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    Anime and Manga 
  • During Assassination Classroom's Beach Episode, a bored Irina suggests to Karasuma that they have sex. Karasuma (being already occupied with reading a pamphlet) eventually gets fed up with her pestering and throws her into the ocean.
  • The manga version of Battle Royale has Mitsuko walk around in a short shirt, leather miniskirt, and vest and Yuichiro completely ignores the view it gives him.
  • In Big Windup!, none of the characters (not even the perverted ones) on the protagonist's team seem to notice that their coach's boobs are bigger than her head. Hilariously, the catcher for one of the opposing teams they face sees her to be a "big distraction" that makes him "feel funny" but has no idea why (while the camera zooms in on her chest).
  • Black Jack: The titular character couldn't care less if you're a pretty girl that is scantily-clad. This is justified because he's a surgeon who sees bodies, whether of pretty people or not, at their worst almost every day.
  • Despite Revy's borderline Stripperiffic outfit in Black Lagoon (justified only on grounds of the climate), Rock doesn't seem to even notice how little clothes she's wearing. Likewise, she doesn't really seem to care how much Rock sees.
  • Bleach:
    • Rangiku Matsumoto has her rather large boobs practically spilling out and occasionally makes strange references to them, but only resident pervs Kon and Keigo react to them. Her captain, Hitsugaya, seems to be the one least bothered by it. Supporting character Hisagi has a crush on her, but he usually doesn't show it outside of a few omakes and a couple of key filler episodes. Folks in the Soul Society, all being Really 700 Years Old, are probably just used to Rangiku at this point. That and it's completely intentional; one Shinigami Encyclopedia moment has her teaching the other female lieutenants and court seats the "proper way" to expose their cleavage. While totally non-canon, it's also totally in-character. This is spoofed in the "next episode preview" for the Beach Episode. Rangiku's pissed that nobody has complimented her on her bathing suit, to the point that she's getting ready to strip just to get some attention.
    • Harribel's number is marked on her right breast, and when she reveals it to Hitsugaya the young captain is more interested in her number than her womanly bits. He's just a kid after all. A kid who works with and is eye-to-bosom-level with Matsumoto. Harribel's release makes her into an epic Ms. Fanservice, with little more than pasties covering her nipples, and a very tiny miniskirt. No-one in the series proper comments on it, and the only mention of it by any character is Ichimaru Gin in one of the Arrancar Encyclopedia segments, who states he'd never be able to wear such a skimpy outfit.
    • While in a healing hot spring, Ichigo is shocked to discover Renji, Byakuya, and Rukia are all completely submerged despite being comatose. His reaction completely overlooks the fact that Rukia is floating with her butt completely exposed. Kirinji lampshades it, by wondering why Ichigo's not commenting on the "perfect peach".
  • In Blue Exorcist, Shura is rather scantily dressed. She gets little attention for it as well; aside from the big eyed reaction to her reveal, Renzo drooling when he first sees her, and a few odd background characters staring, no one comments on her lack of clothing. The big moment when this happens has to be when Rin accidentally torches her and Yukio's clothing so she's only wearing her scanty underwear. Neither Yukio or Rin pay attention.
  • Divergence Eve seems to take place in a future where huge breasts are (apparently) so commonplace that men have stopped caring.
  • Tends to be a Zigzagging Trope in Fairy Tail.
    • Lucy has an undertone of The Tease, and wears comparatively demure clothing, though she goes more for 'cute' than 'sexy'.
      • That said, Natsu has seen Lucy naked so many times that it no longer affects him. This is used to the guild's advantage once; Jacob of the Spriggan 12 makes Lucy's clothing invisible (except her underwear), thinking it will be "torture". Natsu is decidedly not impressed.
      • A minor Running Gag is that whenever Lucy tries to exploit her feminine wiles, it doesn't work.
    • No-one seems to care about Cana walking around with just a bra on her top half, nor Erza's frequent use of Chainmail Bikinis. Nor any other similar outfits.
    • On the male side, nobody ever says a word about Natsu's vest with nothing underneath. Gray's stripping habit is usually also only brought up as a quirk, and no females seem affected. But then we have this reaction to Natsu vs Gajeel when they both tear off their vest and shirt respectively:
  • In Full Metal Panic!, towards the beginning in the first arc, Kaname is naked minus a ripped patient's uniform and her underwear for a good portion, but none of this is focused on or even pointed out by any of the characters, including Kurtz, a borderline super pervert, due to the seriousness of the situation and the various military fighters coming after the group.
  • In Gate, when Tuka wakes up in a vehicle during a battle with a dragon, she runs up to the front to tell them pertinent information. Not one person reacts to her nakedness, as they're all focused on the battle they're right in the middle of.
  • The Major's default outfit in the first season of Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex rarely attracts any comments. However, in one episode she gets thrown into some garbage during a fight and has to change her costume into something even more Stripperific than usual. When Chief Aramaki sees her, he asks her if she's trying to get his attention.
  • GUN×SWORD: Like the Major, people tend to notice Carmen 99's getup a lot less than you'd think is normal. During the Beach Episode, the only one with any real modesty issues is Wendy.
  • Given that Hayate the Combat Butler's Hayate is a Chaste Hero, you'd think they'd play this trope straight. Twice Hinagiku has distracted him though (which she seems to appreciate), and he seems to notice his co-worker Maria every once-in-a-while. When the buxom Athena talks to him though, she has to make sure he notices her. He seems completely unfazed upon encountering his master while she's bare, but he disguises this by saying that he's not interested in her, despite her being only three years younger than him. Several times, he is somewhat distracted, but still recovers himself before the girl in question even gets over the shock of being seen. He's not clueless about sex appeal, just not affected by it like normal guys. Pointed out when Miki shoves a magazine in his face, and states that he's the perfect one to take Hinagiku out because of his reaction.
  • Despite Farangis' oddly revealing Stripperiffic attire in The Heroic Legend of Arslan, none of the male characters including Arslan, Daryun, Narus, Elam, Gieve, Kishward, Jaswant and Silver Mask are distracted by said attire.
  • In Inuyasha, Sesshoumaru saves a half-naked Kagura from drowning and they discuss killing Naraku. In the manga, Sesshoumaru barely looks at her directly except for a few times and at no point does he react to her state of undress. In the anime, he faces her while they talk but ignores her state while she awkwardly covers her breasts with an arm, and in the end Jaken screams at her to cover up.
  • Played chillingly in Mobile Suit Victory Gundam. At one point, the bad guys try to catch Üso off-guard by ambushing his Gundam with bikini-clad women toting bazookas (yes, the commander who ordered this was explicitly insane). True to his young age, he's not distracted at all; rather, he's in shrieking denial that the women actually attacked him semi-naked and proceeds to slap, kick and headbutt them out of the air with his Gundam (presumably breaking quite a few bones in the process). As for his last attacker, we get treated to a first-hand observation about the health effects of a human body being hit with a beam saber.
  • My Dress-Up Darling: Zigzagged with the male protagonist, Wakana Gojo. He's extremely flustered when he has to take the body measurements for the bikini-clad Marin Kitagawa (she's a Ms. Fanservice who works as a model, to boot). However, he's able to keep a clear head while watching the eroge Kitagawa gives to him as reference material as part of making her Shizuku-tan costume, doing nothing but taking notes on everything, even as his grandpa walks in and hears the in-game voices screaming and moaning.
  • In My Hero Academia, upon first seeing Mt. Lady, tons of photographers are there to take her picture, but superhero fanboy Midoriya just takes out his notebook and starts writing down his observations about her. (Then again, we later see that his notes include the comment "sexy" as well as an assessment of her powers.)
  • Negi, of Negima! Magister Negi Magi rarely seems to react to the various fanservice that surrounds him (and that he sometimes causes). But then, he is, despite his maturity, 10 years old. One of the few exceptions is when Nodoka was so happy he saved her that she forgot she was topless when she went to thank him.
  • One Piece:
    • Luffy takes this to such an extreme that he has Boa Hancock (the world's most beautiful woman) in front of him, completely naked, yet he's just disappointed that there's no food. Boa Hancock is somewhat disturbed by the fact that Luffy is unaffected, separating him from nearly all the men she has known her entire life, and even tries to have him killed for it (among other reasons), but eventually she gets over it and even falls in love with him. Other notable examples include Trafalgar Law and Smoker.
    • Not even a mermaid princess with the Most Common Superpower flirting with him can sway his eye. (Especially when she offers him food.)
    • Chopper (as an anthropomorphic reindeer) isn't attracted to human females, meaning he's the only male character who can see Nami naked with impunity. He does immediately fall head over heels for a reindeer Mink woman though, which makes sense.
  • In Please Twins!, Miina and Karen think that Maiku might be gay because he isn't distracted by all the fanservice. Hilarity Ensues given the fact that he's straight but is on a tight deadline and is trying his hardest not to let himself get distracted.
  • Phantom Quest Corp.: Mamoru isn't the least bit fazed by Ayaka's habit of sleeping in the nude. Nor is he bothered by the fact that she routinely shows up for breakfast in nothing but her panties, with her top open. It may be because he's Just a Kid and simply too young to be affected by her, well... everything.
  • Ranma ˝:
  • Played for Drama in Rebuild of Evangelion: In the fourth movie, Shinji accidentally walks in Asuka naked. Of course, this is hardly unusual, but the fact that he doesn't react at all is a sign of how deep in his Angst Coma he is. Asuka even asks why he's not spluttering and blushing like usual.
  • Rune Soldier Louie: It's amazing that Louie can be around such a hottie like Ila and not be tempted by her. Not only is she very attractive, she has stunning figure, and nurses a crush on him. Problem is, he completely fails to notice it, even when she's sunbathing topless and asking him to rub lotion on her back (seen at 4:25-4:49, here).
  • Shimoneta:
    • As a member of SOX, Tanukichi regularly spends time around Ayame, who's shown to have a swimsuit model's body. Particularly whenever she dons her 'Blue Snow' disguise, where all she wears is a bedsheet and a pair of her own panties as a mask. Yet, the fact that there's a naked girl standing next to him doesn't register and not once does he ever try to take a peek under her cloak.
    • Gender inverted during episode 12, which features Oboro in black lingerie. Despite being biologically male, he has a woman's face and his figure is nearly the same as Ayame's. Yet, none of the other guys take advantage of the eye candy that's on display, nor are they aware that he's a guy too (except for Tanukichi).
  • Soul Hunter:
    • Dakki is known as the World's Most Beautiful Woman, and even those who are not affected by her temptation spell occasionally acknowledge in one way or another that she is indeed beautiful. Taikobou, however, is remarkably unimpressed when he meets her in person for the first time.
    • Kijin's outfit during the final arc consists of a short top that exposes her arms and her midriff, and a slit skirt to show her legs. The straps of whatever bottom underwear she's wearing that shouldn't exist in ancient china are showing. No one makes a single remark.
    • Like Kijin, Sengyoku shows off her arms, midriff and legs, since her outfit is a top so short it only cover her chest, and a short skirt. Yet again, no-one seem to notice anything unusual.
  • Yoko from Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann; although Simon and Kamina are indeed distracted at first, they get used to it. This becomes something of a Running Gag, as even towards the series' end there are still one or two characters who are utterly distracted by Yoko, especially during one episode where it seems she changed outfits midscene causing one of the minor characters to quietly flip out. One of the few cases where an unqualified inversion of the trope with a female being distracted by males could have been pulled off, and Yoko doesn't even blink at a perpetually shirtless man in impossibly Cool Shades.
  • The Unpopular Mangaka and the Helpful Onryo-san: Hakuu and Onryo-san try to use their sex appeal to get Senai to take a break from drawing, but he doesn't even look up.
  • In Urusei Yatsura, Lum's very skimpy Fur Bikini never receives anyone's attention, even Ataru, except maybe at the very beginning.
  • Vandread: Most of the Dread pilots are shown wearing jumpsuits identical to Meia's (which is skintight, but covers everything), but Barnette and Jura get away with much more Stripperiffic outfits, which no one ever seems to notice. Justified because the three guys on the ship were raised in a woman-free environment and were told that women are evil monsters. It takes most of the series before any of the main guys actually admit they each like a particular woman.
  • Keima of The World God Only Knows is never really distracted by the sexy, but occasionally he has to pretend to be for the sake of "capturing" a possessed girl. Cue intentional explosive nosebleeds.
  • Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead: When Akira enters a natural hot spring, he's too busy enjoying it to notice that Shizuka had entered before him. She demands he get out, but he complains that it's not fair, as the hot spring is more than big enough for the two of them. This makes Shizuka realize that he cares more about enjoying the hot spring than seeing her naked.

  • The painting Ulysses and the Sirens by Herbert James Draper is a dramatic depiction of that event. Ulysses' crew is bravely forging ahead while the notorious seducers try to entrance them; not being able to hear their song helps (as does knowing what happens if taken), but they ignore them even as they fly close enough to touch them.

    Comic Books 
  • The Batman Adventures: In "Mad Love" (adapted into an episode of Batman: The Animated Series), Harley prances up to the Joker with the skimpiest nightgown possible (and nothing underneath), and asks if he wants to "rev up your Harley". Joker is in the middle of plotting his next scheme to kill Batman, and finds her advances really annoying instead of seductive, eventually kicking Harley out onto the street when she doesn't take the hint. It's strongly implied that this isn't the first time this has happened.
  • Conan the Barbarian: Used as a twist ending in a Marvel Comics story. Conan's horse dies early in the story and leaves him stranded in an inhospitable area. The ruler of a local town hires the stranger for a dangerous mission, and promises than Conan can ask for any reward he wants following his return. The ruler's sexy daughter notices Conan staring at her direction, and is convinced that Conan will ask for her as his reward. And she is clearly interested. One hell of a mission later, Conan returns and the daughter seems ready for him. Conan completely ignores her and grabs the fine horse which was always standing behind her. He then escapes with the horse. He only wanted a way to leave the area and was never remotely interested in her.
  • In one Hägar the Horrible strip, Lucky Eddie seems far more interested in Lady Godiva's riding abilities than the fact that she's nude.
  • Power Girl is the superhero exception. The inability of men to ignore her obvious assets has even been used as a plot point in the occasional story. Her reactions to this vary. For the most part, she only takes offense when people are being obvious perverts about it and/or assume she's just a Brainless Beauty.
  • The Sandman (1989): Her outfits aren't exactly Stripperiffic so much as looking like she forgot something when she got dressed, but Delirium more often than not walks around wearing ripped-up mesh shirts and/or open tops that expose her nipples, and nobody ever comments on this. Mind you, the nipples are pretty much the only thing there to see, because Delirium is a child, she is primarily shown interacting with her own family, and it's probably not the first thing you notice about her, anyways. But still, it isn't even mentioned once. It's hard to tell how old she's supposed to be physically, apart from "definitely not an adult". The general fandom consensus seems to be 13 or 14 (which is still kinda young for Distracted by the Sexy, granted), but it seems to fluctuate depending on the artist (justified by her being an Anthropomorphic Personification of madness).
  • Occurs in Sin City quite a bit. Marv's parole officer is a hot lesbian who first shows up in-story wearing a pair of panties and nothing else. Marv doesn't seem to care. In another story, Wallace spurs the advances of Blue Eyes, a deadly assassin who seduces men to their deaths. While he isn't aware that she's an assassin at first, he still does not succumb to taking advantage of her when she throws herself at him. After he figures it out, he does pretend to be suddenly interested, but this is just to get her to let down her guard.
  • During the events of Spider-Island, the citizens of New York are turned into spider monsters, including several superheroes. At the end, everyone is cured and reverts back to normal, albeit sans clothing. Most of the ordinary citizens are freaking out and running for some cover, but many of the superheroes are totally unconcerned about walking around (and seeing others walk around) in the buff.
    Black Panther: Misty Knight, it is good to see you again. That is, I mean—
    Misty Knight: It's alright, your highness. I know what you mean. It seems like we're the only ones not freaking out over being buck naked.
    Hawkeye: That's probably from all our years in skin-tight spandex.
  • Aayla Secura in the Star Wars comics set around the Clone Wars. She's a hot blue-skinned alien who bares her midriff (unlike the fully-robed male Jedi), belonging to a species whose hat for the females is being nubile dancers. Of course, the fact that she's also a Jedi Knight might have something to do with the way she is treated. The fact that most of the people around her are either fellow Jedi or subordinate Clone Troopers is also a factor.
  • A Femme Fatale tries to seduce Tarzan via Clothing Damage. He realises what she's up to and is unimpressed, pointing out some naked Nubile Savages bathing under the nearest waterfall. "There are many here such as you."

    Fan Works 
  • In the House fanfic "Insidious", Dr. Walpole is not only not interested in Thirteen, he insults her by pretending to mistake her for a cadaver, much to House's amusement.
  • In With Strings Attached, John had been turned into a Winged Humanoid via Emergency Transformation, and he discovered eventually that human women no longer turned him on. It becomes an issue in The Keys Stand Alone: The Soft World, when he has to get some information from a woman, Lotisa, while another woman (a known spy) is in the room with her. While the other woman gets it on with George, John has to fake interest in Lotisa so he can talk to her via Touch Telepathy. Unfortunately for his information gathering, Lotisa becomes extremely interested in him when he takes off his cloak, and she tries her hardest to get him to reciprocate. It doesn't work, except to distract her with the sexy, and she can barely give him anything he doesn't already know. He ends up doubly frustrated.
  • In Origin Story, Tony Stark walks in on Alex, Louise, and Natasha Romanova while the three women are sunbathing topless next to the Black Panther's private swimming pool. While Louise rolls over to cover herself up, Alex and Natasha basically shrug and keep sunbathing. Despite his normal womanizing nature, Stark manages to be a good boy and doesn't ogle the naked women even once during the ensuing strategy session.
  • The Pieces Lie Where They Fell: When Night Blade and the human Rainbow Dash are transported into the mare Rainbow Dash's personal Paradise, the human Rainbow Dash is completely naked and starts freaking out, but Night Blade’s only reaction is annoyance at her for hitting him over it. After her pony counterpart shows up and calms her down somewhat, Dash is still convinced that Night Blade is a pervert for looking at her. Night Blade promptly informs her that she does nothing for him, since he's only attracted to one pony who is not her.
  • Xander in Vacation means Chaos has spent years in the Africa wilderness where privacy is completely nonexistent unless you travel alone. As a result, he "doesn't see naked women", something that tends to annoy women attempting to distract/seduce/flirt with him.
  • Throughout Harry Potter Becomes a Communist, Harry's first-person narration constantly insists that he is not distracted by how very sexy his female comrades are, all the while mentioning very specifically all the sexy details that he is definitely not noticing.
  • Jaune Arc and his coworkers in The Entertainer don't notice others in various states of undress nor when one of them instinctively does something sexy like showing off cleavage, due to all of them being strippers and long since desensitized to such things.
  • Xander in Walking in the Shadows pretty much ignores that Raven is wearing only a bikini top and loincloth while he teaches her magical forging and artificing, being far too focused on instructing her to really care. Likewise, he doesn't pay much attention to Starfire's nude body when he's inscribing runs on her shadow to stop her from growing body hair. Raven, who is paying a lot of attention to Xander's sweaty, half-naked body, comments that he's probably enjoying their undress but simply isn't focusing on it.
  • Ichigo in To Undo it All mentions that during the Blood War, he quickly got used to communal bathing with men, women, Hollows, and even with enemies. As such, he thinks nothing of bathing with Unohana to save time and barely notices when she wraps her sole towel around her hair rather than her body.
  • In Science: Saving Humanity without Regard to Morals or Ethics, Hikari's older sister Kodama is mentioned as being an immensely popular waitress for a number of reasonsnote . The story specifically notes that "being a cute girl in glasses with exceedingly large breasts and no bra" is actually the least interesting thing about her.
  • The Mountain and the Wolf: While held prisoner by the Wolf, Jaime is visited by a naked Cersei, who he believes to be dead. He manages to resist long enough to push her off the bed, at which point "Cersei" loses the glamour, revealing herself to be a hermaphroditic Slaaneshi cultist who takes his golden hand in revenge.
  • Danny Phantom: Stranded: Among the schemes Colette tries to steal Danny away from Star is dressing up in a very revealing bikini. Due to his loyalty to Star and disgust with Colette's personality, Danny isn't remotely interested.
  • The Logia Brothers: Luffy doesn't seem to even notice women trying to flirt with him unless they're already one of his lovers. Robin tests him by uncrossing and recrossing her legs while wearing a short skirt and he doesn't even glance down.

    Films — Animation 
  • Aladdin. Princess Jasmine's skimpy top and gauzy harem pants barely get a mention by the other characters, and this is in a part of the world where such attire would be deemed thoroughly inappropriate for a member of nobility or royalty. Granted, she wears a concealing robe with a hood when out on the streets of Agrabah, but often goes without it when traveling to other places.
  • The Great Mouse Detective: During the bar scene with Miss Kitty Mouse, a burlesque stripper, beginning to perform onstage, Basil is the only one in the bar not mesmerized one bit by the act. He's instead much focused on spotting the enemy, and luckily, notices his and Dawson's jugs of beer to be drugged.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • Bagdad Cafe: When Jasmin finally exposes her breast to Rudy while he's doing her portrait, she murmurs "My vision". Rudy turns to her to respond, sees her nakedness and registers it, he looks away and replies, "I like that word. Vision." Note it doesn't mean he's not attracted or appreciative — he's busy painting, and seems to not want to overreact.
  • Batman & Robin: The Dynamic Duo are both seduced by Poison Ivy in the film to different degrees before they snap out of it.
    • Batman is affected by Ivy's love dust early on, but after realizing what she is trying to do to them he manages to fight its effects and resist it when she uses it on him at Freeze's hideout.
    • Robin spends most of the film blinded by love for Poison Ivy. But when he confronts her in her lair he finally has his head on straight. He ignores Ivy's attempts to flirt and refuses her offer of a kiss until she gives him a sign that she can be trusted. Even when it seems like he has given into Ivy's seductions and kisses her, it was actually all part of his plan to test Ivy's love for him by protecting himself with rubber lips and seeing how she would respond after the kiss.
  • The Book of Eli: Early on, Eli encounters a young woman who bares her sweat-glistened cleavage at him. He's far more interested in the hijackers he knows are using her for bait. Justified because Eli is blind.
  • The athletes in the "Ain't There Anyone Here for Love" number in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes seem quite oblivious to Jane Russell strutting around their gym in a low-cut top.
  • Ghostbusters (2016): Abby expresses surprise when Erin asks whether she finds Kevin attractive, asking "Who, Kevin?". It's implied that Kevin is just too stupid for Abby to see him that way. The other Ghostbusters don't have that problem though.
  • Tracy Ryan is wearing only a pair of panties and an unbuttoned dress shirt when she's casually talking to Sebastien Guy in the kitchen in Girl for Girl.
  • Exploited in History of the World Part I, as the guards use the opposing trope to suss out the palace intruder, Josephus, who's trying to blend in with Eunuchs, who embody this trope.
  • In Independence Day, none of the strip club's patrons pay any attention to Jasmine's pole dance routine, as they're all instead watching the news reports of aliens. Jasmine eventually notices and walks off the stage as a result.
  • In Lady Ninja Kaede, Jii is completely immune to Madam Yumeama's seduction attempts: even when she gets him to massage her boobs and pussy. It turns out that he's a homosexual.
  • Mad Max: Fury Road:
    • Max first encounters the five supermodel-gorgeous Wives as they are hosing each other off by the roadside, their diaphanous white clothes soaked and clinging to their skin. He doesn't show a trace of interest in them. Their water, on the other hand...
    • Later they run into one of the Vuvalini, naked and screaming her lungs out in a cage on top of a pole. Max bluntly declares it to be bait. Sure enough, the Vuvalini emerge from hiding shortly after.
  • The Shadow: Played for Laughs between Lamont Cranston and his uncle when they're discussing the well-dressed and stunningly beautiful Margot Lane, who is sitting at a nearby table in the Cobalt Club:
    Wainwright: What the hell do you see in her?
    Lamont: Uncle Wainwright, are you sure you're not dead?
  • The coed shower scene in Starship Troopers. Neither the men nor women in the shower ogle each other, as it's meant to represent the fact that in this future society, men and women are considered equal in almost all ways.
    • See also the entry on communal showers in the Real Life section. This is likely beaten into the troopers during basic training.
  • In Trading Places, when Valentine starts regretting throwing a wild party in his new house, that his benefactors gave him as part of a Nature vs. Nurture experiment, he goes upstairs to the master bedroom and sees a naked girl that comes on to him. He bluntly tells her to get dress and leave.

  • One Dave Barry book has a cartoon depicting two rednecks at a bar with a giant TV featuring a bikini model, angrily yelling at the barman to put the game back on.
  • Children of the Nameless: Davriel Cane has an entire manor of demonic servants contracted out to him, any one of whom claims his soul should they fulfill the terms of their deal, and Davriel has become very good at twisting the wording of those deals so that they're impossible to fulfill... except for his accountant, Miss Highwater, an infamous succubus. Their deal is that she gets his soul if she can ever seduce him. No twist or anything, he's just completely immune to her wiles for some reason.
  • Brotherhood of the Rose, by David Morrell. The protagonist spots a professional surveillance operative because he's not distracted by a leather-clad blonde striding past.
  • In the Stephanie Harrington novel Fire Season, Trudy Franchitti attempts to capitalize on her physical aspects when chatting up Anders Whittaker at Stephanie's birthday party. His only reaction is mild disgust at her for being so obvious about it.
  • In the Gaunt's Ghosts novel First and Only, Rawne and some unsavory character discuss contraband at a seedy bar, paying no attention whatsoever to the showgirl doing a striptease on stage.
  • Subverted in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Though Harry does feel drawn towards the veela at the Quidditch World Cup, he seems to resist it far better than Ron or many of the other men in the area.
  • The Lensman universe takes it one step further, with entire planets of essentially human beings in which complete nakedness is the norm, and others in which the inhabitants wear only the minimum of garb. In fact E. E. "Doc" Smith was fond of this trope, and the Osnomians and like peoples in the Skylark Series also wore very little (then again, they had telepathy machines and tended to execute perverts).
  • The Puppet Masters: Femme Fatale Mary has a knockout body and knows how to use it, but parasite-ridden human males don't respond to her sexually at all. This allows her to spot them, after which either she or others can deal with them.
  • The Scholomance: Kid Hero Orion Lake struggles to relate to people and never takes notice of anyone's body except El's even when he chases a monster through the girls' showers or when Liesel purposely bends over him in a low-cut shirt.
  • World of the Five Gods: In Paladin of Souls, Royesse Ista isn't young anymore, but she's still a good-looking woman. When she kisses Lord Arhys hard, directly on the lips, and he doesn't react at all, it tells Ista her suspicions about him were correct.
  • One of the survivors in World War Z tells a story about watching a stag film at his friend's bachelor party post-war. The lead actress is having sex on the hood of a BMW Z4, but the survivor can only think about what a shame it was that no one builds cars like that anymore.

    Live-Action TV 
  • Babylon 5: John Sheridan has a very good history with this.
    • In one episode he bursts into his Number One Susan Ivanova's quarters in the middle of the night happily babbling about an awesome solution to the problem of the week he just came up with, completely and sincerely failing to notice that Ivanova is both wearing a very minimal silk nightgown and nothing else, and sound asleep. Ivanova is unamused. For several reasons.
    • In season three Sheridan is assigned a very attractive Political Officer by the new crypto-Fascist Earth regime, who promptly shows up naked in his quarters. His only reaction is "Must be colder in here than I thought..."
  • In Buffy the Vampire Slayer's "Once More, With Feeling", Buffy rescues someone while singing about how she finds herself unable to feel things properly since her resurrection. Apparently this includes horniness.
  • In an episode of Castle, Beckett and Castle are at a male strip club where the victim worked. Castle is mobbed by women (he is ruggedly handsome, after all), but is mostly just uncomfortable, while Beckett stays focused on trying to identify a suspect, even when he leads the group he's performing with offstage to her.
  • In Coronation Street barmaid Lauren gets a drink thrown on her and has to take her top off. Maria gets annoyed at Liam for staring at her bra. Not because he's ogling her - because he recognises it as one that's been bootlegged from his factory.
  • Doctor Who:
    • A common argument in the fandom to support the Doctor's asexuality is that he's continually surrounded by very attractive young women in skirts but never looks at them that way. This is ignoring the Unfortunate Implications that if a man doesn't leer over much younger girls than he must be asexual, and the fact that he sometimes did that anyway. This did become an Enforced Trope in the 80s, when Peter Davison was told never to look at the women's bodies, or touch the women (even in non-sexual ways) in order to prevent audiences thinking that there was "hanky panky" going on.
    • Defied in "The Doctor Dances": Rose expects she's going to have to be the one to distract the leader of the guards at the Black Site, but Jack, who knows the man, explains to Rose that she's "not his type". Then he volunteers to do the distracting.
  • In the Father Ted episode "Speed 3", Dougal has taken over a milk round after the previous milkman was fired because all the women on the route were Cheating with the Milkman. Every housewife on Craggy Island turns up at their front doors in lingerie, making blatant come-ons, and he just carries on delivering the milk. Then at the end of the episode, he suddenly shouts "THOSE WOMEN WERE IN THE NIP!"
  • Discussed in one episode of Frasier. Roz — who has an active sex life — tells Frasier in annoyance that she's been flirting with a handsome guy she's seen sitting behind her at a few recent basketball games, but he hasn't made any moves towards her. Roz goes so far as to worry about whether there's something disfiguring about the back of her head that he's seeing which is putting him off. Frasier, in turn, points out that he could simply be married, gay, or even — shock horror — going to a basketball game to actually watch the game, and not to try and score with the ladies.
  • Game of Thrones:
    • The Season 1 episode with Littlefinger's Sexposition involves him training Ros and another new prostitute in how to fake passion with a client. He himself seems unaroused, even when they suggest he join them, claiming it's out of loyalty to another (ie, Catelyn).
    • When Tywin approaches Oberyn in a whorehouse to talk, there are several naked whores on the bed, and they walk past Tywin. In the entire scene, Tywin never ogles any of them, remaining with his undisturbed icy glare at face-level. (Given that one of the first things we find out about Tywin is his public distaste for whores, this is probably very justified.)
  • Ginger often tried to use Distracted by the Sexy as a means to get her own way on Gilligan's Island. Unfortunately for her, the Professor (described by actor Russell Johnson as being asexual) was immune to it, leading to this trope.
  • In the second season of Spanish game show El gran juego de la oca, a young female contestant saw how her husband was brought to the set for one of her challenges. She would be asked five questions, and every time she got one wrong she would be Forced to Watch how a sexy woman — a "Femme Fatale" in host Pepe Navarro's words — attempted to seduce her husband. The guy reacted to the sexy woman with complete indifference.
  • In Hell's Kitchen, multiple female contestants have tried to flaunt sex appeal to get leniency from Gordon Ramsay. These ladies have apparently never watched the show, or done any research on the man. Ramsay is quite Happily Married and consistently unimpressed by any attempts to distract him from the quality of their dishes.
  • Marvel Cinematic Universe:
    • Daredevil (2015): When Matt brings Karen to his apartment, she asks to borrow one of his shirts since the t-shirt she borrowed from Foggy got wet in the rain while they were traveling over. Karen takes off her t-shirt, and spends several seconds topless as she buttons Matt's shirt. While Matt obviously knows Karen is standing naked in front of him, he doesn't make a move on her.
    • Luke Cage (2016): When Misty Knight is reminiscing about her one-night stand with Luke, she tells the police department shrink that, even though she was wearing a very tight, very low-cut dress, from the very first time he saw her, Luke looked at her eyes, not her cleavage.
  • Modern Family:
    • In a Christmas Episode, Haley tries to invoke I Have Boobs, You Must Obey! in order to get the last of a toy they need for a Christmas present. However, she soon realizes the man is gay and is uninterested in her. She's forced to come up with another strategy to get the toy.
    • Happens again to Haley when she's caught stealing her Grandpa's beer by Andy. Haley exposes her cleavage and tries to persuade Andy not to tell. Andy responds by saying he has a girlfriend and he's not interested in anyone else. However, this could be considered a subversion as the two develop a Belligerent Sexual Tension after this.
  • In the Monty Python's Flying Circus sketch "The Dull Life of a City Stockbroker", the titular stockbroker shows no reaction to any of the outrageous circumstances surrounding him, including an attractive topless clerk at the chemist, to an orgy on his own desk.
  • The Nevers: Maladie seeks to tease Dr. Cousens by baring her breasts. He ignores this and focuses on the wound over her left one (he's a physician). Likewise Cousens is unfazed by her flirting after he heals it.
  • The Professionals. In "When The Heat Cools Off", a government minister comments on how Cowley's secretary has great legs. When Cowley replies, "Has she?" the minister quips, "Oh George, such dedication!"
  • At least Once an Episode on Project Runway the models strip down and try on their clothes in front of several people and cameras. Almost nobody has ever commented on their bodies unless it's to discuss their measurements' effect on the clothes. Of course, it's not uncommon for the men on the show to be gay.
  • Star Trek: The Next Generation: Captain Picard's stoicism in the face of sexiness is legendary, especially when a woman purporting to be the Devil herself tries to tempt him while wearing a very...distracting outfit. This does ignore the fact however that Ardra was trying to enslave him and his crew at the time - that sort of thing really can put one off.

  • One column by Alan Coren took a headline claiming that students were more interested in sport than sex, and expanded it to a parody of Zuleika Dobson in which the sport-obsessed undergraduates of Oxford completely ignore the beautiful Femme Fatale.

  • In Legally Blonde, this is what leads into "There! Right There!" (aka the "Gay or European" song); Elle tries the "bend and snap" on a male witness, who doesn't react to it. She reasons that, because he didn't react, he must be gay. (This is less stupid than it sounds when put in context: when she verified her theory by trying it out in front of the courtroom without telling anyone, every other man in the room (and Enid) is stunned speechless.)
  • At the end of Alan Ayckbourn's Way Upstream, the mild-mannered nice couple Alistair and Emma, who've survived a horrific ordeal, are sitting on their riverboat, wondering if they can finally have a nice holiday. Unlike Alistair, Emma doesn't like the river and has spent almost the entire play with her lifejacket on, but she's no longer wearing it. After a moment of silence, she takes all her clothes off and sits for a moment. Alistair does not react. She says to him "What's the matter?" and he replies "I'd forgotten how beautiful you are without your lifejacket." (She then gives him a look and he strips off and they plunge into the river together.)

    Video Games 
  • Arcanum: Of Steamworks & Magick Obscura also averts the trope. The game lets you walk around in your underwear, but everybody civilised refuses to talk to you. However, the even more revealing Barbarian Armor is socially acceptable. Although the shopkeepers comment and charge you MORE.
  • City of Heroes allows the player to build a character who is dressed in the next best thing to total nudity, if that's what you're into. None of the contacts or villains will react to it or even notice.
  • All female soldiers in the Command & Conquer: Red Alert series. Just look at the RA 3 trailer: what kind of military uniforms have cleavage like that?
  • Gloria from Devil May Cry 4. She's dressed like an even more Stripperiffic version of Lady Gaga, she's "qualified" to wear that outfit, she's an agent of a freaking religious cult and the only character who addresses her outfit is Dante... who laughs his head off. Granted, Gloria is really Trish, but still, man.
    • Nero's reaction to her... clothing, is to look away in slight irritation.
  • In the first Diablo, the succubi were so sexy they actually caused some controversy; their bosoms and rear ends are clearly visible, and they aren't wearing anything except arm warmers and thigh-high boots. The player characters don't seem to notice. The players, on the other hand, that's another story.
  • You can run around in next to nothing in Fallout 3 and none of the Non Player Characters will comment on it. While Dukov will flirt with female player characters even if they walk in wearing so much power armor that you cannot tell the gender of the person inside.
  • The Final Fantasy series:
    • Final Fantasy X-2 plays it straight with Yuna's cousin, Rikku, who wears nothing but a yellow string bikini, a micro-skirt, and a pair of boots. Which leaves most of her body on full display. Yet, no one ever comments on it, or seems bothered by it. note 
    • Special mention goes to FF6's Celes. She spends 95% of the game wearing a Leotard of Power with a cape, and nobody ever blinks an eye. When she tries her hand at being an Opera singer and wears a Pimped-Out Dress, Locke blushes at seeing her. However, her artwork has her dressed in much more modest gold-coloured clothing.
    • Terra's Morph/Trance: The guys in the game swoon when she winks at them, but none of them have a problem with Terra transforming into her Esper side, casually shedding all her clothes and fighting the enemies nude. The Barbie Doll Anatomy helps.
  • Nobody in the Halo universe acknowledges that Cortana is naked. Even in the games where her figure is particularly noticeable. To make it even weirder, most AIs, like Serina in Halo Wars, have more conservative appearances.
    • Word of God even said that she chose her appearance partly to throw off people and give her an edge in conversation. Which makes it even weirder. The Barbie Doll Anatomy might have something to do with it.
  • Pretty much every female in the Jak and Daxter series is smokin' hot and always ares her midriff, but Ashelin wears the skimpiest outfit of all. Daxter flirts with nearly everything with tits, but other than that (which has died down in later games), no one spares a second glance.
  • In J-Stars Victory VS, if you let Medaka fight against Raoh, the former will order the latter to be in awe at her body. Raoh's reaction can be summarized as "no chivalry here".
  • The King of Fighters:
    • Usually played straight regarding Mai Shiranui, whose ninja garb is so revealing that she'd literally be naked, were in not for the thong she wears under her loincloth.
    • Averted big time in KOF XIII, where nearly half the cast lampshades the indecency what little she's wearing - with some outright telling her to put some clothes on. Her response ranges from being offended, to trying to justify it by explaining it's the traditional garb worn by the women of the Shiranui Ninja Clan.
  • Metal Gear Solid:
    • Similarly, shirtless Solid Snake in Metal Gear Solid: Snake Escape, if only because his partner was a monkey implanted with his personality.
    • Liquid Snake runs around shirtless outside in Alaska. Sniper Wolf runs around in Alaska with a Navel-Deep Neckline. The most shamelessly egregious example of this, though, is with Meryl, during her ending. She (dressed in a tiny black halter top) tells Snake that he (shirtless at the time) can't go outside dressed like that, or he'll freeze, and runs off to find something warm to put on herself. He puts on a shirt, and she puts on an orange jacket which has no sleeves, leaving her arms totally bare. The game attempts to Hand Wave it by saying that everyone on the project is using "anti-freezing peptides", but Snake, injected with the same peptide, is the only character in the entire cast to respond to the cold even vaguely like a normal person.
  • Zero Suit Samus in Super Smash Bros. Brawl... if only because her partner was Pikachu. Averted in that Snake has, as an Easter Egg, a highly suggestive codec conversation concerning Zero Suit Samus. "Mei Ling, Samus took her clothes off!"
  • In Mortal Kombat 9, it's a mixed bag. Styker takes notice of Mileena's clothes quickly (and that's proof to him she isn't friendly) and there's some shipping between Johnny Cage and Sonya and between Liu Kang and Kitana, but as far as the other females go, nothing. No-one says anything.
  • Persona:
    • Persona 3 lampshades this a little. There are various armors one can get during the game that change a character's appearance. They are... Yeah. Try handing one of these off and Yukari will bitch you out while Mitsuru is simply shocked, but doesn't say anything audible. They'll still wear them, mind. And since this is an ATLUS game, being Distracted by the Sexy can land you a game over real quick.
    • During the beach trip in Persona 4 Golden, Kanji sees Rise in a swimsuit, however doesn't get a Nosebleed. Rise actually gets offended by this since she heard that Kanji actually did get one over seeing Chie and Yukiko in swimsuits during the school campout.
  • Pokémon:
    • Some Pokémon can have an ability called "Oblivious" which prevents them from being affected by the infatuation status caused by the move Attract. Prior to Pokémon Black and White, the Red Flute item can also negate the effects of Attract, in case a Pokémon has been Distracted by the Sexy.
    • For a more direct example, Skyla, a Gym Leader in Black and White, wears a Stripperiffic outfit and has the biggest rack in the game, yet gets almost no attention whatsoever for her appearance. In fact, nearly every male NPC who talks about infatuation at all will refer to Elesa, another Gym Leader. Any compliments directed at Skyla are for her excellent piloting skills (which she genuinely has, as demonstrated in Pokémon Black 2 and White 2, and is NOT an Unusual Euphemism).
    • Serena in X and Y can wear customizable outfits, a first for the series, with some of them being Stripperiffic. No matter what you wear, no NPCs comment or react to your appearance, even if Serena is only wearing a skimpy crop top that shows off all her stomach and a small skirt.
  • In Return to Castle Wolfenstein, the Nazi Amazon Brigade all wear low-cut skintight leather and stiletto heels. In the 1940s. In bitterest Teutonic winter. Nobody comments on this.
  • Going completely naked in the Saints Row games allows you to play a streaking minigame where you run up to as many pedestrians as you can within the time limit and freak them out with your nudity. However, they only get freaked out during the minigame, which you have to manually activate with a button press. Otherwise, nobody even registers that you're naked, not even the cops (assuming laws against public nudity exist in Stilwater and Steelport).
  • Sigma Star Saga has every female Krill wearing what amounts to an alien bikini, yet no one seems to bat an eye. Well, Recker does a couple of times early on, but that stops after the first chapter.
  • Soul Calibur III:
    • Seong-Mina's got a naturally athletic figure, which you can't help seeing since she traverses the continent half naked. Yet, no one bats so much as an eyelash at all the eyecandy she's displaying. Not even her legs which are built solidly enough to near rival Chun Li's.
    • Same goes for Ivy, a dominatrix-themed character whose default armor usually consists of little more than a corset, garter belts with thonged panties, and purple leather. No one says a word about it.
    • For the exact opposite of sexy, we have Voldo, who is what happens when you take Ivy's bondage gear, get rid of about half of it, and put it on an extremely flexible old man. Nobody comments on his outfit either.
  • Averted in Super Robot Wars OG Saga: Endless Frontier, where half the jokes in the game are comments on the wardrobe of the female cast. Especially Kagura, with her tiny dress and huge... tracts of land.
  • In Tales from the Borderlands, Zer0 mostly ignores Mad Moxxi's constant innuendo. The only time he even comments on it is before hanging up on her in annoyance. A Borderlands 2 DLC has him outright say that he isn't interested in romance or sex, only in combat and testing his skills. Of course, in the same DLC, he does imply that he masturbates (and uses blood as lube), so while he may not be distracted by the sexy, it apparently still has an effect on him.
  • In a volcano stage in Tales of Hearts, female characters consider disrobing because of the heat. In two cases, this flusters the male characters, but when the young Beryl offers, she's greeted by uncomfortable silence. Also of note: Kunzite refuses to participate in these conversations.

    Visual Novels 
  • Higurashi: When They Cry:
  • Ace Attorney:
    • Trials and Tribulations has Dahlia Hawthorne, who leaves every male character she meets lovestruck... except for Miles Edgeworth and Diego Armando. Makes kind of sense for Diego because he was already dating Mia, who's quite the looker and was standing right by him in her first trial.
    • This is basically an Edgeworth superpower. Back in the first game, April May flaunts for all it's worth. The Judge is charmed, Phoenix is irritated... and Edgeworth never changes expression.
    • Every time Mia Fey appears. Then again, people barely seem to find it worthy of mention that a ghost is in the courtroom, let alone one that's bursting out of her someone else's top. In fact, the only person who even comments on it when she's alive is Gumshoe, and even then only briefly.
  • Ms. Fanservice Alice from Virtue's Last Reward wears nothing but a skirt, a short open jacket and a necklace which is the only thing on her that somewhat covers her massive breasts. No one says a thing about the fact that she's practically topless; in fact, Dio is the only person to comment on her Ms. Fanservice status, only once, and focusing only on the size of her bust rather than they're mostly uncovered.
    Dio: With a prow like that, I imagine you run into a lot of things.

  • Blade Bunny features an example where a man happens on a naked woman taking a bath.
    Man: This is a rare moment where my brain overrides my penis. That's boiling oil. What the hell?
  • In Disney High School, every girl is mesmerized by Shang rushing through the obstacle course in P.E. except for Merida, who facepalms at their reaction.
  • Dominic Deegan: "Katya, your country has made me immune to boobs." Except Katya's. According to the creator, that strip was based off of something that happened to him [see comments below].
  • Girl Genius: Agatha at multiple points manages to outright ignore "half-dressed hotties," even her two crushes. Zeetha finally points out the absurdity of it while in England and Oggie figures Agatha is displaying self control because not only is her mother's anima trying to take over her mind but her mother was also an evil seductress. Oggie figures Agatha will be far more susceptible to such distractions once they get her mother out of her head.
  • In El Goonish Shive, Tedd, when he's wrapped up in science, will ignore Grace's attempts to draw his attention to her through sexiness. He is noted to be the worst at playing doctor. Grace can say all the suggestive stuff she wants, and Tedd will just give an actual amateur physical.
  • Ennui GO!: One karaoke session ends in a great big orgy (as per usual). The employee watching them on the security cameras says he has a gut feeling people might be willing to pay money for this footage.
  • Karate Bears have the ability to focus on the task at hand.
  • The Order of the Stick:
    • During the first story arc, Elan tries to distract Thog with an illusion of a female half-orc. It doesn't work... until Vaarsuvius suggests using it to scare him.
    • In a later story arc, Elan tries to escape from prison by distracting two policemen with an image of a sexy policewoman. It doesn't work because one is happily married and the other is gay.
    • Later, it happens twice in the same story arc:
      • First, as Roy rescues Julia from Sabine, she tries to distract him by opening her shirt and offering to let him do anything he wants to her. Roy is very interested... because what he wants is to throw her out a window.
      • Later, a now-freed Julia (whose standard outfit is "sexy schoolgirl") tries to get Durkon's attention with fanservice, but Durkon a) doesn't respond because he's busy casting a spell, and b) then goes into "responsible dad" mode and tells her off for acting like that. Julia, amazingly, is actually cowed.
  • In Tales Of Gnosis College, Professor Corwin has naked coeds running around his lab engaged in various peculiar behaviors. He responds by being observant and taking careful notes.
  • Yeon Ehwa and Jue Viole Grace from Tower of God:
    Yeon: If you plan to request something from me just because you settled my debt, you better stop dreaming.
    Viole: ... What would I request from you?
    Yeon: I-I m-mean... my body.
    Viole: I'm not interested in your body.
    Yeon: [snaps; in thought] Kill... I'll kill you... same team or not, in the next test, I'll definitely kill you.
  • Crash in Weenie Licked tries and fails to seduce Paul with her ass.

    Web Original 
  • The Boobs of Steel article on this very wiki is a detailed, scientific discussion of whether or not cup size is actually proportional to strength, and why. The writer at least was definitely Not Distracted By The Sexy.
  • Boomstick of DEATH BATTLE! is a crude individual who approaches girl-fights with great enthusiasm and often makes lewd comments towards them. This is not the case in the character preview for Yang Xiao Long, where Boomstick completely uncharacteristically makes not even a single comment about her looks, because he's so distracted by her signature weapon, the Ember Celica. Boomstick evidently loves weapons more than women. Though possibly Justified if he is aware that Yang is 17 years old and hence still a high-school student.
  • Théo from Aventures is a paladin/inquisitor who doesn't have much interest in any described fanservice because he is a chaste Knight Templar.
    Succubus: Come on inquisitor, what do you want to do to me?
    Théo: Cut your head and piss down your neck.
  • A good chunk of artist Baalbuddy's sketches have this for humor, with extremely attractive women utterly failing at arousing the men for varied reasons. Elf women in particular are characterized as a whole of being overly desperate and clingy that men of various races are turned off, with one strip featuring an elf teacher trying to save face by claiming stereotypical elf celibacy is an Immortal Procreation Clause in action.

    Western Animation 
  • American Dad!:
    • Stan takes in a stripper who's the same age as Hayley purely for non-sexual reasons. The other strippers that also come to live with the Smiths are actually surprised with the fact Stan has done nothing sexual to them.
      • Though in this case Stan was distracted by the sexy, he's just not a cheater, nor wants to take advantage of them. In an earlier scene, Stan sees the first stripper who moved in, Tanqueray, naked. He blocks her body, because he doesn't want to see her naked. He then immediately leaves the room and initiates sex with his wife
        Stan (to Tanqueray): Just meet me in the car in 15 minutes.
        Leaves room.
        Stan (to Francine): Francine, meet me in the shower immediately.
    • In "Stan Time", Roger and Steve attempt to write porn films. While trying to visualize in a diner, they don't notice two busty blonde ice cream shop waitresses playing around in sexually suggestive situations.
  • The very first scene of Dan Vs. is an attractive woman moving into the apartment next to Dan's and trying to greet him. Cue this exchange:
    Woman: Hi Dan, I'm a supermodel. I just moved in next door~! [poses]
    Dan: [unphased and annoyed] I don't care who the IRS sends, I am not paying taxes!
  • Futurama
    • In the "Jurassic Bark" episode, Amy and Leela are doing some gratuitous wrestling in skimpy gym outfits, but Fry is too preoccupied with the impending resurrection of Seymour to be bothered.
    • In the episode "The Six Million Dollar Mon", Fry is trying to eavesdrop on a conversation Hermes and Bender are having, refusing to help Leela and Amy rub on their new scented body oil in the shower.
    • Once Leela and Fry became an Official Couple it became something of a Running Gag that Leela would come on to Fry only for Fry to angrily shush her up because something relatively mundane had his attention, or otherwise fail to pick up the cue.
  • Justice League. This trope is generally played straight with almost all of the superheroines, though there are exceptions, such as Green Arrow's interest in Black Canary.
    • One minor exception involves a conversation between the Flash and the Elongated Man in the episode "The Ties that Bind". As the scantily clad Fire walks past them during the conversation, Elongated Man very clearly twists his head and stares as she walks past.
    • Lampshaded in an episode involving criticism of the Justice League as role-models, a talk show host remarks, "And what about this Wonder Woman? I've seen showgirls that dress with more modesty than she does!" It annoys her to no end.
    Wonder Woman: And what's wrong with the way I dress?!
    Flash: (to Green Lantern) You wanna take that one?
  • King of the Hill: Peggy takes Hank to a clothing-optional park to rekindle their sexual relationship - while there, a couple of pretty young ladies are drawn over by his grilling. While Hank is normally very uncomfortable with nudity, he cheerfully discusses propane cooking with them, happy in his element.
  • The Private Snafu episode Booby Trap has Snafu come upon a (fake) brothel in a tent in the middle of the desert. He takes one look, goes "WOW!" and makes a beeline for a Grand Piano. He does it again later in the episode, where he yells "OH BOY!" only to be more interested in smoking a hookah pipe, since he "ain't had a good smoke in years!"
  • The episode, of The Real Ghostbusters, "The Devil In The Deep" took place on an exceptionally hot day, leading Janine to show up to work in a revealing bikini. But nobody of the gang pay attention to this and talk normally with her as usual.
  • One B-plot of an episode of The Simpsons involved Homer winning a professional boudoir photography shoot, which took place in the Simpson's basement. When he shows Marge the "Homererotic" result, she gets excited over the pillows and curtains the photographer used in the background, then drags a protesting Homer off to go shopping so she can start redecorating.
    Homer: [whining] But I was gonna score!
    Marge: No, you weren't.
  • South Park episode "Raisins" had Cartman and Stan as the only boys who weren't stunned by the girls at the Hooters-like restaurant, Cartman because he was focusing on the food and Stan because he was dealing with a break-up. Stan's case is also worth pointing out because the other boys took him to the restaurant specifically to distract him.
  • Star Trek: Lower Decks: "Where Pleasant Fountains Lie": Several Hysperians try to seduce Billups throughout the episode. He is completely unphased or else slightly annoyed, even while Rutherford is visibly uncomfortable next to him.
  • Stripperella. Although it seems to swing between this and Distracted by the Sexy regularly, as convenient to the story. Played straight in just about every scene except when she's performing on stage as her civilian persona (at which point people are supposed to be distracted, or she's not doing her job properly). The majority of the villains she fights are all too well-aware of how dangerous she is, and fight accordingly.
  • Heather on Total Drama seems to be the only girl not to get distracted by Justin. The only time she really showed attraction to him was in regards to how useful his sexiness would be for the challenge (and this didn't stop her from having him voted out later in the same episode).
  • Winx Club: Fairy transformations (and one witch transformation) tend to be very skimpy, with mini shorts/skirts/dresses and midriff-baring top pieces, especially in the early seasons. This is treated as normal and never sexualized by all of the characters (Love Interests included) and the camera shots. It doesn't hamper the girls' ability to fight, either. Similarly, when the characters go on a Beach Episode, the further lack of clothes is not acknowledged.

    Real Life 
  • Jungle Pam Hardy. We're surprised anybody ever got around to actually drag racing Jungle Jim.
  • Life-drawing classes. You're pretty much used to it after the first two sessions. Doesn't hurt that life drawing models aren't necessarily those you'd desire to see otherwise. Art models run the gamut of body types. Also, it's work. Well, school, but it amounts to the same thing. When you're forced to do something, that pretty much sucks all the enjoyment out of it no matter what it is. Especially in gesture drawing where you would only have few seconds to look at each of the model's pose. Guarantee you spend most of your time drawing the pose rather than observing the nudity.
  • Communal showers. They start out disturbing, and end up just being awkward or a non-problem.
  • People working in theater or dance get used to naked or nearly naked bodies as an everyday occurrence. Hell, in community theaters with limited dressing room space, it's not terribly uncommon for actors to give up and change either elsewhere backstage, or on the stage if they're particularly desperate. Once you've been in a particular theater group for long enough, you get so used to it that the fact that someone is half-naked onstage can very easily escape your notice.
  • Small Dessous stores. Women walking around in their underwear, casually discussing the respective bra or their boobs.
  • Nude beaches/clubs have this as a requirement. Like with life-drawing, it's not a hard rule to adhere to; despite what old beer commercials would have you believe, quite a few of the attendees in reality are not gorgeous supermodels, but the sort you'd probably rather never see naked.
  • Male gynecologists (and pretty much doctors in general). Doctors have to deal with a lot of Fan Disservice — very much a matter of "not distracted by the unsexy".
  • Tattoo artists and piercers who deal in genital work get quickly acclimated to all sorts of things, or they don't have jobs for very long.
  • The origin story of the "GET OUT" Frog meme. A goon was sharing a photoshoot of a female porn star on Something Awful and everybody got far more interested in the frog plush in the corner than the woman (here SFW). This became a fairly common occurrence on Facebook and other image sharing sites, as someone will post a "sexy" picture of themselves for Compliment Fishing purposes and then one of the commenters will pick out something in the background to compliment instead.
  • A blogger claimed to see a topless woman walking the streets of New York in May of 2012 and "...what was even weirder? No one even flinched...Not one person turned to gawk at this woman's bare breasts."
  • Cindy Crawford recalls that this was the case during a business lunch that she had with a Pepsi representative and her agent while in Barbados for an international meeting:
    Crawford: One day my girlfriend, her boyfriend and I were sunbathing topless because that's Barbados — you can wear nothing if you want. And the Pepsi guy walks up and with my agent to meet us for lunch. I saw him coming and wondered, "Should I put on my top because I have a business relationship with him?" I didn't want him to get offended because the rest of the beach had seen me with my top off. Meanwhile, as he's walking toward me, he's saying to my agent "I hope she puts on her top." He wasn't even being a schmuck like wanting to see. He wanted to keep our relationship professional.
    Playboy: Did you or didn't you?
    Crawford: I left it off and it was fine with everyone.
  • In this article, reporter Jennifer Briggs recalls how she has ignored the fact that the football and baseball players were naked when she went into locker rooms to interview them while all the other girls want to know what the players look like naked.
  • A woman once gave two teenage boys two sets of identical exams. The only difference was that, during the second test, she wore a shirt exposing her collarbone. The boys turned out never to have noticed when she asked if they noticed anything different during that test, having kept their focus entirely on the questions.
  • People who work for the authorities, or any other security services will tell you how dangerous it is to be distracted by a pretty face. Hence the term "Don't think with your dick, think with your head".
  • Asexual people.

I know I'm not going to get any, so why would I fall for that?


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