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Aren't You Going to Ravish Me?

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"I was raised Catholic. I was never molested as a child, and frankly, I'm a little bit insulted. Wasn't I pretty enough?"
Bill Maher, Real Time with Bill Maher

The barbarians are past the gate, up the stairs, and standing over the hero's incapacitated body. The pure, virtuous, virgin damsel is now helpless against what is sure to be a lewd, ravishing, and depraved assault against her purity. In desperation, she grasps the nearest blunt object, determined to protect her maidenhood with every ounce of her strength. The barbarians leer at her, coming closer and closer. There are too many of them, and she closes her eyes, preparing to feel the grip of one of their dirty, grimy paws on her flawless skin.


Nothing happens.

The damsel opens her eye to see the barbarian horde taking interest in something completely different. Maybe it's Yet Another Baby Panda. Maybe someone cued the flying pigs, and the barbarians have just got to take a look at this. Maybe all they wanted was her golden necklace. Maybe sexual assault just isn't their thing or they just find it obstructs them in their line of work. Maybe they just happen to be gay. Whatever the reason, the barbarians make it clear that they have no interest in the damsel whatsoever.

Her reaction: incredulous at best, downright insulted at worst. Who wouldn't be: damsels put a lot of effort into being pure and fair, and it's offensive to blow up castles, slay tons of palace guards, and break apart all of that furniture, just to ignore the goods once you get there.

Basically, any time a character (usually female) in a story is ignored or passed over in a situation that would seem to suggest that she was about to become the target of some kind of sexual assault before the trope came into play, and she becomes angry about it, even though logic would dictate that she would be pleased with this turn of events. Apparently, the woman feels insulted that she is seemingly not attractive enough to be the target of such actions, thus warranting indignation. It's not that she wants to be assaulted per se, but getting passed over like that hits right in the pride, you know?

A slightly more innocent variation is in the cases such as Funbag Airbag or Thanks for the Mammary, or other Accidental Pervert moments, in which the "victim" is left upset/disappointed that it was unintentional.

This trope is usually sexual in nature, though variants can include non-sexual examples of victimization ("The monster isn't trying to eat me? What, am I not delicious enough?" "What do you mean they didn't want to steal my Cool Car?" "Why the hell is the bounty on my "Wanted!" Poster so cheap?"). Similarly, though the would-be victim is usually female, males can be targeted, though their would-be aggressors are more likely to be male,note  or use one of the non-sexual variants. When male-on-male situations do use the sexual variants, the would-be victim is often portrayed as homophobic for an extra bit of irony; sometimes it's to hint that he's an Armoured Closet Gay, but sometimes he's just that much of a hypocrite.

If it's the hero who's refusing to take advantage of the heroine, this can overlap with Above the Influence or Not Distracted by the Sexy. Especially irritating if the character has been complaining that All Men Are Perverts; then complains when this happens. Sister Trope to Why Isn't It Attacking? and Too Kinky to Torture. If the damsel just got saved from sexual assault and exhibits this trope for the hero, they probably Got Over Rape Instantly. Though in more realistic versions, the woman wants the hero to take her virginity and/or marry her in the hopes of not being assaulted again (because she's a less valuable target): this reasoning is absolutely Truth in Television, especially in more conservative societies. Also related (in a twisted, Freudian way) to Compliment Fishing. Also compare Power Dynamics Kink. For moments where the woman is angry because she was hoping to get some, see All Women Are Lustful. If the man is very rich, she might be hoping to trade sex for money and disappointed because she believes his refusal means she has to remain poor.


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    Anime & Manga 
  • In Beastars, Haru is so used to getting it on with her male acquaintances, that she is dumbfounded when Legoshi doesn't want to have sex with her in exchange for helping her a bit with her garden. (Legoshi, meanwhile, is genuinely dumbfounded why Haru is getting naked and trying to take off his pants.) This ends up enabling a deeper relationship between the two.
  • In the Boarding School Juliet anthology, neither of the teenage protagonists are comfortable with actual sex yet, but Percia's annoyed because her boyfriend isn't comfortable with sexual touching of any degree.
  • In Cherry Magic! Thirty Years of Virginity Can Make You a Wizard?!, when Adachi pretends to be asleep while staying at Kurosawa's place, Kurosawa suddenly walks over and bends down to Adachi's "sleeping" body. Adachi starts tensing up, but Kurosawa merely picks up his phone, which was lying beside Adachi's futon and leaves. Adachi is initially relieved, but then finds himself wondering why Kurosawa didn't try anything, despite his feelings for Adachi.
  • In City Hunter, Kaori actually takes offence that Ryo won't try and jump her.
  • CLANNAD teases with a scene where resident Tsundere Kyou and Tomoya both get locked in an equipment storage shed. At first she's quite upset that this happened (apparently because of a spell cast on him right before this scene), but then goes into full blown dere-dere mode when Tomoya yells that he'll take care of it, says its his first time too, and tells her to turn around while he takes his shirt off. Then it turns out he just did that in order to lift the spell (also taught to him right before the scene), and the door opens right away, as another student opens it from the outside.
  • Played for both squick and tragedy in the Cyborg 009 manga and CD-drama. It's squicky to see a 14-year-old Fille Fatale named Nana Kashima strip naked in front of Albert a.k.a. 004 while telling him he's a coward for not wanting to have sex with her, and it's also heartbreaking because the person doing this is a deeply wounded Broken Bird with an awful life, and who breaks down in tears when Albert again refuses to do her.
  • In Desert Punk, there are multiple occasions where bandits attack and a girl screams and cowers while shrieking "I'm going to be raped!", while the bandits just look at her with utter disinterest. This may be because the girl or woman is exceptionally unappealing, or, in the case of one major character's first encounter with the main character, it's because she's too young and flat to interest him (even though she's barely younger than him).
  • Dragon Ball:
    • In the original Dragon Ball, Bulma is in the hands of Lord Pilaf. Lord Pilaf wants to know where the last Dragon Ball is and he promises to do "humiliating" things to her should she say no. Instead of what Bulma is fearing, he instead blows her a kiss. This is enough to freak out Pilaf's underlings (kissing is a really big deal in Japanese culture), but all Bulma has to say is, "That's all?" She then proceeds to describe what she thought Pilaf would do the way things were going (involving a lot of censor bars in the manga) and which proceeds to thoroughly squick Pilaf out: "AAAUGH! What a diseased mind! H-how can you even stand to THINK of such hideous things?!" Pilaf decides to dump her back into the dungeon with Goku and the others before deciding to knockout-gas them in order to find the Dragon Ball in question. (The French version of the anime has Pilaf Breaking the Fourth Wall by protesting that it is a kids' cartoon, and they can't show such things.)
    • Dragon Ball Super features a non-sexual version of this in Episode 46. The heroes are on an alien planet, battling the Superhuman Water, an ooze-like substance that drains the power of anyone it touches. When it has the opportunity to drain Jaco, it completely ignores him and continues chasing Goten and Trunks, prompting Jaco to shout "What, aren't I good enough?!"
  • One of the Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA☆ILLYA specials has Irisviel forcing Sella and Leysritt to wear extremely attenuated versions of their maid uniforms and ask Shirou if he wants "dinner, a bath, or Sella" when he gets home. Sella's obviously embarrassed and Shirou cautiously chooses "dinner," but that only makes her fly into a rage and hit him.
  • The gag manga The Female Hero and the Shota Orc has this as one of the incentives for the main heroine, who tends to lament "I want to be assaulted soooo bad..." She meets the title orc when she hears people yelling that there's one in town, only to be disappointed to find out it's a child. She then offers to bring him back to his village, thinking that all the burly orcs will mistake her for kidnapping the boy and would gangbang her as retaliation... only to have them give her a great dinner and the best room in the inn as thanks. She then starts making her way to the castle of the Demon King (with the young orc tagging along), hoping to get ravaged on the way.
  • Played with in Freezing. Sattelizer L Bridget has a difficult backstory. As a result, she isn't trusting at all. She Hates Being Touched and Does Not Like Men (Or Women, for that matter). At one event, she gets really drunk, and Kazuya, the one man she does like, takes her back to her room. At her inebriated request, he unzips the back of her dress and removes her stockings, but he doesn't go farther than that. When she wakes up, she's a bit freaked out by what he could have done, but a little bit disappointed that he didn't, even wondering if she's not his type. Turns out she is.
  • In Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu, Sōsuke and Tsubaki suddenly barge into the (recently injured) school janitor's room and start manhandling him. Having no idea that the student council president assigned the two to look after him while he recovers (with a bet on who would prove to be the most helpful) and are trying to assess his current condition, he concludes that they're here to have their way with him. His flowery Imagine Spot and sudden lapse into Mills and Boon Prose imply this is wishful thinking on his part.
    Janitor: What do you think you're doing!?... Wait, could it be that you're here to take my ripened flesh by force? That you plan to have your fill of the fruit about to fall from the branch!?
    Sōsuke: ... It seems that he misunderstood us.
  • In the manga Fuusuke, excessive mining on the moon causes all the world's women to turn into sex addicts, who rape every man in sight, and often kill them afterwards, except Fuusuke, who's not attractive enough. The women kill government members, cops and doctors, leaving the incredibly unnatractive Fuusuke as the most powerful man in the world. Then he wakes up.
  • A minor example in Genshiken: after a shopping trip in an early episode Kasukabe warns Kousaka not to peek at her as she changes clothes. Totally absorbed in a video game and barely paying attention, Kousaka mumbles his agreement. Incensed at his lack of interest, she yells, "I'm SERIOUS! DON'T!"
  • Played seriously in Goddess Creation System. Mingyi, The Casanova, is growing increasingly obsessed with Xiaxi especially since she keeps rejecting him. Apparently fed up with his advances, she strips off her clothes and tells him to flat out rape her if that will satisfy him and then just leave her alone. This is actually a carefully considered bluff on her part because his ego can't stand the idea that a woman could fail to fall for his charms, which makes taking her up on the offer basically impossible.
  • Higehiro: Sayu has tied her self-worth to sex, and can't believe that Yoshida doesn't want to sleep with her. In episode 3, she strips down to her underwear and outright asks him to, but he refuses to take advantage of her.
  • Highschool of the Dead zigzags the trope in episode 11. Takashi pins Rei on the bed after she confesses her feelings for him. When she asks why he's hesitating, he replies it's because he wasn't sure how to feel about it, or whether she was being sincere. She tells him she didn't know how else to be with him, so he accepts and leans out of frame, followed by the sounds of their lovemaking. But they're forced to stop moments later, since Rei hadn't fully recovered from her back injury yet.
  • In The Irregular at Magic High School, after Miyuki and Tatsuya's Perfectly Arranged Marriage is announced, they go back to their shared room and find that one of the futons has been taken away. Miyuki is shocked, yet also slightly disappointed when her fiancé tells her they won't "do anything".
  • Played with in Kaguya-sama: Love Is War. Once the shock wore off, Kaguya was furious when she found out that Shirogane hadn't done anything to her while he was in her bed (she had actually pulled him onto the bed while she was delirious from a fever and he instantly fell asleep due to chronic sleep deprivation). Of course, she never says anything to him directly since neither of them had admitted their feelings for each other at this point.
    Narrator: [speaking Kaguya's thoughts] The question is: how much advantage did he take? And if the answer is "none at all", then that's infuriating too!
  • KonoSuba:
  • The first episode of Lost Universe has a variant. Millie's on the auction block, the bidding's about to begin, and the auctioneer announces that bidding will start at 10 credits, a pittance. Millie is quite annoyed at this.
  • Mild variant employed in Miss Machiko. Resident trouble-maker Kenta frequently flips his classmates' skirts to embarrass them. Token fat girl Maruko patiently awaits her turn, but when Kenta passes her by, she's so furious she pounds his head into the pavement.
  • Downplayed in Molester Man. Loli asks if Molester Man is going to "do something" to her when they're alone in her apartment, both sitting close together at the kotatsu (and she just got out of the shower), but he turns her down because he's into her friend Kansai instead.
  • My Dress-Up Darling: Marin never asks the question directly, but her reactions to several of Gojo's Accidental Pervert imply she's more than ready to throw herself at him as soon as he makes a move on her, such as the time they're in a Love Hotel and literally seconds away from making out in a compromising position, until the reception calls the room to let them know their time is up. Somewhat downplayed by the fact that she's less insulted and more disappointed that nothing happens, and she never lashes out at him for it.
  • Played for Laughs in My Hero Academia: Mineta finds a peephole into the girls' locker room and loudly begins reciting the features that he wants to see on his various female classmates, only to get stabbed in the eye by Jiro when he actually tries to look. As the other girls act disgusted by his antics, however, Jiro's secretly wondering why she was the only girl whom he didn't mention.
  • Plays into Asuka's characterization in Neon Genesis Evangelion. Though the scene is only in the director's cut, a flashback has her throwing herself at Kaji with her shirt unbuttoned, effectively asking him to ravish her, but he steadfastly ignores her. As the infamous Mind Rape scene shows, one of her issues with Shinji is his lack of assertiveness in regard to women, and especially in regards to her as a woman. The attention of others is crucial to her self-image, but even though she emphasizes her availability by displaying her sexuality, Shinji is just both too shy to do anything and too socially inept to understand most of her Hint Dropping. Their disastrous kiss further disappoints her because he doesn't hold her. The "this is the impenetrable wall of Jericho" statement, which implies that she was daring him to try something, also went over Shinji's head.
  • One Piece:
    • Non-sexual variant in one of the movies involving Brook (a walking skeleton) being offended that a swarm of flesh-eating insects went right past him to chase his fleshier crewmates. Bone has a lot of nutritional value, apparently.
    • Another non-sexual version occurs in the anime Davy Back Fight. Nami is lamenting that her good looks mean she's certain to be claimed by the Foxy Pirates as their new idol. A passing pair of Foxy pirates flatly state they have no interest, causing an offended Nami to know why. Apparently she's too weak. And scary.
  • Orc Eroica has this in its backstory. The elven hero Thunder Sonia (who's 1,200 years old) once fought the orc hero Bash, and she lost. With the usual tendencies of orcs in this setting, everyone expected her to be raped, but Bash let her go (at this time, he was more focused on fighting). This resulted in a rumour that Sonia smells so old, even orcs won't touch her. Combined with her great status, it means almost no man dares to approach her.
  • Patlabor: Invoked by Noa, of all people, in the "Red Labor Landing" episode where she and Asuma end up having to share a hotel room while they're on assignment. She frets over it in the furo and waits 'til he's asleep before turning in. But when he "awakes" and creeps toward her futon, she braces herself for the inevitable... except he completely ignores her and goes for her snack bag. Noa becomes outraged and clocks him. Though it's unclear whether she was upset that he tried to swipe her chips, or because he passed up a perfect opportunity to cop a feel!
  • Ranma ½:
    • In the manga, during the "Little Hawaii" story, a bunch of male students from Fūrinkan are infected by the "Aloha virus" thanks to the Principal's latest ploy. This makes them act like "honeymooner tourists in Hawaii", the dream of any Japanese. Thus they begin assaulting Ranma-chan, Akane and Ukyō to make them their "wives"... but they twice ignore Hinako-sensei since she looks like a little girl. She feels quite insulted by that.
    • Another manga chapter has the ghost of an old, heavyset woman who used to be headmistress of an all-girl school, who cannot move on to the afterlife because panty-thieves used to steal the panties of her students... but never hers. Thus Ranma and Akane trying to convince Dirty Old Man Happōsai to steal those panties to help the ghost's passing... which he won't, because they are unsexy, oversized, Victorian-style culottes. Even under threat of dying from the haunting, Happōsai still refuses, despairing the woman ghost.
  • In Rebuild World, Sheryl offers her body to Akira in hopes of earning his cooperation and getting him to agree to be the new boss of the Sebia Gang. Instead, she's offended when he displays complete disinterest in her and doubts her worth even as an expendable pawn.
  • In an episode of Samurai Champloo, Fuu believes she is to be the "prize" in a duel between two brothers battling to succeed their father's dojo (they have both commented on how absolutely cute something is while looking in her direction). When the duel is over, the two brothers approach Fuu as though they're going to glomp her, only to become preoccupied with her flying squirrel. Fuu is pissed.
    Fuu: Why would they need to go to the red light district when they have me around?
  • Sayonara, Zetsubou-Sensei:
    • The resident Ms. Fanservice, Kimura is ostensibly quite angered when fanservice naturally happens to her (her catchphrase is "I'll sue you!"), but on a couple of occasions, she gets furiously angry when no-one pays attention to the fanservice she provides.
    • Another case is the Gonk girl who places heavily photoshopped pictures of herself online. The characters are listing their annoyances, and she says it's when creepy people ask her for pictures of her cosplaying. A guy seeing her remarks that he's not interested.
  • In The Seven Deadly Sins, Elizabeth's embarrassed acceptance of Meliodas' groping is thrown into a new light in Chapter 190, when she hugs him to her chest and begs him to "touch me more".
  • Slayers:
    • Lina Inverse is just about to get attacked by a troll, when it scoots itself over to go after a nearby waitress instead. Not exactly being ravished, but the implication is there...
      Gourry: I guess even a troll knows a cute girl when it sees it.
    • Played straight in the Japanese edition. A group of henchmen captures Lina, one suggests they should rape her, but everyone refuses for some reasons. A werewolf says he just finds human girls incredibly ugly, and Lina is seriously pissed. She does realize that complaining would be a bad idea, though.
  • In the first episode of Soul Eater, Spirit at first accuses the title character of having designs on his daughter, Maka, but then when Soul rudely denies having any interest in her, Spirit starts acting like a Pervert Dad and lists his daughter's "qualities".
  • The Story of Saiunkoku: Shuurei asks Sa Sakujun this almost word-for-word when he kidnaps her. Unlike most examples, she's relieved that he isn't going to do so (yet) rather than insulted.
  • In Strike the Blood, Asagi is briefly possessed by the soul of a Shameless Fanservice Girl alchemist with a penchant for walking around naked or half-naked. Asagi later wakes up in Kojou's bed half-dressed and becomes emotional and teary-eyed over what she thinks may have happened. An embarrassed Kojou explains that he didn't do anything to her, and nothing happened. When he finally convinces her, she tells him, "You're useless."
  • Played for Laughs in Uzaki-chan Wants to Hang Out!. During Chapter 58, Hana starts having fantasies with Shinichi and gets extremely nervous, and then all of a sudden he asks that she takes off her jacket because he needs "to check something". She complies... and it turns out he just wanted to check if she was wearing a shirt she borrowed from him (she was). She's left shocked and angry about this, and immediately begins planning her revenge for it.
  • In Wasteful Days of High School Girls, several of Lily's interactions with Majime end up as this, as Majime's domineering manliness towards her gets the better of her, though Majime never quite realizes the feelings she arouses in Lily.
  • The World God Only Knows:
    • Haqua challenges Keima to a Hellian board game under the condition that the loser must do anything the winner desires. After each loss, she pleads "I know I said anything... But not anything! Just not anything, okay!" Keima, however, only wants to ask questions about his situation and his partner demon Elsea. Haqua finally lashes out at him: "Aren't you even a tiny bit interested in me!?"
    • Inverted in FLAG.111: Keima's eyes seem to ask Akari "Are you going to ravish me?" after being forcefully kissed quite a few times.

  • There's an English caricature where young women are offering themselves to invaders to rape them but leave their mother alone, and the mother speaks up to the effect that she won't be left out. There's a similar joke with Rene's mother-in-law in 'Allo 'Allo!.

  • A Dave Allen sketch features Vikings doing what Vikings are known for: "Plunder and rape! Plunder and rape!" Until a damsel doesn't help she's about 80 years old. Cut to the horns of the viking leader going instantly limp — "Plunder! Plunder!"
  • The stand-up routine from Louis CK's HBO special Chewed Up, which takes on a whole new light in the wake of the sexual harassment accusations about him.

    Comic Books 
  • In much older Archie Comics Moose was a by-proxy example with Midge. He'd go bananas if anyone was "looking at his guuurl" and if they denied it, he'd beat them up anyways because "Why?! Isn't she pretty enough?!"
  • In Crossed, former Serial Killer Geoff describes his first encounter with one of the Hate Plague infected as having resulted in him being asked this by his latest victim. He was so freaked out he abandoned the Crossed man in his basement and never looked back.
  • In volume 1 of Empowered, the eponymous heroine is captured by a robot "Pimpotron" that scans her to see if she's worthy of a galactic harem. After deciding her butt is too big, it leaves her behind. She is clearly more devastated by the insult than relieved at her good fortune. Possibly justified, if she felt she could have protected herself in either case.
  • The slave protagonist in Highest House by Mike Carey finds his master's daughter en flagrante with her ladies' maid, and they offer him anything to keep their secret. The situation was partially manipulated by the protagonist's demonic patron, who encouraged him to extort sexual favors from one or both of the women. All involved are incredibly nonplussed as he requests . . . reading lessons.
  • One Josie And The Pussy Cats comic has a thief break in the Cabots' summer villa and sorted his mother's jewelry case to retrieve a bunch of smuggled gemstones that Melody accidentally bought, then left without taking anything when he failed to find the stones. When the group discovers the break-in, Alex is offended that the thief has passed up on his family heirlooms, which are actually more valuable than the ones the thief is trying to get.
  • A variant from the Gold Key Wacky Races story "The Scavenger Scramble": The last item the racers have to get is a parking ticket. Dick Dastardly parks his Mean Machine at the red curb in front of the police station, certain he'll get his ticket immediately. Instead, the policemen all come out to gawk at his car. "Isn't anybody going to give me a ticket?" Dastardly asks. They respond by offering him a ticket — to the policeman's ball. Dastardly loses his shit and demands a parking ticket.
  • In What If? v2 #16, a crossover between Wolverine and Marvel's version of Conan the Barbarian, Red Sonja is beaten by Wolverine and essentially gives up and waits for him to rape her, but he walks away, disgusted by the idea and saying "Sorry, darlin', that ain't my style." Sonja is both perplexed and slightly insulted, so she follows him. (For some reason, she has never even considered the possibility that her eventual defeat would come at the hands of someone who isn't interested.) It's only after their next meeting that he warms up to her, and she eventually becomes his queen. Since this story is in an Alternate Universe setting, it's not certain if the "real" Sonja would have reacted this way.

    Comic Strips 
  • Beetle Bailey has several times used the milder version "Aren't you going to inappropriately flirt with me? You're a soldier!" And it even did "Aren't you going to inappropriately flirt with my sister? You saying she's not pretty enough?"
  • A PG example sometimes occurs in Calvin and Hobbes. A Running Gag is that Hobbes will violently pounce on Calvin as a greeting every time he comes home from school. Sometimes, for different reasons (it was too cold out, he knew it was someone else, or he just didn't feel like it), Hobbes doesn't attack and Calvin will be insulted he wasn't savagely mauled for once.
  • For Better or for Worse used it at least once, when Elly walked past a group of construction workers and then demanded to know why they didn't find her attractive enough to hoot and holler at her.
  • Foxtrot: A G-rated example. In one of her dream sequences (usually involving a handsome French swain named Pierre), Paige reflects aloud:
    Paige: (sigh) Here I am, all alone and beautiful on this romantic hillside...
    Paige: I SAID-

    Fan Works 
  • This is Lisa Yadomaru's reaction in Bleach F when she finds out she'd been Hypnotized by Karyu Ginsora...and he'd not done anything with her while she was under, despite his previous attempts to be charming/flirt. It's implied she masturbated afterwards...
  • In Cross Ange The Knight Of Hilda, as payback for Rio helping her save Ange as well as compensation for nearly getting him killed at the safehouse, Hilda reluctantly offers to have sex with him. To her surprise, Rio is too chivalrous to take advantage of her.
  • In the Elsanna/Disney Princess Crack Fic college AU Biology Homework, Belle wants to roleplay being ravaged but Elsa is a little slow on the uptake.
    "Oh, you beast! You cruel beast! Why must you tie me to this chair, and strip me naked, and have your way with me? Why must you do the opposite of whatever I say?"
    "But... I'm not doing any of those things! And I wouldn't. If you're uncomfortable it's all right, I'll stop. We don't have to do this." Elsa began backing towards the door.
    Belle sighed. "Ohyoubeastwhymustyou DO. THE. OP-PO-SITE. OF. WHATEVER. I. SAY."
  • Non-sexual example in the Pokémon: The Series fanfic Common Sense. A Jigglypuff who picked a fight with Ash's Pokémon takes offense that Ash doesn't seem to want to catch her.
  • The Redwall fanfic Cullin' of the Fold; the Parody Sue heroine feels neglected when her vermin captors' expressing their disgust at the mere idea of raping her turns into an argument between them. Turns out they have no problem at all with cooking and eating her, though.
  • A Discworld fic by A.A. Pessimal builds on a canonical mention of an epic battle at "Lawke's Drain" to create a backstory of an epic war in Howondaland fought largely by a sort of Welsh soldier. A White Howondalandian woman is captured by Zulu warriors and dragged before the Paramount King. She has been brought up to believe all Black Howondalandians turn into slavering monsters if they get a white woman in their grasp. She is very put out when the King roars with laughter and tells her white women are too thin, bony, and pale for his tastes. Especially when they are of excessively pale ghost-like skin with all those unsightly blemishes. "And anyway, why should a Zulu warrior rape when our own women are both beautiful and willing?" She is then tormented by being treated with extreme respect and courtesy during her time as a hostage.
  • Fate Revelation Online: Downplayed. At the beach party after beating the 20th floor, everyone is in swimsuits, and Kirito tries very hard to keep his eyes on Asuna's face (and to not ask why her bikini includes his own color scheme). He doesn't understand why Asuna seems annoyed at him.
  • In The Gender Bend Cliche, Natsu is offended when she learns Luca wasn't part of the group of boys that got caught peeping on the girls, even fearing that he never joined the peeping because he's gay. When she goes to ask him about it, he dryly says that he refuses to violate the girls' privacy thanks to years of manners and etiquette.
    Luca: Natsu, do you want me to spy on you like a pervert?
    Natsu: Well..... no, yes, how the hell should I know?!
  • Yet another non-sexual example in The Ghost Child and the Ghostbusters. When Morbius is draining ghosts of their power, he dismisses the Box Ghost as "not worth his time." Boxy is offended and demands to have his power drained, though he quickly comes to his senses and flees.
  • Referenced in Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality: "She began to wonder if Professor Snape was taking her to the real dungeons that she'd heard rumors of, the true dungeons of Hogwarts that had been sealed off to all but faculty; and if maybe Professor Snape did terrible things down there to innocent helpless young girls but that was probably just wishful thinking on her part."
  • Harry Potter fanfic An Old and New World: Luna is dragged into a Hell Dimension by a tentacle monster, then flies into a rage once she realises it only wants to kill her.
  • One Hetalia: Axis Powers fic showed Russia going around to everyone else and demanding they explain what sex is to him. Prussia had spent his forty years behind the Berlin Wall convinced that Russia was going to rape him, and was very annoyed to find out that nobody had bothered to tell him that Russia didn't even know how.
  • Variation in Hivefled: Equius is a poorly-closeted masochist and happily joined the armada expecting to be physically and verbally beaten into doing better. His mentor is nothing but nice to him, leaving him confused and disappointed. Cut to said mentor drinking with his friends, talking about how funny it is to see Equius' face when he doesn't get hit or yelled at, and betting on how long it'll take before he starts intentionally breaking things to get negative attention. Turns out very unfortunately, however, when Gamzee messages Equius to complain that his own mentor is touching him; Equius assumes Gamzee is bragging. He's not.
  • The Star Wars fic lost beneath the turning wheel mainly happens on Dathomir, a matriarchal culture in which a woman wanting to conceive will force the male she picks to have sex with her. Ehsun Nedot being asexual and rather decent a person, she instead asks her chosen partner to fill a vial with semen for her to artificially inseminate herself. Terror appreciates her gentleness but cannot help to feel discomfited by the fact he's slated to be a father and stubbornly a virgin in spite of it.
  • In the My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic AU fic King of Chaos, when Discord abducts Rarity to make Twilight's wedding dress, she initially assumes that he abducted her to ravish her. She's very disappointed when he shows disgust at the idea.
  • Misa to L in Kira, Sweetheart:
    L: Misa Amane...
    Misa: You're going to rape me too now, aren't you?
    L: No Misa, unlike someone I could name I've never forced myself on anyone... especially not the mentally challenged...
    Misa: Wha—So now you're calling me stupid?!
    L: Yes. And even if you were willing and could give consent... I don't find you the least bit attractive.
    [The blonde makes a miffed, disbelieving sound as if she finds the notion that someone could resist her buxom charms utterly inconceivable.]
    Misa: Wha—why the hell not?!
    L: You're very annoying.
  • Occurs for humor with Luna Lovegood again, in Larceny, Lechery, and Luna Lovegood. Harry and Hermione break into the Lovegood house in disguise, wondering why Harry's parents wrote nothing but "AVOID" underlined five times in their notes. Harry ends up running into Luna, who's stark naked on her bed and asks if he's going to ravish her. Harry is Squicked out because of his friendship and immediately leaves with Hermione as fast as possible. Later on, the pureblood characters note that whoever tried to rob the Lovegoods really should have known better. Xenophilius is quite insulted that the thieves didn't ravish his daughter, while Luna assures him that they were probably just shy. It's humorous since neither of the Lovegoods are on the same wavelength as the rest of society.
  • In the High School D×D fic Marriage of Heaven and Hell, after Akeno is injured and bedridden after her leg is struck by an attack immune to healing magic, Makoto expresses his frustration about how he wasn't able to protect her and Akeno jokingly says "My, my. Here I am, defenseless and confined to this bed and you choose to brood instead of taking advantage of me" in an attempt to lighten his mood.
  • My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic fan-arts:
    • In a comic by The Weaver (original; redraw), Fluttershy comes on to Discord by pointing out that she's much too weak and helpless to resist him if he tries to do anything, and they're all alone in a secluded hedge maze where no-one could possibly hear if she cries out for help... Discord gets so freaked out that he gives up trying to take over Equestria right there. The best part is that the dialogue in the first panel is straight from the original episode.
    • In one comic, Tirek, a villain who steals magic from ponies, decides that Trixie doesn't have enough magic to bother stealing. Trixie switches quickly from scared to miffed: "The Great and Powerful Trixie has magic! Get back here and steal it RIGHT NOW!!!!!"
  • In My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic fanfic Borrowed Time, after Alpha Bitch Annuity is exposed as a school bully and River Glade is expected to reform her like Princess Twilight does, Annuity is adamant about not wanting to be reformed but equally indignant not to be River's top priority. From chapter 44:
    “Why would it be my job to redeem you, anyway?”
    “It’s what princesses do!” she said as if it were the most obvious thing in the world.
    Her conviction ushered me past the befuddlement stage. “So, do you want to be redeemed?”
    I did a double-take. “Really?”
    If this is her idea of a prank, then I don’t know—
    “You’re supposed to try, though! Get around to it, now. I’m top priority!”
  • At the beginning of No Good Deed..., a very inebriated Elsabeth is stumbling up to her room at the local inn to meet with a paramour, when she is intercepted and grabbed by a cloaked figure. When she protests the man states he has no intention of raping her, and Elsabeth is initially flabbergasted at his lack of interest in her.
  • Once More with Feeling: During a school dance Kaji passes on a chance to flirt with Misato. Amusingly he notes that she is actually disappointed and upset because he has not tried to grab her and kiss her into submission.
  • In the The Familiar of Zero story Overlady when Louise takes her first prisoner, said noblewoman is very hopeful she'll be used to slake Louise's dark lusts, even after finding out she's a woman.
  • People Lie has Hinata wonder why Naruto doesn't take advantage of her whenever they're together. Both are comfortable enough to be naked in front of each other. Naruto even knows how she feels and reciprocates, plus he is not so subtle with his leering at her even when she teases him.
  • Parodied in Cleolinda Jones' The Phantom of the Opera in 15 Minutes:
    The Phantom: Go, both of you! Forget me! Be happy!
    Christine: But you still have plenty of time to let him go or kill him or whatever! And carry me off somewhere! They'll never find you in here! You could ravish me and everything and no-one would be able to stop you. You could totally get away with it!
  • In the Love Hina fanfic Prince of PolPol, Sarah goes from being terrified of having sex with Keitaro to offended by the thought that he doesn't want to have sex with her and starts pursuing him.
  • In one Not Safe for Work Naruto story, Ino tells her friends how she wants to enter the modeling world, but that she could only find one photographer with the low amount of money she was offering. To make it up to him, Ino offered to pose for some risque photos for his personal collection. When Sakura asks if she had sex with him...
    Ino: [sighs] No. He only asked me to wear those outfits for the photoshoot.
    Tenten: [thinking] She sounds disappointed!
  • In Promstuck, Vriska ties Kanaya to a chair in a closet, and she is the one to pull this off. Evidently, Vriska assumed that Kanaya being a rainbow drinker meant that she herself was automatically in sexual danger, which her captive derides as bigoted.
  • After Syaoran recovers from his hangover in Shatterheart he asks Kurogane if they did anything while he was drunk because he remembers throwing himself at him and asking for a goodnight kiss. He's rather disappointed that Kurogane didn't do anything to him. Kurogane takes the response a personal affront that Syaoran believes that he would take advantage of a drunk person and it quickly goes downhill.
  • Another non-sexual example occurs in The Symbol of Peace and Justice. During the cavalry battle in the Sports Festival, Uraraka takes offense that Bakugo insulted and threatened every member of their team, except her. She explains that it's because that means he's not taking her seriously as a competitor.
  • The Soldier from Team Fortress 2 has his priorities straight. NSFW
  • In Total Command, Katsumi is offended that the "hard" favor Izuku asks her in order to make up for the years of bullying is to forgive herself.
  • The Typical Gundam SEED Destiny has two girls doing this to Athrun in one chapter. It's hardly different from the original material. Because both girls desperately want to have sex with Athrun.
  • Played for Drama a couple of times in With Pearl and Ruby Glowing:
    • Margo, Edith, and Agnes were prostituted children whom Gru bought from a Human Trafficking ring to use as assistants in his art heists, thinking the location was an orphanage and paying to adopt a child was normal. They're on edge for days expecting him to hurt them, and Margo eventually confronts him, kisses him, and begs him to abuse her instead of Edith or Agnes, horrifying him. The girls don't want to be abused, but it's all they know, resulting in confusion and distress when he helps them instead.
    • The students of Gravedale High are all locked in a Hellhole Prison over a minor reckless driving accusation, since the accuser is white and they're all Chumash. The local Dirty Cop gang like to sexually abuse detainees and pick out Vinnie, and the sheriff lets Cleofatra know that he doesn't want her because she's fat, reminding her of how badly she's treated in general because of her weight and leaving her ashamed that even rapists don't want her.

    Films — Animation 
  • Fire and Ice: Near the end, damsel in distress Teegra is brought into the throne room of the big bad, Nekron, by his mother Juliana. Juliana tells him that she has done this specifically so he can breed with Teegra. Nekron first refuses, at which point Teegra asks if they cannot even be friends for the sake of peace. Nekron embarks on a "screw you" rant, during which he states that he finds the idea of peace and mating with Teegra (who by all reasonable standards fits the attractive female stereotype) to be repulsive, eventually throwing her in the dungeon.
  • Oliver & Company: This happens when Dodger breaks into Georgette's room; although it's not outright stated what she thinks he's going to do, she is quite offended when he says he's not after her.
    Georgette: You're not? Well, WHY not?! What's the problem, Spot? Not good enough for you?
  • Scooby-Doo! Music of the Vampire: The supposed vampire is said to be after "a mortal beauty, pure of heart." Daphne is subsequently kidnapped by Vampire Vannabes hoping to curry favor; Velma, who is not targeted, is a little miffed.
    Velma: You know, I'm pure of heart. Does anyone ever think of kidnapping me? No!
    Fred: Uh, Velma? Focus?
    Velma: Sorry.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • Against All Flags: After capturing the Pasha's ship, Roc explains to chaperone Molvina MacGregor that the handmaidens under her charge are going to be sold into married life. He then adds:
    Roc Brasiliano: [mockingly] Not that you'll need to worry about that.
    Molvina MacGregor: [indignantly] And why not?!
  • In a Non-Sexual example, Marvin's black friend Miles from The Animal considers it racist that people won't say anything when he does clearly wrong things (like smoking in an airport) out of White Guilt and not wanting to look racist. By the end of the movie he claims that all the killer beast man was him all along so that the angry mob won't hurt Marvin. The crowd immediately decides to dissipate because they don't want to get involved in the lynching of a black man. Miles immediately starts protesting.
    Miles: Oh, of course! Let's not kill the monster man just because he's black!
  • Bad Girl: Dorothy and Edna talk at length about how men are always hitting on them and harassing them. But when they encounter Eddie on the ferry and he completely ignores them they get irritated, and place a bet on who can get him to talk first.
  • In Cheech and Chong's Next Movie, Chong and Cheech's cousin "Red" (played by Cheech), break into a hotel room to get back his luggage, being held by the hotel for not paying his bill. Problem is they broke into the wrong room, with a man and woman starting to play "games." As soon as she sees them, she starts seductively saying things as "Get away from me, now!"
  • A Running Gag in A Chinese Torture Chamber Story is that no one will sleep with the flat-chested Maid. This reaches its apex (and maximizes her frustration) when even a roving rapist turns her down.
  • After the window Sir Rodney has entered through turns out to belong to Désirée Dubarry's boudoir in Don't Lose Your Head:
    Sir Rodney: Now, don't start screaming, please.
    Désirée: Why, what are you going to do to me?
    Sir Rodney: Nothing!
    Désirée: Well, that settles it. [screams]
  • A rather dark twist on it happens in Erik the Viking when Erik refuses to rape a village woman, only to be chewed out by her about "Why not?" He decides to go ahead with it, but is unable to, erm, complete the deed... after talking a little while, another barbarian breaks in and tries to rape her, but by this time Erik is rather fond of her, so he tries to rescue her and accidentally runs her through with his sword, earning a sarcastic "Thanks for saving me from a fate worse than death..." before she dies and haunts him for the rest of the movie. Nice guys apparently DO finish last, at least during the Viking era.
  • In Freebie and the Bean, the protagonists break into Motley's apartment and question a Creepy Crossdresser in his bathtub. When they're about to leave, the crossdresser says, "Hey, aren't you gonna give me the third degree? Knock me around a little bit, a little S&M? I'll yell and scream, if that's what gets you off."
  • Zig-Zagged and Played for Laughs in the made-for-TV movie The Girl, the Gold Watch, & Everything in which the somewhat pretty (but not as attractive as the female lead) Wilma Farnham is clearly a bit starved for male attention as she starts off accusing the hero Kirby Winter of always wanting to take advantage of her and yet it becomes clear in subsequent scenes that this is more her wishful thinking than anything else. Throughout the rest of the story, the villains' goons manage to kidnap her and her friends several times (they keep escaping) and she also accuses the goons of wanting to take advantage of her while engaged in the same wishful thinking. Finally, after yet another rescue from a captivity in which they'd kept her subdued with drugs, Wilma rather hopefully asks Kirby and his new Southern girlfriend Bonny Lee whether those goons were having their way with her while she was in that helpless state and Bonny, realizing what she really wants to hear, just tells her "You plumb wore those poor boys out!" Wilma then pretends outrage even though she's obviously relieved to be told somebody finally noticed her.
  • In Mel Brooks' History of the World Part I, King Louis blackmails Madamoiselle Rimbaud into having sex with him so that her father can be pardoned from prison. Later on in the movie, King Louis is replaced by his doppelgänger, Jaques, the Garcon du Piss, in anticipation of the impending French Revolution. Rimbaud, completely unaware of the ruse, enters his chambers, rips open her dress, and begs him to ravish her. Jaques' response? "Gee, thanks, but I just ate."
  • Parodied in The Hobbit. When the dwarf party is captured by the Wood-Elves, this exchange between Tauriel (a female elf) and the tallest of the party:
    Kíli: Aren't you going to search me? I could have anything down my trousers.
    Tauriel: Or nothing.
  • Kolya: When Louka uses his cellist's bow to poke under Klara the singer's skirt during a performance, she smacks him with her music sheet and calls him a pig. But when they're doing another performance and he doesn't poke under her skirt, she keeps looking backwards expectantly. The movie cuts to a scene of the two of them in bed together.
  • In an early Little Big Man scene where the narrator/protagonist is first captured by the Cheyenne, his sister is shown worrying and complaining about what all these natives might be planning for her in the strange language they're speaking and saying "They're going to rape me for sure!" As time passes and nothing happens to her, however, we see that they're planning no such thing, and that she's actually getting rather annoyed because no one's paying very much attention to her at all. She at least sees some humour in the situation when she finds out that it's because the Cheyenne, unfamiliar with women wearing short hair, thought she was a man.
  • Maverick:
    Maverick: Now, it's time for you to do a little something that I want.
    Annabelle: How dare you! I am a lady. Not in a million years! Not if you were a hundred years old, not if I was a hundred years old—
    Maverick: Shut up! I don't want to go to bed with you, lady.
    Annabelle: Why not?
  • A mild case of this occurs in The Mexican, where Julia Roberts' character is kidnapped. She asks her kidnapper, fearfully, if he's going to rape her, to which he replies "Not likely." Not surprisingly, later on, she asks him what he meant by that and whether she's attractive enough to be raped. He explains that rape is about hate, not attraction, and assures her that she is beautiful. The real reason is he's gay.
  • A sad example from Nicholas and Alexandra. Deposed Tsar Nicholas II, his wife Alexandra, and their five children are being held in strict confinement by the Bolsheviks following Red October. When a Red guard peeks in the family's bedroom in Ekaterinburg, an angry Tatiana says "What do you want? Do you want to see me?", and opens her robe. After the guard leaves, a hysterical Tatiana sobs that she almost invited him in — she's 21, she's pretty, and no other man has ever looked at her.
  • In Paul Bartel's Not For Publication, reporters Lois and Barry have infiltrated a gang of masked thieves and wind up participating in one of their robberies. During the holdup, one woman pleads "Oh, please don't rape me." When Lois reassures the woman that nobody's going to rape her, the woman snaps "I wasn't talking to you," then turns to Barry and suggestively declares "I want him not to rape me."
  • Tracy from The Philadelphia Story was offended that Mike didn't take advantage of her while she was passed out drunk.
    Tracy: Was I so unattractive or forbidding or something?
  • In Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, during a daring escape scene in London, Jack Sparrow ends up in a cart with a very proper-looking older lady. He just stares at her for a moment and suddenly starts nibbling her earlobe before darting off, prompting a "What, is that all I get?" from the woman. Then it turns out he stole her earring. That scene is made even better by the fact that the very posh lady in question is none other than Dame Judi Dench.
  • Private Life: Sergei, frustrated with the lack of any interest from his wife, goes over to Nelli the Sexy Secretary's apartment. He asks if he can stay the night and she says no, he has to go home. He then asks if she has a flip-out bed and, in an annoyed tone, says that he certainly won't sully her maidenly virtue. Nelli, who has already admitted that she was once The Mistress to an older married man, says that if he isn't going to sully her virtue, what's the point? She more brusquely ushers him out and then breaks down crying, sensing that a moment has been lost.
  • In Seven Samurai, Katsushiro (one of the titular samurai) and Shino (a peasant girl in the village he's defending from bandits) are carrying on a rather sweet relationship, and he's behaving like any other well-mannered, slightly shy young man with a girl he likes. She, perhaps overcome by the stress of the recurring bandit attacks, demands that he move a bit faster: "Coward! Act like a samurai!" She comes off equal parts frightened and eager, as if she's demanding that he rape her. As if non-violent behavior from a samurai confuses her. For his part, he's understandably put off. They do have Glad-to-Be-Alive Sex later when she calms down and allows him to be the gentle youth he is instead of the brute she expects from a samurai.
  • In the comedy western The Villain, Ann-Margret keeps hinting that Arnold Schwarzenegger's character should do this, but the Chaste Hero keeps missing the point. Eventually, she's so annoyed she hooks up with the title Villain instead.
  • When Sir Braggart lays claim to Sir Coward's castle in Up the Chastity Belt:
    Lady Ashfodel: And now I suppose you're going to embark on pillaging and rape of helpless women.
    Sir Braggart: I hadn't planned on it.
    Lady Ashfodel: What a pity.
  • In Yellowbeard, Betty is most indignant when Yellowbeard bursts into her bedroom and starts hacking a hole in the wall instead of raping her (or "giving her a cuddle", as she refers to it).

  • There's actually a "Yo Mamma" joke that lampshades this: "Yo Mamma so ugly, when robbers broke into her house, she yelled 'rape' and the robbers yelled 'NO!'"
  • The following joke. It's subverted in that the joke ends before it can get to the part where he refuses to ravish her anyway and she gets upset that he won't take her, but it has all the set-up of the trope.
    Farmer Jones was in town picking up supplies. He stopped by the hardware store and picked up a bucket and an anvil, then stopped by the livestock dealer to buy a couple of chickens and a goose. Now he had a problem — how to carry all his purchases. The livestock dealer said, "Why don't you put the anvil in the bucket, carry the bucket in one hand, put a chicken under each arm, and carry the goose in your other hand?" "Hey, thanks!" the farmer said, and off he went. While walking he met a fair young lady with rather large beautiful breasts. She told him she was lost, and asked, "Can you tell me how to get to 1515 Mockingbird Lane?" The farmer said, "Well, as a matter of fact, I'm going to visit my brother at 1616 Mockingbird Lane. Let's take a shortcut and go down this alley. We'll save half the time to get there." The young lady said, "How do I know that when we get into the alley you won't hold me up against the wall, pull down my skirt, and ravish me?" The farmer said, "I am carrying a bucket, an anvil, chickens, and a goose. How in the world could I possibly hold you up against the wall and do that?" The young lady said, "Set the goose down, put the bucket over the goose, put the anvil on top of the bucket, and I'll hold the chickens."
  • Dave Allen related this on his TV show: Two men meet at a bar. The first says "I'm a sadist. I experience pleasure from dishing out pain." The other says "I'm a masochist. I experience pleasure from receiving pain." The first says "Come over to my place tonight," which the second does. That evening when the masochist arrives, the sadist says "Make yourself comfortable and I'll be right back." The masochist disrobes and tingles with anticipation. Suddenly, the sadist appears stroking a long, thick leather whip. The masochist is giddy with excitement and asks "Are you going to hit me with that big, thick, long whip?" Pausing a beat, the sadist says "No."
  • During one of the Roman civil wars, a soldier bursts into a villa and finds two young women and their elderly nurse. "Mercy!" cry the young women, "do with us as you will, you brute, but respect our beloved nurse's grey hairs!" "Hush, children," chides the nurse, putting down her spindle; "war is war!"
  • Older Than Feudalism example by Roman satirist Martial:
    A latronibus esse te fututam
    dicis Saenia: sed negant latrones.

  • A totally believable, not at all funny, Played for Drama variant occurs in Because I Am Furniture. Through free-verse poetry, the narrator describes how her father physically abuses her entire family and sexually abuses her sister... and ignores the narrator. She eventually breaks down and begins brokenly describing how she's jealous of her abused siblings because they get some sort of attention from their parents. Being completely ignored and dismissed is even worse than abuse to her.
  • Discworld:
    • In the novel Mort, when he comes to Ysabell's room in the middle of the night, she adjusts her nightgown to show more cleavage and tells him, "I hope that you have not forced your way in here in order to take advantage of your position in this household." (He works for her father.) He tells her that she's overflowing and to put something more sensible on.
    • In The Fifth Elephant, Sam Vimes (who isn't wearing trousers at the time) meets three women living alone in a house in the woods, who ask him "Are you here to ravish us?" When he replies that he's being chased by werewolves, one of them asks "Will that take all day?"
    • In Unseen Academicals, Glenda, while being carried by a crowd is at first glad she was wearing her most protective undergarments. This happiness went away when she realized nobody tried anything anyway.
    • Variation in Jingo when the women of Ankh-Morpork are trying to encourage the men to go to war:
      Older Woman: What will you do when the Klatchians are ravishing us in our beds?
      Carrot: *afterwards* I'd say that those Klatchians would be jolly brave.
    • In Mrs Bradshaw's Guide to the Ankh-Morpork and Sto Plains Hygienic Railway, Mrs. Bradshaw, while pouring scorn on fussy ladies proclaiming that the motion of the train will inflame the passions of men, comments that some of them seem to be speaking more in hope than fear.
  • In Farley Mowat's The Dog Who Wouldn't Be, the protagonist looses his dog Mutt in the house of a Crazy Cat Lady Old Maid at night. He notes that the screaming from within was something "a pack of Sabines, in full cry, could scarcely have bettered" but that it had a certain hopeful, yearning note to it, too.
  • The Orb of Xaraz, the second novel in Le Donjon de Naheulbeuk verse, has the whole party hiding into the "filles pompoms" (ridiculous word-for-word translation of "pompom girls") locker room. The girls are really offended not to get raped.
  • The Dresden Files: A Deconstruction occurs in Cold Days, showing how screwed up someone would have to be to seriously think this.
  • Dune: When Paul wins a duel to the death with a Fremen, he learns that as a result, he inherits that Fremen's property and his family; he is told that he must take the deceased's wife as either his bride or his servant. When he chooses "servant" (since, as a Duke, Paul's marriage is a rather serious political matter), the widow reacts in anger, declaring that she is still young and beautiful enough to warrant some attention. Later she explains that her reaction was due to fear. As his wife, her position would be secure but as a servant, she can be cast out of his home and likely starve.
  • A played for drama example in Finders Keepers: when Big Bad Morris takes 13-year-old girl Tina hostage, she asks him this question. Morris however firmly states he has no intention of raping her, since he won't "make that mistake again" (the last time he raped a woman, he ended up in prison for 35 years).
  • Gone with the Wind: In the book version, during the siege of Atlanta, Scarlett expresses her fear of the Yankees to Rhett, who guesses that she's talking about rape and laughs at her. He tells her the Yankees aren't fiends and mocks the way delicately nurtured and pure-minded Southern ladies think. Scarlett is embarrassed because she knows he's right — lately, all the women in town had been scaring each other with horrible stories about Yankee soldiers raping defenseless Southern women. Of course, their relationship being what it is, she doesn't admit to him that he's right.
  • Gor:
    • In the first book, Tarl doesn't ravish the woman he kidnaps and she accuses him of not being a real warrior. She is, however, grateful when he later saves her from being raped. Rape is kind of a way of life on Gor, so it's not treated quite the same as it would be in the real world.
    • Similarly in Fighting Slave of Gor, a nasty female slave gets shut in with Jason Marshall for the night and, since she got him whipped earlier, she presumes he will rape her to even things up. He refuses to so much as touch her, which she is totally unable to understand and which only convinces her that he is intent on something much crueler, and before long she is hammering on the door and begging to be released.
  • Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation: Mo Dao Zu Shi: While Jiang Cheng isn't interested in men and is disgusted to find out that the infamous lunatic Mo Xuanyu is gay, he's also visibly irritated when "Mo Xuanyu" (actually a resurrected Wei Wuxianin in disguise) declares that he doesn't find him attractive and prefers someone like Lan Wangji. This is actually invoked by Wei Wuxian, who knows that Jiang Cheng is incredibly competitive and gets easily offended when he's bested in some way; he purposely pisses Jiang Cheng off with this remark in hopes of driving him away out of disgust (since the man correctly suspects "Mo Xuanyu"'s true identity).
  • Hostile Takeover (Shwartz): CC grumpily (and drunkenly) ponders the fact that Space Marine Marc Davidoff has failed to make any inappropriate advances toward her, despite their ongoing, unacknowledged UST.
    "He hadn't even tried to kiss her. Not that he should, seeing as she was engaged. And not that she wanted him to. But he hadn't even tried."
  • Lensman: After Kinnison has pulled the Lensmen Vulcan Neck Pinch on the Lyrane henchwench (it has become sort of a Running Gag when they clash), she bitterly complains that she has other parts of her body to enjoy. No way he can be corrupted that easily.
  • In Chengshun's translation of Mistress and Maid, Shen and Bella's secret (consensual) relationship is threatened when Bella's parents force her into an Arranged Marriage with someone else. She turns her frustration on Shen, snapping that if he were 'a real man' he would break the law to keep her.
  • "The Private Life Of Genghis Khan" by Douglas Adams. In what may be a subversion, the trope here comes in play not because the captive wanted to be raped but because she finds it much harder to deal with Genghis' strange behavior, believing it to be a particularly cruel form of To the Pain and wishes he would just get on with it. To wit, she's forced to act like she's his wife, and ask him about his day, that sort of thing. She's understandably trying to figure out what the point of all this is.
  • The Pyrates: Donna Melliflua Etcetera is prepared to kill herself (or her maid) rather than submit to a fate worse than death but is momentarily baffled and offended when she realises Avery intends to do nothing of the sort despite the fact that she is a beautiful young Spanish noblewoman.
  • In Queen of the Tearling, there's a variant. When the man who calls himself "the Fetch" has captured the protagonist and she wakes up from unconsciousness, discovers someone stripped her of her clothes, bathed her, and dressed her in something else, she is understandably upset. The Fetch then essentially tells her, "That was me, but don't worry, you are too plain for my tastes." She is hurt by the statement that she's plain, but does not for a moment think about the fact that he essentially told her he would have raped her if she was pretty. Since he's threatening her life, it is reasonable that she wouldn't waste time by angsting over the groping and ogling that certainly did take place. However, on the other hand, she seems to have plenty of time to angst about him not finding her pretty enough and her thoughts return to this a couple of times — but never to the implication that he would have raped her if she was prettier. She doesn't even realize this when, later on, a very beautiful woman (whom the protagonist has recently freed from an existence as rape slave) tells her that she need not be jealous because beauty is not always an advantage.
  • In The Scum Villain's Self-Saving System: Ren Zha Fanpai Zijiu Xitong, Shen Qingqiu has difficulty believing that the book he has transmigrated into has undergone a Genre Shift to Danmei with him as the love interest because the protagonist Luo Binghe hasn't ravished him. Luo Binghe's subsequent attempt to ravish Shen Qingqiu ends up being interrupted by Shen Qingqiu being kidnapped by Tianlang-jun. Luo Binghe eventually succeeds in ravishing Shen Qingqiu, and it's made abundantly clear that he is in no position to take advantage of a "Not If They Enjoyed It" Rationalization.
  • In The Seven Realms Series, Princess Raisa is kidnapped by notorious gang leader Hanson "Cuffs" Alister halfway through the first book. After he drags her into his hideout, she expects some kind of ravishing. However, she is dismayed to learn that he kidnapped her for the sheer hell of it, and only wants to get some sleep. This eventually leads to them teaming up.
  • In Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, Sir Bertilak's wife lies down in Gawain's bed and tries to seduce him. At one point she says he is strong enough that he could just take her if he wanted, though the concept offends him greatly. This is part of a Secret Test of Character set up by her husband, who is the Green Knight.
  • A Song of Ice and Fire, A Storm of Swords: Among the wildlings, capturing a woman — while risking injury and death from the woman herself, who has been brought up to fight — is essentially their version of courting. It is said this is to prove the man's bravery and establish the woman's independence and strength. When Qhorin Halfhand, Jon, and some rangers capture a group of wildlings during a mission, the other rangers want them all killed, but Jon can't find it in himself to execute the wildling woman Ygritte and lets her go, saving her life. Ygritte is very attracted to Jon and keeps trying to sleep with him, but Jon (who had no idea of this custom and has no intentions of having sex with her) keeps refusing Ygritte's sexual advances and does not wish to dishonour her. Ygritte is pissed that Jon won't sleep with her and she keeps non-so-subtly trying to entice him, to no avail. Eventually, Ygritte gets her way but she has to save his life to do it. Jon and Ygritte ultimately fall in love. It's our version of taking a woman out and having a lovely dinner, then not so much as kissing her at the door. And it turns out that if a woman doesn't like the man who takes her, she can always slit his throat.
  • Tales of the Five Hundred Kingdoms: In Fortune's Fool by Mercedes Lackey, a group of magical young women (a swanmay, a rusalka, the Sea King's youngest daughter, etc.) are kidnapped by an Efreet, and while they certainly aren't looking forward to being ravished, they are confused by his lack of interest. He scornfully explains that, as a fire spirit, he considers all flesh-and-blood beings to be little more than talking animals in whom he has no interest whatsoever. The only reason he's kidnapped them at all is because he's trapped in a Traditional Path that would usually be filled by a Katschie, a creature that would be more than happy to ravish young women. He chose them in particular because if he's going to be compelled to kidnap young women, he'll at least take ones he can use as magical batteries.
  • A similar situation possibly occurs in Tender Is the Night. Nicole was sexually abused by her father when she was young, and is mentally troubled as a result, but her sister was not, and yet she also has some fairly serious issues. Whether these are directly connected to her mixed feelings about why her father abused Nicole rather than her is unclear; the family was pretty dysfunctional anyway, so it could just be that.
  • "Tight embrace of the Oak tree". Ginger is fearful of being raped by Daniel. But... just Daniel suffers from brain rape by Ginger throughout the novel.
  • Undefeated Bahamut Chronicle: Aeril needs to get Lux on her side, so she strips and tells him he can do anything he wants to her. When he covers her with a blanket, she's happy and a bit disappointed.
  • In Sommerset Maugham's story The Vessel of Wrath, a missionary's old maid sister has to work with Ginger Ted, a seedy Remittance Man / convict to help fight an epidemic. At one point, they are alone together for a night and she thanks him afterward for not taking advantage of her. His initial reaction is disgust at the thought that he would have any sexual interest in her.
  • In Louis L'Amour's The Walking Drum, the main character Kerbouchard and Comtesse Suzanne, one of the many women he comes across, this time in sort of helping her escape a plot to marry her off so her inheritance (a strategically important castle) can be stolen, are incognito in Kiev as brother and sister, meaning they must share a room at an inn. She defiantly tells him that she has a dagger and will kill him if he tries anything. Kerbouchard, who had no intentions of the sort, teases her about it, getting her even more worried, and then simply goes to sleep, knowing that while he's having a peaceful night's sleep, she'll be lying awake all night worrying and wishing he'd at least try so she could get some sleep, and yes, she's a little insulted in the morning that he didn't even consider it.
  • After her Arranged Marriage, Siri in Warbreaker is expected every night to prostrate herself naked before the God King and wait until he effectively rapes her. After several nights of waiting and him doing nothing more than watch her (as it turns out, he is so innocent and naive that he doesn't even know what sex is), Siri feels a little indignant at his disinterest. She does recognise the flawed logic though.
  • Worldwar: Russian pilot Ludmila is on detached duty to Finland, and is both surprised and somewhat offended that the Finnish soldiers at the base she is stationed at make a big show of not trying to sneak a peek of her in the sauna, and it makes her think some quite unflattering things about the Finns' lack of manliness.

    Live-Action TV 
  • 30 Rock:
    • This sums up Jenna Maroney's character. One particular episode involves her long-term stalker deciding to stop being a creep. She is extremely outraged, because stalkers are a symbol of celebrities' fame. She confronts him and orders him to stalk her again.
    • Jack tells Liz that their local priest molested every child except him "... even Fat Mike and he ate his boogers, I felt so unpretty."
  • Another Period: Blanche was the only patient at her mental institution that wasn't ravished. It really hurt her self-esteem.
  • Are You Being Served?: In "By Appointment," Mrs. Slocombe talks about how she didn't enjoy her vacation in Spain. That reputation the Spanish have for groping women in the dark? Turned out not to be true at all.
  • In a episode of Arrested Development Lindsay visits her dad in prison, expecting racy attention from the criminals, only to find the prisoners aren't interested. She then visits again in more sluttier outfits, to no avail. It turns out to be subverted, as her dad was paying off every single inmate to not bother her and eventually begs her to stop visiting him, as it's driving him to bankruptcy. It's one of the show's many awkwardly touching family moments.
  • Babylon 5: More like "Aren't You Going to Sexually Harass Me?", but, at one point Sheridan barges into Ivanova's room early in the morning, waking her up, boyishly happy about a great idea he's come up with. He tells her to hurry up and "come and see", and she points out she needs to change out of her rather slinky silk nightgown she's currently wearing. Sheridan then says, with complete 100% sincerity, that he didn't notice she wasn't properly dressed, which leads to this hilarious little exchange:
    Ivanova: Thanks, I'll just— wait a minute, what do you mean, "you didn't notice"? What am I, chopped flarn? I mean, OK, granted, I don't have any interest in you, you don't have any interest in me, but if you're gonna come barging in here in the middle of the night, the least thing you could say is, "Nice outfit, Ivanova," and then go on a tear.
    Sheridan: Oh. Uh. [in a completely unconvincing tone and a bemused expression] Nice outfit, Ivanova.
    Ivanova: You are such a... [walks off, grumbling under her breath]
  • Barney Miller:
    • In an episode, the female Detective Wentworth and the drag-wearing Detective Wojo are in the park trying to catch muggers. When a would-be rapist elbows her aside to get at the very masculine-looking Wojo, Wentworth is obviously miffed and, upon returning to the squadroom, bares her midriff and hikes up her skirt almost to her hips before going back out.
    • In another episode, a female cop (Sgt Scofield) goes undercover to a dentist who's been molesting his female clients. When she goes through the procedure unmolested, she's upset — not that she failed to bust him, but that he apparently didn't find her attractive enough. (Later he's arrested by someone else. When he sees Scofield, he explains that he never molests patients on their first appointment — but he had scheduled her for a follow-up.)
  • The Big Bang Theory:
    • Howard's mom wants to know "Who's there? Are you a sex criminal?!" And she'll be disappointed if it's her son at the door!
      Howard: Nobody wants to do that to you, Ma!
    • In one episode, Amy and Raj bond over feeling undesirable, and Amy despondently relates a story where she passed out at a frat party in college and woke up with more clothes on.
  • Blackadder: In the first episode of the first season, Edmund's mother, upon hearing that Henry Tudor has won the battle of Bosworth resigns herself to being ravished by the conquering troops. When it turns out that Henry lost and the "enemy forces" that Edmund is panicking over is his father returning, she says wearily to her husband:
    The Queen: So, I suppose now you want to ravish me?
    King Richard: Yes, yes. In a moment. The woman's insatiable...
  • A particularly notorious example appears in the infamous Brass Eye "Paedogeddon" episode, wherein the host confronts a captured pedophile with his own son and demands to know his reaction, only to be confused and then offended when the pedophile admits that he doesn't actually find the host's son attractive.
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer:
    • This gets truly bizarre in "Who Are You?". Faith had switched bodies with Buffy, and in a bid to mess with her and her friends seeks out Riley. Faith offers Buffy's body to him, trying to steer him towards messed-up sex games with costumes, bullwhips, the sort of thing she teased Spike about. Instead, Riley is so gentle with her Faith initially reacts with anger, then confusion, then she gets scared and freaks out.
    • With more of a metaphorical ravishing than a literal one in "The Initiative": Spike attempts to eat Willow, but unbeknownst to him he's been newly outfitted with a Restraining Bolt and can't bite her. As she's having self-esteem issues after her boyfriend Oz left, Willow is very upset and thinks there must be something wrong with her, while Spike is morose and baffled about his 'performance issues'. He then, in a moment of perverse kindness, sincerely assures her that she is "very biteable", and if he was able, he would bite her in a heartbeat. She cheers up at this... then comes to her senses, whacks him with a lamp, and legs it.
    • In "As You Were", in which Buffy's fighting a vampire, but when he gets too close and smells her, he notices her awful smell. She justifies it by saying she works at the Doublemeat Palace, to which he decides not to bite her after learning about that... which, of course, prompts her anger.
    • In "Sleeper" Anya gets caught by Spike while she's searching his room for evidence that he's killing again. Her cover story is that she was there for sex (The stake in her hand is obviously for kinky reasons, not self defense) When he turns her down, she's extremely offended and is still stewing on it hours later.
  • Charles II: The Power and the Passion. A beautiful lady-in-waiting sits on the far end of a bench, carefully keeping her distance from the hedonistic king. However as Charles II's mother had just died, he just smiles politely and otherwise ignores her. So she then slides along the bench so she's sitting right next to the king, who gives a more genuine smile this time.
  • Played seriously in an episode of Cracker where a killer's spree is motivated by the fact that she was only one of her family not molested by her father (because, as Cracker points out at the end, her father realised she was likely to tell someone about it, whereas her sister wouldn't out of shame).
  • This trope appears in an episode of Dexter when a female Victim of the Week asks Dexter if he's going to rape and murder her. After she does this twice, he snaps: "What's with you and rape? No one's raping anybody!"
  • Doctor Who:
    • "Rose": Jackie Tyler is very delighted when she meets the Doctor while she's in her dressing gown — and is very disappointed when the Doctor responds with "no" before walking away.
    • In a DVD exclusive mini-episode between "Flesh and Stone" and "The Vampires of Venice", the Doctor says the reason he has companions is so he can see the wonder of the universe through their (much younger) eyes. A rather miffed Amy Pond asks if that's the only reason he brought her along. The Doctor quietly points out that there are worse reasons, whereupon Amy snorts and says, "I was certainly hoping so!"
  • In the British sitcom Game On, Mandy's ex-boyfriend escapes from prison and arrives at the flat. He has a gun. He asks Mandy to have sex with him but she refuses because she is currently on a vow of celibacy. She says to him "but if you point your gun at me and tell me you'll shoot me if I say no, then I'll have to." He says "I'd never do that to you." Then she repeats what she said in a more flirtatious way and he agrees. He passes the gun to her to hold as he's tying her up.
  • The Golden Girls: A variation occurs in "Isn't It Romantic?" Dorothy's college friend Jean, who is a somewhat-closeted lesbian (she's out to friends but doesn't volunteer the information willingly), visits after the death of her wife Patricia. While there, Jean starts falling for Rose. When Blanche learns about this, her reaction is not what Dorothy expects:
    Blanche: Rose? Jean has the hots for Rose? I don't believe it, I do not BELIEVE it!
    Dorothy: I was pretty surprised myself.
    Blanche: Well, I'll bet! To think Jean would prefer Rose over ME? That's ridiculous!
  • Hacks: Deborah discovers that one of her stalkers has ducked his restraining order and come to her show; however, her set that night is weak enough that he just quietly returns to his car afterward instead of accosting her, to her great offense.
  • In the '70s version of The Hollywood Squares, this was one of the common topics of Rose Marie's questions.
    Peter Marshall: In a recent PARADE magazine article, it was stated that a woman being attacked should yell out two words. First she should yell "Help!", what should she then yell?
    Rose Marie: "More!"

    Peter Marshall: Rose, studies indicate that women are attacked one night of the week much more than any other. Which night is it?
    Rose Marie: With my luck, tonight.
  • It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia: In "Charlie Got Molested", Mac was upset because he wasn't molested as a child, but a less attractive child was. He didn't understand why his coach didn't find him "molestable" enough.
  • In Kaamelott, King Arthur is tricked by his father-in-law Léodagan, while they conquer a village, into having to respect the tradition, which involves raping The Chief's Daughter. Not very fond of this, he finds out however that said daughter, Aelis (who's not the eldest daughter, but convinced the latter that it was her turn) is quite psyched up for the deed and expecting it eagerly. Arthur tries to negotiate with Aelis for her to pretend he raped her without doing so, but she insists. He ends proposing to bring her home as a mistress, and she's interested... but nonetheless, she almost threatens to rape him.
    Arthur: I'm warning you: if you touch me, I'll scream.
  • La familia P. Luche has a Running Gag of Federica imagining being attacked by criminals and getting a little too into her description of what they might do to her.
  • In one episode of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, a seriously troubled woman murders a man who resembles her father. Under questioning, she claims that her father regularly raped her, but it’s later revealed that he frequently molested her younger sister and never her. She believed the abuse was an expression of love and desperately wanted their father to rape her too.
  • Married... with Children: In "Here's Lookin' At You, Kid", a peeping tom is terrorizing the neighborhood. Peggy expresses horror at the idea, then spends every night prancing back and forth in front of her bedroom window in lingerie. When nothing happens, and several housewives say they've been "peeped" more than once, Peggy makes Al's life hell wailing about how no one finds her attractive anymore.
  • M*A*S*H: In a later episode, Hawkeye makes a joke about never getting violated at Rosie's, so he doesn't know why he keeps coming back. Although in an earlier episode when Margaret brings up rape by the enemy, he genuinely looks scared and then covers up with a joke.
  • Midsomer Murders: In "Night of the Stag", a village leader wants to restart an ancient tradition where one night a year, the men of one village would descend on the neighbouring village and ravish the women; thereby ensuring genetic diversity in the villages. One of the women in the neighbouring village is very keen on the idea and says she will leave the door open for him. However, she is not happy when he ignores her and goes for her daughter instead.
  • Monty Python's Flying Circus has a variant of Aren't You Going to Arrest Me? by an incompetent smuggler insulted by a customs official's belief that he couldn't smuggle his way out of a wet paper bag.
  • A recurring joke in The Nanny is Mr. Sheffield refusing to take advantage of his position as Fran's employer, much to her annoyance.
  • Northern Exposure, episode "It Happened in Juneau". Maggie and Joel, lonely and drunk, agree to Do It; but Maggie passes out. Joel puts her to bed alone. The next day they return to Cicely and Maggie tells Joel, "It was great, I'm glad it happened, but let's pretend it didn't." Some time goes by before Joel succeeds in telling Maggie what really happened, and she is insulted: "Why didn't you? I had consented!" She invites him to try again — but then finds that what she wanted was his expression of committed desire, rather than the fulfillment, and dismisses him.
  • A variation occurs in an episode of Oliver Beene; Jerry and Charlotte are invited to dinner with a couple in another apartment, who they spy with another couple and realise that they swing. They spend the whole evening awkwardly trying to avoid insinuations and figure out how to politely express disinterest, only for the couple to say goodnight without incident, causing the two to angrily wonder what's wrong with them.
  • The trope quote appears verbatim in The Professionals episode "Where the Jungle Ends". To force information out of a corrupt government man, Bodie informs him that his schoolgirl daughter has been kidnapped and is currently being held hostage outside in the team's car. The little dear proves to be horribly precocious and demands to know whether Doyle, sitting with her in the vehicle, is "going to ravish me", as she believes this to be what happens in such situations from the bodice-rippers that she's read. Doyle, however, is thankfully far too nice a chap to do so, and the two finally end up sharing a bar of chocolate instead.
  • Scrubs: Dr Eliot Reid is resentful that her handsome high school sports coach went to prison for having sex with the female students under his command but never tried to seduce her.
  • A non-sexual variant appears in Seinfeld. One episode features a cult that masquerades as a carpet cleaning company in order to brainwash its customers into joining. George hires them to clean his carpet because they're so cheap, thinking he can beat the brainwashing. He is very insulted when they just clean his carpet, bill him, and leave without even attempting to brainwash him. Later in the episode, he sees that they've brainwashed Mr. Wilhelm (who now goes by "Tanya"), and explodes at them.
    George: Him you brainwashed?! What's he got that I don't have?!
    Cult Member: [shrugs]
  • Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: In the episode "Who Mourns for Morn?", Worf invokes this for Dax (his wife at the time). While reminiscing about Morn, who they believe to be dead, Dax admits that she had a crush on him. Worf is clearly furious about this. Dax then tells him not to worry, as this was before she and Worf had met, and that Morn wasn't interested in her anyway. Worf then becomes furious about this instead, demanding to know why Morn wasn't interested in her.
  • Vikings: Princess Gisla of France, daughter of the French emperor, is terrified of her wedding night with Viking Rollo and threatens him with a knife. He actually respects her wishes, rolls on his other side, and goes to sleep. She's rather insulted, asking him, "Are you asleep? How dare you!"

  • In 50 Cent's "Ski Mask Way", the narrator is a drugged-out stickup man that laughs off one of his victims who thought he wanted to rape her.
  • "The Shepherd Lad" (a variant on Child Ballad 112, "The Baffled Knight", the standard version of which isn't an example) begins with a classic Bawdy Song set up: the shepherd lad is out in the fields when he sees a young girl swimming naked. Contrary to how such songs usually go, he allows her to get dressed and escorts her home "like sister and like brother". At which point she tells him:
    "So fare thee well, my modest boy, I thank you for your care,
    But had you done as you desired, I'd never have left you there."

  • In Voyage to the Stars, when the gang are abducted by shrimp pirates while en route to Australia, Elsa goes on at great length about her terrified she is of all the numerous and very specific ways they're going to ravish her. When the fourth mate explains that they have no interest in that, she responds "How dare you!"

  • The Goon Show character Minnie Bannister, who was both elderly and rather doddery, was fond of this. Her catchphrase "We'll all be murdered in our beds" often had a note of anticipation about it, but in the episode The Call of the West, it's done explicitly. Minnie and Henry are in a cabin under attack from [Red] Indians:
    Minnie: Are they the ones that commit atrocities?
    Henry: Yes, Min.
    Minnie: I'll go upstairs and get ready.

  • Annie Get Your Gun: Dolly prepares herself to be ravished (even shouting "Molest me, violate me, ravish me!" when caught) as punishment for tampering with Annie's guns. While Charlie does not take her up on the offer, he does comment on how attractive she is and they basically end up together at the end.
  • From the first act of Camelot:
    Guinevere: I suppose you're going to throw me to the ground and have your way with me!
    Arthur: No! Of course not!
    Guinevere: Well, why not?
  • The song "I Am Aldolpho" from The Drowsy Chaperone consists, at least partially, of this. Aldolpho is attempting to seduce the titular Chaperone (mistakenly believing her to be the bride), but when he finds out that she doesn't know who he is, his ego takes over, much to her displeasure. Eventually, though, they do get to the ravishing.
    Chaperone: Nice to meet you. Shall we?
    Aldolpho: Not so fast!
  • Millie brings this up to the man she's trying to seduce in Thoroughly Modern Millie:
    Millie: He took her by force and she liked it!

    Video Games 
  • Action Taimanin:
    • In the Chapter 10 of the story mode, the Task Force has to investigate a district under control from some gangs, who insist on searching them for weapons. Once past the checkpoint, Yukikaze loudly complaint that the guards were very much taking advantage of it to grope her mother Shiranui, but Player Character Kotaro internally notes that Yukikaze doesn't seem offended that her mother was groped as much as she seems angry that she wasn't.
    • In Chapter 20, in a non-sexual example, Sakuya Igawa is outraged that the demons attacking are focused on targeting her partner Sora (to the point of offering to let Sakuya and the person they are protecting go if Sora surrenders) for killing their old boss, when Sakuya was present on the scene and helped weaken him as well.
  • Advance Wars: Dual Strike: Kindle jokingly pulls this on Jake when he demands she surrender, saying with a wink that she will if he promises to "interrogate" her personally before ducking out in the ensuing confusion. Hilariously, this is weirder to Max than the robot and... whatever the hell Koal is.
    Max: These Black Hole COs just keep getting weirder and weirder!
  • Amagami: In Haruka Morishima's route, she and Junichi end up in a hotel room during their Christmas date, and she warns him not to peep on her while she takes a bath. After he complies, she starts crying because she thinks that means he's no longer interested in her.
  • Dragon Age II: Fenris the brooding Pretty Boy elf is suspicious of the fact that male Hawke saves his life and then doesn't want to sleep with him. This is because Fenris used to be a sex slave and doesn't think there's any other reason why someone would bother helping him. Also, he doesn't have any friends in the area and he's hiding out from his former master's goons: so he's intrigued by Hawke's badassery. When he eventually realizes that Hawke is literally just nice, he randomly saves your life, and then reveals he's intent on seducing you (and he really goes for it). You can avoid his advances if you want, or accept them. He doesn't flirt with a female Hawke, although he'll still save your life and join your party if you ask.
  • The Elder Scrolls: The book Thief of Virtue tells of a wealthy but bored baroness, and a handsome dashing thief out to steal one of the baron's treasures. Subverted because while the thief initially had no intention to, the baroness presented the question as a suggestion and that she'd help him escape if he obliged her. He accepts... after the guards knock at her door asking if she's seen him.
    Now, it should be noted at this point that Ravius was noted for his handsome looks, and the Baroness by her plainness. Both of these facts were immediately recognized by each of the pair. "Dost thou come to plunder my virtue?" asked the lady, all a tremble.
  • Fire Emblem: Awakening:
    • Lucina's supports with a female avatar first see her warn the avatar against trying to seduce her father. When the avatar assures her that she isn't attracted to him like that, Lucina grows insulted and demands that the avatar admit what a wonderful, attractive man he is and start falling in love with him immediately.
    • Two G-rated examples happen during the Golden Gaffe DLC map, when Maribelle and Kellam are among the few not robbed by gold-thieving Risen. Maribelle is insulted that the Risen don't see her as a rich enough target to steal from, while Kellam is dismayed that even though his wallet was clearly labelled, he was still ignored. "Even my wallet lacks presence!"
  • In Fallen London, when your scandal grows too great, you'll have a crowd of young ladies and gentlemen claiming you've depraved and despoiled them... and a second crowd complaining that you haven't depraved and despoiled them.
  • Grim Fandango: In Year 2, Manny needs to get a metal detector from Carla, a security guard at the Rubacava airship port who has a bit of a crush on him. After Carla spills her heart about her Hilariously Abusive Childhood and learns Manny was only interested in the metal detector and not her, she angrily throws it out the window (into the giant litter box at the cat track) and calls Manny out for being hung up over Mercedes.
    Carla: Why is it that men are only after one thing... except you?!
  • The Last Sovereign: Defeated Succubi often express disappointment that Simon doesn't dominate them immediately afterward. It gets to the point that he preempts an enemy succubus asking this very question with;
    Simon: Sorry, but no.
  • In Megadimension Neptunia VII Gold Third arc, C-Sha is captured and tied in prison and asks her captors if they're not gonna do something to her. They don't because despite C-Sha being a beautiful woman, for some reason they don't see her as their type (the setting is at Lowee and the former leader is A-Cup Angst Blanc; long story).
  • A Very Long Rope to the Top of the Sky: Juliette doesn't get the ravishing she was hoping for, not due to a lack of willingness, since her target just left the building:
    Here I am! [pause for player input] Just an innocent schoolgirl waiting to get taken advantage of!
    [Looks around, then Confused Question Mark Pictorial Speech-Bubble]
    Where the hell's the handsome priest I've been hearing about?!

    Visual Novels 
  • Danganronpa:
    • Following the third case in Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony, as Korekiyo relates how he made it his mission to give his deceased sister 100 friends by killing as many qualified women as possible:
      Korekiyo: I spent my time evaluating all the girls here... And besides Maki and Miu, they were all worthy! All worthy of being Sister's friends!
      Himiko: All... worthy?
      Miu: Hey, how come I'm not included!? I mean, not like I care!
    • Speaking of Miu, her Love Suite Event is her trying to get Shuichi to impregnate her so that he would not abandon her. When Shuichi declines, she gets immensely offended and then plans to wring his dick like a sponge.
      Miu: You motherfucker! If you're not gonna use that dick of yours now, then when, huh!? You know what, fuck it! C'mere, Shuichi! I'm gonna squeeze every last drop outta you!
  • Minor character Chiara from The Labyrinth of Grisaia and The Eden of Grisaia likes to ask the protagonist Yuuji to touch her butt if she has some kind of excuse. She's offended that he won't take the bait despite constantly flirting with his boss.

    Web Animation 

  • Anathema (The one about sex): Where a girl has just been kidnapped by the enemy's army and is held at the enemy leader's private chambers... but that's it (it is their best-defended room, after all). She asks him repeatedly if he's going to abuse her, and is deeply angered at his repeated negatives because she has a curse that makes every man she sleeps with die afterward. Gets darker in the inversion when it turns out that said curse will cause extreme amounts of stress by inducing nerve-wracking simultaneous pleasure and pain until she has awkward-weird sex with a woman. So in a subsequent issue, she has to beg the captive she just saved to be ravished by her.
  • Baalbuddy subverts many Hentai and fantasy tropes. Jokes are set up with the expectation that a sexual situation is about to unfold, then doesn't.
    • Elves, despite being an Inhumanly Beautiful Race, cannot get laid no matter how hard they try. Some elf characters set up situations where they expect to be ravished by swarthy orcs. The orcs are usually turned-off by the elves' desperation.
    • A human Paladin named Virginia Kissless is a recurring protagonist. She is on a Quest for Sex, and sometimes hopes that losing to aggressive monsters will mean finally losing her virginity to them. She is always disappointed.
      Virginia: [writing] Day 2: After capture by the goblins, any hope for a quick loss of virginity has now faded. The goblins show no interest in my chaste knight body. I must stay strong.
      Virginia: [writing in a shaky hand] Day 23: My living conditions continue to improve. Still no sex. Yesterday I tried to bait the guards by yelling "Do your worst! I will never lose to the dick!" but they only looked at me with amusement and pity. Don't know how much more I can take.
    • An orc has The Vamp tied up and at his mercy. The comic ends with a Wedding Finale.
      Orc: ...An evil whore like you deserves one thing, and I'm going to give it to you!... That's right... you deserve to be cherished by a man who loves and respects you, for the rest of your life!!
      Oboro: What??
      Orc: Marry me, Oboro!! [presents an engagement ring]
      Oboro: Ah... are you crazy!?
      Orc: I promise to make you happy!
  • The following exchange from Chugworth Academy:
    Kiyoshi: I don't know what you're so worked up about...
    Sally: Oh I don't know! Maybe because a couple of old men might have been molesting me in my sleep!
    Kiyoshi: I doubt it
    Sally: You doubt it?! Hey! Are you saying that I'm too ugly for old men to want to abuse me?!
    Kiyoshi: I'm just pretty sure they're gay...
  • Chelsie Warner of Concession is a prepubescent child suffering from bipolar-induced hypersexuality, and is very offended when the creepy guy in the van who offers her candy on Halloween turns out to actually be distributing candy.
  • Displayed in "The Conqueror and the Concubine", a comic(NSFW) about the young Batu Khan, grandson of Genghis Khan himself, when he's given a Kipchak princess for his harem who's so forward (explaining that she hasn't gotten laid in half a year since her husband died) that he gets scared off and she pretty much rapes him herself.
  • In the webcomic Dreamkeepers Prelude, a boy tries to trick Lilith into kissing him by acting injured so she would give him CPR. She came to the decision that since no one else was around, it was all up to her — and that he was going to die. Upon realization that he's not hurt at all after he asks her if she knows CPR, she becomes indignant and he quickly explains that he wanted her to kiss him for a bet, not for a crush or anything, to which she replied, "Why not?"
  • Featured in a strip of Dubious Company. There is the strong implication that she is the raccoon that has been attacking him for most of the comic.
  • Eerie Cuties uses this twice, to humorous effect:
  • Evangelion 303: In chapter 5 Asuka strips her clothes, climbs on Shinji's bed, and throws herself at him. When Shinji refuses she gets angry and upset.
  • This is what happens when Bootsie's brother loses her to Collin in a poker game in Friendly Hostility. When Collin tells her he's not going to rape her, Bootsie starts flirting, evidently hoping it's okay if she's consenting. Eventually, Collin rants at her about how he's in a monogamous relationship with Fox, he's not interested in women at all, she's underage, and "at most, we're friends. Get it? Friends." Bootsie is, however, overjoyed by this, and hugs him, sobbing about how she hasn't had a new friend in a very long time.
  • Pretty much the entire premise of A Friendly Orc's Daily Life series is that the elven princess desperately wants her orc "captor" to rape her. He tells her that's no way for a young lady to act. She's not offended, though, just doesn't take "no" for an answer. A timeskip reveals that the Elf eventually took matters into her own hands and the two have a daughter.
  • The second strip of Ghastly's Ghastly Comic is like this, although the lady's reason here is different: she doesn't feel insulted to be overlooked by the tentacle monster, she just has a very strong tentacle rape fetish.
  • Girl Genius:
  • In a strip of Girly, Winter impulsively offers a crowd of strangers Otra's body for information on her missing glasses:
    Otra: You should still at least try to think before you speak!... and why is nobody interested!?
  • A minor example from Loserz from the slightly homophobic Carrie, after her best friend Jessica is revealed to be a lesbian.
    Carrie: So um... you're not gonna start... hitting on me now or anything like that, are you?
    Jessica: Relax Carrie, you're not my type.
    [beat panel]
    Carrie: Why the hell not?? I'm totally hot!
  • In Matchu's Space Cops subplot, Lala and Wheezy capture and tie up Famine, believing her to be an alien in disguise. Famine asks if they're going to probe her and gets angry when they say no.
    Famine: BULLSHIT! You got me all tied up and helpless, dude! What are you fucking waiting for, a cigar?
  • Nerf NOW!!: In a Poker Night at the Inventory comic, Engie-tan runs out of money and attempts to make the rest of her bets strip-poker-style. As she unzips her jumpsuit, the Heavy, not understanding where she's going with this, thinks she's actually trying to bet the jumpsuit itself and refuses the wager.
  • The Order of the Stick:
    • Non-sexual example: wizard Vaarsuvius is quite insulted that a brain-eating monster (a mind-flayer) finds the brain of the fighter Roy tastier than theirs. This is because Roy has balanced mental stats (decent values in Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma) while Vaarsuvius only has high Intelligence. In the eyes of the mind-flayer, Roy is a well-trimmed turkey dinner while Vaarsuvius is a hamburger. He completely ignores Belkar, Haley, Durkon, and Elan (shown as an overspiced taco, a tasty but overly sweet sundae, a filling but bland bowl of oatmeal, and a can of Diet Coke respectively).
    • In the same vein, Haley's nemesis Crystal is offended when Belkar declines to kill her (leaving this to Haley).
      Belkar: Ten minutes ago, I would've happily ganked someone else's personal nemesis without thinking twice. It would have been a hilarious anticlimax — plus, you know, murder. Which is always a nice perk. But I'm doing this whole "team player" thing, and that means not fulfilling someone else's narrative role. In other words, it's Haley's job to kill you, not mine.
      Crystal: Well FINE! I don't need you to kill me! I know lots of people waiting to kill me! Maybe I'll call one of them!
  • The Pervert Elf and the Serious Orc, a Spiritual Successor to A Friendly Orc's Daily Life, follows much of the same humor, only the elf girl is far more brazen while the orc is a practicing celibate.
  • Tower of God has a bit of a recurring theme of women being convinced about their sexual attractiveness yet neurotically insecure about it. In "The Strongest Regular", Yeon Ehwa has been forced to team up with Prince, who sees her as a girlfriend bought to him by his rich father. He's arrogant enough to offer her to anyone who can beat his team in the ongoing test — which Jue Viole Grace wins easily. Since Viole also basically announces himself to be an enemy, Ehwa is understandably nervous about sharing a room with him in the next stage of the tests. However, she becomes absolutely furious and starts plotting revenge when he rebuffs her worries by saying he isn't interested in her body.

    Web Original 
  • Of course The Pilfered Princess does that. Actually, she was already raped by all the human guards and was rather disappointed, so she wants Inferno to do it too.
  • Can You Spare a Quarter?: Jamie is initially surprised that Graham not only does not make sexual advances on him, but turns down all the attempts of the boy to flirt with him. Initially, he assumes that Graham is merely bidding his time, but eventually realizes that the man is acting out of genuine concern and is not a wannabe rapist.


    Web Videos 
  • Dragon Ball Z Abridged has a guy-on-guy example: when Zarbon emphatically denies doing anything to Vegeta while he was unconscious, Vegeta goes from "relieved" to "offended" surprisingly quickly.
    Vegeta: Did you do anything to me while I was unconscious?
    Zarbon: D— Did I what?
    Vegeta: Did you do anything to me while I was unconscious?
    Zarbon: What?! No! God, no!
    Vegeta: Oh, thank GOD! I j— Wait, what do you mean by that? Am I not good enough for you?
  • A tamer variant in Fate/stay night [Unlimited Blade Works] Abridged, when a terrorized Shirou runs away from Rin trying to murder him, he hides himself in a classroom and barricades the door. Rin tries to get him to willingly open the door by promising to let him touch her breast. When he understandably answers that no, copping a feel on her isn't, in fact, worth letting her kill him, she screams in rage and tries even harder to murder him.
  • Gameboys: Comical non-violent example. Pearl when recalling how panicked Gavreel looked when she tried to kiss him.
    Pearl: [translated subtitles] Screw that! You can respect me, but you can ravish me too!
    Pearl: [original] Ay! Leche! Di ko kailangan ang respeto mo! Bastusin mo ko! Bastusin mo ko NOW! (Screw that! I don't need you to be a gentleman! Ravish me! Ravish me NOW!)
  • Rare Male Example with The Nostalgia Critic and Todd in the Shadows. As the latter always hides his face and nobody seems able to recognize him until he points himself out, Critic assumes that a "masked intruder" is in his hotel room to be all rapey, sulking when he finds out it's just Todd. As he's actually been raped before, this makes him look like he's even more of a freak.

    Western Animation 
  • American Dad!:
    • Stan fakes an armed robbery in his home so that anti-gun advocate Hayley will have to use a gun to rescue Stan and his wife Francine. After the incident, Francine (who was not aware of the hoax) thanks Hayley for saving her from being raped by the attacker. When Hayley asks how Francine knew the man was planning to rape her, she replies, "I just assumed," then responds to Hayley's perceived skepticism by asking, "What? You think I'm unrapeable?!" Later, when she gets a chance to confront the attacker, she hits him and states, "You missed out, buddy!" (even though at that point she did know it was a hoax).
    • In "the Best Little Horror House in Langley Falls" Roger is offended when a serial killer doesn't want to cut off his head and rape his body. It Makes Sense in Context (the killer does this to attractive women, Roger is dressed as a woman and prides himself on the quality of his disguises).
      Killer: Ya look like a fat, grey pear! I hate you, ya fat grey pear!
      Roger: [gasps] Well, what are you into, flesh-colored, non-fruit shaped women?!
    • In "Stanny Slickers 2: The Legend of Ollie's Gold," Roger uses a female disguise ("Laura Vanderbooben") to get hired at a company, with plans to get sexually harassed and then receive a big cash settlement. Annoyingly, nobody takes no matter how much he throws himself at them. He eventually "solves" the "problem" by getting hired under a male persona ("Luke Fondleberg") and accusing him of harassing "Laura."
  • Avatar: The Last Airbender has a PG variant. After Aang is kidnapped by pirates, Sokka complains that he isn't good enough to be kidnapped too, before they throw a net over him.
  • In the premiere episode of Bob's Burgers, Bob sends his son to serve a guy who appears to be a child molester because his son is "heavy" and therefore won't be molested. His son protests indignantly, "Heavy kids can get molested!"
  • Captain Hero of Drawn Together "drugs" himself with a candy, fakes passing out, and gets annoyed when the others don't try to take advantage of him.
    Captain Hero: [supposedly unconscious] Are you guys gonna f**k me or what?
  • Family Guy:
    • When Lois gets kidnapped and then held hostage by Mel Gibson, she asks fearfully: "What are you going to do with me?" But Gibson just ignores her. Then, in a more sultry voice, "What are you going to do with me?"
    • In another episode, the Griffins' house gets broken into by robbers, and Meg is left alone with them. When she asks if they're going to have their way with her and they freak out, she persists and by the end of the episode, Meg's the one being charged for sexual harassment.
      Meg: [jumping on top of a robber] Come on— I'M PRETTY!
      [robber yells for help]
  • Futurama. A non-sexual example: When Bender turns into a were-car, he tries to kill Leela. Given it was foretold that Bender was "doomed to kill his dearest friend", Fry spends much of the episode upset about this.
  • Jellystone!: In "Yogi's Tummy Troubles", Doggy Daddy is insulted that Yogi refuses to eat his little girl Augie, after he's eaten everyone else in town.
  • In King of the Hill, when Luanne stays at Boomhauer's for a few days, she immediately assumes he's using it as a pretext for sex, and tries, though rather half-heartedly, to turn him down, and is confused when Boomhauer leaves a blanket and pillow on the couch and goes to bed.
  • Looney Tunes:
    • A cartoon with Bugs Bunny parodying the Three Little Pigs and Little Red Riding Hood has a very rushed Big Bad Wolf tossing Granny out of her house. Granny says, "Land sakes! Ain't-ya going to eat me?"
    • A non-sexual version drives the plot of "Rebel Rabbit": Bugs is insulted that the bounty on rabbits is only 2 cents compared to larger, more "obnoxious" animals, and sets out to show that he can be the most obnoxious animal of all...
    • Similarly, the lovebird in "Life with Feathers" wants Sylvester to eat him but Sylvester refuses, thinking the bird is poisoned. (It never occurred to the lovebird to tell Sylvester why he wants him to eat him.)
    • "Cheese Chasers", with Hubie & Bertie, Claude Cat and Marc Antony, takes it to psychosomatic extremes. Hubie and Bertie want Claude to eat them, then Claude wants Marc Antony to massacre him. Finding irreparable fridge logic in it all, Marc Antony wants the dog catcher to take him.
  • Miraculous Ladybug has an example where the Villain of the Week is planning to sacrifice Ladybug's friend Alya. Ladybug manages to rescue her by convincing the villain Ladybug herself would make a better sacrifice, leading to Alya complaining that she is excellent sacrifice material, thank you very much!
  • Almost exactly like this, in The Penguins of Madagascar Kowalski is hugely offended when the apparently zombified Skipper tries to eat Rico's brain.
  • Robot Chicken:
    • A sketch with a bunch of teenagers (Scooby-Doo) looking around an old mansion. The two guys are subsequently raped by the "Rape Ghost". One ugly heavy girl isn't and this upsets her because she actually wants it.
      Big Girl: Oh no, I hope the Rape Ghost doesn't get me!
      Big Girl: Aw...
    • Featured in another sketch, with a couple of prison inmates.
      Inmate #1: So... aren't you gonna rape me tonight?
      Inmate #2: I have a headache. Leave me alone.
      Inmate #1: Fine.
  • Scooby-Doo:
    • In Scooby-Doo! Music of the Vampire, the gang learn that the vampire is planning to kidnap a maiden who is pure of heart to be his bride, shortly before Fred gets a text from Daphne that she's been kidnapped. Velma spends a second muttering that she's pure of heart too, and how come no one ever kidnaps her?
    • Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated has an episode where the monster is a puritanical ghost attacking girls for being immodest (short skirts, painted faces, basically, being pretty). He repeatedly harasses Daphne, but assures Velma that she's the model of purity and thus safe from his wrath. She takes especial pleasure in unmasking this particular "ghost".
  • The Simpsons:
    • In "Take My Wife, Sleaze", Marge is kidnapped by a biker gang so she can act as their housekeeper. She asks if they were going to violate her in any way, but they reassure her that none of them find her sexually attractive (despite the fact that they did see the rather risqué picture of her that Homer had put in a biker magazine.) Marge half-heartedly replies that this is a good thing, she guesses, but is clearly put-out.
    • In a similar vein (but a non-sexual example) during "Treehouse of Horror III", Homer offers to sacrifice himself to brain-hungry zombies in order to buy his family some time to escape. The zombies knock on Homer's hollow skull, and move on. Homer frowns and crosses his arms, indignant.
    • "Treehouse of Horror VII" has Homer get kidnapped by Kang and Kodos, and assumes they're looking to anal probe him, then immediately drops his pants. Kang and Kodos just recoil in disgust and tells him they've already exhausted the limits of what anal probing can teach them. Unlike many examples, Homer isn't upset about this.
    • In "Rednecks and Broomsticks", when a bunch of hillbillies pull guns on Moe, he says he expects they're going to violate him now. When the hillbillies complain that this is a nasty stereotype and that they have no intention of violating him, Moe rides off complaining about how he thought they had a connection and how they'd never know what they missed.
  • In his first cartoon, Sick, Sick Sidney, Sidney the Elephant is scared of being captured by a safari, but when he finds out that the safari isn't looking for elephants, Sidney is indignant and demands to be captured.
  • South Park:
    • "Towelie": The military is destroying all towels to stem the threat posed by Towelie. In one scene, Mr. Garrison is getting out of the shower when the soldiers storm in and rip off his Modesty Towel. He cries out, "Oh, all right, have your way with me, you sick freaks!"... and is immensely disappointed when they destroy the towel and then leave.
    • This is a bit of a runner with Mr. Garrison. In another episode, he finds himself in a prison cell with Chef and tells him, "I warn you, Chef. Don't even think about having your way with me here in this prison cell." In "World Wide Recorder Concert", he returns home to angrily confront his father about the damage it did to his self-esteem that his father didn't molest him as a child (because he thinks his father not molesting him means he never actually loved him). For bonus points, Mr. Garrison's mother reacted the same way, even trying to excuse her husband for not doing so (they end up reconciling after Garrisson Sr hires Kenny G to molest his son).
    • Mel Gibson is parodied as a lunatic in "The Passion of the Jew", where he tries to provoke the people around him to either torture or molest him.
      Gibson: You! You would all love to torture me, wouldn't you!? OK, fine. See what you can fit in there, I can take it!
  • Taz-Mania: Wendel T. Wolf lives on this Trope, it seems. He's offended when Taz, whose menu fills pages of an encyclopedia, won't eat him. He's perfectly perplexed when Bull Gator and Axl won't capture him for the zoo-going children of the world, even though he's a rare specimen indeed.
  • The Venture Bros.: Dr. Girlfriend seems to be lust-struck for Brock Samson, and when villainous schemes require her to subdue him she is more intent on seducing him. In one encounter, Brock rampages through the Monarch's base, breaks into a bedroom, and finds Dr. Girlfriend in a nightgown on the bed. Brock is not interested. note 
    Dr. Girlfriend: [feigned terror] You're here to take advantage of me, aren't you? Well, be quick with it! [throws off sheets]
    Brock: To be honest, I never really thought about it.
    Dr. Girlfriend: [offended] Well why not?
    Brock: Just... didn't.
    Dr. Girlfriend: [disappointed] Well, I'm not gonna beg.
  • Princess Amalia Sheran Sharm of Wakfu sometimes expresses her annoyance that perverted would-be kidnappers always show much more interest in her (admittedly gorgeous) bodyguard Evangelyne than in herself.
    Amalia: Why is she always the one getting kidnapped? I'm the princess!


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