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Aren't You Forgetting Someone?

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This one can run three ways:

  1. Alice starts describing the recipient of an award/her thanks/etc., and Bob thinks he's the one about to be praised, only for Alice to finish by naming someone else entirely.
  2. Alice and Bob have just pulled off some sort of caper or big project, and Alice is congratulating herself on a job well done. Bob, wanting to be acknowledged, asks her if she isn't forgetting someone. Alice answers, "Of course, how could I forget Charly!"
  3. Alice wins an award and is thanking everyone she can think of, but leaves out Bob, who deserves thanking more than the others (or at least, he thinks so).

Subtrope of Snub by Omission. Contrast My Friends... and Zoidberg.


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  • In the 1960's Cheerios commercials, Cheerios Kid doubled as both hero and butt monkey. For instance, after he defeats a bully in a tree-chopping contest:
    Cheerios Sue: (puckering for a kiss) Kid, aren't you forgetting something?
    Kid: The Big "G" stands for goodness?
    Sue: (miffed; pulls Kid's cap over his head) Hmph. Strong as an oak and twice as thick!

    Films — Animated 
  • In the TinkerBell movie, TinkerBell and the Lost Treasure:
    Terence: Who's your best friend who always delivers?
    Tink: Hm... Iridessa?
    Terence: Nope. Try again.
    Tink: Um, Fawn?
    Terence: Me!
    Tink: Just kidding.
  • A plot point in Eight Crazy Nights.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • Subverted in Music and Lyrics when Alex and Cora are giving their concert, they don't thank Sophie for writing the lyrics (she had wanted her name taken off of it anyway because they changed the content without her approval), but then Alex dedicates his newest song (which he secretly wrote all by himself) to Sophie.
  • Who Framed Roger Rabbit. After Eddie Valiant rescues Jessica and Roger, Jessica says, "My hero!" Eddie thinks she's talking about him, but she actually goes over and hugs Roger.
  • In When Darkness Falls, one storyline involves the journalist Carina who wins an award for one of her documentaries. Her husband Håkan was the cameraman and she forgets to mention him in her acceptance speech. Afterwards in the taxi, he calls her out on that and repeatedly insults her. Back at home, Håkan beats her up for this.

  • This is the essential premise of The Thank You Book from the Elephant & Piggie series. Piggie is thanking as many people as possible, but Gerald is convinced that there's someone she's forgetting to thank. It initially seems like Gerald himself is the one Piggie is forgetting, but it turns out that he was referring to the reader.

    Live Action TV 
  • One episode of The Burns and Allen Show ends with George Burns calling up a guest star playing a General in the episode. The guest star drops character, saying about what an honor it is to appear on the show and goes on to say how professional everyone is, naming each person one by one ... except for George.
    George Burns: Say, in next week's show we have an opening for a Lawyer, are you working?
    Actor: Why, no... no, I'm not.
    George Burns: You said it! (Hangs up, smiles to camera)
  • In "Kiss Me Steph", the first episode of Degrassi Junior High, Steph gives credit for her winning the school president election to Joey rather than Voula, her best friend and campaign manager who has done most of the work. This causes a rift between her and Voula that lasts throughout the series.
  • The Firefly episode "Jaynestown" features an exchange where one of Inara's clients briefly mentions a folk hero who pulled off a Robin Hood style robbery of the local magistrate and then dumped the money on the local poor, and Inara assumes he means Captain Mal. She goes on at length about his good and bad qualities, and is shocked when the client is impressed that she actually knows...Jayne Cobb.
  • Edmund Blackadder does this frequently in order to pointedly snub Baldrick or Percy.
    • And also ends up on the wrong end of this, when he attempts to get Prince George to make him a lord. He makes Baldrick a lord instead.
  • In Bob Newhart's show Bob (where he played a comic book writer/artist) he won an award, and for his acceptance speech just said "thank you" which ticked off all the people he worked with, for not acknowledging them. He explained that he did that because he didn't want to take up huge amounts of time during what was basically a preliminary award, which would make him look silly, and that if they won for Best Book he'd acknowledge them all. They won Best Book, but before he could start naming people he was played off quickly and all the other participants left the ceremony room, so nobody else got recognized.
  • Variation used on NCIS: There was some dispute about jurisdiction with local forces; the local sheriff agreed to cooperate fully in return for all credit. At the end, she's on TV and mentions that there's another group she'd like to thank, then thanks the citizens of her county for their support and bravery.
  • A long gag in The IT Crowd happens when the Boss of the company gathers everybody together to announce their new computer systems. Follows a long list of people before finally coming over to the three main characters, topping their glasses up with champagne and;
    "How can you talk about all this IT stuff without mentioning...the toilet cleaners. They said we couldn't do it!!"
  • Subverted in an episode of Scrubs, when JD and Turk were listing some of JD's old girlfriends in front of Elliot and Carla. Carla tries to remind them that he keeps skipping over Elliot, who is nearly in tears, but it turns out that he had already mentioned her. He just referred to her as "Mole-butt," which was a nickname referring to a mole that had actually been mentioned both before and after that episode.
  • Frasier: An old friend of Frasier's (from his Cheers days, although we never saw this friend in Cheers itself...) has written a book based on Frasier's first love. The credits mention everyone from the author's kindergarten teacher to the man who designed the typeface, but not Frasier.
    Author: Well, Amber, it was given to me... by God.
    Frasier: [angry:] By God?! Do you believe this guy's grandiosity? I'm God and he knows it!
  • Arrested Development: Michael thinks he's going to be named president of the company, but it turns out to be his mother instead.
    • Subverted as George Sr knew the federal trade commission was breathing down his neck and nominating Michael would have made him an accomplice to fraud. He named his wife instead on the idiotic advice of Barry Zuckercorn that supposedly you can't convict a husband and wife of the same crime. The Rosenbergs would disagree loudly if they hadn't both been executed for selling atomic intelligence to the soviets.
  • Married... with Children: Sitting on the couch with Bud/Kelly, Peg speaks of splitting a possible Lotto payout three ways. When Bud asks if she isn't forgetting someone, she apologizes and assures Buck the dog he'll get his share.
  • Good Luck Charlie: Bob wins an award and PJ shows him the video where he fails to thank his wife Amy, who is in the hospital. This leads him to re-staging the ceremony in his basement to take a new video. He gets found out of course, but since Amy has been faking her injury in order to get some alone time they agree to forget both.

    Religion And Mythology 
  • In The Bible, making this Older Than Feudalism where King Xerxes asks Haman how he should honour somebody who's done a great service to him. Being the king's (arrogant) right-hand man, Haman thinks Xerxes means him. So he goes nuts describing all the great things that should happen to this 'unnamed hero'. Then he finds out that the honour is meant for his greatest enemy, Mordecai.

  • In My Fair Lady, after cockney flower girl Eliza has successfully passed for a lady at the ball, Pickering starts congratulating Higgins on his teaching skills. Higgins interrupts, "Now wait, now wait, give credit where it's due: part of the glory goes to you," and indicates Pickering, entirely ignoring poor Eliza.

    Web Original 
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged Series:
    Tea: *describing her card, Shining Friendship* It has Joey's courage, Tristan's spirit, and Yugi's heart. *Late comer Bakura isn't mentioned. Amusingly enough, she really does leave Bakura out in the anime.*
    Bakura: Aren't you forgetting someone?
    Tea: Who's that?
    Bakura: You know, long white hair, dashing good looks, slightest hint of an accent?
    Tea: ... Pegasus?
    Bakura: Me, you trollop!

    Western Animation 
  • From Strawberry Shortcake: Housewarming Surprise:
    Sour Grapes: With the world's greatest cookbook, I'll be famous! I can see it now, "Sour Grapes on the Merv Muffin Show!" Then, "Hollywood Pears..."
    The Peculiar Purple Pieman: Aren't you forgetting someone?
    Sour Grapes: Of course not, Purpy. I could never forget my purple partner in crime. My warm, wonderfully wicked, nasty but snake, Dregs.
  • In one episode of Sushi Pack, the eponymous Pack think that the announced statue of "Wharf City's Greatest Hero" will be one of them, but they find that it's actually Kato Platypus, who was a hero years before.
  • Family Guy uses this trope and turns it, as always into an Overly-Long Gag with a Rule of Three topper. Joe has just won a gold medal, with Peter as his inspiration/coach:
    Joe: Thank you. You know, no one can win a gold medal by himself. It takes friends. And I want to acknowledge a special friend in the audience today. My friend Peter... *Peter looks hopeful* Peter Yarrow of Peter, Paul and Mary! Let's give him a hand, folks. But that's nothing compared to what this next man did. He challenged me to go that extra mile. That man is Mr. Griffin. *Peter looks hopeful* Comedian Eddie Griffin, get up here! Your acerbic anti-white humor was a constant inspiration. Thank you, sir. And last but not least, who could forget the fat guy? *Peter looks hopeful* Chef Paul Prudhomme! You get your Cajun ass up here!
    Chef Paul Prudhomme (modestly): Oh come on, I didn't even do anything!
  • On The Simpsons, the union contract stipulates that every worker must win the Worker of the Week award at least once; Homer figures he's a shoo-in this week since everyone else already got the award. The award goes inanimate carbon rod. This spurs Homer to become an astronaut; when he's in space, Homer causes a chain of problems, which he eventually solves with... an inanimate carbon rod. The rod then gets its photo on the cover of Time magazine and its own ticker tape parade.
  • In The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius, when a science project of Jimmy's goes haywire, Cindy gives directions to his friends to help stop the robot. When it's stopped, the science fair trophy is split between Carl, Sheen, and Libby while Cindy unfairly gets nothing. However, Jimmy tries to assure her that good leadership is its own reward, only to have an ungrateful Cindy cover his head with a sweater.
  • The Bugs Bunny Show had an opening sequence where Daffy raises a big stink about his never being acknowledged on the show, threatening legal action. Bugs calms him down and addresses the audience, making a big show of "righting a big wrong" and introducing an integral member, playing it up big as Daffy prepares to take a bow, then lovingly finishing with..."our sponsor." Daffy is stunned.
  • Dastardly and Muttley in Their Flying Machines: In "Barnstormers," Zilly is written off as "a casualty of love" as the rest of the Vulture Squadron is taking off in a Bamboo Technology plane Klunk built. Zilly is running behind and offers Muttley his medal if he rescues him. Muttley runs over, plucks the medal and runs back to the fuselage. Zilly: "Hey, Muttley! Aren't you forgetting something?" It takes Muttley a moment or two to remember to pull Zilly in.

    Real Life 
  • Bush says Mexico is the United States' most important neighbor. Canadians aren't too pleased.
  • Hilary Swank, upon winning the Best Actress Oscar for Boys Don't Cry, copiously thanked everyone she could think of. Unfortunately, she was so flustered, someone totally slipped her mind... her husband. Apparently she made it up to him later.
  • Kathy Griffin averted this trope (and caused some controversy) when receiving an Emmy for her performance on "My Life on the D-List" by mentioning how many people thank Jesus for their awards and specifically saying that 'no one had less to do with this award than Jesus" (it was the "Suck it!" part that left most viewers particularly unamused, since the former statement alone could've easily been taken as paying Jesus a compliment).