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Stocker: Lieutenant Uhura, let me know if we contact any Romulan.
[A torpedo impact rocks the entire ship]
Uhura: I think we just made contact, sir.

For some people, just saying hello is too easy. Where's the fun in that? It's much more entertaining to greet someone by attacking them out of nowhere to see how they react.

Why? Why not! Maybe you're a Trickster Mentor putting your student through Training from Hell and making sure they stay on their toes. Maybe you're sizing someone up as a potential ally and you want to find out what they're capable of. Maybe you have an ongoing rivalry with them and this time, you hope, will be your turn to win. Maybe you just like to fight. Whatever the reason, saying hello to a friend or a potential new friend by attacking them makes much more of an impression than just saying hello.

Not to be confused with Let's You and Him Fight, which is when the attacker honestly believes that the other is an enemy, instead of knowing they're not an enemy but attacking them anyhow for fun and/or profit. Compare Stab the Scorpion and Stab the Salad, in which it only looks like an attack.

Closely related to *Click* Hello and *Twang* Hello, but rarely actually employs those tropes. It does, however, often involve a Dynamic Entry or "Hey, You!" Haymaker. The Glomp may appear like this to a bystander who doesn't know the parties involved (especially if it is done by surprise), as it can easily blur the line between 'hug' and 'assault'.


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    Anime & Manga 
  • Tamayo from Angelic Layer.
  • In Bakemonogatari, Araragi usually greets Hachikuji by tackling her which always looked like he's sexually harassing her. In return, Hachikuji retaliates by biting his hand.
  • Isshin kicks Ichigo around a little early on in Bleach. In fact, he makes it a family tradition, as he does it many times throughout the series.
    • Also, in a flashback during the Soul Society arc, Yoruichi does this to Soifon (and also to young Byakuya in the manga) when she first meets her during one of Soifon's training exercises. Later Soifon becomes her bodyguard.
    • Nel Tu often tends to say hello to Ichigo with a super headbutt to his stomach... Sometimes intentionally.
  • Claymore: When Clare arrives in Pieta, Helen greets her by swinging her BFS at Clare's head and cackling maniacally.
  • Dragon Ball:
    • Original Dragon Ball: When Chi-Chi meets Master Roshi for the first time, Chi-Chi is skeptical that it is really him, and hurls a blade at him with his back turned, thinking that if he's really Master Roshi, he'll sense and dodge it. He does sense it and tries to block it with his cane, but the blade slices through the cane and nails him in the head.
    • Dragon Ball Z: When Goku and Gohan are introduced to the Old Kai, Goku decides to test his prowess by firing a tiny ki blast at him. He fails to see it coming and it knocks him on his ass, causing Goku to be disappointed that the man is so weak. Everyone yells at him for doing that and Old Kai explains that while he lacks physical prowess, his great wisdom is what makes him important.
  • Izumi Curtis of Fullmetal Alchemist greets her errant apprentices with a kick and throw in her first scene, throws butcher knives at their heads when they come back to her house later in the week, and arrives to rescue her idiot student from the incarnation of Greed, only to kick him into a wall for the crime of forgetting to put the broom away. She also met her husband when he handed her the carcass of a bear she had killed herself, but dropped in hurry. Also how she introduces herself to the soldiers of Fort Briggs when bringing them a message.
    Scout: We're under attack! We can't—
    Command: Who's attacking?
    Izumi: A housewife!
  • Happens midway through the manga version of Hellsing with Alucard and Anderson.
  • Young Romano (South Italy) from Hetalia: Axis Powers has woken Spain up by physically dive-bombing him.
  • Sesshoumaru does an abbreviated version of this once in Inuyasha when, arriving on the scene of a standoff between Inuyasha and Naraku, he marches straight up to Inuyasha to punch him in the face before turning to confront Naraku.
  • In Kanon, Ayu leaps and tackles Yuiichi every time she meets him on the street. Eventually, he gets used to it. And occasionally dodges, sending her crashing into the ground/telephone poles. Played for adorable.
    • Air (also produced by Kyoto Animation) does the same thing with Michiru tackling Yukito (much to his annoyance). Again, played for cute.
  • Su pulls a Dynamic Entry on Keitaro in the second volume of Love Hina for no adequately explored reason, too.
  • Micaiah of Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha ViVid does this to Sieg in Chapter 45 when she goes to see her in the bath house of the arena. In this case, Sieg was in a depressed mood since she had just accidentally unleashed her Black Jeremiah side on a competitor, and it was part of a pep talk to make her understand that the various rivals and Worthy Opponents in the tournament does no see that part of her as something to fear, but something to overcome.
  • This is how Master Asia introduces himself in G Gundam for the first time, although the whole thing looks more like an overly violent secret handshake than anything else.
    Domon: The Winds of the King!
    Master Asia: ZENSHIN!
    Domon: KEIRETSU!
    (Cue Epic Fist bump...)
    • Real men speak with their fists!
      • This isn't a metaphor. He and Domon actually have several conversations that consist entirely of punching one another, in which meaningful information was demonstrably conveyed somehow.
    • The first Dynasty Warriors: Gundam game retains this and even creates an Attack Goodbye out of it between Domon and two of the most unlikely partners he could share this with: Elpeo Ple and Milliardo Peacecraft. The three share those exact aforementioned words together before going their separate ways at the end of their story mode.
  • In Naruto, Sai does this to the titular character, in the sizing-up-an-ally version. Unusually for this trope, not only does Sai fail to explain himself until he appears again as Naruto's teammate, he remains rude and passive-aggressive for quite some time after his Attack Hello.
  • The girls of 3-A in Negima! Magister Negi Magi have a bad habit of saying "hi" feet-first.
    • Anya does it with her feet on fire in her "proper" introduction.
    • Also, when Setsuna and Asuna were travelling in the Magic World, Setsuna gave Asuna the go-ahead to do this to her whenever she wants, treating it as a form of training for the both of them.
  • One Piece: We first get introduced to Garp (outside of the cover story) where he smashes through the wall of where his grandson was sleeping, passes by two of the three top fighters of the Straw Hats, and punches Luffy in the head with his "Love Fist".
  • In Ouran High School Host Club, Honey's younger brother Yasuchika does this to Honey regularly enough that the rest of the Host Club considers it routine. Turns out it's actually a Haninozuka family tradition.
  • Yuzuru Narazaki of Penguin Revolution is fond of this trope. He pulls it on Yukari from the very first time the meets her just to see how she'll react, and afterwards it becomes his standard way to greet her.
  • Ramen Fighter Miki: Invoked by Megumi after Miki blocks Megumi’s attack with her container:
    Megumi: As you’d expect, this is simply my daily greeting.
    Akihiko: That’s your ‘greeting’?
    Megumi: [With a beautiful smile] Have a nice day! [puts on a Face of a Thug and closes her door]
  • Ranma ½:
    • "RANMA! Prepare to DIE!" was occasionally Ryouga's way of saying hello to Ranma.
    • Ranma had a lot of Trickster Mentor versions of this.
    • Ranma does the same to his enemies, he just saves the "Hello" part for after the "Attack" part.
  • When Amidamaru and Mosuke meet again early in Shaman King, they yell at each other and then punch each other in the face (while Mosuke was incorporated into Ryu's body and Amidamaru in Yoh's). Then, with their fists buried in each other's faces, they talk to each other properly. Immediately lampshaded by Anna: "Men are so incredibly dumb. They can't even greet each other without getting flashy."
    Mosuke: I missed you, Amidamaru.
    Amidamaru: It's been a while, Mosuke.
  • YuYu Hakusho:
    • After Yusuke trains with Genkai for the Dark Tournement, Hiei attacks him upon greeting him to test his improvement.
    • A more sinister version takes place in Sensui meets Yusuke for the first time when Kaname Hagiri initiates an attack on Murota (which gets Murota bandaged in hospital) on Sensui's behalf as Murota senses Sensui's presence as the result of reading his mind.
      Sensui: [thinking privately] Just my way of saying "hello", Yusuke Urameshi.

    Comic Books 
  • Buck Godot: Zap Gun for Hire: This is basically the standard method of greeting between Hoffmanites like the main character. We see this early in The Gallimaufry, where he runs into his uncle Frakkus, and they engage in a lengthy battle until interrupted by a marine-squadron (which they then proceed to demolish together). Frakkus later mentions that Hoffmanites find handshakes to be "lacking in substance". And that's just casual greetings. They start courtship with high explosives.
  • Earth X: In Universe X, the Thing has come to visit the Sub-Mariner for the first time in years—since Namor broke the Human Torch's neck during a team-up with Doctor Doom. He promised not to hit Namor, for very good reasons. Sadly, his self-control isn't up to the challenge.
  • The Outsiders: In Batman And The Outsiders 2007, the Cassandra Cain Batgirl tosses Thunder through plate glass as a greeting to the group. (This is not followed up in the next issue, which has Cass peacefully co-existing with Thunder and no mention of how they met.)
  • Spider-Man: In issue #13 of Peter Parker, the Spectacular Spider-man, the hog-themed trucker hero Razorback from Texarkana picks a fight with Spidey because he thought that's how all the hero-types introduced themselves.
  • Superboy: In Superboy (1994), in a shoutout to Calvin and Hobbes, Knockout thinks this is a completely reasonable way to greet Superboy when he returns home. She's hoping for a fight whenever she does so though.
  • The Mighty Thor: This trope is at the heart of the relationship between Hercules and Thor. More often than not, when the two meet, Hercules, more of a Boisterous Bruiser than the God of Thunder, takes the opportunity to sucker punch or tackle the Odinson, causing Thor to respond in kind. As both are Physical Gods and the mightiest representatives of their respective warrior culture pantheons, it's understood that this is their thing, despite the considerable collateral damage their "horsesplay" causes.
  • Wonder Woman:
    • Wonder Woman (1942): In the Huntress feature Solomon Grundy knocks out both of the guards accompanying the museum curator with one punch as he introduces himself to the curator, and makes it clear that he's stealing the entire contents of the vault.
    • Wonder Woman: Black and Gold: In "Golden Age" Etta reintroduces herself to the blowtorch wielding thief by swinging in on a rope to kick her in the chin while said thief is busy yelling at Wonder Woman for discrediting her motives as driven by men.

    Comic Strips 
  • Calvin and Hobbes, as seen in the trope image, had Hobbes pounce Calvin at full speed when he returns from school, often knocking him out of his shoes. Several strips depict Calvin's (usually unsuccessful) attempts to avoid being jumped upon arriving home.

    Fan Works 
  • The Desert Storm: When Obi-Wan returns to Mandalore in Minding the Gap, he is welcomed by Bo-Katan who greets him with a forearm clasp before abruptly stepping back and decking him across the face so hard that she breaks his nose. When Obi-Wan asks her why she punched him, her only response is that he'll "figure it out". The reason she punched him was because he unknowingly impregnated her sister Satine during the Sa Sarad arc.
  • Imperfect Metamorphosis: Flandre does this to Marisa. In keeping with Marisa's status as the story's recent Butt-Monkey, Yukari saves her by teleporting Flandre away into Marisa's home. As of several months later, they still haven't fixed replaced the back wall.
  • Fates Collide:
    • When they first meet, Cinder Fall tests Archer's reflexes by forming her Glass Swords and attacking him, and is pleased when he forms Kanshou and Bakuya to block them.
    • Chloe von Einzbern decides to test Cinder's reflexes by firing an arrow at her, but since she fired it without getting Cinder's attention, Irisviel has to block it.
  • Crossed Lines: Yamato announces herself to the crew by leaping over a building in Loguetown and attacking Luffy with her Kanabo. The two would've used Conqueror's Haki but Nami yelled at them not to lest they sink the entire island.

    Films — Animated 

    Films — Live-Action 
  • Die Another Day: Just as Zao opens the door at the ice palace, Jinx gives him this via a karate kick.
  • Seraph in The Matrix Reloaded. His justification is that you only know someone by fighting them. At least he apologized beforehand, though.
  • This was the standard greeting between Clouseau and Kato in the original Pink panther films, and they introduced a version of it into the 2006 version. Clouseau has instructed his manservant to do this to train himself to always be on guard against assassins.
  • The Guns of Navarone. When Maria meets her brother Spiro (who had been in America for many years), she slaps him as a reminder to write more often.
  • The title character does this to a fellow officer in The Great Santini.
  • Groundhog Day: NED? *BAM!*
  • In Reservoir Dogs during Mr. Blond's flashback, Mr. Blond and Nice Guy Eddie start wrestling each other when Blond visits after getting out of prison.
  • A recurring filler gag in Jackass 3D involves cast members sneaking up behind a co-star, throwing a cup of water at one side of their face, then smacking the other side with a giant fist.
  • Scary Movie 3: The aliens introduce themselves by strangling several of the main cast with their arms. When they fight back, the aliens clarify that they mean no harm, and choking people is how they say hello. One of the main characters then asks how they say goodbye; he immediately regrets it when one of them demonstrates by kicking him in the balls.
  • The Soldier. The leader of the Heroes "R" Us group is attacked by a ninja assassin while resting in a safehouse. After trying to murder the Soldier with a garrotte and a huge machete, the ninja surrenders when the Soldier draws a gun. Turns out the attacker is just one of his team. He even gets injured in the process from the Razor Wire cutting his arm, which makes no sense given that they're about to go on a mission.

  • The Saga of Darren Shan has Gavner Purl doing this in both books 3 and 4 to the titular young vampire and his mentor. In book 4, he gets called out on how stupid this is, since they're in a situation of actual danger.
  • Ender's Game:
    • Ender's Trickster Mentor is introduced this way, sort of.
    • When Ender gets the aliens' side of the story, it turns out their original attack was intended as an Attack Hello that they seriously misjudged the appropriateness of due to knowing nothing of human biology and culture.
  • Belfangan Clouseaux of Full Metal Panic! introduces himself to Sousuke and Kurz by insulting their late superior, picking a bar fight, and then challenging Sousuke to a mech battle. He turned out to be their new superior (and actually very close friends with the dead guy, though for some reason he chooses not to reveal that to them during TSR).
  • The titular Haruhi Suzumiya does this once or twice, with one notable example where she enters a scene by dropkicking the Computer Club President.
  • Rebuild World:
  • In Sewer, Gas & Electric, Philo Dufresne is in the habit of attacking his polyandrous girlfriend's other boyfriend when they get together, as a way of dealing with his own gender-insecurities about being in a threesome that includes another man.
  • Trapped in a Dating Sim: The World of Otome Games is Tough for Mobs: Serge Rault reacts to meeting Leon Bartfort by punching him in the face because he’s an Identical Stranger to Leon Rault, who Serge feels constantly overshadowed by despite him being dead.
  • Tigger from Winnie the Pooh has a habit of tackling or "bouncing" on his friends as a way of saying hello, particularly in Disney media.

    Live-Action TV 
  • Torchwood's Captain Jack and Captain John do this in "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang." good reason, really. After they've snogged, and before they have a drink together.
  • In M.I. High Series 3, new supervising agent Frank London is introduced during a training exercise in which he battles teenage spy Rose Gupta.
  • Burn Notice:
    • There was an episode of in which Michael and Co. helped to save a woman and sons from an abusive husband. Mike took the history personally and made a point of attacking the husband every time they had to meet.
    • Also in the first appearance of Michael's Brother, Nate, when Michael walks into their mother's home and is grabbed from behind by Nate, only to be thrown.
  • Discussed by in Under the Dome when Barbie walks into the Hounds of Diana office with a gun.
    Hunter May: It's OK, Trevor. It's kind of his way of saying hello.
  • On The Last Man on Earth, Phil Miller runs to his brother Mike, a man he hasn't seen in years, a man he thought was dead... and punches him in the groin.
  • Star Trek:
    • Star Trek: The Next Generation: In "The Measure of a Man", Picard discusses it, but doesn't actually do it, upon seeing Philippa Louvois for the first time in ten years.
      Picard: If we weren't around all these people, do you know what I would like to do?
      Louvois: Bust a chair across my teeth.
      Picard: After that.
      Louvois: Oh, ain't love grand?
    • Star Trek: Discovery: Discussed in the pilot (aptly named "The Vulcan Hello") as the only way to get the Klingons to take you seriously.
      Commander Burnham: Whenever the Vulcans crossed paths with Klingons, the Vulcans fired first. They said "hello" in a language the Klingons understood. Violence brought respect. Respect brought peace. Captain, we have to give the Klingons a Vulcan "hello".
  • Doctor Who: In the twentieth anniversary special "The Five Doctors", The Brigadier gets a moment of awesome by sneaking up behind the Master and punching his lights out.
    The Brigadier: "Lovely to see you again!"
  • Brotherhood of the Rose (1989 TV mini-series). The agent sent to make contact with Romulus stalks him through the woods, saying that it was a challenge. This foreshadows their next encounter when he pretends he's been sent to make contact with Romulus again, but tries to kill him for real.
  • Happens multiple times on Supernatural:
    • In the very first episode, Dean breaks into Sam's house and Sam attacks him before he realizes who it is. In Season 2, the same incident is echoed in Dean's Wishverse! when he breaks into his mother's house and Sam attacks him.
    • When Dean escapes from Hell in Season 4, first Bobby and then Sam greet him this way, assuming he is some sort of monster. In the same episode, Bobby and Dean summon Castiel and try and kill him when he arrives.
    • When Dean is thrown into the past, his mother Mary greet him this way.
    • When Dean is thrown into the future, his Bad Future self greets him this way, as does a woman from the camp who mistakes him for his Jerkass future self.
  • In the Babylon 5 episode "Knives'', Urza Jaddo introduces himself by sneaking up behind Londo and holding a knife to his throat.

    Tabletop Games 
  • In the Classic D&D supplement "Tall Tales of the Wee Folk", this is how the intensely hot-blooded race of satyrs tend to greet other males. It's noted that casting Charm Person on a satyr will immediately cause it to pounce upon the caster for a friendly tussle.


    Video Games 
  • Kimahri's attack on Tidus near the beginning of Final Fantasy X could be this or Let's You and Him Fight depending on what you think Kimahri's reasons were.
  • Because of the nature of the Spellcard rules, fandom conjecture often says that the cast of Touhou Project often greet each other with furious attacks. It even happens in Subterranean Animism game during the Extra Story.
    • Lily White tends to use danmaku rather than words to herald spring.
  • This is the preferred method of greeting programmed into PROXY, the protagonist's Robot Buddy in Star Wars: The Force Unleashed. It's all part of the Sith Training from Hell: Vader has no need for an apprentice that cannot shrug off sneak attacks.
  • Pokémon X and Y has an attack wake-up call as soon as you start the game! By a 1'00" Fletchling no less! And later you find out that Fletchling is your mom's Pokémon! What a way to start your day, huh?
  • a very literal version is done by Koltira Deathweaver sometimes in Worldof Warcraftand it's out of game comics to his friend Thassarian. The story behind this is that Thassarian used to be Koltira's commander and got him killed, so it's a pretend revenge.
  • Minecraft has no wave action (in modern bedrock it does, but every other platform and version does not), so it's commonplace in multiplayer for two players to punch each other with an empty hand to substitute waving.

    Web Comics 

    Web Original 

    Western Animation 
  • Amphibia: Ivy's greeting of choice.
    Ivy: Hey, I've seen you around. Nice to finally meet. Do you like being randomly attacked?
    Anne: Not at all!
    Ivy: Well, too bad. See you later, Sprig. But you won't see meeeeee...
  • Ed, Edd n Eddy: In the opening to "A Twist of Ed", two of the Kanker Sisters, Marie and May, do this to their "boyfriends" Double D and Ed respectively before restraining and kissing them.
    • After Double D finds Marie's lipstick in his backyard, with it being implied she purposely left it out for him to find, he freezes in fear and glances around before she suddenly lets out a loud "YAHOO!" and tackles him from behind, knocking him off-screen and snatching her lipstick back. The next shot she greets him with a chipper "Hiya, dreamboat!" as she ties him in a knot with his own hat before dropping him to the ground, applying her lipstick, and smirking at him to pucker up.
    • It is more downplayed with May but still present. When Ed is searching a drawer for a spoon, he pulls May herself out of it but fails to initially notice her and simply throws her across the room. She then greets him from behind with a surprise Bear Hug while slyly flirting with him, finally catching his attention and making him look panicked. Barley a second later though, she drags him backwards and we see via the spoon's reflection that she pulled him to the ground and is pinning him down by sitting on top of him and holding him down before slowly leaning towards him with a kissy face..
  • When Herb Powell, Homer Simpson's half-brother, who owned the most prosperous auto company in the country until Homer "helped" him, visits the family, he wonders how to greet Homer; he is unsure if he should treat Homer as the man who ruined his life or as his brother. When Homer opens the door, Herb decks him.
    Herb: I'm sorry, but I'm still mad at you. Every word you say just makes me want to punch you in the face.
    Homer: Well, while you're a guest in my home, could you just kick me in the butt?
    Herb: I'll try, but I'm not making any promises.
  • ReBoot: Enzo unintentionally does this whenever he sees Bob courtesy of a big pouncing hug. Leads to a humorous moment, post-Time Skip, when Enzo — now a hulking brute calling himself "Matrix" — causing Bob to stop him before the pounce begins with a "Whoa, I think you're a little big for that."
  • South Park has the infamous ending to "Jared Has Aides", where Cartman had tricked Butters' parents into thinking their son mocked and swore at them over the phone. At the end, they came home to an unsuspecting Butters and went to town on him.
    Butters: Hi, Mom and Dad.
  • The Flintstones: In "The Tycoon", Fred switches places with an identical rich man, who ends up treating Wilma and the Rubbles like crap. At the end, when the real Fred comes home and asks Barney to shake his hand, he grabs it and body-slams him (just like "Fred" did to him earlier).
    Barney: I've been waitin' all day for that, pal!
  • Classic Disney Shorts: In Moving Day, Mickey attempts to answer the door while Sheriff Pete is pounding on it. He opens up a small hole in the door and gives a cheerful "Good morning", only for Pete to punch through the hole and send him flying.
  • Star Trek: Lower Decks:
    • "Envoys": Mariner and Boimler are assigned as shuttle pilots for K'orin, a high-ranking Klingon general. Mariner attacks him as soon as he shows up, freaking Boimler out. However, it turns out that Mariner and K'orin are old friends, and Klingons being a Proud Warrior Race, they view an impromptu brawl as a friendly way of saying hello.
    • "No Small Parts": The Pakleds "greet" the Solvang by warping in and firing full phasers. They then do the same to the Cerritos. Then the Titan pulls it on them.

    Real Life 
  • In ancient times, when a Hawaiian chief would come ashore, be it in war or peace, the locals would throw at least one spear at him. In peace, this would probably be considered "test" instead of an attack.


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