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Quotes / Aren't You Going to Ravish Me?

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Oh, Tozaan, thank you for saving me from that horrible alligator! I offer you my body as payment! Degrade me in unspeakable ways! Ravage me, Tozaan! Ravage me, jungle prince!
What are you, some kind of faggot? Get it hard, dipshit!

"Get your brain out of the gutter, Kyon. If you get any crazy ideas about tearing this bikini off of my body …" Haruhi giggled. "... well at least promise me you'll try your very best to not act on them, okay?"
"Because I'd be way too weak to fight you off."
"I understand."
"It wouldn't be a fair fight."
"No, it wouldn't."
"I wouldn't have the energy to keep you from doing anything you wanted to me."
Kyon nodded. "Uh-huh."
"And promise you'll be careful and undo the bow knots first. I still want to be able to wear this thing to the pool next summer."

"If it's given, freely offered, you can't really take it away. All you're doing is accepting a gift."
Part of me felt like something had torn in my chest, so deep was the ache I felt at the hope, the uncertainty in the grasshopper's voice.

Young ladies and gentlemen are lining up to claim that you have depraved and despoiled them. Certain other ladies and gentlemen are complaining bitterly because you haven't depraved and despoiled them.
Fallen London, when your exploits grow a little too scandalous

Jackie Tyler: I'm in my dressing gown.
The Doctor: (looking around) Yes, you are!
Jackie Tyler: There's a strange man in my bedroom.
The Doctor: Yes, there is.
Jackie Tyler: (seductively) Anything could happen.
The Doctor: No. (walks away)
Doctor Who, "Rose"

What if he had done something to her? She was disconcerted! And what if he hadn't, that in itself was reason for her to be mad!! She was dissatisfied!

Miyuki: Um...please let go.
Tatsuya: I cannot. Please do not let go of me.
Miyuki:...Yes. (nestles closer)

Kirito: Hey, sleepy-head~! How was your—? [yelps and quickly takes cover behind a fence as Asuna draws her sword]
Asuna: Tell me what you did, right now, and you may live!
Kirito: [peeping out from behind the fence] Idrewwhiskersonyourface!
Asuna: ...What.
Kirito: I drew cat whiskers on your face! I thought it would be funny and it was!
Asuna: Is... is that all?
Kirito: Um, yeah? You were asleep, what else would I have done?
Asuna: [sputtering] Well... I... I-I mean... you know! You-you could've...

Kirito: Is it really alright for me to be over so unseemly late?
Asuna: [calmly] Why wouldn't it be?
Kirito: Oh sweet, naive, stupid Asuna. You may not be able to see the dubious implications—
[the lights switch off]
Kirito: —but to a man as worldly as I... [notices she's not at the table] Uh, Asuna?
Asuna: [in her lingerie] Why are your pants still on? We doing this or what?
Kirito: [high pitched squeal]


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