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Fun for boys and girls.

"Soft airbags..."
Kimihito, Monster Musume

Fanservice trope, and a subtrope of Marshmallow Hell and Accidental Pervert. Someone turns to leave, is running without looking where they're going or trips over (if they are One Head Taller)... and buries their face directly into someone's feminine assets, pushing it apart with the same effect as a car's airbag deploying and absorbing the shock. Sometimes they bounce off. Sometimes they get stuck. Even if they're not stuck, it's common for them to stay in that position at least long enough to exchange initial greetings.

What differentiates this from Marshmallow Hell is:

Compare Crash-Into Hello, Thanks for the Mammary, Cry into Chest, and Living Crashpad. Subtrope of Suggestive Collision.


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  • In one reality show commercial, a preteen boy and his older sister go in for a chest bump. However, the older sister is definitely outside of his age range and looks suitably more mature. So they go up for the chest bump normally, but he winds up on the floor.
  • In a The Ladders advert, at the beginning a man is pushed over by a woman chest first. [1]

    Anime and Manga 
  • .hack//Legend of the Twilight: An administrator is waxing philosophical about his double life (the game and the real world) only to walk into another character's breasts. He looks up at her amused/pissed face, and delivers the line "And now I'm caught between two worlds." SLAP.
    • Shugo has his own moment when he runs into another player's giant boobs, which jiggle kind of...oddly. Then it cuts to a ground-up shot so we can watch from below as her nipples, uh, twinkle.
      • Happens again in the manga. Shugo ends up running into Ouka, who is so happy to see him again after being separated for so long that she smothers him with a hug.
  • In the "Fighting Wings" Special of Ah! My Goddess, Belldandy, of all people, does this to Keiichi when the latter is returning to consciousness after the battle with the Angel Eater and trying to get back on his feet. It is purely by accident, although it is still rather amusing to behold.
  • In After War Gundam X, Garrod accidentally does this to Pala Sys, twice in the same episode.
  • Kaoru gets one of these in the Ai Yori Aoshi manga when he bumps into an Aoi-lookalike Santa Claus.
  • In the first episode of Hentai Prince and the Stony Cat, Youto flees after throwing some perverted lines to the popular transfer student, Azusa Azuki, only to be stopped after running into the breasts of the track team captain, Tsukushi.
  • Baccano!: Jacuzzi Splot gets one of these when he runs into Isaac and Miria in a cramped hallway aboard the Flying Pussyfoot. For extra points, Jacuzzi accidentally catches on Miria's (strapless) dress and pulls it down as he falls, meaning he doesn't just get a face full of Miria's boobage, he gets a face full of Miria's naked boobage. Poor, lucky bastard.
  • In Beach Stars, Iruka Nanase has a one of these with Ono Reika in chapter seven. Ono then remarks on her "airbags" on the very next page.
  • In episode 113 of Black Clover, upon entering the Shadow Palace, Mimosa falls onto Asta with her breasts landing on his face.
  • The fourth Black Lagoon omake has the entire cast undergo a Gender Flip, and Female!Rock meets up with the very well endowed Female!Chang this way.
  • It's happened many times since then, but in a one-off special, Bleach's Toshiro Hitsugaya's very first meeting with his future lieutenant Rangiku Matsumoto is when she rams into him, chest-first. It's Meet Cute with two zeppelins. He's knocked off his feet; extraordinary.
  • Comic Party has it happen to the male lead in the fourth episode. He takes several seconds, during which the female even cheerfully asks if he's alright, before he finally realizes what's occurred.
  • Cyber Team in Akihabara features this nearly every time Hibari encounters Blood Falcon. After a while, she lets out a complaint along the lines of "Not this again!"
  • In the Devilman manga, when Akira tries to break up the fight in the night club Ryo has started to summon demons in, one of the men punches him, causing him to land on a topless woman's chest.
  • In episode 3 of D-Frag!, Roka pushes Takao and her breasts press against Kenji's face when he turns around.
  • In Don't Become an Otaku, Shinozaki-san!, Kaede gets pushed into Akina while in a crowd rush. Poor Micchy is not so lucky and just gets squished up against a wall. In a later chapter, Akina gets shoved into Ayu's chest, much to her enjoyment, then Kaede's which almost kills her.
  • In the first episode of The Familiar of Zero season 4, Saito battles two people on the roof. At the same time, Colbert teaches Tiffania the familiar spell as the gate opens to bring forth her familiar. Saito falls off the roof and flies through the top and out the bottom of the gate, having to be stopped by Colbert's levitation spell in order to be safe from the impact. Saito is stopped with his head in Tiffania breasts.
  • Ogiue's run-in(to) with Ohno at the Comic Fest in Genshiken.
  • Hanaukyō Maid Team:
    • Episode 3. After Taro gets off a couch, he accidentally falls face first into Mariel's chest.
    • Episode 6. While running around a corner, Taro runs into the mansion's nurse.
  • In Hayate the Combat Butler Hayate observes Maria to play a joke on her. The moment Hayate spots a pun, well...
  • In Season 3 of High School D×D, while the group travel to the Underworld on a train, Akeno falls on top of Issei due to the emergency stop.
  • In Infinite Stratos, this happens when Lingyin runs away from Cecilia, causing her to run face first into Chifuyu's breasts.
  • At one point in Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?, Bell is swarmed by goddesses trying to get a peek at the guy they heard Hestia is going out with. He pushes himself free of them only to walk into Demeter's cleavage. Seeing how cute he is, she happily pulls him in.
  • I Want Your Mother To Be With Me!: Inverted in Chapter 13, when Yuzuki closes her eyes when she's running the relay race, and keeps running until she crashes boob-first into Ryo, who's trying to stop her before she trips.
  • In the second episode of KanColle, Fubuki is searching for Akagi in the hot springs, but bumps into the well-endowed Atago instead.
  • In Karneval this is how Nai first meets Eva. Shame he's too young and naive to appreciate it...
  • Happens in the first chapter of Koko Ga Uwasa No El Palacio.
  • Little Busters!: In one scene, Kud is running to catch a ball and accidentally runs into Kurugaya's hefty chest. Though Kurugaya's immediate response is to hold her head in place, regardless of Kud's flailing or the sweatdrops of the other girls around.
  • Too many times to count in Love Hina. It's half the manga's humor, with the other half being the subsequent near-lethal beating that Keitaro receives.
  • In the first episode of Maburaho, Kazuki accidentally runs straight into Kuriko's chest. She then places him in Marshmallow Hell.
  • In Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha ViVid, Rio and Corona first meet Harri/Harry/Hallie Tribeca when Corona accidentally walks face first into the breasts of one of the latter's gang members.
  • Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi has several instances of this happening to Sasshi and the side character Mune-Mune. Who is, as it happens, his dead grandmother.
  • In Mahoraba, Asami bumps into Tachibana this way when she rushes out of her room in her new home.
  • In Martian Successor Nadesico: The Prince Of Darkness, Harry first meets Minato chest-first. The poor boy ends up with a full-body Luminescent Blush before he can disengage. The dub takes it a step further, where deep in his self-recrimination (the reason he was so distracted), he calls himself a boob just before impact.
  • Inverted in Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch: When Lucia trips and falls, Kaito's face serves as the airbag for her funbags.
  • In the Midori Days anime, Midori does this to herself.
  • Natsuki's half-trip/half-push-into the amazing Haruka in Minami-ke. She knows it's an accident, but punches him anyway to make it clear to everyone that it's Not What It Looks Like. Still worth it. He agrees with the punch.
  • In Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid, Taketo ends up tripping and landing right on Ilulu's Flame Bags after she offers to let a child grope her. Since she's an Innocent Fanservice Girl, it takes her a few seconds to react.
  • Happened in the first episode of Miss Machiko when two boys steal the eponymous character's panties and try to run away, only for her to head them off around a corner.
  • In episode 3 of Modern Magic Made Simple, Koyomi meets Yumiko in this fashion, bumping headfirst into her chest.
  • Monster Musume: An inversion occurs when Kimihito meets Mero. As he jumps in the way to keep her from crashing into a telephone pole, her breasts act like a reverse airbag, cushioning his face. He lampshades it.
    Kimihito: Soft airbags...
  • Yuuichi bumps into Mai in the first episode of My-HiME. She blushes, yelps, bolts a short distance down the hall, then turns and yells "Idiot! Pervert! Sicko!" back at him. She does hit him later on in the episode, but that's right after she snaps out of the shocked state that witnessing a highly destructive supernatural confrontation has put her into and starts having a massive freak out, so it may not have anything to do with the earlier incident.
    • In the following episode, once they reach the school, Shiho questions Yuuichi about their meeting while the Funbag Airbag scene replays three times in the background.
  • Naruto:
  • Negima! Magister Negi Magi:
    • A gentler one: Negi's first meeting with Shizuna-sensei. It's used as a straight Marshmallow Hell to establish that he's still a child, when he's merely embarrassed. Although in this case, it's more of a "wumph" than a "boing."
    • Ironically, the Marshmallow Hell incident that gave that trope its name was actually started by a Funbag Airbag moment: Negi didn't watch where he was going while swimming, smacked headfirst into the bustiest girl in the class, and somehow got caught in her bikini top in the process. The other girls just took it way too far (as usual for them).
  • In Nurse Witch Komugi, the well-endowed Magical Maid Koyori accidentally kills someone this way.
  • One Piece:
    • Giant Amazon Aphelandra does this to Monkey D. Luffy in One Piece. It's more of a straight-up tackle than Marshmallow Hell though, since the Amazons are actively trying to kill him at this point.
    • During the Fishmand Island Arc, Luffy runs into a room that is supposed to be locked against any intruders, and jumps straight into a giant pair of breasts, which belong to giant mermaid Shirahoshi. Since Luffy's a Chaste Hero, he doesn't pay it much thought, and Shirahoshi is more anxious about someone being in her room than anything else.
  • In Our Yuri Started With Me Getting Rejected In A Dream has Tsukushi running away from an embarrassing situation with her friends straight into Hinoka's ample bosom, her best friend she has been crushing on ever since she had a romantic dream about the two of them.
  • In a Sick Episode from Pokémon XYZ, Ash tries standing up and walking straight, only to inevitably stumble straight towards Serena, his head landing (unintentionally) on her chest. Since Serena has a huge crush on him, she's the one who's embarrassed by the situation, and Ash as usual is none the wiser.
  • Early in The Quintessential Quintuplets, Fuutarou is chasing Miku around the school grounds. At one point she waits for him around a corner pretending to be Yotsuba, and he accidentally crashes into her bossom. Unusually for this trope, she doesn't seem to mind too much.
  • Rebuild of Evangelion. Shinji and Mari after she drops from the sky by parachute!
  • In Reincarnated as a Sword, Fran first meets Adventure Guild member Amanda when she walks face first into her boobs and the resulting bounce knocks Fran to the ground. Marshmallow Hell follows shortly afterwards.
  • In Rizelmine Aoi has apparently gone head-first into Kyouko chest so many times that she is able to recognise her in disguise merely by the feeling of the taller girl's boobs on her face.
  • R.O.D the TV: when Nenene Sumiregawa is finally reunited with the considerably busty Yomiko Readman, she takes a flying dive and face-plants into her chest.
  • Inverted in Rosario + Vampire: When Kurumu dives into Moka's mind to rescue Tsukune, Mizore, and Tohofuhai, the first thing they see of her is Kumuru flying in, wings and tail ready and everyone is wondering how the hell she got in there. Then she glomps Tsukune at flight speed. You'd think that would hurt, but when she's upright again, Tsukune is just buried in her cleavage. No harm done.
    • Inverted more often in the anime, where it seems Kurumu's favorite means of greeting Tsukune is to glomp him and bury his face in her cleavage.
  • In the chapter of the Hentai manga Secret Plot Deep called "Little Heart Big Body" the lucky bastard is a pudgy gofer who trips and falls smack into Hot Teacher Saeko's chest (Miki Yamaguchi if reading the English version). Her response? "You oughta be careful, there won't always be an airbag or two handy next time."
  • Inverted in Sekirei: Minato's first encounter with Musubi happens when she literally falls out of the sky onto him, boobs-first to the face.
  • In Soul Eater Not!, Tsugumi first meets Meme when she gets knocked over and faceplants into Meme's ample assets.
  • Tantei Opera Milky Holmes turns this into a plot point. Sherlock is finally able to realize that Gentleman Thief Arsene and Student Council President Henriette are the same person because she's gotten stuck in their breasts, and knows the boyoyon feeling.
  • Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann:
    • Simon is walking with his head down and ashamed of being a driller ...when he bumps into Kamina's waist. The only thing that comes out, though, is Kamina saying in an encouraging tone "Walk with your head tall and proud, Simon!"
    • A more traditional version happens with Simon landing on top of/in between Yoko shortly after they first meet. She gives a heartwarmingly reassuring smile when they make eye contact, showing that she understands it was an accident and isn't mad at him for it.
  • In To Love Ru it generally happens so many times to Rito that it zigzags from this to Marshmallow Hell.
    • The manga gives a Sandwich! variant.
    • One occasion has Yui try to avoid this. Saruyama then bumps into Yui, which ironically causes her to fall on Rito with her breast in his face.
    • Inverted in a chapter of To Love-Ru Darkness where Tearju's Funbag Airbags crash into Yami.
  • This happens in the 4th chapter/5th episode of Urusei Yatsura the first time Ataru meets Sakura he's running from an angry mob trying to catch him to collect the reward money after he ran away from home. He runs face first into her breasts and knocks her down, and she complains of chest pains so her takes her with him to a safe place to outrun the mob.
  • Variation: Vandread has Hibiki falling into the...other cleavage.
    • Played straight when Hibiki accidentally smooshed his face into Jura's cleavage when she declares he will combine with her next battle.
  • You Like Me, Not My Daughter?!: An embarrassed 10-year-old Takkun tries running out of the bathroom to avoid being naked with Ayako, but slips on the soap and falls into her breasts.
  • In the nineteenth episode of Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL, Yuma, in his rush downstairs to get to class, doesn't notice his older sister Akari until he crashes face first into her breasts, getting knocked flat on his rear from the recoil.
  • Zatch Bell!. In chapter 11/episode six, Kiyo has his book stolen by a disgruntled patient and attempts to chase after the patient. However, he ends up running straight into the chest of a nurse who proceeds to jam his head in there so as to keep him from running away, seeing as he's still recovering from an attack. From then on it becomes a Marshmallow Hell.

  • Happened once in Strangers in Paradise. ("I'll give you first base, but second will cost you your legs.")
  • In Penthouse ComiX, this is how Young Captain Adventure meets Hericane. He's embarrassed but she's fascinated by him. This leads to Slap-Slap-Kiss and Destructo-Nookie on a superhero scale a few pages later.
  • Dreamkeepers has Mace berating Whip for enjoying Marshmallow Hell, only to have him bump into Lillith's chest.
  • Happens in Gold Digger while Gina is in prison. A group of inmates attempt to have their way with her in the shower but she manages to slip away and three of them crash into a very large inmate's chest and get stuck. She then proceeds to brutally maul all three of them at once.
  • Happened (unsurprisingly) in Power Girl with a teenage boy running into Kara.
    • Note her chest doesn't budge a millimetre.
  • In Lori Lovecraft: The Big Comeback, R.C. tackles Lori out of the way of a falling studio light and winds lying on top of her with his face buried between her breasts

  • In the Tamers Forever Series, during the battle against the Nightmare, Gallantmon ends up being thrown face first onto Sakuyamon's breasts.
    Rika: Keep your face out of my breasts next time!
    Takato Well, Rika, technically, those are not your breasts, you still don't…
    [*SMACK* *THWACK!* *POW!*]
  • Child of the Storm has this inverted when thanks to a surprise and a stumble, Carol ends up falling face-first into Harry's chest. As he dryly reflects, it would have been much more embarrassing if it had been the other way around.
  • Happens in Kitsune no Ken: Fist of the Fox, during one scene when Naruto is fleeing from Ino and Choji (who both want to beat him up for spilling a pudding and a burger)...and winds up running right into Kurenai's chest. Kurenai takes it in stride at first but later gets comically unhinged when Kakashi teases her about it.
  • In Discworld fic The Lancre Caper, by A.A. Pessimal, a young stealth archaeologist called Alice Band is outclassed by a peril she has never before encountered - Nac Mac Feegle. Whilst holding her immobile, one imprudent Feegle discovers human women have breasts. And goes bouncy-castle until restrained by the Big Yin.

    Films — Animation 
  • Brave: One of the bear cubs dives into Maudie's chest to get a key which Fergus gave her to keep Merida from escaping and she stuffed down her dress to keep it from them.
  • Happened chastely in The Iron Giant for a quarter of a second. Special Agent Kent Mansly (He works for the govern— SLAM!) knocks on the front door of the house, rehearsing his lines and staring at Hogarth's damaged BB gun when the door is opened by Hogarth's mom, Anne. Kent rapidly raises his head to talk to her and smacks it accidentally into the underside of her ample cleavage, resulting in a BOINNNG sound.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • Who Framed Roger Rabbit: while pulling up his pants, Eddie bumps his head on Jessica's bosom.
  • In the live movie adaptation of How the Grinch Stole Christmas!, the eponymous character ends up being ejected from a garbage chute, ricocheting off a drum, pulling a banner like a slingshot, and landing with his face in the cleavage of Martha Mae Whovie. "Hello, Martha."
  • Subverted in Dirty Work. Note to self: Aunt Rose(?) is your aunt!
  • Elvira's Haunted Hills has a literal example: A bumpy carriage ride results in a guy being catapulted into Elvira's chest!
  • Avengers: Age of Ultron. During the chaos of Ultron's first attack on the Avengers, Bruce Banner accidentally falls into the Natasha Romanoff's cleavage while ducking behind a bar counter. Given previous MCU canon has confirmed arousal runs the risk of a Hulk Out, Natasha immediately pulls him away and pleads "Don't turn green." Suggestive Collision is also involved, given the Shipping that occurs between the two characters.
  • Justice League. Flash tackles Wonder Woman to get out of the way from falling debris and ends up on top of her with his face against her armoured chest. He does a Flash Step to get off her with a sheepish look on his face, and she responds with a bemused smirk. This one was part of the reshoots Joss Whedon made on the film — unsurprisingly, given he used it in Avengers: Age of Ultron as mentioned above.
  • Pig Hunt: As Brooks is climbing over Quincy in the back seat, Ben deliberately accelerates so that she is thrown forward, burying Quincy's face in her cleavage.

  • The Alternate Reality Episode Eighth Doctor in the Doctor Who Eighth Doctor Adventures novel The Blue Angel probably would have enjoyed this particular advantage of being rather short more if he weren't Ambiguously Gay.
    On my way up the stairs, though, I walked straight into the medium herself, surrounded by her entourage. I bumped right into her, my nose centimetres away from her plump pink bust.
  • Occurs in Thunderhead, by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child, when a male scientist falls during a rock-climbing accident and is caught by a certain generously endowed female scientist below him, cushioning his face in a very sensitive area.

    Live-Action TV 
  • Star Trek: Enterprise. Captain Archer and his Ms. Fanservice science officer T'Pol are captured and tied together by rebels in "Shadows of P'Jem". Whilst struggling to free themselves they trip and Archer's face ends up right between the best Vulcan peaks outside Mt. Seleya.
  • Two and a Half Men: Alan and Charlie are removing a passed out scantily-clad woman from Charlie's bed, and Alan, who is carrying her by the arms, slips and falls on her. We don't see how he falls, but we do hear his muffled reply: "Oh, my God! They're real."

    Video Games 
  • This happens to Jin and Asuka during Asuka's ending in Tekken 5 and Dark Resurrection. Jin is disoriented after reverting from his Devil form to his normal form, stumbles, and lands face-first in Asuka's cleavage. She shoves him away after about ten seconds, leaving him disoriented and confused.
  • A more literal example in the flash-game NANACA†CRASH!!, where running into Misato (the girl in green) causes the protagonist to face-plant into her breasts and usually ends the game immediately.
  • Humorously subverted in the Metal Gear Solid 3 short "Metal Gear Raiden: Snake Eraser". Raiden time-travels to the scene of The Boss showing Naked Snake a scar on her chest, and so happens to teleport in such that he's making a beeline for her cleavage. He stares at it for several seconds, then gets bitch-slapped by her, Snake gasps in horror, and Raiden teleports out once more, but not without the Colonel shouting "TIME PARADOX!"
  • In the intro for Robot Dinosaurs That Shoot Beams When They Roar, a sudden quake makes a guy fall face-first into his girlfriend's assets.
  • Poini Coon uses Esmeralda's chest as a face-first landing cushion during the Otomedius Excellent trailer.
  • Near the end of stage 1 of Lollipop Chainsaw, Morikawa-sensei is sent flying into Juliet's chest (twice) after getting his head handed to him by Swan.
  • In Dead Rising 3 after defeating Sgt. Hilde Schmittendorf, Nick gets his face into her cleavage by accident after he falls on top of her after they both crash through a window. Nick also inadvertently retrieves the flash drive she was storing in her cleavage with his mouth.
  • In Yakuza 6, one of the Heat Moves has Kiryu knocking an enemy into a nearby female pedestrian's chest, who responds with a headbutt and a knee to the face.

    Visual Novels 
  • In SHUFFLE!, Rin stumbles in the classroom and crashes into Nerine. She takes advantage of the situation by giving him a hug, which is a lot more forward than her usual demure personality.


    Western Animation 
  • In the pilot of Korgoth of Barbaria, one of the thugs in the bar fight gets flung across the room by Korgoth, and he lands face-first in a barmaid's cleavage. He doesn't leave to rejoin the fight (considering the guy he was fighting, it's an excellent idea).
  • In Family Guy, Quagmire makes this trope literal. His car has blow-up sex dolls in place of airbags, so when he crashes it results in this trope.
  • Happens to Woody Woodpecker in the cartoon "A Fine Feathered Frenzy." While he is trying to escape from Gorgeous Gal, a love-struck old overweight yet wealthy crow he opens a door while not looking where he was going. Behind the door, Gorgeous was waiting for Woody with her lips puckered. He runs right into her chest and bounces off. Since she was so overweight it's not apparent that his head lands into her breasts right away. Before he bounces away she grabs him around his waist, gazes at him lovingly and kisses him on both cheeks. The Woodpecker escapes even though there's a lot more propositioning, flirting and kissing from Gorgeous Gal in his immediate future.
  • Gravity Falls: In the second season episode "Into The Bunker", when Dipper and Wendy are inside a decontamination chamber, air vents push them together. His face lands on her chest, but they bounce apart so quickly that Wendy doesn't seem to notice and Dipper only looks very briefly. In the original storyboard, they're left that way until both realize what happened and separate themselves in a panic.
  • Regular Show: In Starla's debut episode "Muscle Woman", Rigby accidentally walks into her chest when they go to confront her.

    Truth in Television 
  • In a rather literal twist on the trope name, a woman with implants was saved from serious injury in a car crash by her augmented breasts, which served as airbags.
  • Same goes for all-natural Playboy Playmate Petra Verkaik, whose breasts literally saved her life when she was working underneath her Volkswagen Bus when the jack collapsed. During her recovery, her doctor told her that if she hadn't been so well-endowed she probably would have sustained fatal chest injuries.
  • According to her autobiography, this happened to former WWE Diva Chyna when she went to the Emmy awards. Joan and Melissa Rivers wanted to interview Sarah Jessica Parker; her husband, Matthew Broderick, politely stepped back out of the way, didn't look where he was going, and accidentally parked his head right between Chyna's boobs. Since Broderick is 5'8" and Chyna is 5'10" and was likely wearing heels, it's plausible.


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