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And his main love interests aren't even in the picture!
MC: Mitsunari, you're a real ladykiller, huh?
Mitsunari: K-kill ladies? I would never do such a thing! I mean, I realize that we live in a period of war, but I firmly believe that women and children must be protected—
MC: Wait, wait, that's not what I'm talking about! I meant you're really popular with women.
Mitsunari: Haha, you're funny, MC. Women only like incredible men like Lord Hideyoshi. Even I know that.
MC: [thinking] Oh, wow. He really is as dense as Ieyasu says. He just doesn't get what I'm saying.

A character who is his own worst enemy when it comes to love. In fact, he's pretty much his only enemy in this arena. Wherever he goes, it seems that for some reason he attracts some romantic attention and, in theory, there is no reason why he couldn't go on to be The Casanova with a new person every night. The only problem is he is so unfamiliar with the dating scene he doesn't realize the girl who is hovering around him, batting her eyes, trying every excuse to make physical contact with him and suggesting he go back to her place qualifies as flirting and not simply being friendly.

Usually deliberately designed to be Mr. Fanservice. This character also tends to be Endearingly Dorky. Compare Accidental Pornomancer, Celibate Hero (who avoids romantic involvement that might interfere with The Cause) and Chaste Hero (who's too young, dumb or asexual to even be interested). See also Single-Target Sexuality, in which a character remains uninterested in potential love interests because they're only interested in one, Oblivious to Love, where there is one specific person who is clearly head-over-heels for them but they don't realize it, Chick Magnet (of course), Unwanted Harem and Hollywood Dateless. Remember that this character does not have to be male, although it usually is.


Often invokes trouble for this character. He, though it can be she, loses the romance plot which draws the shippers. On the other hand, if the character wises up, they often do so by losing what gave them the magnet. Again, lose. This character fails at romance, though not intentionally, like a Chaste Hero or Celibate Hero.

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    Comic Books 
  • The Avengers/Captain Britain and MI13: The Black Knight is described on a number of occasions as being a "hunk", manages to attract at least five different specific women that we hear about — three of them at the same time — and also at one point draws the appreciative eyes of a cruise ship full of staring women. Yet he often acts like he's got no chance with the ladies and acts pleasantly surprised and eager to please whenever a woman shows him any attention.
  • Captain America: Sometimes, Steve seems to have no idea that he, a kind, generous, warm-hearted dork of a man who is also tremendously good looking, would be incredibly attractive to lots of women, sometimes even wondering what they see in him (or in some cases, not noticing they are sending signals his way, like the time a single mother invited him to a candle-lit dinner then very quickly told her son to hurry off to bed.)
  • In Peter Pan, Peter catches the eye and attractions about just about every woman in the story. Unlike in the original story, this is presented in a pretty disturbing way, as most of them are clearly adults and their focus on him often coming across as predatory.
  • My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic (IDW) issues 9 and 10 treat Big Macintosh this way; over of the course of the issues, at least three different mares (Fleetfoot, Tealove, and Princess Luna) show varying degrees of affection for him, and he never catches on. And that's not counting the numerous characters who make eyes at him, or Photo Finish, who attempts to shanghai him into a modeling job.
  • Nightwing has almost a dozen women who are totally attracted to him without even trying. His butt is apparently so perfect that it transcends species.note 
  • Where does one begin with Spider-Man? From boyhood, he seems to have the amazing ability to make extremely pretty girls fall in love with him only to be completely oblivious to it half the time and have his secret ID ruin it for him anyways once he finally manages to figure it out.

    Comic Strips 
  • Charlie Brown from Peanuts. Difficult as it is to believe, he is the object of affection for many of the strip's female characters, and a few more girls in the TV specials too. Unfortunately for him, he is completely oblivious to it due to his lack of self-confidence and his own hopeless crush on the Little Red-Haired Girl. Despite the girls swooning over him, he laments his inability to understand them. The affection gained by Royette, great-granddaughter of Roy Hobbs, actually led her to give him those two game-winning home runs in 1993. Or so she claimed. When he told her that Hobbes was a fictional character she... didn't take it well.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • The title character in the Australian film Alvin Purple and its sequels is a quintessential example of this trope. The opening scene has him being chased across Melbourne by a group of hysterical fangirls, and it all goes downhill from there.

  • Gender-inverted in Juniel's "Pretty Boy" MV where the singer walks down the street, completely unaware that all these guys she's passed have fallen in love with her. A guy tries to glomp her but just goes right over her when she bends to pick up her lipstick, guys fight over the handkerchief that falls out of her bag and other guys (plus a little boy) have to be stopped from chasing her - and she notices none of it. However she is looking for love - just not with any of those guys, but with a Pretty Boy.

  • Dawn of a New Age: Oldport Blues:
    • Ciro's kind and innocent nature have drawn no less than four girls to him; however, that same nature renders him oblivious to their affections, even though he somewhat reciprocates one of them.
    • Ivy is shocked to discover that she was actually quite popular with the boys back in middle school. The multiple Valentines she received were genuine, and not just an act of courtesy. While it's ambiguous whether it still applies to her in the present, there is at least one girl crushing on her that she's still oblivious to.

  • In Love Never Dies, the semi-canonical sequel to Phantom Of The Opera Erik has managed to capture the affections of Christine and Meg, despite feeling that no one loves him because of his face.

    Visual Novels 
  • Ace Attorney:
    • Miles Edgeworth is a handsome, smart, rich man who has many many girls falling for his charms and class... that he is completely unaware of. Even Maya comments on it at one point. Sadly, the only woman he does notice is the rather horrifying, age unknown, Wendy Oldbag. He has to refrain from bolting from the courthouse whenever she's a witness and absolutely loathes the nickname 'Edgey-Poo' that she's given him. Poor guy...
      Edgeworth: D-do I really inspire this sort of frothing desire from the female masses?
    • Juniper Woods from Dual Destinies is a Clueless Dude Magnet. Athena even lampshades how Junie's obliviousness only ever seems to make her more attractive to the guys seeking her attention. Humorously enough, she ends up developing a blindingly obvious crush on Apollo (to the point of knitting hearts whenever his name is mentioned) who is just a oblivious to her affections as she is to everybody else's.
  • Emiya Shirou from Fate/stay night is one dense lady-magnet. By the time Fate/hollow ataraxia rolls around, he has Saber, Rin, Sakura, Rider, Caren, Illya, Issei, the entirety of the Archery Club, the 3 gossip girls from the school and arguably even Taiga and Bazett. Despite finding many of these girls attractive, it rarely occurs to him that any might feel the same way about him, such that Rin and Sakura have an especially hard time getting him to notice their feelings in their respective routes.
  • Mitsunari in Ikemen Sengoku is an extremely beautiful and kind man who gets mobbed by women whenever he goes into town but, being a Ditzy Genius, doesn't have the faintest clue that these women may have more than a friendly interest in him. This extends to the poor female main character in his route; he utterly fails to realize that she's fallen for him or that he has fallen for her too, despite everyone around them knowing it and trying to not-so-subtly nudge them together.
  • Makoto in Shiny Days is truly dense, being the most popular guy in school yet failing to realize that anyone likes him at all. He's quite capable of seducing his friends, their sisters, mothers and complete strangers in a single conversation yet he only catches on once when someone likes him, and only then because she kissed him and already assumed she was dating him.

    Web Animation 
  • Hiro the Dense (also, part 2) plays this entirely for humor. It stars a warrior sent to the (female and sexy) demon lord as a sexual offering by his Order. The problem is, he is an Idiot Hero who somehow is highly charismatic and also able to make a demoness gain an instant crush on him just by holding her hand. He simply doesn't understand the concept of sex, completely oblivious to any lewd things going on around him, and the as of yet unnamed Demon Lord speculates that the Order he serves specifically sent him deliberately just to make her life miserable. Her mother explains to her that there are those who are so incomprehensibly stupid that even the most powerful romantic/sexual charms (both normal and magical) have absolutely no effect on them.

    Web Videos 

    Western Animation 
  • Donald Duck: Although in his youth, he was a bit of a Casanova, now he seems to have eyes only for his girlfriend, Daisy. But, in one cartoon, "Double Date Don", Daisy's neighbor Clara Cluck falls in love with him, with him mostly trying to fend her off and finish building Daisy a brick wall. This seems to happen in a few other cartoons as well. And in the comics, especially Double Duck and Paperinik New Adventures (more prominently in PK2), Agent Kay K and his friend's love interest, Stella, from their respective comic both flirt with him a little or praise him. And he doesn't quite know what to do with the attention.
  • Double D from Ed, Edd n Eddy. While he is aware of the crushes Marie and Sarah have on him, he remains clueless that he attracts so many girls, both in- and outside their universe.
  • On Miraculous Ladybug, both protagonists seem to attract a lot of admirers, in both their civilian and superhero identities. Marinette/Ladybug has Adrien, Theo (a.k.a. "Copycat"), Nathaniel, Luka, and Nino crushing on her at various points, while Adrien/Chat Noir has Marinette, Chloe, Kagami, Alya (as Chat, per Word of God), and Lila, as well as a small army of crazed fangirls due to his side job. Despite this, neither one seems to notice most of their admirers - Adrien, in particular, can be shockingly Oblivious to Love.
  • The Simpsons: Although he occasionally plays the role of a Kidanova, Bart Simpson is usually surprisingly clueless about the effect he seems to have on girls, some of which are quite a few years older than him.
  • Steven Universe:
    • Being made out of two children, Stevonnie is never aware why people seem to be so interested in them. Of BOTH genders no less!
    • Pearl has gotten several phone numbers over the years (one of them with "Call Me!" written on it, another signed with a lipstick kiss), but doesn't know what they are and assumes it's some sort of code. Since she only ever had eyes for Rose Quartz and isn't familiar with Earth dating rituals, all of this just goes over her head. She's not even completely sure what a cell phone is for, even after she gets one for herself.
  • Teen Titans: In the episode where Aqualad's introduced, Raven and Starfire are instantly smitten. Aqualad doesn't notice until the very end of the episode, and quite frankly, those two scare him.


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