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  • Anne of Green Gables: Walter. He's a dark-haired, dreamy-eyed poet and really has no idea the girls want him.
  • A Brother's Price: Jerin has no idea how many women are attracted to him. Part of this may be due to his very protective sisters - presumably, women don't get to do more than gaze longingly at him. When he is old enough to get married and his sisters decide they can demand a brother's price (like a bride price, but for a bridegroom) of double the usual sum, he is very insecure about it and thinks they're overestimating his attractiveness.
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  • Derek of the web-novel Domina is continually blind to everyone's affections for him. Once, when two girls are having a heated argument over who gets his First Kiss, he thinks they're screwing with him.
  • Ishmael from Don't Call Me Ishmael!. He doesn't think he's popular with girls, but by the end of the series, quite a few girls have shown interest in him. He usually doesn't initiate contact with anyone, instead, some girls make moves on him.
  • The Elenium:
    • Berit is capable of attracting a harem wherever he goes, with no clue about what he's doing. When visiting Matherion the Atan girls fall over themselves trying to get him alone for a "sparring session". He responds by setting up a lesson program. In the end, Sparhawk offers that he should talk to the lad before he sparks a diplomatic incident, only to be shouted down by every woman in hearing range. Apparently, the innocent cluelessness is part of his charm.
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    • Subverted by Bevier, who is well aware that pretty much every woman he walks past is making moony-eyes at him, but since he is angling at priesthood and fully occupied with his duties, he refuses to act on it.
  • Harry has a bit of this in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. He's confused by how popular the Gryffindor Quidditch team has gotten, and Hermione has to exasperatedly point out that people are only signing up because he's the captain and has become much more popular and attractive since the events of the last book.
    Hermione: You've never been more popular or, frankly, fanciable.
  • Darryl, the protagonist of Heart In Hand. When an attractive woman at a nightclub mentions that she's cold, talks about "wanting something to warm me up" and spills a drink over her top, his only reaction is to give his sweatshirt to hernote .
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  • Beau in Life and Death: Twilight Reimagined has no idea that he has a lot of success with the girls at school from day one, not even when other boys start hanging around him just to get a share of his attention. Edythe later claims he has gathered ten admirers.
  • Percy Jackson and the Olympians:
    • Percy is completely oblivious to any girl showing interest in him. Any time things actually get moving, it's because the girls themselves have instigated it out of pure frustration. Both Annabeth and Rachel kiss him first and Calypso has to borderline propose. Let's just say Annabeth's nickname Seaweed Brain is well-earned sometimes.
    • In the Sequel Series The Heroes of Olympus, he's improved enough to awkwardly refuse Reyna's advances, (as he and Annabeth have finally got together), but upgrades to a clueless guy magnet concerning Nico's feelings.
    • He's never described as particularly attractive in the first series, but that's probably because it's told first-person from his own perspective. When other characters describe him in the sequel series, it's nearly always with a degree of approval.
  • In the first chapter of The Princess Bride, Buttercup doesn't understand why other girls have stopped talking to her until they tell her that it's because she's been drawing the attention of every boy in town away from them. She had noticed them trying to spend time with her, but hadn't thought of it as anything more than them being annoying.
  • A Princess of Mars:
    • John Carter of Mars just could not get it through his Heroic Skull that the most beautiful woman of two worlds was head over heels for him. She had to beat him over the head with an "I love you" stick.
    • John Carter frankly admits he doesn't understand women but he does become clued in enough to recognize when other women fall in love with him — as they do with monotonous regularity to his considerable embarrassment. He develops an interesting strategy for dealing with the problem; he takes the girls home to Dejah Thoris. She apparently befriends them and sees to it they meet lots of attractive and available men until they find one that makes them forget John Carter.
  • The Sharing Knife:
    Dag: Among Lakewalkers, a woman invites a man back to her tent...
    Fawn: Among farmers, the boy asks the girl...
    Dag: Really... How much time do you think we've wasted here, Spark?
  • Undefeated Bahamut Chronicle has Lux Arcadia, who has yet to realize the attention of the more than a dozen girls interested in him. This is despite several of them explicitly confessing their love and kissing him, in some cases more than once. His little sister Airi suggests that it's because he has too much emotional baggage and subconsciously rejects the idea of others being interested in him. This ends once the main conflict is (seemingly) over, with Lux acknowledging their attention.
  • Miles Vorkosigan from the Vorkosigan Saga is a lot more attractive to women (and one hermaphroditenote ), for all his bodily deformities, then he even begins to realize — though his cousin Ivan surely does. He later begins griping that while he can find women to love, none of them will marry him. And most of the women who fell for him did so without any real effort on his part. Both times he does try, it doesn't go well. Elena married another man, and Ekaterin nearly kicked him out of her life entirely, since he did it dishonestly.
  • Firestar from Warrior Cats didn't know Sandstorm and Cinderpelt were in love with him until the latter tells him about the former. As Erin Hunter jokingly said: "Stupid man cat!"


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